The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 11, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1891
Page 5
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THE UPPER BJS8 MOINJES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBliUAHY 11, 1801. HEWS OF THE COUNTY Portland. >, Feb. 6.—The weather for the past week would indicate that old winter intends to give us something to remember him by after all. The mail carrier reported a badly frozen ear last Tuesday as a token of remembrance from the old fellow. Mrs. F. H. Paine, Mrs. Bacon and daughter, Lora, start for Princeton, 111., which is there old home, this week Friday, and will spend some time there visiting friends and relatives. Mr. Bacon goes to Chicago next week and will stop at Princeton for n visit on his way home. Mrs. E. P. Keith of Plum Creek township lias been very ill the last week, but is improving at present date. Bancroft. BANCROFT, Feb. 9.—Boom! Boom! Boom! A person counted 75 teams in 35 minutes coming in on the turnpike west of town •Saturday. Married, at the Catholic church by Father Kelly, yesterday, Thomas Long and Miss Katie Conley. The young man is a prosperous farmer who came to this county about a year ago, and tho bride is the daughter of Barney Conloy. They are a worthy couple and we wish them long life and happiness. Some say that Fred Bergman is married. How is it, Fred? Prof. Anderson's boy has been very sick with stomach trouble, but we are glad to report that he is improving. J. B. Hoflus and his mother wore up from Algona last week visiting tho families of T. M. Ostrander and C. W. Goddard. The Loyalists will givo a frco entertain ment at tho Baptist church next Sunday evening. Miss Thomas, from abroad, gives an elocutionary entertainment at the M. E. church tonight. Willie Stahl, who is living with his undo, Mr. Grover of Portland, was up here visiting his parents lately. James Patterson, I. J. Bruor's efficient harness maker, goes to Thornton, Iowa, this week, to set up in business for himself, Jimmy is the kind of a boy Bancroft does not like to lose, and he has the best wishes of a host of frienss in his removal. John Schaeffer of Burt was here yesterday visiting Dell Barslou. Charlie Hofius' once familiar face was seen on our streets Saturday, and by tho way we hear merchants say there were farmers here who came a distance of 25 .miles to Bancroft. T. M. Ostrander's new barn is nearly completed, and it will be a beauty. Mr. Wells of Ramsay went to Chicago last Wednesday with 92 steers, and yester day morning 113 more were loaded and fol lowed the first lot. J. M. Murray goes to Nevada, Iowa, to day on a business trip. Some say he won come back alone. W. E. Jordan is shelling corn these days at the rate of about 800 bushels a day. There was a social dance at the Dundai _,.-'school house last Friday night. A. L. Hun oi th'is place was one of the violinists Alvah knows how it is done. G. F. Holloway is filling Wallace & Reed's creamery icehouse. We mentioned a girl with a Record tw weeks ago, but we think she will lose i this week, but then hunting is good. Irvin Tamblin, the cattle man, returnei from Cedar Rapids last Friday. He ha been visiting his brother at that place. Something happened to a thoroughbrei Jersey cow of G. F. Holloway and he ha< to kill her to relieve her misery. No om could tell what was the matter. Rev. Ward returned from an evangelist! trip to Corwith Friday. Mr. D. says fishing for minnies is good even on dry land, and in winter. Sam. Reed was at this place, and at Swea and Seneca on business last Saturday. Our Jewish friends leave us next week Tuesday. Silas Hartshorn wears a broad smile on his face, and the reason is that a new boy made his appearance at his place last Thursday. This is the first born. Mother and child are doing well. BANCBOFT, Feb. 10.—J. G. Graham made a flying trip to Des Moines last week. Four families of immigrants from Sioux county arrived here last week. They settled in Ramsay. Mrs. D. B. Sterling returned from a visit to her mother at Elmore. Ernest Meinberg is quite sick with pneumonia. ealth, but on Saturday last dropped dead n the depot door. Ho was 79 years old. L. S. Raymond, a son of H. Raymond of lue Earth City, is here buying stock. He urchased a carload of cattle of Chas. Bigins Friday to ship. Wesleyt WESLEY, Feb. 10.—J. W. Hayward of inton, Iowa, is here looking after his farm nterests. J. S. Gallagher received a telegram Monay informing him that if ho wished to see is mother to come at once. Ho took the :55 passenger for Madison, Wis., where his iarents reside. Abner Flack has bought himself another arm, this time close to town. Ho intends o improve it the coming spring. Miss Jennie Pettibone went homo last Friday evening, and owing to the severe torm and the trains being suspended Sunday night, she was unable to bo hero to attend to her school duties. Mr. Bancroft, vho is teaching in tho township, was iu own Saturday and Sunday, unablo to got o his school Monday morning on account of ,ho storm. Mr. Bancroft assisted Prof. Sifert Monday forenoon to run both schools till Miss Pcttibono returned. While Nate Studcr was going homo from ,ho funeral on Sunday, a team started to go past him in the road, which caused Mr. Studer's horses to run. In turning the cor- icr on tho road going south from town the sled was turned over and himself and farni- y thrown out. One of his boys was bruised a little, but the rest of tho family escaped unhurt. Markets: Wheat, 75@80c; oats, 80@87c; barley, 50@52c; flax, SI; timothy, SI; corn, 35@3~c; hogs, $3.10@$3.15; loose hay, S3.75; pressed hay, $5.00@0. Fred Corev's purtncr played off on him ast Friday night at the masquerade ball by miming off on him as a partner ono of the male sex instead of herself. Fred did not know tho difference until the masks wore taken off. Ho said he thought it queer that she would not talk to htm. Well, it is too bad. Fred is a good-looking young man, and that smile of his is irresistible. C. E. Oleson went to Algona today on business. Grain has been coming to town lively of late. Gray Bros, are shipping two carloads of hogs from here today. There is a young man that stays around the depot a good deal that cupid will not spare. He wrote a letter to a young lady whom ho calls dear Lena, in which he asked the pleasure of corresponding with her, and apologized for not helping her out of tho buggy one day last week. He said he was too bashful. Now this letter by some mistake got into the hands of some of our wicked boys and they posted it up in a conspicuous place so the writer of it could come and get it, instead of taking it back to him as they should have done. In the way of advice to the young man we will say, be of good courage; a faint heart will not win a fair lady's hand. Next Saturday is St. Valentine's day. We hope everybody will remember their friends. Mr. Kunz has been investing in some photographs lately. He has had a family group taken. It is.plain to be seen that the artist understands his business. Mr. Kunz has them in his store window where everybody can take a look at them. Our postmaster has put in a fine stock of candies in addition to the stationery he has to sell. Geo. Frink says he must get married at once, as he is getting baldheaded and his clothes need mending. Wo intend to do all we can to get him a wife, and any young lady that is marriagably inclined will do well to correspond with him. Geo. A. Longbottom was born in Waukesha, Wis., Sept. 24,1873, died at Wesley, Feb. 6,1891, aged 17 years, 4 months and 13 days. The young man was taken with imflamma- tion of the bowels about two weeks ago. He was thought to be out of danger, but a relapse set in which soon took him off. eo. Longbottom was s. model young man whom everybody that knew respected for his gentle and kind disposition. The funeral services took place Sunday, at 11 a. m., conducted by Rev. McBrido, in the ;hurch hero. The remains were interred n the cemetery hero. He leaves father, mother, three sisters and three brothers to mourn the loss of a dutiful son and a kind and affectionate brother. The bereaved family have tho sympathy of the entire lommunity in their sad and unexpected loss. Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom take this means to thank the neighbors and friends for their kindness in the sickness and burial of their IjUVorne. Feb. 6.—W. L. Niver, who has been sick for some time with throat trouble, is able to be around again. W. B. Parsons and John Quick were shelling corn for the Central Elevator company Tuesday. Mrs. Robert Hughs is quite sick at present. Herman Hintz and Miss Barbara Holson were married at the German Lutheran church on the 3d. The contracting parties are residents near town, and the best wishes of the community go with them. Frank Hill went to Corwith Wednesday on business. The lumber for Werner Eggerth's new building on the corner is now most all on the ground. Thomas Grey, recently from, California, is quite sick, and it is thought that change of climate has some effect on him. F. H. Patton, our drayman, is sick and not able to work; he says it is a bad cold. Jas. Reed of Irvington was in town Wednesday on business. F. H. Patton went to Goldfleld to see his daughter, Mrs. H. R. Smith, who is quite sick at present, and H. W. Brink is running the dray while he is gone. Melvin Robinson of Blue Earth City is visiting with relatives at the Revere house at present. Johnny Robertson returned homo Friday from Chicago, where he has been for a week. Patrick McGruder's father, who lives lour and a half miles south of Britt, was at the depot at the place named and had just bought his ticket for Chickasaw county, •where he was going to visit his brother, •vyho lives there. He was in the best of THE ROW W SJVEBDALE. It "Wound Up In n i,ftw Suit, Tried In AlEonn tifist Week. Justice Taylor's court wns occupied three days last week in the trial of a cnso from Riverdnle which might bo of special interest wero it not for tho fact that it was mainly tho outgrowth of a neighborhood row. It was the seqnol to the case at tho Matson school honsc, where a lyceum was held, mention of which was made in these columns two weeks ago. Tho trouble that night culminated In what might properly bo called a free fight, and several disfigured countenances were tho result, to say nothing of tho bad blood engendered. Complaint was entered against Sam. Squires and Ed. Haines, who wero par- tu-ipants in tho skirmish, and tho trial occurred last week as stilted. This paper has no disposition to enter into tho merits of tho case, which seem to bo difficult to got at, owing to tho conflicting evidence adduced. Thcro was a "woman in tho case," of course, but her name need not be dragged in hero. She probably got nil tho notoriety sho desired at tho trial. Tho Norris family ligured conspicuously, notably the younger of tho mtilo portion, who, it is said, was tho temporary victor so far as securing the girl was concerned. But he didn't get her without n struggle, which again illustrates tho old adage about tho true lovo that doesn't run smoothly. His honor, tho justice, heard tho wise with his accustomed patience, at tho end of which ho concluded that Squires and Haines wero tho aggressors, and should each contribute to tho school fund to tho extent of $10 and costs. However, a stipulation was mado that if thoy settled promptly tho amount would bo only §6 and costs. This thoy paid, and tho matter is probably ended for the . present. A redeeming feature of tho case is that, although it was brought in behalf of tho state, tho county Is not taxed for any of tho expenses, tho costs being promptly paid by tho action of Justice Taylor in remitting a portion of tho fines, There may bo other redeeming features, but wo have heard of none. This going to law over neighborhood quarrels is bad business, and tho loss it is indulged in tho bettor for all parties concerned. It does nobody any good, unless it bo tho attorneys, whoso business is properly to try cases in which they aro employed. Our Bivprdnlo friends should adopt the advieo of Horace Greeloy, and "raise more corn and less h 1." Even Goy. Boies would, we believe, agree with UH on that point. MORE ABOUT CORN RAISING. Tlios. Haima Snya Ills Corn Coats Him $8.70 an Aero—Something About Lost Time on tlio ICiiriu. To the Editor: As tho question of tho price of raising corn is being discussed I givo you my ideas. I don't think tho question is being discussed in tho right spirit. What wo want to know is whether Gov. Boies' statements are true. I think they are, as I will try to show by my own experience. Prices are what they ai'o at husking time, not what we make out of it if wo don't sell at that time. Wo are speculators, either feeding it out or holding it for higher prices. • In making my estimates they will bo for a man and a two-horse team, and ten hours a day, not sixteen or as long as a man can see or stand up. As a coat of manure keeps fertility several years I think ono day's drawing will bo about right to make tho corn healthy and perhaps need four or live cultivations to keep down weeds. My estimate will bo for throe cultivations, so it will have to bo done with care— four acres for the first and second and eight acres for tho third. At 8 cents per bushel for husking, and take box measure, which will not hold out at 80 pounds per bushel, and hoard a man and team; so I make husking 4 cents. I think the average farmer lives six miles from market, and two loads per day of 2,400 pounds, or 80 bushels, wo put marketing at 4 cents. Then there aro birds and gophers to contend with, which I find takes a great deal of valuable time, as it is not legitimate business to put out poison; so if you have to shoot and trap there is quite an item of expense to exterminate them from a fifty-acre field. Drawing manure, ono day $2 50 Plowing 1 '••!> Dragging twice Marketing Husking and cribbing 1 35 Cultivating three times 1 ,15 Seed 20 Planting breed, nnd he now lins one of tho finest herds in tho country. HtS form north of town mnkos a fine npponrnnce, nnd is now one of tho most conveniently nr- rnnged stock establishments tn thts part of the country. Among other things ho has his buildings heated with n hard coal burner for tho safe keeping of tho young lambs. Mr. Bucheekcr has gone to a big expense to prepare one of tho finest sheep farms in Town, nnd wo hope ho may bo abundantly repaid for the. expense in this direction. It is well worth the time of any of our citizens to go out and make farm. an inspection ot his ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATB OF IOWA, KO8SUTH COUNTY.— District Conrts March Term, 1800.— MlncrvA Thmtka from Company V. Tho following resolutions wero adopted at a meeting of Company F, I. N. U.: HiiAiiQisAiiTKus COMPANY F, SIXTH HKOI- MKNT, I. N. G., At.ooN'A, lown, Fob. 4.— Wheroiis, Tho citlstons of Algona have contributed so liberally to tlio fund for tho support of Company F, therefore bo It Ucsolvod, Thnt Company F extends to tho citizens ot Algona its aincuro thanks for this favor, nnd for tho ilceii interest which they hnvo thus manifested in tho welfnro of tho eotnpuny; and bo It Unsolved, that tho thanks of tlio company bo extended personally to Gimlnor Cowlcs for his efforts in behalf of tho company in securing this subscription; and bolt further Unsolved, That tho Bcerotary bo nnd is hereby Instructed to present a copy of tlit'so resolutions to each of tho city papers for publication. 13. C. Tivm.H, Prosldont. CIIAH. A. CoiiKNortt, Set-rotary. TOPICS OF THE TIME. How a Printer Was Cured of n Couch. 1 have u cousin who IH n printer, says Kx- Mayor.!, it. Longhrnnof North DOB Mollies, Iowa. Some yearn ago ho WUH employed In thin city whore they print Ing clrcnlui'H for Chamberlain, lie had udeop sealed cold and terrible cough, and while Hotting up copy ho mado up his mind to liny a bottle. It cured him and that WUH tho llrsl J over knew of Clnimburlaln'H Cough liemody. I have been strongly in Its favor over Hlnoo. My own experience and that of my family convinced mo that thin remedy IH tho bowl, In tho world. That may bo Btrong language but that IH what I think. For Halo by K W. Dlngloy. True Merit IH Appreciated. Several years ago Chamberlain & Co., of Don Moliicu, Iowa, commenced tlio manufacture of cough syrup, believing It to bo tho moHt prompt and reliable preparation yet produced for conglm, coldH and croup; that tlio public appreciate true merit, and In time It waH certain to become popular. Their moHt Hiingulno hopes have boon moi-o than roall/.od. Over three hundred thousand, bottles of Chamber- Iain's Cough Remedy aro now wold each year, and it IH recognized as " tlio boHt mado," whoro ovor known. It will euro a Hovero cold In IOHH time than any other treatment. For Halo by F. W. Dlngloy. Thcro IH No Danger of a cold reuniting in'pnonmonln when Cham- berlain'B Congh Remedy IH lined aw directed " for a Hovero cold." It effectually counteract* and arrests any tondonce of a cold to result in pneumonia. This fact wan fully proven In thouHnndB of caHOH during tho epidemic of Influenza last winter. For Bale by F. W. Dlngloy. Notlco of DlBHolulloii. Notice is hereby given that tho firm of Carter & Wolcott on tho 24th day of October, 18!)0, dissolved by mutual consent. Tho busines will bo continued by W. F. Carter who assumes all liabilities. Parties owing the old firm* on book account can pay cither party. W. F. CARTOU. Consumption Cured. An old physician, retired from practice, hnv ing hud placed in his hands by an BiiHt India missionary tho formula of a Hlmplo vegetable remedy for tho speedy and permanent cure of consmnption, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma, and all throat and lung affections, also a positive and radical cure for nervous debility and all nervous complaints, after having tested its wonderful curative powers In thousands of, cases, has felt It hlH duty to make It known to his suffering fellows. Actuated by this motlvo and a desire to relieve humim suffering, I will send free of charge, to all who desire it, this recipe, In German, French, or English, with full directions for preparing and using. Sent by mail by addressing with stamp, naming this paper. W. A. Noyo.s, HMO Powers' Hlock, Rochester, N. Y. Hull. Hasted Hull, Rlnorn Knnts, Hall, Rosn KpRlPston, Chns, Itnll. John Hull. Corft Hall, Hort (IMI, Kmmn Vrlo, nnd ,1. 1'vlo. heirs at law of Wesley Hall, deceased, pl'ftintllts vs. Mary Alease. OPO. Wllletts, and tho Cllpperly, Hoover »fe Co., defendants. To said defendant* : You are hereby not mod Mint the supplemental petition of plaintiffs In the above entitled cause Is now on tile In the office of the clerk of the district court of tho state of towa, In and for Kossnth county, claiming they are, the absolute owners of the northwest quurtor of the northeast mmrter of Section No. :i4, To\vn«hlp No. 100. Hango No. •28, west of tho iVh f. M. Iowa, and ashing that thetllle thereto !,-> milted In them. And that unless von appear Uiereto and defend heforo noon of the second day of the March term, A. O. 1801, of the said court, which will com mence at Algona on tho '4d day of March, A. 1.1. 1 Hll 1, defnnlt wlllbe entered against you and JltdKWent rendered thereon. UKO. K. CKAHKK, .(414 Plaintiff's Attorney. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION Ot TT1R Whlttemore Co-Operative Creamery ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OK tOWA, KOH8UTH rOUNTV.-- Dlstrlct Court, March Torm, IRIM.—W. \V. I.yon, plaintiff, vs. .lames W. I.yon, John II. Ijyon, Itotsoy A. Lyon, Chas. W. Lyoii, l,evl I 1 . IJYOII, and Augustus l>yon, heirs at law of Hnuilov Lyon, deceased, defendants. To said defendants: Yon urn hereby notllled that tho petition of plaintiff In the nliovo entitled cause Is now tiled 111 Ihe nllloeof theelerk of (tie district court of the slate of Iowa, In and for Kossnth county, claiming of yon that ho Is the absolute and nmiuallllod owner of the west half of the north west c|\iai-ler, and tho northwest quarter of tho southwest u.uartor, all In Section No. !3!l. Township No. tliil, Hango No. !.'K west of the nth IV M. lo\va, and ashing that his title thereto beipileled. and thai defendants lie required lo convey to him the legal title thereto, and that a commissioner be appointed to execute Hiioh conveyance, And that unless von appear thereto and defend before noon of Iho Hceond day of the March term, A, U. IHIM, of the said court, which will commence at, Algona on Ihe-Jd dny of March A. I). I Mill, default will bo entered against, you and Judgment rendered thereon. UICO. K. CbAKM'l, •Mt-t 1'lalntllT'K Attorney. ORIGINAL NOTICE. IN Till'! D1HT1UOT i:OUUT OK Till? STATI- 1 ! of Iowa, In mill for Kossuth i!onnty—March Turin, A. D. 1HD.1.—A, .1. JOHCH vs. Horace Hlmokolford anil K, Spllnmn. To said defendants: You are hereby notified that tho petition of the plaintiff In Ihe above entitled UIUINU IH filed In thn oflli-o of tho clerk of tlio district court of the Btale of Iowa In anil for JCoHsulh county, claiming of yon Unit he In tho iilmolutu owner of thn cam. half of Ihe northeast quarter of Section Four, TowiiHhlp Ninety-four, Hango Twonty-nlne, west, of tho nth P. M., Iowa, anil ashing that II!H lltle thereto ho quieted In him: anil that unluss yon appear thereto and defend before noon of Ihe Hocond day of tlu> March term, A, 1). IH1I1, of tho wild court, which will commence at. Algona on tho lid pay of March, IHIM. default will lie ontoreil against yon and Judgment rendcrod thornon. U13O. 10. CLAHKK, 4JIU Attorney for t'lalntlff. 01UG1NAL NOTICE. IN THK DISTRICT COURT Of TilK STAT111 of Iowa, In and for ICosHitlh County-—March Term, A. D. 1HU1.—Mavlllit Wagoner VH. Alec wagoner. To Haid defendant: You are hereby notified that the petition of tho plaintiff In tho above- entitled caiiHO IH filed In tho olllco of the clerk of thn district court of tho Htato of Iowa In and for KoHHiith county, claiming of yon a divorce for wilful desertion; and that nnloHH you appear thereto and defend before noon of thn Hocond day of tho March term, A. I). I HI)], of said court, which will commence at Algona on tho second day of March, 1HII1, default will bo entered against you and judgment rendered Ihonoon. QKO. .15. CLAUKK, •I!lt4 Attorney for i'lalntlfl. son, From our midst there's gone a loved one To the happy realms of love; He has gone to dwell with Jesus In that happy home above. Though we miss him when we gather Round our family circle dear, And the hours are long and lonely, Not his step nor voice to hear. Weep not, parents, for your loved one. He has only gone to rest With his Savior and the angels To that home where all are blessed. Weep not, sister, for your brother, He is gone, though yet not far; Only just across the river, There's a gate that stands ajar. Weep not, parents, for your Georgie, He has only gone to rest; Soon you'll meet him up in Heaven, There where all are sweetly blessed. Spavin Liniment Removes all hard, soft, or calloused lumps or blemishes from horses, blood spavin, curbs, Hpllnts, swoeney, ring bone, stifles, sprains, all swollen throats, etc. Save $50 by use of one bottle; warranted. Tho most wonderful blemish cure over known. Sold by Dr. Sheet/,. Itch cured in DO minutes by Wolford's Sani tary Lotion. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. NOTICE. IN THIS DISTRICT COUHT, STA'1'13 Ol«' Iowa, In and for KoMsnlli county.—In the matter of tho application of Ij. A. Sheotx, a roglHtorod pharmaclHt, for a permit to buy, keep, and Hull Intoxicating HijiiorH.—Miiruh term, 181)1. To whom It may concern: Notlco IH horoby glvon that tho application of the iindiirHlKiiud, Jj, A. Shoot-/,, a roglHtorort pharmaclHt, No. !MO, Uolnu biiHlnoHH under tho llrm mime of L. A. Shoot/, of tho city of Alffona, In tho county of KoHHiith, and Btalo of Iowa, praying for it permit to buy, koop, and Boll IntoxlcatliiK liquor in hlH brick Htoro on tho corner of Htato and ThorlnKton BtrootH, In Bald city of Aluona, will bo on Illo In tho ofllco of tho olork of tlio dlHtrlcl, court of Bald county, on or before tho JiOtb day of February, 18111, and that Bald caiiHo will coino on for hoariiift In said court at tho March term of Bald court, to ho begun and hold at Al- Koua, Iowa, on tho 'Jd day of March, 1.801. U A. SliKK'1% 45 Applicant. Notice Is hereby Riven thnt tho i company has organized nnd commenced doing business under the name and stylo of "The Whlttt-tuoro Cooperative Creamery Company." The principal place of transacting business will bo \Vh III ("more, Kossnth county, town. The general nature of the business to bfl transacted Is to collect nnd mnniifftcturn Into butter and cheese tne milk belonging to subscribers to Its enpltal stock, and vo iinfehfWO and manufacture milk, cream, ami other dnlry products, nnd to sell the same, and to do ftfl Ihttnrs necessary to make thn aforesaid business a success. The amount of capital slock authorized by this corporation Is Six Thousand Hollars, (.M.OOOl. which Is divided Into shares of Fifty ($"itl) Hollars each; Three Thousand (J.'l.UOO) of \vhleh Is paid up, and the certificates for tho remainder of said authorized capital stock shall lie Issued upon resolution passed by thn board of director!), and shall be sold at such time and In such manner as may be determined by said board. The time of cntntnencement of this corporation was Jan. 01, 1 mil, and II shall couumtn (wenty years, unless sooner dissolved by tho stockholders representing three-fourths of tho stock voting for such dissolution. Tho affairs of Ihe corporation are to tin conducted by a board i>f five directors, who slmU tie elected by and from among the stockholders at the animal meeting, which meeting will be on Ihe first Maturday In January In each year, and Ihe oflleers of this corporation shall bo a president, vice-president, treasurer, ami secretary, and Mich oilier officers as Hie board shall deem necessary, and as shall be elected by Ihe board. All t.niccrx shall be elected nt the January iiieetlni> hi each year. The highest amount onndebtednesntowhlrh. this corporation can subject, ltnolr Id not to exceed two-llilrdH of KH paid-up capital stock. All private property of Ihe stockholders Is to be exempt from corporate debts, Witness our hands this yiM day of January, A. D. I Hill. u, A. I.ll.uimtliiiH, J. O. ItAWRON, J. II. Woiinr.N, J. li. COTTON, IlKNKY KUNUKI.HUKKIt, •1-1 Iticorporalot'H of said Incorporation. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION Of 1HK Seneca Co-Operatlve Creamery Co, Notice IH hereby given I hat Ihe abovo'tmincil company lias orgnnl/.cd and commenced doing' business under the name and style of "Tho Seneca Co-operative Creamery Company." Tho principal place of transacting bimlnena will be Heneca, IvosHiilh county, Iowa, Tlio general nature of the huslncnH to bo transacted Is to rolled and manufacture Into bulterand cheese the milk belonging to sub- Horlbors to UH capital stock, and In piirchaHo and nmnnfaclnro milk, cream, and olnor dairy' products, and to sell the same, nnd to do air IlilngH necesHary to make the aforesaid ImBl- nesH a HUCCOHH. Tito amount of capital slock authorized by thlH corporation Is Hlx Thousand Dollars, (ifil.OOO), which IH divided Into «har«H of Fifty (Will) Dollanieacli! Three Thousand ($1,000) of which IH paid up, and Ihe cortlllcatcH for Urn remainder of mild nnlliorlxcd capital Htook Hhall be Issued upon resolution paused by thu board of dlrecloi-H, and Hhall bo sold at micli time and In such manner UH may bu ilutonu- Inod by said board. Tho time of commencement of thlH corporation was Jan. IS), 1HII1, nnd It shall contlnno twenty years, unions sooner dissolved by tho Htookholders representing Ihreo-fonrtliH of tho stock voting foi-Much dissolution. Tho affairs of the corporation aro to bo conducted by a board of seven directors, who Hhall bo elected by and from among the Htockhold- ers at the annual meeting, which mooting will bo on the flrnt Saturday In January in each year, and HIM ofllcoi-H of IhlH corporation shall bo a proHldonl, vice-president, Iroitmirer, and secretary, and such other oillcerH aH the hoard Hhall deem necessary, and UH Hhnll bo elected by tliii board. All oillooi-H nhnll bo elected at thn January meeting In each year. Tho highest amount of IndouttulnoHB to which thlH corporation can subject, Itself IH not to exceed ono-bnlf of UH paid-up capltnl Block, All private, properly of the Hlockholdors is to bo exempt from corporate dobtH. Witness our hands thlH Illth day of January, A. I). I HIM. JAM. II. CAIIH, C. O. FJBII, VVM. OlIMlHTON, AI.IIUKT JAUOHHON, OHO. ». FUM.KII, WM. KI.KIN, l'. W. JKNHON, W. W. AMJOUN, •III IneorporatofH of said Incorporation, LOTJZS Dealer in all klndn of The New Discovery. You have heard your friends and neighbors talk- Ing about it. You may yourself be one of the many who know from how good a thing It Is. personal experience just If you have ever tried It, . you are one of its staunch friends, because the wonderful thing about It is that when once given a trial Dr. King's New Discovery ever after holds a place In the house. If you have never uaed it and should be afflicted with a cough, cold, or any throat, lung, or chest trouble, secure a bottle at once and give It a fair trial. It la guaranteed every time or money refunded. Trial bottles free atL. A. Sheetz' drug store. _ 0 The First Step. Perhaps you are run down, can't eat, can't sleep, can't think, can't do anything to your satisfaction, and you wonder what alls you. You should heed the warning— you are taking the first step in nervous prostration. You need a nerve tonic, and Electric Bitters you will find the exact remedy for restoring your nervous system to Its normal, healthy condition. Surprising results follow the use of this great nerve tonic and alterative. Your appetite returns, good digestion is restored. and the liver and kidneys resume healthy action. Try a bottle. Price, 50c, at Dr. Sheetz' drug store. _ _ « Bncklen's Arnica Salve. The beat salve In the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chilblains, cnapped hands, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay Is re- oulted. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents pet box. Sola by Dr. Sheetz, druggist, Algona. Total $8 70 The rent of $2 I will not add. I generally drag before and after planting, two to four times, and cultivate from three to five times, I claim 38fc bushels of corn per acre of 80 pounds on an aver- on a 50-acro field is a good crop, and it will take experienced hands to raise it; and that kind of labor commands good pay; so I think my estimates are low if you have to winter and feed your teams on that 42-cent corn. It is claimed that there can be a great deal of other profitable work done in connection with raising a crop_ of corn. I will point out some work which I can't see tho profit in. Did any of you over spend any of that spare time doctoring up a, good horse (so as to enable you to get half price for him) from tho effects of cuts on a barbed wire fence? Do your gates get broken down by unruly stock or get racked by the elements? Do your posts ever rot off and your wire lose its tension and need repairs from one end to the other? Do you ever break your plow, drag, or cultivator, and have to spend time and money for repairs? Corn is the best paying crop that I raise, but I feed it, burn tho cobs, and food the ashes to the hogs. THOS. HANNA, Furniture, Picture Frames Looking glasses, chromos, and all kinds of ready-made colllns. Hearse for public use, Headquarters for tho best SEWING MACHINES AND ORGANS. NOTICE OF FINAL REPORT. In tho matter of the estate of Olo O. Bakken & Son, deceased. To all the heirs or creditors of tho tibovo named estato: Yon are hereby notllled thnt on or before tho !iHth day of February, I HOI, mild administrator will file with tho clerk of tho district court of Kossuth county. Iowa, his final report and ask to bo discharged; and you aro further notllled that all objections thereto must bo filed with said clerk on or before tho first day of said term of said court which will convene and bo holden at Algona, In Kossnth county, Iowa, on tho «id day of March, 181)1, or said report will be approved and said administrator discharged and his bonds released. WM. CLKAUY, •15t.'l Administrator. NOTICE OF FINAL REPORT. In the matter of tho estate of John Hanoy, deceased. To all tho heirs and creditors of the above named estate: You aro horoby notified that on or before tho first day of March, 180.1, said administrator will fllo with tho clerk of tho district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, his ft mil report, and ask to bo discharged; and you aro further notified that all objections thereto must bo Illed with said clerk on or before tlio first day of said term of said court which will convene arid bo holdon at Algona, In Kossuth county, fowa. on tho 2d day of March, 1801, or said report will bo approved, and said administrator dismissed and MA bonds released, W, If. HANKY, 4M.'i Administrator. NOTICE OP INOOBPOEATION OF TIIM Hobart Co-OperativB Creamery Co. Notlco IH horoby given that tho above-named company linn organl/.ed and commenced doing biiHlnoHH under Iho name and Htylo of "Tho Ilotinrt Co-Oporntlvo Creamery Company." Tlio principal place of transacting IniHluoBH will bo llobnrl, KoHsiith county, Iowa. The general nature of the buslnoBH to bo transaclitd Is to collect and manufacture Into butter and cheese thu milk belonging lo Hub- HcrlliorH to UH capital Hlock, and lo purchase and manufacture milk, uroam and other dairy iiroduelH, and to Boll the same, and to do nil thlngB necessary to inako the aforaanld. busl- I10SH HHIlCCeSH. The amount of capital Block authorized >by this corporation IH Six Thousand Dollars, (ifd.OOO), which Is divided Into shares of Fifty hollars, (MO) each; Throe Thousand (iW.OOO) of which Is paid up, and tho certificates for tlm WOODWORK* UMIOH SOUARE.JL1: Cerro Gordo's Sheep Farm. Mason City Republican: O. D. Bu- checkor received another importation last week of thirty-two Shropshire sheep from England. This number included two bucks and thirty ewes. Mr. Buchecker now has a herd of ninety imported sheep, besides about three hundred head of full blood native bred Shi'opshires, and he is now probably one of the largest breeders of this class of sheep in fowa. In selecting the sheep in England he has spared no expense to get the very best specimens 01 the LOUIS LESSING, Agent. ADMINISTEATRIX'S NOTICE. Public notice Is hereby given that tho undersigned has this day been appointed, and commissioned by the district court of Kosauth county, in the state of Iowa, administratrix of the estate of Horace A. Mauley, deceased; and all persons having claims against said estate are hereby notified to file them with the clerk of said court, clearly stated and duly sworn to, and within leg? 1 time, preparatory to their being allowed or proved; and persons owing said estate are requested to make Immediate Administratrix. OHOItT-FOItM MORTGAGES— The best for chattel work. Always la stock at the Upper Des Molnea NOTICE OP FINAL EEPOKT. In tho matter of tho estate of Alexander Brown, deceased. To all tho heirs or creditors of the above named estato: Yon aro horoby notified that on or before the JJHth day of February. 1H01, said administrator will file with tho clerk of tho district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, his 11 rial report, and ask to bo discharged; and you aro further notified that all objections thereto must bo filed with said clerk on or before tho first day of said term of said court, which will convene and bo holderi at Algona, In Kossnth county, Iowa, on tho 'M day of March, 1801, or said report will bo approved and said administrator discharged and his bonds released. ALKXANDKK DROWN, 4Ut.'i Administrator. remainder of said aiithorl'/.od capital Htoclc Hhall bo Issued upon resolution paused by tho board of dlreotoi'H, and shall bo sold at such time and In such manner as may bo determined by said board. The Mine of commencement of this corporation was Ji'oli. ','., IKI) I, and H shall continue twenty years, unless sooner disolvod by three- fourtliH of tho stockholders voting for such dlHsolutlon. Tho affairs of tho corporation aro to bo conducted by a board of llvo dirt-dors, who shall bo elected by and from among tho stockholders at tho annual mooting, which meeting will be on the first Saturday In January In each ye; bo iar, and the officers of this corporation Hhall i a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, and such other ofllcors as the board shall doom necessary, and as shall bo elected by the board. All ofllcors shall bo elected at tho January mooting In each year. Tho highest amount of Indebtedness to which this corporation can subject itself IB not to ex cued two-thirds of its paid-up capital stock. All private property ot the stockholders Is to bo exempt from corporate debts. Witness our bands this M day of February,, A. 1). 1801. F. A. Wn'HAM, A. C. HKDVlVliD, it. P. TUIJUS, N. It. KOU1NSON, ,/. a. HAWSON, L. MANSSIITH, M. 1). GOVKM,, J. H. JONKS, •4(1 Jncorporators of said Incorporation. K IDD'S (JKRM KUADIC ' TOR" J'OSI- tively cures all diseases— because it kills all germs, bacteria, parasites, microbes, and anlmiilcultti In the system, which tho promi nent physicians in convention agreed was tho oausoof all disease. Tho air, water, vegetables and fruit are full of these llttlti worms, oauslng catarrh, consumption, diabetes, and Urlght's disease, cancers, tumors, and all so called incurable diseases. (Never known to fail to cure consumption, catarrh, kidney troubles and syphlllH.) Ketalled in $1, *i), and $"> sizes, sent anywhere on receipt of price. This is the only genuine article; all others are dangerous counterfoils. Dr. Sheets! issues guarantees to cure all ailments for Kidd's Germ Eradicator for the manufacturers. AN ORDER. FOB QUAKDIANS, BXJSCUTOHS, AND AD- ministrntors to report. Ordered: That the clerk notify all guardians, executors, and administrators from whom reports are due for more than six (0) months, to file reports, or to appear at the next term of court ana show cause why prosocutlou should not be begun to enforce penalty. 40ta GEO. II. OAKB, Judge. TO LOAN— QN RAILROAD LANDS. Persons wanting to borrow money roafl tends will doweji to c»H at "-^ ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATK OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY.— District Court, March Term, 1801.—B. D. Leatherman, plaintiff, v.s. II. A. Latta, defendant. To said defendant; You are hereby notified that the petition of plaintiff in the above entitled cause is now filed in tho ofllco of the clerk of the district court of the state of Iowa, iu and for KoRiiuth county, claiming of you the Sinn of $">r»S as money justly duo from you and interest thornon at eight pur cent, from the Kith day pf May, 1800, for money duo on your proinlatM-y note and tho accounts Sc-t out iu said petition; also that the First National bank of Algona has been garnished under u writ of attachment Issued herein; and that unless you appeal- thereto and defend before 110011 of the second day of the March term, 1801, of tho said court, which will commence at Algo nn on tho :Jd day of March, 1801, dofnult will bo entered agiunst you and judgment rendered thereon. "KO. K. CLABKB, , Plaintiff's Attorney. fur ui, by A nun rage, Aultlu, oM", Ohio. Snug lllllg work fur u , , _ , TMM. «o<l Jno. Down, TvMilo, Ohio. ISoo cut. Otlicn me doing «<well. Why iot yuuV Borne turn MIMMIIt • noutli. You cuaUiitha work a^ittlir* t Uomf, wherever you are. Bven bf- glimcrt aro vnilly enratuff frwn 98 »lU»d«y.AII«Ki'l. W«<£«vr]r«a tad »t*rl you, C«n wprk li cjr»lUU;«ta»», «rl. Fiilure u: NEW wAjLesiv,.. >tW9¥ HfWFWSMIiip*

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