The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 18, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1891
Page 5
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THE UPPER DBS ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAHCH 18, 1801 CHICA6&, TSin.WAUKEE & ST. PATIt. flt Onc6i and comes to a fine piece of . West-Pass.- No. 1 6:02a No. ~ East-Pass.-^ a ^ j Kossuth COU nty soil welcome our Ramsay correspond- _.. 4........ 0:30pm Freight— .. 7:l5amNo.8... i ....ll;.™pni North— ent n . ga in. With our rattling news gatherer at Bancroft and occasional mimv items from other townships, we give a CHICAGO & NOB.THWESTERN. ^ ^ of tbe north p , u . t o f i- ftrmfh— I ts _ . .4:0r> p m South— Elmore pass 12:20pm Uhe county each week. 7i35pm THE CITY. [ take W. F. Miller of the Livermore Gazette with him as secretary. Miller's friends say they always thought he Yesterday was St. Patrick's day. would go to a warm place, but not in J W Wadsworth has secured plans company with a preacher. The renter of R, J. Hunt's farm has for his new house. The Black Cat country is talking co- taken possession, and Mr. Hunt has I i i_ • 1-_ 1,^1^1 nr\rw-ia T.n T.nWtl. OO- creamery. moved his household goods to town, oc- ]y from her attack of lung Jevei . ^ aM . an(?elnents yet for a home. Y r t tnirc™no 1 w g t he" Setter. In talking about the city well, Sheriff quicker spring comes now Stephens says ho intends to complete it The Benedict dramatic company _ will . f ^ . g ^^ ^ ^ . g ^^ that The Benedict dramatic company _ . f bo hero March 27, instead of tonight, as advertised. W C. Danson is owner of a handsome safety bicycle which, he can manage that contracted to p ut ^ !vnc i no t such a well as he thought hafl when thc {h , st test WUB uia de. _ H GroV(M . WM a p i cnflan t caller of tho most important sales ever held in the county, and all farmers should attend. Thc full notice is published elsewhere. The school board met Monday evening with tho new members present and organized for the coming year. Geo. E. Clarke, who has been president of the board for several years, declined to take the office again, and, on motion of W. H. Ingham, Dr. Barr was chosen. Tho following committees were named: On teachers, Clarke, Ingham, Reed; on finance, Ingham, Cowles; on grounds and supplies, Reed, Cowles; on depot school, Reed; on coal, Haggard. No other business was transacted except the accepting of the invitation ot tho new men to an oyster supper to bo given some time soon. This was promptly and unanimously adopted by tho old members. Another pen of high-bred poultry has been received in Algona, John G Smith has just had three hens and a rooster shipped from the Geo. V. Flotch or establishment near Boston, which won nearly all tho premiums on Ligh BANKING INSTITUTIONS. Kossuth County Bank, CAPITAtj .850,000 Incorporated under general laws of Town. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign ami omostic exchange bought and _ sold. M ec- omes _„ i.nnlt tlonsmadp promptly, and a K ene «» }' nnt « business transacted. VnsMW _ k-kets t from the old countries sold at lowest rates. 1XOIIAM .............. ;;•• • T. B. JONES .................... Vice H. SMITH .................. -.. BARG-AINS AT THE CASH STORE. Townsend & langclon s 13 U>9 Choice Hnisins for _ fairly already. yesterday. He is getting a corn lister • Last Sunday came just six weeks from and wiu lisHlis col . n i n this spring if ground hog day, and ought to have been overy thing goes right. Ho is one of 'the end of winter. the county's host corn raisers, and this The farmers' institute will meet in exper i mo nt will be watched with in- grange hall, as court is still in session tere8t . IMrectors-Wm. II. T H .Tones, T. Chrlschil llps. Low Is 1 lios Lewis' t.yo ., . W. Wadswortli, Unmet Devlne. The First National Bank We sell other goods in proportion to the above, sec us. J3gT We arc agents for Rock Salt for stock. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON, Call and OF .A.XJQO3ST.A., CAPITAL Special attention given to collections. A.CAUi ................. res, en Farm Loans. I can now miike loans on improved lands, from ono to ten years time, and nlvn the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof In even JlOO nt -..— tmv date when interest falls due. Thl:i Is Iowa money. in the court house. The ladies of the Congregational church will give a supper Thursday evening at 0 o'clock. The Paribault county sheriff took our stereopticon man north last weekend John Patterson has rented his shop to the marble cutter, and ho will take possession next month. John will do carpenter work for a while, and drop his shop work. The building is well located for a marble yard and brings nothing has been heard of him since, good rent. Mrs C L Lund came home from J. J. Wilson and C. L. Lund took ten CWc- go wUh her husband. Her health carloads of cattle and five loads of hog Gh sUnpoor, although her trip benefited to Chicago last week securing fan Mr. Luna s live IS her. prices. Mr. Lund's five cars of cattle Wallace & Reed are to put a cream Uvere from his farm east of town, and "» — '"• at Sexton next week, and will sold so as to leave him a margin make , that a skimming after. station here- them. The Brunei- Bros, barber shop will The nurchasers of J.B.Jones' Short- Ue moved April 1 from tho Galbraith horns wUl take them this week. They basement to the old restauran building ' Brahmas at tho Boston exhibition. Mr Smith's fowls are Light Brahmivs, tho rooster weighing 14 pounds. They are perfect in outline, and arc probably a lino as anything ever brought to northern Iowa. Mr. Smith and Mr. Fletcher were old school mates, and through their acquaintance Mr. Smith was able to get the Very best. Tho arrival of high-bred fowls, like that of all other blooded stock, means bettor and more profitable production in Kossuth county. About a dozen Knights of Pythias went to Bancroft Friday and spent tho night in assisting other brothers in initiating the new " VeraLodge, No. 291," into tho mysteries and secrets of tho order. There were 27 charter members, including many of Bancroft's loading citizens, and tho occasion was a notable one in Pythian annals. The new lodge starts out in fine shape and will soon bo one of the best in northern Iowa. The hospitality extended to visitors was very generous, including a midnight AMIlllOSK I). It. miTCHlNS J. 0. HIjAC 1'rwMent KFOlU) ..................... Ushler IMreotors-Anibrose A. Call, V). H. J. C gtiHon . . , . Dorweller, Wm. K. furnished at once, on perfect title. on or address H. HOXIK. Iowa. 51. /. (SKOVK. JOHN <;KOVF.. : . Uiaclford, Philip nonvcllor, W ion, A. D. Clarlio, C. H. Hutchlns. Moncv always on hand to loan at, reasonable itcs to parties furnishing llrst-elass security. FARMERS' AND TRADERS' BANK, Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. M. /. UUOVK, Mnmiecr. West of ThorliiRton ttouse. K. M. Richmond 1'resldent K. M. Kicnmoim • • •,,--- , , K. K. Ulchmond VI"" 1 l ,^n,}, A II IJInlmw^llll ,LyilSnu.l A. U. Hlchinoud Transacts a ReiiM-al banking business. Col- lecwSns a specialty. Money transferred to all parts of tho Unltofl States and K"™!'" 10 . rutas. Tickets to and from the old otofu-ms in tho south part of the next to Winkel's meat market J. F. go to fai ms in ^no Nic0 ulin is fixing up tho now place, and ' quamtcci i W. E. Bradford was over for court the boys will have , getting well ac- when they move. . sort of likes the Gospel meetings Congregational church on , Sioux City Journal republishes I Auril 1, and 11 TTnplo Stove's" hoc raising figures. It. wantS good record'to spread over the | and is a very successful state> ,. ' . +lia I will be given later. 3. I. Plumley is hauling rock to the handsome shop headquarters in Chicago. Full notice lot east of tho Naudain brothers, where Fred Foster will build a fine house this . f. i s «rt that we make a good Uu K ,. iethe gettiiug ijf spring. Thos. F. Cooke now sports a some new safety can Rambler variety, machine. An exchange figures that there are 'iners' alliances in e most intelligent farmers of our state. The annual meeting of tho Irvington cometery association will be held at O. J. Olson's store, Tuesday, March 81, for the election of officers. The state encampment of the Grand Army Is to be held at Dubuque, April 14-16. The Milwaukee road will sell round trip tickets for ?6.C8. Grant Benschoter is -one of tlve substantial farmers of the county who will build this spring. He is .g&lting plans for a good house on his farm. It is unnecessary to flail attention to the fact that the Kidkapoo Indians are coming to town, 'Their advertisements in this issue'speak for themselves. John Goeders has a big advertisement in this issue. His store is full of goods tand he is offering the best of bargains. Everybody knows where his store is. On Sunday morning Rev. Bowen will preach on " Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem." In the evening on "Tho Gospel God's witness on earth. - for the milk of 12 cows from Jan. 27 to dates should have flcial record. Who says dairying don't So many statements have been made about M. B. Smith's fine for the assault to which he pleaded guilty at this term of court that it may be well to again state the facts. He was fined $75 and costs, in all a little over $100, and not $500 or $800, as has been variously rumored. The fire bell Thui'sday called the people out to what proved to be a small blaze in G. J. Stebbins' house west of town. The children set some paper on fire, but Mrs. Stebbins arrived in time to stop the flames before great damage was done. The fire was out before the people got to the house. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Buell returned from their winter in Florida yesterday '*-"•*) O ' •» TTTT banquet, and was heartily enjoyed. We regret that we cannot report how Bro. Holloway and some of tho others handled the goat, but tho solemn secrets of the occasion cannot bo divulged. S. L. Hodge of Des Moines has been in town representing tho interests o thc American School Book company and making contracts with school dis tricts for books at reduced prices. Thc company controls the books of tho live leading publishing houses, and, we be lieve, all the books used in tho county Algona some time ago contracted fo books with it, and LuVerne and Ban croft likewise. The new law provide for district purchase as well as count uniformity. Many districts met Moi day to decide on what they would ^do but we have no report of their action rates. Tickets.,* —.--,--. , s'llo Taxes naid for residents and dents. Abstractor title furnished on thc same day applied for. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE. Loan ami Insurance Ag't and Notary I'tMln. 00 000 acres of prairlo lands and Improved Urns for sale or rent,. Village property for e or rent Now Is the time to secure you a omo before throe prospective rallro.u s aie uilt, which will advance the price of land bo- ond the reach of the average homo-seoliei. COMMERCIAL HOUSE, uneroft Iowa, R. M. Richmond, proprietor, nrst'class house. Satisfaction guaranteed, pecial attention to the traveling public. M O BUTTDQ & lUlLl 0, AND PLOW WORK, GENERAL REPAIRING. co satisfaction'in everything we turn out, WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE, Wo want the people to know that ALCONA, IOWA. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. _^^^^~-s^~ ~" ™ —~-~~'~' • GEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algomi. la. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth County bank, Algonti, Iowa. Thorington House Laundry. New Laundry, just opened in basement of the Thorington., StrictBy First-CJass Work at reasonable rates and on short notice. Will do family washing. All work called for and delivered. First-Olass T7sTor3x: i© Cr-u.araM.teed.- E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Ivossnlh Co. bank. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION Of TI1W Buffalo Fork Co-operative Creamery So long as their contracts provide onl for buying books already in use, the will not interfere with the adoption o county uniformity, if that is thougl desirable. ^ PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS Dr. Shore is expected in Algona Friday. W. F. Carter went east yesterday on a business trip. J. R. Blossom was over from Spencer yesterday visiting his old friends. Many friends welcome Win. G. Clarke, who is up from Kansas City on a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Chrischilles are not expected home for a week or ten days. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Frank Bros. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrlschlllos' store. this with Sent nlH HulitirlllK iimuwDi *»«jwi»«nv"« ••.; -•— . and a desire to relievo human suffering, L w sendfree of charge, to all who , eslro It, t recipe, In Gorman, French, or luiglisii, wi full directions for preparing and s in,. S mi bv mail by addressing with stamp, "'"ill US Siis paper. W. A. Noyos, HUO Powers' Hlock, Rochester, N. Y. Talk with Doxsee. Notice. Is hereby Riven that tho above-named company hiw organised and commenced doing business under 1 1m mime and style of " iho Buffalo Fork Co-Oporatlvo Creamery Coin- L. K. GARFIEL.D, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State st,, ono door oast of Coraingloy. Residence, McGregor St., east of tho public school building. H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice. from their winter in Florida yesterday, V a^~ x.^« — , v f and reportl most pleasant visit. While They enjoy the Texas climate. there Mr. Buell bought a five acre M,.«. .T. C. Blackford's brother orange grove and will plant 15 acres more and plans some time in the future to spend his winters there regularly. His brother is extensively engaged in the orange business. The fire west of Burt which was rumored Wednesday morning as we were going to press last week proved to be a MORSE & PRIDE, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. Omoo east of Rutherford house, Algona, Iowa. Two good houses to rent. Good house and four lots for sale, or will exchange for other property. A bargain. Good horses to exchange for small town property. iial place of transacting business will lie in Portland, Kossuth county, Iowa. The general nature of tho business to bo transacted Is to collect and manufacture Into mtlor and choose the milk belonging to sub- •rlbors to Its capital stock, and to purchase ml manufacture milk, cream, and other dairy roducts, and to sell the same, and to do all hlngs necessary to make tho aforesaid bust- TluMimoimt'of capital slock authorizedJiy his corporation is Six Thousand Dollars, w --' - " The Paul yard sold a big lumber bill sel . ious affair for Wm. Coring. He was Monday to Mr. May, who was on the I y getting married when it occurred, Ingham farm last year. He will build and it des troyed his house, barn, horses, this spring a house 24x28 feet, one story. grahli etc . M r. Doring has an oppor- . , , ji.i, «T,rt^» i ii... *« /i/^rti/lrt iirVi rit-.Tir>i> thn loss dam'13- Col. Spencer says a blacksmith shop, tunity to decide whether tho loss damp whether Mrs. J. C. Blackford's brother is home from Colorado, and a fine lot of his photographs is displayed at Miss Dodd's. Rev. W. E. Davidson has accepted an invitation to preach in Omaha a week from Sunday, and will be absent at that time. V. H. Stough will be in town Friday on a visiting and business trip. He was expected to come before but was delayed by the grip. G. W. Pangburn was down yesterday closing up a land purchase near Bancroft. Ho was a delegate to tho big re- G. T. WEST, M. D,, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Next door to J. G. Smith's store, Algona, la. J, E. HILL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Wesley,-Iowa. Day and niKht calls attended •" to with promtness. s co Mt.orill), which is divided into shares of Fifty *r>U) Dollars each! Throe, Thousand ($.1,000) *r>U) > , f which is paid ui), and the cerllllcatcs for tho omiilnder of sufd author /.ed capital stock hall bo Issued upon resolution passed by tho mard of directors, and shall bo sold at such lino and In such manner as may bo elotoun- T. J. FELLING, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Consultation in English and Gorman, pfllco and residence over H. Gootsch's store, Whittemoro, Iowa. booming. j-.~« , - , .,--- . relg The barrel concert proved a success;U O1 . n. VQ minutes at a time. Blame can Geo. E. Marble has a big auction at flnancia ii y as we ll as musically, over $40 havo Minnesota for any thing ho wants. Burt,' Saturday, March 21, notice of being {ound in the barrels. The prizes Judgo Can , spont Sunday at home which is given elsewhere. It will at- promise( i wer e awarded to tho solicitors ^ liepol . ts tna t h o could scarcely get tract buyers from all that section of the who lmd secm , ed t h o mos t money, as L hl , ough tne streets there, so much new county. follows: Jennie Patterson, Harvey j builain(? material is piled up for the Frank Potter was over from West -Wadsworth DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Ful1 purposes only. Boolca a».<a. StatJ.on.ory. : Jennie Patterson, Harvey j Building material IB rorth, Roy FOBS', Myrtle Call, builcl i ngs to be erec erected. The lumber )n 'linen tofd him tl JWli . —--., , n 3n ' ship in fast eno with may put a grain warehouse at Ho- w ho received first prize, had over S>7. | Jt ,. g evident that Emmetsburg proposes Bend vesterday and made this office a Genevieve Wheeler, Jessie Patterson, I n told him thoy doubte d if they could measant call. He says the firm he is and E i me r Davidson. Jennie Patterson, K.p in fast enoug h to meet the demand pleasant < Auctioneering Done. NORTHERN IOWA Normal '•-. School ^ T .f3.Q!bT-A— XO"^V-A~ Thls institution offers superior advantages in the following particulars: IT HAS throe full, rounded courses of study- Uuslnoss, Academic, and Normal. ITS AIM is thorough, practical work in all branchos taken up-noUiliiB slighted, nothing done for show. IT MAKES a specialty of lilting tu ™. 1liu1r ,| i . 1 j ( ;'' Hmir work and has succeeded so well that It l, IHmore calls for efllctont teachers than It can 1 Its academic students are accepted without examination by the loading Institutions of tho state. r-pq WORK is endorsed by County Superln- Indent Carey, and superintendents of other counties scud to us for teachers. IT OPPBHS cheap board, low rales of tuition, personal acquaintance and Influence of lac- ulty. «2/"Sprlng term opens March til. Further information furnished on applica- • ion to H. B. McCOLLUM, A. B., Priu., r )0 Algona, Iowa. Thotlino of commencement of this corpora- ,lou was Feb. Mil, 1 HIM, and it shall conUnue wenty voarn, unless sooner dissolved by two- hlrds of the stockholders voting for sucli dih- ""•rho'tiriairs of tho corporation lire to bo cou- ducted by a board of seven directors, who sha I be elected by and from among the stockholders at tho annual meeting, which meeting will he on tho Mrst Saturday in January in each yoar, and tho ofUeors of this corporation s all be u president, vlce-i)rosldent, Ireasuroi, ami secretary, aml'mieh other olllcors as tli.) board Khali deem necessary, and as shall bo ol«ctea liv the board. All oiucers shall bo elected at tho January meeting in each year. Tho highest amount of tndobtodnoBslo wlilcli this corporation can subject Itself Is not to exceed one-half of Its paid-up capital stock. All private property of the stockholders is to ••wroirs^ A.U.18.U. ir^.""*' T. A. 13UWKHK1B1.D, J. i). 1JAVI80N, A. MKYKU, •IH incoriioralort; of said incorporation. -i-T-iDD-s <;KUM KIIADICATOII" I'osi- 1\ tlvclv euro* all dlseasoK—because it kills all germs, bacteria, parasites i»l ( :' 1oljo »' u " d a'nlnmii-iiiiii'iii tho system, which the nent physicians in convention agreei was tho cause of all disease. The air, water, vogeta- bes ami fruit are full of these little worns, nauslng catarrh, consumption, dia 'etoH. (in I llrlKht's disease, eancera, tumors, and all BO- s ifcd incurablo diseases. (Never knownjto fail to euro consumption, catarrh, kidney troublos and syphilis.; Kelailod in »S, *1. and jri sizes, sent anywhere on receipt of yn<M. This is tho only genuine artide; all others wo dangerous counlorfoits. Dr. SUeetz Ibsues ruarantei-rt to cure all ailments for Kidd s Germ ICradlcator for tho manufacturers. f or the Sons bart this season. I Jake Elman was brought before to come to the front The Burt co-operative creamery is > Squil . e Taylor on the charge of assault- A . D . Clarke and Miss Edith returned nutting in a separator station in Port- ing C lauB Thompson on one of the Wells fpom the east last week. He spent land township in the Grover neighbor- farms in Ramsa y. It was claimed that three weeks in Washington and Balti- hood The cream will be taken to the he used a c i u b, and as the complainant's mol . 0) w hile she visited friends in Wis- Burt' creamery. head indicated that there must be sub- consin an a at school in Evanston. While Loader's lecture in Algona Utantial truth in the charge, the justice ln the capital city ho witnessed the of Veterans will be given assessed $50 and costs as a proper pen- close O f congress, and the hurried work j.*_f* w .._ VI » wvw*« w I _ ,t__ • ,1 1 . » j T „* 4-t,^. nnrintnvt TT/1 HfO Q Monday evening, March 30. The chaplain is well known in Algona and will be heartily welcomed. Newspaper reports indicate that Chas. Davidson of Hull, our old land man, is likely to be chosen commander of the Grand Army of the state at Dubuque next month. No better man could be chosen. Walnut Grove, asW, L. Joslyn's farm in Cresco is called, was sola last week Tho undersigned will cry P u b"esalflb In Kossuth and adjoining counties. Have twenty years' experience. Terms reasonable. ^-Applications for my services may bo left at the law office of S. S. Sessions, Algona, la. GEO. E. BOYLE, Whittemore, Iowa. a lty. The fine was promptly paid, ot t he last days of the session. He was amounting in all to over $60, and the L resen t when Phil. Banna's appoint- parties went home, ment was made, and enjoyed visits with F. M. BRONSON, Watches and Jewelry, CLOCKS, SILVERWARE, Silver-plated ware, and all kinds of goods in his line. Repairing promptly done. At Frank Bros.'store. All stock raisers will be interested in the Iowa members besides many Wis- the sale of the R. J. Hunt stock next consin friends in the house. Mr. Clarke Wednesday at his farm northeast of finds a stronger sentiment for Harmon VV VWAAVW j ... i, „„ ,1 •UnHntTnc! Tin iirill l-»n The New Meat Market. town. It includes high-bred draft colts, some fine cattle and a lot of desirable farm utensils. '-The horses are all highly bred, as is woil known, and are well suited for farm work. will be one east than west, and belieyes he will be renominated, although he may step out and let Elaine have the cLunco. It is certain that both Harrison and -Elaine will not'come before the convention. BENNETT & ANDERSON, SESSS^SwS? PROBATE OF WILL. S'rVi'K OF JOWA, KOSBUTH COUNTY, SS- lutho district court. „„«„„. To all whom it may concern—Take, notice. That there was lllud in tho otllco of the clerl. of tho district court of Kossuth county, on tho fth day of March. IHOl, an instrument iu wr ting boivrliiK daio the ''.thjof March, 1880, •ml purporting to bo tho Itisf will ^testament of ISllouor i-'rasor, Into ot aM «", u "j>.i deceased, was produced and publicly read, and that tho S.1 W of the ? «t torn of Bull court. t lie holdeu on tho llth ilay of May, 1801, at the court house Iu Algona aforesaid, hasi been llxod for proving said will; and at.a o'clock £. tho court houso iu Algomi llxod forimivlnt! said will; m. of tho day ntavo menMoaw, »11 aiHUe'stiiment of said decc Dated, Algoim, Iowa, March I . A. A. 11. 50t!J Clerk ot PU KKAT FltEMHl UKSIBDY.—Dr. Lo Duo's s France, act [ periodical pills from Paris, Fi only upon the generative organs iu and positively cure suppression of the - r a . (froAi. whatever cause); and ^11^ perlodi £? l troublos pceuliar to womeu. A sale, r«wto»«' remedy, warranted to oxelte wonstruation, on money rofundod. Should not bo used _aurtas pregnancy. Tho large propc which ladies are subject is til for them. lortlpn of the ills to AsV American FONEY FUBNISHBD- Perwns wanting mouey on

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