The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 18, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1891
Page 7
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TtPPBft PES MOINES. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. MARCH 18,1891. /the btusque and fussy im- julse of tfiese days of false iftopression would rate down as worthless because one is unworthy. As if there were no motes In sunbeams! Or comets among stars 1 Or cataracts in peaceful rivers I Because one remedy professes to do what it never Was adapted to do, are all remedies worthless? Because one doctor lets his patient din, are all humbugs? It requires a fine eye t and a finer brain to discriminate —to draw the differential line. "They say" that Dr. Pierce's -Golden Medical Discovery and Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription have cured thousands. " They say " for a weak system there's nothing better than the " Discovery," and that the " Favorite Prescription " is the hope of debilitated, feeble women who need a restorative tonic and bracing nervine. V And here's the proof 1 Try one or both. If they •don't help you, tell the World's ^Dispensary Medical Associa- iion so, and you get your money back again. THE ZANZ1BAKI. KJnd YPowl* for the Mneh-Abnsirl ZftnU barls. Both the method and results wlien ; 8yrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasaut ••and refreshing to the taste, and acts .gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, head aches and fevera and cures habitual .constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever pro- •duced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most "healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 5Qc and $1 -bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 8AN FRAttOISOO, OAL. LOUISVILLE. KY. HEW YORK. N.V. Mftrch Scrlbncr. 1 cannot speak gratefully enough of the conduct o£ our faithful Zanzibaris at this >eriod. On tbem we are entirely depend- nt for .such food as we are able to scrape ogether. The Zanzibari, it is true, will ie and thieve—most untaught negroes will—but the white man with whom he has worked, whom he respects and has confidence in, though starving himself, he will share his last crust. It was often pitiful to see a man who was scarcely more than skin and bone, and who was halE mad with hunger himself, bringing us a little store of toad,too!s and lajing it before us, say, 'Master, take your share, God 13 good. There was something childlike and simple about these Zarmbaris which always apnealed strongly to our sympathy. At wo'rk you may be as sever) as you please; you may flog him when he does Wrong, so long M when work is done you relax, and gossip and talk with him. His quaint remarks upon people and things are always entertaining, and often instructive. You listen to his stories about his wife or mother, his sister or friend, about, his home in Zanzibar, and bis little plot ot land; in fact you make him feel, that though you will force him to do his mil share of work, at the same time you sympathize with him in his troubles and really his friend. If you do this he will work for you and follow you with a dog- Hko fidelity. 1 have often seen a Zanzibari who had laid himself open to punishment, lie down and take his fifteen or twenty strokes of the cane, and after he has received them get, up, and raising ins hands above his head say, "Hamd el Allah (Thank God), by which he means he has dono wrong, he hns received his punishment, and now he and the world are oven. If punished justly, this child of nature never bears nmlicc; but injustice, want ot sympathy, or cruelty will transform him into a sullen, mutinous devil, with whom nothing can bu done. 0£ course these are times when the Zanzibari is iuo4 troublesome and has to be treated with great severity, but when once he understands that a man is his friend and mastsr, these ebullitions are not of frequent occurrence. SATURN'S KINGS. They Will A Imost Entirely Disappear f<»'« While During This Yewr. An event of rare and great interest to astronomers, the disappearance of Saturn's nn«s will take place this y,eir. Ever since the discovery of his rings Saturn has held a prominent place among the marvels of the heavens. A body TOO.times greater than the earth, attended by eight moons, and encircled by a three-fold ring, mufit prove very interesting. What these rings are tas long been a puzzling question to astronomers. The theory now- most 'generally accepted is thr-t they aro composed oE crowds of satellites, too small to be seen separately. On September 22, the. plane of tho rings will pasb through the earth. At that time mundane beings will see them edgewise, if at all, and as seen through powerful telescopes they will present the appearance of a straight line of light. Between September 22 and October 80 they will almost entirely disappear, as the sun and the earth will be on opposite sides of the plane of rings. After October 30 they will reappear, the sun again shining on the same side presented to the earth. A -\VONUlSHFUr. CAll. Detects All Defects in Jiiiils, Loose Joints, Etc, New Yrok Sun. On the Field of Honor. ! Monsieur de Calinaus and his opponent are in readiness waiting only for thft signal *o fire, whe* the former suddo.nlj; takes H little dark obi :t out of his tmrtcoat pocket and peaceably steps toward his antagonist: (i "Your what?" replied the other in blank amazoment. . , .•\Vl, v , - aren't we goinfr to exchange bullets.*'— -Memorial de la Loire. j it not above being; t&ught by ft man, take this good advice. Try DoVbM* Electric Soap next Monday. It won't cost much, and you will then know for yourself just how good H tt. Be sure to get no Imitation. There are lots of them. _ _ The Intelligent editor of the Louisville Courier Journal' declares that ."It Is generally conceded that St. Patrick's Day is the) best time to begin the work or destruction of the clmox lectulnslus, which is the often. give little bug that 'gets there 1 without the assistance of 'friends. "firnslmncl and wife Bare more than once been saved by the 'timely une of Kemp's Balsam for the throat and luntfs, after all other remedies have] been tried in vain. Tho Balsam stops decay, of tho lungs and cures influenza and acute and chronic coughs. There is no other medicine in the world that acts so promptly, certainly none that does ite work BO thoroughly as Kemp's Balsam. All druggists lelTK. Large bottles 60c. and |1. Scrvln's Now KliiR. BBi.aiiADK, March G.— A brilliant ceremony marked the official proclamation today of the accession of King Alexander the first to the throne of Sorvia. JVo «rtum nTPiso's Cure for Consumption. Cures where other remedies f nlh 25c. Tenor— "Miss Soprano, who sang in church this morning, has n very cltmr voice. It is natural." Basso— "No; 'tis a choired." A SLIGHT COLD, If neglected, often attacks tho lungs. BnoWN's BROSCIHAI. TROCHES give sure fmd Immcdiftte roller. SoH only tn 6ar<s. Price 35 cents. It Is the fashion now to buy odd rases. Pairs are going: out of style. This is a very comforting thought to the woman who has cnenced a new parlor maid and has had no experience of her talents as ft bric-a-brac smasher. FITS.-AH FlU stopped free I>T DH.Ki.TSK'* O«*»* NKHVK RKSTORKII. NoFitt»fwrflrttdw'*ni». Mw- «llon« carp.. Trentlne »nd 12.00 IrUl bottU *"• «« Fit oa»e«. Send to Pr. Kllno. 931 Areh St., Phil*., P«. Fletcher of Saltonn Is well known to have possessed B moat Irritable temper. His loot- man desired to bo dismissed. "Why do you desire to leave?" said ho. "Because, to spook the truth, 1 cannot bear your temper." "To bo sure, 1 am passionate: but my passion Is no sooner on thnn its off." "\es, • replied tho servant; "but it's no sooner oil than its on." FOB A DISORDBRBD LtTBB try BMOttAJt'i PtLM Every friend you have U » close friend. If you are In a position whert you would like to borrow money. There Is more Catarrh In this section of the country than all other diseases put to- irether, and until tho last few years was supposed to be Incurable. For a groat many years doctors prononced It a local disease, und prescribed local remedies, and by constantly falling to cure with locnl treatment pronounced it Incurable. Science hns proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, ami therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by I'.J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is tho only constitutional cure on the market. It la taken internally In doses from 10 drops to a tea spoonful. It acts directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces ot tho system. lliej olTer one hundred dollars for nny case falls to cure. Send tor circulars and testl 1U ° llllll ..T.CIlKNE'Y& CO., Toledo, O. by Druggists, 75c. CURES PERMANENTLY SCIATICA. i LUMBAGO uodn pe^ooi sj inomjj9di9 oqj, •ISBOd 189MOI Otn IB UOUI 9tt1 °1 Pl° B 8 1 1U M 'imtiqiu orrj, 'Buqqu.! JOJ saouid Sutpotuq TO aoqmnu n poHBnquiso oAnq Aoin so.totcl •-mo .itotn aoj T«9ra (tittup oanooad oj japjo •anatusjodxo joAoa w A 1 ^ o? ponutuopp OA iUBUUOQ JO BJOJIVJOUjnUBUl JO JOqiUUU V •noaif) J OK! B1U9UUUD ptioc -H . •oojmimnjl IS -"WAV 'j\V ono in pumoig .10 iin.fa •''I 3 s ( «1"o«) 'sasso-iQ •SDBI Ben Butler is a believer In tho recuri-enc of events. He bus observed Hint In Amorl can history cnch generation hns had its war it is now a generation sinee tho war of th rebellion, and "unless tlio Inexorable log! of history Is about lo fall tho time when w will have the next war on our hands IB no far oil. With whom or about what it will 1) I do not attempt to any. It may solve th Canadian problem or it may not have any thing to do with It." MA«Y "t ti.o worm mmiiuino« and vorml- fu f--old b.vdni.ri*twu Iffltat-i tho rumnm-ll ol .. i lllo oli'ihl. Dr. Hull'.-. Worm Dt^l.ioy- cr- 'iiivi-f do. As hiinnlt.'ss on uandy. >vt liu'V nnv.T lull- 'I'i'V tin-in. By mull, n.oni .foiin IX 1'iirk, iUncliiniiti. Ohio. N. ORdon,MU-h., Mny 17.1S!H>. "My bn.tiirr—Hcv. oamnc-1 Vord r, was cured l>y !=l. Jftcobs Oil of cxtTticiatiDK eointlc pnins In his thigh." ,T. M. T.. Pourrn •llu Kcnrtioy ?t,, Pun FMnclsco, Cftl Apt 11 'JS, 1S<K). Mv wtfo nml T both have Iweu nftlicted wltli l:inu--l>nck nnd son- tlir.'iu. nml hnvt f mv\ v o r m n n e nJ ciiif l>y nso of St is Oil. K..'. IMIIAUS. IT 8S THE BEST. Children j always Enjoy It. SCOTT' of pure Cod Liver Oil with Hypo- phoGpliltoQ of Lime nnd Soda In almost on pnlntnblo us milk. Children enjoy It rntl'.er Minn otherwise. A MARVELLOUS FLESH PRODUCER It In Indeed, nnd tho llttlo Inda nnd InHslori who tciko cold enslly, may bo fortified nROlnet n cough thnt inlRlit provo norloiiB, l>y tnklnp Scott's Emulsion nltor their monls during th J winter sooaon. Wcinnvi o/ ftiififlf/ruftmi* miif liHlttittniHi. "German Syrup" J. C. Davis, Rector of St. Jamc*' Episcopal Church, Eufaula, Ala.: "My sou has been badly afflicted with a fearful and threatening cough for several months, and after trying several prescriptions from physicians which failed to relieve him, he ha* been perfectly restored by the use oi two bottles of Bo- An Episcopal schee's German Syrup. I can recotn- Rector. mend it without hesitation." Chronic severe, deep-seated coughs like this are as severe tests as a remedy catt be subjected to. It is for these long* standing cases that Boschee's German Syrup is made a specialty. Many others afflicted as this lad was, will do well to make a iiote of this. J. F. Arnold, Montevideo, Minn.,. writes: I always use German Syrup for a Cold on the Lungs. I have never found an equal to it—far lesr a superior. * G. G. GREEN, Sole Man'fr.Woodbnry.Nj. CM f\ Kf\ 81NOI.K 1TAUNKSS. tp.Lvs.OVs iluiiil Mmlr. UOUHT'K TI'IAM 1IAHNK8.H, lliiml Mittlo. fiend for prloo lint of my Cull line. JOHN OLAUK, 210 Went \V»t«r HU, MllwmikM, Wla. When spring arrives, It la very Important thnt Uio blood should be pnrlUod. as nt tlil.i scmson Impurities which have boon accumulating tor months or ovon yonra, nre llublo to mnnlfual tliemsulvoa anil Hiu'loUH- ly affect tho hoiilth. Hood's HnrHiipnrlllii in un- doubtodly tho heat blood nurlller. It «xpul» uvory taint, drives out scrofulous humors, ami glvus to tho blood tho quality and tone essential to good health. "For five years I was sick every spring, but last year began in February to lake Hood's SarsapariUa I used five bottles and have not soon a alck day ulnoe." G. W. SLOAN, Milton, Masa. . "Ilood's Sarsapurilln purillod ;ny blood, gave me strength, and overcame tho liouduohe and (UzzlntiBH, 80 that I nm able to work ngnin, I recommend Ilood's Sarsaparjlla to ot hers whoan blood is thin or impure, and'who feel worn out or run down," LUTiir.uNABON, Lowell, Mass. "I take Hood's Hiirailpim'lla uvory year as a spring; toalc, with nioHt satisfactory results." 0. I'AIIMKLEE, al3 Bridge) street, llrooklyn, N. Y. N. B. Bo Biiro to got It In truo economy to buy Hood's Snrsaprttllln, tot "100 Dosos One Uollur" Ir original with and true only of this popular medicine. If you wlnh to prove this, buy a bottle of Hood'n Sarsaparllln and measure Us contents. You will llnd It to hold 100 toaspoonfuls. Now rea'l the directions, and you will Unit that tho average doso for persons of different HgoB U less than n tuaspoouful. Tills lu cortninly conclusive evldonoo oC tho peculiar strength and economy of Hood's tiarsiipurilla. Glvo it a trial i this cprlug. Purifies the Blood "My little boy, for whom I procured Hood's Sarsa- pnrllln, was so bndly nQlloted with scrofula that tho wholo top of his hoivd was one complete mass of matter. I dootorod with him 3 years and found no relief, and then I hoard of Hood's Bar- saparilla. 1 gave him ono bottle, and there wan a most wonderful improvement. I then got ono bottle more and that cured him completely. I would not be without Hooii'u Sarsaparllla In tho house. I give it to ray children for a spring modi- cine." Mns. H. D. LEKoi, 1011 llosan street St. Louis, Mo. SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The success of this Great Cough Cure is without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized lo sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can sue- cessfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the Uniled Stales and Canada. If you have 7-' « Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for it will cure you. If your child lias Hie Croup, or Whooping Cough, use it promiitly,_and relief ' is sure. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Diuggist for SllILOH'S CURE, Piice lo els.. 50 els. and *i on. If your Lungs are sore or Hack lain?, use Shiloh'a Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. CATARRH on 11 KB. sample rnrr Agents wanted. I IVLL Lttnderbaoh Co., Kewarlt, N. J. , PATENTS Illustrated Hand Book, free. I , J, B. OBALLE & 00., ..._... J Washington, 6.0. ' Please mention this paper every time you write. ' for men and women at home. From |8.0tt to 110.00 per day to energetic Agents. 1061 peTctrproflts. Address Q. M. Asao'n, St. Tail,', Minn. I Bediioed~i5 to 2S pounds per mouth by hnvmluss herbal remedies. Mo starving, no . inconvenience. Confident-, Send 60. for olroulura aad testimonials. Address W. F. 8NYDEK, 243 Sluts Ht., Ohlougo, 111. Name this paper when you write. FAT FOLKS The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox, There was a cur in the yard of tbe New York Central sit 42d street n few days since which was a novel specimen of a laborsaving machine. Inside the car is some clock-like mechanism which, as the car goes over the track, records every dofect in the rails have spread .the 32d part of an inch beyond the standard width, or there is a loose joint or defective connection, the •machine notes it all down, as well as ^the distance from one place to another Formerly this work was done by an army of men called track-walkers. Now a single machine does it with unfailing accuracy. It is proposed to develop the invention so as to combine tho detective mechanism of the car with an ordinary coach, so that mechanical examinations of the tracks can be made by the regular trains. What She Gave Him. Two who had been deeply loved came one day to part because of some trivial misunderstanding, and because each was to proud too say, "lam in faultjjforgive me." So they stood with cold eyes but trembling hearts and looked at each other. "Here is the—ring," shes aid drawing it slowly from her finger. He took it as slowly, turned it over and over, and, as she did not speak fltifig it upon the glowing coals. She paled a little but unclasped from her throat a tiny chain and gave it to him with a shaking hand. It skared the same fate. Then they stood silent, "I—[ have given you nothing," at last she said, in a tone of dull regret, and he replied, his voice breaking with deep emotion: "No; you have' given mo no ring, no chain, no petty bubble it is true which may be returned and flung to the flames; but you have given every thought for two years past to me; you have given me your eyes, your lips, your heart; you have given me to know that heaven still lives on earth to the. man who is loved by a chaste woman. These 1 can not give back to you—" Then,' all in a moment, the heart tears leaped up to her eyes, and his words were silent on her lips. lie Wanted u, Divorce. Once upon a time a man went to a certain judge ami said: "Jedge, 1 want a divorce from my wife, 'n' as hairi't no bible reasons, nur secib, fer gettin' it, I jest thought I come t' yuh kind o 1 quiet like 'n' git it without any fuss." "Oh," said the judge smiling affably; "and what charge do you bring against your wife, sir'r 1 Upon what complaint do you seek a divorce?" "Why, jedge," and he straightened up and spoke in an awe-stuck tone, "my wife was the mockers' sort of a gal yuh ever see, V 1 'lowd 'a how we'd get along 'awirnV; but sir 'f you'll b'lieve me, afor we'd been married six months thet wom'n let out thet she had opinyuns —yes, sir, actyully had opinyuns, same's I had, only dif'runt—I may say mos'ly dif'runt. , , . "Now that won't do fer two people V th 1 same house, jedge; so I jest made up my min 1 1 wouldn't have no wife what's Bold by all druggists. $1; six (or $5. 1'ropuroA only by 0.1. HOOD & CO., Lonoll, Milan. IOO Doses One Dollar Bold by all druggist*. $1; nil for $5. Prepared only by 0. I. HOOD 4 CO.. Lowull, Mas* IOO Doses One Dollar AN IN VESTMENT DOUBLE in 12 IPayinj? Dividends* April and October. STOCK OF THE GA.-ALA. INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT CO. Capital Stock, $4,500,000. Shares, $1O oacli, full paid and Shares, ifl 10 cadi, no AMSCSHincnts. $4:,50O,OOO. Subject to Gen. BENJ. F. BUTLER, of Massachusetts, - President. Hon. JAMES W. HYATT, Late Treas. of U. S., Treasurer. .DIRECTORS. Uon. HBN.T. V. DuTi.Kit, of MiiB«ncliuHotta. lion. IioaAN II. Hoimi, of ArkniiHiiH. llun. A. U. iVvstAN, JBr-TroiiB. of U. S., of Nob. lion. .IAS. \V. HYATT, " " " of Conn. Tnos. U. SMITH, 1'roB. ITtli Ward Hank, Urook lyn, N. Y. 15. I. <lAimi!t.n, Soc'y Tliomion-IIoniton Kleo- trludo., HoHton, Mns», 0. W. I'KiiuiNH, Cash. MIIHH. Nat'l Uatik, Uontotj, .MllBH. Ono. U. 8<moi"[i!i.o, Proa, N. Y. Contract Co., of Now York. I,. M. HANfoui), Prcs. ISimk of Ninv Cnnllis, of Kentucky. Hon. .loiiN H. GOIIDON, Oovtirnor of On. lion. ROUT. li. TAYLOII, Uovernor of Tonn. .]. H. FOUAKKK, Ux-Clnveriiiir of Ohio. Hum. II. JlmiuiT, Kx-LT. S. PrluUir, lion Uon. ADVISORY BOARB. K, It. TiutK, Ciish. U. H. Tronfiiry, Wttnhlngton. IlKNiiv Knui:iiT\VANtii!ii, .Mimibor N. Y. Block Rz of P. K. HOOT'S, Oualilur KIrst National Hank, Uttl* Hock, Ark. P. Y. KOIIKIITHON, 1'reuUiont Flrnt Nat'l Uuitk, Koiirnoy, Nob. THE POSITIVE CURE. i ELY BHOTH EltS. Cli Warren St., Now York. IMco CO cts.B I ISO'S KEMEDY FOll CATARRH.—Best. Easiest to use. Ohoapest. Belief is Immediate. A cure la certain. l?or Cold In the Head It has no equal. It Is an Ointment, of which a small particle Is applied to the nostril*. Price, coo. Sold by druggists or sent by mall, JUldresx. B. % HAZKI.TINH. Warru. F*. CHICHESWS ENGLISH. RED CROSS THE ORIGINAL AND GENUIIJE. LlldlcM, nib ' boxes .4r»k'il Tho only Bull', Hiiru, and reUallc I'lll for inla. • — -•-•' ' '- '• ' il mclnlllo i Imitation*. _____ ______ ______ nib DniB'iiat Cor Clllchestnr'a Kngllah Diamond Jlrand lu itcri and fjoltt nic-tnlllo wltli liluo rllihon. Take no other Kind. Xr.futt Sultutitutlo; All iiillj lu piuuibonnl liuxcs, pink wrappern. nro dnnjECfouti counterfeit*!. At DruggUls,or fleud a' ' ' iMliinuulnlu, and "KelT.'l' tar Llidk-K," in lellor, by return M: " ID mum|M 'r»r 10,11110 TL'siimonliilH. Kama Paper, Sold by nil l.ui:ul ana "jtcilt'L lur IJUUICN, l» »«[or, uy ri CHICHEBTER CHEMICAL Co., Mmii 11, i HA. DOCTOR for Coughs. Colds and Consumption, Is beyond ! question the greatest of all modern remedies. ' IfvlllstopaCough Inone night. It will check; a Cold In a day. it will prevent Croup, relieve; Asthma, and CURE Consumption If taken In; time. IF THE LITTLE ONES HAVE ; WHOOPING COUGH : OR • CROUP I Use It Promptly,IT WILL CURE: WHEN EVERY be without It."! A 25c. bottle may cave $ 1 00 In Doctor's bills S —may save their lives. ASK YOUR DRUG-' GIST'FORIT. IT TASTES GOOD.: [•••••••*li !>••••••*••••••*•*•*••*••«••«••" WIS PUB "I see," said the'judge, sympathetically;. , but I w afraid 1 "it is a bad busine88 ; cannot feelp you put YOU NEED NOT FEAR that people will know your hair Is dyed if you use that perfect imitation of nature, Tutt's Hair Dye No one can detect it. It imparts » glossy color »iid frenh life to the hair. Euully »p. piled. Vrlce, *1. Office, 30 Park riaco.N.T, AST H MA. Popham't AathinaSpeciRG Olves immediate relief. 11 Is believed to be the 13ett ABTHMA. Itemed/ knowu tu huniunltj. Herul for u trial puckiiKo FJtlSK Hold by iJru^tjiBtti. Hont by mall, pouL'puld, for tl por IJoi. Addrauu TJIOS. I'OP- UAH, 201)1 llidue Avenue, I'lilladelphla. Secretaries and 01- by an Assess Order paying $100.00 in" six iHontha at an esli mated cost of §44.00. Reputable men and women can secure liberal com- pfsniiation. Addros-s, M. MclNTYItH, |Su|)rc!iiu Mana«or, No. 1028 Arch Street, PhiltulKlphia, Pa., ion. IS. V. AANN, Hupt. Concord .fe Monlroitl Hull roud, of Now liiiuipHliIrt!. SUFFOLK TRUST CO., Trnnsfer 244 WASHINGTON STREET BOSTON MASS. TUB PROPERTY OP THJ3 COMPANY CONSISTS OF I'lllST. 8,00(1 City LotH, or 5,0'.'2 ULTUN ot land In the city of TnUnpnonn, llarulurm County, Georgia, ihu rijHiiiuo remaining unaold of 2,50U iiccutt, on thu ouutrt* of whloh tlia city wits originally liiiili. 1'rMont •aluo, £1,UH4,70S. PJn<UONJ>i 'i,4SS ncron of vulunhU mineral land, ailjacont lo thn city of Tullupooim, all locate!) within n rnillun of filx ml Inn from llin ccnlni of city. 1'nmimt vnlito, ?121!,lX)l). THIIII). Thu Isnnuil Capital Htouk of lli» Oiioi'Kla, Tunn'mmin A llUnoln Itnllroud Oompiuiy, ohnh toruil for tlm imrimnu of Imildlnu; n rnllrond from Tulliiiiootm, Cla., Ui Kliivuimoii, Alii., 120 inllm, that will not thu company mmrly $S,<HW,<mil of thn capital uluuli of railroad, niiylnir 7 por cunt, divldnnilii, VOUKVJI. Tim Tulliipnosii furnacu, on thu llun of Ihu (junruMii-^'iiuiitii Ilallroiiil, In tho city of Tullnpooeii, On.—ll'o until furnnco bolnir of BO IOIIH oniinully, inimiiriioturlnu; tho lilghiwt grade of cold and hoi lifasti cliaroonlenr-wliBol Iron. Proiwnt valuo, (VF>U.UIM, - mi thn 11 n.i of tin) Giiornla-l'iiolflo Hailroad, In Iho liouitntt, lu inanuiiioinnnc inuiiHtrinH, nnu iu unnniuni, uiMi»tT rt , Mu fTB.UUO hotel, and now manufacturing Induslrlon building, nto. 50,000 SUAItlSS TUI3ASUUY STOCK Are now offered to tho publln, tho proonodn to bu be dovotod to locating nuw mcinutaoturlii(r entablUhmeuU and devoloutng the oompuny'u oily \n-o\mrly, at u SPUOIAL pjfciow OF $:?.;j»^ PEK SHARE. Thlnotook li full paid and nubjoct to no amioHHrnonU. Ihe price will hu advanuod to Ordom for stock will b . fi. 00 pur eharo whan Hie Ol),000 It will pay dividend* April and October, and hurwB an) hold. .„„.„.,.. „ __ illlod'a» received, in nny'amount Irom ono shorn upward, u it In desired /• an many umall boldam In all auction*! of tho country UH poBHlbln, who will, liy thalr Inurait In Cat Company, Inlluouco emlttratiou lo Tallupoanu, and advance tho luteruuU of the Company. to have 910.00 will purclititHu II Bluirimor *:io,oo " o " $50,00 " 15 " $100.OO " 30 " sano.oo " 75 " 815(10.00 " 150 " $1,000.00 " aoo M $:!().00 pur Tttluu ot stock. $1)0,OO " " $ i no.oo •• " H:IOO.OO <* " $750.00 " " ,. ,000.00 " t 1,500. 00 8, AddrutH all ordem for stock, and make ohook», dr»fU, or money and eipr«i» orden paykble to JAS. W. HYATT, TREASURER, GA.-ALA, INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CO., Globe Building, 244 Washington St., Boston, Mass. tSf~tld-vuK» llluBtrated 1'roipuotus ot TallapaoHU, Block 1'roupeotun ot Oorauany, and 1'lat of cltr, wilt PrloVlUt ot building loin, mailed free on application. Uallabiu ugsutu wanted: to rtpreieut th» Oompany lu every count/. < The Shortest and Quickest Ltn* to all parts of the ( t runs Rli'K'in Pullman a'S iokou nt Oldett UtdMnt J» tfit World U DR. ISAAC THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED EYE-WATER. TMi artiol* U • euefolljr prepurod phyilolui'i pr»- icrlution, and hu been lu eonvtant nM tor nnarlf • tenturr. 1'hott »re tew ilwiHei to which n»nklD4 »r» lubjiot mar* dletrsMtng than cor* a/M, u>4 nan*, Berhapi, for which mor* remedlei h»t» D*«B trl.d without IUCO.M. For all •eternal infl*mmatl«a *f the ereij it U an lufitlllbl* remedr. It the 41r»«- tien« are followed U will never fall. W» partlottlarlj lnrit» the attention »t phriloUai to 'ti mwlU. For ul» br all drttKffliU. JOHN L. THOMPSON, BOMB uU by all drugglsl * OQ., TBOI, N. T. B*Ubll*lw4 HOT. AT WHOLESALE PRICES. li you use wall paper do not fall to send lOo for sain pies of spring patterns, iguuiiuitce to save you money. WliUo TtU •KlTcrs*! ff>T»r Mh Boon) OuWfUft SODS lead* me to offer ft 1'. B. Guovnf OuloD t Jb fat* Ytlloif GUot intteuttntt. To introduce it and show lUicapabilities 1 will pay 8100 for the bent yield ol>toln> ed from I oun<« of wed wblcl) - ivlllQioailoi BUeta. Cum. WALL blanksdclocc Ppr roll. •* • •% JM ffA Gilts 8c per roll. Km- ILll JH U t U lj08scd(Jllt»10c|)orroll. BV fU ff M WX TbotlnoBtpurlorpaporaB IU» • •_ H • with 18 inch frieze to • ITll • •• • • matohWcperrolluria upward. ALPKED l'KA'1'8, .WoU 1'ojier MerchBUt, H7-lta W. MaOlaoimt. Chicago; Prettiest BOOK Ever Printed, • y oz. & ft. Onecentapkg. Up if rare, Cheap, pure, but. 1000000 extra*. Buutilul Illustrated Catalogue free. B. H. Sbumwngr, KocUford, I1L >. Atlanta, COM* via Ldukoitl Moiitu , Mairoii. Hincst train. World! PORT AND SAKt. ^Of ...... ELERS. Ti'l-cts for sale «4 all Kallioa Ollkcs In tuc United States, or B. W. WRENN, Gcn'l PUJ. & Tkt Aireat, (Front Ing Bust on Windsor 1'ark.j WINTEH ItEtiORT, Jacksonville, Fla. Open December to May Board $4.00 per day. One hundred pleasant rooms at $21 per week, each person. * F. H. OBVI8. WINTER RKSOKT, Paltttku, Fla. Board $4.00 per day. One hundred pleaxant rooms at $21 per week, each person. i An abundant supply! of soft water. B. 0. * W. F. ORYIS, Managers. \Va»liIn K «on,l>.O. * Successfully Prosecutes Claims, / ,ttto Principal Biilmluor U.S. Penalon Bureau, j '- '• t war, 15udjudlc»tlm(clnlum, attyaluo*.' DOQB NOT TAKKN. THE EQUINOX HOUSE, MANCHESTER, VKIIMONT. A delightful Bummer Resort »tuong the Green Mountains, 200 miles north of New York, 200 mllei northwest ot Boston, 60 miles north of Troy, 80 miles south of Kutland and ISO miles northeast of Saratoga, on the Bennlugton und Kutland Railway, midway between Mew York aud Montreal. Through drawing-room aud ileoriiug car* from M*w York Ti» Hudson Hirer railroad. V. II. OUV18. pre«cribi> »nd tollri 1 * . . BO Big t>' oa the ^jl) s>pA;lflc for tbe certain curf o( tola disease. O.H JISORAHAM.M. D. Ambttrdam, K. Y We have .:oia Bl* G »« ftiiy yuhrs, and it tut given tUe ueat o( eatl» fo.etloa. P. Jl. DYOHE & CO.. Obtcftgo, ill (ft j Oft -^'•I'tv,... -r\_..T._'.t.'. WHY, ARE YOU SICK7" "I know precisely how you feel; it Is that •' nervous, Irritable fi'vling, your back troubles you, ami wlien you try to read a, little, your licaa uuhes. Isn't that so? 1 knew it. Oh, b.otliur the doctor! Get u bottle of Vi'gctablt Compound, . uuU take it faithfully, us I hiivc duitu. I've been through thin thing inyiiulf, but uiu ueyer troubled, now. Po a» I tell you» dear." t LYDIA E, PINKHAM'S bag Btoutl the test of many years, and Is to-day the only I'osltivo Cure uud I.egltiuutt* Keiwe<Jy for those peculiar weaknesses and uilmenw ol women, all organic diecuees of the Uterus or Womb, and Ovarian Troubles, tto. Every druggist sells it tt» H standard article, or scut by inaU, l» form of fills or lounges, on reotipt of * 1.00. K^M«m$ for wld or persplrlpg feet On »»lu iruere. or sent free uu receipt of jocts.

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