The Knoxville News-Sentinel from Knoxville, Tennessee on January 30, 1963 · 11
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The Knoxville News-Sentinel from Knoxville, Tennessee · 11

Knoxville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1963
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Hoffa Callsfor Labor March on I Visibility Was Good 8 r as 23fr s-:&aV V-' Urges -'Battle for Survival' Against Now Legislation LANSQjG Mich Jin 10 dft-Teimsters Unkm President James S Hoffa called yesterday for a Slant labor march on Washington to wase a “battle for survival" asainst legislation he said is designed to destroy the woridng man’s rights ' In a blistering twohour speech before same 100 officers of Michigan building trades unions Hoffa said his anion will bade an effort to get hundreds of thousands of unionists to converge on the nation's capital in March He described proposed legists tfon Introduced in Congress to regulate the organisation of labor unions and their collective bargaining as “garbage” and its sponsors hs “bums” Went Get Backing “Let me say there will be no labor unions if this legislation goes through" he said “This is survival— either survival or the destruction of those who cannot fight" In Washington g spokesman for the AFL-CK) made it dear Hoffa couldn’t count on any federation support for a labor protest march on Washington Also in Washington Harold Gibbons Teamsters No 1 man as the anion's executive vice president said 'that if bonding companies continue to refose to renew Teamsters Union officials’ bonds the union win bring legal action charging a Government conspiracy to influence banding firms against the Teamsters Union officials are required by law to be bonded Hoffa hu claimed -that Atty Gen Robert F Kennedy has pressured the banding firms not to sen bonding protection to the Teamsters The Justice Department reiterated last night it had no comment an Haifa's daima Probe Demanded Hoffa has written the chairman of both tin Senate and House Labor Committees demanding an investigation of the action of bonding companies in declining to extend the Teamsters bonding coverage Hoffa said the proposed legislation would set labor back to the position it held far 1932 “What we need” he shouted Is a return to the spirit id or-against the labor bills The Teamster chief predicted a product of this year’s Congress could be a “hybrid” labor MU drawing on legislation already introduced by Rep- Dave Martin (R Neh) Sen John McClellan (D Ark) and Sen Barry Gold-water (R Aril) Leaders Invited Union leaders from all over the nation will be invited to Washington to help develop strategy against labor bills Hoffa charged that organized labor “hu lost its guts” in the face of what he said were threats by the Federal Government to use subpenas and make frequent investigations Atty Gen Kennedy he said “has generated fear among labor leaders worse than the SS troops of Hitler” -c r KANSAS cnhri Jan m-A sleek prop-jet airliner coming to far g landing at Kansas City Mu-nidpal Airport crashed Into- a-:" dike at the end of a runway last' night'' Ufling aS eight persons aboard a The four engined Continental i Airlines Viscount had seats for SI passengers but carried only fiveAU that wu left wu a ' mass of tangled wreckage that burned fiercely for SI minutes'' In addition to the five passengers the three crew members were killed All eight bodies were recovered- Approached has North The victims included: Ckpt Joseph William Smith 41 Dallas Tex the pilot First Officer S Clark George 34 Dallas Hostess Hiss Ann Lewis 28 daughter of Mr and Mrs R C Lewis Abilene Tex Passengers: Miss Mary Ann Stewart SL Kansas City Miss Stewart was on the public relations staff of the People-to -Peoole program Tier parents live in Wichita Fails Tex Mrs Elmer Russell 70 Kansas City Kas Her son Richard 32 Kansas aty Kas E N Johnson Chicago Heights m Nathan E Garber St Louis R 0 Ziegler assistant chief of air traffic for the Federal Aviation Agency here said the plane Flight 390 from Midland Tex approached from north to south toward the business district Just across the Missouri River from the airport Hit Earthen Bunker “It made a normal approach until about SO feet above the north end of tin runway” Ziegler said “at which time u appeared to level off and climb (lightly R proceeded over the runway until it reached the south end of the field when the nose appeared to drop sharply and the aircraft disappeared from view behind the dike” Witnesses said the craft hit an earthen bunker and bounced over a 0-foot wire fence before hitting the dike It skidded up the slope of the dike and catapulted into undergrowth ISO yards from the river The weather did not appear to be a factor The sky wu cloudy but visibility wu 13 miles Tw wind wu from the north— behind the plane— at 0 miles per hour Continental uid the crash wu only the second involving fatalities in its 28-year history The first wu last May 23 when a bomb carried aboard by a passenger Mew apart a Boeing 707 as it cruised at 11000 feet near Centerville Iowa killing 43 That plane also wu headed for Kansu City One Survives B-52 Crash MORA N M Jan 30 (ft-An Air Force B-52 jet bomber carrying six men crashed1 and burned in rugged mountain country this morning about 10 miles north of Mora northeast of Santa Fe There wu at least one survivor LL Col Nicholu Horangic an Air Force radar expert parachuted to safety He wu reported in good condition at a Mora clinic A spokesman at the clinic at Kansas City : ft' SMOKING WRECKAGE— Firemen search for bodies of victims in the wreckage of a Continental Airlines Viscount at Kansas City Mo Much of the plane's wreckage is obscured by smoke uid Horangic had no information about the other crew members The six-engine bomber based at Walker Air Force Base near Roswell N Mt wu on a routine training mission The crew reported air turbulence in the area shortly before the aircraft disappeared No nuclear materials were bn the plane the Air Force uid The wreckage was about 10000 feet up on a ridge State police reported rescue units had reached the scene Plane With 14 Aboard Missing NEW YORK Jan 30 Iffi-A four - engine Navy plane with 14 persons aboard disappeared in the Atlantic today Search planes sighted two life rafts but there wu no report of any survivors seen The plane went down about 230 miles southeast of New York Search planes spotted the rafla debris and a dye marker and continued to circle over the objects The Coast Guard said it had no report of anyone being in the rafts Search planes hovered over the area while the Coast Guard cutter Absecon and two Navy destroyers converged toward the scene The weather wu reported dew and moderate The missing aircraft a four- engine P-3A Orion left the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland last night on antisubmarine patrol and a training mission Morristown Man Hoads Veterinarians NASHVILLE Jan 30 ®-Dr M L Farris of Morristown wu installed u president of the Tennessee veterjpary Medical Association yesterday Dr Alex Leech Jackson wu chosen presidentelect Dr J F Kagey of Kingsport was named “Veterinarian of the year” Other officers elected were: Mrs Merle Farris Morristown president of the auxiliary Drs K R Jennings McMinnville J C Kile Jr Clinton and R E Wilhite Bolivar vice presidents and Dr H W Hayes Knoxville secretary-treasurer Maryvillians Killed in Crash Car Hits Tree Thirdlnjured ' MARYVILLE Jin 30 (Special) A Maryville ear went off Louisville Rd and hit a tree last night killing a man and a woman Another man wu seriously injured All three were thrown about 100 feet Jack Morton 35 of Foche St and Anna Mae Holcomb 33 of jord St are dead They were dead when brought to Blount Memorial Hospital Houston Sherrill Biddle 33 of BL 5 Maryville suffered head and Internal injuries He wu in a’ serious condition today at the msptal - The accident occurred Just west of tiie dty limits at about 0:30 pm The ear went off Louisville Rd at an intersection with Home An and wu demolished There la a curve Just before reaching the interaection The car is registered in Morton’s name but Blount County Sheriff Roger Trotter uid it is not yet known who wu driving The sheriff deputies and Coroner W L Kidd were investigating the accident The deaths were the first id the you in Blount County Doctors Patients Flee Blaze Fire late yesterday caused a Halls Crossroads physician and a dentist to empty their offices of patients and flee into the streets after an air-conditioning unit caught fire Chief Harvey Hamilton of Halls Fire Department uid - The fire was restricted to the unit in the building where Dr George E Filmore physician and Dr G William Mosley dot tint practice The building is on Doris Circle In Halls next door to the fire department STOP SUPPBRINO Denture Irritation and Toothache New medically fonnulatad Qw-Zona guaranteed to stop painful denture irritation and toothache fait relieves ton gums sad neuralgia too ORArZONE AT DRUa STORES EVERYWHERE Tht Kncxvfllo Newt-Sentinel WidnHdnyi Ion 30 IMS Fog 1 1 Parol Board To Send Opinion Sheppard Freedom May Be Up to Rhodes COLUMBUS O Jan 30 ill -The immediate future of convicted wife-slayer Dr Samuel H Sheppard may be in the hands of Gov Jama A Rhodes Ohio’s Pardon and Parole Commission heard a plea yesterday for freedom for the 39-yearold former osteopath and promised a speedy recommendation for Gov Rhodes— perhaps by the end of the week The prominent Bay Village O doctor was convicted eight years ago in the bludgeon slaying of his pregnant wife Marilyn The commission is considering a possible recommendation to commute Dr Sheppard’s second-degree murder sentence to manslaughter That would result in early parole Met Sheppard Friday The hearing at which Sheppard did not appear wu highlighted by the introduction to the commission of Mrs Ariane Tebbenjo-haims of Dusseklorf West Germany The 33-year-old divorcee who hu indicated a d e s 1 r e to marry Sheppard ut quietly smoking during the almost two-hour session She disclosed later that she met Sheppard for the first time Friday when she visited him for 4)4 hours Their interest in each other developed through c o r r e-spondence begun in 1960 she uid State Correction Commissioner Maury C KoMentz uid after the hearing he hu rejected a request by the German woman to visit Sheppard again today “until we clarify h-T status in relation to him” Sheppard wu represented at the hearing by attorney F Lee Bailey of Boston Man Bailey based his petition for parole on grounds that Sheppard hu volunteered to medical experiments with cancer cells while in prison VASEY’S Furniture Vasty’s Is Your Guarantee of Duality Furniture at Fair Prices SATISFACTION GUARANTEED CONVENIENT TERMS-FREE DELIVERY S&SEY FURNITURE 308-310 South Gay Street -Phone 523-0707 “COME IN - WE’LL TRADE” ON THE PROMENADE STORESIDE PARKING 2 Wmfififfis Jfnlroductoru SPECIAL 0®3MHE ec tons more fabric a without pro-dampening than any otherl fioodbyo sprinkling Hire’ tht steamingest inn of til! Sprays with stsim from the soleplate Spray Vent No water to sputter splash or spot Combination Spray-Steam setting (shown above) gives at least twice the steem provided by any other Iron! Pash button convenience! Just color-match push buttons to dial for kind of Ironingyou want: Spray steam Spray-Steam Dry Wide rang of temperature far WashWu oO’ and Wear delicate synthetics 1 iOW MONTHLY TERMS MILLER'S HENLEY STREET Stride Rife Shoes fit baby properly 598 t 898 sizes 2 fo 10 Baby's feet require tender care a shoe strong enough to give support yet soft enough for flexibility Mothers can trust Stride Rite' made of soft leather with plenty of wiggle-room for growing feet Your choice of styles in white- SHOP BY PHONE OR MAIL: teshfepbaMarffJJc D-443 Yeung World Shoes Miller’s Hanley Street Third Fleer wet weather boots for teens and younger You'll be worryfree when youngsters feet hop short of 'puddles for US Rubber rain boots are completely waterproof Colorful red white and black boots come in sizes 5 thru 1Z Puddle Jumper neat looking and practical Your choice of bright red or cloud white n sizes 6 to 12 350 Hurricane Boot such fun to wear and saves shoes too Red white black Sizes 8-3 Teens' 5-9 350 Weather-all Boot buckles you'll be ready for whatever the weatherman forecasts Black color in many sizes 499 SHOP BY PHONE OR MAIL ship pbaw odd 33e D-443 Young World Shoes Millar’s Henley Street Third Roar also Gay and performed a number of other medical services Ex-Hubaad Surprised Sheppard presently is in Marion Itoroctional Institution where he is teaching classes in medically related subjects He hu steadfastly maintained his Innocence contending a bushy-haired intruder twice knocked him out during a robbery -slaying Mrs TebbenJohaims hu a' S-year-old daughter Sheppard hu a ion 15 now In military school In Chleago Mrs Tebfaen-johanns’ former husband Olaf uid he wu very surprised at her involvement far the Sheppard caw “She had planned to meet me in Chicago Cut week” he told the Associated Press “But she didn’t cell me and I couldn’t get hold of her Then I got a post card from New York in which she said she planned to go to Ohio At that time I didn't know what she planned to do there” Repenting Soviet Defector Lashed MOSCOW Jan 31 (UFQ-Tlie Communist Party newapaper Pravda uid yesterday a Soviet merchant seaman who defected to the West had provided Russian military Information to American and Italian authorities before repenting and returning to his homeland He wu identified u Alexander Yermolenka Pravda berated him u a “traitor” who made sketches of Soviet military ships and slandered his friends authorities in Odessa and his wife He did not even spare his mother” Congo Aid Ban Lifted UNITED NATIONS !(? Jen 31 (A— Secretary-General U Thant in effect lifted a UN faany&tofw day on foreign government akf- to The Congo recently Imposed to prevent Cold War competition there Thant announced the decision at a news conference as UB Assistant Secretary of State Harlan Cleveland headed for Leopoldville to find out ho jpuch UK aid the Congo needs ' ' mfluSZS (333) yior deep well DEEPRIME JET Z Sstf -pruning on wells to 400 fast Won't low prims if will gets pumptd down power fails or gu inters line T No moving parts motpr or valves of any kind below ground to causd troubls No lubrication or frost-proobngrequired fir Comolststy automatic Nothing lira iikt iff SEE FT NOW N6Skiiiutor of 5tt pump) BEARDEN HOWL ft MARINE Mads by SH'JP THURSDAYS til 6 ! 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