The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 18, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1891
Page 5
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THE UPPER BEH MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1801, OOTJfrfY MUTUAL. \ imufif iStateirieiit for ISOO-'Won- derfltl tncrease in Easiness. Secretarjr Edwin Blackford has just completed his report of 1 he condition of the Kossuth County Mutual Insurance company for 1890, for transmission to the auditor of state, as required by law. It furnishes some figures of especial interest, not only to the members of the company but to all who have taken any notice of the working of county mntual •companies. The report is as follows: Amount of risks in force Jan. 1.1800 .$180,180 Amount of risks written or renewed during year 168,009 Total .$344,789 .Amount of risks expired and marked off as terminated B,6.»o Amount of risks in force Jan. 1,189i.$330,24n Amount of losses paid during year.... 300 Amount paid to or received by officers and all other employes as fees for services, including policy andsur- vey fees : —'" Total expenses for the year This report is up to Jan. 1, 1891, -does not Include the business done since that time, which amounts to about $10,000 worth of risks. Thus it will be seen that from a total amount of risks on Jan. 1, 1890, of $180,000, the business has increased to about $340,000, or nearly doubled during 1890. This is not alone satisfactory; it is simply remarkable, and shows the value of mutual insurance as compared with old line meth- •ods. A strong and commendable feature of the mutual plan is found in tho light expense with which the business ds carried on, $230 covering the total -expenses for 1890. The total paid out for losses during the same time was but $300, which amount divided among the members moans but about $1.20 each. ^Where can farmers get better or cheaper security against loss? The membership now includes about '300 farmers. Tho secretary tells us that this is increasing rapidly, and he expects his annual report for 1891 will show tho company to bo carrying not less than half a million dollars in risks. J500 and THE SOHOOL ELEOTION. It Occurs on March. 0— Statement of tho District Finances. Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the qualified electors of the independent school district of Algona, in the county of Kossuth, and state of Iowa, will be held at the sheriff's office at the court house on the second Monday of March, the 9th inst., A. D. 1891, at 9 o'clock a. m., and open till 4 o'clock p. m.; for the election of two directors to succeed J. Wallace and J. W. Robinson, also one director to-fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of G. B. Woodworth, and for the transaction of such, other business as may legally <x>me before it. Dated Feb. 11, 1891. GEO. E. CLAKKE, President. C. M. DOXSKE, Secretary. ; STATEMENT OP FINANCES IfOU YEAR 1801. Teacher's fund— Balance on hand at last report Sl.JOfl 00 Received from county treasurer 3093 14 Received from county auditor 80 J 88 Eeceived tuition 2 00 tragic death. • It would beimposslble to speak in praise of any individual taking part in the exercises where all were of such excellent and appropriate character; suffice it to say that the entertainment and the occasion were such as to merit a more general attendance by our citizens. ** TEOM THE COUNTY TOWNS. Bancroft. BAXCKOFT, Feb. 15.—Married, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. J. H. Graham and Miss Lottie Wickwire. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Ward at T :30 o'clock last Friday evening, iu the presence of about eighty invited guests. Good luck and a long life, Harvey, J. Wallace was in tlicso parts on business last week. Rev. Ward was o-n tho sick list yesterday, and Mrs. Miller filled bis place in a very acceptable manner. The Loyalists of the Baptist church gave a missionary entertainment last night, and the total receipts amounted to 911.13. Miss Hilda Stinson was up from . tho normal visiting home over Sunday. Some of our boys were at the basket sociable at tho Baptist church of Lura last Saturday night and they reported a good time. A negro minstrel show has been exhibit ing in town two nights lust week. They go to Wesley overland today. W. S. Stahl is absent visiting his old homo iu Baraboo, Wis. The Burtitcs will have.a.dauco next Friday night. Miss Clara'Mathcws visited with friends in town over Sunday. Jim Perkins was up from Burt visiting yesterday. A small child of Agent Fielis is very sick and J. B. Cork of .Burt is acting in the place of Mr. Fielis. Carl McClellan .came over from Wcs 1 Bend to attend the Graham and Wickwire wedding. , James Coleman, Gco. Bliss, and Alfred Leonard go to Eagle Grove as delegates from Bancroft lodge, I. O. G. T., to tin district lodge at Eagle Grove. Wo could not learn the date. G. O. Austin has been on the sick list the past few days. County uniformity of text books seems to take well up this way. It looks like more weddings, and we hope that the town will be blessed in that way. Geo. Davis has been very sick lately, bui, ho is improving at present. DAIRY AND CREAMERY, HOW TO TELL A DAIRY COW SURE SHOT AND NO MISTAKE. Ton Cnn Spot tier Every Time n Crowd, If Ton tcnrn H? Select tho Cow with Good nn<t T.nrgc Udder nnd Milk Vein*. Some of the requisites in a dairy cow are largo digestive powers, indicated by n .capacious stomach, suggestive of a good nppetito and good assimilating ability, broad hips, deep loins and side*, and evidences of a strong, robust constitution, with plenty of room for heart and lung action, says Tho Indiana Farmer. should in the dairy cow selected with a view of making tho most profitable retttrtis. Professor Stewart says, touching the selection of tho dairy cow, that having ' determined her capacity ol digesting Total 8019802 • Contingent fund— „„,,.„ Balnace on hand at last report $ 0172 .Received from county treasurer 248014 Becelvod use of house 1500 Kecelved sale of school seats 800 Received for ink bottles 75 Total $257401 School house fund- Balance on hand at last report $ 231 28 Received from county treasurer 207701 Total $3200 19 DISBURSED. Teachers' fund- Paid warrants $5330 2o Casli on hand 1862 37 Total $010802 Contingent fund- Paid forcoal 8 43528 Paid janitors 438 00 Paid supplies and other expenses 055 00 Cash on hand 1040 24 Total $257401 School house fund- Paid warrants $2715 00 Cash on hand 40419 Total ................................. $3200 10 School house bonds outstanding and unpaid ....... . ...................... $12,000 00 The board estimates the amount necessary to maintain the schools for the next school year as follows: Tea eacher's fund ......................... $5000 00 Contingent fund ........................ 500 00 School house and bond fund .......... 2400 OQ VASHINaTOFS BIRTHDAY. Its Anniversary to bo Duly Celebrated IFriday Evening Under the Auspices of the Grand Army of the Republic, The grand army bean supper will be held at the court hall on Friday evening of this week, The entertainment is in the nature of a commemoration of Washington's birthday, and will bo one of those annual gatherings in which centers so much general interest. The proceeds accruing are for the relief fund of the Jus. C. Taylor post. The supper' will ' begin at 6 o'clock, after which the pro- gramme which follows will be carried out. Song America Welcome Commander P. C. Bailey Response Mayor J. R. Jones. Song. Sons of Veterans J. W. Hayes George Washington Rev. W. E. Davidson Song. Paper Mrs. Rosetta Bailey Pat in the War Comrade M, O'Rourke Supper, 25 cents. Tickets will be sold on Friday by Mrs. C. T. Dodd at the postofflce book store. Everybody is invited to come and help a good cause and have a good time beside. Trouble at LuVerne. A special received from LuVerne yesterday gave the details of a most disgraceful affair that took place there Monday evening. As if it were not enough to indulge in a free fight in the middle of the street, the participants gathered in front of the house of worship for the settlement of disputed questions in a fistic encounter. We suppress names, though perhaps it would have a healthy effect to give a detailed account of the fracas which ended in bloody "snoots" and discolored optics. And all about a woman or two. Lincoln's Birthday. To the Editor: Charles Gray camp, S. of V., celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln on Thursday Feb. 12- The programme was I, taking the life of the martyr president from boyhood to his A. J. Berryman is boarding at the Phoenix during tho absence .of his wife, who is visiting at DCS Moines. John Duckmanton is filling his ice house. St. Valentines day is past and everybody knows what his neighbor would like to have him believe he is. Bancroft had another one of her big days for trade Saturday. Boys, letup on the Israelites. BAXCIIOPT, Feb. 10.—Earl Stephens of Al. gona was in town last week. Frank Boatcher drove too fast when going around a corner and upset. Don't drive so fast, Frank. Bancroft was taken in pretty slick by Donald & Dyke minstrels. Mr. and Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. S. A. Campbell of Elmore were in town visiting friends. Grandma Campbell went to West Bend to visit her son Dick. W. W. Wilson went to Elmore today on business. ZiuVcriie. LuVuuxis, Feb. 14.—Wm. Crosswaitweut to Corwith. today on business. D. W. Ramm has bought tho I. Demis farm for his father-in-law. Wm. B. Person went to his homo Tuesday at Dysart. Little Mertie Simmons is quite sick today with a bad cold and fever. James Harsons of Gait is visiting in town for a few days with friends. Frank Pardie of Corwith was in town Wednesday on business. The mother of W. H. Godfrey, who has been quite sick for tho past few weeks, is on the mend at present. Ned Robinson, the 'bus driver for the Revere house, is visiting at Bancroft with his sister, Mrs. B. F. Grose, for a few days. Mr. Pope, the implement dealer of Renwick, was in town Wednesday. W. L. Nivor bought some 10,000 bushels of grain Wednesday. That is m-otty good for one days trade in the grain deal. Geo. W. Hanria's little boy is quite sick at present. S. S. Wartman of Marshalltown is in town today on business. Wm. Riley's two little children are sick with the grippe. John Barton went to Whittemore Thursday on business. Tom Brown of Renwick was in town Friday visiting the boys. Marsh Stephens was on our streets Friday on business. Wm. Raney of Algona was in town Friday. Byron Brink, from near Renwick, was in town Saturday. ormed that Mr. Emmons Intends moving 0 Wesley. It is rumored that Mr. Butts has about •old his store property and poods to the iarmcrs' alliance, or two or thrco alliances. A good many of our people arc complain- ng of having the grippe. Mrs. John Gill has been on tho sick list 'or some time, but is better now. Mrs. Lottte Wclsehanec of Steamboat Rock is hero visiting her friends. A Good Many of n Kind. Behold mel" laughed a recent bride returned from her wedding trip and busy establishing herself in her new borne, ns an intimate friend came in upon her, "among my tea balls." The friend echoed the laugh when she looked about. From chandelier, candelabra and cornice, on cabinet, easel and lamp, , The " so nre a li of'lmportonce, nnd hung .by their slender chains these per- i b(J {onml prominent ly present forated globes of silver; they swung ' from picture frames, glistened in curtain folds, twinkled among the brasses of the hearth, occupied on all sides unusual niches, where in a spirit of jest their embarrassed owner had them. ."I don't know," she said, "what could have developed this remarkable unanimity of purpose on tho part of my friends, but when the wedding gifts began to arrive, it simply rained tea balls. 1 was delighted with the first, contented with the second, not so well pleased with .the third, sorry at the fourth, angry at the fifth, sixth and seventh, amazed up to tho twelfth, and paralyzed after that. What, my dearest girl," she finished tragically, "am I to do with twenty- three tea balls, by actual count?" Which points a moral concerning wedding gifts. A casual acquaintance, a man especially, shopping with generous intentions toward a coming bride, will be wise to select nothing of which but one only is needed in a household. There are so many other things choice ought not to be difficult. A piece of Wedgwood, Doulton or royal Berlin; a bit of bronze, marble, brass or tho French and Viennese gilt; an etching, a rug, an artistic screen or piece of tapestry—these are only the beginning of the list of things which are prized by the maker of a homo and of which too many can hardly bo possessed. There is an aroma of taste, too, about wedding gifts that is too often offended. The more formal friends should offer articles of adornment and decoration rather than of pronounced utility. Relatives and intimates are not so restricted.—New York Times. Kvcn In Point*. His First Stump Speech. "Talking of campaign speeches reminds me," said Senator Graham, of Nashville, "of the first speech that Charley Fairbanks, of Indianapolis, ever made. Fairbanks, you know, is a genial, •whole souled gentleman, with plenty of jury eloquence, but at the time of which I speak had no experience on the stump. One day I met him and he seemed considerably worried. " 'Graham,' said he, 'I have been invited to address a political meeting at , and you know I never did anything of the kind in my life. I haven't a bit of confidence in myself and I am afraid I cannot hold the crowd. You are up in this kind of thing and I want you to post me a little.' "I never wanted to laugh BO much in my life, but Fairbanks' woebegone face told rne plainer than words that he was very much in earnest. So I gave him all the points I could bring to mind. I remember that 1 said that an auctioneer always held his crowd by entertaining it, and told him to imagine himsel: an auctioneer. Well, he went to hia meeting, and everything went wrong He -was placed so that a strong wind blew through the room, tossing his hair over his face and giving him a terrible cold and sore throat. "The brass band drowned half he said and tho small boy got' in his deadly work. I met him, a month or so later, and he told me his experiences. 'Every time I would feel myself giving way,' he exclaimed, 'I would think of your instructions to Imagine myself an auctioneer, and I guess I entertained them, for I made myself more of an auctioneer than I did a political speaker." But Fairbanks is all over that now. There is not a better or more effective speaker in Indiana than he is."—Indianapolis News, B«i»p That \VI11 Not Blnlto Twlno. Professor Maconn, botanist of the Dominion government, is reported to have eaid that the native hemp of tho Canadian northwest, about which paragraphs have appeared from time to time, is not likely to prove a success'as a textile fiber, at least for cordage or twines. It appears that ho is now investigating a new fiber plant to bo found in profusion in the Rocky mountain region, and believes it will be proved to possess remarkable properties as a textile plant.— Philadelphia Record. Corn. I am paying tho highest, market price for com, on my farm a mile east of Algona. -88 C. L. LUND. placed sm .pi U8 f ool | f or ma king milk, look carefully to tho receptacle holding it—tho udder and tho veins leading thereto. The cow may assimilate a largo amount f food which goes mostly to lay on lesh and fat, butif she has a lonjr, broad ,nd deep udder with largo milk veins t is safe to conclude that her capacity or digestion and assimilation is active n filling this receptacle; in fact tho udder is tho first point to consider n tho cursory examination of a cow. If t reaches to the back lino of tho thighs md beyond, well up behind, well for- vard. is broad anil moderately deep, vith touts well apart and of good size, ,kin soft and elastic, it may bo inferred vith confidence th.'it nature has pro- idoil means for filling it. If tho udder bo a small round cylinder iai)jji:s;c down in front of tho thighs iko ;i nix quart pail tho cow cannot be i profitable milker, whatever digestive apparatus she may hnve. A yellow skin and tho inside of her ars to match is almost universally ro- jarilcil as present in the cow that gives rich milk yellow in color. But after tho ndications mentioned are found all other considerations aro of minor im- !iortance, more to be admiral as a matter of fancy than for any real value they possess in themselves. Among them aro in escutcheon that is first class, a long slim tail, an attractive dished face, dropping and small waxy horns and a preferred color of hair. Look for these, and jot as many of them combined in tho animal as possible, but lefc i( bo after tho essentials are found. Let good appearances bo coupled with performance, and if the cow be 5 years old or younger aud will yield 0,000 pounds of good milk or more per annum she may be safely trusted, without regard to fancy points. She must consume and digest the food to make it, and her machinery and the power to work the machinery successfully aro tho main considerations after all. Still another important matter in (selecting a cow, oven of common blood, is her pedigree or line of descent. Choose ono from a largo milking dam, grandam anil great-gran- dam. This will increase tho probabilities of success in her progeny in breeding her to a thoroughbred bull from deep milking ancestors. A few COWB selected with all the business requirements alluded to will lay the foundation for breeding a herd of dairy cows that will prove a source of perpetual delight and profit to tho owner; on tho other hand, it is a loss of time and money to rear a calf for the dairy from a poor milker. It is bad enough to keep an unprofitable cow for a season, but it is deliberately throwing away good food to breed such a cow with the proof that tho heifer will never pay for her keep. Of course no males should be kept of such crosses for breeding purposes.—American Dairyman. TOPICS OFJTHE TIME, How n Trlntfr Wns Cnrt'il of n Conph. I hnvo a cousin who Is a printer, wyx Kx- Mayor.1. H. LfiiiRhran of North Dos Mnint'S. town. Somo yrnrs npo h<* was «nploy<M In this city whom they \vcro printing circular* for Chanihorlaln. Ho hnd n drop st-ntod roKI and torrlWo roiiRh, :uirt while sottln« up ropy he. mnde tip his mliul to buy a bottle. It cured him and that was the first I over knew of ChnmUerlain's Cough Ko.medy. t have boon stronply In Its favor ever since. My own ex- perlouoo nnd that of my family convinces me that tli'.s remedy Is the bostln the world. That may be strong language but thut Is >\vhi\t T think. For salo by V. W. Dlnpley. True Merit Is Appreciated. Several years IIRO Chamberlain & Co., of T)os Moines, Iowa, commenced the manufacture of coun'i syrup, believing It to be the most prompt and reliable preparation yet. produced for coughs, colds and croup; that the public appreciate true, merit, and In time It. was certain to become popular. Their most sanguine hopes have been more than realised. Over three hundred thousand bottles of Chamberlain's Cough Hemedy are now sold each year, and It Is recognized ns "the best made," where ever known. It will cure a severe cold In less time than any other treatment. For ualo by F. W. ninicley. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION or THE Whittemore Go-Operative Creamery There Is No Danger of a cold resulting In pneumonia when Cham- berlaln's Cough Hemedy Is used as directed 11 for a severe cold." II effectually counteracts and arrests any tcndence of iv cold to result In pneumonia. This fact was fully proven In thousands of cases during the epidemic of In- last, winter. For sale by F. \V. Ulngley. Notice ot'OlRHolntloii. Notice is hereby given thut. tho llrm of Cm-top & Woli-ott. on thu iMth iliiy of October, 181)0, dissolved by mutual consent. Tho businos will bo continued by W. F. Cut-top who usmuncH all liabilities. Parties owing tho old linn on book account cnn pay oillioi- parly. W. l'\ CAKTF.K. OmsiunptUm Cured. An old physician, retired from practice, hav Ing had placed in his hands by an Kant. India missionary Mia formula of a simple vegetable remedy for tho speedy aud permanent cure of consumption, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma, and all throat, and lung affecMous, also n positive, and radical euro for nervous debility and all nervous complaints, after having tested Its wonderful cnratlvu powers In thousands of cases, has fait it. hln duty to make, II; known to his siiffurlngfallows. Actuated by this motive and a desire, to rullovo human milTortng, I will send free, of charge, to all who desire It, this roclpe, In Oornmn, French, or English, with full directions for preparing and using. Sent by mail by addressing with stamp, naming this paper. W. A, Noyes, H:20 1'owers' modi, Kochemer, N. Y. CIIOIOF. buckwheat Hour on hand. J. J. Wilson.-!Mt8 KngliHh Spavin Ijlnlmc.iit Removes all hard, soft, or calloused lumps or blomlHhOH from horseo, blood spavin, curlm, splints, sweouoy, ring bouo, Htllles, sprains, all swollen throats, etc. Save if.'iO by use of ono bottle; warranted. The most wonderful blemish euro over Ituown. Sold by Dr. Sheet/,. Itch cured In .'10 mluntOH by Wol ford's Saul tary Lotion. Sold by Dr. Shout/,. Notice Is hereby given that thn nbore-natned company has organised am' ''onum-nced doing business under the n:\mc incl style of "The Wlilttoniort' Co opcrati' v Creamery Ompa- nv." 'The principal plneo ''f transnetltiR business will be. Whlttrnioro. Knsswth county. Iowa. The general nature of the business to bo transacted li tocollc't and manufacture Into butter anil rheeset ne milk belonging to «nb- sorlhers t<> Its eapltnl stock, ami to pnrchnw» anil manufarture ntllk. civsirn. anil other dairy products, ami to sell the same, mill to do nil things necessary to make the aforesaid business a success. The amount of capital slock authorized by this corporation Is Six Thousand Hollar*, 1*11.0001. which Is divided Into shnres of Fifty iWO» Dollars each; Three Thousand (*:l,000) of which Is paid up, and the certificates for thn remainder of said authorized capital stock shall be Issued upon resolution passed by the hoard of directors. and shall lie sold at, such Hum and In such manner as may bo determined by said board. The tlinn of commencement, of this corpora- tlon was .liiii. -JI, tsoi, and It shall continue twenty venrs. unless sooner dissolved by t.hfl stoekliolders representing three-fourths of the stock voting for such dissolution. The affairs of the corporation arn to bo conducted by a board of live directors, who shall be elected by mid from among thn stockholders at the annual meeting, which meeting will be on the Mrs! Saturday In .January In each year, uuil the oillceni of this corporation shall he a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary, anil such other officers an the board shall deem necessary, and as shall be elected by the board. All oncers shall be elected at. the January meeting HI each year. The highest amount of Indebtedness towhlcli this corporation can subject. Itself l« not to exceed two-thirds of Its paid up capital stock. All private property of the stockholders Is to be exempt from corporate debts, Witness our hands this 'J'M day of January, A. I). IXIll. II. A. Mt.l.umiliuK, ,1. o. HA.WSOM, J. 11. WOIIDKN, .1. L, COTTON, II MM ii v Ki.iNiir.r.iiorr.H, •I -I lucorporators of said Incorporation. "Wesley, WESLEY, Feb. 17.—St. Valentino's day has come and gone. A good many of our dear friends think it is more blessed to give than to receive. Mr. Standring of Corwtlh came over to our town one day last week to see the cars. Miss Deal Hume returned home from Lie- Mars last week, whore she has been visiting her friends, Ben Hopkins, who has been night operator at Emmetsburg. returned home Monday. Ben says there are too mu^y Irish out west to suit him. You all know -ben }s English. A couple of our boys went to Algoiiu, Saturday to attend the dance. We have been informed that one of them took sick and had to be set up with while there. Markets: Wheat, 90c; oats, 8Tc; barley, 50@52c; flax, $1.05; corn, 3T@3Sc; hogs, |3@8.15; hay, 13.50 loose, $5.50@S pressed. Mrs. Susie Lawson is making preparations to build a new house the coming spring. C. I. Emmons has sold his farm one-half mile north of town to a man from the eastern part of the state. Twenty dollars per acre was the price paid. We have been in- BUCK-WHTCAT llOUl 1 So per JlOUtld lit Stacy's office or at mill. Jones & Stacy .-36 A Safe Investment. Is one which Is guaranteed to bring you satisfactory results, or In case of failure a return of purchase price. On this plan you win buy from our advertised druggist :i bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. It Is guaranteed to bring relief In every case, when used for uny affection of the throat, lungs, or chest, such as Consumption. Inflammation of Lungs. Bronchitis. Asthma, Whooping Cough. Croup, etc., etc. It Is pleasant and agreeable to take, perfectly safe, and can always he depended upon. Trial bottles free at Dr. Sheetz' drug store. 1 Merit Wins. We desire to say to our citizens that for years we have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Bucklen's Arnica Halve and Electric Bitters, and have never handled remedies that sell as well or that give such universal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every time, and we stand ready to refund the purchase price If satisfactory results do not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity on their merits. Sold by Dr. Sheetz, druggist, Algeria. 1 • 1 . «Bucklen's Arnica Salvo. The best salve in the world (or cuts, bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, clill bluins, chapped bands, corns, and all skin erup turns, and positively cures piles, or no pay is re quired. It is guaranteed to give perfect satlsfac Hon, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box Sold by Vi. Sheetz, druggist, Aigoua. ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUT1I COUNTY.— District Court, March Term, 1HI10.—Mluorva Hall, Hustod Hall, Elnorn, Fauts, Thomas Hull, Hosa Kggleston, Chan, Hall, .lulin Hall, Cora Hall, Hort Hall, Kimwi Vylo, und J. Pylo, helm at. law of Wesley Hall, docuiiHud, plaintiffs VH. Mary AloiiHo, GOj. Willotts, ami Iho Clipperly, Hoover & Co., defendants. To said defendants: You are hereby notified that the Hupplonicntal petition of plaintiffs in tho ubovu untitlcd ciuiHo ID now on illu In tho ofllco of tho clurk of tho district court of tho Htato of Iowa, in and for KoHstith county, claiming thuy are tho absolute, owners of thn northwest quarter of tho nort.hun.Ht quarter of Section No. 'M, Township No. 100, Kaiigo No. 2S, west of Iho 5th P. M. Iowa, and asking that tho title thereto ho (pitted In Ami that unless you appear thereto and defend boforu noon oftho second day of tho March term, A. D. 1HD1, of tho Hald court, which will com inoucu at, AlKona on tho !Jd day of March, A. D. 181)1, default will ho entered against you and judgment rendered thereon. CIJOO. 10. OLAliKK, •14W PiaintliT'H Altornuy. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION Hobart Co-Operative Creamery Co. Notice In heruhy given that the uhovo-namoil comi'auy has organized and commenced doing. business under thn name and slyl" of "Tho Holiart Co-Operative Creamery Company." Tho principal place, of transacting business wilt ho Hobarl, Kossmth county, Iowa. Thu general nature of tho business to ho transacted In to colled, and manufacture. Into- butler and chooHO thu milk belonging to subscribers to Its capital slock, and to purchase, aud inainifacluru milk, creum and other dairy products, and to Hell the name, and to do all things necessary to make thu aforesaid business a success. The amount of capital (dock authorized by IhlH corporation Is Six Thousand Dollars, (¥11,0(10), which IK divided Into shares of Fifty Dollars, ($."i()) each; Threo Thousand (911,000) of which IH paid up, aud Iho ccflillcates for thu remainder of said authorised capital stock shall bo Issued upon resolution passed by thu board of directors, and shall lin Hold at such lime and In Midi manner as may bo determined by said board. Tho limn of commencement of thlH corporation was Feb. ',1, :lHill, and It shall contlnuo twenty yeai'H, unless sooner dlsolvod by three, fourths of thn stockholders voting for such dissolution. The atTalrs of tho corporation arc to bo conducted by a board of live directors, who Hhall bo eluded by and from annum tho stockholders at tho annual meeting, which mooting will bo on the first Saturday in January lu each year, and Iho olllcers of this corporation shall l)o a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, and such other ollluors as thu board shall doom necessary, and as shall bo elected by tho board. All olllcors shall bo elected at the January mooting In each year. Tho highest amount of Indebtedness to which this corporation can subject Itself IH not to ox- coed two-thirds of Its paid-up capital stock. All private property of tho stockholders IH to bo exempt from corporate debts. WltnesK our hands thin lid day of February, A, D. 1HIU. V. A. WITIIAM, A. G. ItKUlHITM}, H. 1'. TuilllS, N. U. UoiltNSON, .1. U. HAWHON, I'j. MANSMITII, M. U. COVKM., ,1. H. JONHH, •HI Jncorporaloi's of said Incorporation. Creamery Tlpn. A well known and reliable firm of dealers in dairy products in Boston con- i-ibuto to Tho Crer.mery Journal the fol- owing suggestions about packing and (hipping: While we indorse the recouimenda- ion to have at least a portion oi! tho cows come in during tho fall for winter dairy, at the same time wo realize that ;!io important point at present is, how can tho farmer inalco the most money out of his herd as they are at present, •md situated as ho is. Of course the more money tho creamery gets out of its product tho more the farmer gets for his milk or cream, as tho case may be; so wo venture to make a few suggestions. In tho first place, the butter must bo ;ood in order to command tho top market price, not forgetting that in very warm weather extra precautions must bo talcen in the matter of using ice when gathering cream, watching it closely during ripening process, and perhaps churning a little of tener. By doing so we believe there would bo much less sour butter made, In the second place, use packages to suit tho market. Butter packed in soft wood tubs, assorted eizes, comramidsthe best price here. Be sure and soak the tubs for twenty-four hours before using, as quite a mimber of tubs of butter spoil on sides, owing to neglect in preparing packages; of course that means low prices, When you get ready to ship select your commission merchant. Ship your goods fresh—"they are never better"— and ship every week, thus giving him a chance to get up a line of customers that can depend on getting your butter every week. In that way the trade gets to know your brand, it suits the consumer* and they will pay good prices rather that* take the chance of some other creamer^ suiting. The maker who sells one week and ships the next, and keeps changing commission men, can never expect to get to^ prices, as one house does not handle ths butter long enough or regularly enougb to get up a reputation. We offer these few suggestions, hoping it may benefit some shipper, as we realize their interest? are identical those of the coramisbion merchant. ADMINISTRATRIX'S NOTICE. Public notice IH hereby given Uiattha undersigned has this day been appointed and com- mlsHloued by the district court, of Konmith county, Iu tho Htato of Iowa, administratrix of tho estate of Horace A. Mauley, dcceawcd; and all persons having claims agaliiHt said estate aro hereby notified to Illu them with tho clerk of said court, clearly stated and duly sworn to, and within legal time, preparatory to their being allowed or proved; and persons owing said OHtato aro raniostod to make Immediate payment to tho undersigned, and avoid costs. Dated at Algona, Iowa, thlH 7th day of February, 1801. 1'HOEHW A. MANLKY. •Hit!) Administratrix. ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATK OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY.— UlHtrlct Court, March Term, 1801.—K. 1). I.i'iillirniiiiii, plaintiff, VH. II. A. Uutta, du- fcnclant. To nalil diifomlant; You arc) hereby notlllml that thn petition of plaintiff In tho above entitled caiiHu IH now fmul In the ofllco of tliuclurlc of tho district court of thu Htato of Iowa, In and for KoHsuth county, claiming of you tho mini of J.iriiJ as money juwtly ilnu from you ana Intercut thereon at elKht per cent, from tho liith clay of May, 1HDO, for money duo on your lU'oiulHHory note and tho accoiints net out in Hald petition; altto that Urn Flrat National bank of Algoua has been KarnlHhod under a writ of attachment Issued huroln; aud that un- ICBH yon appear thereto and defend before noon of the Hccoud day of the March term, 1HU1. of the said court, which will commence at Algo- naou tho Sii day of March, 1801, default will be entered aualnnt you anil Judgment rendered thoroon. OKO. K. CLAKKE, •HH 1'laintllT'n Attorney. NOTICE OF FINAL REPORT. In tho matter of the estate of Olu O. Uaklten & Son, dcccaHod. To all the holi'H or creditors of tho above named cutato: You are hereby notified that on or botoro the iiHth day of February, 181)1, said administrator will ilia with the clerk of tlio district court of KosHiith county, Iowa, his Hnal report and ask to bo dlHchar^ed; and you aro further notllled that all objections thereto nuiHt bo lllcd with Hald clerk on or before the Hrwt day of said term of Hald court which will convene and bo holdcn at Algona, In Kosmilh county, Iowa, on the 2d day of March, 1 Kl)l, or said report will be approved and Hald administrator discharged and hlH bonds released. WM. CLEAHY, 4. r )t!l Administrator. NOTICE OF FINAL REPORT. In tho matter of thu cstatu of John Itanuy, To all tho heirs and creditors of tho aliovu named estate: You aro hereby notlllod that on or boforo tho llrnt day of March, 1KIJ1, said administrator will illu with tho dork of tho district court of KosHiith county, Iowa, his iliiiil ruport, and ask to bo discharged ; and you aro ftiruior notlllud that all objucjions thereto must bo llled with said clerk OH or boforo tins llrst day of said tunn of Bald court which will convuno nd bo holclun at Algona, in '.fossnth county, Iowa, on tho «d day of Marc'), IHIJ1, or sakl roport will bo approvod, and ;;aid administrator dlsmls.iud and his bonds released. W. It. 7:AHKY, •i")t;i Admiiiihtrator. ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY.— District Court, March Term, 18IJ1.—W. W. Lyon, plaintiff, vs. James W, Lyon, John II. Lyon, jlotsey A. Lyou, Chaw. W. Lyon, Lev! I'. Lyou, anil Augustus Lyou, heirs at law of JJradloy Lyon, deceased, defendants. To mild defendants: You are hereby notified that tho nuUUon of plaintiff In Uiu above entitled causii is now llled In tho ofllco of tho dork of tho district court of tho Htato of Iowa, In and for Kossuth county, claiming of you that ho is tho absolute and umiimlilloil owner of tho west half of tho northwest quarter, and tho northwest quarter of tho south wont quarter, all iu Section No. );.'), Township No. 100, Range No. :iH west of tho 5th 1'. M. Iowa, and asking that his title thereto buquloted, and that defendant!) bo required to convoy lo him tho legal title thereto, and that a commissioner bo appointed to uxuciitosuch conveyance. And that unless you appear thereto and defend boforo noon of Iho second day of tho March term, A. U. 1801, of tho siikl court, which will commence at Al- Kona on tho :M day of March A. D. 1801, default will bo entered against you and judgment rendered thoreou. UKO. M. CLAUKK, Plaintiff's Attorney. NOTICE OF PINAL KEPORT. In tho matter of tho cutate of Alexander Hrowu, deceased. To all tho helrH or creditors of the above named estate; You aro hereby notllled that on or before tho :i«th day of February. 1H01, Haid administrator will file with the clurk of tho district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, his ilnal report, and ask to bo discharged; and you aro further notlllod that all objections thereto must be filed with said clerk on or before the Urst day of Hald term of'said court, which will convene and be holdeu at Algona, In Kossuth county, Iowa, on tho 'M day of March, 1801, or said ruport will bo approved and said administrator discharged and his bonds released. ALEXANDER UUOWN, 40t3 Administrator. NOTICE. IN THK DISTKICT COURT, STATE OF Iowa, In and for Kossuth county.—In the mutter of thu application of L. A. Sheetz, a registered pharmacist, for a permit to buy, keep, and sell iutoxloatiiig liquors.—March tunn, 1801. To whom It may concuru: Notice Is hereby given that thu application of the undersigned, lj. A. Sheets, a registered pharmacist, No. JJ40, doing business nudur tho llrm name of L. A. Shoot-/., of tho city of Aigoua, iu the county of Kossuth, and slate of Iowa, praying for iv permit to buy, keep, and sell Intoxicating liquor In his brick storo on the corner of State and Thoriiigtou htruots, In said city of Algoiia, will bu on (lie Iu tho olllco of tho dork of the district court of said county, on or before tho 20th day of February, 1UU1, ami that said cause will como 011 for hearing iu said court at the March term of Haid court, to bo begun and held at Al- guna, Iowa, on tho ^d day of March, 1HIH. b L. A. SHF.ET2, 45 NOTICE. To whom it may concern: This is to certify that on this lath day of February, 1801,1 have given my son, Frank O. Bacon, his time, and inako no further claims on lilt) earnings, nor will I pay any of his debts. L. D. BACON. Witness: C. B. Oleson. 47t3 MONEY TO LOAN— -LY4- ON RAILROAD LANDS. Persons wanting to borrow money on road lands win do well to call at the Kossuth County Bank wad bring tnelr contracts. IDD'S (JEKM ERADIOATOR" 1'OSI- tively cures all diseases—because it kills, all germs, bacteria, parasites, microbes, aud aniinalcuhc in tho system, which tho promt neut physicians in convention agreed was. tho cause of all disease. Tho air, water, vegetables and fruit are full of these little worms. oauslng catarrh, consumption, diabetes, ana nright"s disease, cancers, tumors, aud all so- called incurable diseases. (Never liuovro to fail to cure consumption, catarrh, .kidney troubles and syphilis.) Retailed In *3, «3, and $5 sizes, seut anywhere on receipt ot price. This is the only geuuiue article; all others are dangerous counterfeits. Dr. Sheet/, issues guarantees to oure all ailments for Klaa a Geriu Eradicator rail- MONEY FURNISHED— suth' • JLY *- AT SEVEN PER OENT> __. At t?o$svith County Ban£, Apply at oa.ce,

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