The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 18, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1891
Page 8
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THE UPPMt DEB MOINES: ALCJONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, 18, 1891, •MM ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS, CHICAGO, MIIAVAUKEK & ST. 1'AtJfj. Went—Pass.— Nft. 1 n:02 a m No. 3 4:37pm Freight— No. 0 7:15 a W No. 13 11:45 a m No. 5 8:17 pm F.ast—Pass.— No. 2 10:20 a m No. 4 0:30 pm FrolRht— No. fi.V risfifipm No. M 2:30pm No. 10 12:15am CHICAdO & NORTHWESTERN. North— Elmoro pass..4:05 p m St. Paul frt...0:55 a tn South— Elmoro pans 12:20 p m DesMoincHft 7:35pm THE CITY. There will be a supper at the Congregational church Thursday evening. One hundred barrels of money to bo opened at the Money Barrel concert. ThoSt. Valentine dance last Saturday evening had an attendance of 54 couples. Everybody who has a dimo can hear the Money Barrel concert. Watch for date. There wore several louds of good hay in town Saturday, and it was soiling IIH high as $4, loose. The Grange store has a now announcement th I H wook. They iilwayH have flomolhing now In that store. Bogulnr communication of Prudence lodge, No. 205, A. F. and A. M., Thursday evening, Feb. IS). Transient brothers cordially invited. Rev. Smith will preach atthu Methodist church next Sunday morning at the usual hour. Thoro will bo no services In the evening., Permission to morgo two souls into one was granted to Nols Nelson and Augusta Knutson. Further than this the county cleric saith not. Capt. Cooko says they have not yot secured their lockers for tho armory, but that tho work of making will probably bo let to homo parties. Rev. Whitflold exchanged pulpits on Sunday with Rov. Bagnoll of Webster City. The latter is said to have do- Uyored ».n interesting discourse. W. W. Jones has exchanged his town property for tho Dalton farm on Plum Crook. It is inclement woathor when "Wat." doesn't have a trade on tho string. Mrs. Jas Orr has moved hor dross- making establishment to tho west rooms •of tho M'clntyro building, where she will be pleased to see hor many customers. / Readers will bo especially interested •In'tho letter from Harvey lugham thie we£k, wherein ho mentions some former Algonians who are located in Now York city and doing well. 4 Little change from last week's quota- Ions is reported in tho Algona markets, Wheat is worth 70@75c; oats, !M@8Gc; barley, 48@50c; Jinx, $1@$1.10; hogs, $8(«>$3.10. Receipts arc still light, owing Ito bad roads. CJ D. Pottibono has his face tied up days, attacked with what appears to bo erysipelas. Most anything else is more agreeable. Wo hope, in common with all his friends, that his trouble may not prove serious. Literary meetings are being hold every Saturday evening at tho Clark school hpuso in Lotts Crook township. They are said to bo full of interest, and tho questions that come before tho society roooivo vigorous treatment. A union temperance mooting will bo hold at tho Congregational church next Sunday evening, under tho direction of tho W. C. T. U. An intorosting pro- gramme is being prepared. All churches are invited to join in this mooting. S. S. Sessions was out last Saturday for tho first thp" in nearly a week. Ho has been hu'',.;:,,;'j|Sth a severe cough txt)d throat u.-j&blo—tho same sort of epizootic with which so many have boon troubled during the present winter. Tho general quarterly meeting and district conference of the Algona district will be hold in tho Free Methodist churoh in Algona, commencing Thursday evening, Fob. 2(>, and continuing until Sunday evening. All are cordially invited to attend. The second DoiUorest Modal contest will bo hold in tho Congregational church, Feb. 27. It is expected that the speaking will bo excellent. Good music lias been provided, An exorcise in physical culture will be given. Tho judges will bo secured from abroad, 1 B. A. Myers put his little driving uorso up at auction last Saturday, but :io was bid in at $180, Ho says lie •aot quite ready to givo him away yet, Mr. Myers is planning to leave Algoua soon, and is soiling ou" some of his property that ho cannot very well take will him. Tho ladies of tho W. C'. T. U. mot a' the reading room on Friday last sine held a very pleasant session. By request Mrs. Vincent re-read hor excel lent paper on "Homo and Homo lleci l>es." Some very nice music was fur iiished by Mrs. E. G. Bowyer and Mrs P. H. Vesper. Jas. Riebhoft' had a sale Monday, a \7hich Auctioneer Haggard officiated as spokesman. Mr. RiobhoiV, we under 6tand, intends migrating to Kansas. Hi should hesitate before doing so unwisi 0, thing. Besides being a much pooro country than this, Kansas is tho plac where they knock out republican sena •tore. John G. Smith went over to Fores Jity Monday, wKere it is reported hat parties nro trapping and fihip- ling prairie chickens. Ho went to in- ostigato the matter, but the fellows ho are guilty had so thoroughly eov- rcd their track that sufficient evidence •as not obtainable upon which to pros- cute them. A telegram from Milwaukee last 'riday announced that Molzar Htig- ard, who Is attending commercial col- 3go in that city, was down with typhoid over. Ben. Haggard took tho first rain for Milwaukee, and word was ro- cived last Saturday that there was robably no danger, but that Molzar ras quite a sick boy. All will hope foils speedy recovery. Frank Parish has the contract for •oning tho several co-operative creuin- ries that are being erected in thocoun- Tho one at Lotts Creek is finished, nd ho goes this week to complete tho no at Whittomoro. Mr. Alcorn told s last week that they wore getting tho material on tho ground for tho croatn- ry at Scnoca, and it would be pushed > completion as soon as possible. Tho farmers' institute for this county to bo hold at court house hull cm Fob. 5 and 20. It was hoped to have tho jll programme ready for publication Ids wook, but tho work has boon noccs- irlly delayed. Tho mooting will, how- vor, bo one of general interest, and irmcrs should not fail to turn out. Ex- ollont papers have been prepared for no occasion, and u, splendid mooting is nticipatod. Some features of tho "McGinty's 'roubles" show Monday evening were ommcridablo, and of some of tlio others loss said tho bettor. Thoro was ti ull house. Tho orchestra music was rst-eliiss, in fact tho best that has boon ore for a long time. Algona is having ard luck in getting good companies, 'lie fact is that wo are a littlo olT tho oute, the better troupes playing in tho irger towns of tho state. A series of i-oligious meetings is being old at tho P. J. Walker school house i Lotts Crook township. There are srvicos every evening when tho weath- r permits, and much religious zeal is mnifest. Rovs. Call and Turner con- uct the services. Regular religious orvicos are also held at tho same place very alternate Sunday, at 11 a. m., and vill continue until further notice. Freddie Clarke's sleighing outfit is ntitled to newspaper mention. It con- ists of his littlo Shetland pony and uttor to match, and Freddie is as big a oad as there is in tho puddle with his iminutive rig. Ho ought to have lavo a cart and tako his pony to tho tato fair next season. Kossuth county s making a record down there, and vhy not show tho state all our attractions'? E. V. Swotting has moved his family lore from Esthervillo, and is occupying ho Asa. C. Call residence. Ho will ook after Goo. C. Call's real estate lUsiness during the hitter's absence, ind wo understand is to become a permanent resident of Algona. Goo. X Is now at Llano, Texas, where ho ill engage in the real estate business ind doubtless remain for an Indefinite )oriod. Agent Voster of tho Northwestern •oad had to put in a couple of days at Bancroft last week, owing to sick- icss in the family of tho agent at hat place. Bancroft is his old station ind since ho knows all about rallroad- ng anyway, they call on him when .hoy want a good job done. Bancroft tation is said to bo one of tho hardest on tho lino for ono man to handle suc- iossfully. Mrs. Prosper Cravath died at White- vator, Wis., last week, Mrs. Cravath md many friends in Algona who re- nombor with pleasure hor visit hero some years ago. She was tho mother of ?itt Cravath, onco .the editor of THE UPPKB DES MOINES. For some months past she has been confined to her bed md in a helpless condition. Death iiiuuo at last, however, and, though sad is it always is, it was a relief to hor. We have no disposition to continue Lhe postal delivery controversy until the Algona ollico shows up a hotter record. Algona is big enough and enterprising enough to have as good advantages in every way as our neighbor ovei west. If tho Eminetsburg office has more business than tho Algona office, no amount of whining or oxplanatior could change tho rosult. Bro. Starr ought to resort to his favorite method, and cut tho price of postage stamps. Tho people of this city would probably have slept with ono eye open during several nights last week if they hat viiowu that tho water main loading froir tho standpipu was fro/.on up so tigh' that not enough water could have been forced through it to drown a cat. This was owing to some neglect in tho mat- tor of properly protecting it from the zero weather. Marshal Dailoy has however, succeeded in getting it thor oughly thawed out, and it will not bo frozen up again. Tho normal school, in order to pay for the organ they bought last fall and increase their library, will givo an on terlaiiuiiont at tho court housejon Tues day evening of next wook. It will bo mainly in the nature of a celebration o Washington's birthday, though not wholly so. Tho principal features wil bo an oxUni session of tho Continentu jongress at which the declaration of ndcpcndencc WHB adopted and n stage It-ill by sixteen young ladies wearing he national colors and carrying banners. Tho minor features will add ma- crlally to tho entertainment. The local political ball is set in ino- ion this week by the official call for tho 'opublican city convention. It is called o meet on Saturday evening. Feb. 28, ind tho business before it will be to ilace in nomination candidates for may- ir, treasurer, assessor and city solic- tor. Tho ward caucuses will probably ollow a former precedent and nominate lundldates for aldermen at the same tmo delegates are selected to tho con- /ention.DC. H. Blossom's term expires n tho First, A. W. MoiTatt's in the Second, Fred Dormoy's in tho Third, ind H. A. Clock's in the Fourth. A grand masquerade, to which all are nvltcd, is advertised to take place at ourt house hall on Friday evening, i'eb. 27. Beside tho regular order at nasquoradcs there is an additional fea- ure to this ono which will prove a ii-awing card. To the best costumed ady there will bo presented an elegant fold medal, and to tho best costumed font a gold vest chain. These are prizes vorth winning, and tho contest will be pirited. One dollar admits to tho body if tho hall those gentlemen who are masked, while spectators pay 25 cents. ?ho charge to tho gallery is 15 cents. Masked ladies are of course admitted roe. Elmor Slaglo is in receipt of a letter rom Lamar Fontaine of " Prestwold rMaco," Shaw, Bolivar county, Miss. In idditlon is an autograph copy of tho >oom, "All Quiot Along tho Potomac," f which Mr. Fontaine is tho author, hough it has often been credited to other writers. Tho latter says ho is in luily receipt'of letters of inquiry con- corning tho origin of the poem, which jorrespondence, if it continues, will soon more than tax his ability to answer. Io notes the fact that others have laimcd the authorship of tho poem, >ut say's ho is in possession of all tho needed evidence to establish his claims. Mr. Slaglo prizes tho correspondence lighly, which will become a part of his low largo autograph collection. Geo. Gardner was adjudged insane }y tho commision who investigated his :aso last Saturday, and has been taken ,o Independence. Ho became a county charge some time ago, and tho county 3oard sent him to tho poor house, where ho was an inmate for two or three years. Ho has boon subject to epileptic its, and tho spasms wore liable to come upon him at any time. The frequency with which they have recurred has made .t difficult to care for him at tho poor 'arm, hence his removal. His attend- mt has been obliged to tako him along whenever ho wont away from tho farm, .ind this caused more oj; less trouble. Gardner is harmless to anyone but himself, but the proper place for him is .vt the asylum, where ho will have cor root treatment, and where there is a chance for his recovery, if at all. Following nro the important transfers f real estate in Kossuth county, fur- ished this paper by C. M. Doxsee, ab- tracter of titles, and real estate agent< or month of Jan. 1801: S Kenlson and wife to M D Conrell warranty, nw 7-05, 20 8 IF Buler and wife to T F Cooke, war ranty, nw 7-00, 27. ' J Byrne to Frank Curtis, warranty, w hf se 32-100,28 ' A Schultz and wlfo to W M Sehnltz, warranty, B hf w hf nw 21-04, «7 ! T Hlllyer to J F Newell, warranty, nw 10-07, :io ! D Mandell to Enos Calvin, warranty, sechfsw 3-OB. 27 Inos Calvin and wife to L A Kiser, warranty, so B hf sw 3-00, 27 lallanan & Saver}' and wives to J H Punka, warranty, s hf se 10-08, 28... Helgasoli and husband to Win Osborne, warranty, n hf nw 28-OR, MO... 1 A Way and wife to F and L T Hobson, warranty, se 24-05. 37 - E Jones and wife to A K Clapsaddle, warranty, ne 4-04, 27 I Waller et al to H T Maass, warranty, ne .'J.'MOO, 27 B F Weidlg et al to O Cowles, warranty, whf se 1-00, 20 V E Jordan and wife to Ella Harts horn, warranty, n hf ne 35-08, to.... lallanan & Savery and wives to E Burchedlng, warranty, e hf se sw BO 18-08, 28 3 E Adams and wlfo to N Crawford, warranty, nw 33-00, HO Smith to W B Ward, warranty, s hf sw 28-05, 28 V D Clarke and wlfo to Julius Lock, GOOD butter crackers only 6c a pound at W. F. Carter's. GOOD Japan tea marked clown to 20c a pound at W. F. Carter's. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. W. W. Wheeler has boon doing busi ness in Chicago during the past week. Mrs. W. S. Creed of Eagle Grove was a visitor with Algona relatives lasi week. Mrs. Swager of Evansvillo, Wis., has boon the guest of Mrs, A. W. Patter son during the past few days. A. L. Goddard wont to Fort Atkinson this state, last Saturday, called by the sudden death of his mother. The oh" lady was 93 years of ago. J. C, Frank expects to start Friday of this week for Now York and Phila dolphin, whore ho will lay in a big stock of goods for the spring trade. Rev. Sanderson of Eunnetsburg dropped in a moment Uist Wednesda; on his way oast, This office always en joys a visit from the popular pastor. C. L. Lund returned last week from Chicago. Mrs. Lund went there wit! him, and remains for a short visit wit! her mother, who is not in good health Mr. and Mrs, Perry, formerly of Ber lin, Wis., but latterly residents of Swai Lake, Emmet county, have come t Algona to spend the winter. They ar< domiciled with their son-in-law, E, V Swotting. Geo. Platt is back from a sojourn o several weeks at Topoka, Kansas, wher ho has a brother. Ho got all ho wautec of Kansas in a short time, aad is gla to return to his former stamping ground. Miss Flora Bui r has gone to Waterloo whore she will take a course in shorl hand and typo writing. No betto occupation is open in those days for young person. Miss Bail 1 will doubtlos soon become proficient in the work. S. C. Spear started east ou Mondaj He returns to Dorchester, Mass., wher his family has been located since leav ing hero. Mr. and Mrs. Spear wil soon return to Algona to again bo num bored among our residents. Thoi daugtor Alice will remain in the eas to complete her studies. GOOD Japan tea marked down to 20 a pound at W. F. Carter's. BML ESTATE warranty, sw nw nw sw 17-07, 28— j D Mandell to ,T R McCutchen, war- runty, sw 5-00,27 H Lichty and wife to Emma M Jones warranty, w hf sw 20-04, 27 Zeller and wife to Phillip Zeller, warranty, n hf nw 20-04, 20 ante to Aanold llllbert, warranty, s hf nw 20 04, 20 L Kainrar and wlfo to M II Smith, warranty, u hf nw nw ne 4-00, 27 — 1 E Smith to C F Dolllver, warranty, 11025-100. 2H iaino to E Dolllver, warranty, BO 25100, 28.... j Caulklns and wife to J E Mclnroo, warranty, s hf so 20, no ne 35, nw nw 30-00. 28 I B Hallock and wife to Gardner Cowles, warranty, 04 sq rods In so 205, 20. F Lacy and wlfo to John Edwards, warranty, se 0-00, 27 M Doxsee and wire to dlst township Wesley 1 acre In ne 7-00, 27 r S Collinson and wife to H S Langdon quit claim, nw 25-05, 30 da S Emmet and husband to F E Smith, warranty, so 23-00, 27 . D Clarke and wife to J H Ferguson, warranty, e hf se 14-07, 30 . J Bush to J Kressin, warranty, se 3507, 30 E Stacy and wife to E A and Z L Holinan, warranty, lot 2 sub dlv nw nw 12-05, 20 .nn McDonald to J Schellin, warranty, nhf 1102-00. SO Alex McDonald and wlfo to same, warranty, shf no 2-00, 30 Bailey Cattle Co to A B Boot, warranty, 11021-07, 27 M A Norton to A L Webster, warranty, shf no nose 3-00, 28 IB Kendall and wife to J E 'Stacy, quit claim, w hf sw s hf nw 31-100,28 iylvla Moffatt to J Batterson, warranty, nw 12-04,30 ! S Ornisby trustee to C F Blivon, warranty, s hf sw 14-05, 30 Inima J Sanford and husband to F A Schultz, warranty, e hf uw 33-05, 28. Henry Ebert and wife to F Winkel, warranty, lot 8 in 13-05, 20 Emma J Sanford and husband to J I Hiller.warranty. w hf nw 33-05, 28.. F A Shultz and wife to same, warranty, o hf nw 33-05, 28 Geo C Call to A D Clarke, warranty, nhf sw 28-00, 28 <L D Clarke and wife to T M Gray, warranty, nw 8 e hf o 7-04, 27 Ida L Hunt to E L Ward, warranty, w hf lot 10 Winkel's sub division Callanau & Savery to J J Bauwart, warranty, e hf' nw 31-05, 30 J O Rider and wife to Wm Goodrich, warranty, e hf so 27-100, 28 A D Clarke and wife to same, warranty, w hf so 27-100, 28. J M Love and wife to F Schultz, warranty, nw 18-00, 27 W H lugham and wife to H Schermer- hor.u, warranty, no 33-07, 27 3,520 000 550 600 1,280 1,020 3,000 040 1,300 4,000 2,001 1,000 400 1,200 1,500 1,020 1,000 800 1,400 1,300 1,000 2,000 1,500 2,000 1,840 2,240 400 1,000 23 550 720 800 3,875 150 1,200 1,300 2,500 2,000 1,000 1,080 700 800 70 800 1,050 500 3,000 400 040 800 700 2,000 1,300 Fifty three transfers—consideration.. .$73,175 THE PITY CONVENTION. Tho Republicans Will Xomlnato on Saturday, Feb. 38. A delegate convention of the republicans of tho city of Algona will bo hold at court [louse hall on Saturday evening, Feb. 28, at 7:80 o'clock, for the purpose of placing in nomination candidates to illl tho offices of mayor, treasurer, assessor, and city solicitor. Tho various wards will be entitled to representation as follows: First ward, 4; Second ward 5; Third ward. 3; Fourth ward 4. J, W. WADSWOHTH, Chairman. Third Ward Caucus. Notice is hereby that a republican caucus for tho Third ward will be held at the normal building, Saturday, Feb. 21, at 7:30. F. DOUMOY, Committeeman. Notice of City Election. Notice is hereby given that Monday, March 2 next, is tho time for holding the city election. Tho officers to be elected are a mayor, a treasurer, a city solicitor, an assessor, and one alderman for each of the four wards in the city J. R. JONES, Mayor. WM, STRACK has recently bought i Shire stock horse. We sell other goods in proportion to the above* Call and see us. HggP We are agents for Rock Salt for stock. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON. Farm Loans, I can now make loans on Improved lands, from one to ten years time, and give tho borrower the privilege Of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even $100 at any date when Interest falls due. This IB Iowa money, .nd no second mortgage or coupons taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the Interest on tho amount paid. Money urnlshed at once on perfect title. . Call on or address H. HOXIE. Algona, Iowa. Remarkable Facts. Heart disease Is usually supposed to be Incura ble, but when properly treated a large proportion of cases can be cured. Thus Mrs. Klmlrti Ilatel ot Elklmrt, Ind,, and Mary L. Bukerof Ovid, Mich were cured after suffering 20 years. S. C. Llnbur Ker, druggist at San Jose, Cal., says that Dr. Miles New Heart Cure, which cured the former, "worked wonders for his wife." Lev! Logan of Buchanan Mich,, who had heart disease for 00 years, eayf two bottles made him "feel llko a new man,' Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure Is sold and guarantee! by V. W. Dlngley, druggist. Book ot wonderf u testimonials free. 1 * A National Event. The holding of the World's Fair In a city scarce ly llfty years old will be a remarkable event, bu whether It will really benefit this nation us mticl as the discovery of the Restorative Nervine by Dr Franklin Miles, Is doubtful. This Is just what th American people need to cure their excessive ner vousness, dyspepsia, headache, dizziness, sleep lessnesfl, neuralgia, nervous debility, dullness confusion of mind, etc. it acts like u charm Trial bottles and line book on " Nervous and Heart Diseases," with unequaled testimonials free at F. W. Dlngley's drug store, Algona. It 1 warranted to contain no opium, morphine, or dau gerous drugs. 1 * Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills Act on a new principle—regulating the liver, stem ach, and bowels through the nerves. A new dl covery. Dr. lilies 1 Pills speedily cure biliousness bad tasto, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Dr equaled lor men, women, and children. Smul est, mildest, surest! Fifty doses 25 cents. San: pies free at F. W. Dlngley's drug store. A Y F, ATt ! I undertake to brlefl I teach any fairly intelligent jivrionof elthi •ex, who cnn read and write, and whc after inatruct!on,wllt work induitriouilj -v •»* •» -^ W how to cum Three ThouRRnd Dollar* Tear In their own locaUlle»,whtrever they live.I will alio flirali: the altuttlon or which you can earn that amouni Mo money far me unlcu >uccc»ful an above. Eailly and quick) learned. I deilre but one worker from each dUtrict or county. li»v« already taught and provided with employment a lire number, who aro making over V8000 u year each. It'l 1VE V and SOI^Il*. Full iiartlcularii FREE. Addreii «t orici *.. V, AJULEaT, llox 4WO, Auguitu, Maine Snug little fortunes hare been made ft work for us, by Anna PtiEc, Austin "'Bxa», oud Jno. llonn, Toledo, Ohio ice cut. others are doing oa well. \Vb iOt you? Some rani over IteOQ.QQ nonth. You can do toe work and II' t home, wherever you arc. Even be [tnnera are eallly earning from 96 I llOaday. Allagei. We enow yon hoi jnd etart you. Can work In »nare tiro or All the time. 111? money for work ore. Failure unknown among then NEW and wonderful, rarticuian free A COLLAR SAVED IS A DOLLAR GAINED, * £ Townsend & Langdons x doz Clothes Pins for 01 pkg 5c Yeast foi' 03 pkg Soda (Strii-tly Pure) 05 pkg Dixon Stovo Polish 05 box Axle Grestsu 08 box Lewis' Lye 10 83 bars Good Laundry Soap. $ .90 20 IDS Choice Butter Crackers ,. 1.00 12 Ibs Choice Cal. Dried Grapes 1.00 A good Lantern for only. .85 20 IDS Crystal Rice for 1.00 12 Ibs Choice Raisins for. -. 1.00 M. Z. GIIOVE. JOHN GKOVK. O-IRO'VE ZBZROS-, Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. West of Thorlngton House. M. Z. GROVE, Slaiinger. M O PIITTPP WAGON A1TD PLOW WORK, IX rfllLlrJ, GENERAL REPAIRING.. rVo want tho people to know that we are prepared to put their plows in flrst class shape. . Alsct lo repairing of all kinds, horse shoeing, and all classes of blacksmithing. Have a fllrst class vagon maker and painter, and we guarantee satisfaction in everything we turn out. ,., *f WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE, ALGONA, IOWA. Thorington House Laundry. Mew Laundry, just opened in basement of the Thoririgton. Strictly First-OS ass Work at reasonable rates and on short notice. Will do family washing. All work called for and delivered. IFirst-Oletss T7s7"or3s: is GrU-araziteecL,. CASH STORE. South Side of Broadway. fj J.1WIAWU.MI JLSwt'Jl MUVWWl Groceries, Crockery, etc. Mways a full stoclc, selected with a view to meeting the wants of the people of Whittemore and vicinily. Drop in; we will do you good. HEJYEY MUNCH. SANTA GLAUS SOAPi There's barjks of violets, Banks of moss, Ar|d bajjKswf|ere rnlr^ers grope ^ And b&nks tye* l^ndle golden coin* But FAIRBANK naknTHE BEST SOAR A pamphlet of Information andab- Btract of the Jaws, allowing How to 0btaln Patents, Caveats." /~1 IlEAT FRENCH KEMEI)Y.-Dr. Le Duo's VJT periodical pills from Paris, Franco, uot only upon the generative organs iu females, and positively cure suppression of tlie menses (from whatever cause) aud all periodical troubles peculiar to women. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite mtmatruutiou, or money refunded. Should uot be used during pregnancy. The large proportion of the ills to which ladies are subject is the direct result of a disordered and irregular menstruation. Ask any druggist for them. American Pill Co., Spencer, la. L. A. Sheets, supply agent, AIEO- na, I». H. Botnvorth & Sou, Milwaukee; Robt. Stevenson & Co,, Chicago, wholesale agents. L EGAL BLANKS— Buy them at the Upper Des Moines office and get the most approved forms. c»n bt turned (I our NBW lint of work, rtplJly «nU honorably, by thgio of either lex, young or olu,»nd In thfitr ewnlocilUlci.wliticveilhcrUri.Anr .- ^-~ T-> - T ~ on« cun Uo the work. Kwtolctro- wt furnlih «T«r7lblng. Wo itort you. No rilk. You »n dovol* jrourip«ron>om«nu, or «11 your tlmo to the work. Tbli ii •» entirely new U«d,«nil brlnpi wonderful eucceti to ewr worker.

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