The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 4, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1891
Page 8
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IOWA, WEDMSDAY, ffHBfttJABY 4, 1891, ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. ofrrcAoo, siinWAtiKER & st, PAUL. Went—Pnsa.- tfo. 1.. No. 3. Freight— .0:02 n m ..4:87pm No. 0.... >... 7:lfia tn East—Pass.— No,2 10:20a In No. 4 0:30pm Freight— No. 8 ll:r>5pm No. 13 11:45 am No. 34 2:30pm No. fi 8:17 pm No. 10 l2:15nin OH1CAUO A NORTHWESTERN. North— Elinor e pass.. 4:05 p in St. Paul frt.. .0:55 a m South— Blraorepass 12:20 p m DesMotnes ft 7:35 p m THE CITY. Miss Mary Clarke is visiting friends at Slotix City this week. Hear the Howott Musettes at court house hall, Saturday evening, The coal dealer wears his most fiendish stnile again. Wo have somo cold weather, and this means business for him. Jus. Taylor's ribbon sale takes place next Monday afternoon. Soe notice of it elsewhere. You got bargains there and no mistake. Rev. J. Schute of Humboldt will preach nt tho Baptist church next Sunday morning am 1 evening, in exchange with tho pastor. Uncle Icione Grove was very sick last •week for ;i time. Ho is on the mend, however, and it is hoped ho may soon be all right again. Tho first regular mooting of the Young Ladies' Foreign Missionary society will bo held at tho home of Mrs. Black, Saturday, Fob. 7, at 3 p. m. Good uso has been made of tho sleighing tho past week. It looked at one time as if tho morry jinglo of tho sleigh bells would not bo heard hero this winter. The elocutionary entertainment by Miss Thomas comes on Tuesday oven- ing next. This is a benefit for tho Algonu reading room and all should .attend. The Hobart Co-operative Creamery ^company will meet at tho J. B. Jones .school house on Tuesday evening next, at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of electing officers. The V. W. of the Baptist church will give a 10 cent sociable at tho residence of M. C. Bailey next Friday evening. The proceeds go toward tho now church building. Messrs. Bowyer and Ford were visitors at the big poultry show last week at Forest City. They report a pleasant time, and say tho exhibit was a creditable one. The serious illness of Mrs. E. P. Keith Of Portland is learned with regret. She has been very low and under medical care for some days, but is now reported some better. There will bo a special meeting of Prudence lodge No. 205, on Thursday evening, Feb. 5. Matters of importance will be brought before the meeting. A full attendance is desired. having a proper place in which to store their outfits. It Will soon bo different. Those dealers who have been worrying lest their big stocks of bobsleds were going to be a drug in the market will probably find a sale for them now. The sleighing is good alt over this section. J. R. Jones, while not regarding his luck as particularly unfortunate, said he hadn't a cutter on hand, having disposed of all his during the last little flurry of snow. Clark Peck of Fen ton was in town Friday and stopped in at this print shop long enough to renew his allegiance for Frank Stoddard and wife from Renwick were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Walters during tho past' week. Mr. Stoddard will bo remembered as a student at the Algonh college somo years ago. Licenses to wed were issued as follows: Philip Zeller and Katie Link; John A. Ferdinandson and Ella G'ofTen; Peter Boreman and Anna Espolding; Thos. Lang and Katie Comely; O. T. Nelson and Alice Pullet-ton. W. F. Jonkinson lust week received the sad news of the death of his mother, which occurred rather suddenly at the old homestead in Illinois. The old folks were Algona visitors last fall, at which time Mrs. Jenkinsou appeared in good health. D. A. Haggard, whoso injury, was noted last week, is on the road to rapid recovery, and if ho is not out at this writing, will soon be on the streets again. His friends aro glad to know that his accident has not resulted more seriously. Frank Hedrick is a visitor to the parental roof and Algona friends. Mrs. Hedrick, who has been hero a couple of Weeks, expects to return to .her home at Dos Moinos soon. Frank's mail routo ia from Dos Moines to Ilumboldt and return each day. A St. Valentine's dance will be given at court house hall on Saturday oven- ing, Feb. 14. Everybody is invited. Dancing begins promptly at 8 o'clock. 'Jlckets to dance, 75 cents. Refreshments at restaurant. Good order and an evening of genuine enjoyment guur- ajuteed, Chas. Howett, cornot soloist; Frank jje.wett, musical and character specialist; Miss May Howott as "Ragged Matt," in character and song specialties; and Miss Carrie Lament, piano fjQloist, will entertain you at court house hall on Saturday evening. Don't miss it. Monday night was a cold ono. The Mercury got started on tho down grade about sundown, and before morning the feather was decidedly sharp. Thermometers disagreed, as they always do, location having more or less to do with th,em, but it is said some of them registered as low as 26 below zero. another year. Incidentally he remarked that he intended to rent his farm and move to Algona in the spring. He is only one of tho many farmers of this county who have made more money farming than would be suspected if Gov. Boies' figures are correct. Mrs. Hitchcock, president of the W. C. T. U., issues notice concerning the destitute people in twenty-five counties of Nebraska, and asking aid in their behalf. The Congregational church of Algona will bo open next week, probably Thursday, whore contributions in tho shape of clothing, etc., may be left for shipment to those unfortunates. Our people are requested to give this matter tho proper attention. The Hewett Musettes will appear at court house hall on Saturday evening of this week. Tho company comes with excellent recommendation and no doubt will present a pleasiug programme. Their work is largely in the line of specialties, and wherever they have boen tho press speaks highly of their performance. We bespeak for them a full bouse. Prices, 15, 25, and 35 cents. Tickets at Fred. Branson's. Tho following is a list of the jurors drawn for tho March term of the district court: Grand—John Reed, J. A. Budlong, C. Cory, Ed. Donavan, John Newman, H. McDonald, R. Berring- haus, D. D. Dodge. Petit—Jas. Taylor, Joseph Rahm, Chris. Bell, M. Mann, J. D. Foster, H. Ohm, E. P. Keith, A. Lechske, John L. Morton, T. A. Butterfield, Nels. Monson, G. Stelsel, John A. Carlson, John H. Bruns, J. H. Sibel. Mr. Davenport of the Thorington house has completed his new laundry in tho basement of the hotel, the announcement of which will be found in this issue. This is an enterprise which Algona has needed for some time, and the want seems to be fully supplied. They are already turning out some nice work, samples of which may be seen at the hotel office. The laundry is in charge of an experienced man from Des Moines. "Tho Little Giant" is the name by which Mr. Hawley, the water works contractor, said ho was going to christen our system. He said he had put in many water works plants in various parts of the country, and he knew of none so well located or so accessible as ours. Located near the business portion of the city, on ground fairly Well elevated, he thought it would servo us well, and that we had as good fire protection as it is possible to get. Assessor Lamson lias begun making Stephens had over at Cor with a few days ago. He is a friend of our sheriff, and took occasion to remark at the time that if he could be of any service he would willingly take a hand. But Mr. Stephens needed no help and so his assistance was not called for. He was in town'a few days later to "see if Marsh had got out of jail yet," and became not a little excited in relating the occurrence, at the same time remarking that he Was afraid they were going to get away with Marsh, and it Was as much as' he could do to keep his hands off. The old man is loyal, whatever else may During the flro last week a suit belonging to one of the military boys came flying out of one of the upper rooms of tbe building among tho numerous other j,rtioles that were being removed. This ia one result of tlie company not the rounds in search of poor people—that is to say, those people who are always in destitute circumstances when the assessor arrives. But they are not all that way, and he will find in the aggregate property enough in Algona to make a very respectable showing. Tho assessor is the man of all others who has an opportunity to soe how much somo folks will stretch their consciences to keep from paying taxes. Admirers of tho Jersey cow, of whom there are several in this neighborhood, will read with interest an article in this issue about tho product of a Jersey herd in Scott county. It may be noted that a Jersey cow is owned in this town whose butter product for each weelc reaches nearly or quite 12 pounds. Multiplying this by 52 weeks, we get a total of 024 pounds a year. It will probably bring 20 cents a pound, which would make the gross product from this animal about $125 for tho year. Not a bad showing, surely. There is little change to report in the local markets. Wheat brings 78@ 75c; oats, 85c; corn, 85c; flax, $1.10. Hogs aro still low, bringing but $3.10. be said of him. The Grand Army people were in high spirits last week when it was made reasonably sure that Frederick Schwatka would lecture in Algona for their benefit in tho near future. Later, however, tho unwelcome intelligence arrived that he had met with a serious accident at Mason City by falling down stairs at the Park hotel. His injuries consisted in the breaking of several bones, and Were very severe. All his engagements were cancelled. It was later reported that ho had died from their effects. But this must havo been an error, as a telegram from Mason City in yesterday's Register said ho would get well, though his recovery would bo slow. Members of Company P havo circulated petitions during tho past week to secure funds with which to put lockers in their armory. They have mot with admirable success, and while they announced at the beginning that they must have at least $200 for this purpose and other necessary expenses, at last accounts the list had been swelled to nearly §500, all of which evidences not only the liberality of our people but their substantial appreciation of our military company. This move was made in compliance with Col. Boutin's suggestion that if tho town wanted to keep a company here it must do something toward paying its expenses. There are several applications for companies elsewhere, but it may as well be set down for a certainity that Algona is not going to lose hers. Our annual city election is less than four weeks distant, and still there has been little or no discussion of the subject or mention of men to fill the offices for the ensuing year. We have a mayor to elect and one councilman from each of the four wards. This paper hopes to see the offices'filled with good business men, and in making this statement no reflection is intended upon those who at present occupy the positions of aldermen. There is much of importance for the city council to see to during the coming year, and only men with good business capacity should be selected. With a possible law suit over the city well, and the completion of the water works system and extension of the mains so that a revenue may be derived, there will be no end to the services that will be required of the city fathers. v?as yet tied together with stout cot-d. The work of cutting these cords and making the couplings to the hydrant was done in what appeared to us but a few moments. The company is a rol un- teer organization, and no doubt are doing the best they can. They get blamed enough in any event, and it is useless to heap unnecessary censure upon them. How is it that Emtnetsburg can have a postal delivery system and Algona is not thus supplied ? This is a question that has been propounded more than once during tho last few weeks. We are not envious of our sister town. That is not the idea. But it certainly seems as if Algonn, with n. population considerably in excess of that of our neighbor, is entitfed to as much consideration in the wnv of postal facilities. We are not advised as to the merit upon which these conveniences are granted. If it is based upon the amount of outgoing mail then it would be a matter of common interest for the business men to seo that they mailed their letters through tho office. It is a fact, how- over, that many letters sent from here are mailed at the train. We believe this is mainly owing to thoir own negligence in getting their mail to the office before closing time. Not a day but what tlip 'busmen are compelled, us a matter of accommodation, to carry a pocket full of letters to the train. Algona should join hands to get tho best to be had. KIBBON SALE AT TAYLOR'S. Monday Afternoon, Feb. O—Don't Miss This Rnro Chants. This sale will not begin before 1 o'clock. This will give all a chance to get their Monday work out of the way. For this sale 250 pieces have been bought and they will be sold at a bargain. We expect to see all who bought ribbons of us before attend this sale. This sale will have more bargains than any sale we have had before. JAS. TAYLOR. A DOLLAR SAVED IS A DOLLAR GAINED, Townsend & Landon's \^^/ ^^^ lJuB\p •iJiS5 ••»• •^^'i tew it 1 doz Clothes P; 119 for 01 lpkg:5o Yenst tin- . 08 1 pkg Soda (Strictly Pure) 05 1 pkg Dixon Stovo Polish 05 1 box Axle Ground. .00 1 box Lewis' Lye. 10 82 bars Good Laundry Soap $ .80 20 Ibs Choice Butter Crackers. < 1.00 12 Ibs Choice Cal. Dried Grapes,,,. t.. 1.00 A good Lantern for only............... .85 20Ibs Crystal Klco for. 1.00 12 Ibs Choice Raisins for. 1.00 We sell other goods in proportion to the above, Call and see us, ISST We are agents for Rock Salt for stock. TOWNSEND & LANG-BON. Farm Loans. I can now make Icmns on Improved lands, from one to ten years time, and give the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof In even WOO at any date when Interest falls due. This is Iowa money, and no second mortgage or coupons taken. This plon of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the Interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address H.' HOXIE, Algona, Iowa. SI. Z. GKOVK. BIROS., JOHN GROVE. Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. West of Thorington House. 31. Z. GROVE, Manager. M P. « WAG03T AND PLOW WORK, GENERAL REPAIRING. fi'iHmia"?™ 11 ^ W( i are P r ?P a ,red to put their plows in first class shape. Also wagon nuiIcefiJffia^lSgiSS, S&S&ln Sl^ffi^uS? SS£ ^ Cla8B WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE, - ALCONA, IOWA. Thorington House Laundry. SAID BY OTHER PEOPLE. To Aid Dakota Sufferers. To the Editor: At a meeting of the Algona grange on Saturday last the matter of relief to the drouth-stricken farmers of Dakota was brought before the meeting. The appeal of the relief committee of the state alliance of South Dakota was read, also the endorsement of the master of the state grange as sent to the different granges in the New Laundry, just opened in basement of the Thorington. Strictly First-Class Work at reasonable rates and on short notice. Will do family washing. All work called for and delivered. 'STsT'orls is CASH STORE. Monday was "ground hog" day. According to ancient tradition the ground hog comes out on Feb. 2. If he is able to discover that he casts a Local dealers say this is due mainly to the overstock in tho Chicago market, where the receipts aro much larger than usual at this time of the year. When this stock is in a measure worked off it is likely that tho prices will advance a little. Up to the beginning of tho storm tho local receipts were good. Since that time, however, there has been little doing. Tho annual mooting of tho Congregational church and society was hold Monday afternoon at tho lecture room of tho church. It was well attended. Tho officers elected for tho onsuing your aro: President, B. F. Reed; treasurer, D. S. Ford; secretary, D. D. Townsend; trustees, Henry Wadsworth and Dr. H. C. McCoy. Annual reports were made by the outgoing officers, and among tho business matters transacted in which tho public has interest it was voted to concur in the call of.the ohurch shadow, which would indicate a day of sunshine, then he immediately makes up his mind that this is tho snare and delusion which would work to his disadvantage later on, and so he hies himself away to his underground abode, there to remain for a time. Hia theory is, so tradition says, that the winter is by no means over. But if the day be cloudy he puts another interpretation upon it and concludes that winter has nearly spent itself and the balmy days of spring are near at hand. He saw no shadow of himself last Monday, and so, if we are to place any confidence in the judgment of the historical animal, we can readily form an idea of what kind of weather we are to have in the near future. The water froze in the standpipe Saturday night. Just how thick the coating of ice was it is not known. Marshal Dailey, however, who has charge of the works, knew what to do. He flrecl up on Sunday and forced more water into the standpipo until the ice at tho top gave way and the water ran out at the waste pipe. Thus tho water was set in motion, which prevents further freezing or damage to tho standpipe. In case of a lire, with the water frozen at the to Rev. W. E. Davidson aa pastor for another year beginning June next. The salary was placed at $1,000 and ihe uso of the parsonage. Old man Quockenbush was a silent spectator of the little fracas that Sheriff top in the stanppipe, there is no doubt but what the pressure would be considerably lessoned, so it has to be kept open by tho method noted. Mr. Dailey says the water gauge showed that a very heavy pressure was necessary before the ice was broken. A couple of steam pipes in the engine room were also frozen up and ruined Saturday night, and had to bo replaced by new ones. A stove has been placed in the engine house now, and it Is expected that further freezings will bo prevented. A little complaint is heard to tho effect that the members of the flre company did not exorcise as much alacrity in {jotting the hose out as might have l^en expected of them at the flre last week. It is probably true that the company is not eo thoroughly drilled nor in as good working order as it ought to be. However, tho writer of this was one of the first to reach the fire, and saw no occasion to censure the boys. They made good time all things considered. Tho now hose, which was used for the first time at that fire, had only been unpacked a short time, and Jgc state. It was also stated that A. E. Bartlett of Brown county, South Dakota, an accredited agent of that committee, had visited our county and city; that Mayor Jones had kindly volunteered to furnish a building in which to store such contributions as might be sent in; that he had visited Dr. W. T. Bourne, president of the county alliance, who will bring the subject before the local alliances of the county. In the grange the whole subject was referred to the committee on " Woman's Work." Sisters Gibson and Parsons of that committee proceeded immediately to appoint solicitors for the various neighborhoods represented in the grange. J. E. Blackford and Mrs. A. Zahlten were appointed to wait on the citizens of Algona and receive such contributions as the people may be pleased to make. . #\ The Heading Room. To tho Editor: The ladies of the reading room society take pleasure in announcing that the books belonging to Unity Sabbath school, and for which it was especially indebted to Miss Hultin, have been recently placed in the reading room for the use of its patrons, until they are wanted in the Unitarian work here or _elsewhere. Thanks are due Miss Hultin for this valuable addition to the literature of the reading room. Among these books are works by the following authors: Edward E. Hale, Bayard Taylor, Miss Alcott, Trowbridge, Helen Hunt Jackson, T. S. Arthur, Hawthorn, O. Stoddard, E. P. Roe, Sarah K, Bolton, and Harriet Beecher Stowe and others. There are quite a large number of books that will especially delight the hearts of the very little ones. W. C. T. U. The meeting at the reading room Friday afternoon was fully attended. The programme was not carried out as advertised. Miss Reeve not being present, Mrs. Ingham read an excellent paper from Professor Drummondon "The Perfected Life." Mrs. James Patterson furnished the music, which was excellent and highly appreciated. South Side of Broadway. Groceries, Crockery, etc. Mwaijs a full stock, selected with a view to meeting the wants of the people of Whittemore and vicinily. Drop in; ive will do you good. thai HENRY MUNCH. N.KfAIRBANK&CQltHICA6a Ifwwfehto mate dote as white as fte sun And fnish your wlf as soro{ as begun jSANTA CLAUS SOAP fl fe% fet Will C/0 it And flavin? once Iwjfit it you mjfcr will rue 1A CHOICE buckwheat flour on hand. J, Wilson.-34t8 J. The Secret of Success. F. W. Dlngley, druggist, believes that the secret of success Is perseverance. Therefore he persists in keeping a line line of perfumeries, toilet articles, cosmetics, drugs, and cheialealB. He especially invites all persons who have palpitation, short breath, weak or aungir spells, pain in the side or shoulder, oppression, night mare, dry cough, smothering, dropsy, or heart disease to try Dr. Miles' uneauiUsd H»w Heait Uure before It is too lute. It has the largest sale of BUT similar remedy. Fine book of testimonials free. Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine Is unsurpassed for sleeplessness, heudache, flt«. et«., and It contains uo opiates, 5 * A Husband's Mistake. Husbands too often permit lb»lr mires, and rents their children, to suffw from headache, <.«.- zlness. neuralgia, sleeplessness, fits, nervousness, when by the use of Or. Miles' Restoratlv« Nervine such serious renulis could «»»lly b« p%v»m«d Pj"iP sls £ 8 e ,W he f • say it give? unTversal satls- facuou andjius an immense sala Woodwo/th * a- soy >(t |« ihe gr»»Weil8«llerlh»y ev«i It contains no opiums. Trigi Dottles and : on Nervous Diseases free at If. W, Dlng- 8^,^^5^" DI ' 8fi » h » 5 »f Miles' Nerr« and I4r«» PW» A pamphlet of Informitlon itraot of tb« law«, (howlH. ' QbUla G RBAT FRENCH RBHEDY.-Dr. Le One's poriodlwHpills from Paris r anu positively cure suppression of the menses (from whatever cause) and all troubles peculiar to women. A sftf*' reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstrwtlon, or money refunded. Should not be usW durin* pregnancy. The laree Droportion or the ills to is the direct result of As* Co.. ivery. Dr. Mills' p«dk»te, torpKHiw, v edualed for men, women, _.,„ eft, mttctest. surest! fifty doses 26 cent*, plea |i«e at f. W. Ptaf le/g fcuf 8fc». anydrugKist for them. Aniertcan «H bpencorja. L. A. Sheet?, supply aatnt* A na, I<*. 9. Boawortli & Son, Su^vftukw; Be fil"«V«TVQn« £r l~*f\ /"tV.*«™ .• iT i t ' *7^ T EGAL BLANKS-*-* Buy them at the Upper Des Moiucw offlc* «B« 0et fee most approvp fonus. ww •»»•>« "~. 7,*™wjv nr VMI«W •jnukYtT J n ..~ ~ "^Vijf ZpjfJBt'"*** tt «T«7 viAit,

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