The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 25, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1891
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOINES. ALGONA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25.1891. Entitled to the Best. l are entitled to the best that their oncy will My, so every family should iVe, at once, ft bottle of the best family femedy, Syrup of Figs, to cleanse the system when costive or bilious. For sale In 50c. and $1.00 bottles by all lending drug. gists. By actual count 150 young -women have taken up timber claims In western Washington during the paat six months. There's a good deal of guarantee business in the store .keeping of to-day* It's too , "excessive. Or too reluctant, Half the time it means, nothing. Words r—only : Awards* This offer, to refund the money, or to pay a reward, is made unHer the hope that ydtt won't want your tinoney back, and that you wont claim the reward. Of course, So, whoever ,is honest,.. in making it; and .works—not on his own reputation alone, buU through the local dealer whom you know, must have something he has faith in back of the guarantee. The business wouldn't stand a year without it.' ; I What is lacking is confi- Ldence. Back of that, what is 4? lacking is that clear honesty which is above the "average practice." • •• '"•. ••;,-• Dr. Pierce's medicines are guaranteed to accomplish what "WEATHER. WIIMAJJ BARNS. When stems of elms may rise In row, Dark brown, from hillocks under SKOW, And woods mny a? black as tight, By sloping fields of clpntiost white; If (hooters by tho snowy rick, Where trees are high and wood Is thlcK, Can mark the tracks the gaine may prick, They like the winter weather. Or where may spread the gray bine sheet Of tee, for skntt-rs's gliding feet, That they uplift, from side to side; Lone yards, and sit them down to slide; Ol sliders, one that totters slack Of limb, and one that's on his back, And one upright that keepa his track, Have fun in 'winter weather. When we Ft night In show and doom, May seek sor-e neighbor's room, Though snow may show no path before The house, wo Blill can tlnd tlto door, And there, around the brands may spread The creeping tiro of cheery red, . Our feet from enow, from wind our head, ua. Are warm in winter weather. """ \Vhercvev day may give our road, r • By hill* or hollows ovcrenoweu: 13y windy gups or sheltered nooks. "V •Or'-nrldaed ice or frozen brooks, " Still miiy we all, as night may come, Know -w'hero to find a peaceful home, And clowinc ilfo for fingers numb -1 ; With cold In winter weather. TUB SEtfUlST OU 1 A SC11EEN. "Phyllis!" "Yes, auntie." "Mrs. Van lloosvclt was here again today." , i .'*•'-• .'• ." The girl busying herself, around Uie lit- tic kitchen paused-at the words. "About the screen, auntie?" she asked, wistfully. "About the screen, my love. "And she offered?" "Seventy-five dollars this time. "And," rather hopelessly, "you—" 1 refused it, dear!" very promptly anil proudly. Phyllis they are intended "to do, and their makers give the money back if the result isn't apparent. Doesn't it strike you that a.medicine which the makers have so much confidence in is the medicine for you ? Phyllis pressed her red lips very tightlj together. . . Ho\V she wished her aunt wonld sell tut article in que.-tfon! Tliey were so von poor. Her salary as teacher in the vi)ln«< school barely pai'd for their necessaries and she did so long to bo able to spend s SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. fhe wcceC of this Great Orach Cure to irithout a parallel in the history of medicine. All dnigRWls are authorized to sell it on a pos- jttve guarantee, a test that no other cure can sue- •eishiily stand. That it m*jr become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, ara placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home to the United States and Canada.. If you have » Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, lor < ft will cure you. If your child ha* the Croup, w K Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief b sure. If you dread that insidious diseas* Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price lo cts., 50 cts. and ti.oo. If your Lungs are sore or Back lam*, KM Sluloh's Porou* Plaster, Price 25 ctt, 'few dollars foolishly sometimes She was a pretty girl—an extraordinarilj pretty girl. Her slencler but well roundec form was most alertly and charmingly graceful; and the face, with its smooth, broad brow, its ranbright hair, its short, arch features, its delicate coloring and drea *ny, violet eyes, deserved better gowning to emphasize its exquisitness than the faded and mended old blue cashmere which she wore. "But, auntie, all your other old heirlooms went long ago to buy bread and butter for us both—went in the time before I was old enough to earn the little I do. Why Jo you prize this so mueli more highly than the rest?" The small, withered old lady, dressed in black alpaca, with a net handkerchief crossed over her bosom, ceased her slow rocking and looked up into the questioning young face; '. . . , •'I'm keeping it to give you for a wed- dincr present.,' , "That is very kind of you auntie, out indeed'! would rather have you sell it and er. joy- some comfort now. Mrs. Merritt's little brpwn bird-like eyes twinkled shrewdly. "I would if I were offered enough for it." "But," cried Phyllis, stopping in the act of filling tho tea kettle, "seventy-five dollars, auntie!" . 'Seventy-five dollars ran't touch it! de- like Archie—ono couldn't help that, so 'rank and kind find handsome, and honor- iblewashe—but Phyllis felt their pnths lay n a widely different world, and that she would be more content with her prosaic existence if he barred out from it the dreams which never, never could culminate in realisation. So that was why the now gave him the meerest nod of recognition when he entered the music room. To half a dozen random remarks she made no reply, c. He tried the stategy of question?. "My mother went to see your aunt yesterday, didn't she?" "Yes." "About that curious screen?" "Yes." "Why won't she sell it? My mother has her heart set on securing it. ' Phyllis looked up and laughed. "She says she is keeping it for a wedding gift for 'ne." "Phyllis!" "Well—one, two, three, Beesae! "Oh, infantile tuition bo blessed!"cried Archie in exasperation, as he Hung himself out of the room. But ho managed to me f ;t Phyllis on her way homo. "Phyllis," he said, "I'vo thought of u great scheme. Marry me!" '•You've said that before," with a shako of her head. "Yes, but about tho screen, you know. We'll give that to mother as n peace offering when yon are her daughter- in-law." Phyllis laughed merrily. But she was absolutely unrelenting;. "No, no. no, Archie!" "1 shan't take no for an answer avowed the young fellow, stoutly. "You iiuisl!" "I won't!" "That is n|nice wny to contradict a lady!" reproved Phyllis, with great evidence of indignation, and at her heart a worm, glad thrill. That evening Archie presented himself at the door of Mrs. Merritt's domicile. Regardless of his sweetheart's protest, he marched bold'y in tn see her aunt. He quite dwarfed the little parlor and its furniture. The wrinkled old lady in tho window looked at nim in amazement. "Mrs. Merritt, 1 presume?" he said, standing, hut, in hand, before her. "I'm Archie Vim Roosevelt, and I want to mar to" Phyllis, it: sho will accept a man who Inis to depend on his brain mid hands I'oi a living." "But your father and mother?" "Have disinherited me." "For wanting to marry Phyllis?' 1 "Yes." "Then 1 shan't" — began the gir promptly. "Oh, yes," in a voice both coaxingan confident: "oh yes you will Phyllis!" Mrs. Merritt turned her gleamting eye on her niece. "You'd belter!" she advised dryly "You won't, find such a lover every d:'.y Look at my luck." The remark was effective. The eyes o tho young people met, and out c-f each sol cheek of. Phyllis Clyde glowed u bri flag of surrender. The following day Archie Van Roosc velt went to tho city and secured work and Phyillis received a note from his mother dispensing with her services. EXCITEMENT fjf HOCltESTER. thd Commotion Cntisrcl b» the St*t«m*nt of n Phj-Melnn. ' An unusual article from thfi Rochester, N. Y., Democrat and Ctironicle^WM recently published in this paper and wa_s n subject of much comment. ^That article caused even more commotion in Rochester, the following from tho same paper shows: Dr. .1. 13. Ilenion, vrho is well-known ot only in Rochester but in nearly every art of America, sent nn extended _ article D this wiper, a few cloys since which wa« uly published, detailing his remarkable xperience and rescue from what_ scemrd 0 bo certain death. It •would behnpo«si- ile to enunicrato the personal inquiries vbich hive been n-atlfc at our office no (o he validity of tho article, but they have jern so numerous Unit furth r invcstiffu- ion of the subject was (teemed necessary With this end in view a rc-pros-Tnla- ivo of this paper called on Dr. Ilenion, at lis residence, when tho following interview occurcd: "That article of yours, )oclor, has created quite n whirlwind. Are tho statements about the terrible con lition you were in, and the way .you were •(.'pencil such as you could sustain?' 1 "Every ono of them and ninny addition- il ones. 1 was brought so low by noglfd-, ng tho first and most simple syni- oiiis. I did not. think I was sick. It is .rue I had frequent headaches; felt tired nost of tho time; could eat not hint; oiii! lay nnd was ravenous Iho ,;e.xt; felt dull jams ami my stomach was out of order, jut 1 did not think it iiiiMiilanj thing siiri- 0118. "The medical profession hns been tront- symptoms insteml of diseases for yciirs, and it is high time it renscil. Tlio symptoms 1 have jus*, mentioned or any unusual action or irritation of tho wntur channels indicate tho approach of kidney disease more than a cough announces tho coming of consumption. \Vo do nut 1 real the cough, but try to holp the lungs. We should not waste our time trying to relieve the headache, ymins about the body or other symptoms, but g-o directly to tho kidneys, tho source of most, of their ailments. "This, then, is what yon meant when YOU said that more than one-half iho deaths which occur are from LJriaht's disease, is it, Doctor?" ! ( "Precisely. Thousands-of diseases aro torturing the people today,.which in reality are Uright's disease in some of its many forms. It is a hydra-headed monster, anil tho slightest symptoms should strike terror to every ono who has I limn. 1 can look back and recall hundreds of deaths which physicians iK'larcd at the limo were caused by paralysis, apoplexy, heart disease, pneumonia, malarial fever and other common complaints which l ( 6cc now were caused by Bright's disease." "And did all these cases have simple symptoms at first?" "Every ono of them, and might havo been cured as I wag by tho timely use of tho samo remedy. I am getting my eyes thoroughly opened in this matter* and think I am helping others to see the facts and their possible danger also. Mr. Warner, who was visited at lus establishment; on N. St. Paul street, spoko very earnestly: , -It is true that Bright's disoii' c had increased wonderfully, and we Hud, by reliable statistics, that from '70 to '«" < ta growth was over 250 per cent. Hewnr* of Ointment* for Catarrh thn Cnntitln Merenrj, us mcrrnry will Mircly destroy the «etis« of smell nnd completely ileraniro tlio whole I system when entering It llirouu'li the mucous , siirfiu-cs. Such nriiclcs should never lie I UH-d except on prescriptions from rupnlnliloj as the diunairo they will do is ten fold to the good you run p«i*«Hily derive ^rom them. Hall's Cutarrh Cure. m;imifno. mrrd l<y F. .1. Cheticy Jk (X, To'cdo, 0.,' contains no m-retiry, nnd is taken Internally, And nets directly upon the blood nml mil- •OMB surfaces of the system. In buying Hull's Catnrrh Cure bo sure you Ret. Iho L'ciniinc. It Is taken internally, and made in Ti'ludo, O., by P. •'. Cheney & Co. ti?~Suld by Drugglsis, price 75c. per bottle. __ ____ __ The first pymnnsinm or colle?e for women In Hume Is to be opened on April 1, In nc- cordiinve with the urtler of the Cnlliis Minister Uosclll. The (,'mdc of the new Insiltu- tloii U to lie thnl of the trchntcal schools, nnd till' oliji'i-l is to «nnblo ymin^ women lo prepare thcmsi'lvcs to ruler tlio universities. Dresses, Ocnts's Clothing, Fonlhcrs, (ilovcs, t'li-., Dveil or CleaiH-d. Tlilsli tiiirinenls Sli-nntcil nt Otto riutcli 1 * l).vo \Vcrlcs, 2-10 W. \Vuter St., MlhvuiiUco. Send for Circular. ' Miss norms Dcnnc, nj;cd clglity-tlirce, Uie plnnrcr pnUlle seluiol " tcaclicr of Adrian, Mich., died Siindny mnrnliiir. Sho went to Adrian In ISJS-'.i and tuni;lit Iho lli'sl school in Iho, preseiitjlinlls »f liiut city. FIT!*.— All FluTt"n|i|ii«li frMlijTixi.KMNIt'll Onr.AT Nr.nvK tiKsTour.n. N«i Kfinnfinr llri<t<l»y'« UM. M«r- vnllniiH .-HTM. TiTiillnn nml f'J idl trlnl boltlH troK lo VI i OIHH«. Hnnil In Dr. Kllim, lint Ar«li Bt., I'hlU., l'». tlllllVl big !• Ihu I boy t .i' ill roniisylvaiiia wliosu Ideas of i'ii! :>I,.ywii'ltiiry bud never snared eliai Is nnd limps, was iisked by . 'In \\liat part uf Iho lnnl,v Is nnd replied: "South of the All ll'.flt. tiv can say ns ID the merits of Ddlilii I's Kiuclrlc Simp pali:.i lulu n<ilhin:H»'s* befun Hit! slory il will tell yon it.if(f t uf Its own ,.-)•'''•' ,;iiiilily, If you will give It <»"' trial.' l)ou't take 'imltailon. Thero aro luln of them. ____ _ It, 1- rather enHons Hint, lit tho loadlns pro- panili'i-y srhtiol in New Hampshire, only "no Blndi'i.t Is pivjisirliiir to onler Ilio only cnl-' loiro in New Iliiinpshlro, Iho hiitU uf the other nighty odd stmlcnls Intending to enter culler's oulsldo the, Blaio. _ For Dyspepsia. A. Ik'llangcr, Propr., Stove Foundry, Montngny, Quclwc, writes: "I have used August Flower for Dyspepsia. It gave me great relief. I recommend it to all Dyspeptics U a very good remedy." Kd. Bergeron, General Dealer, Liuuon, I.cvis, tjuchec, writes: "I have used August Flower with tha best possible results for Dyspepsia." C. A. Harrington, Engineer and General Smith, Sydney, Austialia, writes: "August Flower has effected a complete cure in uiy case. It act* cd like a miracle." Gco. Gates, Corinth, Miss.,writes: " I consider your August Flower the best remedy in the world for Dyspepsia. I was almost dead with that disease, but nscd several bottles of August Flower, and now consider myself a well man. I sincerely recommend this medicine to suffering humanity the world over." <t» G. G. CiRI-l-N, Sole Manufacturer. Wotulbury, Ne v Jersey, U. S. JL :jr,, iiiihlonnhli) molliorl Why don't >K nil r HIM \v liun-of V"»i' «ie,kiy •illlll.' '1'lH' llUiHl) llllMU't, .MI'll-«IMl||(lM«ll ll u MIX in Ur. Jill UN \Voilil IJM- s. ify mull, -f> i onln. John Cm you I in i In to & 6ii oy I'lll U. i-iillOIII BREAKFAST. thoronith knnwiixij* of tti* potnnJ whloh (ttv«rn tli«i op«r>Uiin« af4lff**l(on » tl<m, «na b; • rAr«rul «ppllo ntluii df l)i« nn U«nf n»li.*>lMit<ii| 0<M«,)». Mr. Kpnl hu »ar br»kful UblM wltn • <UU<Mt«tr *rfttf« vrtiion inty »*r« ax muif h«4Vf doctor** .It UDJ l»« JuJlolout UM •< mab *T«to4M *t "lh»l toimitliiiUo*. m»r »• rr tluiJIr k«UH upBjMM tiront •nouih I* rMlx «»WT Hmdmit U *»•••* l!uni!r*<Uor iu»U« ru»l»Jl»4»r« •MI|B( 4TMUI4 04 rrnlj to «iua* wh«r«»«r lU»ro It • <r«*k »«l»l. \V. ni»r »a*|x m«nr • ratal thiJTI bjr kM»M« wur> |g tho iioHlUvn vonllol of imoiilo wlio tnlie Uood'i Buriiiiiinrllln. \Vhoii usod iiccanllnu to illroolloiit Iliouooil iiltout" of U'lii oxcnlloiit innJIclno urn looiij foil in liorvo utrnnntli rostornd, Hint tlrml fiinllliR rtrlvon off, n Roorl* creutntl, homlnolio mini ilyspoimlii rtllnvml, nurofillil cura.l nlul alt Ilia linJ ullocu of Impure lilnoil iiv«room». If •«» «• '» nouil of » RI«M! Ulooil (iiirlflar or toiilu moitlclat db nol full Loti-jr S 80 its j nt A year passed, during which Archie | t) ie promiiiont men it hua curried off, nnd ViOrked bard and saved every cent ho j 8 takiii" off every year, 1'or wbilo munv could, and Phyllis, linlr regrelJinl Unit • • ° ... she had made such a sacrifice as his nee- Sarsaparilla KIEV'S CKKAitt ^ Applied into No»lril> Is Quicklr A.DHorbed, Oleiuiiiei Ihu ]lwiu, lleuli the bores and Cure. CATARRH RestoresTnstennd Smell,quick- IT Kelievcs Oolil In llaud Hud Hendaohe. 60u. at UruifizisT.ti. ELY llUOS:,6BWurrenBt.,N.Y. Con b» mv\e ea--y hy nny rnt'i-ee »OIIAUI'10.N I'AHTK STOVE kru«li rcQiilrvd. N" liuril Ilibor, N llernon Belling OI.IMi." f>o dilMl or dirt. vl'lTfuy. 'ilo.o.'iOiiudii^sBulillii I'klludulplila. Kxuludlvo urenuy for one or more eouiiU«n piv«n t'onipt'tt'nt ner- lon. Write to-liny enulonliiK »ti"'JK f"f.Ifti'l. 1 ",'!)?^ , w trill novcr regret It. Adilreil CHAMPION CO., 4-1 N. fourl)* "«., 1'lnladolphla. 1'a. noajipetitc, Indigestion, l''Iatnlonce, Sick- Headcalic, "all rundown" or losing flesh, you will Uncl s Pills Just wtiat you need. They tone up tho weak stonmch ami build up the flagging energies. clared the old lady, with asperity. Phyllis sighed. It WHS quite useless to argue with bor aunt when she got an idea into her head. As the girl washed the suppor dishes and tidied up the. tiny room which was both dining room and kitchen, and which, wilh two other aparbments, formed their whole establishment, she recalled many of the odd stories she had heard about her aunt. A peculiar character, every one seoraea to consider her—determined, many intimated. Certainly it was that one episode relating to her seemed to justify suspicion of her sanity. . Very weal thy in her own right was she when she had married a handsome adventurer named Oswald Merritt. She had converted all her property into money, invested the money in bonds, and then made a-bonfire of. the bonds! Her jewels dis- iipeared, no one knew where. She said she wished to test the sincerity of her husband's love, and believed a husband ihould solely support his wife. But a.'test so severe Oswald Merritt could not stand. Infuriated at his bride's deed amj doctrine, he told her he had only married her for money, and took ainiself off. ' For years, worthless, abusive, dissipated, he hun» around the neighborhood, seeking no reconciliation with his wife, but ever to her providing a persistent and malicious menace. To her immense relief sho learned one day he had fallen out of a third story window, and broken his neck. His widow devoted herself to the care of her brother's orphan child, Phyllis ClyUe, and, feill the latter was of an age to" work, hud supported them both by nursing, doing plain sewing, and occasionally selling a bit of antique furniture or old family;silver. Now the only relic was the nre e|reen, with which Mrs Merritt so stubbornly refused to part. That night, when she had given her aunt her regular cup of cocoa and tucked her snugly away in bed, Phy/lis went into the wee box of a parlor and stood before the screen in question. "Worth more than seventy-five dollars, indeed!" she murmured disgustedly. "That clumsy, ugly, useless old thing! But then it is just the articles which are ugly, clumsy and useless that rich people to run crazy nfter now-a-days. ' cessary and wholly glad of his loyal love, counted the weeks till sho should see him again. It was in September that he came back— crolden, fragrant, Wieious September. Very quiet was their wedding. And Phyllis in her simple, snowy wedding gown, looked more radiant and lovely than ever. Just as coon as the cottage could be disposed of, Mrs. Morrit was to go to the city to live with the young couple, Wheu the sacred ceremony was over the little old widow said, briskly: "Now, Phyllis, I'm going to give you the present 1 promised." "The screen, auntie?" "Yes, dear." She took a tiny key from her bosom— went toward the heirloom. "Does it open?" cried Phyllis Van Roosevelt, in ama/'.-mierit. Mrs. Merritt smiled. In the heart of tho papier macho row she thrust th? tiny key—turned it. The whole bnok of tho screen opened like a door, nnd camp tumbling down on the carpet folded papers and heavj little packages vrappad in tissue paper. "Bonds!" exclaimed tho eccentric wkl- w, briefly. "The bonds I told Oswald lerritt 1 had burned, just to test his af- cction. And my jewels. They arc yours ow, my dear—yours and Archie's. I fas bound you shouldn't! be married for our money, as I was. There is $15,003 iiorn, Phillis, not to mention ll:e stones. "Jupiter!" cried Archie. "Oh," gasped the bride, "it sounds) like fairy tale?" But it wasn't. It was £very dollar as mo as it was delightful. "Now," declared Mrs. Merritt, "you know why I said 1 never was offered nough for that screen." When she joined them in their charmnt: little home she proved herself once nore the blessed magician of their destinies. "1 have heard Archie's mother is heart n-oken over her quarrel with him, Phylis. You should send her that screen with your love." Tho bricta took her advice. The result of tho gift was a visit from Archie's parents, and their proud acceptance of iheir lovely daughter. "Whoever would have thought," quer- cd Phyllis, ecstatically, "that tho" old screen held such a secret? But beautiful IOO Doses Ono Dollar n A r> r> i\ n M " RftubUUN, Ami ii".illior riir.'l.oi l'..\ V lilt. lliiiltriHH, (•hi, lor ouxh CATALOGUE, SEEPS PLANTS, BULBS, ETC. Money made by buying my seed!. 85 pkt3. fl.OO. Zc to fc pkt. Presents with every order Send poit*l card with nun« and *ddru«* for caUlogue, A. H AMES, MiditOR, iddieu, we'wilf malftiTiil wnBOTTi.B THE PkTAFT BROS. M. CO..BOCKE W1M. MUM TO 'J'KAVKfc. Wq j,»y $3} JUKI 11 month iin'l >:i|iuunes. .-\iUlr.j.-i* MNOTON, Miullrv(ll). \\ IH, nod P. M. B. A. men. Gr»tigor», r<»bot» Uufoi-in«r». UN1UN It was an oval shape, bound in dull silver, and swung in a splendid frame of black mahogany. The back—it was_ a couple of inches deep—was of ptipiei mache; the front, a queer jumble ot ap- pliqued pictures in oil, India ink and water colors, all being protected from the dust by glass. , The lollowing day was Saturday, and Phyllis, in her best gown, a pretty, soft, rose and white callie, set off for the,,, Vim Roosevelt's where she was engaged to in struct tri-weekly the younger children in music. . ,, Quito the thow place of the neighbor hood was the Van Roosevelt's. Bulk ii thu most elaborate style c-f moderate ar chih'cUiro, it was surrounded by confer vatories, orchid houses, and terrace of. em era Id velvet. . Phyllis was endeavoring to maketn roofct diminutive Miss Van Roosevelt com prehend the difference between a -crotche and a quaver, when Archie cam into the room, , , , -\nhie the Van Roosevelt's eldest son their pride and heir, and Archie was mos tifimendouslyin love with Phyllis Clyde This, to the girl's decided embarrassmen and consternation. Not that »he dtdn You 'in- things do happen outside of books, don't Lh -'j-—sometimes!" Only a Partial Success. Father—"Well my uon did you succeed in breaking the ne'w horses so they would stand steam?" Son—"No father, but I broke tho carriage." "What kin3 of furnace havo you?" "A cold-air furnace." '•1 thought so, I didn't know but what you were trying to heat the house with yuur refrigerator." Customer—"The mil K is a little bit blue, don't you think?." Milkman—''If you had as many joken made about you as city milk has, you would feel a little blue yourself." Tangle—"i hear that your inext door neighbors have a good organ. Do you know how many stops it has?" Bronson—"Only about three a day, and those are not_ very long ones. 1 ' Lady (to applicant for footman's place] —"Youv appearance is rather against you. Are you used to waiting?" AppHcaut—"Waiting! 1 think so I've many ' Hold lir nil ilmimlnU. $li nil r»rt»1. I'rnpareil ar^dyinVapparontly of paralysis and ap- u y o. i. HOOD A co., A|...U.«OUI-|I,., unv,,n, Mum. oplexy, they aro really victims of kidney disorder, winch causes 'mart disease, paralysis, apoplexy, etc. Nearly every week tho papers record the dcaMi of prominent man from this scourge. Recently, however, tho increase has been checked, and I attribute this to the general use o£ my remedy." . • , "Do you think many people aro afuicteil with it to-day who da not realize it, Mr. Warner?" "A prominent professor in a New Orleans medical collogo was lechirinir before his class on tho subject of Bright's disease. He had various fluids under microscopic analysis and was showing tho, students what tho indications of this ter- i rible malady were. 'And now, gcntle-l men,' be said,' 'as wo havo soeiii tho unhealthy indications, I will show you how itappenrpin a state of perfect-health, and ho submitted his own fluid to th' usual test. As ho watched the results his countenance biiddenly changed— his color and command both left birr., and in a .trembling voice he said: 'Gentlemen, J have made a painful discovery; I huyo Bright'fl disease of the kidneys;' and in less than a year he was dead. The flight' est indications of any kidrny dillicully should be enough to strike terror to any ?ne." "You know of Dr. Ilenion 'a case?" "Yes, I have both read and beard of it." "It is very wonderful is it not?" "No more so than a great many others that have come to my notice as having been cured by i\w same means." "You belibvethun that Bright's diseasn am be cured." "I know it can. I know it from my own and tho experience of thousands ot pr'iminent persons who were given up to die by both their physician* and friends." "You speak ot your own experience, what was it?" "A fearful one, I had felt languid and unfitted for business for years. But I did not know what ailed me. When however, 1 found it MOB kidney difficulty _ I thought there was little hope and so did tl;o doctors. I havo since learned that ono of the physicians of this city pointed mo out. to a gentleman on the street ono duy, .-aying there goes a man who will be dead within a year." I believe his words would proven true if 1 had riot fortunately used the remedy now known as Warner's Safe Cure." " Did you mal;e a chemical analysis of Uie cate of Mr, II. II, Warner some three years ago Doctor? was asked Dr. S. A. 1/it- timore one of theanalysts of tho State Board of Health." "Yes sir." "What did this analysis show you? "A serious disease of the kidneys." "Didyou think Mr. Warner could recover?" "No sir I did not think it possible. "Do you know anything about the rero- ody which cured him?" (It. S. Muniliml) Ha Hi'lu'bt" lo b« For LOST or STOL"KN. 5 -TOM $60.00. full lnfoi'iimHon udd !•,••» \VKKJt8 VV 0 1 1 K IS, II u IT)i !«._ N. V. _ _ G^D . Htiinl fln, fcir rliviiliin nml ((«.: hiinnl-iln, Aililn o. w.i' 1 . BN vi)i:it,^ia atuto btruui, oiacuuo, 111. . liirili-'- '.•.•..•!:.•:•..« 4 ri'sr-U?!!, I.VIKAIIAM.M. l>. !•! I 1 ": O ft* ., lino a lint . lliu Osttl ot «Btl» f "ij."H.'nVf.)HKACO.. font r.Miwly for innlc- iti >MAM.KII. In* 1 'ml f fnr ml'l '"' |i«r»|ilrlii|! Ti'i-t <n> »'" ovurywhi'"'. «r mint fn-n mi lTi!i>l|>tnr «••-• - Htini>U> fioo HI >-t»mH, dll'ilii. niuininli'd I'lilillillli'l I'ron. TIIK i-KiUMcni.. woiu.i/ ii'ij oU m- Your health is a citadel. The winter's, storms are the . coming enemy. down for five lo best to break in and di. and provisioned? The it vigorous or depleted ; enemy will sit r:ii;idel,and do its ,..i-:idel garrisoned consVitul.ion. Is :i i' !'p;l!t. without help"? Have you'madc: provision .for the £|:iiTison hyfur- nishinir a supply of BOOTIES KMULSSON of pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil -M>\ \ fypophosphites »' ....... c . s ,.(j,- C: ; tin: iiaf^iug energies, wers fu.cainst disi:ase; cures ••••' ^'j • g:i>'; p is>'i ? J.KMY Lime anfl Soda ? creases the resisti m- It ^e^ciaU'V t.«- Cttflilt'cii), keeps coughs and colds out,and so enables the constitution to hold the fort of health. Palatable as Milk. RPliTTAT <irotf« Fmiilslon is non-sot;rot, and isi prescribed by tho Medical Pro- fussf^ nil oviir"tlio 'ivorlVl, bllc'iTso l". InilrodiwUs are ,idoulili™lly combined .n .mch « manner ua lu i;ruatly lucrcaao thuir rcmudial viilua. , ^ ^ lis'.rm is nut up In s.'ilinim-cdlorL-il wrnppcra. Hu« r "" ,ly by til" U.& Ilov/lia, W.-uuifauturim: Chciiilstu. No I only In n»t»-|>oiiinl Hi"'. "J Or«*"«, 111 I'd AiUO.. nomin«p»t»l* I.O^IICN, k)»(ll.«1D. . old t>y all mulis'.r U only b nuro mid wYork. "I have chemically analyzed it and find it pure and harmless." The standing of Dr. Ilenion, Mr. Warner and Dr. Lattimore in Uhe community is beyond question, and tho stulcmenU they make cannot for u moment be doubted. Dr. llenion's experience shows that Blight's disease r<f of thfl kidneys is one of the most deceptive and dangerous of all diseases, that it in exceedingly common, but thut it can bo cured if taken in time. been waiting four years to see'yez, nm'uin, and I bttveti t set eyes on yea till this uunute' Soecial Notice. PUTNAM HOUSE, Winter Resort, Palatka, - Florida. Board 84.OO per day. One hundred pleasant rooms at $21 per week, each person. An abundant supply of eoft water. B. O. & W. F. ORVIS, Managers. Season 1890-^91, WIl^DSOR HOTEL, (Froutlnf East un Wiiicldor P»rk.) Winter Resort, Jacksonville, * Florida.- Open Deoember to May. Board' (H per day. One hundred pleasant rooms at 821 per week, each per* aon. F. H. ORVIS., DOGS NOT TAKKN, •e* THE cTniCINAL AND GENUIIJE. Tbu only Sufi', Sure, amiriliaWoPill Rir «ulp. ) Lntllcii. »<k llrukilu Inr C'»lt««(«r'« 4 f M'jltil\ ^luniviiii Hraifi llj Kud »u>l <1M Uli-talllo bo.M-» -ciiica nlili i.luo rlbixm, 1'ukf! nu ulUcr lilinl. t'/u'c Substitution! anil Imitatlam. All i.111. In iiinU'buiml |HI.-(«H, i>lak wrtvi-itt;rn. urv diuiucv JU* ('uunltrlVU*. Al Ilrulful'*".or ., . in mum,, in- |.-i,ticiili[j, ti>«<luwubl», uii-l "ItulW 1'or l.uUle*." (iiJ««w L bj .rvtuni M»IU f, j rau , Huilliun CHICKC&Tm CHCMICAL CO., Bs«ie« W use. tcftiuu. I'W PISO'S KKUKOY fUK CArAltKH * Clicuposl. Uellct is linmultuto. Cold In tlie Uead It has no onual, TUE Idaho legislature in joint convention continued the election of Wilauin II. ett to coi'test the teat of LJuited Suite

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