The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 11, 1892 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1892
Page 6
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jmtOTHtE Dm M01NES. ALQONA.IOWA,WEDNESDAY. MAY 11.1892. IOWA. MOHDAT'S election* in France «how great gain* tar the republican*. T&e republic ha* now tormed for more than twenty years and promise* to end are for- Bat i»3 nation hs« er«f ia modern LATEST NEWS. OENEBAL NOTB& time* bad the rarifd political experiencei! of the land of I/?a» the XVL, ibe Boua, and LTUI* Phillip*. fnwb in Minnesota bare greatly damage*? wheat. THB granite-ratters of Matsachawtts hare sUn-k for nine hoara »ork al 25 cents ati boor. THE rnling price of baiter on the Elgin board of trad* onlfonclgy was 20 cent*, at which fianre 9.000 pontdi wen told. j^tob£«arr«*«inpcm tbe _. of tnakuie fiehhod* returns and »*e*riae tolheta. B i-f He* CTlea tie body of Loois SchiwsJi^Bhenff of Brown onmry, Minn.. »*, r j:_^ -„ «... dg ^ J> ai>y one ha* heretofore harbored a dcobta* to the fact thai 1/ateba I M che nalijnal game, hu attention is directed to the action of the Ohio republican CMITCE lion Wednesday, which took a recess especially to enable the delegates to witness a frame. And -in staid old Connecticut the othtr day we are tcld that "while the rewire for biennial state election* wa* before the general court on Thursday, the duxag- tion wae interrupted by Representative Bpirhawk with a motion to ait oontinu- onsly in order to adjourn, early to go to the ball game, which wag adopted by a vot* of 73 to 25." Ball i. indeed the national game. Three cheera for itJ CCWCKXTBATJOJf OF WEALTH William A^bor /eft at hia death a fortune of tTO.OM.OOQ. Following finsp ic- iooily clo»e to the Eagi'uh law of primo- genitnre, he left some $6D,(K)0,0<K> to his •on, John Jacob. To his three daughters he left n ODQ.OOO ca»h and to bit widow an annual income of '$500,000. Upon her death tbb sum also revert* to the for- innate eldeit son together with the magnificent family residence. Such wilU a* this are to be deplored. They are the means of fostering great fortunes, of concentrating the wealth of the world into the hands of the few. Young A»tcr, who now cornea into possession of K>me f60.000.000, is only about twenty- WARD, the notorious Waff street swindler, was liberated from Sine Sing prison Saturday.' THE supreme court of Panciykaaia ba? sustained Ibe constitatiiniaJitr of the B « k f bfllot reform law, whicb'goes into tffect atthe next election. AV. K. VA3tDKBBn.T is building a $30,000 entrance to hi« Newport hou«e. THE national congre?* of the Sons of toe American Revolution wa* held in New tork. ABOUT 800 union mechanics at Decalnr, III., ttrack for 9 hours and building is paralysed. * THE St. Paul German Accident Insurance company reinsures its entire business with anothtr company and quits bnjfoeia without loss. THE Natiota! Cordage company has in- ^essed the price of sisal binding twine IX to 1J^ cents a pound orer the rates of last season. T E *' EpflOKE patents have been granted to Jiduon, terminating a contest that has been in progress for years. _ NEABLT a thoiuand workmen employed in the qoarnts in and near Stony Creek, Umn., are on a itrike for an increase of piy. ABTHUB SEWALI, & Co., of Bath, Me are to bo-Id the first steel sailbg ship ever constructed in the United States and Ibe first iron thip produced by New Eng- fonnd in a river, fid bad been tpondenf, and no doobt suicidecL A Tonxo colored woman ws« foond rnu'deredin a swamp between WinBeld • fid ^t* iT 0 **', L - L ' Monday morn- log. Her throat had been cot from ear t/> ear. THEODOBE S. BASER cat fai» throat with a rszir at Ltndes, Iowa, because Mu§ Loin Paddocks refused to marry him, ard died at her feet. GEX. GEO. F. DcxAfsioi. general man- agfrof the Pboe3ii Fire Insurance eosa- panj, ot Bartford, committed inicid» Tuetday, at Wilmington, Del. POLTCEMAK ADAM KASE. who was stabbed Satorday night in New York bv Thomas ' lUE SARATOGA MI K ACLJS jj .Mr* - in tb^«afTerJn< »ad tuples* condition. FURTHER tfcVESTiOAf BD BY AN of tc!:ie In Btmiit n, Ont, called roy attention to tb« statement of due Joh» Mmr-h*iU **•»« cs*t bid twen EXPRESS REPORTER. tk* t»*»i AtmOj StstM FnHj ConAf with , tfa* A few weeks »go an article appeared In this paper copied from the Albany CS. V.) Jcraratl, ftriaz tb* part!cnlars of one ofl tis mr-*t remarkab'6 caret of the n!ne- : t<» TOT ovn. and irbo bad been cured by^ i ^ rf ^ Wjn|t|b4 , p, nk plm f( £ j p» e People In tils c*s« Mr. Htnball, mwS *bo 19 a prominent tnembw of tb« - A rnfther l»T«tlfatlon that Df. WlHImtnV Pink jiatcot medicine ia tbe tea term _ li usually KenertU prictirt""for In a who Kelly, u dead. Hia brother", was stabbed by Kelly at the sam» time, uin a critical condition. AT Traversa City, Hub., Maynard Baird, a single man, 23 years old, cut hi? throat with a razor Saturday morn-'np. He cannot live. Despondency was the cause. teentb century. The article was aoOer ;fce balding «A Saratoga Oonnty a."racle,~ anil •xclled widespread an- »ost eminent Canadian pnysicfans, "b«en' pronounced Inearable, and paid tb« $1,090 in •och eases. Seme month* after Mr. Mar- tezMacesiM at treatment w!U» Dr. the ) I thought I wonld try them, and my wife gen; for two boxes of the pills, and I took them according to tie directions on the •wrapper on each box; For the first few days, , , tbe cold ta;b- were preltv severe 88 I tra* other Albany papsr—tbe Express—^stalled K verj . vet ^ ou t l continued to follow In• reporter tomaVe a thorough investigation J rtrnctlen' 35 tj taking tbe pICs and the ef the slatemento appearing !n the Joar- j treatment, and even before I had used up D'jl'i article. The facts as elicited t>y the-'; .^ Express Beporter are eiren la tbefoliowla? | article, which appeared In that paper on j April 16, an3 makes one -,l ?h<? most lnt«r- • esttng sforle? ever rel it -d: j A few weeks ago there »as publisbe: in i ally. They contain all the elements life And rlcbneat to Restore (battered nerve* falling specific for soch Motor ataxia, partial paralysK ice, sciatica, neuralgia, »i,. vous headache, the after „„, Tlppe, palpitation of the heart allow complexion', that tired fi suiting from nervous prostrailoni eases depending upon titlated tbe blood, snch at scrofula. He has The promise of eight yearg of age. a long Ji/e, and as his property is almost wholly invested in reil estate in New York city whicb if. increasing in value at an enormous rate, it is imposgi- ble to give a fair estimate of the magnitude of the fortune which thi e Aitor, only the ttird or fourth removed from the founder of the family millions, may bequeath to his posterity. It it, however, the policy both of the Vanderbilta and Astors to encourage the perpetuity of coloueal estates, and in the language of one of the Vanderbilti?, the public may, if it doesn't approve of the policy, be damned. FIRES AND O-a.SU ALTIEfc. CHARLES FEBRT and Harry Qiiggs were killed by a power explosion'in a mine at Aspen, Col. THE Eureka qaarlz mill, on the Cora- stock, in Nevada, burned Monday, entertaining a loss of ZICO.OOO. McCuLLOCH & GRASD'S cotton warehouse ws» burnpd Tnffday morning at £o r ££' Va - ^ ?8 ' W5.000; insurance. f oj,UUU. MRS. ELMB CABPESTER. wife of a prominent farmer of Shnpp Hill, Pa., was struck and kil.'ei by lightning Wednesday while praying. POINTS. Attention i» ca'.led to the fact oi the great increase in the number of women aetronomere . None of them have thus far achieved no high a reputation as Mark- made for bernelf at Vasear, Mitchell though the work of MIEB Roue O'Hulloran' in Ban Francisco ii said to be the moat excellent. • * • James Brins/ey-Eicbards, tbe Berlin correepondent of the London Time*, who died suddenly a few weeks ago, was highly esteemed at the German capital. Mr. Brinsley-Richards WH born in 1849. He was Bent first to Paris and then to Vienna by the great London journal. He remained in the Austrian capital six yeara, aud wan a welcome guest in political and nociety circles. He went to Berlin a few months.ago as successor to Charles Low the author of a "Life of Bismarck." The dead man was the author of several books, including "Prince Roderick" and "Seven Yearn at Eton." He was the editor while in Vienna of tho Weekly News of that A. LOUDES SKOWDEH, tbe American minuter to Greece, has induced the Greek government to grant $100.000 to be devoted to preparing historical exhibits for the Columbian exposition. THE Robinson Woolen company, of Kansas City, with branch Btoren in various western cities, has made an assignment. The habilitifs are not known, bat the aweU are estimated at 81,000,000. DJI MAKSFIELD MKBKIHAN, of Lehigh University, has been offered tbe chair of mathematics in the Chicago University at a salary of 17,000 a year. He has taken no action leearding the offer. CHIEF ENOIKF.EB N. B. CLARK, of Washington, inventor of the deflective armor now used on the warships of all nations, died Monday morning. A MHiiBEB of the Argentine government ia quoted as sa}ing that no proposals tzist or are likely to be made for an alliance between the United States and Argentine. THE la*t weekly statement of the New upset the house of David Mercer, m is six miles out of Decatur Ind., Tuesday night. Mercer and hw wire eustained serious injuries and their son, 5 years old, was fatally hurt. LATE Monday night, at Louisville, Ky Mrs. Samuel M. Bauer was filling a gas<> line stove when the fluid exploded, fatally h,,""-- u ~. Bauer and her 16 months f.vtory of te £ "fow a reserve incrpase of '• Tfac » &la k'i now hold $20,036,- oOO m,excels of the requirements of the <io per cent, rule, THE remains of William Aster are on board trie steamer La Bonrgoene, which Bailed from Havre Saturday for New York. old son. THE atfricultural imnlemen! Moody & Sons, Terre Bonne, Q iftuee, was burned bnnday night. Loss *75 COD. A FUEIOIIT train on tbe Louisv'ijle, New Albany and Chicago railroad went through a bridge near (Jim, lud., Monday morning, taking men were CHARLES eiaht illed. ears with it. Three ,.„- i HUB.VBB and John Krier, aged 2o and 7 years, were killed by lightning seven miles west of Fulda, Minn., Monday morning. A CYCLONE touched tbe outskirts of Hmgfidher, (Jkla., Monday evening, destroying considerable property, killing two people and injuring others. CARELESSNESS on the part of a freight crew caused a wreck on the Pan-Handle tbe Albany Evening Journal the story of a most remarkable—Indeed, fa remarkable/ as U) •tell Justify the term *rulraru!< n-s''— \ cure of a severe case of ic<ousctor Eiaxla, pr creeping paralys Is; simply bf the use of F:nk Fills for Pale People, and, In compliance with Instructions, an Expres<! reporter bas beea devotln? s me :lme In a crlUcal l.ivestlzatlon of the real fac'.s of the ca=e- The stor/ of the wonderful care of Charles A. Quant, of Galway. Saratoga* County, New York, as first told In "Jbe j Journal." hai teen copied Into hundreds If not thousands of other dally and weekly lewspapers, end bai created snch a sensation throughout the entire country that It *aa deemed a duty due all the people, and especially the thousands of similarly afflicted, that tbe statements of the case aa made In the "The Albany Journal"and copied Into' so ranny other newspapers, should, if trne, !.e vtrlSed; or. if false, exposed as an l:i,i_o-it.on upon public credulity. The result of the Express reporter's In-, vestlgatlons authorizes him In saying that the story of Charles A. Quant'-s cure of locomotor ataxia by tbe use of Pink Pilb for Pale People, a popular remedy prepared and put up by the Dr. Williams' Uerilclnu Company, Morrlstown. X. Y.. and Brockville. Ontario, IS TKUE. and that all Jts statements are not only justified but. srtrlflcd by the fuller development of the farther facts Iu t!.-e ca?e. Perhaps the readers of the E.xpros- ;ir e no' all of them fully fara Illur with the- details of this miraculous restoration tc ily palos were not so bad. i felt warmer; my head felt better) my food began to relbb and agree with me: I could straighten op; tbe feeling be* < gan to cooie back Into my limbs: I began to be abJe to get about en crotches; my eye came back again as good as ever, and now, eight boxes of the pills, ai bles peculiar to females, such slons, Irregularities and all fc pesa They build up th« blood ai ibe glow of health to pale or sallow In tba case of men they Affect a cttre In all cases arising from or excesses of On further Inquiry th« writer these pills arc manufactured 1 and soi d j a t^^es (never In IOOM fo. a ozen or hundred) at 60 clnta . £ J for S2.60. and may be " boose and •«•« yard, *'- ' walk wo ' town. and oa My .torn. The price at whl-h make , a course - theaa fee) like a new man. and ifce spring opens I e • pect to be able to new my organ and piano agency. I can net' speak la too high terms of Dr. William* 1 ! Pink Pills for Pale People, as I know ther saved my life after all tbe doctors hftd/' given me up a* Incurable." Snch Is tbe wonder/ul story which the, 1 b«a dlea or medical i*j medical CCXNGHKSs. SATURDAY, April 30 „ m, bOCSH.—The diplomatic and appropriation bill was discussed heulth or of road i ear Coto, 0. The engineer, fire- and a half dozsn passengers were man injured. William Astor and" Mrs. J. Coleman Drayton, tbe body. TIIOMAN A. MEKBIAM, her daughter, accompanieu who was a member of the forty-eighth congress, and for many years a reporter on 'the staff of the NBW If ork Sun, died Saturday. FOREIGN. YALE CATUiiKOTON, the well known animal painter, ia dead in London. I'HK republicans made large gains in the municipal elections held in Prance Monday. EMIN PAHHA, the explorer of Africa, city. Prince Georgo of Walea has evidently acted in a manly, generous fashion in offeiing to marry Princess Mary of Teck who expected to marry (he late dukti of Clarence, hia brother and heir preBump. live to the English crown The affair howevtr, illuminate nicely the consummate hollownoHs of meat royal marriages was seriously ill at Wadell when last heard from, in February. BOMBB were thrown at a mail train near iernssoar, Austria. Three paasengera were njured. . DKLEQATKB from all the temperance uo- cjetieB in Great Britain met in Memorial Hall, London, Wednesday night to welcome Lady Somerset home from America. . THE conservative and republican ort/ans in f aria are urging a modification of tbe press awa that will enable the goveru- ment to prevent the publication of articles inciting to crime. The WUdom of Wives. A man's wife often knows more than he knov* aboul ageeat man thtng... an ^ while he need nut lower biuiEelJ: iu her estimation by admitting her mental Eupe.iority it is sometime* well for him to silemi'y re - w:. her superior intelligence anU piofit he will not be too ih the opin- affect a great ' ae is a wise man e o ready to come into accord wiih the opinions of his wife, but will affect a great deal of wisdom of his own, even though o """"go a man who after weuks i.nd treatment by the most skiU'ul do<-lors !n two of the-best hospital* In the stav« of Xew York- ihe Bu(>sevelt Hospital In Xew York tit/ a rd £t. Peter's Hospital In Albany—wa-dis:..i-serl from each as In-' pur.i!:!e ;ind. because the case wa s deeine;". ( incii;ab ! o. the ri,n:j was denied admission Int.. s'-vi>ral .t^ers to which appllcatlcii' was mnde In his be!ia!f. Th • story as told oy Mr. Quuni hlinsi-lf an a i.ublUhed in rne Ailuuy Journ.-il is «.» follows: "My i.aruu i< year< did. J Oalvfay, and cli:,rlB, A. Quant. I am 3T •.•„* Irorn in the village of , ixcep Ing while traveling on, case In band and who pronounced him In- cnrable. Let It be remembered'that all tblsj hospital treatment was f.-roand three yearW , r ^ ago. while his cure, by tbe use of Dr. Will- out oftbe emergency fund lams' Pink Pills for Pale Peop'e, has been fended the weaidpnt effected since last BeptemV-r. ISfll. So It lcuueu IUB president. Is beyond a doubi, evident that his re-; ^overy Is wholly due to the use of thega 1 famous pills wialch have been found •,- • j , vi — I |al ' a " qaestionwM {r 1 W d b , y £ e ** TB ' Bwckenridge at McMillan, for the payment of inrteumit, T. Hitt de- have made snch remarkable cures and other cases, Mr. Quant placed in the hands of th reporter his card of admission to Roo«evel Hospital, which Is here reproduced In further confirmation of his statement*: (SERIES B) BOOSEYBLT HOSPITAL OUT-PATIENT. MOKDAY, May 2. SENATE.— Mr Vest handed ind toi NATE.— r est anded iu to It. in this! ; senate a petition aj-a-nst opening thi Aft- Civil CeitJitto*. __ Ouvpatit* Ruidtnti Wednctday. and he knows he has none. It never increases a wife's respect for her iuiband to knows that he is inferiur m anything; and it c-rtainly does not in- him ook that * * Col. A. K. McClure'a articlea on Lincoln and Men of War Time.., which have been running through the Philadelphia Timea and other papers, are soon to be collected in a volume and published by the Times company. I'ho book will embody tfap notes of a keun observer, who waj on the inside of national hiatory while it WBH being made. » * * the valuable articles lost by Editor McClure through the burning of the Philadelphia Timea annex building .Deeminif, the multi-murderer, was cou- viciecl at Melbourne of the murder of his laat wife, and sentenced to ba hanged. Caroline Rooney, of London, claims to be the widow of Ibe late aclor. Par. Rooney. Ibe Jatter eft a wife in New York who claims tnat the London woman is a fraud. During a terrible atom three French schooners were driven aUiore on tbe coas 1 of budore, an island in the north Atlantic •til the crewo being lost. ihe judgment of the average woman regarding the disbursement of money ib otien better than that of the average man! Ii is often better when it.comes to 8 pending maney for domeatic purposes It takes a shrewd >lnp K eeper or market- man to get ahead of the average woman while a marketinan who is yet new in the biuineu finds it easy to work off .bate verage man, and the most mignfc as well acknowledge nia wife can attend to most , , ofber own household better than bn can attend to them for her. Wunjirn vtrj often have the most acutf p-rception legarding buiinees aff^ii* ' --- would prol-nhly be fewer failures" n svor d u more men would j,tap- of or undented anytliiu Man lor gnir,ti ; J thnt. women don't a sucsaa.sful aiju uL business business ^-1:1 new or j * -• "«*'-w^«.-)iui UU bis euccesi to the keeou coo l ot a p .rtner whose name does .._ at ,., aM in the firm name or thop windows and whois not supposed to Lave any IV.c nut appear i w K Parh Piparo 8tatea tbat tbe Dukf de Merney wna not the opp meat of Harry Vane Milbank in the duel (ought in Bel gium. FJJAHS of coming war betweea Germany d KiisBia cause large numbers of Prus- and States t0 emigrate tbe legislature ha/i pass- i , '----——•*"'*• *»-H* O '«I-UIO uan uaaa* ed a resolution legitimatizing the illegal license fees which were imposed two years renewing the discriminatory ago and .._ _ B tariff against Canada. hiladelph the desk which used when in congreaa. waa Thuddem Stevens * * * Tlib dukedom that is to be conferred on JPrincs QBorge of Wales will I officially May 23 nj,n, qi , 0 & Morel. 18 gr?iu OU n^c d ha 0 n f t 8D o.- Dunk.rk, «nd of & MeyV r ' o Hamburg and Jlto Janeiro. The liaLm'tics of each him an.ount to $200 000 to has Bent dis • aenvi n , r the trVrh-oTt^'rumors ofS Depuration of the states of SaoTpado a/'d ~undo Do Sul irom t.ho fnrian.j „,,., go\ - * * * Jn Strusburg the Princess Hohenlohe with her daughter El'zitbeth, has recently finuhad practical course in military hospital nursing, assisting at operations amputation,, cleansing «nd bandaging wounds. The princeea organized the class of which she was a member for the purpose of inter%ting German women in this new form of industry and preparing tbwu for future emergencies. Eleven women gnished the course aud received the, diploma from the prince^. Vh e Wereet- V) prince w is well on in the ion w tnthe fln confld .. and jo - *o .. .>• , **»•**vu£5 IJ tU whose superior j.jdement, it -">perly nppreciutes. ot coan'Uencs and n much, towards making tho wheels " J5U«UL,AIi-l'KOOF New Invention Which Has M a< j e Appearance lu Dioauen. Under the name of wire glass u n in u;resuen. ibe process of mauufactu"™ consibts ln furnishing glass in a hot nlaa tic condition, with a flexible metallic ' "" wire netting, for instance, ItJtGjV **"" •* ' •* • stiince and x',enor influences, Hb rus-, etc. Tbe ;la«8 possesses much greater jower then the ordinary uuterial t is claimed, indifferent to i ibrupt chunxeii of temperature iveu _ withstand opun fire. Tie' specially adapteU for sky-lighll' new * the to be hanged in May, 1693 -s e wwerful rejut&g qualities of tho material i-Dubliu th dKwd wfth U8 "A W ^ Pftectors-to'be uispeiueu. vvitb. As wire g ass cuauot hn tut by the diamon.l, except und r the application of »reat force, and cannot be bn ken without, creating cinwdprftKofi tbe substance is claimed to be, in a meas ure, burRlai .proof. eas r»^.OTacsr js a- ir^^jfev^is^wiSs, business and a little while In Amsterdam} bavu spe ir, my whole life here, tip tf about eight years ago I had nev.-r beerf I •bk and waa then in perfect health. I wa» ! tally six feet tall, we Ighed ISO pounds and ! was very strong. For twelv« years I was' traveling salesman for a piano and organ company, and had to do, or at least did do, a great deal of heavy lifting, got my meals very Irregularly, and slept In enong %pare beds' In country booses to freez »ny ordinary man to death, or at leas jive him the rheumatism. About elj?h years ago I began to fec-1 distress In m itomach, and consulted several -doctor •bout It They all said if was dyspepM,, and for dyspepsia I was treatud by varlou doctors In different, places, and took all thi patunt medicines I could hear (J f tliut Claimed to t )K a euro for dy^pep^ia. But 1 continual to grow gradually woi-e for four year-. Then I bagau to have pain Iu my buck uod legs and b-jcurnt conscious thut my 1 C> .'- ivnrn • ettinst woaK and my step uiisiea dy, and tlion I gered when I wiilkud. Bavin? ri-<.-el bcnotit from the use of patent and feollns ihul I wus con.stunllv m-uwl • •' worsu. I ihen, upon advice, begun tho u -« of electric belU, pads, and ul! the many different kinds of electric appliances I could hear of, and spent hundreds of dollars for them, tut they did me no good. (IIeta Mr. Quant showed the Journal reporter an electric suit of underwear, for which h u paid S124.) In the fullof 1888 tho dprtors ad vised a change of climate, so i wont to Atlanta, Ga.. and acted as agent for tho Estey Organ Company. While there I took B thorou K h electric treatment but it only soemed to aggravate my disease, nnd the only relief I could got. fro,, ' the sharp and distresslu;' pains wau to !ak. morpliiue. The pain was so IntoiisH a times that it seemed as though I c<.uld no * ta "f "' u ;ln<1 1 almost longoil for ueatli as tho only CL-rtuln tellof. In B OD . tember of 1888 my logs gava out entirely and my left eye was drawn w onu side PO lUatl bad double slsht ant was dlxzy.' My (rouble so aflected my whole nervous irhtem that I h;.d to give up Then I returned to Xew York and w ,it to the Bo-sevelt Hospital, v.heru for lour m;;n la I wa, treated by specialist* To verify Mr. Quant's statement cur re ?°n te ,!' B ^ ew , da - vs ago (March 31. 168S called on Dr. Allen Starr at his office. No. 28 West Twenty-eighth street, New York Lity. Dr. Starr is hou^e phvslcian of the Roosevelt Hospital, situated cornerof Ninth avenue and Kifty-ninth street, Iu reply to inquiry to said he remembered the case of Mr. Quant Tory well and treated him some, but that he was chiefly treated and under the more especl.l care of Dr. Ware. He said h,- regarded this case as he did all cases of locomotor ataxia as lncur-b!e In order that our lepcrtor might ce t a copy of he history of the case of Mr.'Quarit from •he hosplial record he very Courteously Kave him a letter of whic . the following la "Ur! it. A. Starr, 22 West Forty -eighth sjreet, office bour,, 9 to 12 a. m.. New York. March 31. ISOa.-L'ear Dr. Vought. If you h;,ve any re.:ord of a locornotor ataxla br luiinoof guant, who says he came to the cm, i ; . ,i, rc e or four y.-ars a ? o, No. 14037, of t «• o. I) I),,pt. Ko-« e velt, sent t , me from » art;. « ia y ( , u Jut thi- bearer l(..,ow. If vou have no record send 1,1.,, to R. ost-velt Hosp. „ . , "Your». STABH." H.' n,eans of this letter acre*, to the rec- a l ™-«"t « the j world s fair on Sunday, and made sons characteristic remarks on the subject lit Call cff:red a resolution to consider and report legislation to relieve the scarcih of money among farmers. The resolution was laid on the table subject to call I» executive session the Hussion and French f ztraaition treaty was considered oo mo-' tion of Mr. Shmnan. The following billi passed: Fixing the price of lands undn the desert land laws at $1.25 per acre- for the issue of ordnance stores and tupplim to the state of Nebraska HOUSE.—The following bills were pin* e «. °y. th .f,house: Encouragina- American sbip building; appropriating 5159 000 ti pay the expenses of the arbitration in the rJehrirg sea matter; to pension the survivors of the I Black Ha«k. Cherokee ud beminole wars. Mr. Brj an moved to m pend the rules und paas tho free binding iwine bill A brief debate followed the motion, when the bill passed—yeas 183 nays 47. TUESDAY, May 3. . PENATE.—A lengthy swech was made ^ favor of free silver by &r. Kyle, of South i £\ A ]ive)y liule col'tqiy took alace between two of the conferees of the Chinese exclusion bill, its ihe billwu aid before the senate. Several senatora opposed tbe bill, maintaining that it nolates exiting tre,t ts. Mr. olph.of ( /tf ' d A fendedr tfa e report. A vote was taken on the conferencerpport, which wu agreed to, yfas 30; nays 15 HOUSE.—Tbe diplomic and consular ap- opnation , ill, was taken up in col or the whole. Mr ~ amendment that no portion of me ency fund should be paid to MT iflrinn in Q£fHnM../.«». _c _. . .• claim i '"" "No. 14U37. in II s. G.rdling Admitted Sept numbness In lower about ab-' 'If ...-,.. (Nov. «u. 1889. not Improved, '.f "hi- iVfTpy&" U %°oae f di e fBTO*t'' d " U ° B ' dVili" "' ". m83i no hea dac'be[ 'bu? 1 " aixzinessj alternate diarrhoea at patlon; partial ptosls past two loit Qyct — "Ord. B F. HI p.«p. and Sjda." These are the marked symptoms of a severe case of locomotor ataxia. "And Dr tam?™?.H ft ™l eW i th * uc '> ra ? r _ ka <i V«"P- tfr Bo Mr. Lflount then moved to strike out the ppropriation of $65,000 for the contin- ntal railway commhsion. The motion be i i .u , -,7- ""nmittee rose and re- orted the bill, which was then passed. WKDXESDAT, May 4. •~~|be senate bill conveyini;to Kansas a portion of the Fort .ary reservation, about 8200 cres for homes for old soldiers and Their farajlie*, was passed. The bill authorizing the conslruction of a bridge armna thR Rnri T?t*m £ AI ^t- . N '* JV 'gw C*C«.UH3 IUO n!t, h, ^ e Norlh> at Qi'Dcy, Nortb adjourned 88 al '° Pa88ed ' &nd the 8enatfl 3^-A.«M?™ "POit on the "I>r. Ware can tell you more'abouTthecase! as Quant was under his more uersonai treatment. I am surprised." he sal^nbat Ware at The report was - ~s -Jessra. Hitt and ES a violation of taith, and da- I fi^™ ^ 6 - Y r - lt °,* habea3 corpua. Mr. «.^,i m ? 1 . n t aiae(1 there was " Our^reppUer found Dr. aer <.,[ isoo. •uouglit him ny surpilse when I received 1 deemed him incurable, and dead before noiv. im a ,.« * i— r. " io " "ins of minor importance and adjourned. TDUKSDAY, May 5 sS'^^"^.» 41 thoy pronoumel and my case locomolor ,,,., 1Al:t Incurable Aftor I hud Leeu u.-d-i- wont by Prof. Starr and Dr. Ware for four months, they told mo (hey had done Mil they coulU fur me. Then r went to th, Ne-.v York Hospital «„ FlffceniS *tv£i where, up- n oxumlnaliun, tl,e A aid 1 »"'• Imural.le and would pot ta!;e me In At tiiey end the P.eiby.orlan .-y , - ..-^ i,^ 01,. x~eier a llo.snltul in •told my wifa my case ivus hopeVess- thu't"/,. fe?^.rjs\^n± sVi^is Jiioney. homo * and save m " loiter f loull world r s a Ton Sundav me that he roM,;,,,, 'i"'._. " J? un 5. a >« he li.-.s been takins Home sort of ttiai theyhavecuiedhim. Atal' ^ : ^3orri?v^^ r -^- was no Indebted for _. .— j of th« committee on .^S 1 "'. who ."Ported that there i appropriation assisting courtesies, said ofl . r ^,.u^;VE^ t vr™' Kfti;!"'"";""'—^^ £~-?"- M A-3&.3- After this .siicrc-ssfiil and '"yestlgutlim In New York, V^'' day ,', Apr11 2d ~ ^S, visited ar i iHcr's Hiispital, In Albany , ° co.irteauJ'reccpS by'skte'r MaVw ° VA^S^M'frWlFf&t psssiw? under his treatment iiecured no beueBt. hud been growing for nine weeks, but H this time i r dpta 0| . to not ' curod. i«f d hU o deemed not JiOiipJtul ond ^ to die oase b «- hora «. '•» M , r . miHn nf uT T1 L e , hou?e wnf ' into » eom ' U I'?rt th , 6 .^ e °n. the river and harbor He fnvnln L Wa8J ° ppcs?d »y Mr-JHolmaa,. wnivW d '?? r , e . duct i^ of expenditures ?KA d ^, J !!» bil !'.a°d claimed'it was the tot propose reduo- Rftnnr,n<"" t""*""un appropriating $3,- Dulutfct and oi^ enty ' on ' fjo 'channel from the great Iffo. wa ° 8 oppofed^by 0 Mr and ill-advised, was advocated . Chatchings, bu' rose without disposing of bv M S1 the bill. Stumps. i Amer.can countries Chili is tho only one up u 1 exce Pting ono short-lived 15- baa properly honored Columbus. con spicuous on ull their appoars n •tamps, in 1869 t£e United States issued ««H- 1 8t S m ' > Bowing si picture of his *$*M: Several of this issue vera ha? • A 0 . ^° colo «' « D d it so happened hat in this 15 cent the medallion contain- dr,i ^- ot u re S°t> into circulation u wwn, which was discovered, and is wa the " " w. i was sold recently for |65. medollioo. Pittsburgh, |> 4 ., " J ~- moraine He opwmiUed

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