The Seattle Star from Seattle, Washington on April 21, 1931 · 1
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The Seattle Star from Seattle, Washington · 1

Seattle, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1931
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-fc 1 .. H'- m WEATHER TIDES IN SEATTLE ) eat title tie POST AIR MAIL TIMUI M-. t lk.,11) U t a, u M j U i h , li t i UHa.,.l WIBNM04V a., ! I Jr ; T M-i I II I Mtll I I1 I-ll I .I twM ate WSbmw In LaUIMBli Pmlnti Mil kl liINK H. Mala tuaioflk -- - bf l. M. lMwlaal ittioa .l.rl.IIMI Far faMara Slates Mala F. 0..I1SF, M. IUMF.M. Tuia. ImI:MMMI.MMI. 4M w ill! Nmi RKkm tl. Wl H. - - W fl-B fl MMM I .Ml fcMWI tiM SEATTL'ES INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPE aa taraM-nau. alter al Stall, fin, HKATTI.K, WASIIINUTOX, TUESDAY, AlKIL 21, 19.11. Tel. MAln-OCOO. TWO CENTS IN SEATTLE. Mm FKOTT M nun run a w w aun Una I t I ) I $ l e. PIONEER MURDER IS BARED Homme Hrady, folks! A nay avia tan kata baea given wtrn ta Iraia with cavalry Malta. Tka aatl slept M traU, wlH ks ta Hrr tka flrM artillery la mm kaa iat arrows, a a a Claranc Darrow la planning to produce a film bawd so tka Ikaory a f rvolulioa. Efforts ara sow be-tag made ta find a aorta star Intelligent saouffc to play tka tul of IM monkey. a a a o ., SUES FAME IM AKCTICl A reused ky Ik Mens tkat kelk tka Gnt Zeppelin HUkW wMai-lias Milt endear ar ta nark tka Nerth pala tkla seamier. Ctept. Omar i. CadfUh, idarlag arella Vaaplarar. aa aaaaead taday tkat ka aiU make o desk far tka North pale, trsvettag tka rail ra distance an ralWr aka tea, an cept acreaa a pen Malar, a ken ka Mitt aoe water-wtegs. -Ms la ka glaacr fkipMU. a a a Editorial no King Alfonsos nb dication Is bad4 "1-oat Bourbon COM-"" "Ok. well." cklrpa LI1 0 Cat. w still knea gin sad rjrar OilUfAKT MOTE feesraf eaeeraea tears kM far tka grand stalkers a ttj 99 ollira kayo af Oe dale fark Iki ofar-naan. Tka akseaare tear rtrwlljr Via, ma grnndoMtkar didnt die" aocered CuthUrt. our office boy. "I want ta get off this afternoon. bacua ma wife la suing ma for a divorce. ear What haa kccoma of the flapper orko used to try to look Ilka Mary writer, n trying to look ? ate aaad to try to i rVckfordr aaka a Thal a rmay. Shei like Garbo now! I WHO'S WHO IN I SPORT a Wkan the Olympte gamM ora held lo Lm Aagrlaa la IMS. n apa rial rveat will ka bald far Mralrafl r Jamptag te If pleas af Ra- pert Caidalaw, sated parts faa, am carried eut -It Meald be a to Igoam spooky lit tie alkie tea," Mr. CaMate palate sob Aad o aaw MSMld far Mestroo brana, the pmarat amrk af S j ktekaa bavlag bran aat to INI by k baea named Padre." Fholo kp Or. Don Palmer, sea Paradoalcal aa It may seem, maw popular snugs ara so popular that they ara unpopular! SOS CRT OF AM OLD-TIME MOVIE FAM T d f a fo( af man ey Ta aea a ara Mm Rnany, Wka eras aaWy twitm aa fanay Ar raatediana fadajr a a a Onrart manufacturers aay tka orart la earning back. Of corset Is! a a a TE HURT (A prills 301 Re limes' bams, tellers Dame w dath scad ma sot ta flade little Hamer, dlaaer Mag almeat ready, aad aeon I da diecever him an n vacant lab Mltb Tear Eyes Green, "Mklaay" dabnasa aad fur-ley" Lewis, they digging a rave, with a leaf t nasal aa aa ea trance, aad It a mighty flan cava, albalt I da kata ta crawl aa my hands aad kasM to gat lata lb aad the here I mm lastera da smell moat fsHlIy, Sat Lard! ms da kata a mighty j merrte time, aaUI af a sudden Hama Brew dath appear at tka an traar, mighty Mrs Ik, aad erdar as honm, A pan na sorb a teaman! Garden bint: Never plant rora ad hsnaa Mom to rack otber, If you dan't want succotash. fckyhnifj lilting lor IJygtt-gotuutkl OB0Y, 6, IS SCALDEO Bubble Catlett, 4, wa recovering Tucmlay from burns received ahen a kettle of boiling water I toppled off the stove and fall J on him an be played in the I hiUhen of his bonie st 301' 22nd, I kvsaue, 1 X ; - BRIDGE RUZING LEAVES PUBLIC HOLDING SACK Much Work Left Undone, Complain Contractors Who Lost Job How a contractor la high standing with I hr street aad aewera dr part meat haa not kera preaard to comply with tka sprclficatloaa of kia coatracb thus saving blase If omary, to revealed ky Tka War to Joy. Tka contracting firm la the Pled mat Pa, and the Job la Iks wrack tag of tka aid Marginal way tmatla. Tka Star ka a disvlueed bow the huainearf wteards of Mayor Ed-wanter board of public work sold I ha trestle for 39200 aad then bought It back la timber form for var 113,000. PUIaga Nat Reseated Today It la dlscovsrrd that altko three Important apeclflcatloaa la the evotrset have sot been com plied with by the Pledmuot Co., the city is about to approve the Jub. The wmker, according to the spactflealiuaa upon whk-b Lida warn taken aad contracts signed, was supposed to remove all piling to a depth of Urea fetb The Star finds la oae spot aluae soma 100 pilings, aad even footings, protruding from ala Inches to a fuut above the ground. la otbvr pi acre a rov-ring af gravel prevents complete investigation. Tka contractor alas was supposed to remove the I resile from under the Holgate overhead. This work has oat been dune. Ho was further supposed to ra pave the streets according to city specifics I loan. Tkla would require brftk. but 'hula macadam has laepreter la Call Urate Alike them 'tevereighte" may ka small la Ihrawalvea, they wart included la tka bids of ether contractors, who Inform The Star tkat to comply with these three apeciflcaliusis they bad planaad to eapead arouad 1 10.000. Whea Informed of tka omissions, 1 W. Embury, aaatetaat city engineer, eapreaeed surprise, and declared tkat ha bad Intended to present tka Job 0 the cltya okrh at tka aeat board rating. "The Inspector who haa been on that work te bow la California." ka declared. "But wo bad considered It finished. Bo far aa 1 baew all the pilings bad been removed. Roma were ao rattea they broke off aad ethers were burned out." Asked about the paving. Embury stated that "this Jub te not (flewM Tara to fsa 4, Cat. 4 U. S. SHIPS AID AMERICANS Three Warcraft Olf Honduras Coast as Revolution Sweeps Country (Copyright! lilt, by Yaitcd Prase) TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras. April 21 Ths government of PrMkteBt Vtaceata Mejia Colladras enforced drastic military meaauraa today la aa effort to suppress tha revolutionary movement la Northern Honduras. Tbs U. R. tt. Memphis reached Caiba to protect Americana la tha regloa, but proceeded to Truililo whan Informed of tha sltuaUoa there. Tb United Bin tea warships Marblehead and Trenton steamed along tha north ra coast to Tela to aid ta the p rot retina of foreigners who live along tha "Banana Coast" aad are tngagad ta tb work of largo Amaricaa Interests there. . DO YOU That there are only two prreat railroad Runs to protect the entire territory west of the Kocky mountains? That those guns can be moved but slowly . and by circuitous routes from one place to the other7 , Do you know the conditions of defense on the Pacific coast7 Whether you believe in a large army and navy or in fighting forces of minimum strength, vou will want to read the FACTS of the Army in the West Start it on Page 2 in The Star today. Shes Brnre llrrr'o MUu liun Bab rock, who Monday light routed three burglars from store amt rhaaesl them half a mile. GIRL TELLS OF CHASING THUGS Single-Handed She Routed Trio and Pursued Them; Here Is Her Story (Editor's eater When Laarn Bohrerh, stenographer far the Mltwanhso rail rood, aaw three tooling Ik N. B. Tree! ill Boyletow nvenne, Monday night, aha rhaard them ant of the ater aad par awed them far Morha, Mailt lbs I lee lag trio rinded her In downtown trafflr. Hhe tell bar awn alary beret BT LAURA BABCOCK Dost tell ma I illd anything ha role. It was Just good fun. I enjoyed It area If tbuM three Iklovea didn't. It wsa funny ta eea thM big fellows running fur dear Ilf to get away from on girl. I walked past tb grocery star on BoyUten nvaaiia. It was rather lata. I saw these fellows tea Ida. Two were filling up aarkv with groceries sad tb other was going thru the cash register. I walked over and tapped on tha window st them. One of the three eaw me. Ha Jumped like he'd been shut, dropped everything and ran, yelling at tb other two man. Thry dropped (hair stuff, too, sad raa. They golthni s window aad down ths street they west, with te after them. We' bad s good run. Dows alleys and bills, uslil 1 was panting for breath. I couldn't shout for help I didn't have enough wind. They got swsy from me, flnsUy. I am sorry they did, but fur tb Ufa of m 1 dont know -what I would bars dona with them even If 1 had caught them. SHEARER, OFFICER OF LEWIS COUNTY, DEAD CIIFJIALlfl, Wash.. April 21 (By V. P.l Funeral srrsngs manta wer being mads todsy for Jamas I Rhrarer, M, chairman af tha board of Lewis county com-mlsriuneri. who. dlsd suddenly Monday st ths office of Dr. L G. Blech; county health officer. KNOW? a a a iiumn jo SEE OPENING GAME HERE TODAY Seattle and Mission Clubs to Open Season at Dugdale Park Kay ball! call today! I'rged ea by that clartua aad by as beautiful a day aa ana could wish for, at least 10.000 Beallte faaa wen esperled at Dugdale field tkla afterauua for tka open lag of tka 1aclflc Coast league Braille aad Mission clubs w era ta open the season, starting at 3 43 p. m. Reulher ta Tllrb Both teams arrived la Bealtte Ibis aio ruing. Eraia Juhaaim, maaager of the Xadiana, aaaouaced "Dutch" ((author and I'raak Cos as his battery, while George Bums, newly appointed leader of the Mis sUa club, declared that Bert Ode, bis star aoulbpaw, sad Bill Breasel would be Ike bollrrirs. "Too never aaw a heller bumh of huallrra Ibaa weve gt tbla year," declared Johnson. "Weve had a tough time getting started but weU gt gulag, aad skis wa du, luok out." Tamdo Rrheduled Touag Mraa BuaiaeM club, la charge of the opeaiag day frslivl-tlaa. held a lunchwia at lb Wasblaglua Athletic rlub at noon for the digaltarira, followed by a big parade, starting from Kirat avrbua aad Virginia street, at 1 otlork. Go?, flolaad If. Hartley was to pitch the first ball, with Mayor i'raak Edwards trying t catch It, aad Deuie J. Forbes, chief of police, as tka batter. Fir Cblef Hob j art Lalag aad Bhertff Claude Ban akk arara tb knaorary umpire a. Opeaiag IJae-tpa Ursula Heatherly 3b KokUm 3b Holland If Aim ads cf Muller ss Wilson rf Taylor lb Hasten c Rsuthrr p Rtaritog lime -3:43 p. m. day reremoay St 3:30. Place- Dugdato field. Valley. To gel there Take P.aialer Valley street cars or drive out Rainier sveniM ta McClellan at rack Mlealaa Kelly cf Mulllgsa 3b Be oil IT Hckhardl rf Bursa lb Clark ea Monro 3b Brsncal a Cola p YOUTHS QUIZZED IN GIRLS DEATH Sheriff Balded by Lack of Motive In Hanging of Louise Teuber -SAN DIEGO, Cal., April II-fBy ir. P.l Tbs pMt life of 17-y ear-old LouIm Tauber was delved lata by aulboritlaa today aa they queethmrd mm aha had known ta aa effort to learn who stripped away her clothe aad loft her almost sud body banging from an Mk Ira on lonely Black mountain. Two brief letters and tha pagea of a diary ytelded tka names of mors than 20 men. Including sailor aad marlaes, and youtha aha mat at the night high school aha attendad whan aha was not work-lag ta a flve-and-ten-cent store. Bhertff Ed Cooper questioned a score of (hero mm yesterday aad last algbL Cooper atm could find no motive on wbteh to base tha Investigation. Tha only persona aha was known to bav baea with when aha waa teat seen Ratunlay evening proved atrong alibis, ha mUL At midnight Saturday, autopsy surgeons believed, aha waa struck heavy blow behind tna left Mr and bar body suspended by a rop. Death resulted from strangulation, doctor Mid. NEW YORK, April 21-1 By IT, P.) Prices on tha New York Block srhanga bit now low level today with .only brief periods of staadl-na' at tha opening and cIom. Trading volume continued light Hleel common broke below 131 for tbo first time since 1927; New York Central rams within n point of touching 100, aelllng tha lowest In Mvtn years; WtetlngliouM Electric mails a new low alnca 1R27; Standard Oil hf New Jersey waa lha lowest since 1024. Tha railroad group nn tha aver-aga mads lha Inwaal mark ta all .years. Industrials rams rhM to j penetrating tha Iowa of lha bear markat made last Decamber, a a a SKELETON IS DUG UP IN SO. PARK Indian Killing of 50 Years Ago May. Be Solved by Finding of Bones Ditch eeravsture, Monday sve-nlng. found a skeleton buried shout Iwo sad nas-balf feel underground ta the yard of n residence at M01 17th avenue S ta South Park. The skeleton at first was thought to be (bat of a mss who diMppasrad from tha neighborhood II yr4ra ago, leering a mystery fur Ihs police. Bui oeaminatluB by Dr. P. C. West, county autopey surgeon, revealed IhS skeleton Is be tbsl of nn Indian, buried ,M years. And aa historians sad nut polks records were consulted. They resurrected a story told of tha Indians that lived along lbs Du-wamlsh ta pluaeer days, see Fteahtag Blade, doughty warrior of the Dun amps ibuwamiahl tribe, was returning horn! A stripling of an Indian bravo brought I ha glad Itdiaga to tha Indian camp on the bank af lb Du-aramleh river. The basks of the river were liaed with squaw, with naked youag-atera, with alern rkleftams, wuk ether warrhira. Homage was to ha paid t this brave buck nba had vestured aluna tala tka tesda of tbs Banawka. As tha (Saoa nmndad tha turn ta lb creek, keen eyre observed Flashing Blade was not aluae. A beautiful Indian maid occupied tb caaoa with him. Flashing . Blade had brought home a aquas! Chltriaina shook I heir hanseled beads. It meant lb warrior had stolen bis mala. That might mean (rouble. e e On brava. flout teg Bear, atuud aluna from kia tribe. (Gary waa In hia fcrart aad sdmiraikm was in bis ryes a ka watched Flashing Paddle and bla bride. Passive tbo tb face of lha Jealuua brave waa. bis brala waa ! busy with tbougbls of the dusky r j maiden. To himarlf and lbs Great Rainier ProUrlur d bravra. Routing Bear rrawlvad lo bring the kkiMped bride ta hw own I re pea. flashing raddl waa duly rbal-Urged, (jukkly members of Jbf tribe gathered round to aed tha battl ta death far tha baad of a maid. Kalvra war drawn by tha combatants. Tb spectator formed a ring. Every person was aileat It wm a battl ta tha death, e e e What happened then te not mad clear ta this old ladtea legend. Buffteleat it te Is My that Root-lag Hear wm vktorioua. Ha killed f'laaliing Brave, that kero of tbo (PtosM Turn ta Page k, (tel. 4 FACULTY TO VOTE ON DRILL Fate of R. 0. T. C. at Uni-versity to Be Decided by Deans Tuesday - The fal a of military science training ta tha curriculum of tha Dal v trolly of Washington hung ta tba balance Tuesday aa the faculty tackled tha proMtm at Ita afternoon meeting. Attacked by tb Liberal dub, military training for students te defended by tba Amrrirna Legion, patriotic societies and other groups. Tha controversy baa often stirred the atata, but ta rack instance has been retained. BOMB? NOPE, JUST WINE Mrs. J. W, Hunt waa aiUlng peacefully mending stockings in tha front room of her home at 1107 30th avenue, Monday aftar-noon, enjoying ths warm, summer-Ilka day. Bang!! Beamingly right under her feat cams tba "terrific" aaploalon. Out of the corner of bar eya ah thought ah aaw tba frost porch rise and than Mttte back In placa. Fearing a second Meat, ah dashed out of tha Hoiim and cautiously perked under (ha porch. There, looking Innocent enough, with I ho cork blown off, was about half a gallon of potent-ametting wins. Just who left the wine urnlet Mrs. Hunt's porch, where the warm spring weather caused It to Murder Secret Told .r Murdrr will out, gon (be Mjlng, nnj here are clues to one la Srnltle'n form! of 50 jrnrn ago. Itrputy Coroner Wallace la ahown Hfipping (he bonn found In South Park by ditch digger. EARLY TRIAL OF NELSON URGED Accused Man ' in Extortion -Case Tells How Police. Quizzed Him in Cell Itel'a'bav a apvady trial of John W.. Nelson on this charge of Klortteg money from public uffi - rials. The groat advantage of a speedy trial la that It won't give anyone ta tha Count y-Cily building a chance to atral tha court house. Nut only atMl it; but sell it." That waa the challenge Tuesday of Juba F. Dora, veteran Braille attorney, who with James M. Ballard te representing Nelson on Hi rbarge that he extorted IWO from Gaorgk Avery, chairman f the board of public .works, and Daa Boyle, superintendent of streets and aewero. ' "W welcome the trial aa aa opportunity lo prove under the legal rules of evidence," Dor declared, "that tbs board of puMic works Includes aoma-rascals that need to b thrown out. "I haw dun mort , than my ahara of rroM-examlnlng ta my day. but 1 bav never approached anything with the drgrve of nnlicl-pattern that I am contemplating I hr croM-esamlnatkin of certain member of tba board of works," bt added. Telia PaUcw Method In Dora's office Nelson for the first lima' outlined ths Uctica used by Arthur E. lteilty Jr., deputy prosecutor, and Police Chief Forbes In nn effort to make him confess" lo tha crime of which Avery and Boyla accuse him. -"Id been aluna ta a cell for three or four hours before Hailey and Forbee came around. Bailey told me. aad the chlrf told me. that Z lone heck wm under arreat and that. If I wanted, they'd make me a state's witneaa against him," Nelson Mid. "Yea, wa got your partner," Forbes te quoted as having Mid. "He's been running around a lot lately and doing too much talking." Mad Na Comment Nelson saya ha mad no comment to this. "Forbes then naked me If I didn't remember the time Zlonrheck, Kitts I Frank Kitta, recall worker), (I Vase Turn ta Pago h. Col. I ) work overtime and get rambunctious, Is unknown. Mr. Hunt rolled police, who took the Jug to headquarter. A vacuum cleaner Mlrsman and a man distributing religious tract wars reported miulp. Hoik had JUDGE PONDERS FURSE CASE Plea for Reinstatement of Assistant Railway Head Under Advisement Political lurmuil rods tha city j Tuesday aa Mayor Edwards ; worked to Mock a final campaign on tha part of recall workers. While the proascuUiTa office wm "taveitigating" several per-uoa, among them Marion Zi uncheck, recall worker, at .tha insti-gatiua of George Avery and Dan Uuyle, board of works . members, Krrd Matlkya, the mayor's sec rotary, went to im W. E. Coman. foreman of tha grand Jury and aa old friend. Emmett G. Laaihan. chief deputy prosecutor, said Tuesday he would file the present cator-Uun ihlrge against Juba W. Nelson, recall publicity worker, direct in superior court. Neteon has been charge In JusUca court with extorting 990 from . Avery . and Boyle. Lenihaa aaid ka would have to call ta several more persona before be bad completed hia Investigation. . Coman denied Matlbys visit bad any particular algnlfwance aad added, "Why, I've known Fred fur years; we're both members of tbo (Plea Turn to Page 5, laL 7) BYRDS DOG DIES Igloo Was With Explorer at North and South Poles BOSTON, April 31 (By, IT. P.) Igloo, the only dog that had visited both the north and south poles, died today white bla master, Rear Admiral Richard .E. Byrd, waa hurrying to Boston from tha middle weal. The little fox terrier died of poisoning resulting from-Indigestion at tha Byrd hums, where three doctor had tried ta vain to-Mve hia life. Admiral Byrd, whose affection for hia pet te emphasised by tha fact that ha canceled three lecture engagements and started east when notified at Bprlngfleld, HIH of tlia dog's UlncM last night, waa due hero this evening. , been next duur when (be explosion took place, and both, according to observers, fridmtly believed they were being shot at, aa with one nr-coni they took to their beela nnd went over the ridge In n cloud of dust. " 1 FELONY CHARGE FILED LATE HE CLAIMS Judge Wright Takes Case Under Advisement for 24 Hours Adolph Linden, former president of tba Puget Bound Barings A Loan association, who te accused of embracing 1248,000 from tbs insUlulloa, launched a fight for tba dismissal of the c barges Tuesday before Justice John B Wright. v Thru hia attorney. Van C. Griffin, of the tew firm of Dyke-man, Monbelmer A Griffin. Linden demanded dismissal of tha case on tba grounds that the felony charge bad not been filed ta superior court within thn statutory 40-day . limit, it baa been 43 days alnca Linden was arrested. Judge Wright took tha cbm under advisement for 24 hours aad ta m doing. It was anticipated, gave impetus to ths prosecutor's office ta Its effort to hurry tha return of Indictments from tbo grand Jury. Work Neartag End That tba grand Jury te neartag ths hour for balloting on Indictment waa indicated when Prosecutor Burgundcr Mid he bad three mort witnesses to call. The Inquisitor wars closeted almost all morning Tuesday without any witnesses before them. Shortly before noon Carl G. Nelson, former secretary of tha association under Linden, waa recalled to the grand Jury room. Nelson baa spent more time before the grand Jury than any other witneaa. Thera waa much speculation among officials concerning what disposition tba grand Jury will make of reported efforts to get before it matters which art Mid would land to an investigation generally of affairs of tha city administration. HELENE IN NEW FEAT BOH TON, April 21 (By P. P. Helena Mediae, 17-yesr-jar maid fraoa Beattie, belt 14 world and 21 American swimming record toCay. In nn tavltatloa meet her teat night aha swam 199 yards ta a flat 44 ascends feat comparable, far a woman, ta n man's rnnalng 199 yards la V 2-3 artwad. Kha set a world record thereby. SKATER INJURED U.W. Co-Ed Hurt When Hill' Too Steep (or a Stop A spring day, a pair of toller skates and a steep hill proved mors than Fiances Field, I'nlversUy of Washington co-ed, coaid handle. Aa a result, aba te recovering from a broken arm. " Mlm Field waa skating down tha ISlh avenue N. K. hill Monday. Sha gained too murk speed, however, and wm unable to atop. Sha crashed Into the curb and fall Rbo wm taken to .lha university infirmary. $10,000 for , e Jobless The 1 Seattle Star haa Mt aside 110,000 to aid unemployed men nnd women. Here's how ths plan works: Tha Star will pay SO cents cask for each order for Tba Star obtained by aa unemployed man or woman ta Beattie. If Interested, call at tha circulation department, when you will be furnished with regular printed subscription forms. These forma must be used for all subscription. Ilia subscriber must sign tha form aftar agreeing to taka tha paper. Ths forma, ta turn, ara taken to Tb star circulation department. Each naw order Is verified and tha parson getting tba subscription will ha paid aoon aa the verification Is completed. Tha solicitor 1 roll sets no money. The subscriber pays tha regular Star carrier at tha and of each month. Here's your chance to make a little money during this period of unemployment. Call at The Blar Immediately and get started to work. IV I: li S 1 t , I I I i,

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