The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 11, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1891
Page 8
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THE TJPPEM DEB MOIMJS: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBtttUflY 11, 1891. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS, (thopricn of ndmission. Do not miss it or you will regret It. Socvicos were held for the first time at the new Episcopal church on Sunday There wns a fuir-slxed audience, CHlCAOO, JIfl/WAUKKE ft ST. PAUf/. . West—Piiss.— No. 1 0:02tt W . No. 8 . 4:37pm 7:15 A m No. lit...'.'..'.11 :45 n m No. 6 8:17pm . No.2 10:2Bivrn No. 4 f):30pm T.^«.nlMhf _ Freight- No.R 11:r>5prri No. 14 2:.')0pm No. 10 12:15 am last. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. tforth- Eltnoro puss .. 4:05 p m 8t,Pftulfrt...0:fi5n m South— ElmoropasB 12:20 p in DnsMolneaft 7:fl5 p m THE CITY. Hear the darkies tonight. Tho sleighing in this section is nil fight flow, ami there is plenty of it. John Goodcrs tolls uhout his coming ribbon sale in an announcement, this week. Read it. * The W. C. T. U. will hold their regular meeting In their room Friday, at 3 o'clock, Feb. 18. Lost, near DO.XBOO'S land odlce, n fight hand kid mitton. Finder please leave satno at this olflcc. Mrs. A. M. Johnson has been very low for Homo days, and tho Indications are that she may not recover. G. A. H. Bonn supper and Washington's birthday celebration, Friday, Fob. 20. Program mo next week. Watch for tho Duhllli'-Town which would doubtless have been much larger, but for the storm. Itov. Bowen delivered a special sermon for the occasion, Tho services, however, were not of ;t dedicatory nature. This event will occur at a later date. At court house hall, one night only, Monday, Fob. 10, the famous Dan Mc- Glnty's Troubles company, original Dublin-town silver band and orchestra. This company carries 22 people, is spoken of In the highest terms by tho loading press, and should receive a largo house. Tho price of admission has been reduced to 50 cents so as to enable all to attend, Tickets on sale at Fred Branson's. Bert Bessegule proved himself an expert with tho sling-shot Sunday morning. A lono prairie chicken, possibly somewhat chilled and bewildered, flow Into town and lit in tho street just In In Chicago. Tho market is overstocked. It is the prevailing opinion that tho price will remain at a low figure for some time yet, and that a change for the better will hardly come before June next. The Republican, in its anxiety and evident determination to give away the band street parade, at noon on tho day of the performance of " MoGihty's Troubles." Marrlngo licenses issued for tho week past are: A. J. Robinson and Ina C. Hunt; J. H. Graham and Lottie A. Wick wire. A little wren put in an appearance ,iaat Thursday morning, but evidently had not been In consultation with tho iground'hog. Sunday evening, Fob. 22, there will '•bo a union temperance mooting In tho Congregational church. Programme will appear next week. Wo had another diminutive blizzard on Sunday last. Tho storm continued all day, but was not severe in any respect. About three inches of snow foil. Ed. Lambert, who has boon in the ••Edens meat market for a couple of years or so, has returned, with his family, to Spencer, and will engage In a market there. Come and hoar tho darkles sing tonight. Buy reserved seats to avoid tho .-rush. There will not bo standing room. Religious and comic songs. Prices, 15, 25, and 85 conts. The Woman's Baptist Mission circle will meet with Mrs. W. C. Danson on Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Election of olllcors and annual opening of •the mito boxes will occur. Tho funniest show of tho season, "Dan McGintyte Troubles," packed tho opora front of Ressoguio's shop. Bort loaded bin weapon with a marble and by alittlo cautious manncuvoring got close enough to down his blrdship at a single shot, breaking its nock. It was a good shot, oven if it was a little out of season. Local Interest will bo found In the following -item from tho Llvertnoro Gazette: "Thoro is a now girl at tho homo of tho editor of the Goldfield Chronicle, and thoro is now ono moro individual to answer to tho call of Smith. Tho paper caino out on timo as usual." This has reference to our own "Smithy," long a resident of Algona, and an old-time workman in THE UPPER DES MOINES 'office. His friends hero will congratulate. Marshal Dailoy has boon literally "smoked out" of the engine houso ever since he set up a stovo in the engine room. Tho stove works well enough except when tho draft to the flro-box undor tho boiler is open. Then it takes so much oxygen to supply the flro at that end of tho house that it very nearly pulls the fire out of the stovo. There seems to bo a conflict of authority between the two fires, and at last accounts tho larger was complete master of the situation. The Howett Musette company showed at tho court house Saturday evening. Much of tho their performance was meritorious. Tho company consists of but four people, so perhaps wo ought not to expect too much of them. How- house last night, and they can do It again any timo in tho future, says tho Kewauneo Sun of Nov. 18. Rev. Robt. Baguoll of Webster City jiyill occupy the pulpit of tho M. E. church on Sunday, Feb. 15, and on Monday evening will address tho Epworth league. All aro cordially invited to attend. o annual mooting of tho Algona imotory association will bo held at O. •'E. Palmer's olllco on Saturday evening, STeb. 14. Election of olllcors and other •important business will como before tho ineoting. Lent boginB today. During tho Lonten season, which continues for forty d,ftys, services will bo held nt tho Episcopal mission ovory Wednesday afternoon at 4:15, and on ovory Friday evening at 7 o'clock thoro will bo prayer meeting. The St. Valentino dance occurs at •the court house on Saturday evening, the 14th. Tho young people want to get what enjoyment they can out of tho court room this year, as hereafter it Will be closed for anything except coun- •ty purposes. Chas. Gary camp, No. 8!!, Sons of 'Veterans, will present a programme at •'the court house hall tomorrow evening. All aro cordially invited to bo prosont, especially all mombors of tho Grand '•Army of tho Republic and tho Woman's Belief corps, Mrs. F, M, Smith, assisted by Mrs. S. S, Rist, Mrs, M. B. Chapin and Mrs. P. •<3. Bailey, will receive at tho Baptist '.larsonage Thursday afternoon frum 8 ;.o 7 o'clock. Both gentlemen and ladies invited. A silver collection will bo taken for tho church building fund. J. W. Wadsworth is planning to build .a new residence as soon as spring opens. 'It will be located just back of where the old houso stands. Ho will start in for a $2,1)00 houso, but wlsoly predicts that it will probably cost him $3,000 before it is completed. It will bo a good one in any event. The mission by tho Jesuit fathers will commence at tho Catholic church next Sunday, Feb. 15, and continue for one week. Feb. 22 ono of the fathers will deliver a lecture at court houso hall on tho condition of women of Pagan and Christian society. Lecture will begin at 7:80, and is free of charge. There has not been a "nigger" concert in Algona for two years. Do not iniss this one. There is as good a piano player as Blind Boone in this company, {Bad Mrs. C. H. McDonald as contralto has no equal. The songs of Littlo Mac, -.the woiidej.-M tenor, are alone worth ever, the musical portion of their pro- gramme was well rendered, and a good portion of tho specialty work' was more than passable. Tho second-sight business was a chestnut that ought not to bo inllicted upon an intelligent audience. Answering our question as to why Emmotsburg has a postal delivery system and Algona nono, tho last Reporter says: " Simply because tho Algona postolllco does not do as much business as the Emmotsburg office does. That is all. Tho outgoing mail has nothing to do with tho matter. Tho Emmots- burg postodlco receives nearly $0,000 worth of supplies annually from tho government, which is probably nearly. $2,000 moro than is received by tho Algona ollleo." Repairs on the L. M. B. Smith building aro well undor way. J. D. Shadlo has tho contract. Tho lower room, which was only coiled before, has since the flro been lathed and plastered, which will make it a warmer room than it was before. Tho shelving, injured only by being badly smoked, will bo repainted, and altogether tho storo room will have a hotter appearance and in many ways bo an improvement on its former condition. Mr. Howard expects to move in soon, probably tho latter part of this week. Tho students of tho normal school will give an entertainment at court houso hull on Fob. 28, which will bo of a nature calculated to commemorate Washington's birthday. A stage drill will bo given by sixteen young ladies, who will bo brilliantly dressed in tho national colors and each carrying a banner. There will also bo a "Continental Congress," representing that august body in session during tho debate on tho Declaration of Independence. Tho entertainment will bo a line display, and ono of much interest from a historical point of view. Our people have responded with a liberal hand during tho past week to tho calls for aid from our loss fortunate neighbors in Nebraska and Dakota. A full statement of tho donations in cash and goods will bo published as soon as tho committees have completed their announces that every newly married couple in tho county will be presented with a year's subscription. The question now arises whether this will not have a tendency to discourage matrimony in this section. Young people who are contemplating this important step will hesitate sev* oral times when they find that one of its results is tho thrusting upon them of that humorous sheet. Possibly something worse could happen to a newly married couple, but we have not learned what it is. Prof. Dodge, late of our normal school, writes from Berea, Ky., inclosing money for subscription, and adds: "I made so many acquaintances in Algona, and I feel so much interest in tho people and place that I am not satisfied not to know what is taking place. A local paper is equivalent to a long letter from an intimate friend. This is a mild winter in Kentucky. The thickest Ice was H inches. For some time tho weather has been warm and pleasant, farmers having been plowing their corn ground and some of the summer birds are returning from further south." It is rarely that this paper is called upon to offer an apology for anything contained in its columns. However, it was with no intention to speak slightingly of tho services of Mayor Jones that tho item appeared last week concerning tho coming city election. Since our attention has boon called to it we can readily see how a wrong construction might be placed upon what was said, but it was wholly without intent. We Leliove the administration of Mayor Jones has been ono of general satisfaction. Wo are sure that it has boon so far as anything that we have hoard would indicate. This paper would not knowingly do any man an in- j ustico. Tho following list of books has been added to tho Monday Club library. • — — •*•*-"• "«-",7 ^Ji.\^i/ 1J.UI.IHV, Some of them are among late literary productions, and all aro works of moro or less general value: "In Darkest England and the Way Out," by Gen. Booth; "The Silence of Dean Maitland," by Maxwell Gray; "Black Beauty," by AnnaSowoll; "Over the Teacups," by Holmes; "Sidney," by Margaret Doland; " The Evolution of Dodd," by W. H. Smith; "Caesar's Column," by Donnelly; "Soldiers Three," by Rudyard Kipling; "Heroes of the Arctic," by Frederick Whympor; "Tho Doll's House," by Henrick • Ibsen; '.'Sara Crow," by F. H. Burnett; " Little Saint Elizabeth," by Burnett; "Six Girls," by Fannie Bell Irving.. It is better to bo born lucky than rich. Tho truth of this statement will bo attested by Goo. E. Clarke, W. B. Quarton, and Alf. Rist, each of whom hold fortunate numbers in Dingley's cigar drawing last week. The prizes wore uniform and consisted of a handsome smoking sec which included a moorshaum pipe, cigar holder, cigar- otto holder, and match box. The drawing was conditioned upon the sale of 1,000 cigars, each purchaser taking a number whenever ho bought a cigar. There wore ten prizes, but who hold the atMer lucky numbers wo did not learn. Of the three mentioned, however, they are all users of tho weed in tho form of cigars only, and now they aro looking for some one to put the proper color jnto their pipes. Wm. Harrison is tho owner of a three- year-old colt which, if it keeps on growing, will one of these days land in a dime museum or a side show to. a there was amazement without end throughout that household. The sponge had actually grown to ten times its former size, and all in a night, like Jonah's gourd. We may get into trouble for giving this away, but it is worth telling and we will take our chances. The driving park association held a meeting last week to consider the matter of races for the coming season, and also to look into the question of forming a circuit. The secretary has been in correspondence with parties In various neighboring towns with this end in view. This correspondence was submitted to the meeting. It showed that Webster City, Eagle Grove and Hurn- boldt were not as yet included in any circuit for 1891, and were willing to make arrangements with Algona by which an organization Including these four towns could be effected. No definite action was taken, but' the sense of the meeting seemed to be that this was tho best thing to do. There is little use in trying to make a successful independent meeting. This has been tried often enough here and elsewhere to demonstrate that it can't be done. It is only by organized and united effort that races can be made to even pay expenses. The four towns mentioned could work together to good advantage, and it is hoped tho organization may ho effected. Tho sentiment at this meeting was in favor of offering from $1,000 to $1,500 in purses, and have tho Algona meeting somewhere from tho 5th to tho 15th of Juno next. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. F. E. Wolcott started for Wisconsin last evening for a short visit. A. D. Clarke is off for a long trip in the oast. Ho will visit prominent cities dnring his absence. J. C. Frank returned Saturday from a brief visit to Waterloo. He times quiet in that section. A DOLLAR SAVED IS A DOLLAR GAINED. Towrisend & Lanefdon's i «w9 v S f V" 9 for 01 ^ bars Good Lav.ndry Soap ? .90 i£fc£tP£ e ?o. ^IV'-i,' ° 3 20 Ibs Choice Butter Crackers... 1.00 i E£ g ™ da ( l» riutl £ ^ ufe > ° 5 12 lbs ChoiceCal. Dried Grapes .... 100 i E g Dlxon Stovo polish 05 A good Lantern for only. .... ... 85 i fJ! xA e ,°T e " so • M 20 Ibs Crystal Rico for.. !00 1 box Lewis'Lye 10 iaibsCholee Raisins for fix) We sell other goods in proportion to the above. Call and see us. |3P We are agents for Rock Salt for stock, TOWNSEND & LANGDOK I can now make loans on Improved lands, from one to ten years time, and give the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof In even 9100 at „ , , »ny date when Interest falls due. This Is Iowa money, and no second mortgage or coupons taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the bor- Farm Loans. fM W f^°/ e » UCehl8m0rtgilgeatanytlmenn(1S!lvl)the interest on the amount paid. Money i lil*t11Hnon nr. rtrtnn ««» nnwfnnl 4tti«. i-i_*i . . • furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address H. HOXIE, Algona, Iowa. JI. z. (WOVE. BIROS. JOHN GKOVE. Liyery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. West of Tliorlngton House. M. Z. GROVE, Jlannger. quotes BAY & PEPS. AND PLOW WORK, GENERAL REPAIRING. WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE, - ALCONA, IOWA. Thorington House Laundry. J. L. Edmonds returned this morning from a month's visit in eastern New York. He says there is the same complaint of close times there as elsewhere. Horace Mann started last Friday for Ann Arbor, Mich., whore he will take a special course in mathematics. Ho expects to devote about two years to his 'way up" equine short of an acci- work. People of this section have reason to bo thankful, not alono that they aro able to give, but also that they have not for many years boon obliged to cull for help themselves. Not since our recovery from tho grasshopper plague has thoro boon in this county a need for outside assistance. Algona markets have experienced little or no change since last week's quotations. Wheat is worth 78@75c; oats, 84@8Cc; corn, 85c; barley, 45@50c; and flax, $1@1.10. Hogs remain at $3@3.10. Local receipts wore light during the past week, owing to the storm and bad condition of the roads. Tho low price for hogs continues as a result of the excessively large 'receipts circus. Ho is a already and nothing dent can prevent his becoming famous. Ho was driven through town last Saturday, and much speculation was indulged in as to his height. One fellow urged that ho would reach 24 hands, but this may bo an extravagant statement when it is remembered that this would bo about eight foot. J. W, Wadsworth's " Princeptor" stands 1GJ hands, and is considered a very tall horse, but tho one of Mr. Harrison's certainly boats him by four or live inches. Ho is probably between 18 and 19 hands high. If ono doesn't believe it lot him stand up beside him once. It takes a tall man to see over his back, In ono of the happy families of this town are two bright little girls. Not long tigo, as the story runs, ouch happened to bo tho possessor of a sponge— ono of ordinary size, tho other a very small one. The possessor of tho smaller ono of tho two had been reading about how sponges woro produced, and concluded to sec if sho could make hers grow. So sho put it iu a cup of water ono night before sho went to bed, expecting groat things as a result of her experiment. The head of tho family had boon quietly taking in the situation, and not wishing to see his little ono dissapoinlod, brought home from his office that night a sponge much larger than the ono which had been " planted" and changed places with tho two, being sure so put the smaller one entirely out of tho way. When morning came and with it an examination, studies there. THE UPPER DES MOINES follows him, and predicts for him a successful pei-iod of school work. Elmer Slagle is home for a conple of weeks. He has been running in tho mail service out of Des Moines' for a short time, getting acquainted with the business. He goes to Dubuque soon for examination, and expects to get a run of his own in a short time. No doubt he will make an efficient route agent. Mr. E. A. Healy of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Snndayed in Algona with his brother-in-law, J. R. Jones. Although related by marriage, they had never met. Mr, Healy is traveling in the interest of a straw-burning stovo, being himself tho vice-president and general manager of the company which manufactures this article. He has lived eightcyears in the dominion, and an hour's chat with him evidenced that he was well posted on the subject of Canadian politics, in which, as he admitted, he takes a hand when he is at home. Ho is a staunch supporter of Sir John MacDonald, and believes the dominion will endorse his administration at the coming election. Uobison-Hunt. The marriage of Mr. A. J. Robison and Miss Ilia C. Hunt was consummated at tho Episcopal church last evening, Rev. McDonald of Emmetsburg officiating. Though the ceremony was at the church; it was not public, only friends of the contracting parties being present. The bride has been a resident of Algona for some four or five years, and is well and favorably known. It is perhaps 'needless to say that sho numbers among her friends a large circle. Mr. Robison has grown to mannhood in this county, and is known as one of the steady and industrious young men of this community. The newly wedded pair will at once settle down to housekeeping here, THE UPPEU DES MOINES extends hearty congratulations, and wishes them any amount of happiness. Height of Cruelty. Nervous women seldom receive the sympathy they deserve. While often the pictures of health! they are constantly ailing, To withhold sympathy from these unfortunates is the height of. cruelty. They have a weak heart, causing shortness of breath, fluttering, pain In the side, weak and hungry spells, and finally swelling of ankles, oppression, choking, smothering, and dropsy, Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure is just the thing for them. For their nervousness, headache, weakness, etc., his Restorative Nervine Is unequaled. Fine treatise on Heart and Nervous Diseases nnd marvelous testimonials free. Sold and guaranteed by F W Dlngley. ' 0 * '" A Mystery Explained. nrl» e pt j& ew i cout " tn frequent notices of rich, pretty, add educated girls eloping with negroes, 1 r ' lt nps, and coachmen. Tho well-known specialist, Dr. Franklin Miles, says all sucli girls are more or less hysterical, nervous. Impulsive, unbalanced; usually subject to headache, neuralgia, sleeplessness, Immoderate crying or laughing. These show it weak nervous system for which Trn r ,?h,!i? 1 ' em ^ d)re(lual , to Restorative Nervine. Trial bottles and a flne book, containing many marvelous cures, free at F. W. Dingley's, who also sells and guarantees Dr. Miles' celebrated New Heart Cure, the finest of heart tonics. Cures fluttering, short breath, etc. o * Miles' Nerve mid Liver Pills A »i' on H new Prin^'Ple-regulatlng the liver, stoin- uou, and bowels through the nerves. A new dls foyer?., Pr. Mies'Pills speedily cure biliousness- bad taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Unequaled for men, women, and children. Smallest, mildest, surest! Fifty doses 25 cents. Samples free at F. W. Dingley's drug store. New Laundry, just opened in basement of the Thorington. Strictly First-Class Work at reasonable rates and on short notice. Will do family washing. All work called for and delivered. , is WHITTE^ORE CASH STORE. South Side of Broadway. Groceries, Crockery, etc. Always a jullstoclc, selected with a view to meeting the wants of the people of Whittemore and vicinity. Drop in; we will do you good. HENRY MUNCH. IF YOU SHOULD TRAVEL OER THE WORLD FAR AS YOU COULD QO, A BETTER SOAP TfjATJ SANTA CLAUS YOU'D NEVER CELT TO 13000 .•• tench any fairly Inlelllgcr.liierion of either «ox, who Mil read and wrltt.mnd who, *n«r Initructlon, will work Iniluilrlovily, I 0 .""" wn Tlir«e Thouiiud Dollar* « . FRENCH UEMEDY.-Dr. Le Due's r periodical pills from Paris, France, act only upon the generative organs in females and positively cure suppression of the menses (from whatever cause) and all periodical troubles peculiar to women. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstruation, or money refunded. Should not be used durinfr P r egaancy. The large proportion of the ills to which ladies are subject is Ihe direct result of a disordered and irregular menstruation. Ask any druggist for them. American Pill Go., bpencer, la. L. A. Sheetz, supply agent, Alcona, la. H. Bosworth & Son, Milwaukee; Bobt. otevenson & Co., Chicago, wholesale agents. T EGAL BLANKS— -M Buy them at the Upper Des Molnes office and get the most approved forms. It has oermnnontly cured THOUSANDS ot cases pronomiuoil by doctors hope- it you have premonitory symp- such us foilKh, Difficulty of jess. toms i ^ PlSsO' immediately. tf'iloHy o von CONS'U'MPTION JJy Druggists. 25 cents. all

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