The Knoxville News-Sentinel from Knoxville, Tennessee on April 1, 1942 · 6
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The Knoxville News-Sentinel from Knoxville, Tennessee · 6

Knoxville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1942
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Pe 6 Tune In WXOX THE KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL Want ’Ads 3-3131 Wednesday April 1 1943 "Give Light and the People Will Find Their Own Wap" The Knoxville News-Scntinel5llfJ sy!( n Fifty-Sixth Year of Publication 40"HoUr Week ROW Is A Sc r Ipps-Ho wa rd Newspaper LOYE W MILLfcR Editor U G CHAMBERS Business Manager Editorial Rooms and Businrsa Office: 203 West Church Avenue Telephone S-3131 Entered at Knoxville Post Office as Second-Class Mail Matter Full Reports of the United Press Scripps-Howard Newspaper Alliance Chicago Daily News Foreign - Service Acme Telephoto and KEA Service Inc By Carrier 25c Week By Mail Daily 3300 Year Daily and Sunday 31000 per Year WEDNESDAY APRIL 1 1942 BIBB: He CAN Bear Down but He Doesn't-Always WHEN there is a job to be done and the person charged with getting that job done fails to do it there are two possible reasons First is that he isn't capable that the job in too big for him Second is that he can do it but chooses not to do so When the job is of such importance as impartial and equal enforcement of the laws in Knox County failure to get the job done is a tragedy regardless of which reason is the correct one ANYONE who has seen Atty-Gen Fred Bibb in action knows that failure to get equal and impartial law enforcement in Knox County is not due to any lack of ability Mr Bibb undoubtedly is one of the most able attorneys in Knoxville When he really “goes to town’ on a prosecution the fur flies in every direction No stone is left unturned legal loopholes are foreseen and plugged in an effective manner But from time to time cases reach Criminal Court that involve persons of financial social or political prominence — such as the Dollard the McNew the Morris & Tierce the “JCC” case and plenty of others — and then the attorney-general undergoes a strange transformation The sure hand falters the alert prosecutor becomes unable to prove anything of importance Legal loopholes and pitfalls appear and suddenly they are insurmountable Papers are not made out properly the Grand Jury doea something wrong things that are perfectly plain and obvious to the layman suddenly are obscured in a haze of legal technicalities and never emerge as they were ATTT-GEN BIBB after 16 years of this sort of thing in the attorney-general’s office now seeks to become judge of the Criminal Court A judge has even greater opportunities for “cracking down” in some cases and “casing up" in others than an attorney-general Respect for the law and confidence in the Courts can be based only on two things— the certainty and the equality of justice Knox Countians we believe should not elevate J Fred Bibb to judge of the Criminal Court He should be defeated for the nomination by Republicans in the party primary on April 9 Kill NYA CCC Get On With The War ADMINISTRATION spokesmen insist that the NYA Mid CCC must be preserved because of their "defense activities" The President lists these activities as NYA'a defense training program CCC'a work protecting forests against sabotage fires especially on the West Coast and CCC’ construction work on military reservations Senator McKellar has made a sensible counter-proposition: Preserve the defense activities but dismantle the CCC and NYA overhead bureaucracies He would do it this way— Transfer NYA'i defense training shops to the Office of Education which conducts similar vocational training through the public school systems graduates more trainees much better trained at much lower per capita cost The public school training Is more efficient because ' the men in charge have the "know-how” while mast of the social workers running NYA wouldn't even know how to put a corncob handle on a file To guard against forest fires turn that portion of the CCC money over to the Forest Service Transfer to the War Department all the CCC camps doing necessary work at Army posts Senator McKellar estimates that under his program all these activities can be continued more efficiently for 375-000000— or about half what CCC and NYA are asking to do the same work Moreover the McKellar plan would release the NYA and CCC administrative personnel — those worth keeping in Government service — for essential war work We are sure there are some able administrators in the ‘CCC— that was a well-run agency through the depression period Aubrey Williams and his bright young men and women of NYA however are of a different breed If there is any talent there for essential service it has yet to be demonstrated But taking them off the public payroll and making them get out and hustle for a living would be a great relief to the taxpayers The way some Administration spokesmen talk we sometimes wonder how the United States got through the last big war without benefit of NYA and CCC Maybe our nation’s conduct of World War I was not perfect But we did two things in that war that were no mistakes: We stuck primarily to the business of lighting And we won India Must Fight Fast piRST reactions in India to the British compromise plan for post-war dominion status are hostile If the all-India Congress challenges the plan as predicted only unthinkable stupidity can prevent further negotiations Sir Stafford Cripps and Gandhi agree for publication that this is a take-it-or-leave-Jt proposition But that can be taken with a grain of the salt for which the Mahatma and so many of his independence disciples once went to jail The fact is that Britain and India must "hang together or hang separately" at the hands of Axis invaders And with the Japs already breathing on their necks they are not going to have any chance to forget iL f -this unity formula fails another will have to be worked out — whether the extremists London tones or Indian obstructionists like it or not Thus the probability Is not that talk 'will stop Rather the danger is that the talk will go on and on until the Japs arrive — when tongues will be hanging out in a different way Any agreement now whether on the British formula or some quick Indian modification of it must be based on mutual recognition that it is impossible to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s of India’s future free government in the desperately brief time before Japanese attack Any agreement now has to be based on faith: India faith that Britain despite past-broken pledges will keep her promise of absolute dominion equality after the war — even to the right of secession from the Empire British faith that Congress party leaders — Gandhi Nehru and Abdul Kalan Azad — will keep their promise to protect the Moslem minority from Hindu dictatorship Under pressure of war and prodding by the socialist anti-imperialist Cripps the conservative London Cabinet has gone much further in meeting India's just demands for freedom than anyone thought possible even a month ago The two chief points of disagreement which remain are not caused entirely by British die-hards — otherwise India’s good friend Cripps would not have presented them rPHOSE two points are: Moslem protec-A tion and British military supervision during the war Both involve much more than a local British-Hindu dispute Mistreatment of India’s Moslems many of whom insist on an autonomous state of their own might destroy the Allied barrier of Moslem countries which now block Hitler in the Near East Without British military strength —little enough at best — India has no chance of self-defense or of keeping open the Allied road to China upon which so ! much depends Whether the Cripps formula for meeting these two Allied needs is accepted or some Nehru compromise is much less important to the United States and the world than that such a settlement be quick and clean Otherwise this dispute will risk not only the future freedom of India but of the world This is India’s first real chance to fight for freedom It may be her last unless she starts fighting fast Two City Jobs rpHE city administration made two per-A sonncl appointments this week One was the selection of Miss Caroline Greene a trained welfare worker with a long background of experience as executive head of the Family Welfare Bureau It was a fine selection But Miss Greene's salary is only 3125 a month Today another job was filled It is the post of assistant to the city building Inspector The job went to Eddie Mays formerly a Court House clerk and with absolutely no qualifications for the job His salary is to be 3150 a month Now if hia job as assistant to the building inspector is worth 3150 a month then the executive head of the agency that handles all the city’s welfare work among the needy should be getting at least 3300 a month Why Mr Dies? CONGRESSMAN DIES ix outraged be- cause a man who once wrote a book about nudism is employed by Vice-President Wallace’s agency which is doing post-war planning We can’t understand why The way shortages are developing the way prices are going up the way taxes will have to rise maybe advice from an authority on nudism is just what a lot of us are going to need And maybe well need it even before the post-war period arrives Only a Sideshow To Cover Up for Unions By WESTBROOK FEGLEK TUCSON Ariz April 1 — Somebody 3- named L Metcalfe Walling described as administrator of the wages and hours division of the Department of Labor recently said that Nazi propaganda was responsible for the movement to abolish the 40-hour week I don't believe he had any ground for this charge because he offered no proof and furthermore 'this agitation over the 40-hour week is a diversion which has temporarily switched public attention from this corruption of the union racket which the Administration and the professional man-hunters of the unions' have been trying to conceal By kicking that gong around they have raised a great clatter in the manner of those old - time house - prowlers who Mr Feeler would start a fight in the alley while the man around front went through the plan The real issues are not the 40-hour week but the compulsory closed shop the criminal practices of unions and the rising power of the union brown shirts to gang up on honest patriotic citizens and persecute and rob them with the sanction of the packed Supreme Court The boss-fakers of this great criminal union power obviously must be glad of any such distraction so there is as much reason to suspect them of fomenting this row as there is to suspect the Nazis on the word- of an obscure recent appointee in the Labor Department who doesn’t support his statements and whose official background creates suspicion Arnold Speaks Truth EVERY word that Thurman Arnold said to the House Judiciary Committee about the predatory brutality and thievery of unions was absolutely true and proven but he was not talking about the 40-hour week which is quite another matter We can retain the 40-hour week by paying for it in higher prices for war materials and other goods This might bankrupt the nation but we probably are going through the wringer anyway so what the hell If we realize that business firms and stockholders big and little are not philanthropists or governments with taxing powers and must take in at one box office what they pay out in wages taxes and all we can maintain the 40-hour week by hoisting the ceilings on prices of war goods and civilian commodities and services To be sure this would mean higher costs of living and the beneficiaries of the overtime pay provided by the 40-hour week would be no better off than they would be on straight pay But there Is something deliber "We Aryan Moslems Have To Stick Together!" Rfi jrately deceitful and dark in this persistent and stubborn avoidance by our Government of the sorry facts of union operations as they have been revealed in these dispatches hundreds of times and stated by Thurman Arnold several times in his pathetic futile testimony to Congress These unions are infested with dirty thieves and exploiters and betrayers of labor and they do hi-jack the fanner the consumer and the employer and they do beat up rob and horribly persecute common Americans citizens whose Government ought to defend their right to work on war tasks free of any obligation to pay tribute to any extortioner A Promise Is Kept I PROMISED Will Green two years ago that I would show up a whole rogues' gallery of crooks in positions of power in unions and don’t let any of the miserable frauds of the corrupt union press tell you that I cited only a few or that the proportion of crooks in union leadership has been no greater than in the clergy or finance or commerce It is the crooked-est calling in the whole United States and the unions far from exposing their vermin and pulling them off the backs of the workers and the whole community have fronted for them and refused to cooperate with the prosecuting officers when they could have done so 1 cited a hundred and there are counties more vicious parasites who can’t be called criminals only because local prose-' cutors have been too lazy or too much in political fear of the unions to convict them Do you think I would call Mike Boyle the boss of the Chicago electricians a low crook and a traitor to labor if I couldn’t prove it by court records but do you think Green has done - anything about him? I wouldn’t and Green hasn’t and Boyle is only a specimen out of the whole evil horde Yes I am an American too and so are millions of others who are determined not to permit anyone the Government or any gang of corruptioneers to exploit our sacrifices so as to substitute criminal png rule and compulsion for the free institutions which the nation is fighting to maintain A Good Start JUDGE JAMES M MEEK of the ' Second Circuit Court has been on the bench too short a time fully to demonstrate his capabilities but his prompt and vigorous treatment of a drunken driving case in Criminal Court last week and his forthright notice to attorneys that dilly-dallying would not be tolerated are encouraging signs The use of some good old-fashioned American backbone is something that will do Knox County’s criminal courts no harm Iilimg Whh lhwon SIMMS SAYS: !Hitler Is Planning a World-Wide Blockade To Separate All Allies —by Carmack ia Chriatian Science Monitor By WILLIAM PHILIP SIMMS Bcrlpfw-lfaward Foreign Editor WASHINGTON April 1— The vastest blockade ever conceived by man according tef some of the best posted military men here now seems to be the motif of the Axis war plans against the United Nations The aim of this unprecedented world-w i d e barrier will be to isolate Great Britain Russia China Australia and South ’Mr Simms Africa from the United States "arsenal of democracy’' from the Western Hemisphere generally and as far as possible from each other Its corollary of course would be to give Germany Japan and Italy not only the comparatively safe Inside lines of communication but also easy access to coal iron oil cotton rubber and other vital materials abundant in the Caucasus the Middle East India Africa and the East Indies Such appearing to be the broad outline of Axis strategy for this year the same authorities believe Germany must now thrust in two directions First against Russia the Caucasus and the Middle East and second into the Atlantic Union in India rE Nazi aim would be to cut Russia off from outside supplies gain control of the Russian and Middle Eastern oil fields for herself and finally help Japan cut Britain off from India The Japanese would be expected to push their advance into India to join hands with the Nazis and across the Indian Ocean perhaps as far as Madagascar At the same time they would attempt to cut Australia China and Russia off from the United States and their other allies (1) by completing the occupation of Burma (2) taking over more of the islands around Australia and (31 attacking Vladivostok and Eastern Si- In any event Information reaching Washington confirms the belief that the Axis is now pretty well convinced that it must force a decision this year or the Initiative will be snatched from its hands Germany has already lost 2000000 men in the Russian campaign according to the most conservative estimates and can not afford to allow that sort of thing to continue Deluge in 1943 RUSSIA’S manpower Is more than double Germany's and while the Soviet Union can afford a war of attrition Hitler cannot Unless he can defeat the Russians this' summer win through to the oil of the Caucasus and cut the supply line from America he will have lost the war So von Pa pen Nazi ambassador to Turkey is reliably reported to have admitted Japan too faces the necessity of an early decision While she has superiority in the air on the ground and in the Western Pacific for the time being she will not be able to replace losser-at least not quickly enough to count Each plane each ship each tank she loses weakens her by that much She lacks anything like the United Nations’ cd parity to produce If figures announced here canbe relied upon Germany as well as Japan 4 will be snowed under in 1943 by the Allied output of materiel The Red Flags Wave NEUTRALS in Tokyo therefore report 'that Japanese subjects are bring stirred up once again against the Russians For a time after Pearl Harbor Japanese propaganda was silent with regard to the menace of Communism Now it is said the Mikado's subjects are being warned of the Red menace hanging over them in the direction of Siberia Russia of course is alive to the danger of a sudden Japanese attack It is entirely possible that she may forestall any such unpleasant surprise by taking the initiative herself In any event Tokyo seems to fear this may happen for reports are said to be current there that Russia has already made plans for taking over the Kuriles as well as the southern half of Sakhalin if not Hokkaido one of the principal islands of Japan Certainly the Russians would need these if they wish to-be even reasonably secure after the war A WOMAN'S VIEWPOINT At Tht White House By MRS WALTER FERGUSON A WHITE HOUSE visitor these days is stopped at the en trance to the grounds by two handsome uniformed guards Telephone establishes identity and after the walk to the front door a mild-looking major domo ushers you into a room where several other persons sit waiting Introductions are made all round Presently he announces the First Lady and after greetings the group moves into the big paneled dining room There on most days some larger group will already be taking tea It usually is composed of special commission or a student body The tea is good A large bowl of red roses is the only gay note in the vast room Constraint is so thick you could cut it with a knife It’s funny how shy human beings are of one ' another in strange surroundings They move awkwardly wearing painted smiles like poor fish out of water "WER the mantel hangs a new portrait of Abraham Lincoln Of course it isn't really new but only newly exhibited It is startlingly unlike the usual pictures one sees of Honest Abe For a wonder and a relief the face Is lighted with smile the pose is careless instead of dignified It’s the man Lincoln rather than the Savior of the Union who looks at you Howdy Abe! What a comfortable friendly aort of person you mutt have been And probably beset by just such f locks of gawking visitors in your time Which brings your mind hurrying back to your hostess She is still valiantly at work creating ease After tea your group drifts into the Red Room with Mrs Roosevelt who departs only long enough to have her picture taken with another bunch of admirers Constraint stalks you there The atmosphere is heavy with the embarrassment of women who ere bursting to talk yet afraid of the sound of their own voices in such an awesome place The First Lady comes back She wears a plain black dress with a tiny edging of white at the neck Looped twice about her throat is a twisted rope of small pearls Sheer black stockings- and' brand new patent leather pumps call attention to her lovely feet end ankles as pretty as young girl’s After nine years she can still take it— the adulation and the Vyessing" day in and day out must be fearful ordeaL Yet she remains serene You wonder how when you remember that while this may be red-letter day for you it’s just routine stuff for Mrs Roosevelt OUR NEIGHBORS SKMU La Follatta There have been entirely too many small forest fires in end near La Follette the past week or two We can understand how these fires get started with folk making gardens and burning waste but still we believe they should not be allowed to get out of control As e matter of belief we doubt if any waste material such as has been burned should ever be burned Leaves from trees and weeds and trash which accumulates should be placed -in gulleys and on Poor spots and allowed to stop washing and to enrich the land — T Pollette Frua Guy Eaeterijr Editor PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT announcing General Mae Arthur's appointment as United Nations commander In Australia: "I am sure that every American if faced individually with the question as to where General MacArthur could best serve his country could come to wily one answer" REF CHARLES A PLUM-LEY Vermont Republican advocating a woman's Army auxiliary carps: "Let’s get rid of all this flag waving and all this baloney Don’t you know that we can’t win this war without the women?" Clapper Says: ' Brooding Nehru Is Unable To See All of Indian Quesf ion By RAYMOND CLAPPER ALLAHABAD IndA (Delayed la A transmission) — Throughout my talk with Nehru the independence leader he was struggling between resentment over past grievances against British and India's best interests now One might think the answer would bo easy for a patriot But you have to remember that Nehru got out of jail only a few days before Pearl Harbor after serving part of a sentence for alleged seditious speech Hence tangled human emotional struggles complicate this whole situation In fact resentment to- ward Britain ’ causes some Indians almost to rebound into Axis sympathy even when common sense tells them Japan would be a far more brutal taskmaster Indians beaten by the police during independence demonstrations have schooled themselves to non-resistance Nehru says they often wanted to strike back but knew it was more effective to continue rigid non-co-operation 'We Tried Once' YET Nehru and his group must supply leadership if Indiana are given control of their own affairs "We had plans for developing industry in India" he said "Several years ago the province set up an India-wide planning committee of which I was made chairman "We had 29 sub-committees to study every question regarding modern development This included surveys for improving agriculture for control of floods and soil erosion irrigation finance social services cottage industries heavy industries such as ship-building manufacture of machinery automobiles and such "But we met with obstruction by vested Interests end when 1 was put in jail the work stopped Certain interests did not want Indians to develop industry Yet those very industries would have been most useful in the war effort now" Nehru cited several Instances showing how Industrial projects were blocked by vested interests— for example automobile end plane factories Out of such a background Nehru comes into the present opportunity suffering from complexes like child who has been mistreated The result is that one finds an apparently irrational qual- ity in the Indian leaders position Anyway there is suspicion of Britain’s present effort although this is somewhat dissipated by Sir Stafford Cripps’ handling of the readjustment question Everywhere in Indie there is goodwill toward Cripps Nehru says they are close personal friends Probably much depends on whether Indians are vinced that the British government is fully behind Cripps For instance Nehru commented bitterly that even to this moment Amery minister for Indian affairs in London is talking in the same old vein No Faith in America QHOULD Indians be convinced that the O British are sincerely ready tor a new deal probably they will be ready to go at it in a more whole-hearted spirit The American mission coming here to help develop India’s war effort fails to awake the enthusiasm from Nehru that X expected Again he saw in it the danger of some new attempt to exploit India He cited American industry — another evidence of his psychosis For when I said that we had never abused weaker nations he replied nevertheless there was always such a tendency when a powerful nation came into contact with a weaker one I go into these matters because to the extent that India is to run its own af fairs Nehru will be in the driver’s seat as the most influential figure in the Congress Party Although he was educated in England and is widely traveled with contacts all over the world absorption -in India's cause has narrowed his ability to see the whole picture in the present crisis This apparently causes him to brood over the past instead of making a fresh stait to face the present challenge Perhaps he is merely showing cautious reserve in conversation But at no time does he seem to stress rapid development of India under the present opportunity Rather he goes back to the point that he tried once but go no encouragement from Britain IAN MAISKY Soviet ambassador to London: "On the Soviet front the initiative has been forced from Hitler and we have not the slightest intention of letting this be taken from us However on some other fronts the initiative is still with the enemy" SEN HAROLD H BURTON Ohio Republican: "Too many people believe the war is a glorified WPA project” SIDE GLANCES By Galbrailh ‘There must be something going on in the world that we don 4' know about Mom that’s Keeping jour tourist eus-tomers away’1 4 mm

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