The Commercial Appeal from Memphis, Tennessee on November 30, 1988 · 33
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The Commercial Appeal from Memphis, Tennessee · 33

Memphis, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1988
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u u nyrvyyownryfiiwyiifwiwxwyvw m 'wwxrrtewwr'wr-wwT' MEMPHIS WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 30 1988 THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL C9 TV MOVIES Moraine £30 ° MAX Baby Mm (1987) Diana Kaaton Sam Shepard An executive in-harita a dlatant couain'a year-oid daughter (S) PG (C) (1:46) 740 HBO Toon Wad (1985) Michael J Fox James Hampton A teenager U advantage of his alter ego PQ (1J1 i Brothers by t :30 ?K ' My Darting Ctamanttna (1946) Henry Fonda Linda Darnell Wyatt Earp and his brothers Join forces wtth the Doc Hoflldsy y7) MAX MfWoff Dollar Mytary (1987) Eddie Deazen Wendy Sherman A mismatched group searches for a hidden $4 million (S) PG(1:33) DiS Dot and tha DIS Oof and Hte Smugglers (1986) Animated Dot makes a sad discovery about the owners of a circus (1:151 MO HBO Sommer Camp Nightman (1987) Chuck Connors Charles Stratton A counselor puts a summer camp under paramilitary rule PG-13 (1:27) ABE Haki (1932) Joan Crawford Waller Huston A preacher tries to convert a fallen woman to the ways of Christianity (2:00) (Not shown on Memphis Cabievlsion) USA eW Murder By Season of Insanity (1985) Candice Bergen Jurgen Prochnow A man's emotional Instability manifests itself In Increasingly violent ways (2:00) MAX 14 You Cant Aon Away From tt (1956) June Altyson Jack Lemmon A runaway heiress gets Involved with a reporter (1:35) SHO vt Soyiant fir sen (1973) Chart-ton Heston Edward Q Robinson A policeman in the 21st Century makes a shocking discovery PG (1:28) TMC Cutter's Way (1981) John Heerd Jeff Bridges A Vietnam War veteran and his best friend try to solve the mystery surrounding a young woman's murder (S) R (1:45) MS TBS 14 Tha Dream Makan (1975) James Frandscus Diane Baker A professor catapulted into the limelight finds that success Is sweet but also short (1:30) 10:55 SHO 14 The 0seratyer(197B) Steve Forrest Ned Romero A white man loins his Indian blood brother In the search for a kidnapped Indian gri (1:14) NASH The OM Bam Dane a (1938) Gene Autry Smiley Burnette A horse dealer-radio star seta out to axpose some crooks (1:30) MAX M tar (1987) Warren Beatty Dustin Hoffman Two Two songwriter iht In a win of Ml formers get caught k - gueTPfr hr H'a ' sanna Arquette Vincent Spario A street kld has an unlikely romance with a refined honor student R (1:45) igloo DIS 14 Tha Uttta Mnce(1974) Richard Klley Gene Wilder A stranded pilot discovers a strange little boy from a distant planet G (1:1 IMS TBS V4 film Gfory (1957) Stewart Granger Rhonda Fleming A reformed gunslinger is ostracized by townspeople until he proves himself a hero (2:00) Afternoon 1:00 MAX The Laat Angry Man (1959) Paul Muni David Wayne A doctor tries to save the Nfe of a hoodlum (1:40) HBO 77m Tamarind Bead (1 JuKa Andrews Omar Sharif A British dvM servant falls In love with a mysterious Russian diplomat PG (24)3) TMC Coda Noma Diamond Hoad (1977) Roy Thinnes Franca Nuyen A counterintelligence agent thwarts the theft of a formula for a lethal chemical explosive (1:14) MO ABE It (1927) (Silent) Clara Bow Antonio Moreno A woman feminine wiles to catch her bosa' attention (1:30) (Not shown on MemphiaCab-levision) MO LIFE Tha Defection of Simas Ke-dlrka ( 1978) Alan Arkln Shirley Knight A Lithuanian seaman makes a daring lea for freedom from a Russian ship (24)01 MAX V4 Radio Daya (1987) Mia Farrow Dianne Wiest The story of the influence of radio on a family during the 1930a and 40s PG(C) (1:28) HBO 14 Boaeiat Trim fW70984)Brook'e Adams Liber-ace A woman tries to transform a group of mentally handicapped adults Into a professional puppet troupe (C) (1:40) TMC 14 The Taahonaa of Me Au-gnat Moon ( 1956) Marion Brando Glenn Ford An Army captain's assignment to Introduce American culture to Okinawa is complicated (2:03) M0 MAX 14 Brighton Beach Mamoka (1986) Blythe Danner Jonathan Silver-man A seriocomic portrait of a Jewish family m 1937 Brooklyn PG-13 (C) (1:49) SHO 14 Brothara by Choice (1986) Yannick Bisson Charley Higgins A teenager sets out to find his runaway adopted brother (1:35) £0Q HBO Ha'a My Orf (1987) T K Carter David Hsllyday In order to ac-' company Ms best friend on a trip to Loe Angeles a young man la forced to masquerade as a woman (S) PG-13 (1:44) DIB The Chipmunk Adventure (1987) Animated Simon Theodore and -Alvin inadvertently become Involved In a )ewel -smuggling operation Q (1:17) 'TMC 14 Down Twiatad (1987) Carey Lowed Charles Rocket An unsuspecting woman becomes the quarry of assorted -criminals after obtaining a religious artifact (S) R (1:28) MO BHO Baby Sacral of tha Loot Lag- and (1985) William Katt Sean Young A scientist tries to reunite an Infant dinq- 7:00 7:30 MAO WEDNESDAY MORNING 8:30 OHIO 8:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 rj) This Morning: actor Liam Nseson tsmis Fanriy ICard Price Is Right Young And The Rsst-Ichampion Bile Jeen Kino ffaud Sharks jossa CD Today: Kurt Russel Nad Diamond report on the British frown colonies (Part 2 of 3) 19 (Q iGsraldo Mister Square Sesama Strsst Rogers lOnsTV Instructionsl Programming Good Morning A "China Beach") America: actors Dana Delany Hawaii Fn0 Dennis Scooby Doo Jstsons Ghost- busters FKnt- Smurfs My Utils Pony Santa Barbara Dalas Success N Lds NswGid- One Day net At A Time Instructional AIMyChidran Body By Jake Wipeout Family MedlcN On Trial Canter My Fsvor-Hs Martian BoMBTht Beautiful Days Of Pur Uvea Loving Divorce Court Love Con- llielelflee mniigi minviii Arkansas slaying casts spell on publicists TV researcher laments 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 AFTERNOON 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 OHM 0:30 q) As Work) Turns Guiding Light ICont'd) Andy Griffith Another Work) 89 Instructional Programming (Confd) 83) Otis Life To Live 09 WlwslOf Fortune Oprah: How marriage changes a relationship Sesame Street Dating Game General Hospital Three Stooges Snorks HardcastlsAnd McCormick Rsiathrsiy Ghost- bustsra Superior Court People's Court The Judge Magnum PJ Yogi I C0P4 Hfnnrtu woody AMnB jpopvoyi IWW 3-2-1 Contact LinJLaJk Cl fKMywooQ ri Bquaree Double Date Fun House Cosby Bhow Feud Finders Gang Kaspers "Show CBS News NBC News DaOrssN Jr High USA Today ABC Nows iDuckTalas BWer Bpoons YanCan Cook rise Facts 01 Lds Tonight Wheel Of Fortune Family Ties World Of Survival Win Lose Or Draw Night Court A-Taam It looks as if that old black magic got ahold of the NBC publicity department Promoting a segment on tonight’s episode of Unsolved Mysteries (at 7 on WMC-TV Channel S) the NBC publicists say it deals with “the search for an Arkansas lady who is believed to have killed her hnsband in a ritualistic witchcraft slaying” “That's so inaccurate That makes me crazy” says Cynthia TOM WALTER TelevisJonRadlo is senior segment producer for Cosgrove-Meurer Productions of Los Angeles which produces Unsolved Mysteries The case Involves the Oct 19 1986 killing of Charlie Sigmin a Blytheville Ark telephone lineman who was found dead in the Caruthersville Mo home of his estranged wife Ann Authorities are searching for her and a male companion described by investigators as her live-in boyfriend The NBC publicity mentions a voodoo doll Mrs Sigmin reportedly placed on Sigmin's pillow just before he was killed "No no 1 think they got a little carried away with that' Ms Buzzard said “The death is totally unrelated to witchcraft” Pemiscot County (Mo) Pros Atty Mike Hazel said he could neither support nor deny NBC's -claim about the doll and other law enforcement officials refused to comment “The problem with the voodoo doll is it's all kind of secondhand and it's information that's been passed along among Charlie's mends” Ms Buzzard said “None of his friends actually saw it but there's a lot of animosity among them toward his wife A lot of it’s speculation and we can’t say she was into witchcraft” Cosgrove-Meurer hired Theatrics Etc a Memphis casting agency to supply the actors that re-create the events leading up to the slaying Six local actors were hired and Mrs Sigmin is played by Molly Posey who lives In Jonesboro Ark Tess Carrier who runs the casting agency said the producers sought actors who looked like the characters they would be playing She said that made her job easier “Most of the time producers don't know specifically what they're looking for” she said David Edwards the actor who plays the boyfriend isn’t even a professional known to Theatrics because his children are on file at the agency They had requested his picture too because they thought his features were ini Their hunch came throui when it turned out he could made up to look like the boyfriend SOMETHING'S HAPPENING TONIGHT! SIAST YOUR EVENING WITH ABCS WORLD NEWS TONIGHT WITH PETER JENNINGS 13 Jv EYEWITNESS NEWS 6:00 PM This ictitdult l bund on ttw latwt Information provl dud by the television atallont Program r lubjuct to change BEIT PETR Brown Sugars Divas of tha We and VOo Hoeted by Billy Dee Williams Lana Horne Jazz pianist Hazel Scott dancer-choreographer Katherine Dunham Earths KHt singer Joyce Bryant and Dorothy Dand ridge WKNO-TV Channel Ilk 7 pjn The Sand Pebbles Steve McQueen gives one of his best performances aa a cynical sailor on a U8 gunboat cruising China’s Yangtze River in 1926 This compelling drama mixes action and romance with pointed notions about American Imperialism (and a few parallels to Vietnam) Splendid photography WREG-TV Channel 3 1:55 am China Beech (Season Premiere) McMurphy learns Natch Is married Wayloo Marie become! popular radio personality (Part 1 of 2) WHBQ-TV Channel 13 9 pjn Wonder Yoon (Season Premiere) Kevin Is led astray by a dis- reputable seventh-grader WHBQ-TV Channel 13 1 pin Browing Paine Mike’s photography course requires him to take a nude photo WHBQ-TV Channel 13 7 pm Hoopormon (Season Premiere) While delivering a eulogy for a despised fellow cop Harry vows to catch hi killer WHBQ-TV Channel 13 140 pm IBS (D 14 The Bond Pebble s (1966) 8teive McQueen Richard Croons An Amsricsn sxpstrists Is foresd to tsks s stand when the rnmboat he Is on Is haki undar slags (3:05) AMC V4 Bachelor Apartment (1931) kens Dunns LowsS Sherman A bachelor's busy love We causes problems 1:23) SHO Baby: Baerat of the Led Legend Sea 6:30 pm) USA 14 Cense Pin (1985) Don Johnson Usa Blount Psychological problems plagus a Vietnam veteran's personal and professional We (24X) MAX Baby Beam (See 30 am) MB The Watcher hi the Weeds (See S pm) WON The BHanean (1966) Dean saur with Its captured mother (S) PG (1-35) Evening WON 14 National Lanmoon’a Animal House (1978) John Baiushi Tim Matheson In tha aarty 1960a Datta House battles Omega House and the school's dean (2:00) 8 uf4st The Qodtathar Bags (1977) (Part 3) Robert DeNIro Marlon Brando A re-edited presentation of Tha Godfa-tharand Tha Godfather Pori H (2:00) DIB The Wotehor In the Woods : (1980) Bette Davis Carroll Baker Unaet- fling events occur after a family moves Into an old English country house PG (1:23) - MAX 4 Someone to Watch Over Ms (1987) Tom Bsranger Miml Rogers A married detective becomes romantically Involved with tha witness he's bean as- signed to protectR (C) (1:45) SHO Pacttks Banana (1980) Graeme Blundell Robin Stewart An Australian pilot accepts a Job with a minor league airline (1:20) 1048 TBS In Baarch of Noah's JM(1B76) Documentary Narrated by Brad Crandall Tha search for archaeological and historical proof of tha ark's existence (2-00) 1030 HBO 14 OH tha Wad (1983) Paul Sor-vrno Rosanna Arquette A run-in with the governor's daughter lands two man In a Tennessee prison R (1:25) 1120 BHO 14 PoatUvaLD (1986) Stephanie Raacoa John Davtae News that the man who assaulted her la being paroled sands a houamrita on a bizarre mtealon of revenge R (1:35 WON MMor(1979) Sean Connary Natalis Wood American and Russian dentists Join forces In an attempt to ward off a giant meteor headed for Earth (2:00) 124X1 S Tha Outlaw (1943) Jack Boutd ns RussdL An account til tha rivalry between Pat Garrett and BiKy tha KkL llBO Mo lercjr(1986) Richard Gars Kim Basinger White tracking a killer In New Orleans a Chicago police officer gate Involved with a crime czar's misuse (S) R(C) (1:47) BHO The Toxie Avenger (1985) Mltchafi Cohan Andrea Maranda A dose encounter with a vat of toxic waste turns a weakling Into a superhero R (1:22) 10 HBO rite Mew tttdo (19S5) 8hannon Praaby Lori Loughiln Two teenage or- Martin Stella Stevsne A spy must trail a detector and prevent him from dtedoe-tno top secret Information (24X1) NR Meeee (1952) Robert Mltchum Jane Ruaaafl A torch qlngcr and an adventurer unite to traga racketeer (24X)) HBO Bachelor Party (1984) Tom Hanks Tawny KNaan A man’s pda decide to throw him proweddtng party R (0(1:46) 4cM SHO 14 The Daantayar (8ao 10:55 am) ptiana are menaced with Increasing violence by a gang of kxml thugs h (O (10) TMC 14 The Teahouse at tha Ae-guat Moon (See 3 pm) (C) Ctoeed caption (S) Stereo SV4 Boot Foot F0nrarrf(1943) Lute Ball William Gaxton A movie star becomes Involved In a national acandal when she attends a prop achod dance nw Thirty Boeonda Ovor Tokyo (1944) 8pencer Tracy Van Johnson A fact-baaed recounting of the 1942 reteB-atory bombing of Tokyo end Yokohama Colorized version (3V66) n Heart Uko o WIteef(1983) Bonnie Bedells Beeu Bridges Shktey Md-downey enters struggle with sexisfdrog-rsdng officMs antfher personal We SmH The Old Bern Donee Sam 11 em) 125 MAX 14 Burvtrat Gene (1987) Mike Norris Deborah Goodrich A young sur- vfvafist eats out to rescue hie r and her father from tha mob (8jR (11) 10 DIB 14 The UfMs Prince (See noon) I Need the score? The Commercial Appeal Scoreline: 529-5800 BROWN SUGAR: Divas of the 40’s 50’s Billy Dee Williams hosts this look at several black downs of their carreers and WIM LOSE 6:30 PM GROWING PAINS 7:00 PM HEAD OF THE CLASS 7:30 PM THE WONDER YEARS 8:00 PM SEASON PREMIERE HOOPERMAN " 8:30 PM SEASON PREMIERE CHINABEACH 9:00 PM SEASON PREMIERE 10:00 PM Jerry Tate Managing Erfifar Claudia Barr Anchor Paul Hartlageb Mrte Director Jim Jaggere MdferalogM cmd die award winning 13 Eyewitness News 43M SHM EYEWITNESS NEWS IflUOfy BANOMPM x j

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