The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1892 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1892
Page 9
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i)ES MQlKiS, ALGONA, IOWA WEDNESDAY, MAY 4,1891 itrs. Anna Sutherland Of Kalamazao, Mich. forms of Scrofula and Impure Blood Bwn tha obstinate Goitre, or fuelling In the neck, at well as dreadful itinning eorsj, yield to Us pelt blood-demising aud strength-giving powers. What could be more remarkable than th« core of Goitre of 4O Years' Standing tt described In the statement below: "I had goitre, or swellings In the neck since ] was 10 years old; am now fifty-two. I used Hood's fltrsaparllla recently and the swelling hat entirely disappeared. It hat been very troublesome. When I began I was feeling so discouraged with the goitre and rheumatism I felt that I would As Qoon be Dead M alive. Whenever I caught cold I conld not walk two blocks without fainting. Now I am free from It all and I can truly recommend Hood's Btrsnparllla to any one. I received a letter from Hr*. Jennie Blgelow. now of Fremont, Mich,, asking If my testimonial at above In behalf of Hood's Karsaparllla was true. I at once wrote her that it wai, and sent particulars of the benefit the uiedl- ehwdldme. I have since received a letter from her thanking me very uiaoh tor recoav mending Hood's Sarsaparilla and stating that she also took It and was entirely cured." Mna, AKKA SUTUEBLAND, 406 Lovel Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Hood's Pills act easily, yet promptly and efficiently on tun liver and bowels. CHILD BIRTH • • • • • • MADE EASY I " MOTHERS' FRIHND " is a scientifically prepared Liniment, every ingredient of recognized value and fa constant use by the medical profession. These ingredients are combined in a manner hitherto unknown "MOTHERS' • FRIEND" • WILL DO all that is claimed for It AND MORE. It Shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Diminishes Danger to Life of Mother and Child. Book to " MOTHERS " mailed FREE, containing valuable information and voluntary testimonials. •tntbyexpreiion receipt of price fl.EO per bottU BHADFIELO REGULATOR CO., Atlanta. On •OLD BY ALL DBDQCJIBTa >l Treating Ailing 1 Women by Letter Most case* of Female diseases can bo treated as well by us through the mails as by personal consultation. In writing for advice, give age and symptoms of your complaint, state length of time you have been suffering, and what means jrou have tried to obtain relief. . Mrs. Pinkham full, _..„ ( carefully answers all letters of inquiry, and charges » nothing for her advice, All correspondence is treated strictly confidential. Your letters will be received and answered by one of your own sex. Address, "LYDIA E. PINKHAM MKDICAL Co, Lynn, Mass. The casting out of the devil of disease was once a sign of authority. Nvjw we take a little more time about it and cast out devils by thousands — we do it by knowledge. Is not a man who is taken possession of by the germ of consumption possessed of a devil ? A little book on CAREFUL' LIVING and Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver oil will tell you now to exorcise him if it can be done. Free. fewyj * BOWM »I ChemliU, 13* South jtb Avcniw, ca Y °."ii 3 ru8g !" kee P J Seott>t Emulsion o/cod-Uvcr w-all dniEEuts every wherpdo. |i, Strange »ud Selrtom VUlton onr Country. Oomerg of A hundred miles north of the Petrified iorest, and well into the edgs of the Ari - zona deserb, are the seven strange and Beldom visited Pueblo cities of Moqui. mey all have widely unpronounceable names, like Haulpi, A-hau-tu, and Mis- nongop-avij and all are built on the sum- fflits of almost inaccessible mesas- islands or. solid rock, whose generally perpendicular cliff -walls rise high from the surrounding plain. They are very remarkable towns in appearance, set upon dizzy sites, -with quaint terraced house.) of adobe, and queer little corrals for the animals, in nooks and angles of the cliff, and giving far outlook across the browns and yellows and the spectral peaka of that weird plain, But they look not half so ) emarkably as they nre. The most remote from civilization of till the Pueblos, the least wffected by the Spanish influence which so wonderfully ruled over the enormous area of the Southwest, and practically untouched by the later Saxon influence, the Indians of Moqui towns retain almost entirely their wonderful customs of before the conquest. Their languages are different from those of any other of the Pueblos j and their mode of life — though to a hasty glance the same— is in many ways unlike that of their brethern in New Mexico. They are tho best weavers in America, except the once remarkable but now . less skillful Navajos; and their manias (the characteristic black woolen dresses of Pueblo women) and dancing-girdles are so famous that the Indians of the Rio Grande valley often travel three hundred miles or mo/e, on foot or on deliberate burros, simply to trade for .the long-wearing products of the rude, _home-made looms of Moqui. The Moquis also make valuable and curious fur blankets by twisting the. skins of rabbits into ropes, and then sewing these together — a custom which Coronado found among them three hundred and fifty years ago, before there were any sheep to yield wool for such fabrics as they now weave, and when their only dress materials were pkins and the rotton they raised.— Charles F. Lumrais, in April St. Nicholas. 11IG DIAMONDS. Olio. Welching 1,080 Carats Valued at $300,000,000. It is not very easy to make out which is the largest diamond now in existence. Two are mentioned as entitled to the honor—the Broganzi, in the crown of Portugal, and one which belongs to theRijah of Mattan Borneo. The Portuguese juwel is of doubtful quality. It weighs 1,680 carats and is the sizs of a hen's egg, but. is believed to be only a white topaz. The Portuguese government'withholds nny in. formation on the subject, but if it is gen- 'uine it is worth nearly 8300,000,000. The Borneo gem was found on an island about 120 years ago, and weighs 367 carats. The OrJoff diamond in the Russian imperial scapper weighs 193% carats; Oath- erine II. gave $450,000 for it, and pen- sioneu the merchant who brought it to her at $20,000 a year. It is easy to understand a reluctance to have diamonds cub. The advantages of cutting are not always plain, whi'e the enormous diminution of weight which commonly ensues affects the public estimation more than the increase of brilliancy. The famous diamond which the resent Orleans bought from Gov. Pitt for $975,000 formerly weighed 410 c'irats,- but was reduced by cutting to 136% The duke of Westminister has one which was reduced by cutting from eighty nine to seventy-eight carats. But the most prominent example of the kind is wfforded by the recent history of the Koh-i-noor, which weighed 186 carats when it arrived in;Eugland and lost pighty by cutting in 1851. Competent judges deny that the brilliancy has been increased to such an extent as to make up for the loss. Sir David Brewster wanted Prince Albert of the impossibility of impn>vi»g the lustor without serious diminution in weight, but a foreign diamond merchant thought differently, and, as is usual in England, any foreign opinion on matters of the kind is taken before that of a native. The vulgarity of taste which only admires regularity has deprived the world of many "Teat diamonds, and we' shall probably a e to wait long before it is universally acknowledged thai symmetry is not absolutely necessary to beauty. The ancient regalia of the Yisigothic kings in the Hotel Cluny, the so-called sword of Charlemagne in the Louvre, the ruby in the English crown at the Tower, are not less beautiful because they look a little rough. The great jewel wearers ^nd collectors, the rajahs of India, seldom have : their diamonds cut into regular forms, and.the Koh-i-noor is no exception, . —: , v The Love of Beuuty. Deep down in the heart of every woman is an admiration for beauty, and a long - .ng to possess it. Nor can wn wonder at ;his when we remember what a power beauty has. "Beauty is the key which opens all doors,' 1 says the proverb. It wins love, it secures kindly judgment for its possepsbrj crooked paths grow straight, and rough places plain wlien beauty walks thireoh, Individuals who possess good looks have a great advantage ovei those who are plain and uninteresting. They produce a good impression without c-ffort; strangers are kindly disposed them; tho mistakes which they commit W A IM1*fim «w rs-i» i Bil/ The addresses of. all soldi erg wllo i,, mie . s teu<loa a leu -numbe D( ) NOT BE DECEIVED S.'ft £?8tes, Enamels, and Paints which stain the bauds, injure the iron, and burn con- SALE OF 8.000 TONS. "WHW^BIP(WlfcsiBB«SI""f"ISMW are excused and passed over lightly because they themselves'aye churming; they make their way easily. It is quite possible that the impression thus proiinced is not very lasting; that those who know beauty the best and dwell under this same roof with her care the least for her good looks, and appear soutestim'ea to be almost unconscious of them, valuing the intelligence und tenderness which they have gradually discovered in a plain face, more thau beauty's wt 11-ctit features or pretty complexion, bfcill, at the beginiug beauij has the best of it; she makea a good start, whereas plain-looking women start handicapped; and it is often the start which tolls. Beauty begins the race with so many points in her favor, that there is no wonder that plain-featured persons ate somestitues a little envious of her. It is a sitm of the power of beauty that so many plain-locking pprsons try lo make i homselyes beautiful. Q mcks and impostors have in all ages found dupes in weak-minded individuals of unattractive iippcarance; and cosmetics und lotions have been bought and are still bought in quantities, in the hope ol deturding the decay of beauty in those who have it, or of producing it in thote who hive it not. The worst of attempts of this sort is that they do more harm than good. For a very short time they may make a woman look a little more attractive, but they mean ruin to comeliness in the long ruq. An individual who has formed a habit of painting her cheeka or "making up" her complexion, for example, is certain More the skin. Years before she is actually old, she will look Wizzened and hnggard, when etpoaed to the full light of day. Even by gaslight, when she fondly imagines that she looks so beautiful, the efforts which she hae made to enhance her charms are abundantly apparent to the spectator; and men and women tu n away from her with a smile or a sneer according to their disposition. She has failed, because sho has worked on the wrong lines.—Casseli's Family Ma^fnzine. IN JUSTICJB TO THE DEAD. Republlcatlon of a Poem by the Lite Dr. Coiiover Erroneously Credited to Lonor- Fellow. Madison, Win., Democrat. In Wednesday's DKMOCUAT was prib- lished a poem entitled Via Splitaria attributed to L:>ngfeliow, but which w*s in fact written by the late Dr. 0. M. Conover, of Madison. It is a beautiful and touching lament penned while the author was bowed deep in sorrow over the death of his wife in the early 60's. The poem was originally published in the New York Independent in 1863 over the date "Madison, Wis.," and Dr. Conover's signature. In going the rounds of the periodical press of the country tha poem soon lost its identity. The Independent republished it in 1882, and on being informed as to the truth regarding its authorship, printed a handsome editorial correction of the mistato; and Dr. H. M. Goodwin, of _,Olivet College, Mich., who had sent it to the Independent, on learning from the family of Mr. Inngfello'" thai the poem was not by him, wrote to Dr. Conover apologizing for his unintentional blunder. The critics, writing on the supposition that the poem was by Longfellow, have universally epoken of it as one of his best; One of them says: " Its lofty strain of undying love and devotion, upborne upon the wings of an absolute and perfect faith, that neither fails nor falters in the loneliness and gloom of an earthly separation, is poured out in music as sweet and beautiful as the (breathings of the roolian harp; as desolately sad and mournful as the tones of a November wind at twilight in the dead hut clinging.leaves of some lonely grove of oaks, or of the ocean waves that break when summer is gone _on a solitary shore. It is a strain to lingpr in the memory, to make one know that the poet felt all that he so mournfully but melodiously uttered * * * "How many a bereaved and patiently waiting heart will echo, in its own quiet depths, the true and sadly beautiful verses: "In vain for me tho elm treo arches Its plumes in many a feathery spray; In Tuln the evening's starry marches And sunlit day. "In vain your beauty, mmmor flowers, Ye cannot Ki'eet those cordial eyes; They gaze on other tlelds than ours— On other skies. "For lite to me is as a station Wherein apart a traveler stands- One absent long from home and nation, In other lands— "And t, as he who stands and listens, Amid the twilight's chill and gloom, To hear, approaching in the dUtauce, : The train for Home. "Greater men, no doubt than Longfel- fellow are commemorated in Westminster abbey—but which one, of all those who are remembered in the 'poets' corner' could have written that'?" Via Solitaria and another poem entitled Reconciliation, written somewhat later, were in 1882 printed by Dr. Gonover, in book form, for private distribution. The following is Via Solitaria, corrected of many errors which have crept in' during the twenty-nine years it has been on its rounds: Alone I walk the peopled city. Where each seems happy with his own; Oh, friends, I ask not for your pity— I walk alone. No more for me yon lake rejoices, Though moved by loving alra of June, Oh, birds, your sweet and piping voices Are out of tune. In vain for me the elm tree arches ' 'Its plumes in many a feathery spray, In valuthe evening's starry inarches And sunlit day. In vain your beauty, summer flowersj Ye cannot greet those cordial eyes; They gaze on other tlelds than ours— On other skies, . The gold is rilled from the coffer, ' The blade Is stolen from tue sheath; Life has but one more boon to offer. And that is—death. Yet well I know the voice of duty, And therefore life and health must crave, , Though she who gave the world its beauty Iain her grave. I live, oh lost one I for the living Who drew their earliest breath from thee, Aud wait until with glad thanksgiving, I shall be free. For life to me is like a station Wherein apart a traveler stands- One absant long from home aucl nation, In other lands. And I, as he who stands and listens Amid the twilinht'a chill and gloom, To hear, approaching in the distance, The train for home. For death shall bring another mating, Beyond the shadows of the tomb, On yonder shove a bride is waiting Until 1 come. In yonder Held are children playing, And there—oh, vision of deliglul I sue tho child and mother standing In robes.of white. Then, then, the longing heart that breakest, Stealing the treasures one by one, I'll call Thee blessed when thou mukost The parted—one.. Ail Important 0im>r«ne*. To ra»k« It Apparent to thousands, who think thtmselres ill, that they »re not af. fected with any disease, but that the System simply needs cleansing, Is to bring comfort home to their hearts, as a costive condition is easily cured by using Syrup of Figs. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. A flsh dealer in Bath, Me., on cutting open ft yellow perch found eight twenty-penny nails In the stomach. ANT book in "Surprise Series," (best authors), 25 cent novels, about 200 pages each, sent free, postpaid, by Cragin <fe Co., or Philadelphia, Pa., on receipt of 20 wrappers of Dobbins' Electric Soap. Send 1 cent for catalogue. Quill toothpicks cnmo first of all from France. The largest fnetory in the world is near Paris, where there is an annual product of 520,000,000 quills. Si'KlNU .M I Needed by N«-><i i > Kverybody, In tlie spring iwmllii the necessity of a good blood-purifying, nlrengllionlng medicine Is felt by the Ihrgi- nrnjorily of ])eople. During the winter vnriniis inipiiritlcs niicu- tinilntc In the bltiod, us a consequence of close confinement in poorly ventilated tenements, stores or work-s4iops, or too high living. Therefore, when the milder weather comes, the blood la irmble to sustain tho various organs of the body which need ad- dltlonal strength, and the consequence is "that tired feeling," biliousness, sick headache, possibly dyspepsia, or the appearance of some blood disorder. So popular has Hood's SartmpnrlHa become at this sea-, son that it Is now generally admitted to be The Standard Spring Medicine. It thoroughly purifies and vitalizes tho blood, creates a good appetite, cures biliousness, and headache, overcomes that tired feeling, gives healthy action to the kidneys and liver, and imparts to tho whole body a feeling of health and strength. Try it this spring. General Serrell is said to have Invented an electric Instrument for striking a ship when fourteen miles distant from New York a blow equal In force to 50,000 foot tons. Made to took tike Wew. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Oloyes, •tc., Dyed or Cleaned, Flush Garments Steamed, at Otto Pietch's Dye Works, 24fl W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. The room's In disorder, Tho cat's on tho table, Ineflowor-stnnd upset, ami thomlschlof to pay.' And Johnny Is screaming As loud us lie's uble, Jor nothing- goes right when mamma's away. What a scene of discomfort and confusion home would bo If mnmma did not return. If your wife is slowly breaking down, from n combination of domestic cares and fenwlo disorders, make it your first business to restore her health. Dr. Plcrcc'8 Favorite Pre- •crlptton Is without a peer as a remedy for feeblo and debilitated women, aud Is tho only medicine for tho class of maladies known as "female diseases" which is sold, by druggists, under a positive guarantee from tho manufacturers that It will give satisfaction, In every case, or the money will bo refunded. It Is a positive cure for the most complicated cases. It's on Invigorating, restorative tonic, and a soothing and strengthening nervine, imparting tone and vigor to the Whole system. It's a legitimate medicine, too—carefully compounded by an experienced physician, and adapted to woman's delicate organization. Fathom is from the old Aryan root fat, to extend, and denotes the distance from tip to top when the arms of an average-sized man are fully extended. FITS.—All Fits stopped free by Dr. Kline'a Great Nerve Ittttorer. No Fits after first day's use. Marvellous cures. Treatise and $2.00 trial bottle free, to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 931 Arch St., Phlla., Pa. Man formerly had four feet, but ho dccii ed to deal the cards -with two of them. For strengthening and clearing: the voice, use "BllOVVN'S BRONCHIAL TOOCHES.' 1 —"I have commended them to friends who were public speakers, and they have proved extremely serviceable."— Rev. Henry Ward liceclicr. August Flower" "What Is August Flower for ?* As easily answered as asked* It Is for Dyspepsia. It is a special rein* edy for the Stomach and I/iver.— Nothing more than this. We bellevt August Flower euros Dyspepsia, We know it will. We have reasons for knowing it. To-day it has an honored place in every town and country store, possesses one of the largest manufacturing plants in the country, and sells everywhere. The reason is simple. It does one thing, and does it right. It cures dyspepsia® It Cured ColeJfl, Couglij, Bore Throat, [, WhooiiliiK Ooiiirh, Bronohiu* < AHthnm. A certain euro tor Consumption In I itBKon, and 11 HUM relief In advanced Htnirei. itonuu. You will Hce th« excellent eUeotartef inic the Unit iloso. Bold by iieal«ra everywhere ve bottler*, BO oeutu and »t.OO, "Faith" was described by on Ohio boy as "eipectin 1 something yo nin' goln' to get," The Only One Kver Printed—Can Yon Find the'Word? There is a 3 inch display advertisement In this paper this week which has no two words alike except one word. The same is true ol eaeli new one appearing eaeli week from The Dr. Ilarter (\IedicinoCo. This house places a "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look for it, send them the narno of the word, and they will return you BOOH, BEAUTIFUL MTlIOOUAl-nS Or 8AMPLB3 FUBB. Jane Scrimshaw lived in London during the reign of eight sovereigns, from Eliza beth to Anne. Of her 137 years, elffht of them were spent in an almsbouse. B. F. ALLEN & Co., 865 Canal St., New York, are sole agents In the United States for Beecham's Pills. 25 cents a boi. More physicians commit suicide than the members of any other of the learned professions. FIRE AT SUPERIOR. A Child Fatally Injured uu«l Others Terribly Burned, WEST SUPBKIOH, Wis., April 28.—The two story building occupied as a store and dwelling was burned at South Superior this morning. Mamie Hoff was severely burned, Mrs. Northby had an arm broken und received severe burns aud ncakls, and a child of Paul Drinkwine was fatally injured. The loss was 88,000. j very bBg to w jure, ^ delicate testoe of \ Wrapped In u 1'ulnuuuus Veil I In the mltta that we tee rising from the shores «f sluggish streams, from low land* soaked by Iresliou or from marshy muddy flatf on the oat- skirts of populous cllles, lurk dlseaa* md de»th. Iiumeshod iu thin poisonous veil of atet ire Isolated buslnee* structures, manufacturing Tillages aud bumble tenements. For thoso who either irom motives of bueiuete Interest or dire neces- •Ity M»,d*ily eouulralned to breathe (hit envenomed atiK«sph?re, there Is no Immunity s»ve la an efficient medicinal safeguard. Hostetter's Btomack Bitter* fully flllls the need, protecting whole communities from the lusldloa« attacks oT malaria, » disease which in Its more malignant w'nw to scarcely le«« to be dreaded lo the Individual than typhus. Every type of U l» thor- pughly eradicated by the Bittern. This peerless medicine also remedies dyspepsia, constipation, liver and kidney trouble, rheumatism »nd u«rv- No HALF-WAT WORK. Cure your cough thoroughly. HALK'B HoNBr ow HOBBUOUND AND TAII will do It. PIKE'S TOOTUAOUB DROPS Cure In one ,mlnute. There are in the entire country »boul 250,000 Indians, who control 90,000,000 acres ol the public land. S100 Kowurd. IS100. The readers Of this liujier will be pleased lo learn that there is ttt least One dreaded disease that ecienco baa been able to cure In all its slages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive oura |>ow known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh jelng a constitutional disease, requires a oon. Ititutioiml treatment. Hall's Catarrh Carets taken internally, noting directly upon tho blood Hid mucous surfaces of the system, thereby flostroying the foundation of the disease, and living the 3>atient strength by building up tha tmistitntion and assisting nature in doing its h-ork. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers that thoy offer One Hundred, Collars for any case that, it fails to cure. Send |or list of testimonials. Address, 1'. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O. by Druggists, 750. I. R. BKAWHAM, editor Christina'Index, Atlanta, Ga., writes: «I have uaed Brady- crotlne with unfailing, prompt, decided relief for licadftcln." Of all Druggists. 50 ct». CUBES Pfioiipjiy AND PEKMANENTLY lauubngo, Headache, Toothache, E O- £fc ./L Z- G5- 1 A, Sore Throat, Swellings, Froot-bltef. IS C I A T I G A , bpraina, Bruises. Hums, Btalds, TO! CHARLES fl.J/OGELERCg..Ballimnr.. BM. PILES ANAKKSIS fclTOB iueUnt relief, aud la »nIN" BLK OU11K {or The celebrated star Algol ha? a dig* owtef of 1,U6,090 miles, or*868.0QQ '' RlPANS. TABU the stomach, liver ~~ 8 regulate - ----------- , ---- _nd boirelti, purify the blood, arc Bate and effectual ; the best medicine known for biliousness, constipation, dyspepsia, foul breath, headache, menial depression, painful digestion, bad complexion, aud all diseases caused by failure of the stomach, liver or bowels to per- rorm tnetr proper fuuctlona. Persons given to overeating are benefited by *-' ------- -"-- Pri ~ tat. ufinti JJitnco dived 1 Vi.ll. BAN ANDHEAS, Cal., February, 1B90. My boy, 13 years old, was so affected by St. Vitns Danco that ha could not go to school for two years. 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Th« real reason Is that the cold has affected t/helr kldneyg, and all these maladies come from disabling thoso organs, If they will take REID'S GBB* MAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CURB they will find that it Is a certain anfl neyer* falling remedy for all troubles of thia sort. It contains nothing deleterious, nothing that can injure them in tha | Slightest degree, and there is no danger from an overdose, but it Is tha best remedy for all maladies that arlsa from a cold. Ask your druggist for It, and If he will not get It for you write to us. Small bottles 25 cents, large ones 50 cents. SYLVAN REMEDY Oo., Peorlg, 111. GREAT COMBINATION. The Sprinter Safety with the Labii re O u H h i o 11 Tiro, 1 1-? Inclic&wldq half round, with Warwick hollow rim I'rico, 81,'IS. or with tho O li n c It n r 1'neuinatk-, SI5U. .strict- SPRINTER. Bru OP to date. Jong wheel-base, long hoad, etc. complete line medium prleo Safeties, un Sundries. Liberal discounts to tlio trade. We are also manufacturer! of Children's Carriage*, gBfrigorators, IlecliniuK and Invalid Itolltng Oltalm, nolle? Top. Desks, otp. Kauie goods desired and cuta- Also a. d Cyela , . loguo will be sent. LUBURC 821. 888 Mid 886 M, 8th St., CO.. "a! ¥ofltl *• A ciGAXta T« to cU CHEAPER THAN BARB B ICYCLES OF TH1 HIGHEST GRADE Racers and Roadsters, Ladies' and Qoati', finest Line in the W«t. Write for Catalogue. Agent* Wanted. Excluiivf Territory. Manufacturer!' Price*. . *• D. GANSfi, Importer uiul Iflf ». Agent, 508 State til,, CUIOAtiO. The entirt in a > •"^asaisw »H. Balcoi GOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 18?a W. BAKER & CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa from which the ractii of oM i hai been removed, It abtolutely pur* «n4 it if lolubl*. No Chemicals »r» u.ed In H. preparation. II hu mart Man Mr« Hmti Oit ttrtngtk of Cocoa mixed wit* BLurch, Arrowroot or Bngar, and li therefor* fcr mor* *oo- \ nomleal, catting hn tlum *n« I cent a cup. It it delloloui, nomr- ^.— MshlDg, •treogthenlng, IASIIT , and admirably adapted for laraltd* M w«U M for peraoni In health. B»ld by OrocMrg eremrh»r«. W. B AXEH & CO., Doroherter, Matt. Northern Pacific R. R. lilUHl rat otl Publications, wit* MAfS, describing Mlnuesot«i North Dakota, MonUnu. Idaho, Wasliliwton aud UreKon, the Free Government nut] OUKAI* ~ Uut-t Agricultural, OruzluK and 'Timoer Lino!, now open to seWen. Mailed FilKE. Addresl JUS. 1. UMBOII, LaudOom.NJMI.B.. W.?aul,jk IEWIS' 98 PER CENT LYE L. i'owdei tnl and 1'eifurn^d. (PATJtNTBD.) Tue itrongett mid pvrtil I/ye • niucle, Unlike other Lye, It being \ n lino powder and packed In a can with removable lid. the contents .ire always ready for use. Will iiiuke the A«<1 perfumed Hard Soap In £0 minute* wit/tout boiling. U In the bent for cleaning wait*' pipes, disinfecting sinks, closets, washing bottles, paints, trees, etc. PENNA. SAtT MFG, CQ., Gen. Agts., Phila,, Pa, FAT FOLKS REDUCED ce Maple. Oregon, Jlo., . . , ., \ \\( I J"Mi welilitw»9»a)pomid8,nowitiiil9S reduction of 12bll>H." For circulars iiddiumi. with 60., 'i.O.VV.i' SNVUKU, U<A~l<)WBTliout«>, OUluuuo.lli C&torrh la the Use,-*nsl Cheapest.

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