The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 14, 1891 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1891
Page 9
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"T4 ; MOINE& ALGONA, 10^ A JANUARY U, 1891, ttl» Name for fostmftster nt Appletdn. C., Jan. 6.—Frank Harrimftn *ill suceeed James Byan as bOsttnaster at Appleton. Representative Ulark ha« tiad this case in hand for some time, and has given it careful consideretion. There were three leading candidates— J. H. Hook, John Bottenseck and Frank Hatritaan—each with a strong support, and each making a strong pull for the prize. For some unexplained reason tfoe fresejlt democrat incnmben k was protented Ui the enjoyment of _office for the full period of four years, which afforded abundant opportunity to get up booms. Congressman 31 ark has given all a fair hearing and considered the evidence that each G6ii\d secure. His decision i is in favor of Harritnan, who_se petition is endorsed by the most prominent citizens and: busi- iiess men of Appleton. Recommendations for Harriman's appointment were submitted to the postmaster general -'today, and the nomination will be-sent to the senate Wednesday or Thursday. Ryan's term expires January 10, but as ( the confirmation and process of qualifying generally requires two Week's time, Ryan will bold over. Mr. Harriman is a son of the late Judge J, E^ Harriman, who for several years occupied tbe bench of the Oiita- gamie county court. On the death of Judge Harritnan nearly two years "ago, the son succeeded to the bench by appointment. Mr. Harriman is a young man, his siga .being something over 30, and is an active hustling business man and a lawyer, of Considerable ability. He is a native of Appleton. ( It is expected that the selection of Harriman will surprise a good many, but he is generally satisfastory. Tho contest has '.been a vigorous one, but without creating antagonism, and but little bitterness has been displayed. AN KVI01SNCJ5 OP Bit A VERY. Captain Wallace as Found After tile Uutl,l of.Wounded Kiico. LBANENWOIITH, Kas., Jnn.5,—A letter from the Pine Ridge ageney details some hitherto unknown facts concerning tho death of Captain Wallace at Wounded Knee. After tho fight the letter states, Captain Wallaco was found at ' the entrance of nn Indian todge with five dead warriors lying near him, each corpse showing a bullet wound. Five of the chambers of the captain's revolver were empty, aud it is presumed that \IT_tl ' 1 'II...1 J3 • .1! !.„£ 1. _ ' SATELLITES OF THE STARS. Infancy -Arid Sot in Its Dofage. Discoveries Matte by the Spectroscope Shed New Light on the Siderial Heavens. * luu/uu,- anoliief first fimeiiihide star, has an invisible cotfttmmOfi; ahd with the new methods of research someting may be leatti- ( ed of its size and distance. We do not i here refer to the recent discoveries connef n- Oflf Vast Universe May be Only in Its j ing Mizar in Ursa Major, and Beta Atiri- I fife, because those stars, situated at distances of 140,000,000 miles and 8,000,000 respectively, are luminous bodies, and consequently catitiot resemble .planets in their j present physical condition. It will be noticed that in every case the dark bodies discovered among the'ttars, which, by a stretch of the imagination, may he likened to planets, are of great magnitude as compared with the planets of our solar system. This may hot be as Some Orbs 1,000,000 times Larger Than the Earth and 50,000 times Heavier. Wallace killed overcome. five indians before he was MARHIBIJ AT JVIAUSTON. Seymour ISnsfortlAyins a Vouii); £»dy and ' :a Hotel. MAUSTON, Wis.. Jan. 2.—Seymour Busford, a prominent jpung business mail ot this city, junior member of t-he%firii} oi Bosford'Brps.i,>vas niarrieclat'1bo Maua ton house parlfiiaiikst Jjigh'tfto Mrs M, E., Craig, the landlady of the ho tel, in the presence ef a. small party: of immediate relatives and friends. The firm,'name of the hotel nianngement has bean Grai^r & Pullford aud will -hereafter be Basford •& Pullford. Mr. Basford's reputation as a successful business man ensures the traveling public a.eoutiuuation of the present excellent management of the Mauston Jipuse. , '.-'.• A Green county farmer who _deeded nil his property to his children is hauling rails for a fiving; A father^can support twelve children, but twelve children soaie times find it quite difficult to support one father.—Kansas City Star. Senator Joseph M. Carey o£ the new state of: Wyoming, who has just taken his seat in the upper house, is physically the largest man in the senate. Rheumatism, N. Ogden, Mich., May ll, 1890. "A half bnitlc or your in va 1 uii b I c medicine, Hi. .liu-oi* Oil, cured 1110 «l' rheumatism nnd rheumatic swelling of the knee. It is the best in the universe." J. M. L. POKTUB. Neuralgia, Hiigerstown, Md., April 21.1SOO. "I, uml others of my fiunily, Imvo used Bt, Jacobs Oil for neu> rnlgln and found it a speedy, effective cure." lljis". AQNES KELLEY. IT HAS MO EQUAL. JSttOiP tj3L£*,iS CHRONIC COUGH Now For it you do not It may becomo con- Buinpil'o. Fur CtiiiHiintptioii, Strt'ofulii, General Jtebtllty^aml Wa.ttlttff Diseases, One of the ^ost fascinating questions that astronomical discoveries have ever raised is wbether planets revolve in the light of all or any ot the millions of stars scattered through space. It has been demonstrated that ,rnany, and probably most of the stars are suns greater by far than our sun aj givers of both light and heat. Mr._ Lockyer's speculations as to the meteorifcic origin of the celestial bodies inay lead us to think that many of the stars are, as yet, merely clouds of meteors nnd nofc tiny solar bodiesj bjt this does not alter the fact that their luininousity exceeds the sun's or that, no matter what their present condition may be, they will ultimately reach a stage of development closely resembling that of the sun. If th stars are meteor-born, so is the sun. An if the greater majority of the stars are a yet only condensing swarms of meteors then we are led to the most interesting conclusion that the universe, taken as i whole, is in its infancy rather than it adolesconce) much less its dotage. It is common to hear people spea\ of th possibility of the stars being inhabited' This can only be granted upon the supposi tion that the inhabitants dwell on planet rcvojving upon the stars, for raoderi studies of the sun have completely upse Herschel's idea that the heat and light o: the solar orbs come to us from an envelope of very clouds surrounding a cold and hab itable globe, it is not easy to resist the single argument, from analogy in favor o: the existence of such planets, especially i we admit that the same laws of develop nient which produce our solar system are in operation throughout space. Recen' discoveries of spiral nebulas, closely resembling 1 in aspect some of the stages of existence through which, the sun's system musl once have passed if the nebular hypothesis is well-founded, greatly strengthen this view of the case. The phenomena ol double and multiple stars not only furnisl- evidence of the extension of the Jaw ol gravitation to other, systems, but demonstrate the existence of stellar assemblages whose members sustain to one another relations similar to those which bind our planets to tne sun. Still there has been hitherto no discovery of any body that could properly be called a planet revolving around any of the stes. The well-known double stars are simply pairs of suns, each shedding its light and heat upon the other, while both revolve around their common center of gravity. In the case of triple stars-we find something closly analogous to the phenomena presented by the sun, the earth and the moon. The moon revolves around the earth, and the earth, carrying the moon with it, 'revolves around 'the sun. Just so in a triple-star system we behold one star revolving around another, and the two together revolving around a third. The resemblance goes even further, for the smallest star of the three revolves around the second in size, and that in its turn around the largest. Another step, however, and the analogy breaks down, f pr the earth and the moon are opaque bodies simply reflecting the light of the sun, wiiile all the members of a triple-star system are solar orbs. Moreover, the earth and the moon are practically almost infinitesimal in magnitude as compared with the sun, while the smaller stars in the triple systems are comparativdly large bodies, In the matter of distance, too, there is a wide dift'erence, the components of multiple stellar systems being generally separated from one another by tar greater distances than that of tho earth from the thero 13 nothiujj llko Of Pure Cod Liver Oil and HYPOPHOSPHITES Xj£ziao uucL fialada- 11 Is riliimst us jmlatnblo oa inlllc. Far botier limn oihor so-calloU Emulaioua. A wnudorlul Uesh proaueor, ORATEFUU-COMFORTlNa, BREAKFAST, thorousb kiiowtodw of the Mtural Uwi whioli icoveru tUe opsraU'iui of digestion ond nutrl. « >n, ftna t>f a careiul «ppUaaUai> uf (he flat i>rou«p Utiot «el.-» loctoJ Coooa, Mr. KD-IB ti»n prorldtd fcurbrMkfMt t*ble| wltta » d»Uo»t«ly (Urourad bor- «•««• wWoh iu«/ MV« iu tuunf ta«»rjr UOOWM' bill*, Ills ur tue judtolou* u«» of iuab *r»lol«« ot dlol tlmtaoomiltuUommar 0» K1 ' (tiull/ built up until Mrota aoouKh to r«<lit »r»rr t*nd«aoy tu dliifas*. Hutidradsoi mbtlu ni«ladl«v or* ilnnttus wound u< reKly to actMlc whoramr tli»r« la « wo»k pi. at. W* way o»o»p» m&ny a f»t&l ab»U by koo •elTc» wroll for(IH»4 with pur« blond » d H !»««ll«he£lfv»mB."^"««fl sn-viw atuittt,' Mttd» pimply vrl(t> »oUlo^ w»tor »r md'c. fold enly to a,»U-npuua tlon, ny aTo»cr». Ubflle.l tbui: . no npnctlwi Indigestion, I'littuUwce, S|cki jJcinlealK!, "»H run UPWW" or loBin(; U«»U, tutt's Pills But some recent discoveries are calculated to awaken the hope that we shall eventually obtain at least a partial solution pi the question of tho existence of planets in the sidereal systems, says (he New York Sun. The spectroscope, which has achieved so many wonderJul things for the astronomers, has again proved their friend in this case, and, aided by photography, I has detected tho existence of double stars so close that no telescope could possibly separate them to the eye. More than that, some of the stellar doubles tfius discovered consist of a luminous star and a non-luminous one. We have but to adopt a different phraseology, suggested by analogy, and these strange couples are presented (o our minds as sun and planet. Perhaps the moi-t remarkable of these interesting doubles is the celebrated ft Algol, the periodic variations of whose light have been known and watched for centuries. Professor Voeel's spectro scopic investigations indicate that there is a dark body revolving around the star in a period of less than three days, and at a distance of about 8,250,000 miles. According to computations based upon the data obtained by Vogel the diameter of Algol is 1,116,000 miles, or 250,000 miles greater than that of our sun, while he diameter of its strange companion, or satellite, is 840,000 miles, being 20,000 miles less than the sun's. But the density of these huge bodies is singularly slight, so that their combined mass is only two- thirds as great as that of the sun. Prom this it is easy to see that the dark member of the system, the planet if we mfiy so call it, is more than a million times as large as the earth, and about 50,000 times as heavy. There is one consideration, independent of its slight density, which would seem to dispose of the possibility that this strange planetary consort of Algol can harbor living beings. Another star that has n close companion, which, although itself invisible, reveals its presence by the effects of its attraction upon its brilliant neighbor, is Spica, the leader of the constellation Vigor, and one of the most beautiful stars in the heavens. Here there is no such eclipsing of the light of Spica by the dark attendant as occurs with Algol, and the data thus obtain- eel is far less complete than those of the lust-nuuied star, it would seem, however, that in this instance also the planet, if planet it be, [is of enormous deminsions nnd revolves very close to its primary, the distance being estimated at from 3,000,00 to 6,000,000 miles. ' Bigel, tbe splendid twinkler in the left foot of Orton, has also given indications that it has a close and, invisible satellite of as yet unknown d,i' x mansions, It hp long been known t)' . forions anjobjection totheirinhabibility as their nearness to their primaries is; and yet, according to our teirestrial experience, a globe 50,000 times as heavy as the earth and 100 times as great in diameter would make a strange abode. On such a globe an average son oE Adam would weigh not less than 700 or 800 pounds, un* less his dimensions were proportioned to the intensity of gravity, in which c«se he would be only between a foot and fifteen' inches tall. It is more remarkable, however, to suppose that some unthought of peculiarity "in organization, such as the slight density of the planet readily suggests, would enable the man to be at the same time imposing in stature and graceful and agile in movement, for tho imagination finds something repugnant in the idea of a race of lively pigmies constituting the population of a planet of the most majestic proportions. At no time in its history has the outlook for astronomical discovery been more promising than it is at present, so that one can hardly be too sanguine in expecting that these recent advances, which nave partially lifted the veil from the inner mysteries of the starry systems, are but preludes to still more inteiesting discoveries which may reveal the existence of un- mistiikable planets ( rejoicing in the light and smiling with life as our earth. rejoices aud smiles. tto iTou Confcti ? Don't dclfiy. 'fiiko Kemp's Bnlsitm, tlio best eonjrh cure. 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Dr. Johnson heard his mother call his name in a clear vcice, though she was at the time in another city. • Baron Emmanuel Swedenborg believed that he had the privilege ot! interviewing 1 person in the spirit woild. Los'ola, lying wounded during the siege of Pampeluna, saw the Virgin, who encouraged him to prosecute his mission. Descartes was followed by an invisible person, whose voice he heard urging him to continue his researches after truth. _ Sir Joshua Eeynolds, leaving his house, thought the lamps were trees and the men and- women bushes . agitated by the breeze. 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Churchill's DIKTIIUAY JiOOK of KMINRNT Co* rosKiis. A Iniiiileunid mid uuefnl book, (1. Any Hook mailed, poxl-pahi, for retail price. LYON & HEALY, Chicago. OLIVER BITSOW COMPANY, Boitoa CATALOGUE, SEEDS, PLANTS, BULBS, ETC. Jloney mnde by buying my seeds. 35 pkta. $1.00. 2c to 5c pkt. Presents with every order Send postal card with name aud address Tor catalogue, A. R. AMES, Madison, Wli. The Oldest Medicine Inthe World is probably IJH. ISAAC THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED EYE-WATER, This nrtlolo Is n curnrully proptirod pliyfllciun'spr* pcrliitlon, ntul hiia been In eoiiHtiuit uno for netirly ft century. There ore few dlnenaeH to which nmuklni ttro Hunjoct more dlntroHHlug thnn Bore eyoa, an4 none, pcrhnps, for which more rnnieillea hnve been trim) without tmccoRfl. I' 1 or nil oxterniU InflummAtion of the \ym it IH nu Infallihlo retnody. If the direo tioiiH UKI followed It will nuver full. We pnrtlcuUrlf invite lno ultontion of iihyHlulann to it« nitirlts. Foi ante by nil (li-u^ifta. 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