The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 11, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1891
Page 5
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THE UPPER DES MOlNES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11, 1891. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICA69, MILWAUKEE 4 ST. PAUL. West-Pass.— East—Pass.— No. 1 6:03 ft mNo. 2 10:29 am No. 3 4:37pmNo.4 9:30pm , Freight- Freight- No. 9.. 7:15 a mNo. 8 11:55pin No. 13 11:45 a mNo. 14 2:30 pin No. 5 8:17pmNo. 10 12:15am CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North— Elmore pass..4:05 p m ElmorepasslS:20 p m St. Paul frt.. .9:55 a m South— DesMolnesft 7:35 p m THE CITY, The grange store calls attention to a special sale of tea, The next meeting of the district Good Templars will be held at Bancroft. T. H. Conner and J. M. Cowan will make a bid on the Wright county court house. One of the purchasers of J. B. Jones' short horn herd is a brother-in-law of H. A. Clock. Rev. Smead is expected to be here soon to conduct meetings in the Congregational church, Geo. Simpkins has moved some of his goods to town, and will make his home here soon, A girl baby at M. F. Randall's Saturday causes a happy feeling with our popular miller. Every director of the county fair should be in next Tuesday. The list is given elsewhere. Owing to the storm tho church dedication at Bultalo Forks was postponed to some future date. C. L. Lund went to Chicago last week with four carloads of fat cattle. He will return this week. Saturday marked the birth of a healthy boy baby at Owen Bruner's. Many friends congratulate. On Friday, March 13, at 3 o'clock p. m., the W. C. T. U. will hold regular meeting in the reading room. A report is current this morning that Wm. Doring's hoi|se, barn, etc., west of Burt, were burned last night. It is reported that Dr. Ensign and wife will not return to Algona, but will make their home on the coast. Carter's boot and shoe stock is going rapidly. It gives a fine chance to get some low priced goods while it lasts. The suit for the horses killed for Scott & May in tho cut west of the river is set for a hearing at this term court. Chaplain Lozier will speak in Algona about March 20 for the sons of veterans. Tho date will soon be determined. i Woman's Baptist mission circle . meet at the residence of Mrs. J. M. Pride next Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. J. A. Freeh, who has a school in the north part of tho county, has been lying by a week owing to grip. Ho was in town Saturday. The advertisement of the normal school for the spring term appears this week. All who want good school facilities should read it. Stoi'niy weathev prevented the meeting to elect delegates to the temperance meeting at Des Moines, and Algona goes unrepresented. Wm. Geilenfelt, living six miles northwest of town, bought lumber of Paul last week for a new house 18x28, with ell 16x24, to be 16 feet high. Justice Thompson acted officially yesterday and made one, James Whalen and Novella Gary. Their friends congratulate the happy couple. The Epworth league of the M. E. church will give a zoological social at the home of Mrs. Gardner Cowles on Thursday evening, March 12. J. B, Jones will come to Algona with his family as soon as ho can close up farm matters. He will rent or build and make Algona his homo hereafter, Aiden Benedict's play comes luckily for the farmers' institute. The farmers can attend tho institnte and see the best dramatic entertainment ever given in, Algona. The Loyalist society of the Baptist church will give a zoological social : at M. C. Bailey's, Thursday evening 'of this week. Both young and old are cordially invited. D, D, Townsend is now a fancy stock owner. His 'father has sdiit him a line red polled cow from Tama 'county, and he will join the breeders w'ho prefer to raise cattle without horns. M. B, Chapin has rccerlily traded for the Birge house in the south part of town and will build an addition 14x20 ieet, besides making other repairs. He got lumber at Paul's last week, J.C. Frank is added to the list of bicyclists. Howard Robinson and his sister will each have new high grade machines this spaing, and a number of other rumored-<purchasers are named. The bay Exile colt which J. B. Jones recently 1 sold to Des Moines parties for $20'0 has been resold in Des Moines for $275. 'It is just as cheap to raise that kind of -stock as it is to have $75 colts. 'As soon as there are eight silver medals won in the Demorest contests in ' this part of the county an invitation '•will be extended to the declaimers to '•Come to Algona to try for a gold medal, Wm, Landman was a pleasant caller from the extreme north one day last While talking of his travels he showed a fine bar of pure silver he secured tfhen he lived in the Calico district in San Bernardino county, Cal. It was not large, but was handsomely polished and inscribed with his name. There will be services at the Episcopal church next Sunday, morning and evening. In the morning the pastor will preach on "Living by Principles," in the evening " The Gospel Fountain." Easter comes this year on March 29. It will come in March only once more in this century, March 25, 1894. The earliest Easter ever came was March 22, 1818, and the latest was April 25, 1886. Mr. Clarke, who is opening the fine new farm near the Walkley place, is on with several head of high bred Jersey cattle. He will put on a dozen during the summer, and go into Jersey breeding. The town well case is continued till next term. Mr. Clarke for Mr. Stephens has added a quantum meruit clause to his petition. That is, he now sues for what the well is worth aside from the contract. Frank Dingley was cutting bands from some wall paper last week when the knife slipped and went 1 to the bone through the fleshy part of the leg. He dressed the wound and was laino only ti couple of days. Our readers will bo interested in knowing that Miss Safford and Miss Hultin attended the recent gatliering at Washington. Miss Hultin preached a sermon there which, is highly spoken of in the press reports. The barrel concert comes Friday evening. All the money barrels will be opened and the prize awarded. A good concert will be given, which all will enjoy, and all should bo present at the Congregational church. The cases of Geo. W, Hanna and the other LuVerne citizens, who were put off the Northwestern freight train at the time Dr. Lacy was hurt, were continued till next term of court. J. C. Raymond represents the plaintiffs. IrfK Hicks' storm came as advertised in these parts. The snow Sunday was heavy for this country but the weather fortunately was not cold. It don't take much of a prophet to tell storms in March, but all honor to Hicks nevertheless. Mrs, Win. Hill underwent a painful operation not long ago in the removal of a malignant tumor from above one eye. Dr. Garfleld attended her, and her friends will learn with pleasure that the wound is healing and that no further trouble is likely. Phil. C. Hanna's consulship is reported to pay 52,000 a year with fees added, making a- good salary. It is also reported that the highest ternpera- ure is 85 degrees and the lowest 75 degrees. That will give a fine climate, when anyone likes it warm. Admirers of Longfellow will soon have an opportunity of enjoying a delightful treat. An entertainment called "An Evening with Longfellow" is in preparation, in which some of our best literary and musical talent will participate. Date and full announcement will be given later. The Algona Knights of Pythias go to Bancroft soon to assist in installing the new lodge organized at that place. They have assurances that the goat is well fed and that they will be received in royal style. The Bancroft lodge has 25 charter members and will start out in prosperous condition. The State Register says: Oliver & Co, made a deal last week whereby J. B. Jones, of Algona, la., comes in possession of the Iowa Buggy Co.'s plant, on East Second and Walnut, 66x132; price $12,000. This adds more valuable property to his ftM-mer investments, which shows ho has faith in Des Moines real estate. Eight carloads of cattle were shipped from tlvo north last week on the Northwestern, and driven across to the Milwaukee to be shipped west. We hear that in all some 14 carloads have been transferred very lately between tho roads here, This would seem to indicate that a " commercial necessity exists for a'Y'." This office has printed some letter heads and envelopes the past week for M. DeL. Parsons. Ho found he could get his paper printed as cheaply as to buy it plain, and saw many advantages in having 1 his name and address on it. Printed heads make a good impression on people away from here, and are fully as cheap as ordinary plain paper. The driving park association held a meeting last evening and appointed F, M, Taylor and W. H. Nycum a committee to meet like committees from Humboldt, Eagle Grove and Webster City to arrange for a racing circuit. They will probably meet at Eagle Grove on March 19, and finally decide whether we have races this season or not. A recent circular received at this office indicates that our old citizens A. L. Hudson and A. F. Call are now heavily interested in stone quarrying. They are directors in a company which controls the output of several large quarries and which does a very extensive business. It irf called the Sioux Valley Stone company, and has a capital stock of $1,000,000. About a month ago Sheriff Stephens and E. P. Bircher bought an imported Shire stallion in Decovab, and a span of handsome Norman mares. The stallion is " Beau Bruramel," seven years old, and a large lino looking horse with a pedigree as good as they make. Ed. will have charge of the horse as well as of his well known Norman stallion. This purchase brings some more fine horses to the county. Lotts Creek has a pretty situation on township matters. Monday one meeting was held at the call of tho secretary and another at tho call of tho president, each at different places, and each taking full charge of township matters. Tho contest seems to have been as to whether the regular meeting place should bo continued, or bo changed by tho secretary. Raising fine stock is not all profit. Last year W. W. Wheeler and C. M. Doxseo sent their full blood Jersey cows cast to have them bred to a very line bull, tho fee being 25 dollars apiece besides the costs of shipping, etc, Mr. Wheeler's cow did not have a calf, and Mr. Doxsco's had one so weak that it did not get on its foot, and died in a fow days. They did not hnvo tho service feo to pay. The passenger train on tho Milwaukee was delayed Saturday evening for about two hours by a wreck three miles east of Mason City at Portland station. Tho two passengers passed there, and as ono was coming to tho other tho track spread, lotting tho ongino plunge over into tho train by its side. It wns going slow, so beyond broken machinery no damage WHS done. The passengers were badly shaken up. Peter Krietho received for the milk of 12 cows, from Jan. 27 to Fob. 28, within a few cents of $66 at tho Burt crenjn- cry. Besides this the 12 cows had 13 calves, all of which are alive and thriving on tho milk from tho separator. Ho says some have trouble with this PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. H. J. Edcns trout to Tnina, Monday on business. B. A. Myers was in Chicago last week returning to close up his business. Geo. C. Call returned last week to Llano, where ho will remain some time. Mrs. G. R. Woodworth came over from Clear LtvUt; last week to visit in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Winkel wcro called to Tama county Monday by tho death of a relative living there. Miss Mury Smith has been spending a week's vacation at home. Miss Jcssio did not come home, but visited her sister. Mrs. A. F. Call came over from Sioux City Saturday to attend the funeral of her brother's baby. Sho visited Mrs. Goo. E. Clarice. Messrs Wilborham of Cresco and Johnson of Lime Springs wore looking over Algona with J. R. Jones yesterday. Both m L> en pi favl ists. Mrs. M. D. Hay ward and Miss Gertrude Amidon of Whitewater, Wis., arc visiting with Algona friends. They arrived Saturday evening last, and arc guests of Mrs. R. B. Warren. Mrs. D. D. Townsend has returned from her extended visit in Indiana, where sho has been since early winter. Sho cumo last. Thursday, and many friends will bo pleased to welcome hot- homo. MISOELLANEOUS MEMORANDA. Monthly School Itoport. Following is u report for tho city schools for month ending Feb. 27,1801: Totnl enrollment <~>~" Monthly enrollment 4411 Avurnge belonging 41(1.00 Average attendance 110.lfi Days lost OISI.O Pupils' tardiness <>1 Per cent, attendance Kl> milk, but his calves are getting on as well as any ho ever raised. His milk brought $1.10 a hundred, the butter selling for 35 cents a pound in tho eastern market. Tho funeral of the infant child of C. B. and Eva Hutchins was hold at tho homo of Mrs. S. D. Hamilton Saturday afternoon. Many friends of tho family wero present and expressed their sympathy with the parents in their bereavement. Rev. Davidson conducted tho services, which were brief, and tho mourners followed the remains to the grave. Tho little one was tho youngest son, aged six months and a few days. The court house was crowded Friday evening to witness the inspection of Company F. Col. Boutin was up from Hampton, and the company had its guns and uniforms in tho best of condition. The inspection consisted of " setting up" exercises, marching, the manual of arms, and various maneuvers by tho company, all of which were well done. Tho room was rather small for the marching, and bothered tho boys in ono or two movements, but otherwise they did nicely. Col. Boutin was highly pleased with tho condition he found, and complimented the town on tho liberal contribution made to tho company. The annual school election passed olF quietly Monday, resulting in tho election of B. F. Reed, Gardner Cowles and D. A. Haggard to fill tho places. Both John Wallace and John Robinson declined to take the position another terra. The vote stood, Roed, 244, Cowles, 226, Haggard, 179. Many voted for R. F. Hedrick, as it has been usual to have ono director from tho depot, but he came fourth on the list. The result puts three well known citizens on tho board, all interested in maintaining good schools. Tho board will now stand, Geo. E. Clarke, Dr. Barr, W. H. Ingham, B. F, Reed, Gardner Cowlos and D, A. Haggard. Tho Algona relief corps contributed two barrels of goods to tho Nebraska sufferers, and sent them to Mrs. Hitchcock, state president. In a letter to The Union Signal of Chicago, Mrs, Hitchcock writes acknowledging tho receipt of this and other offerings. She says: " The response has been moro than I expected, but not as groat as our need. New places are calling 1 to mo for help which I give as fast as it reaches me, and my faith is strong enough to believe that help will come until the suffering is entirely over and plenty reigns again. Up to date I have received §535 in money and 15,000 pounds of freight, consisting of sixty barrels, fifty boxes and ton bales." Tho second Demorest declamation contest was held last Thursday ovcra'ing, and a good audience was out to *hear it. This time four boys competed'with four girls, but the latter again took tho premium, Miss Bessie Rist, daughter of S. S. Rist, getting tho medal. The judges wore, Judge Carr, Judge Cook, and Prof. Gemmel of the Emmotsburgi high school. Each marked Miss Rist highest so the decision was unanimous, although the difference between three speakers was so little as to make the result very close. Tho speakers all did well and were as follows: MissosBirdio Rutherford, Bertha Hancock, Bessie Rist, and Lizzie Wallace; Messrs: Chapin, Hamilton, Wheelock, and Kruschek. Another contest will bo arranged soon. To EXCHANGE — For unincumbered land in Kossuth county, four dwellings and store building in Des Moines, Iowa. Address, with numbers and price, It. W. Barger, Chicago, 111. 49 Percent, punctuality OD.Ofi Teachers' tardiness 1 Number neither absent nor tardy IS'J The low per cent, in attendance wns caused by bad weather und sickness. During tho latter part of tho month nearly !3f> per cent, of tho school was absent for from three to five days each, on account of colds, etc. Room No. 0 ranks tho highest in per cent, of attendance and also had tho greatest number of days of no absence. The do- pot school mules tho highest in punctuality, 100 percent. DIrectorH' Mooting. The directors of tho county fair will meet at S. S. Sessions' office Tuesday, March 17, at 2 o'clock in tho afternoon. This is the annual meeting for preparing tho premium list and making a pro- gramme for tho fair. Every dirocloi should plan to attend. Following are the members: Harvey Ingham, Levi Hodgson, Robert-Lano, O. A. Potter T. M. Clark, J. A. Winkol, G. S. Wright, J. Shafer, Wm. Goodrich, C. E. Lewis, S. H, Pettibonc, A, P. Darr, E. B. Eddy, P. Kain, Aug. Studor, B. F. Smith,'A. Fisher, W. W. Alcorn, R. P. Wright, Cnpt. Jeanson, Thos. Me- Arthur, A. Hotelling, Frank Kcrnan, A. J. Dunlap. Prulrlo T..IVWII Herd Sold. Last week a trade was made by which J. B. Jones disposes of his entire herd of Shorthorn cattlo, breeding hogs, horses, etc. Mr. Cunningham of Des Moines gots tho lot and they will be shipped south this week. Tho trade included 118 head of full blood cattlo. This sale removes from the county a lot of fine stock which ought to havo been scattered among our farmers to become tho foundation of pedigreed stock all over tho county. It has been offeree! hero at lower prices than it could bo bought for elsewhere, and at lowot prices than Mr. Jones now gets for it. JAS. A. OBR, painter; will do painting, paper hanging, kalsomining, etc., in the latest and best styles, and guarantee satisfaction. Seo him and got prices before lotting your work. BARGAINS AT THE CASH STOKE. Townsend & Langdon s Clothes Pins for 01 Yenst for on I pkp Soda (Strictly Pure) 0*1 L pkj? Uixon Stovo Polish on 1 box Axlo Greaso <Kl 1 box Lewis' T.yo Ill :W l):irs Good Laundry Soap $ .90 20 Ibs r.Uok-R Hut tor Crnrkcrs 1.00 12 Ihs Choice Cnl. Dried Grnpca 1.00 A. pooil Tjiintorn for only 3ft •JO ths Crystal Ufcc for t.OO 13 Ibs Choice Kntsins for 1.00 We sell other goods in proportion to the above. Call and ice us. B-iir' We are agents for Rock Salt for stock. TOWNSEND & LANGDON. Farm Loans. I run now make loans on Improved lands, from one to ton years time, ami jjtvp the borrower tho jirlrllftge of paying the whole limn or nny part thereof In ovnn $100 at — any ditto whon Interest falls dm 1 . Tills Is lotrn money, and no second mortgage or ronpous tuk'.Mi. This plan c>r making a loan will enable tho borrower to reduce his mortgage at any lime and save the interest on tho atnout'.t paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address 11. 11OXIK. Algona, Iowa. M. /. (JUOVK. JOHN UKOVK. GKRO'VE ZBZRO3. Livery, Feed, and- Boarding Stable. West of Thorlngton House. M. /. (JUOVK, Mnnngrr. M WAOT AND PLOW WORK, GENERAL REPAIRING. Wo want tho people to know that we are prepared to put their plows In llrsl, elan's shape. Also do repairing of all kinds, horse shooing, and all olasnon of lilarUsmlthliiK. Have a tllrst clttBB wagon maker and painter, and we guarantee satisfaction In everything we turn out. WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE, ALCONA, IOWA. Thorington House Laundry. New Laundry, just opened in basement of the Thorington. Strictly First-Class Work at reasonable rates and on short notice. Will do family washing. All work called for and delivered. IFIrst-Olasej "^7\7"orlc i© O'u.a.ranteed.. WHITTERffiORE CASH STORE. South Side of Broadway. Groceries, Crockery, etc. Mways'a full stock, selected with a view to meeting the wants of the people of Whittemore and vioinily. Drop in; we will do you good. HENRY MUNCH. It will p? _ NOTICE OF INCORPORATION NORTHERN IOWA Normal '•-: School, This InHtltutlou offers superior advantages In the following particulars: IT HAS three full, rounded courses ot study— Husluess, Acudeniie, and Normal. ITS AIM Is thorough, practical work In all brunches taken up—nothing slighted, nothing done for show. IT MAKES a specialty of fitting teachers for their work, and has succeeded HO well that It has moro calls for efficient teachers than It can nil. its academic students are accepted without examination by the leading Institutions of'the state. ITS WORK is endorsed by County Superln- tendent'Carey, and superintendents of other counties send to us for teachers. IT OFP13BS cheap board, low rates of tuition, pel(iohul'acquaintance and Influence of faculty. |2?*Sprlng term opens March ai. Further Information furnished on application to II. ; B. McCOLLUM, A. B., Pi-in., 50 Algona, Iowa. Talk with Doxsee. any farmer in Kossuth county to take a look at the display of Machinery now in stock at the New Wigwam. '' Jones he pays the freight" to any station in the county. It will pay. Dealer In all kinds of 01T TUB Buffalo Fork Co-Operative Creamery Two good houses to rent. Good house and four I for sale, or will exchange other property. A bargain. Furniture, Picture Frames, Looking glasses, chromos, and all kinds of ready-made coltlns. Hearse for public use. Headquarters for tho best DEWING MACHINES AND ORCANS. Notice Is hereby given that tho above-named company has organized and commenced doing business under tho name and stylo of " Tuo Hultalo Fork Co-Openitive Creamery Company." Tho principal place of transacting business will bo In Portland, Kosstitli county, Iowa. The general nature of tho business to bo transacted JH to collect and manufacture Into butter and cheese the milk belouglug to sub scrlbww to Its capital stock, and to purchase • and manufacture milk, cream, and other ualry products, and to soil tho same, and to do all things necessary to make the aforesaid business a success. The amount of capital stock authorized by this corporation Is Six Thousand Dollars, (lf((,000), which Is divided Into sliuros of Fifty (Will) Dollars each! Three Thousand (13,000) <;!' which Is paid up, and Die corti/icatos for the remainder of said authorised capital stock Hliall bo issued upon resolution passed by tho board of directors, ami shall bo sold at such lime anil in such manner as may bo determined by said hoard. The lime of commoncumimt of this corporation was Keb. !ia, tHDl, and it shall conliriuo twenty years, unless sooner dissolved by two- thirds of the slocUholders voting for such, dissolution. The affairs of tho corporation are to be conducted by a board of seven directors, who shall bo elected by and from among tho stockholders at the annual meeting, which meeting will bu on the / Saturday in January In each. year, and the ofllcers of this corporation shall bo a president, vino-president, treasurer, and secretary, and such other officers as the board shall deem necessary, and UH shall be elected by tho board. All ofllcers shall bo elected ivt the January meeting In each year. The highest amount of indebtedness to which this corporation can subject Itself Is not to exceed one-half of its paid-up capital stock. All private property of the stockholders la to be exempt from corporate debts. WltnuBB our hands this 2!!d day of February, A. U. 1801. E. U. EDDY, T. Fox, T. A. IJUTTEllKIKLD, J. D. DAV1SON, A. MEYKH, •i8 Incorporates of said Incorporation. POS1 it JU1U all germs, bacteria, parasites, microbes, and K ID1VS (iKUJI KUAIHCATOR lively cures all diseases— because it JU1U> .S or Good horses to exchange for small town property. M ONEY TO LOAN- ON RAILROAD LANPS. Persona wanting to borrow money on ran road lands will do well to cull at ,tbe County Bank ana PROBATE OF WILL. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS- In the district court. To an whom It may concern—Take notice: That there was llled In the ofllce of the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, on the 5th day ot March, 18U1, an instrument In writing bearing date the 5th !of March, 1881), and purpo rttn 8 to uo the las ' W M anti testament of Kllenor Fruser, late of said county, deceased, was produced and publicly read, and that the 2d day of tl:o next term of said court, to be holden ou the llth day of. May, 1801, at the court house in Algona aforesaid, has been fixed for proving said will; and at 2 o'clock p. in. of the day above mentioned, all persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear in said court, and show cause if any they have, why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as and {or the last will and testament or said deceased. , Aim ft** MftroU nont physicians In convention agreed was the cause or all disease. Tho air, water, vegetables and fruit aro full of these llttlo worms, causing catarrh, consumption, diabetes, and Uright's disease, cancers, tumors, and all so- called Incurable diseases. (Never known to fail to euro consumption, catarrh, kidney troubles and syphilis.) Kotallod in %2, *3, antt J5 sizes, sent anywhere on receipt of price. This Is the only genuine article ; all others are dangerous counterfeit*!. Dr. Shoetz issues guarantees to cure all aliments for Kido'B Germ Kradlcator for the munutactnrera. n 1JEAT FttENOH HEMBDY.-Pr. Le Duo's Of periodical pills from Paris, France, act in females, only upon tue generauve organs in iv»"»«>(i, and positively cure suppression of the nieusea (from whatever cause) and all periodical troubles peculiar to women. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstruation, pr money refunded. Should uot he used during pregnancy. The largo proportion. Qf tbe UU to which ladles are sublecf is % >dlr«et5. J'esult of a disordered and irregular Bj0fifstru.a.tionA ASK

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