Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 12, 1998 · Page 26
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 26

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 12, 1998
Page 26
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Paid Program S 3's Company Li in Confd S u Wimzie's House S Facts of Life G rj IV ;rica Rugrats L Life With Louie E C Paid Program f Movie CBS Telenoticias C Acorn-Nature F Women First C Music Vioeos KdsTneseDays |S Varied Programs Movie Varied Proqrams f nge s Daily Mass al Cont'd Wonderland j Varied Programs Varied Programs Pappviand 1 7:00 7 3 a id Program |P Movie Confd Another World As the Worid Turns •luracan Varied Programs Hart to Hart Puzzle Place | h Movie Confd CNN Today Cont'd One Life to Live Muppet Babies Judge Judy j America's Country Housesmart! 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Goof Troop s | Shopping Spre s I Wedding Story :00 19: lovie ama's Family |Mi ve - Regis & Kathie atlock laite portscenter rynasty lamey & Friends Tf Vings W erry Springer Jusy Worid M : ull House F }rook & Chase tome Matters utovie .lovizna -,. 3 etLine |V "op Ten Countdown /aiied Programs ..A. Law h fv 3 aid Program |F Varied Programs House or Represen Rod Parsley |f Bear in House |l 700 Club Lonesome Dove: Tl Movie Sally's Light. Tom Sawyer Looney Tunes Rosie O'Donneil Young and the Re Crisiina Fall Guy Barney & Friends | CNN Today Sally Real Monsters Beetle. Metallix Dukes of Hazzarc Great Chefs Sevcec Lassie ; | My Generation (MTV Jams ] Design. Women Vaned Programs Varied Programs j | House olRepres |John Hagee Timon & Pumba = Big Valley In the Heat of th Movie Movie Furniture to Go 30 If una's Family J i Lee M P A S P jletubbies V ings (V G uppe; Babies V ull House 8 C h C /ild-Animals / \ n lovie lovie II 'aid Program atives Marilyn Hickey (atie and Orbie ne Outlaw Years ] dovie Skinnamarink TV 3-30 Little Women Calif. Dreams stless Magic Bus Burden of Proof Garfield-Friend Spider-Man (Great Chefs Pet Connection Pop-Up Video Design. Women Movie (Movie entatives (Rod Parsley Rap City a Aladdin Movie e Night Hometime 5:00 H Pa We House on the P ontel Williams ctionary [H. gujetasde Color de portscsnter ' ' icket Fences aried Programs S ajor Dad M C iayle King M /ubbulous G everiy Hills, 90210 lallas iousesmart! IV ;afe con Aroma de Amazing Tails A /aried Programs IK hirty something vlovie 3 aid Program E Reliaious Catal. J Kenneth C. p Jam Zone 2 hip 'n' Dale _ r Spenser For Hire Swamp Critters_j '4-00 CCM-TV Saved by the Bell Extra News Primer Impacto A-Team Arthur USA High Inside Politics Oprah Winfrey You Afraid? Ninja Turtles Club Dance Travelers OcurrioAsi Varied Programs Top Ten Countd Golden Girts (Varied Programs | Image cf God Praise the Lord 1 Dinosaurs Bonanza: The L Kung Fu: The L 1 Hometime >:30 n lid Program Ct rairie M & we Lucy Pi Rosa S) 3 orytime S ajor Dad B NN& Company N artha Stewart A ullah Island b R A Ir ovie vlujer ^ inimal Doctor F F 1usic Videos ~t \ \ 3 aid Program ! Scriptural Rosary ( /aried Programs dateline Carol Burnett Swamp Critters 4:30 Saved by the Bell American Journal Home Videos Read. 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Simpsons CBS Telenoticias Amazing Tails Debt Varied Programs (Movie 227 Brotherly Love (Carol Burnett jerman (Renovation X.LCI /aried Programs Hjidy Griffith Wheel of Fortune <Jews SinTi diami Vice Wishbone i ghlander The Moneyline tews Doug Home Improve. Dallas Gimme Shelter Varied Program Edicion Especia Human Nature Hollywd-Vinyl My So-Called L Intimate Portrait Last Word Our Lady of the Varied Prograrr Planet Groove Movie Varied Progran Babylon 5 Home Again ?:30 ub English old, Beautiful et Department ort Charles Uipetl udge Judy •fits /ovie Wild-Animals i/ideos Dana Night Court /orkout ilatfves Casey Treat I ale a 3tn / Varied Programs Country Inns 6:30 Andy Griffith Jeopardy! Access H'wood [Varied Programs Business Report Series Crossfire EnL Tonight Rugrats Frasier 3 (Movie (Sex Appeal fe Sports News Angels Daily Mass s is Home Again__ --

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