The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 21, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1891
Page 4
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V^ '?%' > THE '?*' PBS M01NE8. ALGONA. TOW*, WEDNESDAY. 1891. THE LATEST TELEGRAMS. Tnri weekly statement of the New York banks show them to bo in a very sound dnd healthy condition. Tho reserve is very largely in excess of-the requirement, fthd the deposits have increased immensely. BAT,!, 11EAUINGSPATENT IN- VAMW. It will be of interest to makers of bicy- fclesj or nny other devices in which ball bearings arc used to reduce the friction, to know that tho English patent covering 6'tich bearings has been declared invalid by the courts. Brown, the owner of the Kng- lish patent, brought suit for infringement agninst tho 'Centaur cycling company, which had used these brarwigs in its ma- •chines, The defense was (hat buck 1877 a bicycle with ba't bearings built nnd ridden, us woW e8timate(3 , figh ' 8 betw een troops took place Sunday. TIIK winter wheat in central Illinois is being damaged by lack of rain. Tirlj Indian chief Red Cloud and his n . j?!'T rcmJeretl on th e 8th of January to .has raised tho embargo importation of pork except on the Red Sea ate increasing despite the efforts of civilized nations to ca-;S6 the ex unction of the traffic. Inn British government has issued 200 duplicate warrants for the nrrest of William 0 Brien and distributed them through the three kingdoms. COUNT Lotirs Ar.EJMKbRs Fotrcrrun AiiEir., a trench statesman and author of repute, is dead. IT is announced that Prof. Koch will publish Jnn 15th tho ingredients which enter into the composition of his lymph TUB efforts to end the Scotch railroad strike by means of a compromise have • M.'I 1 ' lcmcn remain out and traffic s still badly hampered. Uen. Miles. GKHMANY ajfuinsfc the „„ „ that from the United Stales. AN evangelist is ho ding forth in Bcloit this week nnd business houses are closed evening to permit Pinployes to attend WILLIAM of Germany is said o bn working on a project, to secure the disarmament of all the nations of Europe' *^WX<. th S ni !"liA who has been mm How English Youngsters are Trained aild Tarned into Very Clever Street Thieves. It is there that they hold their meeting organize their detachment?, deliberate on future movcmefls, iavo their savings banks and clubs and settle on the way o: assisting those of their pals who are ill, shadowed or in prison. They form aregu lar association, like the housebreakers, and shoplifters, from whom, however, they are quite distinct. LHtring their visits in Paris, although How the Pocket Thieves of Parfa On ?P eratin l? in common, they do not dwell ,„ . . . ... "together, but ars scattered all over the Work to Accomplish a ei-.y, meeting only to spare the spoils at certain specified moments in dark or borgne laverns or wine shops ituated iii the neighborhood of the Champs Elysees "-' the i"--- ' -...'..' ! as tie at Continental Pickpockets Itecogtiize the Superior London Alethott-Ex- ceiving. houses, called in Paris mtuiners (millers), where they dispose of their n was 'hibitpd, at the goose fair at Nottingham, and duplicate machines were .ateo in use at that ti'iuo. Tho justice before -whom tho case was tried declared this evidence 'sufficient to destroy the patent. This case •will be appealed, and if the present decision be sustained it will have irap< bearings upon several American patents .for similar devices. t deep at some place?, liabilities of tho J, E. Potts Salt of Dctrnii " " re 1UMIiu "' IT that Pope L?o will insist on entire religious liberty being accorded to nil sects in Catholic countries. A UAN» of 250 Indians are raiding farms along Snake- Creole, Montana, and troops have been sent thither. THIS miprnno court of Nebraska has recognized John £. Boyd as governor of the state and advises Governor Boyd to .Atf avalanche of snow has fallen upon Livno, a town in Bosnia. Many houses were bimed. Seventeen bodies have already been taken from beneath the snow nnd it is feared that many others have perished, TWENTY thousand persons attended the larnell meeting at, Limerick Sunday to cheer Parnell and hiss Gladstone. vacate. A coun- W. II. GnovKs and Vern Fletcher have theft. ° VOr at Eacine on tl cb ' dr « a of ample, of Their Groat Success. | S^, ^ iaT^XbVLS of these transactions that they are carried , on on both sides with scrupulous, fairness At no other time of the year is London antl honesty, so sale a place to walk in or to mix with A sharp and observant person mi<*h iiT 0 ;!,!! 1 ! during August and Sjwternbcr. |^£ ct j. hfj . pickpocket who shadows iTiin roving even the entirely A .._.„ «„.„£ g;lvuuu:3 UL OCiLSlUtt allU 1 " "I ' " ""^ "'"*.» » f. i lit! UclUlU iS COlltl'tlCt- iniand watering place.*, for foreiarn race f, llt tllc outsel; of l heir career, imperative courses and all the resorts whore traveler* tllen > Jt becomes inveterate. The pick- gate. Pocket embraces at a glance theparticu! ftfrhftife Austria's Emperor if Jtat Onif Bat He la Generous. The emperor of Austria is less talked of nowadays than the younisf kaiser of Northern O-erminland, but ha H one of the most noticeable figures in Ita pailoranu of European royalty. He is often said to bd ;he richest man in Europe, and certainly he Hapsburg family is one of the wealth- est, as well as one of tbe oldest in the world. In charity he is munificent. Only the other day he gave a sum equal to 8500,000 rom hit priv.ite pursu for tho relief of the ufterers from inundiation*. His many trials Itave him n qnirf.. pruhtuble hunting grounds of or all nations are wont to and divest themselves. Tho habit 1} • > . -.«-..» t." «viif5A\-g«,UC ( I . . | . g«i*n\/0 UtIG UcbL tJUUl If laris being a favorite rendezvous tor pro- a . rtlcie lu ll % shop window calculated-to pnnA li'n 1 8tril »S«''s aboubthis season, ;»«ract the p.issor-by, the conformation of ' or 7,01)0 British pickpo'ckels.Tt'hag I tlle victim's pockets, the foot been estimated, find their way there j f^und ]'"u, and the quarter passengers which ANOTIHSU COJSdUMft'ION CUUK. Another cure 4 : or consumption rivaling . English Rovernmont urging tho 'Canadian ministers to brintr abotir, itnossible, coinmnrcial reciprocity belween-Ginnd.! and the United States 7 • M . -• « fiurrendi-ved Thursday in Nebraska and Gov. Uo< •' ha* taken ^session of thp executive c'partments. THE board of directors county, Illinois, is short of tho Metro- New York, lias do- by French and Ital- I alter the'present season.' of be presented there -Dr. Koch's lymph is announced from Delroit, u discovery of Dr. ,15, L. Shurley who has been .aided in developing it by Dr II. Giboa of Michigan university.. 'Dr. Shurley'« theory in that the disease is •caused by the powerful ptomaines which tho human body in capable of producing, that bacillus tuberculosis is'(.imply a result, n by-product of lhe«j poisons; BO •while Dr. Koch has sought a remedy by (ittflcking a result of (he disease Dr. Slrar- ley has aimed to what he considers MM-CBUSO iteelf. The experiments, ,„ have extended ov ei - several years. The , co ,n™.™V r ^plofislalive session atLin- • disease hasi been ooniinutncatpd to awiramlH -and by injecting into their -food the «pi(,tlo of 'he-pcaa'. Gov. Boyd \w,\a sworn" in, but consumptives. For a cure the doctors l(aOV '•Ihiiyerrefusoa to vacate the office, found 'that hypodermic injections -of tt|,,J,?S 0 l"f t :'..., w( ?';! en have given the solution of chloride of sodium and-chloride of gold-with inhalations of chlorine gas I who are the wives of the gambler-' vie- produoed tho required result of neutraliz- ,"""' threaten to burn the furniture of the . of Peoria in his accounts n, too/sculptor, is under ar- Hamilton, Ohio, charged with big- saloonkeeDers named John Murray and Walter McDonald ong^ed in a ^ Two Inrgo oaf meal .-. --- leetinirs'in Chibut_Mr. Schumncher denies that a now trust is to bo formed. THE deadlock in tho Minnesota house of repreimntaUvns has been broken by the «pXer Cluu "PHn (alliance) as ingthorpoison of the ptomaines in u re-1 •marlia'blo way. With this tronl animals to which tho disease has beon 'Communicated have been cured, while •others similiurly diseased have .died. H utoy truth to these reports, hero then wo have at least that home industry •which tho heavy tariff levied on Dr. Roan's -lymph seems designed to protect. llisy.I 1 . PENson-r, agent, of the Ameri- i, ° r is said to have flrnwn a revolver which Murray attempted to grasp. In doing so the. won pen was discharged, tho ball pawing through Murray s thigh. J. FIBIIEU, formerly of Racine, was rob- nmnn • of • p ' lper3 ancl considerable money in Chicago, M. V. HABPEII, agent of the National Lite Insurance company, O f Vermont, is 860,000 tll<3 cmbmlement of H.ENIIY II UNSET,, of Eaton, Wis., has been sentenced to fourteen years' imprisonment lor wife murder. AN unknown mam and woman wero dead in bed Tuesday morniii" at 1 iladelphm Pa. The woman waTsTiot the head and tho man turough under ,| m , 8t singly or in groups. They are recognised lns hogbear, the "Bobby," is likely to ap- oy Uie polzco as more expert and clanger- M 5631 "- llie English pickpocket rarely offers ous than those of any other nationality. any opposition if caught in, the acl- They aro of both sexes and aU'age'a; as he silently to be led off by his caii tor ; . s cai or frequently as not a woman in one of the V^ th ? women howl, thrash, scratch and trio that almost invariably unites to carry \ h sht. It is the characteristic national on operation?, the "nipper." Pickpockets coolness and lack of emotional irritability ciislik t ..~... w ...„.„ .»*n..< v .HIM n, LJi'.il '.'. AtJSSJl ytsu. intensely laborious, manl/ maii. Ho has a teicler heart and dreads the inflieUoa of the least pain on any of his subject, ,The emperor is strongly opposed to capital punishment, _ He was called upon the other day to sign a death warrunt, and be--an signing Iw name, but a tear falling on the ink blotted the letters and he turned to the minister in attendance saying: "See, my tears obliterata my name. I cannot sign it." And he tore'it up. When wo went to meet Empsrof William at R-mnstock the other day he ww the observed of all observers, Dressed in a splendid Prussian uniform he looked a grand seigneur in the highest sense of the term. The two emperors ar» very fond of all modern inventions, and have filled their places with^lectric lights, telephones and """- inventions. While they were at other the working alone ?^, is. so much ind jostles nipper" avails himself of ill l-'±' tl - - 1 - Al'^i'wulvcL^3 ., .. * v * "• <-i"^iiL/luil UTlCaUlUCy lone, the danger of be- t ""! : contribute more than any physical nuch greater. As urule make tbe British pickpocket 3s the intended victim, Iac i'e pnn?,eps in his art, and an'object of .-i--- ...ails himself of his dis env ^ ". n " Admiration to members of the comhture or wrath to extract watch, purso P r °tession in oilier countries. ' ' ... „ eae h C?U11 , y lh(J ^.^ M ^ ' ] n p '? rtlcillitlr m etli3ch. She Span---., —..x..^oo Djj C i;wi,iui ui uns 111-1 J ar u,liK6 tae^jubh, does 'not at- cident, who walks O ff leisurely and unsus- tem P\ to operate* save in a tolerably thick puctea with the "swag," while his more crowc j? tn ° Italian works generally only suspiciously clad accomplice draws upon °. n '-[d'es,. because he is too precipitate- hnuseUthe attention of the police, and "^ lurk is tearless, awkward, audacious' even challenges it, in tho security of huv nnd . ere " '".«« clutches of the policei, w "t h 'n« nothing compromising on his person- °" e "and pinioned, attempts tusfcp'al with ..;{' Ce . r 7, ln cas . w « where the booty is im- IP ° • ! le li ! ; ; e ' lc!l make a specialty "urn tl 1 ° ni PP° r " ha . 8 . beon known to honi T^ff"" Which is .'-% tej V . itohnstock they were enabled to listen through the telephome, especially installed tor them, to the opera of "Carmen," performed on the stage of tho Berlin Upera house, 275 miles away. Rhonstock. the scene of this meeting' stands on the confines of the province* which Prussian Frederick the Great stole from tho Austrian Maria Theresa. But neither of the em perora appears to have been at nil distressed by any remembrance oMhis historic wrjng. .The emperor of Austria lives' very simply in hi? grand eld puJace of the Hotburg IP Vienna. At ce/emonials he can bo very grand, wbea seated at lus workable in his private st^ly with one ot. the Ion? Virginia cigars 3 cidsume the appearance of-friffht o necl «,;)(• to Kivo his pain a better chance and m "re tmie to get away. Tho tipsy man Who «e« into an omnibus and has "word" JAMES McTO.Y. a Chicauo trnveling i, laT1 under ,, 8 at Bloomington, III from hii em" his .. ... for the last six months conducting a mothodist church at Albany,/N. Y., Ira L. i or or tho Ever.i'ntf Mirror —At - ,-- ] " rl " Gen. James H. Butler, of Hamiiden, Me., a conain of Gen. B.-i ju- mi li ll' 1}.,II » ' r 1 r\ tj "Jit. London, Curl CAST1.K UARJXBN. The famous old Castle Gardem, which has so long been tho gateway to the new •world for thousands upon thousands of Immigrants, has passed with Iheooming of the new year from tho United States authorities to those of tho city of New York, ,und tho question is now, What will become of it? Nodonger »vi!l it bq a field from-which household servants la-ndN/w York Herald editors can bo recruited at a -moment's notice, but it oughtVi'll to servo tome good purpose and ojrtainly Ought not, on account of its historic associations, to bo demolished Castle 'Garden was built eighly-rour years ago in response made (o a de.nand of some Tilden of that generation tf.r better coast defenses. It was intendec: as tho twin to . I , will o vyilliel eighty. wifn t- M' Jrs0 f 8 ' who murdered ,ns wile at Memphis, has escaped with a five years sentence in the penitentiary was cuptmed Jan, 8lh at St. Louis hplH I fn I "M " E \ , MuLI ' EN ' °«e of (ho men held tor the robbery of the bank at South .Cnicniro, waived examination Saturday S t0 th ' " uuseera| y who, ob- disturbance, re- , ne, re- to be Jet down; not, however, before they have successfully availed themselves ° 'M? 0 !^'^" 10 ?*Pl°re the pockets lation or on hie or her a re- i j . , O ""-»*T*\4Wt*l II I U old Jriend, effusively fall ins i' npplr- \uhilfl tK« ^...^.- •. ° „!,:,„ i , , .. wh ile the en or ia B1 plained and apologies offered the, de°d i done by an nssocieite. The most foamier- ous of that specie i, Ihe bscotenw, usually ?J°1?,? and ve V,P«.K* KM, who ' J «?h,f«,«,ff • everything pertaining lo btateaff.urs^ and sincerely ambitious'of political eminence for his country. His great sorrows have left deep marks upon •,. • , - O--M ••••« rushes arms or a beiifcvoleat old man kisses him on both cheeks nnd calls him uncle, a relationship he will have good h ?"n, f r , e , member ' w ^ ^ cost him all ms^ portable property. ihe utter carelessness of the ^il^L^/'P™^. ?f.the of their neighbors was diverted. while their pockets attention Sirica tailors have made oii'" 3 Hinors nave mada n , BOC I- C(B less loose, and dreMiiinkers hidden those ot women inclininn.,- f,M u 11,, ..„:. . ,° a n I ot women in clingin has had to alter his folds, the "ippe S |y| e lie cln the composer, aged AS CALKIES, an Eau w s hadly burned while starting the kitchen, FOUR men in a sled wore killed at a crjssing by a Luke Shore train near Fre- 'M011L, O. EMU. DEUSTKU, of New Colon, fell from a treight tram at Racine and was badly 15 house and barn of a farmer named \Yyinan, near Wmmburn was destroyed b .EmvAim KVEHSON, of Eau Claire, ha i" 8 ,"!;, 1 ::. 0 } 1 "?^ 11 ' a p { *™»e »™^ A WOMAN was held up and robbed dicvoH at a church in Chicago, Saturd "glifc. Iwenty-Kevpn similar cases ha !? week. 1 " 1 fr ° m Iho8a '»,e church with THE WATHMTAI, CAPJTAi,. h ° " °" Weclnesda J-. t , went into C01 hurt. an e an so baclly torn that ampliation will probab Iy bo necessary: *•«,»* necessary THE new Dixou t ff V t) » r» Fas » j f Castle William on Governor's Island, but was never equipped and was consequently never devoted to the uavsof Mars. It was originally built sixty foot from shore, and was reached by a drawbridge, which could Iff instantly drawii up, as in the castles of [old. For many .'ears it served no special •end and was the-.i used for the fairs of t he American institute!, which fifty years ago t wero as much of an event to the metropolis ' as tho New York and New England fair now is to Albany—more so, in fact, for the interest Wl is deeper-—and the result, it is supposed, more profitable. In 1SS'2 it was mate famous the country over by the! Jenny Lind concerts, which v.ere given in _ the 'presence of enthusiasiic thousands. Other interesting operatic and theatrical events took place there, and Sept. C, 1852, what was supposed to bo the centennial of the introduction of the drama in America was there celebrated by tho repetition of the bill played by the Ilaliain company in Williamsburg, Va., Sept. 5,1853, namely, "The Merchant of Venice," and "Lethe," a farco by Garrick. Since then, however, it has been demonstrated that there wero theatrical performances given by regular companies sonm yearb before that date. Castle Garden became an immigrant bureau in 1855, and since that 9,720,677 persons have passed through its portals to a homo in ihe Jiew world, nearly 0110-third •of them being from Ireland and as manj mere from GVnmmy. It will now bo placed under control of tho department of parks, and tho World is making 1111 earnest effort to snvii the old building as an historical museum, or something of the sort. There aro many reasons why this should be done. The Uulti-rv will'always bo a beautiful place of resort. Tho meeting of the rivers makes it tlio liveliest marine picture in this country, and (o persons not accustomed to the sight' 1 of watw navigation, it is one of the most interesting places in New York. 11 will always be visited by - thousands of strangers, and Castle Garden, if preserved, will iihvuyg command attention. finest blocks in totally destroyed building, ono of th Milwaukee, was almos by fire Thursday fore THE CHy of Dallas from Puer to Cortez brings news of the wrecking of a scJioonei between the Bay Islands and the njon. dll SOMK nuschcvious boys at Green Bay stretched a ropo across the street and Mr isoloinan, an old and partially purnhzsti So " pp °" ttnd Wlia v "y b " acl| y of Geo. Woodruff was de- bruised. THE house Iheir Iho fan.ily barely" escaped"'with lives, saving no clothing nor prop- A MAN named Alexander 1'feifer was found dea- 1 near the Illinois Central trac O'ie mile beyond flnrnsiiln in M^.J Mr v fl cf -. WJ ? dnesJ .ny night passe voteIt e 39 S to2i Wr - free - C ° lnaSe biii b ^ T£e^^oSr^v7^ iipoint ° at Manon, VVnupncu county J at Seneca, Crawford countv. On 15th appropriate SDo.OOO fo U " der tlletlirt ''-' ti o" of the sec e a revenue steamer to the steamer Andrew tary ofihe like the place arrv 111 "^^^"- ^bms for servic^! 8 ° U " n ° Iong ' er Ht THE report of the world's fair s d,v wiM V ' U ? h , Was ful| y ex P ected 'Wuirs- d.iy. will net be presented to the house :y. ..Chairman Civi.dler said MO,, i Mond . airman iv,,cer said ; h at , .her consultation with Director Gen r, I JJ..VIH others he had concluded iot to submit tho report until it had been icted upon_by the fulUomniittee. H,, vo ,,, TlllCC Ap- e e cn no longer insert his whole p^dm tl~h the narrow aperture, B0 he ^artiflciafij elo gates, with delicate pincers, the 'two fin- wrs contempt, which biclj authorities . effective protection Ordin P M o?-ntiona defeat many attempts at nin """ —*-'— y -. aKem * >ta at supplement the legend peop e beware of them" the would do well to affix a few _ j ie figure AS a sportsman ho is m»l? We ^° kl his own with the youngest member ot his court.—Pittsburg Pressf ANECDOTES Ol^TAJ.LEYRAND. How He Disposed of an Omoeseolcor and • ' a Creditor. Cincinnati Commercial Gnzotto.' ; "The art of putting tbe right men in the r,gh places," Talleyrand*once said" Its first in the science of-overnmpnt. but subtriictiDg 1 . , --»** ^*iiv_vil. O« t ^!T h _ 1 fJ!.. I !!. oll . ac . anl » thrust in and the same. Those who to acquire the process is the iiae never been able or ... , ------ . quisite suppleness of mauipulation whose hands are naturally coarse and broad, cut the pocket bodily " as tic so carrying their watches. 0-i1 with pocket 'ooks The prac- women of iu their hand dis- ' 1 be inculcated a<miiwt purson running up against, yo one central Blender cord - 8fa i il188 ' cn di utf in leade with glue or cobbler's wax which are dropped into tbe pocket, ay Hung ifc contains adheres to the balls ami can be dragged out with them by Tallin* the main cord. If the thief notices a f obstruction, or the lining is likely to COMP out also, he cuts the cord w th ' any an - f you a ^J" sfc f eolin * drunkards it you are suddenly tapped on thp shoulder in a crowd bv a str inter be on your guard, f 3r his partner is waterin^h" uoment when you turn your head to \ Oil ' 1 Tl n 1<nil<ITn.. ^ _____ ' .. It would seem from this that the statesiiian was a; seekers as are the public our own time. Ilia manner of dis- fliofnN. • 1S a » 1U3i ngly illustrated iu tlietollowmg anecdote: One day one of these troublesome t sons presented himself to M c" H However, ely resorts fo f 'Very well,'' said Talleyrand, "but tell something that suits and which can be VvT'fl You don't know of anyftV?. Wei find something. You must P.dafifc that I haven't the time to search for 1 Iaoe is ,,11 t f """~~ at ," le ' JUSV hours, musi as the waiting hnlls of important, bank hich they call "melon frames." It is el. known that no small boat leaves alma or Do;er without carrying severa ckpoekets-, and that hardly ever is a ossing_efl-ectcd during whiJh .some pks- nger , s not rolbed; yet it ,s only reatintervals that detecdvcs constan :l-handed. ' ° ° tal ' e a tu ief n!, hn °" ^ re ™? r CT _°^, s , the Pickpockets eatoone, and have little trouble in so pickpoeket was famous for " oing. s amous or P rai'ism with which he acted an epilep" 10 fit, und roJjoJ toaming on the sidewalk t the inquisitive or oharitable passer-bv ., TJ • • o llCCH •il^ n T"Ti lin Q rtlc0 i""y ehro "fcled this true Tie ot "Ihe Smoker's Revene " hcene: Mond morin. * ,,nr» III \i llol)ert ' B Ir ?" Work8 poit, Mass., vvero destroyed by lire Mond • "»» ... , :l instantly kille Jiiylor, one of the ' others had narrow escapes. n..,i '' :s ^ l ".i' and a companion iiiimpr Shier «Ur(ed Thursday night for e lumber wimp near Driftwo-vj P u T, e placed u logon iho slide ana u.en ' R tarte \V hen part wil down it. uownic. V hen part way down a big o came thundering down the .slido. Mi |" "l^T'H, in , lhrow «"t,' himself out of i - iy. but.Gulp was struck and instantly avul- kil MANY persons wero killed by iincho of snow at Livno, Bosnia. OMS hundred houses at JJombiiy, India taiu^^^t^^ 1 ^ ^j^^^^L^^S s Revenge A railway compartment. "Ma- nmc : , do you obji-ct to smoking?" No re| ply. ihe question is repeated with a lar result. Tlii>,]r;.,,, tL „. \. .. , passer-bv passer-v who stopped to assist or see him assisted pic dearly lor their benevolence or cur osity. Other pickpockets quarrel, call o the spectators to make arinirand see play; the- sham boxing begins, until certain preconcerted signal, telling clin P ( t - S1CSOr ? shllr P clip the fastenings, of necklaces, that n ih ; wJlv10inUWberof thefts Emitted m i ins vvd.v is enormous, hut beino. ,K- only much later they are "" to other eauses, ami the HOME R15AJJINO. ie many another famous man, both before his time and s noe, Talleyrand exhibit- eel— at least m early life-a great ralun- tance to settling wiUi his oredK When Bis ' 11 ° P ,° f Autu? W considered a fine new fai at of hands and go or Potin, with an oyr. M unearthly gleam in her "Just to see A-hnt'll happen, here trees'" he said, stu, ls by the lady' s tone. And h« applied tbe match. Th.'lady bounced from tho seat, and ou SB?F^ fJomhisJipSi The grnl Ionian, quite it best to be quiet, his lost Havana. Madame taken hack, secretly be- of aboul fifty pickpockets; now the polici reports show that their number has reached lOOnfHn H ™ et<ro P°' iR alone - and about 10,000 in the rest ot France. These are nearly doubled at times of reviews, 'iy re ulv 1 , m ,,ff' " er lri "' n l )l1 - Suddenly T ii.y s mutt appeared lo becomo instiri ;'"! 'V"T irf nll T alittle p° o '«p «t 1us linarl to take n breath of air. Tl fin tinman arose, smiling nffablv in ittle dog by (ho tail, and lender ed it out of the carriage window givim c iilcut tones. "Madan.e ere is a com irtmcuit fnr «Ws'"— 111,Uh ,*n f * "&*• iiiUbiu.toa Amcr n. KEVOI.DTION of ,. saya (hut on Koch's lymph tubeivuliir bacilli nnd th,< discovery is a failure. EABTKKN advices show that slavery and flftvo hunting m the couutries boXinJ Dl.orrteif Which Affect the Kidney r«.mong t heuo6l forml,i»b lBkl)owu . IB"! dlMUMMtKv., ,„„ w , h« urinary or«a, 19 ar , not •ewi, cu S « 9 , but ,| 1By Inay be ttedlc.tton. A n 8t) f ul Bllraul ^^^'^^^ bill Jiii:n.n«..j ii i...."" '!'"' ""*.' i aces, popular fetes find exhibitions by re- c-nits trom abroad. But singularly enough, hey come Irom or have been trained Great Britain England is the crad'e and hot bf dot pickpockets. It IB a profession asfirmly established as eaipButorinn-or jricklayingj it has its apprentices grad | l "enls r ° T 80 ' 8 ' ex . pfcrts a " d °°intnercial Frflnclvnan from a native, a Rimimi"^!! a Genna,, a South American from an talian;tlK.y are imido acquainted with the sl.ght but.all.important differences i Piieh nationality in tho cut of the clothe t;ie place of the pockets, tho mod,) himself honestly and firmly deter- the best he can ' ' omuch high cri Dbberyand murder, which mn^todo^heS^^an^Sl It is not so much high peace of society; but fhn pickings til the coach was driven awav. This occurred for wera days, until at lengthlSy lll " ( dreSSJnff ^ 10 Btran « er . "aid: V my good man, who are you?" destroys the "Ah!" said Talleyrand, coachmaker; and what " coachmaker? ( ';I want to be paid, my lord. you are my do you want, my STATE op OHJO, CITV ov TOLEDO I J'UOAS C'OUNTV, 'f8J. FHANK J. CiiENisv nukes call, Wj clu^'v'^ 11 -!^ 1 : ° J ti.oC'o'? 1 Tolucli: said ilr'in lie is P. J. "But when, my.'ord that of UAi^sC'Awmu.CuHn J. CHENEY. ^rrasS ISKAL} A.W.GLEASON, The Q|i 1 We like. No\v 4 Yoi'k Suu cash. , jewelry, watches, purses or lo o os o, , „. . . are supposed to hav pronted sufhciently by their education tl 1-7 d]spalohed at Christmas ti me (oa cor ; l s.l.urb of London, where theym armed out. The agenr, who has com,, t select a t.-K.puts them through thoi locos, and it they acquit themselves civdi iiilyheengagrs tlwiu, gives them clothe- inard and sp.pcinl instructionR, and t-ako. hem abroad to ply thfir trade under his laiiag.-'nient. As soon, howpyor, f is thei. )?rson;Jity has beeoiue inconvoi i'liflv main.! 1 to tho police of the locality thov re rutnnied and exohangod for u freri set •ider the sanw conditions. s ' Thfi community numbsrs 100.000 ih Lonon. including women and children. 'i\ieir efidqunrtprs are in the obscure purlieus the St. Giles, Whitechapol, the Mmories nd the low-lying wharves of the Thames. you Urosvenor? like her N ow one- ° n ^^ h "^^Fb°.™-r Pleasure all over the world d J ° y and Status imny, UIL. I'inu Hid; remuycd. to bo n'jviit of tliL to rcwrv'uUon, vi,!^ "tiZ'toyv, knuio tluil it is soup inailo. Jl' you jji'oi-ur I'm- it num. I'liiM-u aru lots of people. &'gressie tuko luiHution.

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