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Knoxville, Tennessee
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Monday September 29 1941 Tune ir irmv 'Ads 8-3131 THE KXOXYILLE XEWS-SEN'TIXEU Page 5 SEN WIFE CHRISTENS LIBERTY SHIP LACK OF PLEDGES MAY END PARLEYS HUGE PLANT IN DENVER READY FOR US ARMING sides and it kept construction going 24 hours a day Though Denver is a community of some 380000 persons with Its suburbs it has- heretofore been so slightly industrialized that the plant will have far more impact on the community life than it would have had in the East Its force of of whom about 4000 are to be will be the largest industrial force in the region at least as many as are employed in all other manufacturing enterprises in the Denver area Jobs for AU During August the number of families of employable persona receiving direct relief from the Denver County Welfare Organization dropped to 23 despite huge cuts in the WPA program In other words virtually every employable had a job S-Japancse Talks Threaten To Bog Down Because Nipponese Make No Guarantees Munitions Factory but One of Many Completed Ahead of Plan With No Fuss By II THOMPSON tailed Pm Man CfKmpwdMt lated throughout the entire Reich according to reports Many have been sent in the Army post to soldiers at the front where they have been widely read They have created sensation unlike any similar occurrence within the Reich in years The Bishop's stand was supported by a second pastoral letter which in more moderate and general language without names or references to the Nazis or Germany condemned unauthorized killings of invalids and the insane The church so far appears to hold the temporary advantage Persecutions of church institutions are reported to have been halted early in August Galen was at first officially urged to travel "for his health" preferably outside the Reich He replied that his health was good and that he required no vacation He is now said to be under house arrrst though otherwise unharmed to the amazement of parisoners in the rest of Germany This coincides with the new report that Dr Martin Niemoeller is no longer in solitary confinement at Sachscnhauscn but has been transferred to Dachau where he shares three cells with two Catholic priests giving him the opportunity for the first time in four years to speak to others except during the rare visits of his wife Muenstcr an ancient Hanseatic city has long been the scene of religious turmoil Bishop forebears played an active role Bishop Benhard Von Galen seized the city forcibly in 1661 WASHING TOX Sept 29 The exploratory "peace talks" between the United States and Japan may taper off into an unproductive effort because of failure or inability to give definite guarantees as to her future actions it was learned today Lost Student Lands His Ship in Parking Lot FIRST LADY HITS ISOLATIONISTS Christened by Mrs Walter George wife of the Georgia senator (left) the Liberty ship Surprise goes down the wags at Chester Pa first of 14 cargo ships launched by the United States in one day Warns Against Splitting Nation on Racial Issue By ROSCOE FLEMING Seiinw-Haward Mad Writer DENVER Sept Within a few days a great new ammunition plant here will begin to turn out 30-caliber cartridges for machine guns and Garand and Springfield rifles Thereafter production will increase steadily until it reaches -2000000 cartridges a day witn about 10000 persons employed The plant is owned by the Government and will be operated by the Remington Arms Co a Du Pont subsidiary which has had some 400 Denverites in training for foremanships at its home plants in the East Last Mach 1 seven months ago 3000-acre site of the new plant was a pasture part of the famous old Hayden ranch The plant cost plenty about $30000000 but it went up ahead of schedule It is one of many such plants that have been going up without fanfare but fast and that within a few months will combine to give the United States the mightiest war capacity in its history Get Another Job Because of the speed achieved here Broderick Gordon the Denver contractors who built this plant have been commissioned to build a similar one at Salt Lake City which is just being started A major factor in the speed record was a complete labor agreement with some 27 craft unions of the AFL The agreement was scrupulously observed by both Catholic Church Again Collides With Nazis Gestapo Denounced By rolled Pma STOCKTON Cal Sept 29 Army Air Corps officers today faced the problem of what to do wtih Cadet Vinson Wieser of Hamilton Tex Weiser was so certain that the Army could not afford the loss of his advanced training ship that he disobeyed orders last night and refused to bail out when he became lost over Stockton But what he did then made the Army officers raise Jheir eyebrows and whistle through their teeth in admiration He landed the ship in a parking lot filled with the automobiles of a football crowd He scratch the plane or a one of the hundreds of cars The 23-year-old student pilot became lost while on a night crosscountry training flight He find his way back to Sacramento and was led instead to Stockton by the glaring lights in the stadium where Stockton Junior College was playing San Bernardino College POSTPONES KENTUCKY TRUCK-RATE RAISE Bishop Blasts Killing of Insane Sermons Go to Kin at Front might lead to untold excuses He argued that the German people would soon distrust their own doctors a weapon which might be used to wipe out whole elements of the population M06t of the victims he said had relatives on the Russian front fighting to preserve the nation he asked "is our national Circulated Over Reich These sermons were mimeographed in thousands and circu- making guilty and persons knowing in advance of a crime and failing to report to the authorities Reciting the number of persons taken away day before in Westphalia the bishop said in effect: "I am now reporting to the competent authorities that these peepie have been taken away with intent to dispose of them I am -jointly guilty if I fail in this Bishop Galen said that the victims were determined by irresponsible groups a practice which American diplomats have not abandoned all hope that some solution may yet be found But at this point if the talks are to be saved from bogging down it was understood that the Japanese must give evidence that they have no intention of depriving Americans of what they consider their rights in China Despite weeks of Intensive diplomatic activities and contradictory reports about the conversations have not reached a point where they could be converted into formal negotiations Acts Must Jell American diplomats hopeful when the Japanese premier Prince Konoye made his peace appeal to President Roosevelt on Aug 28 have become somewhat discouraged over the prospects now It may be difficult for Japan to guarantee American rights in China either because of the traditional Independence of the Japanese military or because of Japanese inability to reconcile their complex domestic situation with their needs for expansion The tenor of the American attitude has been that Japan must show by actions and not promises that she earnestly desires to improve her relations with this country Talks 'Breathing Spell' It was learned that additional conferences are planned for this week between Secretary of State Cordell Hull and the Japanese ambassador Admiral Kichisaburo Nomura Last week there was a lull here but the American ambassador in Japan Joseph Grew was busy informing the Japanese foreign office in Tokyo about the several conferences between Hull and Nomura during the preceding week One result of the conversations thus far has been to give a "breathing for events in the Far East which in mid-July showed signs of developing into a Ily Awirlalrd Prow FRANKFORT Ky Sept 29 -Hearing on a proposed ten per cent increase in truck rates in Kentucky was called today for Oct 16 In announcing this William Rlenton state motor transportation director said he had refused 'o permit the increase to take effect at once as requested by the operators VnHed Five NEW YORK Sept Mrs Franklin Roosevelt in the first of a new series of weekly current events broadcasts warned last night that possible destruction of the nation might result from splitting the country on racial and religious Issues raised by some isolationists sincere advocates of America First probably are moved by a sense of futility which they feel when they contemplate the results of their effort for peace since the close of the last war twenty-odd years the wife of the President said They are misguided of course because they seem to think there is such a thing as separation and isolation for any individual country They have been carried away by the feeling of national pride and security TLey have felt perhaps that this country could accomplish by itself what might seem impossible for other countries and they are loath to give up their dream of peace and face realities "One can forgive these sincere idealists but one cannot forgive those who for personal and selfish reasons insist on being blind and advocate a course which would destroy us as a nation and which seems to endorse the principles which would hold sway in other nations because their leaders con-sidcr them necessary to their na- EE IT-DRIVE' IT PLYMOUTH'S FINEST! Kt3trb0raenng on war The United States in the current talks has made no objection to Japan being the "stabilizing force in the Far East" But she insists that that position of leadership be carried on without impairing or destroying American rights and interests and without inter- tional life "Sometimes I think that some of the isolationist leaders forget that if they begin to break up this country into self-conscious racial and religious groups they will destroy the nation which they profess to want to preserve for we racial strains in we whatever religion they wish" £5 in the Hospitals Flora fllntoa fit Lamarr limb Mary Ballard Rout 1 Mra Berth Wnht 111 McCall Av tan for ruaa11 III Murphy trrt Sarah Small It Wot Kink Avanua LEFT GENERAL rsur Allea Ill lau Wrrrt Eeka Pyle 1117 May Aveaua Jka Carton Oliver print Jeanctl Row 0 Parry Street eXTERKD ST MIRVT Mr fi Roberta Elowah liny Hall Trafford Ala Mr Haynea New Market Mlaa Rlllla TMijr 1711 Iltidrn Avenue Mia Edna Day 171 Linden Avenua LEFT ST MART'S MIh Tury Tat Haynre Fountain Citr Rill Reed Uremvtlle Albert Maroretea Inkln Mr William nurffee Anrtaraoatllle Mr I Rail Unary Tenn Mr A (llllcapta Maryvilit MIm Jana Tenn Clinton Mr William 1L Clayborna Paurtll Station Hammer Ilf Weat Oakhill Avenue Mra Guy Rabler HI Tm Oakhill Avenue Waller A Mtt Ovrnrd Plara KXTKKMI GENERAL QuIim-v Gorman itearvlew I venue RK-hard Lee JUsland 1111 Calloway Street Ruth Linkea Rout 0 Mra Clara Weat ZOO SharMan Read Margaret Shall 4SO Mine) Avenua Mra Wllaon Rout I Mr Willard Smith 14 Klrannr Street Mrs Stephan III! Parkview Av enup Cvoraa Grave Jefferson riy Mildred Silver li Weat Minnesota Avenue Katherine Hamerlrk ItN Wrajr Av enua Rolatut- Knlchl SZd IVaderb-k Avanua Mra Salma Bean 01 Piedmont H0R0UNE HAIR TONIC ION-SKID NON-SUP BOTTLE-10 f'hk-M Daily Xraa Furrien Service SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE Sept 29 The Roman Catholic Church once again has collided headon with the (Hitler Elite Guard) and the Gestapo in the conflict which may develop into a showdown in the Reich It must immediately be emphasized that the dispute involves no church pronouncement on Nazi foreign policy or the war with Russia and England but is confined exclusively to internal affairs It has the most far-reaching implications however Continued persecutions of church institutions forms the background Convents monasteries and schools have been closed and their membership scattered and restrictions have been placed on religious festivals The church for a long' time relatively silent is now striking back Bishop Is Leader The leader is Count Von Galen bishop of Muenster and representative of an old aristocratic Westphalian family Whether the movement stems from a joint decision of German church leaders or the individual determination of the bishop to accept martyrdom is unknown It is believed hardly possible that he is acting without the sanction of his superiors An historical accident contributed to make Muenster the center of the outbreak During the Thirty Years' War the city was threatened with destruction by fire but saved by a fortuitous wind The anniversary celebrated annually with solemn religious festival was banned this year That night British bombers again fired the city The devout aaw this as divine punishment for failure to observe the rites Makes Powerful Protest 'Bishop Galen subsequently preached three powerful sermons and addressed personal protests to ranking members of the Nazi regime including Hitler Only Dr Hans Heinrich Lammers head of the Reich chancellery replied saying merely that the protest had been referred to the "competent Gestapo Chief Heinrich Himmler The bishop returned to Dr Lammers a full report on Gestapo and activities -insisting that they be called to account His first sermon on July 13 likewise dealt with Gestapo persecutions and mentioned the dread secret police by name Its directness astounded listeners The bishop noted the large part the church had played in the historical development of Germany and accused organization of disrupting the national community (the Yolksgemeinschaftun) Cites Pastoral Letter Bishop Galen drew heavily from the so-called Fuldaer or pastoral letter dated one week earlier in which the German bishops without specific reference to the Nazis had said that forces in the Reach were again attacking the church They had hoped said the letter "that the against Russia would mean a sespite for German churches but "with great they had found this to be untrue The issues involved said the letter included the very existence of the church "Recently" the letter continued a book has been prepared in hundreds of thousands of copies which expresses the opinion that we Germans today must elect between Christ and the German Volk With flaming indignation we German Catholics deny that any such choice is necessary We love our German people and serve them if necessary to death But at the same time we live and die for Christ and will remain bound to him now and for all Bishop second sermon July 27 is reported to have been a beautifully worded powerful elaboration on a similar theme again mentioning names which few clergymen previously had dared "We said Galen the anvil the others are the hammer and the anvil never yet gave out Hits Killing of Insane His third sermon on Aug 3 opened one of the sorest spots in internal German affairs the killing of the insane hopelessly ill and crippled This practice which first became known in the Reich years ago apparently has no legal foundation beyond the theories of the moat extreme party elements and has at least the tacit approval of Hitler MORE u-M'd Bishop Galen cited the law against murder and the statute roa quick nun aS GA1RBOI ASMtkiiiCAi vr ANTISEPTIC wMlel Vied hy thwnud with aatiifactory rm aulta for 40 yaara tin affective fat Gat Carboil at drtif atorea or mail Me to Spurlock-Waal Co Naah villa Tama EXTEKED FUHT SANDERS Mia Mary Mi-Gill 1 70S Melrose Place Mra Gurley Stewart Robbinarllle Paul moult Maac-ot Mra Lons Xaat Scott Av enua A Williams Tnpw-n Mien Eleanor Pedigo lit Hanley Street Jerry Ragonjr Lynch Ky Mrs Pavla Br'direa Elinbethlim Jules Chaxen 17 MrCalla Avanua Irena Burkhart Rout LEFT FORT SAX DESS Mra Geonr Dark lit Magnet Avenue Mra Theodora Hood 111 Manta Avenue Mra Frank Guy Lenoir Cltv Mrs John Bandy 2221 Mcdnlln Av (flue Horace Burk Route 1 Bell Jr Morristown IS McGill Broadway Court Miss Jean Duff Lenoir City Krneat Sims Chaeka Tann Mrs Johnson Prospect Road Mary Weaver Route 1 Mra Bab Helen 107 Major Street Brenda Ann Blttlr Clinton Ram 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