The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 4, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1891
Page 1
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, *, ESTABLISHED 1866, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBHUABY 4, 1891. VOL. xxv-isro. 45. For the next Six Weeks we want all the PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. *+^*^*+^^*^~t^*^+*^^+^+^+*f*i*S+^*^*^*+^+,^^^^**^*-r*^r+*r*^i GEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. .. In exchange for Dry Goods and Groceries. The Grange Store. CO E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Kossuth Co. bank. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Frank Bros. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrlschilles' store. Cloths and Trimmings, j, K, FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors A full stock of cloths and trimmings always kept on hand, and furnished at tis low rates as can be bought elsewhere. All work done promptly. THE NEWS OF THE WEEK. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION. Come and see us before placing your order. will be to your advantage. It 7. SORT. L. K. QARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State St., one door east of Cordlngley. Residence, McGregor St., east of the public school building. Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable. Successor to J.J.Wilson. Office and Yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, - IOWA. H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice. MORSE A PRIDE, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. Office east of Eutherford house, Algona, Iowa. G. T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Next door to J. G. Smith's store, Algona, la. J. E. HILL, M. D.,' PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Wesley, Iowa. Day and night calls attended to with promtness. T. J. FELLING, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Consultation In English and German. Office and residence over H, Goetsch's store, Whlttemore, Ipwa. ALEX. WHITE, Agent. Handles the best of all descriptions of Which includes~~~everytfiing that is possibly needed for the construction of anything from a picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COtiflPETBTBON. Come and give us a chance to figure your -bills, and we will prove that this is not -merely idle talk. FARM LOANS. At 6, 7, 7^, and 8 per cent,, on five to ten years' time, with privilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office. Save money by calling on me before you apply for a loan. T. BANKING INSTITUTIONS. Kossuth County Bank, CAPITAL ............................... 850,000 Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly, aud a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. WM. H. INGHASI .................... President J. B. JONES .................... Vice President LEWIS H. SMITH ...................... Cashier Directors— Wm. H. Ingham, John G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Chrischllles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. The First National Bank oa? , ZO-WVA.. CAPITAL 850,000 Special attention given to collections. AMBBOSE A. CALL President D. H. HUTCHINS • Vice President J. C. BLACKFORD Cashier Directors—Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hutchlns, J. 0. Blackford, Philip Dorweiler, Wm. K. Ferguson, Geo. C. Call, C. B. Hutchlns. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class security. FARMERS' AND TRADERS' BANK, Dealers In Milk Cans, Churns, Riverside Stoves, Stoves and Ranges " Quick Meal" Gasoline Stoves. Agents for the NEVER RUST TINWARE, » warranted not to rust. Call and get prices! we can do you good. Yours, etc., WINKIE BROS. Election is Over! So is High Prices for Stoves! I have a full line of Cooks and Heaters, among which is The Famous Round Oak, Standing at tne head of the soft coal burners, fgr I shall meet all competition. Belling at bottom prices. Take one! TO LOAN oi Fan Property. ^^ . At lowest rates and optional payments, Interest payable at owr office. If you want a Joan, pall on us. We wv»you money. JONES & SMITH. R. M. Richmond ...................... President R. R. Richmond ................. Vice President A. B, Richmond.... .................... Cashier Transacts a general banking business. Collections a specialty. Money transferred to all parts of the United States and Kurope at low rates. Tickets to and from the old country for sale. Taxes paid for residents and non-residents. Abstract of title furnished on the same day applied for. DEALER JN REAL ESTATE. Loan and Insurance Ag't and Notary Public. 60,000 acres of prairie lands and Improved farms for sale or rent. Village property for sale or rent. Now is the time to secure you a home before three prospective railroads are built, which will advance the price of land beyond the reach of the average home-seeker. COMMEECui HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa, R. M. Richmond, proprietor. First-class house. Satisfaction guaranteed. Special attention to the traveling public. O. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE, Lands bought and sold on commission. Particular attention given to care aud sale of real estate in Kossuth and adjoining counties. Aet. for German ins. Co., Freeport, 111. Passage tickets to old countries at lowest rates, F, M, BRONSON, Watches and Jewelry, CLOCKS, SILVERWARE, Sliver-plated ware, and all kinds of goods in his line. Repairing promptly done. At Frank Bros.' store. The New Meat Market BENNETT * Proprietors of ^• street, keep ever Fresh ftfc eTtrr on ajRd salt <?9W* (M# m » F. L. PARISH'S Hardware and Tin Shop, Special attention given to all kinds of repairing, Including Guns, Pumps, and Gasoline Stoves, otc. Am also prepared to put In furnaces and do plumbing and gas-pipe fitting; AND IRON AND TIN ROOFING. Prompt attention will bo given to all work in my line. Shop south of court house, LOTJJS Dealer In all kinds of Furniture, Picture Frames Looking glasses, chromos, and all kinds of ready-made coffins. Hearse for public use. Headquarters /or the best SEWING MACHINES AND ORGANS. Auctioneering Done. The undersigned will cry public sales In Kossuth and adjoining counties. Have twenty years' experience. Terms reasonable. ^"Applications for my services may be left at the law office of S. S. Sessions, Algona, la. GEO. E. BOYLE, Whlttemore, Iowa. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drags, med- clnes, and pun liquors for medicinal purposes only. 33oo3ES and. Gtn.tion.ory. DO YOU WANT AH AUCTIONEER? 3D. AUCTIONEER, Will cry city and farm property, make collections, etc. All business of a private nature strictly confidential. Office with F. M. Taylor, over Howard's. The tramp who killed Conductor O'Neal at Long Point last week was identified fully at Tamn last Wednesday, broke down and confessed and will plead guilty on trial. He is the man who stole the horse at Long Point the night of the murder. Mo was identified by tho hair from the horse's back which adhered to his clothing, and by stolen clothing Which he was wearing. Ho was arrested within five miles of the place where ho committed tho murder. Ho has implicated two others, and one of them, H. C. Gardner, was arrested at Marshalltown. Tho Homo Advocate printing ofttco nt Maploton, Iowa, and entire contents were burned about 0 o'clock Tuesday evening. The loss is total and is estimated at $3,000. General Miles, In charge of n special train containing two car loads of Iiidiuu prisoners being taken to Fort Sheridan, passed through Clinton Tuesday evening. While tho train crows were changing tho Indians sang a song. The Iowa supremo court has just affirmed tho judgment in tho case of J. F, McDcr- mott vs. tho Illinois Central Railroad company for $10,500 damages and Interest for two years, making about 812,000 in all. Tho damages were for the killing of J. J. McDermott, a brakchian, who fell under a train at Duucombe and was killed. Tho original verdict was rendered by tho district court of Hardin county and was based on alleged negligence on tho part of the company. Mrs. McDormott, tho mother of tho dead man, who is tho principal beneficiary of tho verdict, is a poor widow living in Waterloo, and is tho mother of sixteen children. . Two sous of Mrs. Dinstiuo, a widow living near Storm Lake, wore drowned while skating on the lake last Tuesday. It was an hour before tho bodies wore recovered. made considerable money nnd returned . I und«rl«k. to briefly Inch in? Mrly Intelligent prnono i>i, wko oil r«ncl and write, and who, __ __ „ __ -J«"«' Imtrucllon.wlll work Indmlriouily, Sir W U IF Whovrlo turn Tlirto Tliouiud l)olJar» « «e»rlnlheirownlocamiti,whcr«vertheyllre.I will alioiurnlih the illuallon or employ menl,at which you can earn that amount no money for me unleu tiicceurul at abore. Easily and quickly have already taught and proTlded"w'ti| C employmen^a "argj • HUM 9qtlARE.Ji.-K ** «"•**»» «uurrA,e*. FOR SALE BY LOUIS LESSING, Agent. Save lour Hair B Y a timely USB of Ay er's Httlr Vigor, This preparation lias no equal as a dressing. It keeps the scalp clean, cool, p.nd healthy, and preserves the color, fullness, and beauty of the hair. " I wivs rapidly becoming bald and; pray ; but after using two or three bottlrtii of Ayer'H Hair Vigor my hair grew t !::<•• :•: uml glossy suiil th* original color wa.-> rentoveil." — Mclvin AUlrich, Canaan C«::H'«, N. H. " Sunn-, time Sk^o I lost jill my liairin consciiiu'iiiv of nieufllrf. After due waiting, uu u*w jjrowtJ) Rpfwuml. I Hutu iisi'il Av'-j-'n Hair \ J \&<>- mul my Imir x^fcw * It Thick. *ad StroB-sr. 'i apparniitly com* to stay. The Yijtor i« eviiJKiitlf a cruftt aid to nature." — J, B. Wili-:»nu, iNm-will*. Texas. "I liav« usPd Aywr'ti Hair Vigor for the pant four or tivo yvi»r« ami find it a ( latUfot.'tory tlr<tngiug for the hair. It is all I couM dwsim, tiein^ harmless, lli« hair to main its natural color, ami rt»i[mmi<i! but tmmall quantity to render (be ti&ir «a"y to arrange."•— Mrs. M. A. ftaUejr, & CUartee street, HavMrhill, MH»H. " I liiivo been niiiiK Avar's flair VigOV for several y«*vf, aud b*Hfve (lifet it has canned my Co retain its natural Dry Goods, **»•, BwUeprlUe, |£<JU Ayer's Hair Vigor, YlaVPAUB BY . ™ MM* Ua'Li ;6j(r a On Sept, 2, 1890, Mrs. Himmelspach of Charleston, Iowa, suddenly died. Now tho citizens petition tho board of supervisors to order her remains examined for poison. On Sept. 12, George Marion, a nephew of Mrs. Himmelspach, died from a dose of strychnine, administered, it is charged, by tho former's wife, Josephine, and one Jos. Bonn. Tho two suspects aro under bonds awaiting trial. It is believed that Mrs. Himmols- pach was put out of tho way by tho same parties. ______ Complaint has been filed against Gus. Camello, an Italian fruit vender of Fort Dodge, charging him with violating the Sunday closing ordinance by selling cigars on tho Sabbath day. This is tho first case of alleged violation of the low. The banner offered by the Tippecanoe club of Des Moines to tho county giving tho largest republican gain in the election of 1890 over that of 1S89, goes to Dubuque county, the matter having been referred to Chairman Mack of the state committee for settlement, The successful county made a gain from 1821 to 2830, or 55 per cent., taking tho head of the ticket in both cases. Butler county comes next with a gain of 86 per cent.; Des Moines county is third, 82 per cent.; Boone and Cherokee occupy fourth position, tied at 20 per cent, gain, and Taylor ui fifth, with a gain of 28 per cent, _______ Taxes aro now duo and payable, and may be paid in full at one time or in equal in- stalments ; in case payment has notj been made before tho first of April, the whole amount becomes delinquent from the first day of March. If one instalment is paid, tho balance can be paid at any time up to the first of October without any penalty; after October 1 penalty is attached dating from the first of September. Early in February tho trustees of tho German-English college will be in Charles City to complete arrangements for the formal transfer of the school from Galena to Charles City in September. Building operations will begin as soon as weather will per ait in the spring, as lively work will have to be done to get everything ready for the opening of the fall term. The state supreme court has decided the compound lard law constitutional, and hero- after packages of adulterated lard must bo plainly branded as such or the seller-will be liable to fine and imprisonment. ' The date for the G. A. R. state encampment has been fixed for April 14,15 and 16, at Dubuque. The people of that city are making groat preparations for entertaining the wearers of the bronze button. This story comes from Mason-City byway of the Republican of that place: A Mason City lady procured the services of a plasterer to patch the ceiling. She told him she had already procured material to make the mortar. When the man arrived he found sand and lime but no hair. He spoke of the hair. The lady was much astonished, not knowing it was used in mortar. She wanted to know what kind of hair, and the man told her cow's hair. Not having an idea that cow's hair is for sale by dealers in building materials, the lady went out and droye the family cow into the barn, where ehe clipped most of her hair off with a pair of shears. This is a true story and we expect to get into trouble for telling it, but it is too good to keep. The long drawn out senatorial contest in Kansas has ended in the defeat of Ingalla. When the next congress meets the seat of Hon. John James Ing»U» will be occupied by W». Alfred |»f«ffej of the 1 swam' aU> Mice, who, in the Joint session of thej£»n,s%s Pennsylvania and soon after removed Indiana and later to Missouri. He during tho war in the eighty-third Illinois volunteers. At tho close of the war he settled at Clarksvillo, Tcnn., practicing law, and in 1STO ho moved to Kansas, taking up a claim. At different times he edited various pnpors, served in tho state senate, and was a delegate to tho national republican convention in 18SO. In that year ho moved to Topcka, assumed editorial control of the Kansas Farmer, and afterwards bought the paper. Ho hns been engaged in tho publication nf that paper over since. Senator Ingalls, in un interview, said ho had no plaus for tho future, except that ho knows ho will remain in Kansas. C. Perry Byam, widely known in Grand Army circles os tho " youngest soldior of the rebellion," and Houry Hart, formerly a board oC trndo man, aro under arrest charged with real estate swindles. It is assorted that they paid a small sum on a largo tract of land south of tho city aud advertised lots for sale in exchange for grocery stores, saloons, etc, As soon as tho deed of tho property wns mado ovor to thoui, thoy would mortgage it and lot tho business run itself. It is nocdlcss to say tho deeds thoy gave for tho real estate were valueless. It is asserted thoy have netted $20,000 from their many victims. Tho will of tho lato George Bancroft has been placed in probate. Tho estate is given in trust for the benefit of relatives. Bancroft's manuscripts and historical collections aro offered for sale to tho library of congress, and in tho event of their not bo- ing purchased, thoy aro to bo offered to any public library, tho money to bo added to tho trust fund. His library and printed works aro to bo sold, preferably to some one institution. Jefferson is all excitement over tho discovery of natural gas near that place. Frank Snoclgruss sunk a well to tho depth of 80 feet, and tho flow of gas from it is said to bo sufllcient to light his house. Franklin county, one of tho most prosperous counties in tho stato as regards finances, scorns to have a poor idea of educational advantages. On account of tho low wages paid to teachers, a number of her schools aro closed. Owing to quite extensive damages done by traction engines to tho bridges of a community in which they are used, the commissioners of a number of counties are adopting tho following resolution: That hereafter all owners or persons in charge of traction engines in said county, who pass over county bridges with said engines, shall do so at their own risk, and that tho county will not bo responsible to owners of such engines, and all owners or persons in control of such engines will bo held responsible to the county for any damage done to county bridges by reason of passing over the same with such engines. Fifteen freight conductors wore "fired' 1 from the service of tho Chicago, St, Paul and Kansas City railroad last week. A system of "spotting" was inaugurated by the> company to discover if possible what became of all the cash fares, and with the result noted. Col. W. F. Vilas succeeds Spooner as United States senator from Wisconsin, that state haying gone democratic at the last election. Col. Vilas was Cleveland's postmaster general, but resigned before his term expired. Kf?ms a better job now. Henry Boswell, the cattle thief who stole and shipped over $8,000 worth of cattle belonging to Green county parties, from Ezc- ( met county to Chicago, "was convicted by tho Emmet county district court last week, and was sent to Ft. Madison for a term of three and one-half years. The money for which the cattle were sold is still in the hands of the commission merchants in Chi- / cag-o pending the action of the Cook county, Illinois, court It is hard to say when the dvvners of the cattle will see the color of their money. - ' - ~ "- -•-"'-• T" T tT *•! "ft "WJpljw-w ' T ff*T ta -m *9ffi j» «pMl&4 WMHiTi *»* THE SILVER BILL, Here IB tke Full Text of It as Passed by The Senate. The following is the full text of the free silver coinage bill that has passed the seru.te, the same having been introduced by Senator Vest and offered at the hist moment as a substitute and so adopted: 1. From and after tho date of the passage of this act the unit of value in the United States shall be the dollar, and the same may be coined of 413>£ grains of standard silver or of 25.8 grains of standard gold; and the said coin shall be legal tender for all debts, public or private, Hereafter any owner of silver or gold bullion may doposfte.thesamo at any mint of the United States to b« formed into standard dollars or bars-for his benefit, and without charge; but It shall be lawful to refuse (my deposit of less value than $100, or any bullion so base as to be> unsuitable for the operations of the mint, 2. Tho provision .of section three of ''tvn act to authorize the coinage of » standard silver dollar and to restore its legal tender character"-which became a law Feb. 38, 1878, is hereby made applicable to the coinage in this »ct provided fop, 8. The certificates provided tot in section two of this act shall be of deBominations of not less than f 1 or more than $100, an4 such certificates ahall be redeemable in coin of standard value. A sufficient sum to carry out tho provisions of this act is hereby appropriated out of any money in the treasury the issue of treasury »otes M»e»eon, and top other purposes," as requires th« cure! of 4,500,000 ounces of silver bullion »o»tti to, - - ' 4. The and all silyer ami, gol .„% i<;;.«is^^4'?Jiui

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