The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 4, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1891
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOtNES. ALGONA. IOWA. WEDNESDAY, MAUCmj.J8m AXTJ SIIADT3. Taken away *~Bick headache, bilious headache, dizziness, constipation, indigestion, bilious attacks, and all derangements of the liver, stomach and bowels. It's a large contract, butf the smallest things in the world do the business—Dr. Pieree's Pleasant Pellets, They're the smallest, but the most effective. They go to work in the right way. They cleanse and renovate the system thoroughly—but they do it mildly and gently. You feel the good them do — but you don't feel, theifl doing it. As a Liver Pill, they're unequaled. Sugar-coated, easy to take, and put up in vials, and hermetically sealed, and thus always fresh and reliable. A perfect vest-pocket remedy, in small vials, and only one necessary for a laxative or three for a cathartic. They're the cheapest pill you can buy, because they're guaranteed to give satisfaction, or your money is returned. Tou only pay for the good you get. That's tho peculiar plan all Dr. Pierce's medicines are sold on, through druggists. Mlp fancies wove their charm around us Donht nml error's PttMl* 1 power has bonml it?: Nisrht* of vigil without pain and haste, W-cii the sunset's parting aloric* shimmer, Arid the dusky light grows dim anil dimmer, And the pate blue stars rise and g.lmmer . Over chaos of confused waste. What shall be, and what Is ever subsiding, Space and concord are the bonds dividing, Changeful as the sunset's flectniKjrum; See the gateways open wl'la tomorrow. Light andsnade from fairer fields to borrow; Never subdued and crushed by daunting sorrow In Its fullness all to have and hold. Dreume? Our dreams are written fables That is splendor of some old parable, Dim in their seductive beauty lie. Other eyes have scanned their written pages: Other hands have clasped in long past ages; Other hearts have joined their heritages As securely, love, as you and I. Nurtured like perpetual vestal tires, Kansomed greatness dwelt In vastdesires, Ueauties that In future gladness lie. Void would bo the world around without it; Madness be the constant dream about It, Give' me faith that never more will doubt It, Bud and bloom that never fade and die. luiTH'S 1,OV13. The train was late, and the engineer was evidently trying to up time. Ronald McAllister turned his face for the twentieth time to the darkened pane and stared into the blackness. Now and then the shadowy form ot some object thowed for a moment as the car whirled along over the rails and an occasional house Jotted the gloom with its cheery lights. "But if the truth be told. Ronald's mind was not, occupied with these llt'cting vis ions of t.lie. utilor world. The ulass 'icte as u mirror, and, he could look as ion, and eagerly as lie liked afc the reflect ton ot a dainty figure in an opposite seat. Rather grave eyes, a saucy nose, a sweet tiredmoulh, rebellious whisps of' t sof tjbrowi hair straying from under a stylish but. Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver aud Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, heiul. aches aud fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of. Figs is tbe only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste aud acceptable to-the stomach, prompt in its/action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most 'healthy and agreeable substances, ita many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most- popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. • LOUISVILLE, KY. NEW YORK, N.V. The success of this Great Cough Cure is without a parallel in the history of medicinf;. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can sue- cesslully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the United States and Canada. If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchi tip, use U, for it will cure you. If your child hns the Croup, or Whooping Cout;h, use it promptly, «ml relict is sure If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SlIILOll'S CURR, Pvice 10 cts., 50 cts. and Sl.oo, If ymir Lungs aie sore or Back lair.r. use Sliiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. plain hut; n slight pretty figure in n, simple brown traveling suit, with a wiMry droop that, appealed, to the strong young fellow and mude him rubel fiercely against tlio social conventionalities which rose liku nn iuy Lmrrier between the two traveler* —that is what McAllister saw in the glass. He had been able to perform one or two slight services for the girl—-had raised her window and brought her a glass of water; had heard her gentle "Thank you sir; you are very kind;" and had caught sight of her ticket, thus learning that.;her destination was only one station beyond his home, to which he was returning after a hard business trip. Their eyes had met so frequently, after this, that she had flushed, and he had been ashamed to look iu her direction, lest she should think him a boor, anxious to scrape a "railway acquaintance" with the first pretty girl he met. • The tired head under the brown hat dropped until it rented on the back of. the seat, where it swayed helplessly. The train rused onward through the night faster and faster, until the car fairly rooked as if it flew around curves and over resounding bridges. "Must get into the siding at Mooreville defore No. 10 freight comes in." Ronald heard the conductor say to tho brakeuian as he passed out of the car. Faster—Jiutiier. Ronald counted the rails and glanced at the second hand of his watch. Could it be possible ? Forty- five miles an hour! Now, fifty; and look—sixty miles aan hour! D The tired p_irl could not _ rest in her cramped position, aud, raising her head, glanced at Ronald with a quivering ghost of a smile. He started to his feet, was in the aisle, moving toward her, whim—crash! An uproar of shrieks and frightful cries, a rending of solid wall and beams, Ja dizzying swaying lurch, a fierce^hiss of. steam then absolute rest from motion. Ronald raised his hand and pushed away something which was lying on his face and smothering him in the darkness. It was the warm, lifeless body of a man, •who a rnonent before had been telling a funny story to a comrade in the smoking car, thirty feet away. The smoker and pessenger were one <;ar now. In railroad parlance they had "telescoped," As if in a dream, McAllister raised himself up, groaned a little over a bruised ankle, or soirething of the kind, and | slowly made his way,limping out of the ! wreck. A man near by raised a lantern. "Good for you," he said in husky tones You've got one of them out already haven't you?" And Ronald looked down and coming like the fair deiighter of Rtppncim in Hawthorn's tivle, and every living thing •withered and died. Winter buried its dead in deep snow ana snng requiems of the Northland ovor tho i white mound?. , Rojiald McAllister wont vranly lo and fro from his work, yearning for ono word from Ruth, the woman he had loved and wounded so grievously. j He dared not write to her, nor even look | at her, as they mot in the street. : He had no trusty friend who could pleail : for him. How cnild he reach her? j One day as ho was p.wsing a news-stand he saw the little figure he knew so well standing nn the counter. S'.ie way buy- ng a paper, tho heading of which ho recognizo'l a* rm-?"pf the leadirg journals of the city. . , , , A thought (lashed into HIS heart anil burned there like a s^ar of hops. He hurried hom« nnd seized pen and paper and wrote rapidily and unceasingly till daylight crept in. gray and wan, at, his window. On his way down town he dropped a thick package of manuscript into tho letter box; What days of tot hiring anxietj foMow- eu. At last it wno—tho envolopn bearing tho imprint of the periodical. He tore it oppii rtiul read. Of KICK OK THU HUSTON COUIMKU. "Denr Sir: Your story entitled "Ruths Lover is accepted, and will be published in our issue of Dec. 23th. Enclosed please tind cheque, in payment for the. same." On tho morning of Doc. 28th Ronald stood shivering at the corner opposite the nowa stand. He hud remained _ thoro several hdut-H watching for her. Tim p.ip'T was just out containing his story. Would she buy it and read it? It WU.M signed by an assumed name, but shosureiy would know—Ah, she is eoniing? Shu enters the little store, purchases the Austrian* takers have diseov a score or per.^n-: in the empire vh<> have p.i^.-d their tOOih birthday. TV o!dc-t wns the wid.ivv of Tet^r IT-iviel. >ho has a rertifi.Mte of birth dated IVo.emher 24. 1770. Or her four living son", On- youngest is seventy yours nl>l. In S/.ogodin Si man muuedilsak showed :i birth ccrtiti catelOo ve.'.rs old. Stanley says that lecturing is more tiresome business than exploring Afiiea. A Krnl 'H«iMimTs~k7t~n|V'!»"''MM»UK Thodictionnry snys: "A Imlsnm Is n thick, pure, nromiitic pnbstiinei: tluxvin.u frmn IITCS." Kemp's HnUam for tin: Tln-nnt niul Lung's is the only I'ouirli nifilK'ine tlivt is :i real tmlsnin. Many tliin, watery cou»-li ,vm- otlk'S ure I'lUkul bnlsnmn, hut such nru not. Look through a bottle ot Kemp's HtxUnm nml notice what n pure, thlolc preparation H is. If you conch, USD Kemp's llnlsnm. At all druggists'. Large bottles 5UctmU tind *1. A wealthy Atchinson, Kan., woman made . her will recently, and she says in it that at I the end of five years all her fortune Is to be ' given to her husband, It ho can prove that he has visited her grate ten times In that length ot time. If alllictcd with Sore Kye.s. nsy Ur. Vsnac. Thompson's Eye Water. l>ni«rirlsU!=ol1 It. 25c. There are seven American girts amoni^tho, students nt Newnlnim, tin) school In Knj?- Iniul in which Miss I'hllltppu, who took the senior wrangler's honors at Oxford Insl year was trained. TIIHY say truly "The more servants the less scrvli-i<." S;ive VVIILJCH ami gain .-cvvire l>y tislnt;- SAl'Ol.ll). it is a col'iil niko of Bcouring Soap. Try It. i I,. 1C. Timnoek, of 1'rall Minus, ^l"-- Jninpod inlo a well sixly feet ilei-p. There vus not umnm'h wiitur In it lo drown him imd lie wi'.s' taUen out alive. l)iit badly bruised. TTnw*f» We Offer One lliinilrt-d Dollar? Re,v : m! for «ny «'B<e of Cai:irrh Ilinl (nnn.>t. In- «-iir«-,l by tftkins; Hull'* fiit.-irrli Cure. V.M. t;ilKNi:V .<:<•(i., I'roi'".. Toledo. O. We, the Hiidor-U'iied, ba\>- k!^ »•,;'. F. •'. C'<eney for the ln*t l."> >( nvs, and believe him prrfoc'tly linnorablo in nil business transae. lions aud llmim-hiUy nblo I" carry out any obligation made by their linn. West A Tniax, WlioUvnle Dni-.'u'Ms. Toledo, O. Waldln-l, Rinnan & Marvin, Wholesale D'rucrcisls. Toledo. O. Hall's Caiiirth Cure is taken Internally) acting directly upon the blond and mucus surfaces of the system. Price 75e. per bottle. old by all Druggists. The young ladle* of Qulncy, Mich., hava •'guess pnr f y." Tlio ladies send the gen- ctiipn invitations rcadinif; 'Turty In our et this eTdclnjf. Guess where and como here." It is'nccdless to say that the boys ot around Utr, »s they freiiuentlv tlsll » oteu houses before finding Ino right ono. the paper, his paper, and turned to go out, glancing idly down its columns. lie can sec her pl:.iivily iu the brilliantly lighted interior of "tho_ store. Slit) is about to put up tho paper in her sate.hel, when Houwthing near tlv? b.ittom of the | page catches her eye. She ro.uls it, eagerly. ' Tne newsman stares but slip doea not, 1 heed him. Ronald can restrain himself no longei, but draws near trembling with hope and fear. In that sketch, hastily scribbled nt midnight, ho lias told her story and his own, lias portrayed the anguish of the remorseful lover, his penitence, hid longing for reconciliation. She glances up; her eyes are dewy with tears. What face is that, so near? It is his! "Ronald!" "Ruth—darling! Forgive mo" And although the notice was rather sudden, tho wedding did take place on that bright New Year's day, after all. THK MAN Qi A THE -FAII AVJSST. PR, Gents's Clothlniy. Vnalliors, (Hov eie,, lived or ('.leaned. Vlnsh (Ji.nnen Steamed nt Otto Vieteh's Dyu Works. V!-lli AV. Water St., JUlwiuiUcu. Bend for Uiren- hir. The depopulation ot Iceland Is goi teadily. Tho depreciation In tbe val for 33 cents a bottle, TASTES - • --- _. « ,} w^'4 The first dose often astonishes theinvnlld, giving elasticity of MilnO,bouyaucyolEboay, GOOD DIGESTION, regular bowel* a»a solia Ueslj, price, »Wi gradually to his senses, realized that he was bearing' something in his arms— something warm and human—a living woman. The light of the lantern fell on her face and her. brown dress. Yes he, was not mistaken. Out of that awful chuof, which was even now ringing with tho shrieks of the wounded and dying, ho had brought her. lie looked down into her face.'' "Thank God!" ho said. Thon.-;iwUJcd: reverently: "He has given her to mis.' 1 n. "Very well, sir; if that is the v/ay in which you regard niy happiness you can leave me" "And never return? I'll do so!" Ronald McAllister and Ruth Jarvis glared at each other across the little marble topped table and uttered these stinging words, their cheeks burning and eyes sparkling with anger, just eight months after they had met on that fenrful night when No. 10 freight and the "Night Owl" express had collided on S. P. & C. Railroad. It, was a slight matter—the beginning of this quarrel; a hasty word about a partner in a dance, a bit of childish jealousy,;' angry tones, harsh, injunctions, bitter retorts and—there they stood, engaged to be married on tho next New Year's day, but drifting leagues apart evsry moment. It was a sultry June evening, and when Ronald dashed but of the house., the northern sky showed no stars, only lightning flashes, cutting with jagged gashes through heavy piles of cloud that were mounting rapidly. "Never, never!" he muttered, as he strode along the street aud bared his hoi brow to the pelting drops of ram. "Never!" she said, sadly as she listener.' to his retreating footsteps. "I was disap pointed in him. We can never be unitec again." And the wind blew and beat upon tha house. Ruth Jarvis felt that her heart was breaking, not because her lover was going but because she felt that she ought not tc long for his return. He was unworthy o her love. HI. The sultry days of summer crept slowly by. Autumn breathed upon the landscap Is Mailing Immense Strides in Mie Uplands ami Adding Dignity to Ainorliiii.ii Life. I.ipplncoU'H Mni;nx,tiui, There was once a time, happily long past, when the United States held only men oi tbe north and men of the south. Now, as the country has developed on broader lines, we have learned to think of the men of the east, of the Mississippi valley, ol: the Rocky mountains and of the j'aeitic coast, at four greatjand charatcriatic groups. East of tho Alleghanies are the ildest of the common wealth; west of tho Sierras are a chain of young states ri'inur v- T,ble in contrast to tho rest of thu Union. California, Oregon and Washington occupy the mountain-Hlopes and plain-like valleys of a more extensive region than the whole Atlantic seaboard states, and here, no less than in the Mississippi _ valley, the American pioneer is establishing immensely prosperous and powerful communities, bound closely together by inum- erable bonds of sympathy and interest. Sonus one must, rule, and in tho end it is the man. Since in the United Status a process oi union in groat groups is ul^.td ily at work, producing types, all American and yet all characteristically different from each other, the underlying problem is, what sort of a man is the typical man of the larger group? In tho long run, numbers count, of course,- and the man of that mighty west ot broad, defending levels from Minnesota to Louisiana is coming by swift steps to his dominion. But there' is a man of the foot-hills, of the uplands, of the champaign country, of tho mountain-valley and the high wilderness, whoso power on this continent, moro slowly recognized_, may some day come to mean far more to civilization than that of any other. Under certain conditions of national lifo, the hope of the republic might oing on steadily. Tho depreciation In tbe value the land has been very marked of late, while the taxes have, eonsiderably Increased, urn Ihe. Icelanders an; said to be emlgralinu; i' slioiilft. Tho popiilu.l.lon. wbieh was KO,(X)0 ten years ago, Is now under 00,000. Beat, easiest to use and cheapest. PUo's Remedy tor Catarrh. By druggists. 60e. Tlie Miissachnsctta legislature ha* bf«» petitioned to buy A tword of George Ington for ^50,000. __ l-'nr Coughs and Ihroal, troubles use "ISIIOWN'S" BlKiNUIUAL TUOCI1ICS." — "They stop an ultaek ul' my nslhma eoni;l very promptly" — (.•'. I>\iMi, M iuminilk, 0/iia Emma Bowen. ,.f Allantlc. City, known a; tho 'Mersey Lily," was committed to tin Mary's Landing Jail for three, months for lh< twe.uty-e.ighth timo. WITS.— All Fits «t"pp"il frmi hy Dn.K^iNK'B Onr.v NEUVK ItK.STOiti'.u. .Nn Fil« iiflur llratiliiy'K UHII. Mar rolloun oui-tiB. 't'roillimi ciuil f'J.lll) trial bot.llo frnu I. 1'it CIIHOH. 8imdJ,pJ)i-.JUian, U.llArch St., 1'hiln., i'ft Operations were siiBpended,' the other da\ in the district <:oiirt, at Itlchmond, 1ml while, ono of. the jurors, Kldor Brown, mnr rled Juinua rUinmur and Miaa Hbulid Don ton. Those rt'ho use Dobbins' Eloetrlc Soap .aril weclt, (itnif tfin'r name is h';/iV»0 "avn bclr clothes and strength, nml lot the .«'»'.» lo Ibo work. Did ;,..u ever tr)'it? If n»t. fo so next Mombiy sure. Ask your grocer 'or U. . .. There Is eonslatit complaint of the lack ot morals In politics. There is no place, yet Hscoveml, even out of politics, where thorn s an over supply. rit.t.a cure HlllmiB and Nervous Ills Tim number of Indians In Iho United Stall s who can read Knyllsh la Hinted to lit! )vor i(,0(H); Iho number who cull read Indian ' is OUT 10,01)0. GURAT Inventions htuv boon nmtlc tills nliiotmnitheonini-y, but mm- morn «n at or mUul Ihmi in-, null's Vo«»lnbli' Worm [)c»li-oyorn. Slothoi-H know tliln. Jly mall. 25'contR. John 1). 1'iii-k. OlnoinmUI. Ohio. G. Glcn;cr, Druggist, Watertowfl, Wis. This is tho opinion of a man who keeps a drug store, sells all medicines, comes in direct contact with the patients and their families, and knows better than anyone cls« how remedies sell, nnd what true merit they have. He hears of ail the failures and successes, nnd can therefore judge: "I know of no medicine for Coughs, Sore Throat, or Hoarseness that had done such effective work in my Coughs, family as Iloschee'* so™ Throat, oc;;.-" %;»!'.« Hoarseness, nt my store, who was suffering from a very ; severe cold. She could hardly talk, nnd I told her about German Syrup nnd lliat n few doses would give relief; but she had no confidence in patent medicines. I told her to take u bottle, nnd if the results were not satisfactory t would make no chnrgo for it. A few (lays after she called tind paid for it, saying that she would never be without it in future a3 a few doses had given her relief." <D GENTILE SSBJ.OO Oeiuiliio Hnml-Howoil, an iilosiiiit ivml O KtvliHli dru.KM Shoo wliloli conmimidM llBolt IS/1.00 liiiml-xuu-oil \Volt, A Ijnu wilt bhooun- *fr equaled £c/i'Kly)» mm (liirnMinty. ' Si»».5O tiuoilyour \V«1», IK tho Htumturd (Irons Shoa Srs.DO i'olJcoiiittu'H Shoo Is CHpooiully \9 lor railroad inon. farmrni. old. •*^^^i°iM^rai'ya-sSw5,T6bo 8 *5.50 fC&ft'SRTnSOiHUanowdopart uro mill iM'omiKos to bocnimi very iiopulur. .00 Shoo lor bullion uml W 1.75lor JVfiHKUS utill ret'iin tholr cxccllunco_£ov»tylo.oto, inoioiiiii"udvoi'flbod »2»-' All goods warranted and stamped witli uaino on bottom. I£ advertlBud local iiBontoaiiuot Hiipply you, solid direct to taetur.v, rest upon the men of the Allotflianies, iho Rockies, tho Sierras, andJCascades. Out of their fastnesses they might, carry a -now jospel to the cities and the dead levels of ! worn-out, over-cultivated social _order, .'he miner's camp, the settler's cabin, the lillside Orchard, the orange-planted aero, he horticultural colony in hidden, omi-tropio• valley of California, each and ill strengthen' the power of tho great roup'of states whoso people are es->entii.l- .i' men of the uplands, and add innueasnr- iUy to the breadth and dignity of American" life. California leads in Hho list of nouutain states, because it is the oldest ucli state west of the Mississippi, aud, Llca Washington and Oregon, it borders <m .he Ps'.cih'c ocean. That means less new | .hanit will when the wc.-ilfch of the Orient ! ;o:ues to America instead of going to En- •ope, but the prosaession of a sea-coast ilways means much, and the man of the and west of the Sierras knows that he lolds one of the gateways into America. Drie'o'or"a']iou'tiil"frivoi 1 (iei'blaMl;B. " Sv. l u IJOIKJI.AS, ICro«kl:nn, MtiBS. la Iho timo to attend to your personal condl- tiou in procuration lor tlio chunga to spring uoason. If you h«vo wot "wintered woll," If you are tlrud out from ovur-worlr, if your blnod bus beooino Impure from close confinement In badly ventilated offices or shops, you should take Hood's Sarsapu- rilla at 01100. It will purify and vitalize your blood, »ipol all germs of disease, create u good appetite, and give your whole system tone and uvteugth. N. B. Be sure to get Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all druggies. |1; si* for $5. Prepared only bj 0. I. UOOB i CO.. Apothecaries, Lowell. Muss. Doses One Dollar In ev«ry city- iui<l I tnwii not oiMMipinil, lo Uko niulu»lvtt infancy. I1 i.if.uim mlvorllBttd lu louul im^er. tfuml for u-. rujuil .uululoijue. '_ GOLD MEDAL,'PARIS, 1878. W. BAKEB & CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa f rora which tho CXCOBB of oil 1ms buc-n removed, la tiltHolutvlif jmru anil •It is soluble, No Chemicals ura lined In HH i>re|inriitlou. It IIIIH wore than time times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, nnd is therefore far more economical, coatlnij lest than ono cent a cup. Itl»dcHclouB,nour. ishlng, ulronuthoulNB, EABII.V DIOKSTED, and admirably lulapU-d for invalids ua well an for poruona In licnllh. Sold by flrocerg everywhore. W. BAKEE & CO., Dorchester, Mass. and fniIr«H us "'? onl) « ceriaiu r;ui . Amalerdatn, N. ) We have sold Big Ot<\ many yearn, ana it lift tbu beat ol uatil tlio groiil foot r^iru'dy rui uiak- .. ._, Ing tho fuel .-U4I.I.KH. lixUiil . for toll! or purnplrlnK fei'' '!" "' lu ovorywlmro. or aent frtu on rccolvt f,l fiouiH. Samplu iiuukllgb frou at nt'iriiB, nr iimllfil l*r u olu»i). llluatiotod I'liuijiliiet Kivo. TUB 1'KUINK C'l.. WOltt.U II'I,"'". N. V. PrctllCBt BOOK ISvir 1'rlMlntU One cent a pkg. Up if rare, -,.,,. .. Clic.-ip.inirc.lxist. lOOOUOOcxtva* f-f-^f-Vtl iSf> : ^ Br.. r .,\:l>i"l Ilhi-:lr&teil ('.anlogue free, Vy.j-.'^ 1 "--^-'- Tt I" ••'I'liirin.-Hv. HrM'l<for(|. 'II too freo. Illuutratud Tlnnd Book, J. B. OBALI.E A 00., Washington, D. 0. Fleuse luoctlou tills paper evory tmi« you wrltw l)r. u KMuoy GET is a question of vital importance, but it is equally important that you use some harmless remedy; many people completely wreck their health by taking mercury and potash mixtures. for pimples and blotches, or some other trivial disease. S. S. S. is purely vegetable containing no mercury And is at the same time an infallible cure for skin diseases. ' Trontlso on Blood and Skin discuses free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ga. or poison of any kind. Try i l~ i n y o u r n e, x \- h o us e " ^ cleaning and see. •:••:•;• A STEHTGCWLE WETH BlflTLT GOOB on in civili/.tMlsowoty from tlio cvixdlo to tlio pravo. V>ivt is elopra- dation—mid cloyrndivtiim in clcwl.rudiori. Women, CM)i;'c.i:dly, nvo jmljjert by tlioir bal.)il» of liouanliold clonnlincss, .i,ml no ijLvon^oi' c"inlciimii),ioii can bo exprcssod Mi an "slio koops n, dirl -" honiio ami n, filthy ];i!i:licii." But tho struggle with dirt id oft an unequal. * Tho woman's v;oi;'-;iic[i:? or tlio \vorthlcHsiics8 of iho soiips nlio IIHOH make it impoKaililo to uverconm th« demon of dirt. By tho nso of SAI'OLIO elio winti etit-ily. I- Soecial Notice. Season l890- ? 98 PUTNAM HOUSE, Winter Resort, Palatka, - Florida. Board $4.OO per day. One liun- dred pleasant rooms at $21 per week, each person. An abundant supply of soft water, EL O. & W. F. OBVIS, Managers. NOT WINDSOR HOTEL. (KrontliiHT Kiwt on Wluduor furk.) 'Winter Resort, Jacksonville, - Florida. Open December to May. Board . $4 por day. One hundred pleasant rooms at $2 1 per wook, each person. P. H. OBVIS. TAKEN. CHICHESTEfl'3 ENOLISH, KfD CKORU ii'l rtlmtitc I'lll ( iti tlold I .ALAND tor witli All jtllH In paHtcbtinnl t,nv in Ktiiiii|i4 for iiiirllr.u 111,11(10 Tralliiioiiliili. hy all Kuoftt It r khi'J. '.{""l"yK'f"""r*i'. Jli-i.." '' (•» '• '" ivliirn M» -l/.lCAt. Co.. 11inll-i I'l.'ll. .11/Ml.rulA. I'A- Host Congh Medicine. Uecorn/nondod by Cures where all elao fails, Plons'itu mid taste. Children take it without objection. By v u it K n. Ag«uta wanted. Laaderbuch Co., Newark, ernrr J (VLL , N. J. boys ivero troubled wllli Euurei 6times every iiiBlit. Your Kid in loss thuu uwcek. I would 6 •(BEDWETTIHQ, }uk.6ayu :" My IAVO littli KU. i touk them up Cur ney ItulHum curod thorn shout your limbos fiom - . jny iioorllttfo folku bop|.y." Price *1 por i>uckau«, b, luuil. Add'eoH, witli btiimp roi' uuculur, PR. Q.W. F. SNYDER, 243 STATE ST.OHlCAQO. $&' Ask your Drugyiat to prder It for you. The Breati) of "Spring is in the Air, Timo to Head for our Vino I.lHI ot OuruU, Autliuuis, Ita.. oi for ICuulor AlleluiiiH 15 ot:i., 01) ct». dm..\, Kotmliol or Our Kuulor OUoriiiu (16 ctM., (1.41 doz|, u CuiiUUu by L " Wla |VlUSICAL SOCIETIES Bhoultl whxu ui> tU» BOUHOU by practician suoh Ouu- tulBBWilJuu Slunlo I$1.50, *l!t.OI) do/,. , \\rackof lluBmirus laOottt., ('2.40 doz.J, Ulut 1'Hiilui (00 ola., (5.40 doz.JUulurd. [Bond (or ourllalof 150f)uuliilii».J FAIRS and EXHIBITIONS CuntliltiH, l.ovvia, I-T . . doz.'J, or Biiliibow Jb'eut'ivui'tui cts., (l.WJoz.'j Lowib. aro uiiu!o»uccu»nful by IntroduolriK uu«y Cu liko Duir yMulirbKuiijieri;20ctii., *i.bOdo/,.) orO,u-doiiot Siiiiiliits i'lowom 1'lpcta., tU.UU BO doz. J Lowi BOYS and GIRLS who Bln« will bo ilullirhtud to tuku l>urt I" thu brll- iluwnr(!aulit<a, New 1'loni'n 1'tutiviil ' llaut il ta.UOiloz.i lUiiK<lum (41) , , Kuw I'lowor (Jumm (00 i-l»., of Mulliur (loouo (26 ols., H't.lU i\M.), (CO cU., ^3.10 iluz.) Bond for Lists. (j\i>- Much AttructlvoKxUlbitlouMuuio Idfuuuit lu School Collections. OUllilrnu'b School Songs (S3 ota., $3.00 doz.), aoldun lioat (60 obi.) oharinliiu tictlciur uouga by ilrn. L. O. Oliuut, i'lrnt Bioiw iub'ouu Kuadiug (UOcts., $3 doz.) Any Jiouk mailed, font-paid, for retail price. LYON & HBALY, Chicago. OLIVER D1TSOB COKPAHY, Boston 'UPOIU, 15-9 ( THE NEW WEBSTER JUST PUBLISHED—ENTIRELY NEW. WEBSTER'S INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY . A GRAND INVESTMENT tor ii.e Family, tho School, ov tlio Library. \ BevUion has been in progress lor ovut Hi \ enra. 1 More than 10O cditoriullrtborors cmpl\>j J ('U. 8300,000 expended buforo liret copy wu.; prmtnV I Oritlcdlfxain illation OcttUo 1>«'*» * •Bold byall lioolcsollers. Illustrated pamphlet Ivce • ' G, ii C. MKK1UAM & <'''>•• I'ubllsUern, ; BprlngUolU, SJuss,,U. S. A. i Caution! — Tlicro luivo »-i.-cently been Issue4 sovernl cheap reprints of iho 1817 edition >.r WelisU; ..... ....... ....... - .. vari WIS PUJ3 UNION * a *.'.*<» .v.*i../i ",~" — ^rr .» ' ?, ietloimry," " Webster's Kueyclopedio Dletionuf kany" announcements ooueerulng "'em nj* very misleading, as tho body of tjaoji, from A 1C a,l»«yeoi=»oltl,and printed iVonf uladoby photoKraphlua the oW page

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