The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1892 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1892
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ESTABLISHED 1866. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 1892. VOL. XXVII-NO. 6. R. M. RICHMOND, President T T NETTP-P \r r, -j A ^ ^ i. J. BRUER, Vice President. A. B. RICHMOND, Cashier *> j?- ' SOIMIE Incorporated tinder the laws of the State of Iowa. None but home capital invested. Startling Bargains -AT- FRANK BROS.' OLD STAND. Plenty of money on hand to loan on real estate and other good security. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking business transacted. Special Attention Given to Collections. Insurance written. Steamship tickets to and from Europe. DIRECTORS— R. M. Richmond, I. J. Bruer, N. E. Sheridan, A. B. Richmond, B. F. Smith, Samuel Mayne, C. E. Mallory. cu ": 11 - Ml Richmond - L J- Bruer, N. E. Sheridan, Geo. Wells, B. F. Smith J P Sheridan, A. B. Richmond, J. H. Sheridan, S. Mayne, J. J. Kelly, C. E. Mallory, A. J. Schemmel/R. L Brayton, J. J. Budlong, Christ Boettch&i-, Peter E. Johnson, J. H. Merrifield, Matt. Nemmers T A Campbell, A.A.Reynolds, Matt. Freilinger, J. J. Callanan, C. C. Wortman, A. G. Wortman *F W Kmne, A. Furstenberg. ' ' // you wanfr- j */ — CLO Call on us before you buy. We have added largely to our clothing department and have all the latest novelties. We have a mammoth Stock of Wall Paper this spring, at bottom prices. Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, and cheap counter goods arriving daily. . L. GALBRAITH & CO. FLOUR We wish to call your attention to the fact that our store room is rented and we will be obliged to vacate in a short time, and below will give you some prices that will astonish you. Clothing, hats, caps, underwear, shirts, collars, cuffs, neckwear of all kinds, overalls, jackets, jeans, pants, etc. THE WEEK'S IOWA NEWS. Dr. Keeley, who is now at the head of the famous Dwight institute, was once a poor boy. He learned the painter's trade in his youth and tramped through Illinois looking for a job. In 1857 he landed in Galena, but as ho had no money and could get no work- he was compelled to walk out of town. He has money enough to pay railroad fare now. Senator Allison has introduced a bill appropriating $100,000 for a public building ut Muscntine. Congressman Hamilton has introduced a petition from the president and faculty of Cornell college praying that no appropriation bo made for the world's fair unless it bo closed *on Sunday. Miss A. L. Tims of Independence, a young lady about 21 years of age, is the horse reporter for that famous locality whore Axtel was developed. Miss Tims represents u largo number of daily papers during the racing season. She is thoroughly informed, and knows more about horses and pedigrees than almost any man in Iowa—certain it is that she knows more on these subjects than any newspaper man. She is an orphan, was raised by a dear, good aunt, and she is modest, ladylike and makes friends of all whom she meets. She is full of energy and wedded to newspaper work. $11.50—over the Milwaukee road. The Chicago, Milwabkee & St. Paul Railway company will sell excursion tickets to the republican national convention for $5.00 for the round trip. Excursion tickets will be sold to the Conference of German Baptist Brethren, to be held at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, June 3 to 9, at one faro for the round trip, over the Milwaukee road. Steamers between Milwaukee and Grand Haven have resumed regular service, leaving Milwaukee daily at 8:30 p. m. y FEOM THE COUNTY TOWNS, WESLEY. WESLEY, May 2.—The continued wet weather we have been having has delayed seeding to some extent in this part of the county, yet farmers are all about through. There is a greater acreage sowed this year than lust. Our postolllco looks quite citified now that Mr. Eddy lias been changing things around lately by putting in a now glass front to tho building. Also ho has placed the boxes in a "V" shape which adds very much to tho looks as well as tho convenience of it. Mrs. F. M. Bacon is on tho sick list at present. Wo noticed Mr. Leasing of Algonaon our streets Saturday. During tho thunder shower Saturday ; lightning struck Nate Studor's More horses entered tho 2:30 list in the state of Iowa last year than in any other state in the union. C. L. LUND. Z-.TJ3ST3D cS5 [Successors to C. L. Lund—Established 1880.] J. J; RYAN REAL ESTATE DEALERS The Best. Try It SOLD IN ALGONA BY We wish to announce to the readers of THE UPPER DBS MOINES that we have extraordinary facilities for the selling of farms and unimproved lands In northern Iowa, and we Invite all who wish to dispose of their property to call on us at our office In Algona, or to correspond With lln KW~Aa of\f\n no u.\»»Itir* nttnna wtt hnvo n lavrrA nilTTlhfiV nf p.llstmllfit's frnm t.hft fidHtarn ose of their property to call on us at our office m Algona, or to correspond ra as spring opens we have a large number of customers from the eastern r to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable rates. We be;, and If you want to sell your property don't waste any time In listing It With us. jaTAssoa states who are ready to come out and secure a piece ot Iowa son a ileve In fair deallngi and If you want to sell your property don't w with us. , Yours respectfully, r aste any time In listing LUND & RYAN, YOU WANT TO KNOW Whom to get to do your painting, paper hanging, kalsomlnlng, etc. f JAS A. OBR IS THE MAN And he takes this method of telling the public that he Is ready for the spring business in that line, and will guarantee satisfaction every time. Consult htm for prices—you know his work is first class. He gets the latest fashions in decorations and wall papering from Philadelphia every mouth. SEEDS, SEEDS! LOTTIES Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, Picture Frames, g glasses, chromos, and all kinds of ready-made coffins. Hearse for public use. Headquarters for the best SEWING MACHINES AKD ORGANS. MORTGAGES-*' The be« i w chattel work. Always in stock at the PperDesMoluesftHce, THE TROTTING STALLION, Byron Sherman "* ' NO. 5877. . S-.&3. Sired by Saturn No. 2605. Dani Kitty Clyde by Pascas 2500, he by Almont 33. Byron Sherman has trotted miles from 2:27 to 3:33'/i; half miles from 1:12 to 1:10. This horse weighs 1210 pounds, is of nice color, very handsome and of good size, and is a trotter as well as trotting bred. Traces directly from both sire and dam to Hambleton- ian and Imp. Messenger. SEEVICE FEE, $25 THE SEASON. Will stand at Algona, Iowa. J. A., PETER, and FRANK .WINKEL, Owners. A/TONEY TO LOAN— 1VL V ' ON RAILROAD -TT-ANDS. --. Persons wanting to borrow money on rail road lands will do well to call at the Kossutb County B»»k W d bring tnelr e ^ijWiMllil Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, Oil cake meal, Lawn and orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, AT J, J, WILSON'S. t^ M p »q p ^ 03 cn 01 b b b fe> b o o o o o o o In Worsteds and Oassimeres, Men's and Boys,' Heavy and Light. Dubuque, Storm Lalce, and Spirit Lake were candidates for tho state regatta but Dubuque offered no special inducements while Storm Lake, whose claims were supported by the Illinois Central, and Spirit Lake, theB., C. R. & N.'s favorite, offered §500 each. Spirit Lake got it by a unanimous vote, as the accommodations and the course are both superior there. It was decided to hold the regatta July 12 and 13. The races for state crews will be half- mile contests, best two out of three, instead of a single race of a mile and a half as heretofore. This will be better for the spectators and less exacting on the oarsmen. Besides it will make the contests closer. The free-for-all will be a mile and a half as formerly. There will be four free-for-alls, one four,, one pair, one double and one single. The canoe, swimming and tub races customary heretofore will be ommited this time. F, M, BRONSON, Watches and Jewelry, Silver CLOCKS, SILVERWARE, r-plated ware, and all Wnde ot goods in his line. Repairing promptly done. At Prank Bros. 1 store* T EGAL BLANKS— Men's 750 Tennis Flannel Shirts, Men's $1.00 Tennis Flannel Shirts, Men's #1.50 Light Flannel Shirts, Men's #2.25 French Flannel Shirts, 50 70 $1.10 175 The entire stock must be sold in a short time, H: Baloo: N. H. Hilton, a leading hardware merchant of Callender, was accidently shot in the back Thursday by a boy who was aiming at a bird. The shooting was done with a 22-caliber rifle and some of the spinal vertebrae were shattered. The 53rd annual meeting of thegener- al association of Congregational churches and ministers of Iowa will be held at Webster City, May 17-20. An elaborate programme has been prepared. Ministers from Sioux City, Cedar Rapids, Burlington, Des Moines, Muscatine, Dubuque, Chicago, Now York, Boston, Kansas City, and many other places are to be present and take part. The Chicago & Northwestern Railway company will expend more than two millions of dollars during tho coming season upon local improvements along its line. Many miles of lines will be double-tracked. Passenger depots will be rebuilt and enlarged. Express and electric buildings will be erected. Freight yards will be enlarged and rearranged and new safety signals will be set along the entireline. Theimprove- ment of the Chicago station will cost $250,000; the new signal system will involve an expenditure of ?200,000; and second tracks will involve an expenditure of $835,000. W. H. Fleming of Des Moines is probably the first editor in Iowa that wrote and published a leader on the attack on Fort Sumter. He was at that time u young printer setting typo on tho Davenport Gazette. In those days tho editors went home in tho curly evening and the foreman of tho composing room edited the telegraphic report. Almost the last dispatch that name on that eventful night WUH tho item that the rebels had begun an attack on the historic fort. Morning, by consensus of opinion in tho composing room, was authorial to prepare an editorial on the aubjuul, the printers wisely esti- mullntf UMV.UUJ i»p6f ought not go to proBH with auch hnpiant news unao- wmpuutod by editorial -comment. He "wot" the ttUHwi&l Mthout writing it, Uw ymrf ift fets £$|c'k Mid the nexjj ' JJgffJSfi ,i »•* Hffra* •3sM& 1 &i'! 'til windmill tower, but did no great damage. Our merchants are complaining of dull limes, all on account of tho bad condition of tho roads. It is almost im- • possible for farmers to get to town with a team. Lawson & Oleson Bros, have postponed tho creamery business until tho roads are in better condition for traveling. Quito a number of Wesley Odd Fellows attended tho anniversary at Esther- villo tho 2Gth. There will be quarterly mooting services held hero in tho M. E. church next Saturday and Sunday. Rev. E. L. Stevens will officiate in place of Elder Black. Let everybody try and come out Saturday eveningand Sunday morning and hear what Rev. Stevens will have to say. There was a gentleman in our town a few days ago looking up a location for a harness shop. He was well pleased with tho location but could not find a suitable room for MB business, where the rent was not too steep for him. We hope before long to see an enter- "irise of that kind start up in our town, durely this is a good opening here. Geo. A. .Frink and Miss May Norton were united in man-Inge »t the home of the bride at Hampton, Iovr», last Wednesday. The newly married couple passed through Wesley the name day to Algoua, where they are spending their honeymoon with George's many friends. Mr. Frink has been in the grain business ak this place for the past two years and is well known throughout the county. Hie wife is well known in our town and has many friends here. We join in with the rest of their acquaintances in wishing them a happy and prosperous journey through life. As we are all thinking of the cigars and apples that George will set up to tho boys when he comes hack to Wesley, vre can't help but think "oh what will the harvest be." I. Grove of Algona was in our burg one day last week on business. Arthur Ward is on the sick list at present. Wesley Markets: Wheat; 65c; oats, 20c; barley, 30c; ilax, 78c; hay, 84. 1 LU VERNE. LUVEKNE, May 2.—Joo Banner, a young man .who has been in the employ of Dr. Lacy, was taken suddenly sick last Wednesday with colic, and was very bad off for a time, but is better now. E. A. Pope and Joe Conners returned last week from their Dakota trip. Win. Brummond will soon have his lumber yard all under cover, which will servo a good purpose in more ways than one. Simmons & Son sold a steam threshing outfit last week to A. Butterfield. It will be a complete 12-horse rig. Lichty & Guthrie are building an addition to their store, which will make it 132 feet long. Seeding is getting pretty well wound ' up in this vicinity. It is a little late. Mrs. J. A. Duitman of Goldfleld was visiting with friends here a couple of days last week. The dance at tho Odd Fellows' hall Friday night was a succese and a good time was the result. Dr. Lacy is confined to his home with an attack of neuralgia. Miss Maria Butterfield is quite sick. Jake Meiers will give u dance on Friday evening, May 6. a Our North-lSua Railroad. Mason City special, May 2: The position the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern intends to occupy in this territory is a matter that is greatly interesting a large number of people throughout the northern part of the state. The company owns and operates a line running from Granite to tho extreme western part of the state through Lyon, Osceola, and Dickinson counties. They have a lino running north to Es- thorville, a division point on tho Watertown brunch, another to Manly on. tho main lino, and again at Decorah, the head of tho Decorah division, and now it is announced that the company intend building from Estherville to Decorah, tioing all these arms together, occupying a rich belt between tho Minnesota and Iowa divisions of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul road, and giving a connecting line to Minnesota and the Dttfeolas that cannot be had except by J'JIgJlUjf jQutfi to Cedar Rapids ao #, iMW^SfPlifewar^, 4 ^successful

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