The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 18, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1891
Page 8
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TOE tJPPBil BBS MOINES: ALGOtfA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAttCH 18, 1891. ' ' ' ' flift NEWS OF THE COUNTY WCMCY. . Mnrch 17.— There were three more curloncls of emigrant movables unloaded at this station last week. Petor Olesori and wife of Forest City s^ent Saturday and Sunday with their friends nt this plHco. Miss Ada Hollenbeck returned homo Saturday from Nora Springs, whore she has been attending school. J. S. Gallagher received a carload of farm machinery one day last week. John intends to do a heavy business in the implement line this coming season. ITo, for Wesley! Wo are going to have a newspaper of our own, Parties from What Cheer intend to put in a press. Wo have been informed that the amount hits boon pledged by our business men in the way of advertisements to insure the enterprise! for a year at least. Cbas, Dlnger of Bancroft is visiting his old schoolmates and teacher. Tho fanners' alliance met hero last Saturday mid talked of starting a supply house here. Thoru was coiiHidorablu money pledged toward starting. Tlioy are to moot again BOOH to niako further arrangements. Tho school board of the independent district of Wesley mot Monday and reorganized. .I'Ycxl Anderson WIIB chosen president i'oi 1 the ensuing year. Tho board decided to have nine monthn school tin i-mriing year. The touchers' wages woh! i«>t an follows: Prinolpiil, $55; prlinnr,'.'. fill; intermediate ,i?35. Markets: Wheat, Me; corn, -l.'t^Sc; oats, <!/Jc; barley, 60(i>Mr>c; flnx, Si. 05; timothy. !?1; liny loose S-l; prosticd, $5.60 iiVr)'r .Hunting & Co. are shelling the corn which they have cribbed here. CUH. Studor ia doing the work. Elder Black of Algona held Ills second •quarterly meeting hero Sunday, The' Elder was suJl'ering with tho grip very much, but notwithstanding that ho preached us a good sermon. C. L. Lund of Algona was in our burg 'Saturday last. _ linn croft. BANCROFT, March '30.— The schools close next Friday and tho next question that naturally comes, who will bo our next corps of teachers. A nine pound girl arrived at tho homo of John Cook northwest of town a week ago today. Tho Catholic society have purchased a now organ and will soon have a choir. • Guslaf and August Gorty, of Ronwick, who have been visiting Christ Miller northwest of town, and also looking up Jland with an Intention to buy, returned to Renwiek Saturday, they having boon a few days late to buy tho piece of land 'they wanted. There was a man up from Eagle ' Groyo trying to buy out G. F. Holloway's livery barn. Everybody Jlocks to 'Bancroft. Carl Model Ian camo over from Went Bend last Friday. Mrs. Rev. Wolfo of Algona was in town a few days lust week. Tho building occupied by G. R. Woodworth is being enlarged, and it is said that 0. E. Mallory and James Ho- flus of Algona will use the now part for a grocery store. If this is true wo wish the new firm success. The Knights of Pythias organi/ed their lodge and elected tho following officers last Friday night: P. C., G. It Daniels; C. C., Samuel Mayno; V. C., W. E. Jorda.ii; prelate, I-I. N. Renfrew; M. of E. C., W. W. Wilson; M. of A., M. A. Turner; M. of F., I. J. Bruer; K. of R. and S., ,T. G. Graham. The boys were assisted in their organisation by tho following delegation from Algona: Mayor L. A. Shootz, J. B. .Tones, Harvey Ingham, J. W. Bartlott, Capt. T. F. Cooke, J. W. Blakobrough, W. W. Annis, John Ray, Leo M. Pougnot, Dr. W. E. TI. Morse, S. S. Sessions, and Jos. W. Hayes. They have 28 charter members, and everything bids fair to make this a good lodge. Capt. R. E. Joanson was down from Swoa Saturday. C. E. Anderson closed his school in the Greenwood district last Friday and returned homo to Whitteinoro Saturday. B. F. Croso wants to talk with a bright boy who wants to learn tho barbers trade. Lots of new buildings going up. O. E. Austin formerly of this place -oamo down from Ftiirmount where lie is gunning a musical store. Prof. G, F. Buralou, wife and child 'COino over from Brltt last Saturday to upend tho vacation with their parents tit this place. Frank is looking rather •thin which ho says is caused from hard work in tho schoolroom. The Domorost modal contest will bo '•hold two weeks from next .Friday under the auspices of tho I. O. G. T. Wo have not yet heard whore it will bo held, but it will bo a good entertain ment no doubt. The question debuted at tho I, O. G. T. lodge last Saturday night wan: llo- jBolved, That tobacco is a greater curse to the human race than alcohol. The judges decided in favor of tho negative. J. B. Johnson bought a now upright .piano on his St, Paul trip. Easter services will be held at both the M. E. and Baptist churches, and ul $ue Catholic church there will be hole" high mass. The people of tho town and counlj tc'o contributing liberally to tho Dakota ; :ilTerers, Miss Clara Mathows' school in Senocr '. ill given an exhibition next Wodnes may. _ Corwltli. Crescent: If you nro desirous of lourniut, of the "powers that bo," and tho explosive force of gusoloao, iuquiro of C. H. Payne Honry Magor mid Goorgo lloo. Tho tliroo Were sitting around the stove, wliou ahuppj thought struck Chtvrlie, mid no sooner con Coived than oxcoutud. Taking u quiHitilj of gasolene, ho stopped daftly to tho stov and opened tho door, exclaiming', "Lool outl" There eatno u report us from flrlug, Of camion, then wont flying through tho ul stove doors, logs, lids and grates, ovon tin pipe failed to connect with tho ttuo. Oh the sight that would have mot tho gazov' eye I Ou gaining consciousness, Mr. Magoi with mouth opeuj hands and feet In tho all exclaimed, " My word for it, Charlie, I use dynamite and uitro-glycorino iu Wiscousi -for eighteen years, and never saw anythin io equal this." About this time Mr. JRp picked Uiuisolf up out of the coal box, uu •replacing his pipo botweou his teeth, an folding his hands aloft with eyes upturuc to heaven, exolaimod, " My God, Charli' what ahull wo do to bo saved I I Uuv the Very mouth of the cannon nd fliibercd tho gmmors there, I bflvo for- ,;cd nil over Virginia, but never saw atiy- hing that approached this." All tho time . Payno stood fixed in his tracks, danc- ig n double fchnfflo with his knees, swihg- ng liia hands about his head and shouting, Didn't I tell you to look out?" After tho moke and Boot had partially cleared away, he trio emerged from tho office as black as vcr miner camo forth from tho pit. Itnmsny. , March 11.—When Is spring com- ng? Farmers, look over your tdols and see 1 they need any repairs. If they are cov- rcd with a 10 foot snow drift shovel thorn ut and soo what you need. Look at your cods. Arc they clean from foul seed? 'ry and sow clean seeds and see what you '111 reap. What does Gov. Boles think about our poor farmors I" Corn 41 conts and oats ) cents por bushel. Is our governor a irmct'2 Did ho over try to plant corn? omo, now, toll us tho facts. Wliero are our enterprising Ramsay farm- rs? Why don't they wake up and have a et about themselves. Wherever wo hoar fanners' alliances are making rapid rogrcsB, and everybody scorns to well loused with the affair. Wo think thoy are ood if not carried too far. 80 yo Kainsay- CB, let us turn out and see what wo can do. Northern Kossuth is going to have its iiiro of the Improvements tho coming jason. One day while in Bancroft wo 'ore informed by Mr. Bliss, one of Bnn- rort's mechanical men, that ho had tho job ngagcd to build a largo house four miles list of Lodyard. One of California's muled man Is putting up tho building. Quito a number of laboring inon aro prp- aring to do an extensive business Inbroak- ig this season. Lot them all turn out and Ivo northern Kossuth a different appear- nco this summer, thon wo will havo n imico to divide the county.- Sornoono said that Miss Bortha Caroy ook a flying trip to Lcdyard to BOO tho Towing city and enthusiastically oucour- cd citizens of that placo that they ought o havo a $500 school house. Mr. and Mrs. J. Luck of Burt wore up isiting Mr. and Mrs. Kloist. Benjamin Kleist sold one of his horses to tr. ,1. Stoabblo, then afterwards bought no of Mr. .T. Luck for $1S5. It is a flue nag. August Koscmuu was reported on tho :ck list, but wo aro glad to know that ho u on tho way to recovery. •T. .T. Hootland's now corn shollor is a aisy, and Mr. Heotland Is quite busy with Ho is quite an enterprising farmer, and o keeps tho whool rolling. Ho ought to ubscribo for TUB Urruu DBS MOINES. A while ago the Bancroft business men olt hostile because somoono aaid that they /oro not paying as much for produco as at thor marketing places. They declared ley did, but wo lire Informed now by ur own experience. Why do so many f our "poor farmers" draw their grain to lacos further away? Because they get ottor prices. Wo can hack this with good uthority. It takes all kinds of people to make a vorld. Mr. Lovi Good, not being satisfied vith our northern Iowa hollos, took a trip o Illinois and succeeded iu finding for hini- olf a happy wife. So Mr. Good is married. Vhat for? For good. Mr. and Mrs. Good oturnod Saturday last. They will live at lamsay, Much joy and happiness to them s tho wish of tho writer, Mrs. A. Burns and son Robert of Elmoro voro hero anil visited friends. Thoy sold heir farm near Rainsay. Mr. Burns will nvost in land nearer homo, south of JImoro. Miss Carolina Wesley of Bancroft, one of Cossuth's best toachcrj, is visiting Mrs. J. Smith. There in a largo wolf in tho northern part f Ramsay. Tho boys say thoy will catch ihn somo time. Tho wolf is not dangerous mt tho hoys aro too cowardly to attack him, Ramsay is booming. Wo can not furnish inougli dwellings for tho eager homo scek- irs. Mr. and Mrs. Clias. Warlinan aro oxpect- o return to Ramsay next week from 111! lois. A while ago when Mr. Wartman nado u trip to Illinois ho only bought one ickot bnt now ho must havo two, his wife s coming with him. Much joy and happi- icss bo with you is tho wish of all your 'rionds. C. A. Ordway, tho genial coal dealer of jcdyard, made a flying trip to Rainsay Monday last to attend tho township school Hooting. Ho says everything is flourishing it Lodyard. And Lcdyard is to havo a school house next summer, A wise move. You can not do too much toward education. Newly elected sub-directors us far as wo enow arc: B. F. Smith at Rainsay, Dist. 1, Win. Kloist north of Rainsay, Dist. 10 ant F. W. Konitz in Dist. No. 3, Somo ono said that our county superintendent called at Bancroft and visited tho surrounding schools, but wo failed to soo icr hero. Como up Miss Caroy, and soo tho schools at Ramsay, mid couio soon. RAMSAY, March 17.—Wartman Bros, ar rivod last wcok from Illinois with a fine lot of horses. They intend to settle in 01 near Ramsay sometime. Their father wil conio next fall. Rov. Blumonthal from Proston, Minn preached for the Gorman Presbyterian Sunday last. Thoy havo scoured him as their minister for tho future. Mr. and Mrs, Ed. Rosonau and Miss Smith took a trip to Blue Earth City las Monday. Mr. John Rosenau will try to get rid o soino of his stock by soiling at auctioi March 20. Hero farmers, is a chance to go somo good stock. Albert Rosouau is acting as bill poster. Also free lunch to bo had We think wo shall bo there. Farmers how many of you havo though to attend the farmers' Institute at Algona tr bo hold this week commencing Wednesday Como and let us all turn out and soe who 1 making advancements iu farming. It wil do you good to hoar somo of our experience' farmers' ideas. Como lot us hoar from yoi and bring your talent with you. 1'orUnua. POUTLANO, March 10.—Owing to th storm last Sunday tho dedication of the uev church was postponed until tho weather 1 warmer. Nearly everyone in this vicinity is more r less affected With the grip, f; A. But- erflcld's family havo all been down with It, rtrs. Eddy and daughter Helen have been tilte sick, also the children of Sim Wlltse, Icott Allen and several others. Mr. and Mrs. Mead are the happy parents f a ten and one-half pound boy. All are olng well. Cliff Stockwoll closed a successful term f school in tho Fox district last Thursday. Mrs. F. H. Payne and Mrs. Bacon re- urned from their visit in Illinois last Saturday morning. The creamery Is progressing finely. Thoy ave filled the ico house and the building is eady for tho Iron, which will be put on ills wcok. iiUVertie. LuVi'.HXK, March 10. Harry Band of lonwick passed through town Thursday vith lumber all framed for a dwelling on is land north of town. H. S. Benedict went to the hub Thursday n business. John Smith of Lunl was In town Thursay. Mrs. C. H. Llchty is quite sick. Mrs. Van Voast is quite sick with tho measles. Joo Danner is down with the measles. Mrs, John Gool has been sick for a few ays. Jas. Clark wont to Livcrmoro Friday on uslness. J. C. Raymond and John Thurston wore t tho hub courting lust wcok. Frank Stewart's team ran away Friday nd wore cut up pretty badly in a wire once. There was a large crowd at Mat. Luch- ingor'B sale on Saturday, mid everything vout away up In G. Robert Hughs is going to build a barn on Is farm. C. E. Simmons has tho contract. Wni. Bruinmond bought a span of horses t tho sale of Matt Luchsingor. Tho band boys hold a mooting Saturday Ight and organized again so wo will bo roatcd to a serenade ono of these times. Hon. J. M. Slolchor from near Ltvormoro, made our townspeople a call yesterday. E. F. Griffith of McCallsburgh, Story ounty, passed through town Sunday with ho fratno for a now house on his land vhich ho purchased near tho Minneapolis ipur last full. Lot tho good work go on. Andrew Shultz and Miss Bortha Gre- manze wore married at tho Gorman Luthran church Sunday. Rov. Lahr tied tho not and tho best wishes of tho press go vith them. Thanks for tho cigars Andy. S. S. Wartman of Marshalltown was in own Wednesday in the interest of the ilcopy Eye flouring mills. There was a largo attendance at John Doviue's sale last week. Jas, Clark mid H. L. and G, W. Simmons vcro at Liverrnoro last week. Mr, Gullixson tho revenue man was In own Wednesday on business. H. S. Benedict is talking protty strongly f putting in a now moat market soon. Miss Carrie Park is canvassing for Gen. Jhorman's now book. Phil. Hanna was in town Wednesday. Born—To Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Simmons, Saturday, March 14, a girl, in consequence )f which Henry has grown several inches ullor and is out several cigars, and wo loubt if his face will over straighten out of ho smile which has adorned it since. THB OOtJyfY FAIR. dine Good fthccs 1'rdibiscd—iJ I*l-cmltim8—Aii Expert itot-se Judge —All I»t-e«ltiiti9 Iti Ftiii-The Bfest T-alf Eye* Moid in the County; The directors of the county agricul- ural society held their meeting yes- erpay. O. A. Potter, Wm. Goodrich, 1 E. Lewis, S. H.^Pettibone, P. Kain, Studer, B. F. Smith, A. Fisher, Japt. Jeanson, Thos. McArthur, Frank [ernari, Harvey Ingham and A. J, 3unlap were present. Capt. Dodge pre- ided, and the following, briefly given, re some of the features to bo noted for he coming fair: The fair . will be held Sept. 23, 24 ,nd 25, All premiums will bo paid in full, the ahio as last year, A dairy department is ad_ded to the 't'emium list and hew premiums are.of- ored. Tho novelty race of last year will be epeated, a purse of $25 being offered without any entrance fee. A total of $500 is offered in racing urses, and a programme will be ar- anged by tho committee appointed, and /ill bo reported at once. Sweepstakes premiums are offered in ill departments. A premium of $5 is offered for sugar ieots, and Secretary Sessions will get ieet seed at once f6r free distribution. Tho entire domestic, pantry stores .nd. fancy departments wore left to a ommittee consisting of Mrs. Wads- vorth, Mrs. F. M. Taylor, Mrs. S. S. otter and Mrs. J. R. Jones for thor- ugh revision. A resolution was adopted authorizing j. E. Lewis, superintendent of the horse ivision, to seouro an expert judge from .broad, his decision on all premiums in hat class to be final. Printing tho premium list was award- id to the Bancroft Register, tho bid rom that office being the lowest re- eivod. Other business of importance was ransactod, and tho society starts into 801 with better prospects than over be- ore. The full premium list will bo prepared this week ",.ud put into the rinter's hands at once, and soon all vill be fully apprised of the coming pro- gramme. THE Kickapoo Indians will inaugu- uto their ghost dance at court house mil, March 23. Also the famous Kick- ,poo Indian remedies will be found here to heal Algona's sick and afflicted, "lonsultation and advice free at all Call and see the doctor. Burt. BUUT, March 10.—Tho annual meeting of ,ho share holders of the Burt Co-Operativo rcamory company will bo hold in the 3urt school house, Saturday, March 31, at . o'clock p. in. N NICIIOLSOX, Secretary. ' SQUABBLES" is a clean moral and •ciined show, and is presented by a very competent company. THE PITY Annual Mooting of tlio City Council— Tho Treasurer's Report U'lio City Well. Several important matters were at- wnded to by the city authorities Monday evening at their annual meeting. Dr. Shootn was duly installed as mayor, ind announced the following committees: Streets and alloys, Moffatt, Blossom, Clock; ordinances, Smith, Hinchon, Clock; finance, Blossom, Nicoulin floury; printing, Cleary, Johns, Clock water works, Nicoulin, Hinchon, Blossom; to settle with treasurer, Smith Hinchon. Tho council postponed the election o; a clerk, street commissioner and marshal till tho next meeting, which comes March 28. Tho following resolution was adoptee regarding tho city well: Moved and carried that tho commit tee on wells instruct Judge Cook to servo notice on Stephens to be ready to commence work on the completion o tho city well by April 10, 1891, and tha he will have thirty days thereafter ti complete tho well, Tho report of Treasurer C. M. Doxse< was received, and shows tho conditioi of city finances as follows: HKCKIPTS. County trimHiiror ....................... $>23:)!> 4: Finos .................................... 400 Shows ................................... 70 0 LiiuanHOg to puddle ..................... DO 0 Billiard tables .......................... 2i30 0 Sale or water tivuU ...................... 100 Sale of lumber .......................... :i 5 Poll tax ................................. a 0 Total JliOlO 0 iUSUUHSKMt'NTS. Paid warrants $2108 0 Interest on warrants !)!) Poll tax assessed in other towns and worked in Algoua 105 Gutter work 110 0 Overdrawn last report 7 fi Cash on liimd 274 5 Total »30109 WATKU ll'UNl). Kecoived from bonds .S10.00 Paid warrant, Harrison & Iluwloy 7,50 Cash ou hand 2,50 THE Wade-Leroyle Comedy companj are billed to appear at tho opera hous Satim'u.y, March 21, whon they wil present their very laughable fare comply entitled "Squabbles." Thi company aro said to be first class in a' respects, and as the piece in which the appear hero was written for laughiu purposes only, they will undoubtedly b greeted by a crowded house. Tho piec abounds iu funny situations, oomica songs, pretty dancers, beautiful cos tumes, etc. The prices have been fixe at 60 and 85 conts. Reserved seats o sale at Branson's jewelry stove. Everybody Take Notice. J. F. Lacy & Co. having purchased my elevator and all belonging to it, aro now owners of all grain sucks with my. nark, and all parties having such are •equcsted to return the same to them. B. A. MYERS. All parties knowing themselves indebted to B. A. Myers will find him at C. L, Lund's office, where all claims must bo settled at once.-50t3 lines. PETER KBIETHE QUESTIONED. Io Is Aslcod to Explain How He Jvoops His Cows—Ills Big Returns ICxclte Surprise To tho Editor: Wo saw in one of last veek's papers that a farmer living near Burt had realized $66 from 12 cows rom Jan. 27 to Fob. 23. This seems luito a largo sum for tho time, but we jresumo tho gentleman knows how to ,ake care of his cows. Tho above state' ment was disputed by a farmer near Ramsay, and we will kindly ask Mr. £riethc to defend himself .and let us enow through THE UPPER DES MOINES low he treats his cows and how much jrain ho .feeds. We rest .assured that ;he above statement is correct. We are 'armor enough to know that cows ex- losed to cold weather and snow, and .reated with dry straw and no shelter :anuot give milk. RAMSAY. JAS. A. ORE, painter; will do paint- ng, paper hanging, kalsomining, etc., in the latest and best styles, and guarantee satisfaction. See him and get prices before letting your work. To EXCHANGE — For unincumbered .and in Kossuth county, four dwellings and store building in Des Moinos, Iowa. Address, with numbers and price, R. W. Barger, Chicago, 111. 49 TOPICS OF THE TIME. Is Disease a Punishment for Sin? The following advertisement, published by a prominent western patent medicine house would indicate that they regard disease as a punishment for sin: "Do you wish to know the quickest way to euro a severe cold? We will toll you. To cure a cold quickly it mus be treated before tno cold has become settled in tho system. This can always be done if yoi choose to, as natuao in her kindness to man gives timely warning and plainly tells you ii nature's way that as a punishment for some indiscretion you are to be afflicted with a coli EVtnr WOMAN THAT HAS ANY 5EN5E, AND MANY THERE BE WE HOPE, \MLL5PEND HER CENTS TOR A USEFUL CAKE Of FAIRBANKS-SANTA-CLAUSW, DRESS making and stumping done to order. Southwest part of town. Mrs. Wm. Cleury.-49t4 THE KIOKAPOOS ABE COMING. AVltli Their Famous Indian Medi- cine—JiVee Kiitortainmont. IUTTJKE'U HESIEDIES. Some six or seven years ago Mr. Frank Gushing,of the Smithsonian Institution, as- tpnished the world by his account of tho pemi-oivili/.ed Zuni Indians, who, until his visit to them, had successfully maintained their exchisiveneBs. Ho only succeeded iu se- ourinff an entry into one of their villages through ' tho kindheartedness of the Zunis. 'When he was cornmiBfliogod to investigate the character and'habits of these superior people ho was a very flick man, was being treated, iu fact, for consumption. Tho mission was civcu him in tho iiope that residence in the warm South would restore him to strength and preserve a valuable officer to tho Government. During his journey his illness crow neon him, and when ho reached a Zuni village he was stretched in exhaustion upon a litter which was carried by hia friends. .They repre Bontod to the Zunis thatacreat American chief had come to them imploring to be cured. Ou this the Indians received him, nursed him. assiduously and finally made a well man of him. Eventually he' was received into tho tribe, learned their language, religion and ueienco of medicine. , One curious thine he discovered was that the principal cause of his cure waR a liquor whose composition is unknown to the Zuuis. Thoy hold it in great esteem and twice every year they nend an embasiy to the Kickapoo Indians, who manufacture it, and purchase a supply of it. Several times the Zuuis attempted to purchase tho secret of its composition, but always without success, Onco they attempted to force the coveted knowledge from tho Kickapoos and made war upon them for that purpose, but were roimlsed. Fortunately a white man was more successful With the Kickapoon. This tribe originally dwelt in Illinois. Thence the Government moved them to Kansas and later on to the Indian Territory, where they inhabit the old Sacs DTOAffEMtt. u.u «««. cough is soon followed by a profuse watery es pectoration and the sneezing by a profuse watery discharge from the nose. In seven cases there is a thin white coating on thi tongue. What to dot It is only necessary to take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in double doses every hour. That will greatly lessen the severity of the cold and in most cases will of feetually counteract it, and cure what woult have been a severe cold within one or twr days' time. Try it and bo convinced." In 50i bottles, tor sale by F. W. Diugley, Here AVas Quick Work. Tho Dos Moiues Mail and Times says; l few days ago while sitting in Elder Bros, 1 drug store at Tlngley, Iowa, Mr. T. L. Dyer, a we}l- kuown citizen, came in and asked for Borne- thing for iv severe cold which ho had. Mr. Elder took down tv bottle of Chamberlain's Remedy and said: "Here is something I can recommend. It commands a largo sale and gives genuine satisfaction. It ia an excellent preparation and cheap." Mr. Dyer purchased iv bottle, and tho next day when we saw him he said ho was much bettor, and the day following appeared to be entirely restored. This is a specimen of tho effectiveness of this preparation. For sale by F. W. Dingloy. ' English Spavin Mniment Removes all hard, soft, or calloused lumps or blemishes from horses, blood spavin, curbs, splints, Sweeney, ring bone, stifles, sprains, >ill swollen throats, etc. Save $50 by use of one bottle; warranted. The most wonderful blem- isji cure over known. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. Itch cured in 30 minutes by Wolford'B Saul tury Lotion. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. LOUIS LESSING, .Agent. and Fox reserve. A Government scout, Mr. Charles Bieolow. better known on the border as Texas Charlie,, was taken very aiok while visiting the KickapooB, and was. restored by their doctors, whose chief prescription was tuoJJaewa, whose ingredients the Zunis aro ,-n desirous of learning. When Mr. Bigelow '•: covered ho pointed out to the chiefs of :!>o Kickapoos that they might acquire .. -I'.lth by preparing quantities of Bagwa for gcile AHONO THE 'WHITKS. They demurred for a lone time, but finally fell in with the proposal and Bent a (rroup of their doctors to travel under the guidance of Mr. Biuelow and sell tho Bagwo. Their unccoss was phenomenal, HO great, indeed, that it became impos- FibJo to supply the de- maud and adhere to tho crude processes of manufacture adopted by the Kickapoos. Accordingly, the Kick-- apoo Indian Medicine Company was formed, with headquarters at Now Haven, Conn., and the manufacture of Hcgma and other Kickapoo remedies war begun on a large scale, About sis hundred men are employed, and the capital of the Company ia $300, 000. Givinground nura- born only, the pales of tho Company last year were 500.000 bottles of Bagwa, 400,000 bottles of the Kiokapoo Indian Oil, 100,000 bottles of the Kickapoo Coudh Cure, 120,000 boxes of tho Kiokapoo Worm-Killer and about 00.000 boseu oil Kickapoo Salve, u'ho BiiRwa is a tnnio purely vegetable In cliaractor.beiBgthe liquor obtained by boiling in water certain varieties of bark, leaves, herbs and rootiu Tho hiokapqo theoiy of siukiiosa ia thut it results from a poverty of the blood, involving cessation or BluscishueHH in the action of ono or more of the vital organs. Hence they direct their attention solely HED BEER. to tho puriiying and strengthening of tho blood, Thin tho Sagwo effects boyoml ciunstion, though just how \\ acts will probably not bo known until the KickapooB aro willing to make the insredieJa of their .Great epecifl« known. Tho benefits of its use may bt noted in Hio Kiokapons themselves, No finer race phyoically exists ju the world, lioth men and women are tall, BWonu and magnificently developed. There is not a weakling in the tribe. They are a very peculiar people. Like the Znnis they are very exclusive and nave never acquired the vices of civilization. The Indian nations generallly, judg- toanmrni in? from the reports w*™* we of early settlers and traveller? in this icoun- try. were healthy people untrt intemperance and disease^i contracted from whitei TOMi began to Play havoc with them. T . hef)K *J?*' POOB haye always resisted contamiuatine in^ nd preserve their priKtlpe vjg ? r. he fact that Bagyft he reason. A desire TO irregular ao -. However that may be ftfcolittwt kidneys and bladder,' BtimulatiuK. all of them to action;, ana it is never too violent a Btimulant. for the Kiokanoos live a rnmarkablo old age., They always adminia- ter the Saewa • to their Dick either alono or in con junction witn their other famous remedies. Tho price of Sacrwa is one dollar n bottle. . fheKiokapoo Indian OU is a very valuable remedy, affording effectual and Bpeedy FdteJ F in all nervous tnd Inflammatory ^is- eases. As a quick oure lor all kinds of pain itiBmacical. .The oil may be. taken inter. nally or applied externally* For children it is excellent. The price io twenty-five cents P The 'llioltapoq Indian Worm-Killer ia pre. carod by the Kiokapooa from their native lormula. of roots and herbs. It IB, a positive Bpeciilo for tho removal of Btomaoh.aeat or of pin worms. whether in adults or children, Itiaapleaa- ant, safe, prompt and effective remedy, and requires n o physic. Its price ia S5 cento per box. CTBIWe BEMfc HULLl UJBOU/nou. nwiM>uiii|7 j^Q( 6XC66n erysipelas, eczema, bofls. piles, burns, && It nlBO Mils for 85.centB per box. ^_ . • The KickaDOo Indian Cough Cure wan invaluable Indian remedy for coughs, colds. r^" ;: a5>\ aHthma, throat and ' • aev , Inner disease?. It is purely vegetable and ploaHah.t to take. Its Poisibly th robust is M» half r. dollar pet bottle. Then? nr« tht chief medicinal prep-, aratioiiH in unvliy the Kickapoon. Their excellence is proved-DS tho fact that they have preserved the tribe it . <r ,,..u>. - hottlth, notwithfltand* ing tho fact that they have been removed from their oriciual Home in the north tc the centre and afterwards to the extronu (ionth of tho country, and have thus been forced to bravo great climatic variations. Another proof of tho superiority or thene medicines is found in tho enormous quantities that are bointf sold yearly iu all parts of this country. In any bouse where ouue thov have been need 01 SKY. a supply of the Sagwa, at least, is always kept on hand for it ii known to be necessary. Most overydrucKist. nail it. Corn. I am paying the highest market price 'or corn, on my farm a mile east of Algona.-33 C. L. LUND. The Secret of Success. If. W. DIngley, druggist, believes that the secret of success is perseverance. Therefore he persists n keeping a line line of perfumeries, toilet articles, cosmetics, drugs, and chemicals. He especially Invites all persons who have palpitation, short breath, weak or hungiy spells, pain In the- Hide or shoulder, oppression, night mare, dry cough, smothering, dropsy, or heart disease to try Dr. Miles' unequaled New Heait Cure before it is too lute. It has the largest sale of any similar remedy. Fine book of testimonials free. Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine Is unsurpassed, for sleeplessness, headache, llts, etc., and It contains no opiates. 5 * A Husband's Mistake. Husbands too often permit their wives, and, parents their children, to suiter from headache,, dizziness, neuralgia, sleeplessness, lits, nervousness, when by the use of Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine such serious results could easily be prevented. Druggists everywhere say it gives universal satisfaction and has an Immense sale; WoodworthL & Co. of Fort Wayne. Ind.; Snow & Co. of Syracuse, N. Y.; J. 0 Wolf, Hlllsilale, Mich., nnd hundreds of others say "It Is the greatest seller they ever knew." It contains no opiates. Trial bottles and line book on Nervous Diseases free at F. W. Dingley's drug store, 5 * Miles' Nerve and Mvcr Pills Act on a new principle—regulating the liver, stomach, and bowels through the nerves. A new dls covery. Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure biliousness- bad taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation, Unequaled for men, women, and children. Smallest, mildest, surest I Fifty doses 25 cents. Sum- pies free at F. W. Dlngley's drug store. Horses for Sale. Two three-year-old horses, two mares in foul, one horse 12 years old, and two spring colts,-4t. S. H. McNUTT. A Wonder Worker, Mr, Frank Huffman, a young man of Burlington. Ohio, states that he had been under the care of two prominent physicians and used their treatment until he was not able to get around. They pronounced his case consumption and Incurable. He was persuaded to try Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds, and at that time was not able to walk across the street without resting, He found, before he had used half of a dollar bottle, that he was much better: he continued to use It and is today enjoying good health. If you liuve any throat, lung, or chest trouble, try »• We guarantee satisfaction. Trial bottle free ut L. A. Sheetz'. • 5 Electric Bitters. This remedy is becoming so well known and so popular us to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praise. A purer medicine does not exist, audit Is guaranteed to do all that Is claimed. Electric Bitters will wire all diseases of the liver and kidneys, will remove pimples, bolls, salt rheum, and other affections caused by Impure blood. W1U drive malaria from the system and prevent 88 well as oure all malarial fevers. For cure of headache, constipation, and indigestion try Electrlp Bitters; entire satisfaction guaranteed or mouev refrmded. Price, 50o and 81 a bottle, at L. A. Sheetz' drug store. 5 Bncklen's Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chilblains, chapped hands, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay Is required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect sutlsfao- l}0 «• or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. Sold by Dr. Sheetz, druggist, Algona. . . alcohol often wises rfroni irregular action of th bodily orgSni owever that way be }t n Poultry. A few nice Plymouth Bock cockerels •~* must be sold at once. C. M,

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