The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 4, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1891
Page 7
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THE OTPER DBS MOINES. ALOONA.IOWA WEDjjpmAY. FEBRUARY 4,1891,_ UR WOMEN HEROES. KATE jmOW»L*K SHErtWOOTJ. There are heroes for danger nnr! heroes for -vftr, And heroes there are without chevron or star, TVhiwe monuments rice to no temple of fame, Whose deeds neither herald nor trmnpet proclaim to the "Kiti'cr blue tenlay," said the deacon, taking a chew of long green as he sat down. i, . , , L "We've jes' bin er talkin erbmit ye. "Hev, er?" , •Uh-hnh. 1 feel, tarnation sorry fer ye, ' in? Tlie mothers fruy. who gave their brave sons . but 1 reckon ye'll git, merried orpin? '•Ya-as, 'speckt I will, mebby. but hain't had time ter think erbont it muc I inneb bnt he decided to stick to the dencoti closer than n brother. while the irate rlen- cou commenced backing off toward the bank, nnd, us he thought, hurl the little purson into the cooling stream, they both fell over, and tho p.'rscm seemingly rod'.! down the embankment, oil the carcass of < Wltli tears for their pillows, bnt srnlles for the j .'; Th j lt ye mlr _ ' lt "" 1 ' In tholr nnns, The whv« with their bnl)ii>s i Their hearts throbbing fust at th-» battle alnrins. The plrl leaning pliy on her young lover's bren t, One ItisB. Hi* the lust ere Ills smil nut rest; The widow who pti-?ed from the freshly turned To clod comfort tho God. wounded or to speed them to hnvo cheered those No soldier e'er answered the cull of the drum, Bnt left women svaepiiifc'.n.tillin should come; No hero e'er died in the lient ot the strife, But woman in sorrow Inmg over his life. O, brave women heroes yonr fnlth and yonr pride Have urged to tho conquest, win. died; , Yonr prnytre linve 111. all tho rough pullis of do- Itjuf. Till glory biassed over the lines of retreat. When cornaL" 1 run ruddcst and it woman was seen. All ImtH were uplifted na 'twere to n qnnon; Now open run fen, comrades, Hiiliite her once mure, Untitled, unclievroned, but dear us ot yonrel T1IK VS. THE PAIISOV. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription ie the world-famed remedy for all chronic weaknesses and distressing derangements so common to_American women. It is a potent, invigorating, restorative tonic, or strength- Joriah Franklin Sqninteye gfcpr, imparting tone and vigor to ]jad on , iu , epl . ted lhe paslorat c of the the whole svstem. l<or feeble wo- p orcu pi ne Hollow charge three jsionths men generally, Dr. Pierce's Favorite previous to the time of which we write, «-. •.••.. ..!._ i—i. _—4/ui.. yet during this time the parson had made vit " ' j lt ye mlr _ )ji n V thinkin' erboilt knoekin' ther puraon out 'ith Lindy Well« ?" said Jumper. * Wn\, I reckon she'd bo glnd ermifMer pit him, but, I bed ter make thor^corhn yisterclay mornin' an' bury ther ole omen in ther evemn', an' it tuck me nigh mps ther bull clay ter straighten erroun arter that, nn' 1 hain't bin ter see er yet, but Sqnire'll go 'ith m<) we 11 jest go over 'n SOB 'er an' have it clone ith. Look a yonder?" exclaimed two or three in a breath. , •Who be it?" aske;d the deacon, adjusting his glasses. . "I'll lie cladgast mygiMard ef it ham t. ther parson an' Lindy." said Skinner. \;al. he's jes' nachually got ter _ stop it er lick ran," said the docon, "an 1 II Prescription is the greatest earthly boon. Guaranteed to give satisfaction in every case, or money refunded. See guarantee printed on I (bottle-wrapper. A Book of 160 pages, on "Wo'man: Her Diseases, and How to Cure them," Bent sealed, in plain envelope, on receipt of ten cents, in stamps. Address, World's Dispensary Medical Association, No, 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. K V hos Icr say errbout it. The deacon went home, old blue jeans coat, _gpt a tcok down his pair of trousers tlio ilenrnn. The wafer was not very deo.p. hut the parson was the best man of the two in the water, and after dipping the deacon niider three times, he asked: "Have you eol enough?" "Naw." , "Then I'll put. you under till you do. ' and he dipped him three time? more, and the old fellow yelled: "'Nuff. L'jmme onten yore." When both were out and standing on j the bunk, lhe parson paid: "Well, deacon, as the matter is now j over, 1 would like to know whnt J have done to make you treat me in this manner?" "Will, ye've did er right smart. Fust, ye've spiled t.hnr gal hfiv fer my nex' wife, jinf me." "Who is it?" "Lindy Wells." "1 have done nothing of the kind."^ "Ye air er liar, an'ye know it! Thar. ttow's This! We offer One Hundred Hollars Rc.warrt for (tnycnsc of Cal.irrh tlinl ramml he otmvl by ' Itlntx Hall's Cnlarrh Cure. V. .1. (MIKNKY .t CO.. Prop*.. Tn'.rd". n Wo the. um1er:»i!:iK'd. h:n<- l:n..\v!i I Clu'iicy for the hist 15 .yeurs. ami 'u-.p-v.- • :••• 1 pcrfeelly lioiKinihle in ul> l.tisin. 1 -- 1' ( : tlon? nnd llnnnc'lntlj- siblr _!" e:in•;. on' M v i obligation." liuiile li.V llieir li I West i<o Triliix, Wholi-ssile ! WnlflliV, kiiinnii A. Marvin, Who!.•*«'..• I Ifru""i»l9, Toledo, O. TTlill'F, Cnlnrrh Cure is InUeii intennlly, nctlim rtiroctly upon the Wood nnd mueii- Miirfnces of the system. 1'riee 7!ie. per .mule. Sold hvnll Dnitrgists. Emin Vasha is snid to lui iMiU'n^ed i" ron- Btnnl. liosMIilies willi the Arabs soiitb of Lake Vietoria. __ DAINTY cniHiiesllmt, "ohTuTfcir cry for are Dr Bull's Worm Diislroyi-rs. '1 bey please the ehildron. lint they UilMbo worms. 1-emaii, . I wir/, er goiu tcr an' i.ow she won't to match", which'hadTjeen pul'ed too soon j take ornuther bath,"' and ho made a by about, six inches at the bo tram end ot plunge for the parson, who was stn.n.iing Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and Ucts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, liead- iches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figa is the only remedy of its kind ever pro- duc^d, pleasing to ttie taste and ac- j^ta v j to the stomach, prompt in n |ts action and truly beneficial in its affects, prepared only from the most jiealthy and agreeable substances, ite ^any excellent qualities commend it 'to all and. have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50o and $1 bottles by all leaning druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do not accept any •ubstitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, GAL, U3UISVILLE. KY. HEW YORK. N.l. SHiLOH'S CONSUMPTION a host of "friends—especially is this assertion true so far as tlw female portion of his flock were, concerned. It is a well established fact that the people of Porcupine Hollow _ believe and practice the doctrine of marrying and multiplying the inhabitants of Arkansas in the fullest sense of the term, and if a man's wife dies he has another selected to take n|iiiu _ , her place by his fireside before his "In^e an > ]ive ' ifcll „. lamented" gets cold, so that accounts tor un ' ers t an d?" the scarcity of widows and widowers ir that region. As before informed, the parson was cutting a big dash among the marriageable women of his charge. In some manner the intelligence preceded him that he was a bachelor, iind the fair members of his flnek formulated a series of resolutions, each in her own mind, to outrival her sisters. Every art known to the feminine miiid was brought into requisition, and for two months it would have been extremely difficult to conjecture who would gain the ultimate victory. After two months had flown by on rapid winga, however, the parson's heart lay at the feet of an unpretentious but loveable damsel, and for the next month his attentions were given to her exclusively. That fact has caused many of the good sisters to grow green with envy, because one of their most modest number had won so much attention from the parson, while they were left at the mercy of the few eligible men in lhe matrimonial market. Outside of this there had been nothing to mar the fraternal harmony of the vmrish, nor had anything of an exciting character happened sines the parson's advent. On Saturday evening, however, Deacon Derby sent for the parson to visit his wife, who was then wading out into the chilly waters of death, and ehe passed over the the divide in a few minutes tiiisr the arrival of the parson. The parson tried to console the deacon on the ground that his loss was his wife's gain, and spoke in very flattering terms of the deported, to which the deacon re- "Ya'as, Sindy waz er mighty dootifu 1 wife, an' wuz er mos' powerful h.irc wurker, an'only las'week she hoed thi terbaker down in ther bottom field, cu ther sprouts outen the noo groun' corn on ther ridge, toted er tsack er corn ter mill cleaned ther brush offen that air acre lo down thar by ther crick fer er turnip patch, an' made two hundred rails arte doing the housewurk, an 1 yit ye hev' the gall to say 'at I orter be consigned _an not complain ner grumble nor nothin' w'en ther haint er womarn in Pprcupin Holler 'at 'tilddonigh ther wurk 'at she' do." ••Oh," said the parson, "I know i would be hard to find her equal and re alize that you will miss her ve»y much, but her lot here was full of labor, now that she is at rest you should look forward to the time when you will meet mebby that air so, but it do the legs, used apiece of bad cord for a suspender, put, on his old slouch h;xf, and btarted for Well's residence, bnt Malindy was not at home. Two evening s latter, however, he found her there, and made his wishes known as follows: "Wai, Lindy, I've hed my eye sot on ye ever sence Sindy died, am'yere ter ax — „ «C ..n f n«A *ir I 1 ll 1-1 1 frt¥* TinO flirt W-Mer M. hns .,lav«d CroeU,.tt,, Anron other pcrs the a v vutornn nclor, who no nil Jncl<!'<m, Davy rocucm jvuru'i Hnrr, Clmrlus PU-Ur.ns urn her I'flclirilH'O, foints ol.vhcmi lie KIH'.U Voiiiillv, li/i» just died nt Snu Vnineisco ftl : i.f 78.^ \Vliv rnl>, und ml, nnd nvnr out. yourself niul your clol.lics on wnsliil.i.V. when ever Hincc"IWil Dobbins' KliTlnc Soup lui;- been ofTeri'rt on purpose to li-blen your labor, nnd Riiv« your clothes. .You- try It. Yum grocer lius U. ye ef ye'ere willin' ter jine, m "Jine you?,'she a ked in the most sarcastic and scornful manner she could command. "Ya-as." "What do yon moan?" "Ye know wat I mean, well ermut. 1 want ye ter be my woman—ter jine mo an'live'ith me—ter be my wife. Do yo erstand?" Of course I will not!" "Won't eh?" "No." "W'y?" "Don't want you!" "Piirty «assy, yerair." "1 can't help that. 1 don't wane you, and will not jine you! Do you understand hat?" "Uh-huh." "Well, good night then," said the girl s she went to leave the room. Say, hold on crminit," What do you want?" demanded The luceem of thii Great Cough Cure te without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive gu<"antee, a teat that no other cure can sue- •essfuHy stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, an» placing * Sample Bottle Free into every home in the United States and Canada, If you have • Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for \i ,,M will cure you. If your child has the Croup, { " J*r Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief It sure. If you dread that insidious diseasn •Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for 'SHILOH'S CURE, Price lo cts., 50 cts. and |x.oo. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, Mi Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 cti. the •Doncher think yo'd best change yer mind, gal?" "No! 1 shall never change it for you! You had better wait until "your last wife fets cold before trying to got another, I hink. Bnt [ would never marry at all f you were my only chance, and it is u-ie- ess for you to press your suit any father." '•Ye, an' ther parson s gettm putty lad-blamed tbick, an' I jreckon it some's his doin's "It makes no difference. You have already killed five wives, and 1 tell you now .hatyou will never get a chance to kill irm. tnd you had just as well leave or I will make you." "Say, gal, I've got or good hum fer ye, i' ye 'ulden't hey much o' ennything ter i, onlv sich little chores e,* cutthi' ' . _ «• . • * , i i between him and the water, but the sprightly patron stepped to one wdo and the deacon went in head first. "Now," said the parson, ''I'll keep yon in hero until next Sunday, if you don't take that back." . .. never cutter," said the deacon, but. .lie parson wa.s iirm and pushed him off ?vury time he came near the bank, and at. ast the deacon said: Will, mebbe I wuz er jedgin' ye wrong." and the parson helped him out and each man went his way home. A month after that the parson and Malindy wore married, and when the deacon heard of it, he said, regretfully: "It's putty dadgnstod hard on er feljcr w'en his wife's gone and died jes' w'?n he needs ei wife ther \yust, an' 'specshally w'en ther crop's suffer-in'; but w'at 1 hate ther wust is ter think 'at ther parson preached ther ole woman's funeral when she died, an' tl en sot out an' married the very gall I hed made up my mind ter marry afore Siny wux, in 'er eoih'n." SUDDKN LJHANUKS OF \VEATU KK cause Throat Diseases. There is no more uffccluul remedy for Coughs, Colds, etc., than BKOWN'S DiiOiNcniAL TBOCUES, Sold only in boxes. Price 25 ets. King Oscar o£ Sweden hns blossomed out as an author. Tim forth volume of hlu liter, ary hihors, just issued from the press, eom- prises the speeches he delivered prior to his aceessiou to the throne. Notwithstanding tho severe colrl ->vcr.,.,.ier In England nnd his own advanced ;i£0 Lord Tennyson, who is wintering at » resort on the tslc of Wight, takes his out-door walk daily. HeM, ensicst to use and elienpcst. Piso's Remedy for Catarrh. By druggists. 50c. Curl Brunn, worlnnnn. who helped Carl Bchurz to eseape from Spnndan, died n few flays ago. In setting Mr. Sclmrz out of prison Bruun got himself into one for two years. KutllblisluHl J.S05. Dresses, Gents's Clothing, Fuathcra, Gloves, For cliilclren a A Cough c ine should be abso- and Croup Sr e rmiJt a Kab1e to Medicine, pi" '"••;• !' lith to il a ' ; lo licr 15ib!c. It must contain nothing violent, uncertain, or dangerous. It must be standard in material and manufacture^ _It mti.'it be plain and simple to admin- islcr; easy and pleasant to take. The child 'must like it. It must be prompt in action, giving immediate relief, as chiUlrcns' troubles come quick, jrrow fast, and end fatally or otherwise in a very short time. It must not only relieve quick but bring tliem around quick, a« cliilclren \-lmfe and fret and spoil their constitutions under long confinement. It must do its work in moderate do=es. A large quantity of medicine in a child is not desirable. It must not interfere with the child's spirits, appetite or general health. These things suit old as well as young folks, and make Boschee's German Syrup the favorite family medicine. , etc., Dyed or Cleaiu-d. ' Plush Oaniumts Steamed nt Otto Pieteh's Dye Works, 21« W. Wntcr St., Milwaukee. Send for Circular. Carl Sehmz's manner Is still vivacious, his emlle i>-e.n!nl nnd his wit ready. His hair, oo, retains much of its original warm rowii in spite of_couiiug frost. you think that rellncment Is ac-f uulred by the use of SAt'01,IO? Yes, s Cli!iiiily habits reilue the mind." It is a solid enUe of Scouring Soap. The nionuinoiit over llm late President Arthur's f, r rave having been eomvleted, tho committee having the work In charge Hilda that It has n surplus of $'25,000. 11 is proposed lo apply this sum toward the, erection >f a statue somewhere In New York city. A Keal Balmiin Is Kemp's Balsam. The dictionary snys: "A balsam is a thick, Hire, aromatic substance flowing T """ " Kemp's Balsam nn do wood, hoeing corn, suekerin' terbaeker, "Get out of here, T tell you," shouted the girl, (is she made for him with the hroom, and he got up r.nd shook the dust of the Wells plantation oil his feet. Returning home, he took a short cut through the mountains, and as he passed along tho narrow path under the bluff, on the fiver bank, he met the parson, who unconscious that they were rivals, extended his hand to the enraged deacon. But instead of grasping the parson's hand the deacon began to take off his coat and said: ,, "Say, parson, you've ant me. ter whup. "What'in the world i.< the matter with you, I would like to know?" "That's matter encugh, F'l^whup ye er ye'll whup me, ono er tnther." "Why man what have I done to incur vour displeasure in such a man >er?' ' "Done er evraff, an'I'll pi tjh ye off en ther bank inter the river,", and he caught the parson in his arms. The parson WHS by far the smaller man a» p am. " Ya'ss, 'pear purty rotten bad 'at she lied ter up an' die jes' 1 at ther very busiest, part o_' the diej ye'r sin' it' take nigh fifty pounds o' my hu 1 ye'rs torbucker crap ter put 'er ertvuy, nn' then thar'll be ther ter barker ter gufker'n worm ergin nex' week an' 1 'm o-ood Tota ess from for the Throat nnd .1 tsun. .IVWIMJ-/ »*-**•*•'••"" • i -i t. • LUIIKS is the only coii^h medicine that is a real balsam. Jinny tliiu, watery cough remedies are called balsams, but such are not. Look through a bottle of Kemp's Halsnm and notice what a pure, thick jiriiparatiou it ,8 If YOU cough, use Kemp's Halsam. At all druggists'. Large bottles 50 cents and £1. Sarsate, the violinist, hns pocketed ?S5. 000 us the net profit at a two months' tour in England. V5 are cured used according to DIRECTIONS with; Elei -VASELINE- FOH V OXK-WOfcl.AU HI B.I. sent us by mull wo will ilollvev, freoof nil oliuntoa, to uny peraim in the tJnilu'l auuoii, nil of the lollowiuis ui-uulos, uuro- fttllj- imohod : Ono iwu.ouiif.a IJOttle of I'nro V«Biillne, Due tWiM.iiniiu bottle of ViiBellno 1'oumde, Onoiurof ViifellimCiili) Creiiin, OueCukoof \'i»nllnti rnuj|ihurl<'e, - - One C.vkH of Ynsclii.H Soup, iinsoeutecl, - Ouuf!nl.Bu(ViL,elli»Ko;.i,,e«ims.ilii pi' One twu-ounce bc.Ulo of White Vusullno. - tl.lU fir I'ur uoxtaae Htamp* nui/ xlngli urtlnleiil Hit i>r.'n: iiaiiud. '•"' »« <icc«««.l be WHIM tied lo tit-cent ./com uuu i • itruiluM uu.ll Viitfllut W i>rtii,miU'>H UK-IV- from unliia labelled uni/i onr iiauie, wiairyna IPI 10 oto. 1J , certainly rectivt uu imitation whiclt lull Uttlearn'i OJuJMibrougU Mfg. C!o . ** Stulo St., N. Y. ' STEBFTICORS MAGIC UHTERNS, OH fft 00 ' TO1CT NEED WOT FEAR le will know your hair is dyed s Hair Dye It impart* a> sslosff « hfe E««Oy siirten ter hefter do it myse'J'.,' "Yes, but grumbling will do no _ now, my dear brother, and then your wife wiia a faithful Christian, and has gone to that blissful clime where the weary are at rest, und therefore we should be glad even in our sorrow for our blessed hope of a bright future." "Thnt 'pears ter be all ye preacher fel- lers think erbout, but, ye never onct think o' thir expense what er man is putter wen his wife draps off. I've hed four wives aside Sindy, an' wen they npfc an' died I hed ter hurry 'em, an' it's cost me ernult ter keep mu'in terback'u lieker fer four years ter put 'em erway un'cr ther daisies, but es as ye say, I guess it's no use ter argy eimy longer erbout it. Thar's some nice wiiliiut planks clown thar in ther boss shed 'at 1 hed sorter sot my mind tor UKB fer er terbacker box, 'at we kin make ther coffin outer, an'ef ye'll ax old Dan Spinner ter come over uii'he'p me make ther coffin, I'll be erbleeged ter ye." "I will do so," said the parson, "but when will the funeral take place?" "Termorry, o' co'se." The funeral was largely attended, and, being the first at which the parson hail officiated in the parish, he delivered an eloquent oration. The next day half a dozen men were seated on a log in front of the store, and tho conversation naturally drifted to the late bereavement of the deacon, and one finally said: „,,.,, "Wo«der who ther deacon 11 latch onter nextdV , . , . "Ho tole me win we wuzmakm ther coih'n," said Skinner, "'at lie had sot his eye on Lindy Wells." "Goshimiuhty!" eqclaiuied Torn Jumper ''but flier paiTon's got 'er solid emitf." ' t . , "Ther parson hes bin er sottm ter Lind) shore 'nuff, but I've a mind ter bet er plug er noo prized terbacker 'at ther deacon knocks his eye put 'ith Lindy less'n er week,,' re-joined Skinner. "I'll go ye," said Jumper. ' Say, who's that er cornin down yonder V"" asked one, pointing to tho further side of the little stream. "It's ther deacon, bedad," said Squire "ifeUo, deacon,"saidSkinner, nslieftp- proacbedthe From Sciatic JJheiimatlsm. "la Muy, iSS5,1 was tukon with sclutio rheumnlisiu in my lega nuil nrms, nnd wus confined to my bod en. tiroly haliiloss. In Aue""t 1 wns jimt ublo to move around. I won rodneed to u moro HUeloton, my appetite WUB entirely gono und my friends tlionght I could not live. I took nlmoBt overything I could hour of, but with no good i-esultB, during that win- tar. Ono day, rending ubout taking Hood's Saraiiiia. 'rilitt in March, April nnd May, I concluded to try it. Oue bottle gnvo mo BO much relief thnt T took four battles, and since then I hnve not boon troubled with rheumatism, nnd my general health hns never been better. My nppotite Is good nud I huve gained in flash. I attribute my whole improvement, to taking Hood's Snrsnpnrilla." WM, F. TAVLOB, Emporium, Cameron Co., Penn, N. B. If you decide to take Hood's SaraaparilU do not be induced to buy any other. Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all druggists. »li sii for |5. Prepared only by O. I. HOOD i CO.. Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. IOO_Doses_One Dollar GARMENTS V/oUNDS,CbT3, SWELLINGS THE CHARLES A. VOGi-!.F.R CO.. Baltimoro, I "GOLD MEDAL, PARIS, isva W. BAKEE & CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa fror.r. which tho exceed of oil 1ms been removed, In absolutely pure and •It -la soluble. No Chemicals are used 111 its iiropiirutlon. It him morn Hum three, times the stri'tifftfi of Cocoa mixed with Btnriih, Arrowroot or Sugar, uud in therefore fur more eco- iioinlual, canting lesi than one centacup. It in delicious, nourishing, strengthening, EASILY admirably adapted for luvallda as well as for porHomHiiJionltli. Sold by Orocera everywhere. W. BAKEE & CO,, Dorchester, Mass. \Vc; linvi' "Id W'- <•• ,ai.y y.-i.'». «i' :; " "- 1 d.v^n tho tic:-.. */t i.Ali O I! It > O It T II K U ST « II O W Jl for nit noils \LLUri MKIilH* '»'•'• «"• «W1T for nil Hods U"i»lulliiii'l.«i>. Mont Bumiik'lu Hl-juliot tfimit uml V,-u«"«Mo SOI-.K. In A i iitiric.1.. ("'K ^''"".'h ^i"V',' Itnrtt-y, 1'otntons, Uilllia, liixlniliil culiiliiKui iniilli I'limU, ulo. J ItimuLlful U. !!ofur>i orilor. Keep Your Blood Pure. A small quantity c^ prevention is worth many pounds of cure. If your blood is in good condiciun the liability to any disease is much reduced and the ability to resist its wasting influence is tenfold greater. Look then to your blood, by taking Swift's Specific '(S. S. S.) etery few months. It is harmless in its effects to the most delicate infant, yet it cleanses the blood of all poisons and builds up the general health. cured mo sound and well of contagious Blood Poison. A» soon as I discovered 1 was afflicted with tho disease I commenced taking Swift's Specific (S. S. S.) and in a, few weeks I was permanently cured." GEonois STEWART, Shelby, Ohio, Treatise on Blood aud Skin diseases mailed frco. Tne Swift Specitlc Co., Atlanta, Ga. ?UT£TAM HOUSE, Winter Besort, Palatka, - Florida. Board $4.0O per day. One hundred pleasant rooms at $21 per week, each person. An abundant supply of soft water. B. O. & W. F. OBVIS, Managers. BOGS NOT Eooornmenrted by Physicinns. Pleasant, arid agreeable to the Beat Cough Medieino. Ciiros wliero all olso fails. . taste? Children take it without objection. By druggists WKVTKSSaBBlSiaS DIAMOND BRAND Season WINDSOK HOTEL, (Fronting East on Wudnor Fnrk.) Winter Besort, Jacksonville, • Florida* Open December to May. Board $4 por day. 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Low Voices, ..... 40 ' CLAKSIU/liAltlTONE AN1)BAB8,33 " CLASSIC TENOII HONGS, - - 88 Goon OLD HONOS WE UBKU TO COMHIVATION HKAAI (U. S. IT IS (JSi:» byOlUI-WUEN'ff UlllLiMCCN. 'ihouaamls ut youtur iin-n und women in llns i'Oiu.try owe tholr lives, th«lv health nml their happiness tc 'a food, their daily diet In VT mill Oliildliood having Bv UnuwWa. \VUOIj»riiil A «'".. i'uluier, All'' Vretllest HOOK Kv«r IVo ivel{flils to lie J.OST or 8TOI/EK. 5-TON $60.00. Kor full liiforiiiullon «<IC|IVHH AVKKK8 SCA1.K WOUKS, Huffitlu. N. Y. ,1^, ,, .•-. tf-f^a tft\ lit.lui'Btl IJlu'JBpOllllil-l llBt t A 8 Ll Bl I/ V uioi.lh l)y harmless lierlml r*4 I rill |\ «S remeillB». No Btarving, uo 8 ll I I Ul-IXU 1 incuaveuieuctt. Contl.leut- ial Send Co. for circulars und tosUtno.uala. Address Ult O. W. f. HNVUKH, 213 Ktllto Bt., Chicago, 111. Name lhi« paper when you write. Onecentapkg, Up if rare. Cheap, piire.test. 1000 000 extras. Bwiutilul Illustrated Catalogue free. J{. II. Slramway, Koekford, 111. 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I'OP- HAM, -mi Itldge A.VAIIU*, Philadelphia. _ IMC ">« P«»* foot IINtl lug IIIO fuel SSHI.l.Bll. for cold or porsplrlug foot woor ' IllbtUllt (Mi kttlo o. or 80«t fide on ii'colut i.rf(ii.ta . 8»O)1)I« puckugu free at »tuiu», or luulloa dlm« flluBtrSted I'tmublBt f'W ^TtH J-8UINB co, wo^Ln u'i,n'n 1 fol U N V KKT iorrailiwul i All nia.lo in CuuKn-'t-B, jjun«" .,«« "tvwi.rt* I (for Ladles, is tlu> only Imud-sowod fcliot Boia at tl»lB iiopuurirlco. . > Duiirfoht Sliots ioi ljiiui<5a* b **«»™ WH ' EN THE DCAFNEID is c»ur.rn n* SCABUET FEVER, CPV^O, CATARRH, *<!.

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