The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 25, 1891 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1891
Page 2
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THE UPPER DBS MOINES, ALGpNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26.1891 LGONA, IOWA. Awnw aspalb for streets and houso- Wofs, manufactured from Caucasian nap- tha, has, says the Elcctrican, been placed upon the market. THE Canadians want us to sell Alaska to them. Wo can't do that, but we can do something better—ke.->p AUskaand take Canada at a fair price. IT is proposed by an American engineer lo ' remove incrustation from boiler- tubes by temporarily enlarging tho lubes by means of a tool having opposite projecting rolls traveling in spiral. TitK Indian legislature has passed a law making it felony to conduct a bucket shop, deal in margins or rent a building for this purpose within tho state. BKABS which has boon rendered hard by compression may bo tempered tlio sutun as steel. To do this, a pie, o of polished steel is placed on tho article lo bo tempered, and heat is applied so as to iiffcct tho steel and brass equally. Tho temper of tho brass will bo indicated by tho color of tin Btecl. _ '_ Ia 1 is said that the day alter Washington's dealh the clock ir. tho Masonic lodge at Alexandria, of'which ho was a member, was set at the hour and minute of his demise. Then tho clock was stopped and it has never boon permitted to run nor luvo tho hands b'.'en moved since. LTiiK proposition of the academy o£ sciences of Bologna to establish tho world's universal primary meridian at Jerusalem instead of having ono at Greenwich, another at Washington, another at Paris, etc., is meeting with much favor. Jerusalem is neutral ground; accessible'to all, and tho meridian lino would run on land for ninety degrees, cutting the eqator in Iho Congo country. THE largest single building on tho globe is saiu to bo tho Freihaus, a monster apartment house of Vienna. In it aro 1,500 rooas. arranged so as to make 400 dwelling apartments. Two thousand one liundrcd and twelve persons live under ono great riof, a population Hiilliciont to make a city largo enough to incorporate and •', furnish with a full sot of aldermen. The V immense building has 130 stairais'-s and Vfifty elevators). The posttnnn say they often deliver 1,000 pieces of mail matter at tbjs house in a single day. im is no occasion for mch ridicule or Denunciation of men who propose logis hftion against barbed wire fences, as somo our esteemed contemporaries indulge As long us so many valuable animals Jo killed or tortured by these barbarous devices, just so long will the spirit of 'humanity cry out against thorn. Nevertheless bnrbed wire fence is all right if properly built, With a strong substimtia top rail of wood us a warning and protection from injury, such fences do'no material harm, while on the score ol economy and utility they aro eminently .desirable. What is wanted is a law providing a severe pen.,lty for tho erection and maintonancu of a bnrbed wire fence anywhere, without such nifo guard. ^..' ,- ; TUB Australian sho oak, which is said to give tho best lira wood in the world, has been acclimatized in AbordociK<hire, Scotland, and theru teems every liklihood that it will prosper apacu in that com- LATEST NEWSJONDENSED. GENERAL NOTES. A MrcmoAN man is making a fortune by raising skunks for their fur. TrfB obituaries of General Sherman in llio London newspapers nro highly eulogistic. A BUZZAHD and snowstorm is forcing the suspension of traffic in South Dakota, Iowa and Minner;ota. JACOII Np-ssr-Y McCoi/wuan, viee- 8 resident of tho Pennsylvnnia i railroad, led yesterday at Pittsbufg, leaving an estate wcrth 814,000,000. HUDSON TJunn, a prominent attorney at IJIoomirglon,.di.?d Tuesdfiy morning. Ttrw United Slates Attorney, Hoge, of tho District of Columbia has been removed because he refused to prosecute violators of the anti-lottery law. TUB lower house of tho Kansas legislature has reconsidered iln action in defeating |. tho women suffrage bill and has passed the measure. . Du. HUNIIY WADE ROOKUS, was on Thursday formally innuKiirated as president of tho northwestern university at at Hvanston. Du. A. WiNciiKMi. urofesso^of geology in tlio state univcrnily of Michigan, died at Ann Arbor, TlnirHdny. TUB Pennsylvania officials at Pittsbirg have rnfnsc-d I hi! demands mndo _by tho employes last spring and a strike involving !)(i,000 men is imminent. JOHN SIT.I, I.MAN, who escaped from rev- enuo olliceiH at Chicago by jumping through a oar window, called on li's father iitl'cori, Monday night, but escaped- bo- foro the ollicers could catch him. A MOB look posfo-nion of Jackson Park, Chicago, Tuesday morning. They loudly dunouhco tho employment of Italian labor in preparing the site of the world's fair for thu buildings. A NEW brewery combine, comprising five Cliicngo and one Milwaukee establishments, has been formed with a capital of $12,000,000. . John I?,. Knox & Co., of Topnka, Kan., investment, brokers, assigned Wednesday, the liabilities are 8100,000. GENKHAI, SIHI.EY, the first Governor of MinriCHotn, died in St. Paul Wednesday morning, Tina world's fair directors will insint on tho eight-hour nay beintf rccogniisod in tho contracts made by them, and will 'also prohibit the employment of alien laborers. KOJIK1GN. mine near Scottade, Pa., Monday morning. THE eastern wing of St. Mary's Hospital at Rochester, N. Y., was burned Sunday night. The 250 patients were safely removed, but one of the firemen was killed. The loss is 965,000. THE north bound passenger train on tho Burlington Cedar Rapids & Northern wag derailed near Randalia, Iowa, Monday afternoon. Three cars went down tt>e embankment. JOHN TIEIINEY, until recently a south side saloonkeeper at Chicago was accidentally shot and instantly killed by Michael Ca'shin Tuesday morning. t THE steamer Thoma.9 'herlqck was sunk in the Ohio river near Cincinnati, and Mrs. McLean of Pittsburg and her grandchild were drowned. A WOMAN and four children were suffocated in a burning building in Brooklyn, N. Y., Wednesday morning, and a man was fatally burned. WILLIAM WATKIXS, who was working in tho capacity of engineer at a grain elevator at llumbolt, 111., was instantly hill- oil at 11 a. m. Wed. esday by the boiler of a traction engine exploding. Tho engine room and Illinois Dentral depot were partially wrecked. AT Mahoning City, Pa., Tuesday morning while n, number of _sehool children congregated about tho ruins of tho New Boston Breaker, that burned Monday night, too chimney fell over, killing ono and ia- juring two other children. CRIME. L will makea.vigorous fight and will contest every constituency in Iceland. PIIIKCE HADznviM. is said to have lost 5,000,000 marks at framing tables of Berlin and Potsdam. TIMOTHY HAIIHINOTON has mind tho In- Riiripressiblu newspaper at Dublin for 85,000 libel. AT St. Petersburg, Gen. Nicholas Barton Krundener died-Wednesday at, the a»o of 80. In the war against Turkey ho commanded the Russian forces before Plevnu. HENRY M STANLEY has decided to give all the gifts he received from tht! crowned bonds of Europe, valued at 8500,000, to aid General Booth's ''Darkest England" scheme, VIOLENT htorms nro reported a- prevailing on the coast of Greece. Oft' the island of Z:>o 11 steamer was wrecked and nine lives lost. It is feared that ninny other disasters have occurred. IT is said in London that the United States and England have agreed to submit tho Uchring sen dispute to the arbitration of King Humbert ol: Italy. QUEEN VICTOHIA is going out to Graf BO in tho spring. She has hired tho Grand Hotel at tho place and is preparing for nn extended stay. THE Hawaiian ministry o.f tliolnte Kintr Kiiliilutua refuses to resign, nccordinir to cttKiom, and Queen Liliupkalani ihrcatens to proceed against them in tho courts. Two KXi'wiiT bnuk-lhievL's, said to be AmoricimH, walked into tho • National Provincial bank of London during busi- npsi-- hours and stole £11,000, and thus far liavo avoided arrest. AT Columbus, Kan., on Monday, Louis. S. Ilolsey, of Arizona, shot and dangerously wounded his wife and then J'atally shot himself. Ho died in a few minutes. CONNOUTON, the murderer of "Doc" IJuggnrty, is on trial in tho criminal court. NINE Italians charged with tho murder of Chief of Police Hennessey are on trial at t'.tNow Orleans. THOMAS J. POST a commercial traveler for a Cincinnati house, committed sui- cido ut Fort Wayne, tnd., Thursday morning- THE Grand Jury Tuesday returned indictments against Craig and Frii7.ii), the two robbers who attempted to rob Hus- Biinder,' the jeweler Monday evening. BANKER Cowlcs, of Claries, Neb., whose wife was recently murdered supposedly by a burglar, has been arrested charged with tho crime. It is alliged that the deed was commited to secure a 85,000 insurance on Mrs. Cowles' life, STATE'S ATTORNEY LONGENECKEU at Chicago on Monday presented _ tho evidence against Gibson, of tho whisky trust, to tho grand jury. SEVEN Mormor elders pleaded guilty to polygamy in tho district court at Salt Lake City and were sentenced to fine or imprisonment. JAMES PUIISN, a young man of Beloit. Wis.. stole a check from his halt-brother for §300, cashed it, and ran away several weeks ago, and was arrested in Chicago Tuesday. THREE masked men entered the store of I. B. Utter, at 708 Miami street, Kansas J'.ly, Mo., at 10 o'clock Tuesday night vith drawn revolvers and drove taroe cus- omers into u oovner and then made Mr. Jlter open tho salo and hand over tlae :ash. The robbers secured 875 and es- •aped. MAKVIN^THOUTJIAN, twrnfy years ot- ic;! 1 , lies dying in St. Anthony hospital, L'erre Haute, hid., from the effect of n bul- et wound received several days ugo tit a ocial. Marion Baker became involved in i, quarrel with Trout man at u party at .•'rnirieton, ten miles south of Torre Haute. fVfter the affair was over tho men met and quarreled, when Baker shot Troutuinn. WASHINGTON. parativoly bloak quarter. Tho specimens wbich liavo so far • nourished best have, been produced from seed brought over from Tasmania, and llio young saplings arc reported to niiiko headway nt tho rate of 18 inches a year, which is as wall as they do at the antipodes. If that oali will grow so well in Scotland there must bo many localities in tins country whore it would make a valuable treo, particularly in regions where both trees and lire wood are scarce. THE Now York Engineering News sttsy that ''less than ten years ago it; w:is geu arlly supposed, at homo and in Europe, that if the United States could build the ligh'er armored class of warships it would yet liavo to go abroad for tho armaments of theso ships; and the fact was that our manufacturers then lucked both tho plant and experience required for making heavy armor plate and guns of tho modern types. Both deficiencies have boon well and rapidly overcome, Our new ships are fully equal and some of them superior to their European prototypes; American firms are already equipped to turn out heavy armor plate, and now \\e hear from England that our guns are tho best in tho world." THE statute of Gen, Grant for the ity of Galena, the «ift of Judge 11. 11. Kohl- saat'j of Chicago, now stands complete in tho clay model in tho studio of Johannes Gelert in tho latter city. It represents Grant standing with his riyht. hand tucked in his trcusci'B pocket, the thumb outside, and his left hand under his vest, while a military frock coat with the plain- eft of shoulder straps is tlio indication of bis rank. Thu statute is so simple that it scums heroic in Us exaltation, of plain American citizenship. Theru nro four tablets of bronxoou the pedestal, ono bearing tbo incription ' Grant, our citi/.en;" another showing the sc< no at Appomuttox, Tho other two bearing thu names of Grant's battles, '1 hu bhituto will bo unveiled on. Grant's birthday, April 2, and Mrs. Grant will be present. THE following cablegram was received from Chili in New York Friday: "Pisa- h'uo, bombarded and burning. Blockade (.cased at Valparaiso," FROM Bulgaria comes Iho news that, Pitdluv.'ski, who murdered thy Russian Gmiernl Seliverskoft' in I'nris, was devour rd by wolves between Pcillipponolis and Kti'/.nnliho. A TKiutnii.E storm has been raging on the Suhloswiir const. Tho thawing snow and ice along the Baltic tiro causing disastrous Hood?, and tho Revel nnrt several other cxposcil ports tho bit nation is exceedingly dangerous. A DECREE has been issued under tlu; authority ottho king of Itnly forbidding tiny ono to emigrate under tho ago of twenty-four unless nccompnnied by tho I'nthoi of the emigrant. This intended to put in: end to tho padrone traffic in children. IN tho British housu of lords Lord Knutsford. speaking of Newfoundland' and Canada's treaties with Iho United States, said that tho colonies cai: nol negotiate treaties adverse to thu interest! of other parts of tho umpire. A 1'iuvATE cablegram, rtceivod Wed nusday morning Irom Gernumy, announces the death of ICd.aund Juesson, at ono time collector of tho port and afterwards up pointed by President Clovoliind consu general at Vienna. Mr. Jimssen practiciu law for many years in Chicago with sue c oss, and was held in high esteem, KIBES AND CASUALTIES. THK old Ciii-o wiigon company's build ing nncl contents wer« destroyed by tin Monday morning tit VVonowoc 1 . Tun Hoods in tho little Ohio valloy huvo unused much pufferiiiK ainonir tho pooplc and liavo destroyed 82,000,000 worth o property. Tun grit ml opera houso na Uochiisler. N. Y., i-rected at a cost of £75,000 lurnw ThnrMJuy morning. The Windsor hotu adjoining wa* badly damaged. AT WulUc'i'ton, hid., tho Williams Ji Henderson orick hardware uiul implement storo including four biuldtntff Thumlay morning. Thu 1>W is $1-1,000 and thu insuruucu liyht. JOHNSTOWN, PA., 1ms been visriUnl iu;otliur Hood, Four bridges hiivu bc-ei cairied away, thu floors ol fhrco of th leading hotels tiro submerged and him dn'ds of iiousv.s arc Hootled. / Fouu men wcru kill-jcV and seyora tcvurcly injured by tm pcplosiou in AMONCAFCAN MOHAMMEDANS v of the Sad Fate of Capt. lu 'he Terrible llundior Defile. Goad Fearful Work of the Afiran Assassin In Mutilating the Body of His Victim. A Correspondent Gives a Graphic count of Major Moriarty's Christinas Dinner. Ac- Your perfervid Mohammedan knows, _ _ nothing ubout Christmas. That day would , ?oconcl bo just as convenient i-nd suicable for him i j, 11 ^ ;o)ilit tho gizzard of what he chooses to call j ' OU!: in unbelieving dog as any other clay in i ;ho year. There are Mohammedans uiul | Mohammedans. Tho native of Morocco apt to bo fantical and cruel i the Mali- pass clean through some tm ortunate pack animal, or maim or kill «• k.-;aier instantly. Seven miles of this terrible pass had to bo 1 , traversed before rea-liing the open country beyond, and tha iriiuch was made with all possible celerity. The trt-nsport detachment could not.. <>f course, be moved so quickly as the im»in body of the troops, an I consequently the latter had been in camp for a consi'lHniiile time before the first bagi?age anhnni made its appearance at the mouth i<f the i> "j. Then shots were heard away back in one defile, at first desultory, but soon afl»:— ard assuming the character of a regul ir i asilade. It at once became evident to those in camp that the enemy had made an attack upon the rear guard with the intention of cap' tilling the transport and commissariat, ] and General Roberts at cn:;e ordered | several troops of cav.\lry to ride back into tho defile and rescue the convoy. Captain Goad had been left in chc'rcro of. the transport, and with . him wove four Highlanders belong'ng to tho Seventy- ro riment. When (In 1 rescu- , •_ ,, ,, anpoarmJ upon tho n-rue, they . "P 011 tho ^r., 1 firing revolver into - crow J of Afghans, THE funeral of Admiral Porter took lacu at Washington Tuesday, lie was juried tit Arlington. A BILL was introduced in the somite ^ranting a pension of 52,550 a year to the widow of Admiral Porter. THE congressional commit to invet>tigtit- ng thu alleged silver -iool has reported thai t could find no trace of wrong-doiny by congressman. i'EAKiui REED has recovered from his indisposition ancl called tho house to order on Thursday. The house passed Iho sen- ue bill for tho relief uf settlers on certain amis in southern Iowa. THE senate at Washington has agreed to tin amendment to tho diplomatic bill appropriating S3,000,000 for a telephone cable between tho United States and Hawaii, THE senate committee on finance, through Mr. Merrill, on Tuesday submitted an adverse report to tho senate on the bill introduced by Senator Stanford providing for government loans on rial estate. The committee in it* report, holds that tho experiment would result disastrously. THE house of representatives on Tuesday passed over the president's veto the bill appropriating §'200,000 for tho extension of tho public building at Dallas, Tex, THE treasury department has decided that tobacco imported and entered for purchase prior to Oct. 1, 1S90 ; and now in bonded warehouse, is dutiable by weight at thu time of its withdrawal for consumption; also that seed wheat ia dutiable and that mahogany and ubony imported "in thu log, rough or hown," is free of duty. Itullilu.s MluiigUtoi' of lilrda. 1'liu report of thu Ornithological society states that over 5,000,000 song birds aro usually required by tho dealers to ornament thu huU of American women. On Cupo Cod 40,000 terns were killed in ono sunson; tho swamps and marshes of Florida aro nearly depopulated of their egrets and herons." There are many sharp points about the barbed-wire, trust.. Sweet Innocence: "You seu, baron my papa gives men hoiik every birthday." "Ah, you must have already quite u libnv Clmngos ol' Ollmato Kill moro \>?o,,lo tlmii i* generally known. .Pa I'Ciilarly is tln» ho casu in iiisUiucus where ilu- cunstituiiuu is (U-liratr, uiul among our iiinui^r.iiu population t>coklii!;<ii!\v lioinea In those portion-; of ilit! wont, mul wlii'fi! inn'nrliil mill fuvei'ii prevail nl roriitin seasons of ilmyear. Tito boi-l jtrejiui'aliM 1 loi 1 u clittu^b i>f tUintito, or ot diet uiul waii'r wltivli'Hint cliaust) necoMsl alea, ia lloblellor'e Suiiniitli liilters, \vlilvb nut "lily torii lies tliu t-vsUMH iiL-ainM innliii'ia, a variuuio teni- punttiirv,'dump, uiul llio dolnlialinx vltevis of iropUvil heat, lull is also llio leailiii',' remedy for conitiipalion, ilyspepsln, liver complaint, liodi'y troiililcs Kpi'dally tipl lo attack eiui^ranU am! vinnors 10 'ogiotm near Ilia njtnijor, iuurini*rii mill tourist Wlualier used ID it fUi'e^uard I)' n'a vovam'i>, travelorn bv laud, minei'H, or ot ay:rl- in nevvlv iiopulaiod dUiric-tb, thia is . distof the Soudan, is pretty nearly cciUiin lo be soj Tbo Turk, as a rule, is too inao- ent to bo formidably aggressive unless something unusual has aroused him into a stato of abnormal fur.y; the Arab, except when he is doing tho "llaj" to Mecca, is capable of being hospitable to to tho Christian (stranger, and even generous; but the ono Mohammedan who is at till times and under all circumstances an iinpluceiibii! foo of the followers of the irucifled Nazarinc is the Afghan. In his way, he has rudo ideas of hospitality, if by any chance a stranger has broken bread eaten salt with him, then he and all his kindred are bound to protect the guest, ven to tho extent of their own 1'ves, so long as he remains within tho sanctuary jf his house: but once let tho intruder step beyond tho villago boundery and his former protectors wfll prove to bo his assassins unless extraordinary good luck befriends liim. Ancl in his carving up of a Christain tho Afghan proves himself invariably to be an artistic ruffian. To say nothing nameless mutilations perpetrated by aim, the Afghan assassin takes his charah, or heavily-weighted knife, and crimps the body of his victim much in the same manner as one might crimp a salmon for dinner, and with every slush of his knife he keeps muttering the foulest imprecations against all Christian clogs whatsoever. Take him engaged in this kind of work, with his face and hands bedab- bled with blood, and his long black hair streaming down over his cruel and boldly- moldecl aqilino features, while the savngo rocks of his native pass frown everywhere around him, and he look.s less like a human being than ono of those demons which Indian and Burmese temple decorators love to depict as sawing and dismembering men, women ancl children in the Buddhistic hell. It was in this situation that an Afghan assassin was discovered in a wild defile against Kabul and Kandahar one morning in tho spring of 187c>. The victim lying at his feet was a fine young fellow, Lieutenant McLsod, who had been waylaid while he was out on a surveying expedition and had become separated' from his companions. The murderer was promptly hanged, but to tho last he "gloried, us he held aloft his blood-stained hands, that now that he had slain an infidel tho road to paradise wua wi'do and open to him. Cr'Was theie ever euch a bastly country as this to spend a decent Christmas in? Major Morarty, of the coin- department, ono morning in 187S. "F<it, it's enough to the blue*, and it's me that wouldn't liko to die ab tho prisent frame of moind I'm in, bad cess to it all." The innjor, as ho growled this out to group of young officers, was standing smoking his well-brownecVmerechiimn in front, of his little bell tent. As a rule, ho was jovialty peisonified, but this morning lie was plainly out of sorts. You see, we had boon having pretty hard luck in our Koorum valloy column. On the previous afternoon we had buried Major Goad, who used to be a favorite all '"id ;hc B e tour soldiers B tending over him and keeping tho in uria ed ,ava s es back llt '-.'l 0 . l wln , 1 . ut Ulu . ' • 1 3° nti ' — ' "ring as *apidly as they could reload. P. vry man said big missariiu December, give one ?*y I ot Ihe'in was desperately wo.u;.l«d, but ! they never flinched from t!i<vr determination to save their captain trom being taken olive, well knowing the sitrocioua indignities to whicn he would be exposed if fiey failed. When the Afghans saw tho (British cavalry taking them in the rear, they stampeded for the roc!«, where it was impossible to follow them. It was found ;that Captain Goad had Inen shot through both thighs, notwithstanding which he had emptied every chamber of hi-f revolvers into his assassins, n dozen of whom lay dead around him and his gallant escort. He died that sumo nigbt. The four men who stood over him recovered from their wounds, and each afterward had the honor of having Victoria Cross pinned to his breast by tho queen of England. On the morning when Major Moriarty denounced Afghanistan as the most godforsaken place for a decent Christian and Irishman to spend Christmas iu, poor Goad's charger and personal property bad been sold by auction. _ "Major," said Lieutenant Munroe, a fair, blue-eyed young fellow, "I'm going to write to the old folks to-day and tell them how much I would have liked to be with them this Christinas. What a jolly time the girls will have, and Ned and Al will be homo from Harrow for tho holidays, ancl I know just the kind of punch the guy'nor will brew this Christmas Evo for a few old chums who served side by side with him before Delhi in 1857. By Jove, 'what stories they'll be tellling, Major, as they sit there in the parlor fighting their battles o'er again and smoking the gov'nor's special brand of Irichies! " There was something in the lad's face and the enthusiasm wliich lit it up that rnolified the Major. "You're not gatting homesick, Munroe, are you?" he asked. "Oh, well Major, when a fellow gets into a beastly_ hole liko this, with the prospect of getting your wizzen slit at any moMCnt. it is only natural that one should think enviously of the Christina* time we used to have in Iho old country. Why, we won't be able to get up even tho resemblance of a Christmas dinner to-morrow." The major thought for a moment, with his ])ipe balanced between his thumb and iorelinger, and then said: "By Jove, me boy, wo will have a Christinas dinner to morrow, even if its .he last one we ever eat on the top of the grnen sod. All you boys—you Murphy, you Jones, you Brownlow and you Mun—must come to my tent to-niglit and • ake pot luck. Av course, every mother's son of you must bring some kind of a dish with yon, and we'll divide up and have a regular Lord Major's banquet, ban-in' the turtle soup." Christmas morning broke crisp, cold and clear, ( In the forenoon divine service was held in the open air, every man wearing either a poshteen (a sh'oi j psldu coat with the wool turned inside) or his military overcoat, and tho fervour with which several hundred men sang the national ABOUT SALT* VnHons Wny» in Which it May be Died tf! Advantage. . 'T For weak eyea, a wash of weak salt and water will prove of much benefit. Salt and water, quite strong, and used persistently for fc time, will prevent the hair from falling out. A teaspoonfnl of salt dissolved in one- half glassful of water is excellent to allay nausea in sick headache. To relievo heart-burn drink a half tum- blerful of cold water in which has been dissolved a tablespoonful of salt. When wiping up the floor before putting the carpet down, sprinkle it all over with salt, while damp; this will greatly prevent moth s. For stings or bites from any kind pE insect, apply dampened salt, bound tightly over the spot. It will relieve, and .usually cure very quickly. Salfc as a tooth-powder is better than almost any other dentifrice, . It keeps tho teeth very white, the gums hard and rosy, and breath fresh. If tie throat is very sore, wring a cloth out of cold salt and water, and bind it on the throat tightly, when going to bed; cover it with a dry towel. This is excellent. For neuralgia, make a sinull muslin bag, Jill it with salt, heat it very hot, and lay .it against the aching place, It will provo a great relief, as salt retains the heat a long time. For trpublesome weeds, and for grass in sidewalks, driveways, etc., apply a dressing of coarse salt; this will kill all growth. ' Becarefel not to put it on any-/ tiling that should not be'destroyed, however. For catarrh, snuff up considerable salt ancl water from tho hollow of tho hand, every morning. Salt > and water, used as a gargle just before going to bed, strengthens the throat and helps to prevent bronchial troubles; it is also excellent for soro throat. If ink is spilled on the carpet, throw a quantity of salt on it, wbich will quickly absorb the ink; take this up, and put on more salt. Keep repeating this, rubbing it well into the ink s^ot, until the ink is all taken up by the salt; then brush the salt out of the carpet. For a f el Ion take common rock salt such as is used for salting down pork, dry it iu an_oven, then pound it.fine and mix with spirits of turpentine, in eqaal parts. Put it on ti linen rag and wrap around the fe|- Dn. As it dries put on more, and if followed up the felon will be dead in twenty- four hours. of his along the line. The circumstances leath were dermatic and sad. In order ;o explore a part of tho country which hud never before been entered by the foot of a European, General Roberts has decided to return to winter p.uorlprs in the Koorum valley by way of the Mundior or Chuppi. At 2 o'clock in thfi morning we commenced our ascent of the pass, which rises imong pines to a hogback ritlgo between 8,000 and 9,000 feet, above tho level of the sea. The cold was terrific, and the narrow mountain pathway was covered with keen jluo ico. 0;-i one side theru was rugged wall of rock, and on the other hung pie cipiccs of terrific depth. Every few minutes—at all events it appeared to be a few ninutcs—the column would be brought to a halt. By whatV Only an unfortunate iiimel, whoso .long and awkward limbs had spread out from under bin: on the ice with the result of literally splitting hira up from stem to gudgeon, His load had to bo unstrapped from his back, and then the disembuwled carcass was rolled over the precipice, crashing and splatter ing from rock to rock untifit reached tho bottom of thu gorge. Mules and horses slipped on tlw ice and were carried over thu precipice. In certain spots the men had to hold on to each other in order to save themselves from a similiar fate. It took us five hours to travel a mile. By 9 o'clock in the morning we had readied the pass. Them wo had to commence the descent into the long ciefilo that wo could KOO, far beneath us, winding liko a black lilanior.tous thread between crags ranging from 2,000,to 8,000 feet in bight. By the aid of glasses we could see that thesi crags were occupied by Afghans. It re quired no soothsayer to toll us •\yhut the) were there for, mid it was anything but ; plcivtint. prospect to have- to rim the gauntlet of a shoNyer of rocks, hurled down into tlio canyon from thu tremendous lu^ht- occupied by the vigiliani. and merciless enemy. As it was impossible to outflank tho Afghans there was nothing left for us but. to iiicu tho dreaded dulilu. After a long, tedious and dangerous descent, during which many camuU and horses were l.wt, thu main body oil tbu uoltin n entered the bed of thu pass. In places tho walls converged sodo.suly (bat Vuu sky overhead looked nearly lillo u thin, blue streak. A ponderous crashing and crackling 1 .imouy tbu shrubs and pines Unit held a precarious foothold_ among _tliu rocks gave warning from time to time thut a boulder had been loosened above u.<, and it was wiih bated breath that the men watched it leaping wildly from siclij to Hide of the pass, touring down trees in its fiwco erratic career, ami sending down showers of /debris which rattled in the pass like tne dropping found of musketry. AVilh a "slosh" u boulder would A NEW-TJS.E FOB DOLLARS. They aro tho Host Things to be IIiul for Cleaning Spectacles. ''I clean my eye-glasses these days with a 810 note," said Captain Oroutt to a Pittsburg reporter, as he conimcncad to rub his spectacles with a bill. "It cleans the glass and doesn't hurt tho money. A one-dollar bill would answer the purpose as well as a note for a hundred, but in this case I happen to have the ten and use it. "I have been cleaning my glasses-for years with bank mli 1 ", ancl never found anything that makes them, as clear. If you_ use a hankercnieti it leaves the link behind, and ten to one the glass is blurred. The money removes all the dirt and grease and leaves no trice of itself. Am 1 afraid to contract som.3 disease of the eye? Well, I never thought of that, am 1 .1 know that rfpme physicians claim diseases are transmitted by money, since it passes through so many hands. "No, I am not afraid: and I will continue to usa bank notes for this purpose. The texture is soft, and it certainly removes dirt. Indeed there is nothing like paper money for polishing fine glassware." hymn made the echoes roll from tho valley up to tho limits of eternal snow on the surrounding mountains. The only incident that marred tlio picturesque and impressive ceremony was the sound of a riflo-shot on the outskirts of the camp. A couple of Alghan thieves had been discovered by a sentry walking away with a horse, and rather then let the animal go ho shot down ono of its abductors. When night came the Major's guetts gathered in his little tent. Oi: course every man had to bring his own oatnp-stool, his tin plate, cup and knife and fork. We were terribly crowded, the more especially as wo had to sit down with our overcoats, the wind blowing down from the Hindoo Koosh in icy drafts that pierced through every crevico of the Major's tent; what mattered it that, with one exception, every guest's contributed dish was an Irish stew, concocted by the rations dolt out that day?. The exception was a Oish of splendid mountain trout which Lieutenant Douglas had walked six miles to catch that day, at thn'risk of being ambushed and murdered by the natives. And what mattered it; that, in acknowledging the Major's eloquent toast: "To those we love that are far away," each man had to drink his own "tot" of rum? Songs were sung, toasts were proposed and responded to, anc speeches sentimental, speeches gay, and speeches of all kinds, frequently intersnered with vigorous Himlostanee, after tho most approved manner of mincing Baboo moon- shea, were delivered and, whon the bugle sounded the "lights out," and we found ourselves outside tho Major's tunt, with tho keen wind whistling, myriads of bright stars glittering overhead, ancl the multitude 1 , of tents and tent ropes around us and at our fuut, we felt somehow, as wo trackcd'our way to our respective cubicule, Unit we had that night placed ourselves "in touch" with kindred souls seven thousand mile? away. But what a,tale a few weoks told! Poor Munrot*, hopeful, sanguine, sunny, nevei lived to #eo another Christmas Somewhere about, tho time that tho letter ho had written to the "gov'nor"—sa d wit! no tinge of disrespect—would be delivered to his family in London, he was lying mangled in tho Logar Valley; and dowi. soon afterwards, went other, guests who had attended frouiul Major Moriartv's Christmas festival in the Koorum Yal ley. A Pushing Agiiit—Peddler—"Please, mum, I'm selling a polish to clean silver." Housekeeper (sharply) —"Don't want none." Peddler—"Very sorry, mum, but I see tho the neighbors was right. Tiiay said there was no use ctalltu' here 'cause you don't have no silver." Housekeeper— (wildly) boxes." "Gitnins six L Tlio best cough medicine Is Tiso's Cure for Consumption. Sold everywhere. 25c. A wonuin in Kansas gave a tramp nn old waistcoat, find in a few hours hu returnud and Inuulud her u §10 bill lie htul found iu cue ui the pockets. The or,tin: bonk is ably written, and gives Irusty information 1'or uveryono growing fruit of any sort or kind. Sent free by StarK Bros., Lou!sliimv,_Mo.— Ontni/e Judil Farmer, In Germany 5,1)00,000 women earn their living liy industrial piii-aiiils, in England 4,000,000, In France 3,7f>o,000, in Austro. Hungary nbout tlio gamu and tn America,.Including all occupations, over 3,700,000. NO SAFER REMEDY can bo had for •ouglis and Colds, or any trouble of the Throat, than "Urown's Jironchial Troehet" Price 25 cts. Sold only In boxen. There are seven American girls among the students at Newnhum, the school in England in which Miss Pliilllppn l-'awcctt, who took the senior wrangler's honors at Oxford last year was trained. No Matter How Hard Any druggist tries to soil you his own cough medicine, remember ho does it because Tie makes more money on it. Insist on having Kemp's Balsam for the throat and lungs, for there is no cough remedy BO pure mid none so quick to break up a cold. For Influenza, soreness of the throat and tickling irritation, with constant cough, Kiinn'a Balsam is an immediate cure. Largo bottles 50c. and $1. At all druggists. Lcinster House, the handsome mansion with the $100,000 staircase on Carltou llotise terrnco in London, and the future residence of Mrs. Johu Mackoy, was a birthday gift to h«r from her husbaud. PILLS cure Slck-lleadaclts. "It's very kind of you to furnish the plumber nml his boy with lunch." "Not lit all. It's economical. It costs less to give them lunch than it does to have lueoi walk home and back at my ox penso to get it. 1'va employed plumbers before." Skirt dancing has reached tlio Uncle Tom's Cabiu companies, and "creolo skirt dancers" are made a feature. JtM., Jtose. G, '90, "J have aftcm, vised ST, Iff -'I i (t soocl ILinimctit." EUHU E. JACKSON, THE Gov. of

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