The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 4, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1891
Page 5
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""'"'•'' '."^."^.'f *•" THE! OTMJft DEB MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAECH 4, 1801. Off. IVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. COTdAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. West-P'«a.— East—Pass.— No. t.'..... ...6:02 a m No. 2 10:20 a m No. 3 4:37pm Freight- No. 9 7:15 am No. 13 ll:45ft m No. 5 8:17pm No.4 0:30pm Freight— No. 8 ll:55pm No. 14 2:30pm No. 10 12:15 am CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North— Elmore pass..4:05 p m Klmorepass 12:20 p m C* TOaril frt. Q!tV?\ n. Tn T^o«\f nltlACt ft. T'llR Tl 1« St. Paul trt.. .9:5B a m South— DesMoincsft 7:!J5 p in THE CITY. It is how Mayor Sheetz. Attend the medal contest tomorrow night. Mrs. Putsch is confined to hev bed •with grip. This term's court calendar shows 124 cases docketed. Cheever Hudson is confined to his bed with rheumatism. The Grange store advertisement has something new this week. Old Mrs. Heckart is very sick with lung fever. She is nearly 80 years old. Max Herbst's many friends are pleased to se him out after his serious sickness. M. F. Randall was compelled to lay off from mill work a few days last week . by the grip. Joel Taylor has rented the Ingham dairy farm west of town, and moved there last week. About a quarter of the public school students have been out lately on account of the grip. We hear that Joe Dorweiler is to open a machinery, warehouse in West Bend this spring. The coming farmers' institute will be one of the best ever held in the county. Bead the programme. Phil. C. Hanna got his consulship Friday, and R. W. Hanna was elected mayor of LuVerne Monday. Carpenters began work Monday on a fine new house for Edwin Blackford. It is located in the west part of town. Miss Fahnestock, the normal school music professor, has been quite sick •with the grip, which is again prevalent. At the state meeting of the Business Mens' association held last week at Cedar Rapids, J. R. Jones was elected a director. J. R. Jones says that now he has got the city off his hands he is going to boom the wigwam. That means cheap prices for machinery. Drs. Pride and Morse performed a painful operation on Mrs. Frank Gilmore last week, removing, an eye. She is getting along nicely. We hear it rumored that Algona has had a prize fight lately in which Jay Hodgman got a black eye, and the winner a purse of 38 cents. About three weeks ago M. O'JUourke cut his foot with an ax and he is just able to get about. He was in town yesterday, but limps a little yet. Algona has an architect of repute in T. H. Conner. He has just completed plans for three new buildings to be erected at Rolfe this season. The members of the Swedish Methodist church will have a basket supper at the Grange hall, Saturday. Everybody is invited to be present, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Field found their baby dead in bed Saturday morning. It had been sick with bronchitis but 'was not thought to be in any danger. Next Monday the regular school election occurs. Every voter in the district should cast a ballot. Public interest in our schools should not be lost. Judge Carr's order for closing up all probate matters and getting estates settled has proved effective. Eleven cases are docketed for final disposal by the court. We print this week an interesting description of mountin scenery in Washington, besides short items from Prof. Reed and Jas. McLaren. Our readers will enjoy them. Ed. Hackman and his brother, lately home from Salt Lake, are to have the restaurant in Charlie Stewart's old place. The boys will run a good place and should succeed. . Rev. Mrs. Fuller has lately bought the house and lots known as the Hobbs property, in the east part of town. She has also just received a pension of ?12 a month as widow of a veteran. Recent marriage licenses have been issued to Wm. Coring and Mary Dettman, Carl Miller and Fanny Staffauch- er, T. D. Solomon and Maud Thompson, Chas. Ostwald and Mary Berstett, Myron Schenck has a natural curiosity in the way of a calf born without a tail. We can stand it to have calves without horns but when it comes to tails also, it is time a halt was called. The masquerade last Friday evening was not largely attended owing to the cold weather, but a pleasant time was enjoyed. Miss Mary Leatherman won the gold medal and Chas. Kargleder the watch chain. The creamery boom in tlie county is bringing cows up where they belong. D, A. Haggard at a sale Monday was bid from $24 to f27 for average cows. This is about $10 more than they were worth a year ago. A little girl made her appearance at the home of J. O. Paxon last Friday j night and was heartily welcomed. Two boys precede her in the family, and her coming fills a vacant place. Many friends congratulate. Court opehed yesterday. The only criminal matter was the case against M. B. Smith of Ramsay for an assault. He pleaded guilty to assault and battery and was fined. The grand jury this ,terrn are John Reed, C. Corey, R. Beringhnus, Hugh McDonald and D. D. Dodge. Gib. Dutton appeared before the Hancock grand jury last week and after they had heard the complaint and then Gib's, version of it they dismissed him without hearing any further evidence. All there was of it he had made good a claim against a man who intended to beat him out of it. During the summer Prof. Gilchrist "was thrown in trying to hold a horse in Sioux City in a jam, and his wrist was displaced besides suffering other injuries. Word comes that ho has not been very well since, although ho attends to his regular work. His wrist and arm are in bad condition. It looked as though tho politically picturesqiue fourth ward would di&uip- oint'us this spring, but election day she came out In bright colors from the cloud of peace that threatened. Whatever may bo said of tho fourth, no one can truthfully .affirm that she is not lively when politics is in tho air. J. F. Nicoulin met with a serious accident last week while playing a game of billiards in tho club room. A fine splinter on tho table rail ran under his thumb nail and passed up under the skin beyond the joint. He had it promptly pulled out, but it has left a very unpleasant and very sore thumb. Owing-to the sickness of one of the contestants tho Demorest medal contest was postponed until tomorrow night. All who heard the first contest will be present at this, for no finer entertainment was over given in Algona. After there are enough silver medals in the county a gold medal contest will be held. M. B. Dalton gives us Ira Hicks' prophecies for March weather. He puts a cold wave for March 1-2, which seems right enough. From 7-11 inclusive he predicts storms and cold. From 17-21 is the regular storm period. He concludes, "Prepare for much active and some violent phenomena during March." Public inspection of Company F will be held at the court house at 7:45 o'clock, Friday evening. Col. Boutin will be present, and after inspection there will be music and dancing, and all are invited to be present. Tho company with its new lockers and other equipments will make a good showing for the* colonel, The Baptist society are contemplating moving the old church to the corner of their present lots, and entirely remodeling it'this spring. They will put the parsonage back by the fence, and give tho church an east and south front. They will expend a considerable sum, and the plans have already been furnished by T. H. Conner. Miss Myrtle Nicoulin met with a peculiar and unpleasant accident lust week. While running a sewing machine, her thumb in some way came directly under the needle, which went through and was pulled out on the under side. Although it went through the nail and <Mck part of the thumb it left no inflammation and tho wound soon healed. T. H. Conner was over at Spencor last week and took the contract to build a $16,000 brick block. It will contain three store rooms and the second story will be devoted to offices and a K. P. hall, Spencer is also planning on four other stores this spring, which with electric lights, etc., gives our neighbor a good-sized boom for these hard times. O. F. Halo has originated a problem which hangs on the supposition that the worthy postmaster and UPPER DES MOINES editor both drank out of the •same bottle. This vitiates the whole question. If tho postmaster got tho bottle first, no ono olso would get a drink, Mr. Hale should arrange it so that the second man was to smell only. Aiden Benedict is announced to be in Algona March 18 with his play "Fabio Romuni." If he puts it on here with the same company he had at Des Moines it will be tho finest dramatic entertainment ever given in Algona. He ranks at the head among 1 his class of actors, and has been playing in the largest cities. Full announcement will be made later. The corn controversy goes merrily on. Last week Senator Chubb had an invitation to speak at the Emmetsburg farmers' institute, and explain the cost and profits of corn production. They offered to pay all his expenses, but he had arranged to go north to attend to some stock matters and could not accept. He will however be on hand at the county'institute to be held here. The lumber men report that there will be a great amount of building this spring. At Paul's yard lumber has lately been bought for a new house for Andrew Miller, six miles northeast of town, and also a granary. Z. C. Andrus is putting up a barn 26x80 feet with 20 foot posts. Julius Kreseusky is building near the normal school, 14x20. E. Kreuger at Fenton is putting up a new house. Besides the Hobnrt and Buffalo Fork creameries hauled lumber from this yard. Saturday thirty team loads were taken into the country. A union temperance meeting will be held at the M. E. church next-Saturday evening at S o'clock, chiefly for the purpose of electing 1 delegates to attend the annual meeting of the state temperance alliance. There will bo speaking on temperance, and all temperance people are invited, and all others nro welcome. Tho state temperance alliance meets in Des Moines, March 10. The Doan Memorial M. E. church will be dedicated next Sunday, March 8. The'dedicatory sermon will be delivered by Elder Black or Rev. Luce, who with other ministers will be present. A cordial invitation is extended to nil friends of tho cause. Ample entertainment will be provided for all from a distance. Service at 11 a. m. Superintendent Carey says that in view of a growing desire for county uniformity of school text Ijooks it would bo well if townships made no change in books till tho question is settled. This seems a wise suggestion. It costs nothing to keep the old books awhile, and it would cost a good deal to buy now ones and then have to change if uniformity should carry. Something novel has been gotten up by the Congregational Sunday school in tho way of a money barrel concert, Tho barrel part consists of littlo wooden barrels in which dimes are dropped by ticket buyers, and a prizo is given the little girl or boy whose barrel shows up tho most dimes. The concert comes Friday evening, and great rivalry has has resulted in a big sale. Great interest will attend the opening. At tho meeting in tho reading room on Friday last Mrs. Hough road an original paper upon the growth of tho temperance sentiment, which was highly appreciated by all. Mrs. Bigo- low, a sister now visiting with Mr. Hough, gave a select reading. Mrs. Finnel and Mrs. Fern favored tho company with somo good music. It was decided to hold a public library meeting in the reading room before many weeks. J. F. Lacoy & Son have taken possession of tho Myers elevator at tho Northwestern depot for which they traded last week. Mr. Hough is in charge at present. Mr. Myers has not decided where he will go, but will visit Chicago, returning in a few days. The change leaves tho elevator in good hands and insures a well managed establishment. Everybody will regret that Mr. Myers is to leave Algona, and will wish him good luck wherever ho i goes. An interesting case in this term of court is ono brought by Corwith against Prairie and LuVerne townships to get an accounting of school taxes in several sections which Corwith claims should pay tribute to her schools. W. E. Bradford appears for plaintiff and Geo. E. Clarke appears for the townships. Somo years ago Corwith took stops to annex several Kossuth sections for taxable purposes to her schools, but tho matter was never completed. The suit arises out of that transaction. The bicycle boom has struck Algona, and not less than 30 wheels will bo on tho streets this spring. Monday evening a meeting was held to organize a club, and Dr. Garfield and Jos. W. Hays were appointed to draft a constitution. A second meeting is called for next Monday. Among the now wheels are a Victor, just received by J. C. Blackford; Columbias, by F, S. Stough and Max Herbst; and other high gradeAna- chines by Gene Shadle, Frank Dh'igloy and Alf, Rist. Others are ordered, and everybody seems to bo getting one. Tho normal school entertainment was repeated Monday evening to a fail- house, and was deserving of a crowded one. Nothing bettor than tho representation of tho continental congress has been given in a school entertainment in Algona, while the marching by the ladies, and tho club swinging by Messrs. Taylor, Reed, and Krushek, were very fine. The audience was enthusiastic and called the young ladies back to repeat their drill. Fine music enlivened tho programme, which was excellent throughout. Tho normal should he lucky enough to get settled weather for its next entertainment. Some fine blooded poultry arrived from the great New York poultry show for E. G. Bowyer last week, but by some mistake White Leghorns were substituted for White Wyandottes, which he is now breeding, Ho will return the Leghorns and have them changed. In both breeds Knapp iJro of whom ho buys, took first premiums, and their record of sales at the show is one fowl at $100, ono at $50, one at $30, and three at $25 each. Mr. Bowyer's chickens cost him $10 each. He is getting up a reputation on Wyandottes, and Monday sold a coop of three which went by express to central Iowa. There is no reason why Kossuth should not be raising $100 chickens as well as New York, and there is as much money in poultry as in anything. JAS. A. ORR, painter; will do painting, paper hanging, kalsomining, etc., in the latest ana best styles, and guarantee satisfaction. See him and get prices before letting your work. A LARGE stock of boots and shoes to be closed out atyour own price. Next to postofflce. W. F. Carter. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. W. E. Bradford ami J. .1. Davis nro ittending court. S. Mayno was down from Bancroft Monday on business. Hnrvey Inghnm returned from his trip Friday morning. 'Squire Raymond is up from LuVerno to conduct cases in court. H. A. Peck of Charles City is hero to see his mother, Mrs. I. Grove. Mrs. C. L. Lund, who is visiting in Chicago, is expected homo soon. E. H. Clarke was in Spencer Saturday attending to some business. Mrs. Emily Kellogg is out from Nebraska visiting her father, Isaac Grove. G. W. Pnngburn was down from Elmoro yesterday on business before Judge Carr. Mayor Jones was at Ccdnr Rtipids attending tho state business men's meetings last week. Miss Cornio Ingham, who en mo homo from school on account of illness, is improving in health rapidly. D. A. Bucll and family are expected homo this wcclc from their Florida trip. They have enjoyed a pleasant winter in tho south. Rev. Boweu goes to Esthorvillo this week to hold services in the church at that place. There will bo no services in Algona. County Attorney Joslyn made a visit to his old home in Sycamore, 111., last wook, returning Saturday. Ho was in Chicago also while trono. Geo. C. Call is up from Llano, Texas, where ho has been some four weeks. Ho expresses groat confidence in that country, and will return soon. Austin Croed goes to Omaha next week to inspect a position olTerod. him in an express oflico in that city. Ho is not assisting Recorder Smith at present. Pat. Cudy is homo from Docorah where ho bus boon playing in tho Erwin orchestra. Lent is being rigorously observed over there, and orchestras nro not in active demand. Judge Cook's genial phiz has been seen on our streets since cour' opened. In spite of his township boi. named Harrison he is not happy. Ho si. • taxes up there are too high. D. D. Townscnd is homo from a trip to Burlington whore ho has boon as a delegate to the annual meeting of tho Young Men's Christian association. Ho reports a largo and enthusiastic gathering. Mrs. G. R. Wood worth, who has been visiting at Clear Lake, was quite seriously ill last wc^k, and Mr. Woodworth was called over from Bancroft to seo her. He returned Saturday, as she was getting better. Many friends of A. C. Parker will bo glad to see him out again. Ho is ono of tho best lawyers in northern Iowa, and his returning health is gratifying. Ho is over from Spencer this week, and Mrs. Parker is with him at tho Thorington. Judgo Carr was delayed ono day in coming to attend court on account of the sickness of Mrs, Carr. Friday afternoon she took under doctor's proscription three doses of anti-fobrino, and the effect was so powerful that for five hours it was doubtful if sho could be brought out from its iniluonco. Tho case was remarkable as tho drug has not been usually considered dangerous in much larger quantities. Many friends in Algona will learn with pleasure that Mrs. Carr is out of any danger and rapidly regaining her usual good health. MISCELLANEOUS MEMORANDA. Saloon Keepers Indicted. Word comes from West Bend that tho grand jury of Palo Alto county have indicted Chas. Bolard, John Wickman, and Mr. McDonald for unlawfully selling intoxicating liquors, and also that injunctions have boon issued against tho saloon buildings owned by Tomey and Bouretto, and Struckor and Wickman. County Attorney B. E, Kelly deserves the hearty thanks of tho citizens of tho community for tho thorough manner in which he deals with these violators of law, and it is hoped that tho frequent drunken brawls which so often disgrace the town may be seen no more, Died. March 4, 1891, Homer Hamilton, youngest son of C, B. and EvaHutchins, aged six months and five days. Funeral services will bo hold at tho residence of Mrs. S. D. Hamilton, on Thorington street, Saturday, March 7, at 2 p. m. It will pay any farmer in Kossuth county to take a look at the display of Machinery now in stock at the New Wigwam. "Jones he pays the freight" to any station in the county. It will pay, A DOLLAR SAVED IS A DOLLAR GAINED. Townsend & Langdon's I don Clothes Pins for t pkp m: Yrnsf. for 1 pkR Soda (Strictly Pure) I iikg Pixon Stovo Polish us 1 box Axle Grensc mi 1 box Lewis' Lye It) .01 I :W bars Oooil t.nundry Monp ? .Wl .(>.'< i•><> llw rhouv Butter Crai'kprs 1.00 12 Ibs Chnico Cnl. Dried Grapes 1.00 A jrooil Lantern for only 85 •JO Ibs Ovstnl Uiiv for 1.00 12 Ins Choice Kaistns for 1.00 We sell other goods in proportion to the above. Call and sec us. JtSf^Wc ;irc !ig ents f° r Kock Salt for stock. TOWNSEND & LANGDON. Farm Loans. nml no second rower to reduce his m lurnlalu'd at once on perfect title, I oun now tnalii 1 loans im Impriivril l:\ndM, from one to ton yours tlino. and p-lvo tho borrower the prlvllORH of pny!n.i? tlu> whole loan or any part thori'of In even f 100 n(. any date when Interest falls ilne. This la Iowa money, or coupons taken. This plan of making a loan will enable tho bof- at any time ami s:ivi> tho Interest on thn amount paid. Money fall on or address (I. HO.VIK. Alffonn. Town, M. 7.. (iUOVK. JOHN I1HOVK. Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. West, of Thorlngtou House. M. 'f.. tIKOVK, Mutineer. BAY & PHILPS. WAOT AND PLOW WORK, GENERAL REPAIRING. Wo want tho pormlo to know Mint we im> prepared ID put their p!o\v,i In llrnt fliiH* shiiiie. Also ilo ropalrliiK of all ItlndH, horse Hhoolnji, and all classes of blacksmlthln^. Have a IllrHt class maker anil painter, and wo Knaniiittw Hatlsfacllon In overythliiK wo turn out. WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE, - ALGONA, IOWA. Thorington House Laundry, New Laundry, just opened in basement of the Thorington. Strictly First-Class Work at reasonable rates and on short notice. Will do family washing. All work called for and delivered. IFirst-Ola-s© TTvT'orls: i© C3--u.aran.teed... WHBTTES^ORE CASH STORE. South Siclo of Broadway. Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, etc. Always a full stock, selected with a view to meeting the wants of the people of Wli'Memore and vicinity. Drop in; we will do you good. HENRY MUNCH. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION OP TUB Buffalo Fork Co-Operative Creamery Notlco Ifi hereby plvon that the above-named company linn orguhlzud and eomnumcod dolnii bushiest* under the niiini) and wtylo of " Tho UufTiUo Fork Co-operative Croamury Company." This principal placo of trammeling buuiucsM will ho In Portland, Kosuutli county, Iowa. The general naturu of tho biiHinoHH to \»: transacted In to collect and manufacture Into Vmttor and cheuno the milk boloiiutni; to mil]- Kcrlbern to its capital Hloulc, and to purchaHO and manufacture milk, cream, and other dairy products, and to Hell the same, and to do all IhiiigH nucesHary to make tlio iiroremM fount- liens a HUCCOHH. Tlio amount at capital stock nnllim'lxud by thiH corporation is Six Thousand Dollars, (W.OOO), which IH divided into Hlmiw) of FiJ'ty (*f)0) Dollars each! Throe Thousand (if:), 000) of which is paid up, and the cortllleatos for the remainder of said authorised capital stock whall be Issued upon resolution passed by tho board of directors, and shall bo sold at Much time and in such manner as may bo determined by said board. The time of commencement of this corpora- tlon was Fob. lilt, 1801, and it shall conllnue twenty years, unless sooner dissolved by two- thirds of tlio stockholders voting for Htich <lis solution. Tho affairs of the corporation nro to 'bo conducted by u board of seven directors, who shall bo elected by and from among tho stockholders at the annual mooting, which meeting will bo on the llrst Saturday in January in each year, and tho ofllcors of this corporation shall bo a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary, and such other ofllcors UK the board Bhall deem necessary, and as shall bo elected by tho board. All ollloers shall be elected at the January meeting in each year. Tho highest amount of liiduutucliicMH to which this corporation can subject itself is not to ex- cued one-hull of Its paid-up capital stock. All private property of the stockholders is to bo exempt from corporate debts. Witness our hands this 2!!d day of February, A. D. 1801. K. II. KWJY, T. Fox, T. A, HtJTTI'.IMflKU), J. D. DAVJSu.V, A. MBvri', 48 Incorporators of said incorporation. K IND'S (JERJI KKADICATOIt" Positively cures all diseases—because it kills all germs, bacteria, piiniBltes, luicrobou, and anlmulculiB in the system, which the proml nent physicians in convention agreed was tho cause of all disease. The air, water, vegetables and fruit are full of these littlo worms, causing catarrh, consumption, diabetes, and Hrlght K disease, cancers, tumors, ami all no called incurable diseases. (Never known to fail to cure consumption, catarrh, kidney troubles and syphilis.) Ketailed in $!i, $.'1, and t!i sizes, neat anywhere oil receipt of price. This In tho only genuine article; all others aro dangerous counterfeits. Dr. Sheets Issues guarantees to cure all ailments for KUUl's Germ Eradlcator for the manufacturers. G REAT FRENCH RKMEDY.-Dr. Le Due's periodical pills from Paris, Franco, act only upon tho generative organs in females, aim positively cure suppression of the mouses (from whatever cause) and all periodical troubles peculiar to women. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to oxclto uionstruivtlou, or nioaey refunded. ShoulUziotbe used during pregnancy. The large proportion of the ills to which ladies uro subject ia toe direct result of a disordered ana irregular menstruation. Ask any druggist for them. American Fill Co., Spencer, la. L. A. Sheetz, supply ageut, Al«o- ua, la. H. Boswprtu & Son, Milwaukee; Robt. Stevenson & Co., Chicago, wholesale agents. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION OK TUB Hobart Co-Operative Creamery Co, Notice l« hereby given that tho abovo-namoit company has organized and commenced doing business under tho namo and stylo of "Tho transacted IH to collect and manufacture Into butter and choeso tho milk belonging to subscribers to Its capital stock, and to purchase and manufacture milk, cream and other dairy products, and to sell the same, and to do all things necessary to make the aforesaid bust- noss it success. The amount of capital stock authorised by this corporation is Six Thousand Dollars. (*ll,(K)0), which Is dlvidod into sharim of Fifty Dollar*, (K(>) uauli; Three Thousand (W.OOO) of which Is paid up, and tho certiilcates for tho remainder of said authorized capital stock shall be Issued upon resolution passed by the board of directors, and shall be sold ut such time and in such manner as may bo determined by said board. Tho time of commencement of this corpora- tlon was Feb.:.', 1 KOI, and It shall continue twenty years, unless sooner disolvod by three- fourths of tho stockholders voting for such dissolution. Tho affairs of the corporation are to be conducted by a board of llvo directors, who shall bo elected by and from among tho stockholders at tho annual meeting, which meeting will bo on the llrst Saturday in January in each year, and tho oflk'ors of this corporation shall bo a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, and such other olllcors as tho board. shall deem necessary, and an shall bo elected by tho board. All olllcerw shall bo elected at tho January mooting in each year. Tho highest amount of Indebtedness to which this corporation can subject Itself is not to ex coed two-thirds of its paid-up capital stock. All prlvato proporty of tlio stockholders is to be exempt from corporate debtn. Witness our hands this,'id day of February, A. D. 1KII1. F. A. WITHAM, ' A, t). llKDFti'JJ), ». V. Tuuus, N. U. HOlllNSON, J. G. ItAWSON, L. MAN8M1TH, M, D. COVKIJ., j. it. JONES, 1 (i 1 ncorporator.s of said Incorporation. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notlco Is hereby given, that by virtue of special execution, to me directed by tho clerk of tho district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lauds, tenements, etc., of L. a. l*rodmoro and Emma J. Prod- more, defendant, in favor of Nelson U. Klclder, plaintiff, I will offer at public sale, to the highest and byst biddor, for cash, at tho door ot tho court house, In tho town of Algona, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on tho attd day of March, 1801, between tho hours of 0 o'clock a. m. and i o'clock j). m. on said day, all of said L. C. and Emiuu J. Prodmore's right, title, and interest in and to tho following described real estate, situated in Kossuth county, to-wlt: Tho northwest quarter of Section No. 7, in Township No. IH, north of Kange No. 27, west of tho 5fh P. M. in Kossuth county, Iowa, Sale to commence ut the hour of 1 o'clock p. m. of tmid day. Witness ni)- hand this 33d day of February, 1801. M. STEPHENS, 48t:i Sheriff of Kossuth, county, Iowa. M ONEY TO O.V Personswau-i'lBS 1 «•tap,j;j« road l.iuds will do well to Countj Bawls und. brffg^

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