The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 11, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1891
Page 7
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THE TUPPED DBS MOINES, ALGONA. IOWA. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11 v 1801. Let's • together. Here's 'k firm, one of the est the country ov?r, the world 6 by Step, mcdicm "th Walt This papers sive wor has rjvov;n, step \ the _ it sells -ugh! ;nough!"— ittle— i\ pays the news- bd money (expen- , this advertising 1) to tell the people that they have faith in what they sell, so much faith that if they can't benefit or cure they don't want your money. Their guarantee is not indefinite and relative, but definite and absolute— -if the medicine doesn't help, your money is "on call." Suppose every sick man and every feeble woman tried these medicines and found them worthless, who would be the loser, you or they ? In fancy I'm wafted to-nlshl, Jenn, To Ilii> dear dead days of our youth. To the dear d.>art days and old sweet ways Of love and innoc nt truth. Do you ev r think of tho times, dear, ! vi'nen we nsertto climb so hlsh . I On the crngiry cliff*, waving wild kerchiefs 1 o the trains that camo stealing by S I have only to close mine eyes, Jean, And 1 see. yon again us of old, Nestled Hints 1" a niche, Mho some wolrd, winsome' ••••itch, Or a Lorelei fair to behold. I sec your radiant fnco afar Shine out from its sable fram<> With wonderful listht. through tve??es llko riicht A sU-ad , marry tlame. Our roads dlvcrgont have lain dear, Do you mind when Iho "forks" we renchedr You wept on my nock till my heart seemed to break. And I your m remembrancn beseeched. Fate fashioned a path for you, friend, On the r'iig<;eil Bide of tho hill: Your raven liair not timo but care. Has touched with Ins silvery quill. The roads convergent will run, Jenn, As tho yiMirs creep slowly by, Aswo near the goal, searching soul for soul, 'Rest, joy, eternity. ^ The covery, .and his for blood " Favorite Prescrip- , .. .,. i uout now. >vnisn i \\HBU.UU, u. tion, for Woman S peculiar ills. ]\\ drap fo' I statted, I'.e so tired. If they help toward health, jthey cost $1.00 a bottle each! If they don't, they cost nothing ! CONSUMPTiON My. "T'?e not. Imd no moments nv ponco ' sense de firs' day you r.onie ter d<; uieetin'. ! 1'se been'sturbetl'in bof mind tm' body, daytime an' nisiht time, ever sense d;tt i cljiy. I'soRM l>rokc«p. IV not t!iy.-e!f ; no mo'. Little 'otuiui, de trouble is most; ly rigjht hrro." . : I " "Bro' " J;!-n"r pinned hi* hnnd over In- ' ' heart, shut his t\ve< nirht turhUind s-.n.l ' 1 nothing for n minute; ;ind "Sis" lild.i. growing n liltle nervous, began biting > linger nails mid rocking herself vi-ry r«i>i<l- | ly in a vstnuulit-b.iek chair. "Uro' " Jasp.v . lilted his Tvct down from the niantl.'. ; ninved np nearer tj "Sis" Til tin, cross, c j one log, put l)oth hands on his heart mui! siirhed acraiu. . , ; "Yes, dis L; where de jiitin are, npif | hero 'luontrst. my heart strings. Dey is :i!l . confused like; ei-tunglm! an' twisted like , er fishhr lino is after or ef 1 dun been j fooiin' svid it. It's er mighty inisenni> ; feeling' I (ell you. My heart itself is* all underhited; its tored here, dare an' all 'bout; its ragged one en' jagged on one, nn' teared up on tother. I'is ties pnsiswly like er ploughed up later patch after de hogs dun quit rootiu' for Inters, ^t feels wosser'ii dat. 1 diiuno how it don't feel. It ' lobe all puckered up im' ( awelleil big us er barrel, and I know it's settiu' eross\vays on de en', an' dat's where it Hops an' beats an 1 goes on till_ I'm all np- ish inside, ov mysef. Oh.^ Tilda. I'M; Inhorin'under sic.h er spell." "Bro." .laspor leaned forward, put. his j arms anus around "Sb" Tilda and pro- j co'dedmore clearly to make known his yearning, while "Sis" Tilda's occupation was chewing holes in tliu corner of her apron. "Tildn, tho' dis spell is proasin down like er cistun fuller ine yon can lit" it like 'twunt nothin' but er tedder. Tilda hste't at ine good whilso 1 ax you suppen. 1 ain't nothin' great 1 know, dis ere po. club-footed nigger what ter sarve do Lord; er man what makes his livin' by ^cm ntu uii^iit ...fiff,.^.. •• — IciU'irin 1 de Uospel .in takin up cnllt^c- andribbins an'kerf umeryun'one thing er, s j ong) w i,ii su you j 9 er blouinin unge' 1 il. ,,„ ..,,1 '„„ ' A., ..i-i ttrYt 1 fa ni'CiU flT. H Vfl ' - - JASPKtt'S WOOING. How Hie Colored 1'rpncln-f nnil IMil Thwlr Brief Conrlfcl "Sis" TIUlu got I's "Dnr, now, dat's (In las' rag what fer to press dis day. 1 sho' i's gUtl_ dun. No mo' waahin' fin' ironiif ^for 'nother week, thank the good Murstcr." "Sis" Tilda stood with her anus akimbo for a moment, took along breath, then i« vvJU v/i tii^-y i ••"-' *-"* " "*.-^n*^.»^t w" ..... ( — 0 • ,. . r-. set tlie ironing board up in one corner of medicines are L'OCtor the room, moved the irons back Irom the - , "Hnlrlpn Mpfliral Dis- fire, laid a stick of wood itcross the «iml uoiatn ivieaicai uis- . wn lanuidl ra s- , icai uis- it , )11Si . llKlthrcw heMC |f down languidly diseases, , a chair. , . 'Reckon 'bout now. do meetin' Whish I is tloss boomin' daro, but Lord, 1 dtws simliGs can see them niggers, wid all der ind ribbins nn' kerfumery un' one tuu ., i 'nother, roKen' dare white eyes at Uro 1 Jasper. Deyorterbe shamed ter actclut i wiiy. I'cy ain't got no mo' ligion in dere i lieerts dm'i my foot is. All day is arter is Bro' .bispi--." i "Sis" 11 da leaned forward, resting her i elbows on iier knees and her head between i her handi.. while a shade of sadness swept i over her time. I "Well. I don't know as 1 can blame em I much, fer i5ro' Jasper is er fine-lookiu' i pun-on »'. ' cert'ny do know how to preach. •Deslirrin st sermons J. overdid listen at i come from him. Dis is his las' night, i loo. I wonder if he'll ever 'come back here any mo'; wish Iknowed. Don't spec' I'll have er<-tiance.ter tell him good-bye. 1 likes Br.i ,),..->per, but 1'se mighty feared j 'taint do Lord s will for me to git him. 1 : never did see er man what 1 liked like 1 ! does him." IIn Ton Consli ? P;>;rt delay. Tnko Kemp's B:»l.<«i\m, tlifi best foiiph cure. II will cure your poti»'l\« *tul .-olds. It will i'\iro si'i'>< i;.r..:tt or i. tirKliin: in tlic MiroaI It will can.- i.niiii in tlir chi-st. It wiit rut'.- i'itliii'H/:i nn.l (iron. I flitlis anil nil ili-i-:i-c^ pcrhiinint; In Hi hmu< !H-C:;H-.'it i.- u pin v i>:il.-:iiii. Hold il | to .In- li^hl .".!»1 ?. l i- !i»w i-li-sir ami iliick il !r.. Yi-ir\viil s.c tin.- cxi-olli'iit clTcct nfu-r SnKit'^ I lit- lirst tloso. J.'.'a'ge lioltloa 50 cents niul -51. TliiTc is only ono mulilcti dcnth nnuing w.niirti l.i rxt-ry oiu'lit nntonjr iMrii. lint tliiai if- uMiy !]• • ::•.'• '.iiity of women wlto usu Iho U'U'|iUom' i p uii>!;intlj". KIT.*!.—All 1'it^r.tot'pp.l Trooby Hu.Kr.lNE'B (lltBit NK.KVK HKS-I ;HIKU. No l-'.tn nfi.'r UrM .hiy'* IIH-.. Mi\r- tcllous cnrtM. Tri'iitlur nn.l fj.i'l 1 trlnl ImtHc t'roe lo ! I'll tnsps. SiMid to IT. Klino, Ml .\rcllSt., J'hlln.,I'll. A bllllimlisl uses clinlk on his one. A fine l»dy uses it on her tutu'le. 'THE THROAT. —"iin>m)'» j7r..»n-7 7Vcr'ic»" nt't tiirt'ctly on the or.-rnnp of Iho voii'iv '1'lio.y hnvu lin cxtrnordinnry elTi'ct in nil disortU'i's of tln> llntmt. Jnstruolor (to rlnss in horoloiry)—\Vlu\t j iru Iho csspntinl cliai'iu'tovi.'lU'? of n u;ood ri'|ic!ili-r?" MiUo (lirsl horn of un nldrniuin) —"Aliilily to votu i'\i'i'.v luilf hour whilo tlio IM'lls art! oprn mid jiot'ont of tho state before tho bivllols tiro i'oiintud." The success of this Grent Crmjrh Cure is Without a parallel in the lusu.ry of medicine. All druggists are authorizes to sell it on a pos- Kivi- i/uaraniife,.atest that no other cure, can sue- eesstu'lly stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home ui the United Stales and Canrtda. Tf you have a C"uijh, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for W ILU unc nup- vi jAJifc-"«-"o — It will cure you. If your child lias the Croup, [ i ier expectation, when she "came through or Whoopiii" Couph, use it promi'tly. and relief ' n f "Ri-n 1 " .Tutinnr's first raeetinar, she be k sure. If "you dread that insidious disease Consumption, vw it. Ask your l.)ru({ K ist for SIULOH'S CUKK. Price 10 cts.. 50 cts.'and Jl oo. If vuut l.ungs are sore or Back lame, use 'Shiloh's Purnne I'laster, Price 25 cts. But 1 wiuttM you, honey, all to niyset. Jus i say do word nn 1 I'll siirvi; you sumo as 1 I does my Heavenly F.irdur. Say you'll ' have mo Tilda." n | "Docs you moan it, Bro. Jasper? I "Fo everything what is holy !ov." j "All riglit, den, Bro. Jasper." j "Oh, Tilda, clem words is like ile on j stormy waters. My heart dun stop lloun-, derin' 'cep wid gladness, an' de strings j dun got straight. Youse er reir'lar tin- j "After a few hours of billing' and cooing "Bro." JtispKr took his | departuro '" 'Any nrticlo Hint linn outlived 21 j/fnrs of I'niipM'lltlon nrd iniiliithm, und soils more oiu'll'yi'iir. iini.ti linvi- i..^r?/. Dobbin'* Klcc- trie !?'oiip lirst inudo in KM),") is Just tVi.if article. /\sk ysur (rrocor for it. llu lias it, or will pit it. '' Stokes—"If wo oould sou into the hearts of our hest frionds I four we should ho Knocked nt tho do.pntvlly wo saw tltore." Stylos—"I don't know. I'urlmps we'd foci unhnppy to llnd our friends not so bud us wo thought they were." BKEciiAirsI'iu.8 act lilu> iniiKlc on n Wi'sili Kl.inmch "I thought yon told mo y.'i.r fnthor wnn n retired morohiintV" "So '10 ..-. \Vlion the . sliorilT took possiiMsloii In: ha,I lo r.'lii.:." ' icntiiiiii»iimi innn. Dresses. Oonts's CloUilnu;, Feiitliors, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cloiinotl. Mush Quriiicnts Steamed at Otto Vio.toh's Dye Works, 240 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for Circular. "Is your nephew d practicing; physlclfin, Mrs. McQuelleyV" asked her vUitlng neighbor. "Yes. I b'llcve he is practicing just at present, but he has as good a show ot learning as the most of thorn." rilll'ii, uiul "Gia" Tilda heaved a long sigh, and. with the hope of forgetting the defeat of at "Bro 1 " Juaner's first raeetinsr, she began singing the patting of her feet, clapping of her hands and swaying ot her body keeping perfect time with (he raany- worded long-'nieter hymn. It *ras one of Bro 1 Jasper's favorites, and, of course, her'salso. She sang it through twice ireathed a prayer of. thankfulness to his good inarstcr. "Well, 1 declar," said Tilda, after elos- ng the cloor, "Ise been in awful s'ooil uek dis week I found er live cents, an' lot er shoolly box wid er bivaa' pin in it, ,n' den 'longer all that coulchod Bro. asper. Ise spr'sed ut my own set'. All 1 rot'ligion for was to coutch dat man no low. When I gits on all my sashes an' hanges my naitin ter Mrs, Jasper King von'i dem'yuther niggers git jeliesV It ho will be agonixin'." VIMOINIA PAYNK HKNHICIIS. A WOMAN BEST UNDERSTANDS A WOMAN'S ILLS. The experiments of Lydia. E. Plnkham that years ago gave to the world the Vegetable Com•pound, were made through a feeling of sympathy for the nfllloted of her sex. She discovered that mearly all the diseases of woman have a common origin, and may have a common cure. I VniA E DB&II/UAM'C Vegetable LYLJIA fc. P6NI\nAm o compound is a sure cure for all those painful complaints and weaknesses of women. Sold by all Druggists as a standard article, or sent by mail, in form of Pills ov Lozenges, on receipt of $1.00. t^S^'lr". Pinfcliani'a liook," Ci.lrto to Health and Ktlqnrtte," VZST beautifully Illustrated, seal on receipt of two He. stamps. Lydla E. Pinkham Med. Co., Lynn, Masa< SOLD m ENGLAND for IB. t^d., and in for 25 cents a bottle. IT TAj|TESjCOOEL | The Soap that Cleans Most iz Lenox. 1ICJ n ciiou. t^iJiu «M**»ta c,— giving it its lull share of crooks and_turns 1 and adding many moaning sighs—original variations—and bad sung the first line ot the first verse with the intention o£ going over it the third time, "rhen a rap sounded at the door which put an end to "Sis" i Tilda's melody. She drew hastily from ! among the freshly laundried clothes a stiffly starched apron and put it on, untied a red silk handkerchief from the back of a chair, where it was doing service as a tidy, knotted it around her ebonv throat and admitted Bro' Jasper. "W'y, Bro. Jasper, thought you was at de meetin'. Fo do Lord, dis am er' 'spi'ise." ••KnowhT as how I couldn't'do no justi- fvcation to myse'f, needer do chui-ch tonight, I thought it mo' increcl'table in me ter unclaim my seat for dis time present an' while away a few expinn moment* wid you' if Is'e in no way dis- incuinbersome." . After this emotionable bubble or effulgent language rendered with a very lofty : mien and accompanied with much bow- iing and scraping, Bro' Jasper bung his hat on the bedpost, leaning his walking cane against the chimney .''raised up his coat and seated himself, and with his | feet on the mantelpiece he gaxed i silently into the fire. . i CT'JJro' Jasper J I was fixin ter cry whilse illf.0." I "'Bout what, chile?" "Cause I was scured somebody wasgwin er way thout tellin' me good-bye." "Bress your sweet soul, Sis Tilda, I starter cum over here dis mornin', dat er ftic'." "Wish you had, cien I'd er put you ter "PreVsin 1 ? pressin'? Lord if dab's what you want I'se 'bout ready and willin' right dis iiiinit to press de bref out ofjyou. 1 s-e comin' honey." "Stop dat Bro' Jasper, a gospbl maa like you orter be shame ter hisself. You knows 1 means dem close on de char. Dat's what 1'se been pressin'|all day." "You oughter know me better n dat, Sis Tilda, 1 doesn't press clothes what aint got nobody in 'em. 'Deed 1 don't. "Sis" Tilda twisted around the chair, then became much occupied in fixing up the lire while Bro' Jasper indulged in a series of disappointed sighs. "Porde* Lord sake man, what de matter wad you? Gwine on likes you was er orfun wid no kin'ry tull. Wake up, man, an' gitpyarnt, else I'll be gittin'kinder bluish myself." "Ah, Sis Tilda, knowect, ef you knowed, only knowed." "Tell me e'en Bro' Jasper, tell me. I se always ready an willin' ter listen at de trils »nd tribulations of my friends, an when I can 'courage um in it, I sholy does." , -, "Well, I certainly need your courage nient des eveniu'," Raid Bro' Jasper shak ing his head. "All the ctmragin' -words, what you can gim' me." "Si's" Tilda moved her chair a little nearer "Bro 1 " Jasper and watched hi face intensely. "Bro" Jasper held his hanc up to his brow, closed his eyes and seemet lost in thought. Finally lie looked into "Sis" Tilda's face, then down at her feet then ap again, as if bent upon "sizin 1 he up" with accuracy. '"Sis' Tilda," he began with a frown "I'se right on the ragged brink ev e mountain-high preserpis, an' 1'se no ide what uiinit I might tall down der ker smash. Dare aint no light down rlar, it 'ternel darkness all time. I dunno wha minit I'se gwine topple over needer. Oh 'Sis' Tilda, ef you jes' knowed, ef yo jes 1 knowed what awful suspension I wa • 11 in '"Jtfy marster, Bro' Jasper, you's got ui 6cured. 1'se in g'pense now oiyselt. • ' 'Sis Tilda,'' wept on Bro 1 Jasper, slow tru^iv iiilormatioii lor everyone j^i _ fruit of miv sort or kind. Sent free hy Stark Bros., Limisiiiiiu, AIo.— Oranije Ju'id Farmtr. 4 000,000, in Krance 3,750,000, in Auutro- Hungary about the sumo und in America, including all occupations, over 3,700,000. GRATEFUL—COMFORTING. It is very important In this ixgo of vnsl, nif.lerial progress that a remedy be pleasing o the taste mid to the eye, easily taken, ae- leptable to the stomach and healthy in its lature and efieols. Possessing these liinlities, Syr up of Figs is the one perfect axative and most gentle Uiuretie known. "How eame it that when you broke into ,he store you carried oil a lot of useless ii-nsh and left the money-drawer untouched V" '0, Mr. Judge, don't you begin to scold me 'or that, I beg. I have heard enough about that already from my wife." Deafnesfl Can't bo Cured l>y] r ual applications, as they can not reacl. the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure Dunfness, and that i>By constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucus lining of the Eiistachian Tube. When this tube gets inllamed you have n Tumbling sound or imperfect, hearing, and when it is entirely closed is the result, and unless tho inHumimition can bo .aken out and this tube, restored to Us normal condition, hearing will lie destroyed for- 3vcr; nine eases mil of tun arc caused by en- tarrli, which is nullfmy but an inllamed condition of the murim surfaces. \Ve will give Out! Hundred Dollars for any case of Detifnes.i (rails.;.! hy (.luturrli) that we can not cure by taking Jluli'u Caturrh Cure. Send ft" circular.-, free.. V. J. CHUNKY & CO., Toledo, 0 hy Drug-gUts, 7i"je. BREAKFAST. "By n thorough knowledge) of tin- initurnl laws wli cli iiovcrn tliu operall >ns of (llRii tlmi ami iiutrl. tl in, mill liy a carol ill npnllu "lion .if iliu Unit i r.i|icr- ..ul-s li'ijtinl uoeoa, >lr. l''.p s hns pKivkl- .1 ourliroakf.'isl Inblus with u delicately lluronriMl hov- eriiKo wnluli niity SHVU in many liouvy .liioiurM' hills. II !*oy tlio juUiuloiH iiso .n' rfiioii urtlui.H n' dl.-t llmiiutua-iiltutluii niity uu i;r iliuillr "iillt ii|iiinll' i;ir<m'.,"!ii.msli to every loiiili-ncy to ill-oil."!-', lluiiilro.lioi' siiiulo inala.lioa in" llunlliii; iiroiinil us r.'iiilv i.i ^ittnuic whorovor thorn l< n v/oau pn nl. We niay tsuupo inuny a fatal shrift by l!i!0|iln«oiir- KI>IVI>H woll Cortllln I >vltli niiro liloml n il .t |iro|«<rly n urliihuil frame."— "I'lull tiarttion 'lazoU?." Jlnilc- simply with iiollin/ watur nr mlllc. S'ol.l .inly inhalf-lionii't MIH. y (iroc.-r», Inlicllvil thus: lilMVS .fc ('(>.. Ifonunopnthlo Chcnil.sts, i.ONDON, l r ,NOI,AS'II. Hthmilato tho torpid livor, strongtlicn the Uigostivo orgiuis, rcgulato tho liowoln, ana nro uneqiutlixl n» an Anti-Bilious Medicine. EU-ttantlysiiKivrcoatod. DosoBinall. Price, B5 cuntH. Ollico, 3t> & 411'arlc riiioo, N. Y. women at home. From $8.00 gpVlttl uw v >w.uu ,.«. HI por ot. jiro*lta. Address nUKK to tlO.OO pordiiyto onurcullo A(;nntn. 10U • ••• •• CJ.M, ABHO'II, Ht. I'uiil.Mliiii. m 1*1 »v f i'o _ —.- ~ — km*! i i 6..M to ^ 100 .'i month nn.l CKJ' STONK& WEI.I.INOTON, Mu.lir.on. u i VVi. TTTK nnlv( ^wnl fnvor no- Tll.l.lNCiIIAHI'« I'lT.Lt BOUND ()iii>iiuc» Kr.Kiis innla mo to oiriT n 1'. H. uiiown Onion, Me f'i'il Y'H"" '''I" 1 " (n«n/<n«. Toinlw.!! II mill Hhowllsrn|.:'l'.Mi'"l • • M"'/ $100 for tin-1" .1 >ii'! '...l.tldn- wl from I n"' rrr.-.l which I will in.'.il fur «<» ft.(. C:ulu« ]oi;iio I'r.-n. loaao F. Tmin|?li;iBt, La Plumo, Pa- Ara the host months in wliloh to purify your hlood. rhiB the long, cold ivinlor, tho blond Ijecomea thin und impure, tho IJOOOIIHIS \ranlt and tlrod, the uniiotite muy ho lost, nn.l just now the Byntam craves the nld of n rellubla modiotna like Ilood'a Borunpavilln. These are t,ha iiionthx In ove-y your whim thoim- an.l» of old frlcndx ruaort to n rognllir OOIII-HH o] Tlood'a Rarnapurlllu. The fuot Ilint Ilood'u Huma- imrlllH, OII.IH fairly tried, liuuoiuoa the fuvorlto spring mediciiiH, ijpHiiku voluinoit for itg excellence und medicinal inorit. Hood's HurHiitiurlllii is pecullurly udnptod to the needs of thn Im'ly during thoHe mouths. It thoroughly purified and vilnllzea the blood, crcatuh n good uppetito, Curtis hilliotitmosa und heudnche, gives healthy uctiou to Iho kid.ieys uad livur aad impartu vtrongth to the whole liudy. arch April Now ia tho lime when yon uhouid give Hood'B Sar- sapnrilln a fair trial. That Hcrofuloua tulnt which has .«een in your blood for youra, may be thoroughly expuilrid by giving Kood'a Sarsaparilla u fair trial. It rei lly ia u woudorful blood purifier, und building" up tnodicinB, "Last spring I wan complotely fagged out. My tttrungth luft me and I felt sick and mimiruble all thu timo, HO thut 1 could har.lly attend lo my huMlnotit). I took ono bottle of liood'a Burdiiparilla, und it cured mo. There in nothing like it." It. O. liKd.'LU Editor Enterprise, Jiulleville, Mich. Sold by nil dru//ffist«. $1; aif tor $5. Prepared only by (i. 1. IIOOU k W'-, Lowell, Mttan. I GO Doses Ono Dollar Boll) by uli druggists. Jl; u[z tor |5. Prepared only bj 0. I. UOOU 4 OO.. Lowell, MUSK. IOO Doses One Dollar Soecial Notice. Season I890-'9L PUTNAM HOUSE, Winter Resort, Palatka, - Florida. Board $4.OO per day. One hundred pleasant rooms at 121 per week, each person. An abundant supply of eoft water. H. O. & W. F. ORVI8, Managers. "August How does he feel?—lie feels blur, n (loop, dark, iinf.vling, dyed-, in-the-wool, denial blue, nml ha iiinkp^ I'viM'vluHiy k'H tlios.itiu 1 way, Flower Iho Rumudy. i j^^^S^'fM^^'^^S^AiS^iSi^^ CATAR Ucntorns Taiiln iiml Kmi'll.iiiilrk. Iv llnllnvi'S I'.il.l In Ut>. .1 nn.l linmlni'lin. M'«'. nt Ilr.l|,"Kl»tK. lil.V HUOS., fill W.u-i-mi SI..N.Y. tlt'niMC tl'^ Kront font rt'moity for lit Tru|Nr:, me In., rrft smi.utii. inp- l in |inn>|ttrlii|i foi'i On r si-til Trro nh rrci'lpt of ftuoM. Sainplo liHi'kniri" tree ill Hurim, nr inull.ul Itr n llllllO PtUtlllhlot I'VOO. Till! 1'KIUNK CO.. WOIII.O ll'l.tvn. V. ^ r iollKf for ovnrvwhoi' How doos ho fool? —lie !'• els A, ; hoatl.ichi', j^cmTallv ' ami con* . r-t i;it, Iml sour. li:m-s cxcntHafing—» ( Aur^ttst: FlowtM tho Ucniedy. How cloos ho fool V --He feels ft j violent liirci'ii;;!iii!i'; or jiiinping of I Iho slomarh nt'tcr a rval. iai:;ilig j bittci-tasting niatter ot what he has ten or drunk—August Flower Iho Remedy. • How doos ho fool?--lie feels i the gradual <kv;iy of vital power; ; he "feels miserable, in. lanclioly. ! hopeless, and IIMI : .;-- ;',>t .h ath aua pence—Au^iiKt FIcnvtM' tho Rom- ocly. How dona ho fool?—lie tools so full ttflet catiiij; a weal that he can hardly \valk--Auyust Flower tho Remedy. • G. 0. GKKKN, Sole Mannf.u:turcr, Wooilliiirv, N'"-.' !<•'•• c v. U. S. A. WINDSOR HOTEL, (Fronting K»it on \Tlud»or P»rk.) Winter Resort, Jacksonville, • Florida. Open December to May. Board •4 per day. One hundred pleasant rooms at $21 per week, each person. V, H. OS VIS. DOGS NOT TAKEN. iraFLORSDA SPEND the WINTER in IQVELY The Shortest and Quickest to all parts of the It runs elcuan' Pullman Sleepers, Uay Coaches anil L.iKv'.iirc e.irs solid to JA via Lookout Mountain. Chattanooga, All r ORT AND SAFETY OF°TBAV' :LERS, tickets (or nit »t «u R»»IIO»<I iffitco iu lie United Statca, 01 B. W. WRENN, Cco'l Paa. * Tkt Axeflt. How many people there are who regard l:he coming of winter as a constant state of siege. 11 seems as if the elements sat down outside the walls of health and now and again, led hy the north wind and his attendant Masts, broke over the ramparts, spreading colds, pneumonia and death. Who knows when the next storm may eornc and what its cttects upon your constitution may be ? The tortiiica- tions of health must be made strong. SCOT! 'S EMULSION of pure Norwegian Cod. Liver Oil and Uypophosphites of Lime and Soda will aid you to hold out against Coughs, Colds, Coi/sninMioii, Scrofula, General Debility, and all Aiuc.niic and Wasting Diseases, until the siege is raised. // prevents wasting in children, Palatable as Milk. HPKCIAL-Soul's ICmiilMion Is iimi-secri-a, uml '« pruscrlbuil by llui Motllcnl Profusion nil ovur tho world, bucunso its InHrudiiMiW arc Kdentincnlly cciiiibliixil In Bttuli a mannur us Iu greatly Incruiisiu tlioir ruinccllal vuluu. CAUTION.-Scotl's liiiiulsioii In put up in stilm.m-rolored wrnpper!.. Ho Hiiro ana (jet tho genuine. Prepared only by gcott& Uowtio, ManufiicturinK ChcmlslH, New York. Sold by all Druggists. AN INVESTMENT f H ' I (\ LE in 12 131 vlclencls April anrJ October. STOCK OF THE GA.-ALA. INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT CO. Capital Slock, $4,500,000. Sliarcs, $IO eatsh, 1'ull paid and l, t.O IK) ;\SS<'SSIIM']ll,H. Gen. BENJ. F. BUTLER, of Massachusetts, - President. Hon JAMES W. HYATT, Late Treas. of U. S., Trectsurei, Ui'ii. «I:NJ. F. (i'rri.Kii, of Aln.<sncliiiwitH. II.MI. J.o'iAN II. KIIIITN, .if Ai-kuiifii.- lluii. A. I,'. U'VJIAN'. Kx-'l'ivm, ..f U.S., of Nub. il'ill. .l.\->. \V. ilVAIT, " " " Of C.lllll. I'IIOH. I'. S.IIITII, l'ron. IVlh Wiiril Mimic, Druok- lyn, N, V. BIRECTOIIS. K. i. d. M. .SANFOI:!., I*!'. 1 ;., lianl; of Ntnv ruj.ll.', rif ADVISORY BOARD. S'.'c'v Tliomrfon IIo.iKtnn rfl.JC- Ilir I'll , IS.l^lilll, \I.'.-N C. \V. I'I-MIKINH, i.'ii.-h. .Miiia. Nut'l Hunk, HIIHIOII, Ma>in. CB.I. (-'. SriiiiKiKi.i), I'rHtf. N. '{. Contract Uo., of Nn\v York. .Inns 11. (Jor.n.iN, (lovi'rnur nf (in. linn. Ifor.'r, L. TAVI-OII, (jov.'rnor of T.Miii. llun. •). IS. IMIHA Kr;u, K.'; < iovcrnur of Ohio, lion. 1,'uii. II. liiiioiiT, ICx-U. S. I'rinlur, of \\'a- i '.iiiii'ton. lion. K. K. MANN, .Supi. Concord & Montreal Kail- ruud, of Kfiw lliiiii|iHlilrn. K, I!. Tui'K, (V.-li. If. (i. Trmi-'iiry, \Vushiii:.' HKNIIV l-'Bunn vv.i.s'iiKii, iMiuulmr N. Y. hl.n'U Kx- . liuiii;.', N'- v York. I'. K. KII.IT*. cunhi.jr l''irnt N;ili-;nal Hunk, l<tlll» Ituck, Ark. I 1 '. Y. ItoiniiiT.-ios, rni«ldi!iii. Klrst Nut'l Hank. K.'iun.ij', Noli. t~.tJKFOI-.I-C TRUST CO., Tramsfer Agents, 244 \VASHINGTON STREET BOSTON MASS. IIH PROPEIITY Ol' 1 TIIJC COMPANY CONSISTS OF T. B,(KII) (Ml.y f.otn, or 'i,tti'i iiiirua of Inii'l in Iho cilj •>( Ti.lliip.ionii, Ilai,J»jii ('ourily, (itiorida, r<iiiutliiiii(.: uuHul.l ot ^,OOU fi.:riiK, uu ll.u umitru of wl.lch Ihu ci.y WUH origiii.ill/ built. I'ianunt 5. . 2,4.'*>B fior«H of viiltiulj'e inintirnl litixl, u'ljurunt to Ihe city of Tuliilpoosa, all loculud .vlthi.i it nulliM uf nix niil^H fruin the cunt i'u of tliu city, i'ruribtit, (i'J'.VJOO. J'Htlti^. 'J'ho (vi.ijitul Ktuol; of tlui (iuur^ln, 'J'wnnonh«« Si IlliiioU Huilroiitl CoiujJttny, ohrtr. tere.l fur liui iMiriuisw of Iniil'linji u ruilrs'iul fiuni Till liiiioowj., .;;.., to Hlo.-t.iMon, i\li\ , liiO loi leu, thai will nut Lho u',nii»uny n.uirly jy,l)iW,()00 of Ihu cstpitul «l.ot:k of iiillroiul, iKtyiu^ 7 pur cunt, .liviilbiiij*. fi''O|j'lcril. The Tul!it{»oo*u t'urnuco. on ttiu lim* of thii (^i-i-l'i.oiiiu Uitilroa.l, iu tbe uiry of ' the rtirti vulim, Iliu of uul.l uttj I'll t lit poosa. (iu. — thu niil.1 furnuco huinK of fill toim .-iipitrity, i hot bfi.^t cli/ircoul cur-whuel iron. 1'rotuint vuluo, jS-'jO.O JO. I'll'THl. Thu I'ludiii'inl filiixu \Vorku, aituuiu.l on ih» lii.» of tliu UaoiK'iu-l'nvlKa Kullruiitl, la tin oity of 'faliaoooriii, (Ju., Hi.i.l plant buln^ i'^-not cupuuity, uu.1 mululfilcluriiiK tliat-gliiHii ll.i'ikt, ar4 pru«.-ri|i!ion WI.IB. I'rdaunt vullio, $I(KI,00(I. '1'l.Hru U lllruiidy locuto'j on thu proporly of thla (>)ni|ffiny, In tho city of Tullajioorta, Uu., 2,Kt)0 inhub- iluntij, li.O'W of whom are norl horn puuplo, who huvu in Tallii|joo»ii wilhiu tlia liv^t thi-u<« yuarsi, tj.J^ lion^KH, 15 inunufiicturiri^ iu.ltiHtriu.-i, u.i.1 10 InisineHu hoiMu^i, tichoold, uhurcuud, wutur-workti, ulucli'ic lighcu, $75,UOO l.olul, uud now muniifiiuturing inUuitrieii buli.tiu[;, ulc. 50.OOO SHAKES TKICASUKV STOCK Are now offered to tho public, tlio procetxln to liu b» do voted to locatiug uow luanufacturlng otftabUibuiaata Hud developing Ihu couiimny'tf city propctrty, ut a Sl'iOCIAL i»JHCl!3 OF $3.«!J^ 1'FJt SHAHK. 'J'hib ataok U full paid und uuhjuct to no HttsuitHuiuuU. 1( will nity dividuudrt April und Ootobttr, an. I the prict* will hu advi.ncu.l to $r>.00 por uhure wlinu Ihe OU.UIK) HlntroH .tr>j ^nl.l. OrcliirH for ulock will hu lillud uv ruutiivu.], in uny fini./unl. from ono fiUuru uu^urd. an it U duifiru.] lo liuvv 119 in, ui j' >mull li.iMers iu all neotlon* ot Ihu country i» piMdiUle, wlio will, Gy lliulr iutoru»t iu tht Coiupauy, iiilluunuu Hini(;iution to Tallupooitu, and autauuo Ib.i iulorutttM of tho Oouipuuy. $10.00 will iiurchaue 3 nhiirenoi- $:'.() OO jntr vuluu ut (took. «:iO.(IO " V " >>MO do " " $5".00 " 1C " $I-".O.()O " " $100.00 " 30 " *:t().i.oo " " 83BO 00 " 70 " $7r,O.OO " " $i,ooo!oo " 800 «'oo " " Addross ull order* fur stouk, and u>»ke oheok», dr»ft>, or u»oo«y »ad «pr«M order« pa/»^l* U JAS. W, HYATT, TREASURER, GA.-ALA. INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CO. Globe Building, 244 Washington St., Boston, fjrBO-I>UK« llltulriiled I'ro«p«otu« of Tallapouau, Block 1'rojpeotus o( ^ W- _U U(( 9 ,» .» .f»«9«»I><>t«» 0».

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