The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 21, 1891 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1891
Page 2
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ALGONA, IOWA. THE LATEST fflECRAMS. Slews iy BftiBtf. TIIK weekly statement of the Now York banks show them to be in a verv aounc and healthy condition. The reserve i Very largely in excess of the requirement, and the deposits have increased immense ly. ___ BAT,t, lUSAUlNUSV ATE NX IN- It Will be of interest to makers of bicy* clos, or nny other devices in which ball bearings are used to reduce the friction, to know that the English patent covering such bearings has been declared invalid by tho courts. Brown, tlie owner of the Eng- lisl^ patent, brought suit for infringement agninst the Centaur cycling company. which had used these bpnrkigs in its machines. The defense was that back in 1877 a bicycle with ba't bearings was built and ridden, us well us ^publicly ex- iibilpd, at the goose fair at Nottingham, find dupHailo machines 'wore .also in me at that time. Tho justice before ivhom -—..... small fights between troops hostiles took place Sunday. THE winter wheat in central Illinois is being damaged by lack of rain. THB Indian chief Red Cloud and his (i™ iu"i r0ndoredon the8th of January to GfcUttANT .has raised the embargo Mrainsfc the importation of pork except that from the United Stales. As evangelist j, ho ding forth in Boloit tins week and business houses nre el evening to permit employes to attend. CANADA Bed .Sea are increasing despite the of civilized nations (6 cause the ex- n of the traffic. TUB British government has issued 'MO duplicate warrants for the nrrest of Vil- Jiarn 0 Bricn and distributed them through the three kingdoms. * UfflMffS TRAINED FAGISS tJANPARY.ZMSai. , ., ft Jrench statesman of repute, is dead. Iris announced that J ' n 15th and author ' How English Youngsters afe Trained and Turned Jntri Very Clever Street Thieves. £triiopjB>3 poi'triiAtt It is there that they hold their meeting?, organise thei- detachment-^ deliberate on. future movt/nenls, Imvo their savings | Austria's Emperor Is Jtot Onlfr banks and clubs and settle on the way of assisting those of their pals who are ill, shadowed or in prison. They form aregu lar association, like the hoinebreakers. Prof. Koch will ........... „.,,. ,„,.„ L11U ingredients which enter into flic composition of his lymph; t,Ti!' 0E i f ' fforfs to °1 cl tlie Scolch railroad ,,{}«! -PI Wefttls ofa . ^'nwomisehave Q.fnli ,, )0 i n(m rei " ain out and (raffle s still badly hampered. EMPKHOII Wn.t.tAM of Germany is said I in Umt'lrtnf* *%«-. ,-. •t\ttr,^n f ,i- i ii the nations of Europe, the nihilist, who has been How the Pocket Thieves of Paris Go at Their Work to Accomplish a Steal. shoplifters, from whom, however, Paris, anr. ^ , they are quite distinct. During their visits in *„,„, »,^v/ ui:ll operating in common, they do not dwell Hut He is Generous. The emperor of Austria is less talked o >wadayt! than the youn£ kaiser of tfofth« ..n^O-ermanland, but he n one of the rtast noticeable figures in the panorama of European royalty. He is often said to be AU - richest man m Europe, and certainly operating in common, they do not dwell ft 1 * „ le f man in liun.pp, ana certainly together, but nrs scattered all over the • 1 Hll P 3btl ,rg family is one of the wealth* ci:y, meeting only to spare the spoils at lesfc> , , ns we " a9 one of tlje o!de3 ' in the ci:y, meeting only to spare certain fp;eified moments , , ' 0 / " ^cs'aifS t^rifTST M??PS h »^ 0 «* «x feet Deep at someplace" Jel " b skn envo^t ftfris Seilvewkoff ' the »«»• J'V'!!:!!ll! it i, e l 0 L the J-A P ^s Salt _.A* avalanche of snow hn* f,ll n ,, Continental Pickpockets Itecosuize tlie Superior London Alethod-Ex- atuples of Their Great Success, E. Potts Salt Dofrnit, nre the spoils at i.iii;u,iii rjj.-uiiieti moments in dark or I "t—i ., . borgne laverns orwine shops -ituated hi iu °! mn ^ lle ls munificent. Only thfl the neighborhood of tho Champs Elyseea ° tber . d . av he save a sum equal to §500,000 and the Grand opera The foreign as trora ni;! private purse i-olinfn*-Uia h nf,pr,ifn« i, n ,,n n,?;.'..™ (sufferers from int.. v j him a quiet, reierviid'', •••"• "o i/ut-ijcuuii, operators nave cneir re- I- i u *"uiiuitiiiu«.i. nis many eeiving houses, called in Paris mtumers F rl , a i V ? i m " de hit " n, quiet, reserved, (millers), where they dispose of their int ensely labonour man]/ man. He haa gleanings, and it is a rymaruable feature Vf,,? a ". and dl ' c " d3 th e infliction Ot thfiSR frn.nsinnf.lnna ^lln^ fU/i» «_~ :...1 Or the least n>lin nil n.nv nf Mo^i'nnl. the case was tried declared this widened 'Sufficient to destroy the patent. This case will be .appealed, and if tho present dc- •cision be sustained it will have important bearings upon (several American patents •for similar devices. ., . -i-""y» "i j^uijiuij, urtJ u 6 s C ,uvS; g ' nfcliiiWlitie3 ' 8614 - 185 ' IT is said that Pope L?o will insist on e (no religious liberty being accorded to nil sects in Catholic countries. A HAND of '250 Indians are raiding farms along Snake .prank, Montana, ami troops have been sent thither. Tun Riiprrino court of Nebraska has • v • • •" v,uniu in j.\uuruBKa lias S^ff,^",:?::?^ a ^°~r of Aw avalanche of snow has fallen upon Livno, a town in Bosnia. Many hoTes were buried Seventeen bodies Lvo al- i ^:! C1 }. t n tt « e r u'°'? b8neath n* 116 Rnow l nr '-K7-|i"i 'T 6t "••"•»»™ ^rine most l eared that many others have F.^^jle hunting grounds of seaside and I inland watering places, for foreum race nniit'ua.s n virl »11 *. i. n i i . - i sate a place to walk in or to mix with owes as during August and Saptember. is then that a large exodus of tho light- igered t brigade occurs. These gentry |«epart in large numbers for the mo/t perished. inland watering" p| rt TWENTY thousand persons attended the T'lT at l d a " tllB re Parne meeting at Limerick Sunday to tf '•", n . atlons are ' cheer Parnell dnd hiss Gladstone • ri ? * Jeln S a favorite • , ' yinc'als and at ranger CUTMlNAJj. P,0°0 or 7,000 British =--•:—n-i «»» .v i...iiuiiiti,uit; r»alure r ii i • muiius me innici ot these transactions that they aro carried ° n pain od nn - v ofn ' s subject, on on both sides with scrupulous fairness > rh .e emperor is strongly opposed to capital tlfltl llOnfl^f V I *itini in mo»^ I- LJ.-» ..,'.- __ii^i ... c .* A sharp and R ANOT1I1511 CON^UMl'l'ION CU11K. Another cure "for consumption rivaling •Dr. Koch's Jjuiph is announced from 'Detroit, a discovery of Dr. J3. L. Shurley who has been aided in •developing' it by 'I)r H. Gibos of Miciiigan university, Dr. Shurley's theory is that tho disease is 'caused by the powerful ptomaines which the human body is capable of producing • a«id that ktoillus tuberculosis is biuiply a result, a by f product -of those poisons; BO •while Dr. Koch has sought u remedy by • attacking a result of (he disease Dr. Sbur- ley has aimed to strike lit what he considers the.ciiuso itself. Tho experiments have extended over several yuars. The disease lias been communicated loawhnals by injecting into their 'food tho spittle of consumptives. For a euro the doctors found 'that hypodermic injections <of u solution of chloride of sodium and chloride of gold with inhalntioas of chlorine gas produced the -required result of neutralizing thocpoison of the ptomaines in a, re- •markablo way. With this treatment animals to which the disease has been •communicated hare been cured, while •others similiurly diseased have 'died. If therO'isainy truth (o these reports, here then wo have at louat that homo industry •which lho heavy tariff levied on fir. Koah 's lynipla seems designed to protect. tacat tUt ° mid ~° A * i - ae * Governor Boyd to A WOMAN in Whoaton, Chippewa county, has slept Ihieo weeks but isnot expect- W. been theft. CUTMINAJj. md Vern Fletcher i llacine 011 ,a have of to live. IT is Government in Mr™, M ?. i.^"B" 811 government ,l,nn? f ^.Canadian ministers to bring about, it possible, comim-rcml reciprocity betwe«,vCamul,iand the United States * Gpy. THAYBU surrendered Thursday in Nebraska and Gov. Boyd fan taken possession of the executive apartments. 91 J ° YOMl - IB> ,, ls rt iu his Nour,, of Peoria tlle , is under nr- ,|.fU l -, l> or, s uner nr- rosUtHinmlton, Ohio, charged with big- ---- of the Metro, New York, '-•"• ''"music by " ...,—„ shall bp alter the'present season. JtliT'lllCHKNTATIVHH of InrgO OallllO'll mills nro holding secret meetinirg'i-i Chi- •c'iffo, but Mr. Schumacher denies that a new trust is to be formed. THE deadlock in the Minnesota house of repronontativos has been broken bj the rn v W °1 ^ a , lo , ( ' nkee u'" < s named John ray and Waller McDonald Mur- , - ller McDonald ensued in a lt i PiHcldl w »- McDonald "volver which , r - -" "nyv, iiinwii a revolver wliipli Mmrny attempted to grasp. In doinj so tl-owc/ipen was discharged, tho ball pass ing through Murray's thigh. 1 resorts where travelers are wont lo congregate, a favorite rendezvous lor pros I rangers about this season, -, .,^0 British pickpockets, it has been estimated, find their way there singly or in group-,. Thoy are recogninsd oy the police as more expert and dangerous than those of any other nationality. 1 hey are of both sexes andaUagos; as 'requently as not a woman is one of the trio that almost invariably unites to carry on operationr, the "nipper." Pickpockets ^f'lm 0 ^"^" 110116 ' the danger of be- __-....„,, „„„ observant person might det'ct lhe i pickpocket who shadows him with evil intent, by the peculiar roving i ",-,--..- restlet-sness ot the eje, of which even the' ecl to the most experienced ones cannot entirely divest themselves. The habit is I . . - --• ...v viu ic, liuuiliJUD- eel at the outset of their career, imperative then, it becomes inveterate. The , a ing caught is so much greater. As arule -» clQd victi of his dis punishment. He was "called upon "the other day to sisrn a d«ath warrant, and be-an signing \w name, but a tear falling on the ink blotter! the letters and he turn* -„ —— in attendance saying: "See, my tears oblitorut? my nauie. I mnot sign it." Ancl he tore'it up. W-M- he " tw n i went , fco meefc Empsror ---,-.-„_ .....^.womuo. niB picic- i * Vl " lnl n lit Bihnstock f.he other day he pocket embraces at a glance the particul ,r was tlie o^erved of all observers, articie in n toy shop window calculated to P r f socl in a splendid Prussian uniform • -act the pjisser-by, the conformation of ho Ioolc ? cl , a ^a-nd seigneur in the highest victim s pockets, the foot passengersi sense of the term his l hnl!p!!!: ?i nd i 1 , l j? q V lirf ,? r . f !; ora w ^\ T , hetl i ro em perors ar^ very fond of all o,r f'l r r B ^ IJ , by ' > ]ike| y to no- n i° dern ! n , TOntl °"s, and have filled their pear, llu Jinsrlish ntnlmnnlmf I..IM.,I.. „».!_ I nlanivq wif.liValnni-Hi n li(jl]( s telfiohones 1 ."",'"•"""•" While they were at Itohnstock they were enabled to listen i tnroagh the telephome, especially install- led for them, to tho opera of "Carmen," . ledoffbyhis^^. ~-..., thrash, scratch and the characteristic national the the Jost i cs the nipper" avails himself 1? Ti ni i. , ,,' "•' U1H 1 "'"""' Jin-ftHBl,. Ot JiatO Ji. 1. Uuimplm (alliance) as bec " sentenced to fourteen prison men t for wife murder. election of cpenker. Tins Nebraska-legislative session al Lin- •coln tnrne; into a tree fl«hfc on the floor •ami tho militia was called out ID preserve ll.c.peace. Gov. Uovd w«s sworn'in but 't*ov. I hayer refuses to vacate the office. PKIIU, Ind., Avomen have ffiven the proprietors of gan.blin- dens t wenty-fow hours to leave the (own. Tho ladle" who are the wives of the gamblers'vic- tims, threaten to burn the furniture of the and considerable the National 1 1P ',l' 1 J' sr ! EH , 1 , f " rl "erly of Racine, was rob bed ot valuable papers money in Chicago, T5 N- rV ' HAKp ra». iflont of •laio insurance company, of Vermont is 980,000. f ° r thG cmbMzl ement' of HENHY HKKSKI,, of Eaton, Wis., has years' im- wiro muraer. AN unknown mam and woman were $^'^SA*Z?>5£ through the head ancl tho man though ,, '"ft"--- avuus nimseir or ins cus comhture or wrath to extract watch, purse or jewe s, when he promptly drops into ±fc!°_, the '>eiver,!' *a respectable a , ^ M i . — " A^'-rivci, tt luolJcuuLuit; well-dressed, careless spectator of the in- culent, who walks off leisurely and unsus- pecteQ .with the "swag," whilo his more suspic ousiy c lad accomplice draws upon nimsell- th ^ .. ... wu.ivi. buuui.i'ics. i jiL'iu iiiu Austrian Ai-i /own' parScul^ ^$« a M 1^"* \ "^ °^ ? m P ei ?." mp nimsell- the attention of even clml| engC3 it , in tl]3 v nothing compromising on his person' C tho uolice and hliv - more breast. JAMES McK A v. a Chicago (raveling man w under arrest at Bloominpton, III charged with embezzling front his Jfe clamors to be let down, appealing t Ti' ieilCOrs niroi«,.(. 4l-_ :° • .. . crowd- tho Italia i" l " JIU1 " 01 ^. in 'cii| .- 1 " 0 •f" 1 ^ 1 '^ or Austria lives very f Y u F ' P ^' so ; nr . agent of the Amerin bible Bociety, has been incarcerated in u Pcruwun pnson for the last six months for conducting a church a Cnlhip. Secretary Biaino is trying to te- curo his release. CASTL15 OAKD.EN. The famous old Castle Garden, which has so long been tho gateway to the new world for thousands upon thousands of immigrants, has passed with thecoming of tho new year % .«!rom tho United States authorities to those of the city of N?\v York, and tho question is now, What will bo- comoofit? Nodonger will it ba afield from -which household servants (and Nfw York Herald editors can bo recruied at a moment's notice, but it ought Vill to servo eomo good purpose and certainly ought not, on account of its historic associations, to bo demolished Castle >Garden was built eighlyrour years ago in response made to a deaiand of some Tilden of that generation fa- belter coast defenses. It was intended as lho twin to Castle William on Governor's Island, but was never equipped and was consequently never devoted to the urcs of Mars. It was Wnl?.'« TU r lY: lAI'Albany./N.T., Ira L. Wale*, ednorot the Evening Mirror —At ^aliiyeKo, Ind., Gen. James H. Buti'er of •Hamnden, Me., a couuin of Gen. B.-ni"- w'!| J i Bl V t , t ' r T At ^™Jo". Carl GoSfned Sty!'" TUUb£rt ' UlG com POser, aged ,-.--•• Passengers agninsY'the being made to pay her who excitedly begins a storv in iniquity of ous feigner broken supercili- pal affecting to rei i o"-mVi'in' innoceat, rustic-looldno- - r '" lation or old h-iend," on hie or her neck; while some H-'.ii extremely sober in nientand drink S,/ 8 -|{Rte]l a ,. 1 . tt e^thinR pertainingTo sincerely ambitious of great sorrows havB left his ftioe. but in court di darling figure. As a sportsman "ho'is or Ot to be lot down "not, suc ? Mful| y availed Sines tailors have AJL.TIES. dheh Claire boy the kl ^ • W nV M'-, Pi r! so f s ' wll ° murdered his ye ^S" !tll T S ^ Ulafive ^wS'Siifet tl,P , E 'i , MuLI ' EN : Olle of tJw men the robbery ot the bank at South s-f fiats^sa.'sss A WOMAN was held up and robbed by at a church in Chicago, Saturday I "'""ff process is the ,-P,J r e i 1 ^" i '' ev n n simillir Cllses have ba y e . nuver ^en able ipportea Irom thcsauiechurch '" ' l ' l " lc " f " '---- : — ...„ ^ IU , v L u, uanevoient od man 'Se' 1 ' n : r l 1 , b r th f^-nd calls hm uncle, a relationship he will have hi?? t0 f r , e , member ' as " **> «»t Wt his^portable property. utter carole'ssness of the public mei "j which bids people authorities would do of them" .„„ well to affix a few ---hadto-alTeTTif 3' ^e'fr'" ^: in f^. his ^°!e i)m thChthe° T ,,i • r, " >•"« w uinx a tew ^L 68 '»* h .?, obse "^ce of which Fouu men in a sled were killed at a- asing by a lake Shore train near Fre- , of Now Colon, fell from Tins house and barn of a farmer named Wyman, near Washburn was destroyed I Mr v o t'HE WATIOJSTA1, CAPITAi,. - house on Wednesday, after the oMhe journal, went into com; appro r-sed alone can be thrust in and the , P r, C r S 1S , tle 8ame - Those who quisite sunolonpf ^ ^^ the re ' quisite suppleness or miinipulation or whose hands are naturally coar«e nml broad, cut the pocket bodily an ine-enin B Ii ti u appliance ary pracantious defeat subtracting watches, tic so co:nnor; with carryinsr their pocket ^ooks 1 fe prac- women. of their hand ANECDOTES OFJTAI.LEYRAND. How He Disposed of ,m omcesookov and ' ' » Creditor. Cincinnati Commercial Gnzotto.' t;'' 1 ^,^, 0 ^'^ * ; ie right men in tw right places," TnUeymnd once said" Hmt nf ™ t ? le f clence of wvernment, but &l 0 »^K& fdrlh8diM6htoited It \yould seem from this that the dis- ^^l!^ s ^»™ WO.M much One day onu of these sons presented himself running up against you ° ball, coated with glue or which are dropped into the 27. e ' f »«jncord. Ifthethief pocket, by in ^vE'tsoN, of Eau Claire, hiu „ w ,...t atnpitation ly be necessary.; THE new Dixon building, one of th finest blocics in Milwaukee, was alraos totiilly destroyed by fl re Thursday Ibre originally built sixty feet from shore, and I was reached by a drawbridge, which could \bo instantly drawji up, us in tho castles of ^(Old. For many .ears it served no special "' " l -end and was the-.i used for the fairs of the " American iiiBtilutfi, which fifty years ago r were as much of an event tc the metropolis as thc New York and New England fair now is to Albany—morn so, in fact, for , the interest was deeper—and the re.'ult, it is supposed, more prolilable. In 1852 it was make famous the country over by (he Jenny Lind concorls, which v.ero given in _ i&ff-presenco of cnthusiasiic thousands. •Other interesting operatic ancl theatrical events took place there, and Supt. 6, 1852, what was supposed to bo the centennial of the introduction of lho drama in America THE City of Dallas from P.ier to Cortes; brings news ot the wrecking of a sclioone ng o between Iho Bay Islands and the iisai i . wwlo>t>iiioiudiii SOMK nuschcvious boys at Green Bay stretched a ropo across the street and Mr Soloman, an old and partially paralv^c Kcd! PPed °" U anij *•" very biwlj Tim house of Goo. Woodruff was dev ll°o Kt n' V "J 0 y?"*? y J)) '^ f ' Ilt •'"«»• villo. I ho family barely escaped with their Jives, saving no clothing nor prop A MAN named .Alexander Pfeifor was mm-ning. no T," « 1 f° bert ' fl Ir ? n , Work!i port, Mass., were destroyed byfireMonc : ^dnyaBfollow^ M a Mnnoii, Waupaca coun" J S e "th'^"' V" 1 h ! m< . Howe ^r, ho rarely rerorta to iit Seneca, Crawford county emeuitrilt ' this extremity and is ashamed of hmilel? Si/XT * »i.,v,» o.,.. ., .. _ wiiGn lie docs. SENATOII duerd a buildin ^s^S-sHSiSatSK r n , against reelim- drunkards .? n rW.. trnublesoma M. do ompanions who assist yon in entering or - offW a secret pock-eta for everyUiing w 0l f h d -° "° !ll !° wfem 'n'nemn tv Talleyraud, "but tell something that suits and which am 1 a Welfflnd 011 d ° t ?' t kn ° w of anSng? Wei find something. You must P.dnTifc that I haven't- the time to search for stations for service. 11 ill"/ 31 ' e ? l?r , Pf lho workl ' s fllir s ubcom- v vil| V ? h , WnS fully Bxpected ThSS- until Mnn J P. re se»t«l to the house i . JMOiutay. (Jhairman Ca'ndlpr s-iirl hat ntier consultation with Director Gen nil Dcvis and others he had conclmU ] ot to Sllblnifc tl t [^ conUuded cted upon Jiy_tho full committee. T1IJS that severa )' r »"l"'l»to senger is Dot ,0^ yet uVs'^ly greatmkrvals that detec.ivfs constin on the watch have been able to take a thipf red-handed. ler ^ont^Kffl^S^ doing. .One pickpocket was famous for Uip rea'ism with which headed an epileu- __ , tic lit and rolled foaming on the sidewalk UOSH H»ve their AI>- thn" lteftInqU i'? lllvfl -°[ ohjri ^le passer-b^ t« i>i,,.. uu ' wl ?°. stopped to assist or sen lifm na *;,.i"?, N ,r was (hero celebrated by Um repetition of the bill played by the Ilaliam company in Williamsburg, Va., Sept, 5,1853, namely, "The Merchant of Venice," and ''Lethe," u farce by Garrick. Since f hen, however, it has been demonstrated Unit there were theatrical performances yiven bv regular companies sonm yean, before that date. Castle Garden became an immigrant bureau in 1855, and since that 9,720,077 persons have passed through its portals to a home in the new world, nearly one-third •of them being from Ireland and as inanj inero from Germany. It will now bo placed under control of tho department O f parks, and lho World is making uu earnest effort to savo the old building as an historical museum, or something of the sort. There aro inuny reasons why this should be done. Tho IMterv will always bo a beautiful place of resort. Tho meeting of the rivers makes it tho liveliest marine picture in this country, and to persons not accustomed to tho Fight* of watoi navigation, it is one of the most interesting places in New York. It will always be visited by - thousands of strangers, and Custlo Garden, if preserved, will always command attention. bankatlhoPurington Pavii K tl All It I ! >i I m, L. III r» • i \iV v , "*" iiv «•" ' »u i urin&fcon firick Works, neiirGalesLurg, 111 Monday morning and instantly kilk Arthur Taylor, one of the laboro, St vend others had narrow escapes. CIIAULKS Cuu- and aconiminion name Miller Bt.irled Thursday ni^ht on lumber near Driftwood, Pa. The placed a logon iho slide and then ' down it. \Vhenpartway down n came Ihumlering down the slide. i\M Kiu'cmled in throwing himself out of way .but Culp was struck ' t - U[0tl1 killed. and instantly MANY persons were killed by an iinc-ho ot snow at Livno, Bosnia': , O.\K hundred houses at Bombay ' aval . t chronicled this true .--Ker s Revenge." ™$ y ^$zsfc$ N ;t: ^'"Sistw^'aj.-a; whosfoppedlo^^orsoh^P^a paid dearly for thoir benevolence o cu osity. Other pickpockets quarrel, call o the spectators to make a rin tf and see fa pia> j the • sham boxing begins until at - mn v o ?ng , Tho number of Sir, sue hand such a place is vacant " "Vacant," replied Talleyrand ''Well what do .von wish me to do? You HOME teaTK^^^^eryjoyanda ^eiiS^'T^I^J-p^i'yto of Autun by • fine new • .- '. " , until at -.--•-- -.„..»., telling thei S" P WL*!!?r? udd ™'ybe o applied _ t ... !" lady bounced from tho hing lho eitjnr from liis I out of the window, h.'SS""™'"'""'""'""" «""> k ™ ? ..IS^firi.^/i;-: are nearly doubled r.t es, popular fetes its from abi loaning his lost Havana --- -..^., u figure times of reviews ^_ . ....... exhibitions by f] -abroad. But singularly enou-,, pSf®iriia&!riji r^Jssassr.'ij.aasS bricklaying; it has its apprentices jrridn atos, protwsors, experts and coin'merckl" agent s. Novices aro taught to reco"n /P , *miclnron from a native, a Russian from i German, a South American from , nt liiq"ii'i.n 1 Ti^rr"" 1 V ilm , cle poot "° putl'" 111 ' 1 "; t'lfy are nmdo acquainted with "ntl n 1 lK '° . i !- l)reilt ' 11 of air. Th fi the sliulit but all important difference" ?"i!"".!?3J!. r ?. 80 ;, 8 "! ll .'. n « I'ffHbly, reiwjd |«™h nationality in tho cut of the clothe "10 modi) o 'ses or loos i^rte^ 111 ''*'e poodle .pnt hh^,"^^ 0 .!"' 10 ! 1 1]i ^. «ri»>e S , ... ^ .,„„„„ , uum mgtl crlmeSi gue ], fts STAVE OP Onio, CITT ov TOLEDO, I 1.UUAS C'OU.NTV, [*«• ,.,,-, B near who bnwed continuallv nn S^™"4'=3S'^ land, addressing the stra"~-- -"-•' * I'Well, my good man, 1 am your cnnchuiake plied the stranger " Ah!1 ^ a ;fl, lll W'l "you are my do you want, my n.u. BCUU laneyrar coachmaker; and what coachmaker?" «'.'Ai W i anttobe P aid ' my lord.' in DKKI) ])OU ibSU. SKAL! : Dec'umbur, A. 1). A. W. GLEASON, I you ujy "But when, my ,'ord " .f'feLl^^'^and, settling him the cushions of his TheGiil Now 4 York Sun. met her you urn other woman antl sav " Miss Urosvenor?" MOW like her is a subtle on" * you hlfe ^d ^^P^'^^^ & P'«« of" VS<$ thS SSH 1 ^?"^ Which Affect the Kidney. • «n»o«» ib. mon formldabl. known. urlnarv n *"* ollier co ">PI«lut» ol wvan «£ h?, M ,t "' " ot ordi » ari 'y e»wd In ' ^.1 - ' "' ey Inlly be ava »ed t'liinda has ever boon fa H,.". 1 ." 0 »W"»T > » Stoio- p po ^ f , pi-onted Ru«ioiontl.v by their education o - dispatched at Christmas li,ue"o a c« i s.l.urb of Lon.'cn, where they m fanned out. The agenr. who l, ns co/m select a trio advices show that slavery ond hunting m the countries bordering . .„---_. thorn clothes ., - ivv»«. instriictioiiK, and tiikP then, abroad to ply their trade unclo, 8 Hiaiias,'.-meut. As soon, ho«-p v pr as fhei, p?rson i hty has become inconvei'imlly tauulii.r to the police of the locality tin f are mtnrned and exchanged for a rrej'i set u icier the sann conditions. \ ' Tho community numbers 100.000 iii London, including women and children, 'hheir liendqinirters are in fho obscure pnrlipii* of be St. Giles, WhitechapoLtheMinori and the .low-lying wharves of the Thames, re all over lho soap niiulo. Jl'you aro lots of ti'u.,n. 1 Kluctrlc s«lil, you [nirust family flrst DJSHAHKS AND COUfillS HlJONOIIlAJ. TitoClirs Til ' J ' iv ' -. aw thn weather. the girl, no fault wit^ (

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