The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 25, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1891
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1866, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 1891. VOL. XXV-NO. 52. On next Monday—March 29tli—we shall place on exhibition—in addition to our usual assortment—the complete line of new spring Easter Neck Wear! T lor's THE NEWS OF THE WEEK, The universal Town tribute to Hon. V. G. nlliiiKtiU is: " He could always bo depcnd- cd upon to work for his town." i CHOICE, 25 CTS. Numerous stories have been told of the devices to chent the nlckel-in-the slot machines, but probably one of the strnnpest is truthfully related of one of the phonograph machines in Sioux City. When the machine, which occupies it position in one of tho lending hotels, was opened, the cash box was found to bo filled nearly full of lead bullets which had been hammered flat. When counted it WHS found (lint they represented exactly SUW that should have been put In of nickels instead of lead. Is also second in tho number oxen and other cattle, Texas being first. In tho number of horses Texas has 1,512,385, Illinois hft« 1,123,973 nnd Town has 1,005,300, the total number of horses in tho United States being 14,050,750. County uniformity carried In Polk coun- tv. DCS Moines is in Polk, Art Squark Rugs, etc, • of one of the largest carpet houses in the United States. Also the largest and finest assortment of Lace Curtains ever shown in Algona. These are all new styles and desirable goods, sold for just what they are ; no misrepresentation, no shoddy, no job lots, but the VERY BEST that can be had for the money. "We meet all competition, no matter who or where. Do not fail to examine these goods. The Grange Store. Every lady ought to buy one for her husband or brother. Choice line of styles. Hon. Clms. E. Whiting, onto democratic candidate for governor of Iowa, declares that ho is in favor of the unlimited coinage of silver,. and will not vote for Cleveland if ho is nominated in 18H2. In answer to tho question as to the varieties of vegetables, P. S. White, In DCS Moines Register, gives among tho list, Cnr- rot—Chantonay, Oxhart. Sweet Corn— Early Minnesota, Crosby's Early. Cucumber—Early Frame; for lato pickles, Perfection Pickling. Lettuce—Early Prize-head. Mtisk Melon—Green-fleshed, Hackcnsack; Yellow-fleshed, Osnge, Surprise. Watermelon—Early Dark Icing, Peerless. Peas, early—Kerry's Ulisa, American Wonder, lludlsh—Early Scarlet, Globo. P. S. See Taylor's Window. REMEMBER! REMEMBER! We handle a full line of Implements. , The llfth annual convention of the Iowa Hankers' association will bo held at, Sioux City, Iowa, .1 uno (1,10 and 11, 4SIH. This pro'misos to bo a mooting of unusual Interest and a large attendance, is expected. Soulx City will ninko It pleasant for all who may KO. Tho pro gramme is already well provided for, and addresses from a number prominent bankers scurcd. _______ Corn raised at a loss of 07 cents per acre lan't such nbiul thing to fowl to hogs after all. Yesterday afternoon, George O'Connoll, who lives seven miles west of Cedar Uaplds, was in that, city with a Poland China hog weighing 010 pounds. A reporter asked Mr. O'Conncll what effect so far as ho had observed, Gov. Boies' speech had had on raising hogs. Mr. O'Connell said ho didn't know of any ill effect. "Why," ho said, "that hog there," pointing to tho one weighing 010 pounds, " has gained Just 1110 pounds siv.wi Holes made his speech, and that Is doing pretty well for four and one- half months, don't you think?" Gov. Packard, tho famous carpet bag governor of Louisiana, now lives near Mor- shalltown on a farm. lie Is Fifth district commissioner of tho world's fair. His farm shows -UK) head of cattle and UM) of swlno In excellent condition. IIo has l,'J(K) acres of rich Iowa land farmed partly by himself and boys, while four tenants assist in tho work ot following tho plow. There is not a foot of waste land, and tho beautiful homo, surrounded by a magntllcont fruit orchard, has a well stocked library, paint- Ings and foreign brle-a-brac, and allows the farmer world's fair commissioner to otitor- tnlu most lavishly, and assisted by his wife always In a charming manner. Cornell college, lown, gets $10,000 by will of tho lato Oliver Hoyt of Stanford, Conn. II M ii Seeders, Plows, Corn Planters, Binders and Mowers.- Tho state, university is marching along sturdily. Last year its pupilago amounted to 720. Tho present ilguroa stand at (!5!» In dlvlduals, and there is n fair prospect that before tho close of tho spring term It will have touched tho ninth hundred. Its grnd uatos in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy at tho recent March commencement iium bored about one hundred. A native of some Iowa town, probably Dubmiuo, wont to Chicago a few days ago. Ho was of course astonlshoh at tho things ho saw In a real oily. Gazing up to the diw.y height of an electric, light pole ho ox- claimed : " That shows what tho McKinloy bllllsdolnl" When I came tor taown a few years ago the lamp posts weren't mor'n seven feet high. Naow Jest look at "enil" That we will not be undersold. Do nokbuy until you see our goods. We can and will save you money. If we are not at our office on State street, call at the shops and be sure to see us before you buy. IglpWe have some nice mares with foal and Some Horses to Sell at reasonable prices, and you know when you want a Buggy or Spring Wagon we are headquarters. BRADLEY & NICOULIN. Tho case of the DCS Moines boodling alderman was dismissed by Judge Balliot last week, and tho matter referred back to tho grand jury, but it is believed that no further prosecution will bo begun. A gang of young mischief makers, ranging from l!i to 17 yours of ago, and somo of them belonging to tho llrst families of Independence, have at last eoino to grief. One night recently they attended revival services at tho M. K. Church, conducted by Miss Anna Downey, and throw red popper on tho floor, which necessarily broke up tho service. Tho boys wore arrested and arranged boforo Justice Jennings, whore they received a live-dollar apiece fine and wore dismissed, with tho exception of Fred Jewell who is hold for perjury. Judge Grant, and leading IQ.V Oakland, ty came to 7 member / CD Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable. i settlor of tho state of Davenport, died at tho 14th. Judge Grant jrt in 1838. Ho was a /st legislature that mot at Iowa Ci.j, , I'ot both constitutional conventions, lie was elected judge in is-17, in 1853 ho was speaker of the house of representatives being tho lust democrat to hold that position until Mr. Hamilton was elected u year ago. Ho was mayor of Davenport, delegate to two National conventions, and hold many other ofllcial honors. Ho was a pioneer in introducing blooded stock into Iowa, Ho hud all kinds of horses, cattle, sheep and poultry. Ho was llrst president of tlio Rock Island road, und while ho was mayor tho first truck was laid in Duveuport, and tho first west of tho Mississippi. Judge Grunt was tho leading ruilwuy luwyor for muny yours in lowu, accumulated a fortune 1 ' of over half a millipn, hud tho best law library in the United States, and now tho . best but one. Ho wus in every way u conspicuous citizen of tho stuto, and in his dculh lowu loses un honored pioneer. About n month ugo Mrs. Garrison, wife of a Kolfo photographer, fell on an icy street crossing and broke her loft arm just above the wrist joint. Lust Wednesday she ventured out of doors for about tho llrst time, when sho slipped and foil again und broke her right urm in almost tho same place tho left urm wus broken. At 6, 7, 7^4, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years' time, with privilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office. Save money by calling on me before you apply for a loan. -i- •*>f9 m "C3 A "C5I I I I" ."I—!' I " U X- NA/ - JS^X-Ed -L J—J-CJ J- «J- - You can buy Boots and Shoes cheap, next door to the postoffice. W. F. GARTER. The reimblieun Carroll Herald says : Lot us bo honest und placo tho responsibility whore it belongs. The seemingly indiscriminate use made of tho pardoning power by Governor Boies in liquor cases has method in it, after nil. Ho claims that in the exorcise of this prerogative ho follows tho advice of tho presiding judge und prosecuting attorney in each case. It is thoso officials who are responsible for tho annull- ment of court decrees and not the governor. Keep your eye on it and you will see that whore a judge means what ho says und adheres to his decisions his decrees usually stund, Give tho devil his duo; ho needs it. THE BURT OBEAMEBY. lloniiirknblo SHowliitc for One Year —Why DnlryliiK IH On u Boom. As coiiBidomblo interest was manifested lit tho institute over tho showing made by tho Burt co-operative erourii- ery wo republish tho totals given there, kindly furnished by tho secretary. From May 21, 185)0, to Fob. 2!!, 1801, a total of 1,008,045 pounds of milk was handled, out of which was made 71,976 pounds of butter, which sold for '$14,817.(10. Tho creamery expenses wore in all $2,044,68, leaving $12,278.07 not return. This gave an average prico of milk of 70 cents a hundred, tho lowest price being 40 cents and tho highest $1.10. The average yield of butter to the 100 pounds of milk was 4.41 pounds. Tho lowest yield was four pounds and tho highest 5.1 pounds. This is a remarkable showing. The lowest prico received for butter was 13i cents, and tho hlgost IJO cents. Tho cost of making tho butler including everything, oven interest on capital invested, was 2,84 cents a pound. These figures speak for a well managed and very profitable institution in tho county as all will admit. Tho $12,000 it him paid to the dairymen near Burt has been a big drop in tho bucket tho past year, and has given a marked boom to dairying. r .10 Burt creamery llguros show that/ ify ing pays. j. STARVED OUT. Milk Cans, Churns, Riverside Stoves, Stoves and Ranges " Quick Meal" Gasoline Stoves. Agents for the NEVER RUST TINWARE, Dealer in all kinds of Election is Over! So is High Prices for Stoves! I have a full line of Cooks and Heaters, among which is The Famous Round Oak, Standing at the head of the soft coal burners, J2TI shall meet all competition, Take one! Furniture, Picture Frames, Looking glasses, chromos, and all kinds of ready-made coffins. Hearse for public use. Headquarters for the best SEWING MACHINES AND ORGANS, A lurgo tin manufacturer, one of tho largest in tho world, is removing his plant from Wulcs to America, whore ho will establish three factories, one already having been located at Joliet, 111. Tho others will bo located soon and arrangements wore made last week by tho parties at tho head of tho company, will soon visit Dos Moines with tho intention of giving that city a thorough examination for tho location of an immense factory there. _ Representative Dollivor was given a cordial and enthusiastic welcome to his homo in Fort Dodgo when ho reached that place on yesterday. Ho was met ut tho depot with a bund of music. F. L. PARISH'S Hardware and Tin Shop, Special attention given to all kinds of repairing, including Guns, Pumps, and Gasoline Stoves, «tc. The owners of Axtoll offer $5,000 for the get of that horse to secure tho yearling trotting record, the same amount to tho first to lower the two year-old trotting record, and $10,000 to the first to acquire the throe-year-old record. Am also prepared to put In furnaces and do plumbing and gas-pipe fitting; AND IRON AND TIN ROOFING. Prompt attention will be given to all work In my line. Shop south of court house. JT. x,. Tho latest government report shows that Iowa leads all other states in the number of hogs, having 5,931,100, or little more than one-ninth of all the hogs in the United States—there being 50,0125,100 in tho United States. In the number of milch cows Iowa stands second—Now York being first—Iowa has 1,378,013 milch cows, while there are only 10,019,591 in tho United States. Iowa Sonic NebriisUu Settlors Ylult mi-Irn Altfer Uncle to Ilia First Love. Irii Algor has come back to Kossuth after a second sojourn in Nebraska, Twice is enough for him. Ho is satis-^' lied that Iowa is the state and Kossuth^' tho county. He wont to Nebraska a 9 number of yours ago and camo back. Then ho wont again and is back. He is lucky to bo able to got back. But the > worst case of Nebraska starvation was made known Saturday, when a wagon with throe ponies attached arrived in town with a poverty stricken family inside. They were absolutely destitute after live years' farming and the loss of considerable means. M. Z. Grove gave stable room to the team, and Wm. Cleary, Guy Grove, and D. B. Avey interested themselves in raising money and clothing to help them to Winona, Minn., whore they will have u hous>? and land to work. Tho churches took up collections, and in all some $26 wa£ raised besides other assistance. The case was one of just deserving, and the family started on Monday with light hearts. FOB SALE—For cash or on time, one brood mare, one heavy work horse, onje three-year-old colt, one four-year-old pony. S. H. Pettibono. BEAUTIFUL new designs for stamping all kinds of fancy work »nd em,* broidery.-51t2 MBS. WM. CLEABY.

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