The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 25, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1891
Page 5
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THE OTPEK DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1.801. J MMttL AND DEPARtURt Of tRAIMS. CHICA&0, JllLWAUKEE A ST. PAUL. .West—Pass.— No 1 rT.O-.oa a m No. 2 10:20 a w No3 ...4:37pmNo. 4 9:30pm No^r... 7:1° * SU??f^'"^oBS Noi 5'..'.'.'.'.".. 8:17ptnNo! I0.'.'.'.".'.12:15am East—Pass.— CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North- Elmore pass..4:05 p m Blmorepass 12:20pm iTr .« i**_j. r»»~" n M TtnuttTnlnaa f t-. T'!*r»T»»V» St. Paul frt...0:55 a m South— DesMolnesft p m THE CITY, See Carter's advertisement. The farmers' institute begins at the court house today. The cold wave struck us yesterday. And it was a hustler, too. Money Barrel concert at Congregational church, Friday evening, March 0, The monthly covenant meeting of the Baptist church will be held next Saturday. "All who left dishes at the G. A. R. supper w41 find them at Bailey Bros.' store. Edgar Butler has been list for a couple of days. Regular meeting of the W. C. T. U. at the reading room Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. E. Myers of Musooda, Wis., is stopping with his brother-in-law, Mr. Ladendorf. Ho wants to rent a farm. Marshal Dailey has moved into one of the Hutchins houses, near the water on the sick Ho is improv- a bushel of unshelled corn. He has recently experimented in this inn tier, and is convinced that those who burn corn in the cob make a mistake. They should shell the corn and burn the cobs if they want to realize the most from it. S. W. McKee, the gentleman who has already organized several co-operative creameries in the county, is still actively at work, and expects to put two or three more in operation. He is thoroughly reliable and his work so far has proved eminently satisfactory to all concerned. The co-operative business bids fair to revolutionize the dairy and creamery business in this county. Mrs. Dr. L. K. Garfleld gave an afternoon reception and tea at her pleasant home on Wednesday last to a large party of her lady friends. Music and recitations by Miss Thomas, the elocutionist, and by Mrs. Wolfe, formed a part of the entertainment. ipate in the exercises, and remarked incidentally that one of the post members was an old comrade in arms with him; that he had recently met him at Britt, but, he was sorry to say, his old friend was in the custody of the constable. The remark lost much of its force until our worthy sheriff's recent Corwith racket was called to inind. Clarke's auction DON'T forget M. L. snle, March 3. A LARGE stock of boots and shoes to bo closed out at your own price. Next to postofflce. W. F. Carter. pound Jones •orks, in order to be nearer his duties. Public inspection of Co. F, I. N. G., occurs at court house hall, Friday evening, March 0. Col. Boutin will be here. All are cordially invited. The Baptist Aid society will meet in Miss Cramer's rooms on Thursday afternoon. Reception from : 4 to 7. Silver collection will be taken. Gentlo- mea are invited. Gib Dutton is the now man on the Rutherford house 'bus. He says he is" not selling wagons now, but is looking for fellows who wear starched shirts and. carry grips. Come eai-ly to the Money Barrel concert at the Congregational church Friday evening, March 6, in order to get seats. Three-hundred and fifty tickets have already been sold. The fnneral of Wm. Lattirnore occurred on Friday last. His death took place on Wednesday last. He was 84 years old, and had been a resident of this county for some years. W. W. Jones says he has to give possession on the first of March of the town property which he recently traded off, and thinks he may move back to his farm in Riverdale township. Regular annual meeting of the directors of the Kossuth Qounty Agricultural society will be held on Tuesday, March 3, at 1 p. m., at the office of the the secretary. S. S. Sessions, secretary. A large audience listened to the normal school entertainment last evening at the court house. The pleasing evolutions performed by the students evinced the careful training which they have been under. The entertainment was a success in every way. Another co-operative creamery company was organized in the county last week, this time at Buffalo Fork. The notice of incorporation, published this week, shows that the company is backed and in the hands of good men, who will undoubtedly make a success of the business. No man is in for a trade quicker than W. F. Carter. This time he has on hand a stock of boots and shoes which he got in a deal, and has opened them up in the room next f ast of the post- office. D. S. Ford will have charge of the business, and will prove a popular man for the work. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Slade were called to Eagle Grove Monday by the danger- ous^illnessos Mrs, John Slade. They arrived however only in time to witness her death, which occurred yesterday, from an attack of inflammation of the stomach. Further particulars concerning the the sad event we have not Mrs. A. D. Clarke also favored the companv with a fine recitation. The guests voted themselves most hospitably on- tertained. Feb. 20 closed another financial quarter with this paper, tind business patrons will be waited on as soon as possible. Just at present the entire office force is so full of business that a delay of a few days will bo necessai'y. If any of our patrons find it difficult to wait, the business manager will bo found at headquarters ready and willing to receipt bills on " short notice and at reasonable rates. Lyceums of a highly entertaining character are held on Wednesday evenings at the Frink school houso in Union township. The next question to be discussed is: "Resolved, That women have more influence over men than money." They also have a weekly paper with a couple of editors, which is said to be gotten up in a spicy style. Outsiders are welcome, and can participate in the discussion if they so desire. Yesterday at the residence of John D. Starks Rev. F. M. Smith pronounced the words which united in marriage Mr. John O. Starks and Miss Cora E. Raney. The groom is the second son of John D. Starks of this city, and the bride is a member of the well- known Raney family of Sherman township. The best wishes of friends and relatives follow the young couple. They will live in southern Minnesota. As an evidence of the kind of stock produced in Kossuth county it is noted that J. B. Jones this week sold a pair of mares raised on the Prairie Lawn farm to Des Moines parties for §400. They are " Exile" colts, the dams being BUCK-WHEAT flour 3c pet- Stacy's office or at mill. Stacy.-36 CHOICE oranges 20c per dozen at W. F. Carter's. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. J. B. Jones was doing business in Dos Moines a couple of days last week. County Attorney Joslyn went to Illinois last week for a short visit. Thos. Daylor was over from Britt to attend the bean supper. Ho is one of the leading merchants of that town. Mrs. Roland of Dexter, mother of Mrs. Owen Brunei 1 , is tho guest of tho latter, and will remain some time for a visit. W. B. Quarton went to Garner Monday evening, where ho had an important case in tho district court of Hancock county. J. S. Taylor is back from Colorado, whore ho has been spending tho past year. He was located for tho most part at Telluroid. Miss Etta Wheeler of New York state returned with her uncle,* W. W. Wheeler, from Chicago last week, and is the guest at the tho household of tho latter for a while. • Geo. E. Clarke is in attendance upon tho district court in Hancock county this week as attorney for Sheriff Stephens and Gib Dutton. He also has some railroad cases to take care of. The Des Moines Capital has this personal item: Mrs. M. H. Brunei 1 of Algona, who has been enjoying a trip through the west, is stopping in the city a few days on her way homo visiting her son, Officer J. E. Brunei 1 of the east side. Mrs. Geo. Brooks starts next Monday for Spokane Falls, Wash., where she will join her husband. Her household goods were shipped a week ago, and they will set up housekeeping as soon as she and the babies arrive. George THE FAEOE_AT GAMER. Our AVortliy Sheriff Goes to Court In n New Kolp-On Tfinl for Wlmtf— (51b llutton's t'nse. Sheriff Stephens went down to Garner Monday night, where ho was under bonds to appear before the district court of Hancock county, now in session. This was the result of his fracas a few weeks ago at Corwith over a threshing machine upon which ho had made a levy. Tho reporter asked him on Monday about tho case, and our worthy sheriff wild the most ho know about it was that ho was under $200 bonds to keep tho peace with that threshing machine. Ho hadn't dono anything out of tho way that ho knew of, and certainly ho had had no trouble with the machine—ho and the machine got along well enough until ho made tho levy and tried to sell it. Thou tho trouble'bogan with thoso Convilhltce, and the rough-and-tumble which followed is a matter already familiar to our readers. His arrest at the timo was regarded purely as a bulldozing scheme, and it is not believed that anything can eomo of it. As a law-abiding ciUzen lie could not resist arrest, but when they wanted him to come before the justice over there ho said they must take him if ho went. So a half dozen or more burly fellows actually picked him up and carried him into tho august presence of his honor, tho expounder of Blaekstono. It remains to bo scon what will happen. Somehow wo fool that tho "little giant of Kossuth" is able to look out for himself. If not, then Geo. 15. Clarke and W. B. Quartan, who arc both over there, will «eo to it that ho is not imprisoned for life or hung up by tho neck without at least having had a fairArial. Messrs. Stephens, Clarke, and Quarton came homo last evening. Mr. Stephens' case was continued until tho next term by agreement. Ho says they offered to dismiss tho suit if ho would A DOLLAR SAVED IS A DOLLAR GAINED. Townsend & Landon's 1 dor. Clothes Pins for »1 t pkp r>c Yenst for - M 1 pkg Soda ( t'uro) OS 1 pkpr Dison Rtovo Polish O. r > 1 box Axlo Grenso Oil 1 box Lewis' Lyo 10 33 Imrs Uood Laundry Soap $ .»0 •JO His Choiro Huttor Crackers t.OO 1'3 llis Choice Cnl. T)Hi><I (irnpes 1.00 A pnoij hnntorn for only 3S 20 U* Crystal Hicc for 1.00 12 Ibs Clioiro Kmsiu.i for 1.00 We sell other goods in proportion to the above, sec us. 1ST We arc agents for Rock Salt for stock TOWNSEND & LANG-DON. Call and Farm Loans. I mil now maUti loans on Improved lands, from ouo to ton yt-ivra time, ami glv« the borrower the privilege of pitying the whole loan or any part thereof In o.von ?100 at — any date when Interest fnllH due. This Is Iowa monoy, anil no second mortgage or coupons taken. This plan of making a loan will enable, th« \xir- ro\v*r to reduce his mortgage at any Hmo :im\ suvo the Interest on tho amount, paid. Money furntnhed at once on pevfeet title. Call on or address II. TTOXIK. Algomi, Iowa. M. /. WIOVK. JOHN (iROVK. IBIESOS. Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. West of Thnrlnpton House. M. 7,. (iliOVK, of excellent breeding, and are a handsome team. They were shipped yesterday, and Des Moines can now boast of a $400 pair of drivers of Kossuth county stock. They will be hard to beat anywhere. The gold medal which is to be presented to the best costumed lady at the masquerade Friday night is on hand. 1 It is an elegant piece of work, upon which is engraved " The Belle of the Ball," and can be seen on application to Alex. Dorweiler. By the way, tickets to the masquerade can be had at James Taylor's store. There will be three rows of seats on the outer edges of the hall, and all who attend as spectators will be amply provided for. Mr. Campbell, the gentleman who purchased the Prairie Jjawn farm of J. B. Jones, has again sold it to Des Moines parties, but as yet no one has come to take charge of the place. Mr. Jones therefore still occupies it a tenant at will, and will probably not move until spring. Then he will become an Algona resident. He is wintering about a hundred head of his short-horn stock, but expects to dispose of them the coming spring. His future movements are not outlined, J. G, Smith's trip to Forest City last week was not a fruitless one, after all. He set the ball in motion by which, two days later, a fellow was caught attempting to ship prairie chickens, and was convicted and fined $20 and costs. When the state association for the protection of game in Iowa gets after a fellow it is very likely to run him down before it is through with him. It pay the costs, some $12, but ho refused to'do this. Ho believes ho can "beat them out of their boots" If tho caso is over tried, and is not going to acknowledge that ho exceeded his authority by making any compromise. CUb Dutton'B CaHo. Gib Dutton wont over to Garner yesterday morning. He is under bonds to appear there at this term. Ho sold a wagon to a man near Corwith and took his note for it. Soon after he learned that the man was no good, so ho went to his houso and got tho wife to sign tho note. They allege that ho mado false representations in order to secure tho woman's signature. As u matter of fact tho man was mad because his wife, whoso note is good, had signed it; so ho had Gib arrested. We will await tho result with some interest. RAY & PEPS. WACOT AND PLOW WORK, REPAIRING. Wo want tho people, to know that we arc- prepared to put their plows lullrst, clnns «hnnc. Also do repairing of nil kinds, hoi'so shooing, mid all i-lasses of bladiHiiillhlng. Have tt Iliratclwa wagon nuiUor and painter, and wo Kiianintoo sat Infant Ion In everythiiiK we turn out. WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE, ALGONA, IOWA. Thorinffton House Laundry. New Laundry, just opened in basement of the Thorington. Strictly First-Class Work at reasonable rates and on short notice. Will do family washing. All work called for and delivered. First-Class "^Torls Is has been there for about a year, and is said to bo doing- well. Ben Haggard returned home Monday evening from Milwaukee, bringing with him his brother, Melzar, who has had a severe run of fever. The latter is still quite weak from his sickness, and will remain until recuperated. Ho was within a week of completing his work in the commercial school, and will return and finish his studies just as soon as he is able. Chas. Kendall of Madolia, Minn., surprised his old-time friends in Algona by dropping in upon them last Friday evening. He was formerly engaged in creamery work here, but left some eight years ago. He went to Minnesota and located at tho town named, where, we are pleased to know, ho has prospered in the things material, and is one of the recognized business men of the place. Mr. Healy, brother-in-law of J. R. Jones, who has been in these parts during the past three weeks, started yesterday for his home at Winnipeg, Manitoba. He feels a keen interest in the dominion election, which occurs March 5, and evidences his loyalty to his party by "going home to vote. Ho is an ardent conservative, and is willing to travel tho long distance to give a lift to tho government of which Sir John MacDonald is the head. FANCY table syrup, W. F. Carter's. 30c a gallon at Auction! Auctiou! Having sold my farm, I will MISCELLANEOUS MEMOEANDA. Scut to tlio Aayluui. Kossuth county is keeping up its record for insanity cases. John Nollis, aged 21 years, was lust Saturday brought before tho commissioners for examination and adjudged of unsound mind and a lit subject for tho asylum; so he was taken to Independence. Ho lived with his parents near Whitte- moro. Of lato ho has become unruly, and has indulged in tho delightful past- time of kicking out tho windows of tho paternal mansion, beside cutting up various other capers not in accordance with the moral code. At times ho was well nigh unmanageable, but his father got him to town Saturday, and his caso was disposed of as noted above. About two years ago ho was adjudged insane and sent to the asylum, where he was kept for a while, but was sent back here reported to be all right again in his head. Time proved this to bo incorrect, and he is now placed where ho can bo accommodated when ho wants to light. This was the predominating form which his insanity took on, Tho DomorcBl Contest. The second medal contest will be given at the Congregational church on Friday evening, of this week at 7:30. Tickets, 25, 15, and 10 cents. Proceeds for tho reading room. Programme: Music by Congregational choir. No. 1. You Can Do It if You Will. No. 8. Tho Constitutional Kennedy. No. 8. Tho Whiskey Bottle, No. 4. Prohibition tho Kennedy for Hard Times. Solo by Miss ITahnestoelc. No. n. Two Fires. No. (I. Prohibition tho Hopo of Our Country. No. 7. Martysea Mothor. No. 8. America's Joshua. Hoop Drill. Decision of Judges. Presentation of Modal. WHBTTEIM1QRE CASH STORE. South Side of Broadway. Groceries, Crockery, etc. Mwa,ysa,Jullstoclt, selected with a view to meeting the wants of the people of Whitteinore and vicinity. Drop in; we wilt do you good. HENRY MUNCH. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION Whitteinore Co-Operative Creamery soil at learned. The funeral of Matt Frambaugh occurred in Algona on Monday. Deceased was well known, and has been a resident of the county for several years. He lived between hero and whittemore, where he owned a large farm. He was held in high regard by his many friends. He was a member of the Catholic faith, and the services were conducted under the auspices of that society. Henry Mason no longer drives the Rutherford house 'bus. He also carried the mail to and from trains. It seems there was some difference of opinion between he and the postmaster, and a mutual agreement was reached by which others will do the work in the future. Henry is a popular young man, and no doubt some opening will be presented by which he soon will find employment. Perry Burlingame, east of town, has heen busy during the past few days shelling and marketing apart of his big corn crop. He had about 5,000 bushels, and the price he gets makes him think that corn raising pays in Iowa, notwith- s ' - gtandig all the discussion that has been going on about it. interest he has that is that a worth about as One fact of general demonstrated, and bushel of cobs is much for fuel as has been the means of saving up much of our game which was formerly killed and shipped out of tho state during the closed season, and has done much good in a general way. The only business of importance done by the city council last Wednesday evening was the passage of an ordinance fixing the salaries of the mayor and aldermen. The mayor's was placed at $50 a year, the city attorney's at $50, the clerk's at $50, while that of the treasurer is placed at $40. The members of the council are allowed $1 for each meeting, tho total for the year not to exceed $25. The street commissioner gets $2 a day. This will give the successful candidates enough money with which to pay for election tickets, anyway, and perhaps have a dollar or two left. Post Inspector Barr of Britt was in attendance at the bean supper last Friday evening. During 11 the literary part of the exercises he was called out for a speech. He explained by saying that he was not hero for that purpose; that his special mission was that of inspecting the post, and he had no idea that he would be called upon to inspect the whole town. He said however that it afforded him great pleasure topartic- public auction, Tuesday, March 8, at 10 a, m., at farm on southwest quarter of Seo. 11—90, 28, 4 mile north of Pat Kain's, 40 head of cattle, consisting of cows, (some fresh), heifers, steers, and calves; 80 shoats, four workhorses, four colts, mower, breaker, harness, wagon, hay rack, and other farm implements, stoves, and other articles too numerous to mention. Terras: Seven months' time given on approved security. li®°No interest if paid when duo. If not paid when due 8 per cent, will be collected. Five per cent, off for cash. Sums under $10, cash. Free lunch at noon. M. L. CLARKE. D. A. HAGGARD, Auctioneer. Corn. I am paying the highest market price for corn, on my farm a mile east of Algona.-33 C. L. LUND. DON'T forget to remember that you can buy boots and shoos at less than manufacturers' prices, next door to the postofflce. W. F. Carter. GREAT bargains Next to postoliice. in boots and shoes. W. F. Carter. Notice. The Buffalo Fork Co-operative Creamery company will meet at the Davison school houso on Saturday, Feb. 28, at 1 p. m. sharp, to transact important business. Everyone is interested. All come out. By order of E. B, Eddy, president. CHOICE sugar cured picnic hame only 8c at W, F. Carter's. Alter Muiiy Years. The item which follows is from tho Corwith Crescent, and has reference to an occurrence which is well remembered by tho older settlors of this county. Tho Crescent says: Eleven years ago W. H. Rood's father shot with a revolver at, and wounded a deer, near John Becchor's place, and in tlio scuHlo trying to kill tho deer lost his revolver; help carno and they killed tho doer. A few days ago ono of Mr. Boechor's boys found tho revolver, pretty badly rusted, as may be supposed. The revolver and the antlers of the doer can bo seen at tho hardware store of W. H. Reed. Dedication at HulFalo Fork. The Doan Memorial M. E. chnrch will bo dedicated on Sunday, March 8. Tho dedicatory sermon will be delivered by Elder Black or Rev. Luce, who with other ministers will be present. A cordial invitation is extended to all friends of the cause. Ample entertainment will bo provided for all from distance. Service at 11 a. m. Sherman Memorial. A Sherman memorial service will be held under tho auspices of the G. A. R next Sunday at 2:80 p. m., at the Con gregational church. The sons of vet erans, the woman's relief corps, and th< public are cordially invited to attend The post will assemble at the G. A. R hall at 1:45 p. m. By order of P. C Bailey, commander. M. L, CLARKE'S auction Bale, S about it in another column. ,.?£&!•;.'..<.&-»<' J \. ,.-..,. Notice is hereby given that tho above-named ompany has organi/.od and commenced doing usinoss under tho name and stylo of "Tho iVhlttomoro Co-Operatlvo Creamery Compa y." Tho principal place of transacting business vill bo Whlttomore, Kossuth county. Iowa. Tho general naturo ^... of tho business to ho ransactcd Is to collect and manufacture Into nitter and chouse tno milk belonging to sub- crlbers to Its capital Htoclc, and to pwohaso md manufacture milk, cream, and other dairy iroducts, and to soil tlio same, and to do all lilnga necessary to make the aforesaid busl- loHB a success. The amount of capital stock authorized by ,hls corporation Is Six Thousand Dollars, $0,000), which Is divided Into shares of Ji'lfly '»50) Dollars each; Three Thousand (VI.OOO) of which Is paid up, and tho cortlllcatos for the •omaliidor of Hilld authorized capital stock shall bo Issued upon resolution passed by the )ourd of directors, and shall bo sold at such ,lme and in such manner as may bo detenn- nod by said board. Tho time of commencement of this corpora- Jon was Jan. !il, 18111, and It shall continue twenty vnars, unless sooner dissolved by the stockholders representing throe-fourths of tho itook voting for such dissolution. Tho affairs of tho corporation are to bo conducted by iv board of live directors, who shall BO elected by and from among tho stockholders at tho annual mooting, which meeting win t>o on tho llrst Saturday in January In each year, and tho olllcers of this corporation shall lie a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary, and such other olllcers as the board shall deem necessary, and as shall bo elected by tho board. All ollleors shall bo elected at the January meeting in each year. Tho highest amount of indebtedness to which tills corporation can subject itself la not to exceed two-thirds of Its paid-up capital stock. All private property of tho stockholdvrs is to bo exempt from corporate debts, Witness our hands this Slid day of January, A. D. 1HD1. II. A. Ijll.MlllfllKIB, J. O. HAWSON, J. li. WUKIIKN, J. L. COTTON, IlKNHY KMNrSEMlOFBK, Incorporators of said J corporation. NOTICE OP INCORPORATION OF TUB Hobart Co-0perajive_ Creamery Co, Notice Is hereby glvk."< that the above-named company has organized .uul commenced doing business under the uamo and stylo of "Tho Hobart Co-Oporatlvo Creamery Company." Tlio principal place of transacting business' will bo Hobart, Kosmith county, Iowa. Tho general nature of tho business to be transacted is to collect and manufacture into butter and choose tho milk belonging to subscribers to Its capital stock, and to purchase and manufacture milk, cream and other dairy products, and to sell tho same, and to do all ihiugs necessary to make the aforesaid business a success. The amount of capital stock authorized by this corporation Is Six Thousand Dollars, ($0,000), which Is divided Into shares of Fifty Dollars. (WO) ouch; Three Thousand (ifil.OOO) of which in paid up, and tho certillcatos for the remainder of mild authorized capital stock shall bo Issued upon resolution passed by tho board of directors, and shall be Hold at such (.lino and In Niioh manner us may bo determined by said board. The time of commencement, of this corporation was Feb. :J, I.HIU, and it shall continue twenty years, unles.s sooner dlsolved by three- fourths of the stockholders voting for such, dissolution. The aHalrs of tlio corporation are to bo conducted by a board of live directors, who shall be elected by and from among tho stockholders at tho annual mooting which meeting will bo on tin) Hrst Saturday In January in each. year, and tho olllcors of this corporation shall bo a president, vice-president,, secretary, and treasurer, and such other olllcers as tho board shall deem necessary, and as shall bo elected, by the board. All olllcers shall bo elected at tho January meeting in each year. Tho highest amount of indebtedness to which this corporation can subject itself Is not to ex, coed two-thirds of its paid-up capital stock. All private property of tho stockholders Is to' bo exempt from corporate debts. Witness our hands this 2d day of February, A. D. 181)1. F. A. WJTIIAM, A. C. ItEimi'iJ), li. P. Tuutis, N. K. HOUJNSON, J. O. llAWHON, L. MANSM1TII, M. D. COVEU,, J. II. JONES, •10 Jncorporators of said Incorporation. ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY.— District Court, March Term, 1HU1.—W. W. Lyon, plaintiff, vs. James W. l^you, John H. Lyon, Uetsey A. Lyon, Cbas. W. Lyou, L,ovl P. Lyon, and Augustus Lyon, heirs at law of Hradloy Lyon, deceased, defendants. To said defendants: You are hereby notified that tho petition of plaintiff in tho abovo entitled cause Is now filed in tho olllco of the clerk of tho district court of the state of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county, claiming of you that ho la tho absolute and unqualified owner of tho west half of the northwest quarter, and tho northwest quarter of the southwest quarter, all in Section No. 33, Township No. ItfO, Kauge No. 'M west of tho 5th P. M. Iowa, and asking that his title thereto be quieted, and that defendants be required to convey to him the legal title thereto, and that u commissioner bo appointed to execute such conveyance. And that uuless you appear thereto and defend before noon of the second day of tho March term, A. D. 1801, of the said court, which will commence at M- gona on the Sd day of March A. D. 1801, default will be entered against you and judgment rendered thereon. GEO. E. CLARKE, Plaintiff's Attorney. NOTICE. IN THE DIST1UCT COUHT. STATE OF Iowa, In and for Kossuth county.—In tho matter of the application of L. A. Shuetz, u registered pharmacist, for a permit to buy, keep, and sell intoxicating ll(iuors.*-March term, 1801. To whom it may concern: Notice is hereby M ONEY FURNISHED— AT SEVEN PER GENT. INTEREST. At Kossuth County Huuk. Apply at once. igb Shoofa, of the city of Algoua, in the county of Kossuth, and state of Iowa, praying for a permit to buy, keep, and sell intoxicating liquor In his brick store on the corner of State and Thoriugtou streets, In said city of Algoua, will be on nlo In tho ottlco of tho clerk of tue district court of said couuty, on or before the iiOth day of February, 1801, and that said cause will come on for hearing In said court at the March, term of suld court, to be begun and held ut Al- goua, Iowa, ou tho :id day of March, 1801. 1 L. A. SHEETZ, 15 Applicant, A/TONEY TO LOAN— 1V4- ON BAILROAD L. Porsons wanting to borrow inoowy oa rail road lands will do well to call at tho Kossuth County Haul; and bring their contracts.

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