The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 11, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1891
Page 7
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THE tlPPER BES MOINES* ALGONA, ICTti A WEDM;8I>AY, FEBRUARY 11,1801. No. cue dottbts that Dr, Sage's Catarrh Remedy really lures Catarrh* whether the disease be recent or of long Banding, because the makers \it cTitieh their faith in it a $500 guarantee, which P- | a mere newspaper guar- p-*e, but "on call" Si a nent . hat moment is when you prove that its makers caft't cure'you. The reason for their faith is this: . Dr. Sage's remedy has « 'oved itself the right cure r ninety-niut! out of one 'hundred cases of Catarrh in the Head, nnd the World's Dispensary Medical Associa-, tion can afford to take the risk' of your being the one hundredth. The only question is—are you willing to make the test, if the makers are willing to take the risk? If so, the rest is easy. You pay your druggist 50 cents and the trial begins. If you're wanting the $500 you'll get something better— a cure/ SHJLOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. •The meceO of this Great Cough Cure b without a. parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can sue- •etsfully stand. That it mxy become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample'Bottle Free into every horn* to the United States and Canada. If you have • Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for ft will cure you. If your child has the Croup, •r Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief b sure. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for BHELOH'S CURE, Price io cts., Sp cts. and f l.oo. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, M* Shiloh'i Porous Plaster, Price 25 cti. Bn its First Stages. .Jiesurti you net the genuine. rs PILLS <T«E GREAT EHGUSH R£M£Or.) I Cure BILIOUS a Box. OJT AT;Tj DRT7C3-G-ISTS. "Down With High Prices. THIS SEWING HALES to b« LOST or STOI/EJf. U-TON $60.00. .- . Fourth M.. I'HiliulMlithi.... I' KOO 1« tt. mr.fuH, ! D .Ml,« h,r, Wmr iMtVALLt froaf TwEfrt I, rinim. IKVK.-IT1U.1T EMORY wdorin* «unxl. BuojulMrq num TwtimaaltU (nca i lUt <1«IM. PnwBiratw TKNDEfiSESS. itt. TB« TSAH ROTSD. Not unto every heart i* Ood's eift Of simple tendcrnfs> allowed; we rrcet With love In many fashtoes whfin wo lift First to onr lips life's waters, hitter sweet j Lovo com cnpon ne with resistless power Of cnrbless paision nnd with hendstrong will; Itplftysntonnn like April breoze and shower; Or calmly flows n rapid stream, and still It comes with blessedness unto the hentt That welcomes it arlelit, or—bitter fate- It wrings, tho bosom wild so fierce a smart Thnt Tove, we cry, is crueler than hate. And (hen, nh, inel When lovo has censed lo bless, Onr broken hearts cry ont for tenderness/ We long for tenderness like thnt which hung About us. lying In our mother's breast; A felllcss feeling, that no nen or tongue Can praise nright. since stlenco sings it best; A love as far removed from passion's heal As from the chilliness of ils dying flro: A love to lean on when (he falling leet Bepln to loiter and (he eyes to lire; In yonUi's brief hey day holiest love wo seek, The reddest rose wo grasp—but when it dies God prim! t at l»;er blossoms, violets meek Mny spring for H» henentli life's nmiimii skies. God pram sumo loving one lie near to bless Our weary way with simple tendern. s» Top Busffle's, HarnesBjT.SO Komi Cam. Wusuna, 30,00 tD.OO family or Store Scale, 1.00 A 240-lb. Farmers' Scale.... 3.00 1000 11). Hay or Stack Scale... 40, oa Forge and Kit at Tools ...... 20.00 1000 other Articles at Hall Prtco. CHICAGO SCALE CO.. CUlcigo, 111 tho great foot rjmody for m»k- ing t'm taut ^MAI.LKIU Inf"\u6 eulil ur porsptrlnif I'liui nil ala tro. or sunt fruu uii rueolpt of fill cts. ' ~''UKU Cruti at. bCin-uH, or umilud f.r ft riitod 1'itmpblbt fruu. INK TU.. WOULD U'LP'O, S'. I T!*? A LICK l-liSMJi'S,l f OKTT. T KE. f. f ''Only the nmsio teacher," snid Mnbel Ainslie, in reply to nn inquiry from her compnnion, us they heard a timid double knock at the front door. "The music tcaclicrl Are you taking lesson?, Miss AinslieV" lie asked. "Yes," she .replied, nnd tlii? is my hour. If you have nothing special tA do, however, you iiuiy stay hern mid look over the pictures, and read till I return. 1 generally get tired and wind up niy lessons in about lifilf an hour." "I love music BO well that I -would gladly stay, even to hear you practice," he replied. "Very well; but you must stop your ears when I come to the scales," said Mabel, laughingly, nsshe left the room. Sir Russell Sydney admired Mabel's beauty fiiul elegance with sufficient winiith to have his sentiments for her kindled into love, if no adverse fates interfered, and his regard hud now reached a critical point ut which the scale must soon be turned. He listened eagerly for the sound of her voice, for music formed so important an element in his existence, that he. wished the woman whom he might choose should possess a fine voice. Mabel's, however, disappointed him. It was correct, but cold and lifeless, The electric spark did not glow in its tones. But ere long another voice broke on tin air. so warm, so full of sympathy, and of airy, exqiusitu sweetness, that he felt himself carried irresistibly along on the tide of melody. The song was Gounod's delicious "Fruhlingslied." (Spring song); and, as the singer went on, it seeme to Sydney that he could see the fragrant green and tender violets springing round him. Snow and sleet lay on the ground. The winter breeze sighed through the bare trees; but all this passed from his consciousness, in the bright vision of spring whkAi this beautiful voice called up. He drew a long breath of regret whan the song drew to a close; but when Mabel ro- peatei/ it after her teacher, although she did so very weil, as far as the execution was concerned, yet the spell was broken— the snow, sleet and wintry wind were no longer conjured away. "Who is your teacher?" asked Sydney, eagerly, when Mabel returned.' ''As the Mahometans say of the Angel Israfel, 'Her heart-strings are a lute, and she has the greatest voice of all God's creatures.' " "She is Miss Alice Leslie," said Mabel, coldly. "She is a good teacher, I think, which is very fortunate for her in her reduced circumstances." "Is her music all her livelihood?" asked Sydney. "Yes! she is an orphan, and has a little brother and sister dependent on her. Her father was a dissipated man, and made a complete wreck of his property; but, fortunately gkve this girl some ad/antapes of education before he totally squandered his eslate." Sir Russell Sydney seemed disposed tu question Mabel further about the young music teacher, but her replies were so brief that, after awhile he could not avoid seeing that the topic \\as unwelcome and so dropped it. Some weeks after this conversation Mabel gave u musical soiree. "I don't wish to have Miss Leslie here at all," said she to her mother; "but no one else plays my accompaniments so well. But remember, mamma, I do not wish her asked to sing." When the guests were all assembled, tlvre was one who looked strange among the gay company—a young woman dressed <nth a ladj-lik'e reb'nement, but ptrfect simplicity; the face lit up by clear, gray eyes, and shaded by waving black hair, that rippled on her temples', The n'rst soug Mabel sang was Selmber's Gondola, song, one in which the effect of the song is greatly heighteupd by the weird rich beauty of the accompaniment. So exquisitely did Alice Le>lie render all the graduations in this accompaniment, that the majority of her hearers listened aiore eaeerly to this than to the song, and but one alloy to them, which was that it must come to a close. To Mnbel the close wns> a relief, Her jenlonsy and chargin had so mastered her as to make her forget common good breeding. scornful glances on Alice, ana whispered derisive remnfks on her dress and appearance. Sydney could not help overhearing somo of these, ;nnd they hnd the effect of waking him more dcfer- entrnl and attentive to Alice than he was before, and he wondered bow he could ever of thought Mabel so beautiful when her expression was EO haughty and ignorant. For weeks Alice went bravely and hopefully about i her work. But at length, a day came when she could no longer cro. She hnd-Jnever been very strong, phyisically: and exposure to the weather, nnd insufficient food nnd clothing, commenced to tell on her frame. She struggled bravely against the inroads of sickness; but, at length, she had to yield nnd lie prostrate. P, It wiunghrr heart to see tbo little boy and girl, who were dependent on her efforts. They did all thnt childish cure nnd skill wern capable of; but thoughts of (hem ini-reaEcd her malady, for the terrible idea would (lash over her that s!io might die nnd leave them destitute. S Dining her illness, Sydney ns-ked Mabel peveial times: Where is your teacher? Shu seems never to to coino now." Every tune ho nskcd Mnbel matin Iho Bamn reply—she was _ fortified in her re- sovonever to hnvo Alien there again. It was in the firstjlush of spring, when Alice crept forth from her sickroom. A faint hint nnd whisper of the coming sweetness nnd bloom lurked in the nir. Still weak nnd faint her strong resolvo bore her up, as sho wended her way along. Besides the necessity there was for her to pain their daily bread, sho had to work to 1 , for the past, as her illness hnd brought her into debt, but wished lo fix on tho hour for future lessons. At the first house to \\hich she wont, her reception was diecourng'ng. The young lady either was, or fnni.ied herself, too delicate to prosecute the study of Hinging. It gnve her a sore throi't, she said; RO slio had decided to stop her lessom. At tho next place Alice was startled to observe that the whole house was shut up, nnd looked silent and gloomy as a tomb. After ringing repeatedly, a servant came forth from the alley, and informed her that scarlet fever had brnlwn put in that street, and that her mi?tress baa gone away with all the children, to stay, she did not know how long. Alice had had four pupils in this house, and she turned away with a sickening feeling at heart. She a more cheering reception at tho tlic next, house; and then she thought sho would go to Mabel's,, before her strength entirely ebbed away. It was early twilight when she ascended the steps; the first pale stars were just beginning to gleam in f he sky. After she had waited for some time, a servant camo to tbe door to int'orni her that she need not come again, as Miss Ainslie had provided herself wifh_ another teacher. Sttinu to the heart with this fresh blow, Alice grew deadly pale, and turned away. But just as the servant had commenced to deliver his message, a young man camu up the steps, and, as the poor little teacher descended them, a kind crentla voice greeted her. It was Sydney, whose indignation had been aroused by the unfeeling me*?ago. nnd whose compassion had been excited by Alice's pallor and feebleness. "Take my arm," said he, turning back with her. "You do not seem strong enough to go alone." Alice felt her strength ebbing awny to such a degree that she was thankful for the support of his arm; and the support of his presance was greater still. She could nervo herself against indifferen< e' and unkindness, but not ngainst gentleness and consideration. Her blended emotions, joined with her physical weakness, made her burst into tears. •'Oh, Sir RuFsel Sydney, pray ex^u^e me," she sobbed out after a while; and do not think strangely of my conduct. I have been very ill, and am atill weak, which makes me act childish." "If tears are a relief to you I am very glad for you to weep," said he veiling his concern and sympathy under a light, cheerful tone. "Deeds, not words," was the motto of Sydney's life; so now he set so work to find a delicate and yet efficient, way of helping Alice; and unknown to her this wal- OIIH friend was exerting himself for her. while she was toiling on with her few rema'ning pupils to gain a bare subsistence. Sydney sought unremittingly for some good employment; and by dint of k"ep- ing constantly on the alert he at length discovered an admirable opening for her. The'soprano in a fashionable choir became fired with ambition to go on the stage and RO deserted the choir. Sydney succeeded in procuring this vacant place for Alice, and so she waked up one morning and found herself rich, as Byron found himself fum or. a. And ro crown her satisfaction. Sir Russell Sydney attended the church in which N. B. p. it* trilt Rfttni-n to thft Sonth for th« Pint Tlin« Sine* tho W»r. It seems linrdly necessary to My ant thing of the history of Ocn. B. F. nutler. No man In thfi xvlinlc'nntlon 1ms l>ocn woro constntiU ly In the public eye tor tlie Inst four tlertulcs tlmn lie. As ft successful lixwycr nmliullu- cntlal polltlciim licforo Ilio wnr, ns n (tntrlot who AVHS among tlio first to respond to the country's cnll nt (lie flrlnjf upon fort Sum- tcr, us the mnn who gnvc Now Orleans the best frorerii'ment tlio oily ovcf hnd, nS Com- rnandcr of tlio Army of llie .Inmes, us a Uep- resetitntire In Congress ntul a leading poll- tltlnn since the war, lie 1ms Iind public nt- tention constantly focused upon him. No innn In the country 1ms received more praise nnd more abuse tlmn he, tuul no mint lins more wnrm, personal friends and admirers. Many of the people of tho South have, been pnrtlrnlarly bitter nifalnst him, niul Imvo tried to m \l;e his name tho synonym for nil thnt wns detestable, lie Is now nlmnt, lo return c<md for evil, ami heap coats of lire upon liitj liends of Ills dotrnrtors I'.v fi jfl'rnl enterprise to help restore prosperity to the region vtliiclt suffered so severely from Ui« ravages of llie wnr. He Is nt thtihead of Ilio great (leorgla-Alnlmmn Investment nnd Development. t'o., whose advertisement appears elsewhere In this paper, whieh is made up nf capitalists whom helms axsorlitlr.d with himself In a scheme to rebuild nnd devrloji largo portions of Dixie. Knrly next monlli ihc Intends to make n tour of tho South, visiting the section for the llrst lime since the elose of the war — twenty-six years ni;ii. 'He will ;;•(> to New Ocleiins, nnd to nil oilier prominent points, nnd survey llie Held of operations of this coiiipiiny carefully, to Inform himself personally ns to the possl. lillllies of eneh looallty. 'Inhere Is sontetlilnu: phenomenal In such a tour by u (Icnernl whose llrst visit was sword In linnd, but now goes nn n restorer. It will be wnlehetl with general Interest by all sections of llie country. — A'ational Tribune, Washington, I), G. 1'HKSS (MAI It OIUIANIZKI). A Constitution nnil 1l.v-I.uwH nr« Adopti'il nt I* It) Kb uric. Pirrsiujiio, Jim. 28. — In Iho Interim- lionnl I'ress club convention t ho commit' (coon plntis and scope mportod a constitution nnd by-lawn which were adopted. The association will hereafter bo known us the "Internal ional Le;igno of I'rosH Clulw." The objects arc l.o bring into close and friendly relations (ho press clubs of tlin world nnd promote a more fraternal and helpful feulinir jiinonir itsjiiemberH. A r o ojihim In Vlso's Cure for Consumption. I Cures where oilier I'umedles full. UT>L'. 1'ope I.eo is nn ambitions sonneteer, nnd verses ho will llnd llmo lo wrilu In spite of, liis griefs mid labors. An a distinguished member of the Society of tlio Aro'adln ho jvriles over the iininu of Neantler Ilenieleu.i.j I.alln is the tongue In which he cntrcalsl tnnso. __ A mnn who has prneile;<d medicine for 40 years, ought lo know suit from Biijjur; rend what ho says: TOI.I'.DO, O., ,Tn:i. 10, 1S87. Messrs. F. J. Cheney <fc Co, — (lenljenieii: — I hnve been In Ihu general practice of mod- ciiiu for most 40 years, mm would sny Unit in all my practice uiiil experience have never Been a. prejwnillim tliul J could prescribe) with us much eonlldeneu of SIICCCKM aa I cnn Kill's Catarrh Cure, numufnc'lurcd by yon. lluvo prescribed it, n fjreat many limes nnd Its effect is wonderful, and would say In conclusion that I have yet to llnd a case of catarrh that it would not cure, If they would tttke It according lo directions. Yours truly, "' I,. L, OORSUC1I, M. D., Olllce, 215 Summit St, We will pivo $100 for any of Ciilnrrh that cnnnot ho cured with Hull's Catarrh Cure. Token Internally, F. J. CHENEY A CO., Props., Toledo, 0. JSTSold by Druggists, 75c. -n _ Tho Hawaiian king bore a striking re- scmblnnee lo Chester A. Arlhur, uiiil the giiiiililniicc wns lieijflitened by tliu Kind's linblt of wenrin^ a I'rince Albert coal tiglit- )y buttoned up nbont bis cliust. Had U not been for his color lie mil-lit have buuu mistaken for Mr. Arthur. _ JJo Vou t;ou^j, •/ Don't delay. Take Kump's I!;il»nrn, tho best eolith euro. It will cure your oouglis and colds. It will eure soro throat or n tickling in the throat. It will cure, pniin in the chest. It will cure iiiducM/.a. and bron- chills and all diseases iiuriaining to tbo lung.s because it in a pure balsam. " Hold it, to the light and sec how clear and thick It Is. You will sec the excellent elfcci, nficr taking the lirst dose. Large bolllei OOeunU and $1. SPRAINS. ftMI.<* IlnlUvny. l'ix\«!<lent mid Clcncrnl Mrinniror, Olnolmmtl.oii'O "My f.«>t Mulitnily turned mid prtvi- mo ft very severely dpnllm'd nnlitr. '1 ho ftppl !<'" 11" i' "f HI.. .tnpobs OH ivoilU'it iv.. oiuv In n 'dirt' l mm twin." \v.\V. rrvnoKv, I'rest. <t Urn I M.'in'cr s ®Il VUKI.V. ^<li BRUISES. *lfl IMpliln Mrect, Itftltlninrr, Mil., Jnn'y IS, JSPO. ''t «ns l-rntscil Imil- ly In lilpnn.l uhlo hjr 3 "till nnd MiO'i rod so- vrrfty. SI. .TiirnlmOll oom|>lrl el y nirrrt IIIO.' 1 \\ 'I,!' U.MlliKN, Mciulicr of Slut'* lFS K vnatUfcR Oi)..Bnlllmor«. Md. QRATEFULr-COMKORTINO, EPPS S COCOA BREAKFAST. , *T1r » thorotiith kuowiiKlj. ef th* nM«r*! Uw« 'whlah io«»rn Iho op«r»l|.inl «f dlg*>tlnn »nJ hoU»., *nd bf " cArtituI kppllo talon nf lli» An* l<nii'»r- II** nf w»li.| .|m>tJ«<l OAmft, Ur. Kpn* hfct pio«li1t»4 4urbr**kful Ubl« Mrlth * <t«!/<i«t«lj- a*'aur«<! hfif> *r«j»rhlnh ink; ••»• ill m»ur h»<r dw,b>n' bllUk ,11 \tnr tb» JUillulnUI ut» •( nioh KrttolM •( *l«t !th»t «ooniiUuUo« m«r b« (t diitllr hullt «ti n«lll itrani •nou«h I* rxlil «»«r> Uod«nar to 4I««»M. IhinilcoiUof mbtU m»l»dl«< «r« «««»|B» n-ndnil ill ri-ivd.T lo ntuak wh«r<»r lh«f« to « w»«» ixi'it, , \Vt ni/if r«o«|i« ntnnr » f«l«l ib*ft l)f k**|>ia« *up- '•fiWot \T»II foril(1»l wllh BUI-* bin nil • ul > yraptrlf rii.\irlili»,l rr«nv»."— "CHi-u iurtHM i/axtlt.'' MiuU tlmplr with kulllat w«Ur »• mH». Hold only In nftlf-iinilnil tl»\ "j (Irnoi-r*. l>lx>M*il lhi»: .IA,1ll;S ICIM'H Ac <!<!.. HuinimpiiUili ChcmliU I A charitable lady lino presenter! a brand Tiew graveyard to Jefferson City, M6\; but., BO ffli' us heard from, nobody there has gone crazy with joy over the jgift. Are You Going South t If «o, you should look Into the fulmntnges prcscnto'l by the Louisville & Njslivillc U. U. this winter. There are now threo trains daily to Florida and tlie eout.heust, with through gleepci'3 to southern cities; from Ciiieinnati and Louisville tiirnn^h to Jaek- sonville ixncl Tunipa, I''la., without c.liau^e; from St. Louis nnd KvanavillR to Jaelcsoii- Tille wlLlioiit elmii^e; from Louisvillu to Chattanooga and Atlanta wHhout change. For information as to rates, routes, etc., write to Oeo. L. Cross, N. W. 1'uis. Agent, 2:!2 Clnrk St., Chicago, III. I Sursate, tlic violinist, has pocketed $25,000 as the net prollt at a two mouths' tour In England. act like magic on a Weak Stomach after Mubel had finished singing a lady I she was to sing. Never before had he standing 1 near bepgetl Alice to sir:-,', I been f o devout in his attendance there- adding that one who accompanied tne| never the thought of heaven, eternity sinking of others so beauuifully must, sure-, and the an fc eles seemed so near and so ly sins; well herself. This request being seconded by a large circle, Mabel and her mother were forced to leD Alice comply. Never haJ Mabel's beauty shown with a bright r luster than on this night, but her haughty, jealous heart chafed, as yhe saw Sydney bending over Alice, in long and earliest conversation. She resolved that never agiiin should he see real aa when this beautiful voice sang of them. When he came to know her better he saw t.hiit her lovely harmonies were not confined to outward embodiment, but that there was music breathing in her true, pun and womanly heart and ;o Mable hand that instead of choosinsr her he chose for his wife the woman whom she had in- By the will of llie late Dr. Alvan Tuleott, of C/iiilford, Ct., Yale college will reeuirc )f25,000aud a vahiahle modicul library. Tliere is nothing (unless it be the sewing machine) that bus lightened woman's labor as much as Dobbin's Kletlric tio;i|>, ajiMlttntlij sold since. IriOl. All ii'roCf-rH b:\vi; it. Have i/ott- ui.'uli: tl* iit't'iiinin ' :ii.'c/r 'f 'l'i-y it,. [!iili-r Ilrt'. Itu'i In : i i:iiil.'ili!.-i prci-s a Xulii ro- a Peruvian trip CATALOGUE. SEEDS; PLANTS, BULBS, ETC. Money made by buying my seeds, 35 pkts. fl.OO. 2c to Sc pkt. Presents with every order Send postal card with and addrca* for catalogue, A. R. AMES, M.dijon, Mfc. Alice, if she could prevent it. in which : troduced to his notice aa being ''Only the case she felt sure tbat her own attentions Music Teacher." could speedily eradicate any impression, the insignificant music teacher might have made on him. But fate defies ail human, calculations. Not long afterward Mabel went to a concert with a party of friend.-i. Sydney bein^- of the number. Who should enter and and take the seat in front of them but Alice and a ladv friend, who had brought, Mr. Besant IB contemplating the orjrnniza- her thither, knowine her passionate love t)on of al i uuilmiVeJubh, London, li i* «.__„:, differ Iroin the New ^ork souely of that lor ruubic. t ..... . -. Alice was sufficiently near for Sydney to reudiiy enter into conversation with her EdtabllnUed 1853. Dresses, Gents's Clothin/r, Feathers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleuni-d. Plush liarmeiiU Steamed at Otto 1'iutcli's Dye Works, y-ili W. Water St., Milwaukee. Scud lor Circular. $2,50 PER DAY Can b» mrulo cn^y by nuy rnerzello porann selllnn "(JHA.UI'ION t'/VSTlC STOVE l'OI,|*u.» Ma bruHh r«<Aulreil. AM Uuril lubur. >u UUMI <, r .lift. Alwuft i'l'udjr fur (IMC. Ati urci I' uvvrv liuusMUi'eii^r •illbuy. iiii.Uw|""' I; wi'ii.iuliUn i'liiliululitlilu. Kxulu.sivo Beiiuy COP OHU ur in >••*! <;ountlfi trivt-ij I'oiiipnttinc iitu'. in. wi'itoto-dny on lusliitcabimn Tor purlieu urx. You 111 nov^r n'ftKt !i... i.i.lrasb CIlAUIUoN O)., •l-l S. and grailuully he tr inst'en«d his attentions almost entirely to her, as the concert went an, and be found that no one in his party could enter into it with the keen delight and subtle appreciation that Alice showed. Her beautiful eyes kindli-d. her cbeelcs plowed, her breath cnrae quick and short. There was a greater beauty in her face, for a ti>i\e I ben in Mabel's. She and Sydney enjoyed, with kindred ranture Buethoven's immortal seventh symphony, filled with such unearthly, mysterious beuury that it sounded like ansrda talking They entered wir.h keenest en- i» iu iia admission ot women to ita bersUip, joyment into each note of Mendelssohn's wonderful "Oiipriecolo Brilliant:," into the bpavpnly. sweet. Kreulzer Sonata, and all the selections from the grand masters. Seldom were two persons gifted with a Entitled tu tlu> Re«t. All aro (iiititJud to tlie best that their money will buy, so every family should at oliot;, u dottle of tlie l)i:st family y, Syrup of Fig-it, to eleuiise Uiu i tt-liun costii-e or bilious. For suli- and $1.00 bottles by all luuiliii;.- drii"-- Cold Wet Weather Driven tha blood from tho tmrface of t.liu body, and cauaoa congestion of tho Hvwr ami Uiilnoya, which ; Ufa thua uuubla tu fully parform ttmir duty of eliminating linpurltiuu. Hence luctlo acid in u<> oumulattid in the blood nnd tJeponited fn the joints and titiauoa, reuniting hi the iminrt and ache» we catl rhauiuatlum. llood'n Sartmparill.'i him imd gruut aucceaa in ourLnff thin dibeutii), ttoth chronic aud inflammatory. U iHiriltan tho blood, neutrull/.tiH tho Inutic acid, aud rdtitoro» tiia livor and kidueyi* Co aaturul action, ! Hood's Sarsaparilla Solil tiy all ilrU£S'"U. ^1; ulx for {.^. Vrt)[niri)il only ' ^ C. 1. 11OOI.I i <:u., Apolhuuui'ib.s, I.owiill. MubD. IOO Doses One Dollar in finer musical intuition. The conceit bad hours. E-v-Prcsiduiit Swlye, of Amlierst colle-je, is wrilin.^ a text book on nuu'uls fov ^r;un- liiar .school use. Newman, Ga,, Herald: Panther Crpp.k district can boast of the biergpxr, esrir fiatec in the world, in *he person of .fos Hui-ks, who imisurt'8 six feet and eleven inches hip-h in hia Btockinsr feet. Mr. Burks told us tlutt not lonsr since he ate 130 cgyn at one time and felt like he had only oar- taken of a am ill snack. He also ate throe hearty meals afterward in lesa than five Icim.DKKN. " THoiiBunda "at lyijuuw mi-ii and woauiu in clu't ICOUI-CIT unn tlietr Uvua, the! 1 .' ncalirt ui: ttivlr bupplnesa (^ |'i-';j KooU, tr.Ur dtilly diet u J Infinity unU CLiUdbouU hnv]ng »•• Onunnsta, WO<H.K»f'!( ,fe r!«».. j*vii»?rlTl«wF' ~ ».io FAT FOLKS! UlAfUTirn :IIK:V T0 TKAVRr. We WAnilLU t.i *HWu month , ( fi<i uxMn*w. BTOSa Jt W'BLUN'iTMM, Madinoit, \\ U, ad 15 to 'il pouaiU j;ur by liui'ittluHH Imrhul [MH. No yoirvta^, nit i »•**' inuoiivHiiittncu. (JuuIV.lHiit- >j. dead tju. for uM'Uuhti'ri uml UjMlnuoiiiitJo, Addrt»«w UAt, 0. W. K. HNVUKK, U4!j tjtutu St., Cluuutfo, ill. MUIM« ihu 1'tiutt^ wtiuu you write, JTHEOFTICOIS.«.„,.„„„,, MISIO UCBJJB. W . KNOI.iNb. ANII'.U-!. '-n, .III III Wliuli ..mi ..... i'TTT . tiivo ulll' lu»*v IIMH-II^II riilnf i (iin.l.. ivilln linntosi Md rdliilnl ifiitihcd j c.XiTtllfinl «(i;;'-.'i liiimliiiui I cniitd l.i' luuUmUm. Nl.W IMini'T U1UKH (JO., IjaflUUIoNt., lUin'ilisn, III. nn. nddw«. wcwlllnialllrl.d lnMmi I "" THE OR. TAf T BROS. M. CO.,RODHt oTtn.M.Y. "August Flower" Mrs, Sarah M. Black of Sencci, Mo., during the past two ycflfs has been affected with Neuralgia of th6 Head, Stomach ntul Womb, atvd writes: "My food did not scciti fa strengthen me tit nil and my nppe* tite was very variable. My I'acQ was yellow, my head dull, and I hftd such pains in my loft .side. In the morning when I got tip I would have a llow of nutcus in the mouth/ and a bad, hitler t.i.;(e. .Sometimes my breath became .short, and I had such queer, tumbling, palpitating sensations around the heart. I ached all <liiy under (lie shoulder blades, in the h-lt side, find down the back of my limbs. It seemed to be worso in the wet, cold weather of Winter mid vSjiriiij;; and whenever the spells came on, my feet and hands would, turn cold, mid I could |>ct no sleep nt all. I tried everywhere, and got no relief before usiiHj August Flower" Then the change came. It 1m dona me a wonderful' deal of good during the time 1 have taken it and is work-, ing a complete cure." d>' G. G. OKKliN, Sole Man'fr.Woodlmry.N J.J AN INVESTMENT Dlvlcleritlta vVprll ciiicl October. STOCK OF THE GA.-ALA. INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT CO. Capital Slock, $4,G()O,OOO. SlmiM-.s, ,fUO cucli, full pnld mid .Stllljl'Xifc to 110 AHNCMSIIUMltH. Gen. BENJ. F. BUTLER, of Massachusetts, - President. Hon. JAMES W. HYATT, Late Trcas. of U. S,, Treasurer. DIRECTORS. fJcn. IlKV.f. V. litm.rcii, of MfwuduiHCilH, Hon. I.OIIAN II. KUIITH, of Ark:m*nx. ll'in.A. U. \*'IMIAN, Kx-Tr-iii'. (if U. ft., of Noli. linn. .IAB. \V. HYATT, " " " of Conn. THOS. 0, lyn, N. Y. . irii, J'rwa. ITlh U'nril llniilc, JJroo);. 15. I. (UiiriRr.ti, Boc'v Thomson-Ifoiinlon Kloo(lie (.'o., Uoiliiii, MUSK, (,'. W. I'KIIKI.VH, dull, ifimd. Nflt'l Hunk, Iloston, AlnnM. OBO. (.'. Hi!iiorii!i.i>, I'rnn. N, Y. Contract (io., of Now York. L. M. HANFOUIJ, I'loo, Hunk or N«w (;n«ilo, of Knntiicky. ADVISORY BOARD. lion. Jonx I!. (lolilmN, (Jnvnrnfir of tin. lion. 1,'oiir. [,. TAVI.OII, OoviTiior of Ti'iin. linn. J. II. POIUKKII, Kx (lovcrnur nf (Hiln. lion. l!n;n. II. Iliiidiir, Ux-U. H. I'niitcr, of \Viis/,ln::(oii. Hon. K. K. MAMM, Hiipl. (.Vnicord A Montrmil Itnll- rond, <»f Now ll.'irn|iHliiro. K. U. 'I'ui-K, Cnsh, IT. H. Tn-ft'iiry, Wn«lilnt;ton. IlKMiir l''mi<:imvANni:u, Mnnibur N. Y. HlHck ISx- t hiuiiic, X'^v York. I'. K. Knurl, Unsililnr l'lr«t Nnll'jiml Hank. I,lttl« Hock, Ark. V. Y. lloiinursoM, I'ruHlilant Klrnt. Nsvt'l Hunk, Knnriiny, Noli, I-IS: TRUST CO., Trtinsfo V.'ASHINGTON STREET BOSTON MASS. TlfB IMfcOIM'iUTY OF TIIK (JOMI»/VNY CONSISTS OF J-'IKNT. fi,«M<!i(.y f.fiU, or 2,!M'.>. nnrim at lnn<l In t.lin city (if T,ill<i[.or«n, llurttlmn County, Onor«l». rt'rildtin rHniiiiniiif; ttiiHotd or '^;5tl!) nrru>i, (MI thu oortlro of which Mio ui'y wtu (irlKiti'tlly Imllt. 1'iffff.lnt 2,4.18 nori-H nf •viiltmli'* mlnoral hind, luljnnnnt lo tlio olty of Tullapoosa, all 1 riant Ad ivlt hiii fi rftd inn of nix ml I in from t ho eont ro of Ilio rlf y. l'r'i**mt- value. $ I'J'J.'KK), THS3M9. Thti fflnnnit rnjtif.ul Htoc!< of f liCi Ooortffu, Tfiiinn.-Hoti A. i ilinoin Knllroad Comfmny, c'nnr* turnd for Mitt i>urpo*Bof ImiMmp; a niilrmid from Tnlliipo.-iHA. <in.. io Stfw«n«on, Alii., 120 rnlUn, that will nat tlio r/mirmny »«firly ^U.fWJ.OJXl tit Htti (;/tpitul ntnck itf rt\Hr»tu\ t inlying 7 tmr emit, dtvldtiftilti, l'-OUat l rU. Tho Talhipotwa Kiiriiiicrt, »n Ihn linn of l ho U..c.r^i'i-l')^ill« Itivilroiul, In ihft olty of Tnllup'josfi, Cln."*hd H.'ild furnacn l»iinj.f (jf f»0 ton* cunurity, uiiintifitRt.urin^ th'i hlxli^t ^nviltt of cold and hot blast, charcoal cur-whool Iron, I'roxftiU vnlno, f!25u.0i)0. I''fla-' r B'fll. Tho Plnilmoiil filnn:* WorUfi, dltuntml on tho llrifiof Mm OtorKlii'f'AoIflo Knllronil, In th« city of 'i'lilfnpoo-tit, flu., nuid |il»nt Itofn^ 12-pot furnaf.'0 capacity, an<l iniuiuffiGt.sii'iiiff (tJnt--jfJnn« (la-tkrt nn<I jirbscvtptton wiiri). J'rc.^nnt, vului;, $100,(HM), • f r\i».ro In ftlrtimly Joouf.M-I »n Mirt prnpert-/ of thU Oornpnny, In Mio eUy of Trt)Jnj/ooj«i, On., 2,80f) Jnfm'>. (taut.!*, !i,WiO of whom aro n irl lioi'n poophi, wlio havn Hr.ttUid tn Tivllupoonii wltliin tliu liint lhrn.i your/*, OHJ lioiintH, 15 inamtradi urir>>j iu'luMiriH^, und -10 himinq.-tM hoiistrt, wuhooln, uhurunnH, wutor-workn, otnotrio ll#hfit, Hli75,W)0 hotol, iirid now iniinnrncturiii^ Indu^triort bulldiiijf. olo. oO.OOM SliAKHH TJtHASUItY STOCIC Arc now offer ml to tl»f> public, Iho procoedn to bo b» devotod to locating now manufacturing estsblUlim^n' \ an<I devoloplnff tho con t puny'H city property, ut A "* SrUOLVL PKICI5 OI- 1 <J5.'J,;J3^ I'lCR .SHARK. This Htoulc U full i> :i ''l nnrl nnhjoot to no nH«<i*i4mont4. It will p:vy illvldnndu April Anil Ootobar, And .:ho prico iriH |;B /ulvitn':o/l ^.o J.j.W) (mr wliaro whan lh« r»u,''iW j*Juu'oi rtri* MI/!I|. (.Jnlurrt for Hto''k will b» lUled im rocmvf.rl, in t\i\y iinioiiiit from onn Hluiro npwar<l. A^ It U dAtilred lo linvfi tin many Kimtll liolilorj la till flor.tlonn of tltn country IIH f>r>s'.iihln, who will, liy tliolr latorowfc la tb4 Company, inlluonoo nmi^ration to Tallapoovft, nnd Hflvuncn tlitt ijit .irrntt.H of Iho ('ompiiny. will uiircliHxo M (i.',().()() $r>n.oo $100 oo ji'-i.iii oo Iti.TlK) OO $1,000.00 U :><> 75 ir.o 31)0 $::i).OO |>;ir value of $!IO DO " $|r,».oo •< fliiin.OO " i»7.-.0.(H) " Sl.r.oo.oo " oo « A.d.droH» all ordnrn for Atock, and tnalte oheckn, drAftM, or money and eipronn ordora pnyabla to JA8. W. HMT, TREASURER, GA.-ALA. INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CO. Globe Building, 244 Washington St., Boston, Mass. jry* HO- piiffft f Huttf-nitm! proHpo^tus ot TfilUpooHii, Ktock Prlcw-Unt of Utiiidia^ loin, ami 1ml ttdu on uppllcution, la every Bounty. n of floinptiny, unft Pint <*( flU/» trt wuatutl to repraHouc th» Com pun/ jgrow |-a,ir in bhe lighhof* ^heir works, especially if" > t * mey use _ Il-is a^solid C5,ke ofscourin.g soa.p used f'ors.ll cleaning' purposes. All grocers keep i h a woman who fo plcaso her household and works herself to death in fho effort, if tho house docs not (OOK as bright as a pin, sM gets tho blame—if things are upturned while hoiiso-cleanina O oos on—why hlamo her again. Ono remedy is within her reach. II sho uses SAPOL1O everything will looV clean, and the rcinn oi honsfs-rJnnninq diao"ler will ENGLISH, Reo CROSS IP^v DIAMOND BKAND THgOR'<r,INAUAIMOG£NUIi;e. Tlio only Sttfe, Sili-o, HIM rcUa'ifi Pill Tor nlo. wftvi-'i tf,^ltth Qiivnvnd Mi->in<jt )u Kod uii'l Caltl nifrnUii, Tjtfco nti oilier khnl. ^?«/u«rf A'ubmltt'tttnt anj Jmltftlio. ^11 [tllH Itt fiiiwmhonr.i !)ov«^, [tiuli irr,-i|,[uTj :iru dtutuvruuH fuunterlVUrt. .\( t>r\i%x\in-<. or Mttd of . tti .«!.-IIII;H inirti'-Mlrtr<, !>-Knnioiilulu, mnl "K»:f|.>f far I.atlk'H." u» Irtter, hv rftlirn Mall. J«,««OT.tailtiioiiltil». ,V.«iM f'.iucr. CHICHCoTCR CHIMICAL CO., JI..,l|...r Hqtiure, Hula l>y all !."• ul DruiruUu. I'llU.VlUCI,I'll/ A,>A. Special PUTNAM HOUSE, Winter Be%ort, Palatka y - Florida. Board S4.0O per day. One hundred pleasant rooms at $21 per •week, each person. An abundant supply of soft water. a O. <fe W, P. ORVIS, Managers. Season I89Q-*9I. WINDSOR HOTEL, (FroutJiiff Runt on Wlndnor Park.) "Winter Resort, Jacksonville, - Florida. Opon December to May. Boar4 $4 per day. One hundred pleasant rooms at $21 per week, each person. P. H. OR-VI3. »OG8 NOT TAKBJT, pISO'S REMEDY FOK CATAHttH.-Sest. Kaslest to us*. ^ Clieiipest, Relief Is Immediate, A cure la certain, for Cold In the Head It tow no eq^l. . /

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