The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 7, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1891
Page 8
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THE trepan ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE Of TRAINS. Jltf.WAUKEE A ST. Mttf/. . -.«• J ......... fl:02fttnKo.2 ....... 10:29 ft m 4:37pJtl No.4 0:30 pm AMONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. JANUARY ?, 1801. -"" The ladies interested in the medal between the court and the attorney for • L- ...... .,7:15 ft m No. R ........ 11:66 ptn ll:45ftmNo. 14 ...... 2:30pm 8:i7ptt NO. 10 A NOBlftWESTERN. contest wish to express their thanks to It Will Cottie Off TotoOfirW Without the defelld ftnt but soon the court att- t.rm(mnatrani to*/.».,*« »„ »„„.* .« -*.l _ uunuw T»iinontinouncedthat the challenge was sustained and seflt the entire panel home. This closed the business of th& term." _ Blmofe pft«fl..3:Bfi n m 8t.Pftnlfrt...O:56ft m . South— BltnorepftsSlS:30 p in DesMolnosft 7:36pto «r S&"' ; If* Iff AffD ABtittf TfiB Bead what the cash store has to say Ih this issue. ' Dh Shore titiA wife sailed for Liverpool Saturday. Rev. Cummins of Bancroft was hold* ing services at Humboldt last week. A marriage license has been issued to Nicholas weidens and Susie Wagner. Q. W. Eddy of Wesley has a notarial seal nnd was in Monday and got some blanks. Cresco is talking up co-operative creamery. A notice of a mooting ia given in our county news. J. I, Sawvol, an old Kossuth county boy, is railroading in Bullock county, Georgia, and getting $130 a month. A concert is being arranged to bo given Jan. 27, by MolUe Scott and her sister. It will be for the Episcopalians. Miss Nollio O, Taylor entertained her young frlonds Saturday cVenino-. They played "Five in a Row," and Miss Eva Lantry won the prize. Questions to answer in the M. E. Sunday School next Sunday. How many kings did Inraol and Judah Imvo and what were their names V Win. Peck says Ponton will build Its own creamery and not let the contract to outside parties. Thoy believe they can do tholr own work cheaper. The new year's dance and the new canvas wore a pronounced success. The music, the pleasant party and the lloor who gave so good an entertainment, Each declamation was worthy of praise. Also to the judges, Rev. Mr. Bowen, Miss Amy Hough and Prof. McColluth, for their assistance irt awarding the medals. Another cohtest is talked of in the Hot distant future. Dr. Shore sent a piece of the new metal, aluminum, to Chester Call. It is tho size of a half dollar, and weighs less than a nickel. It is two thirds Lighter than steel and much stronger. This metal is taken from blue clay and promises to revolutionize all metal working. It is the cheapest, lightest, and strongest of metals. of Last Saturday Another MASOH City News Eake—Church Action Regarding Rev. Davidsoft —Other Local Mentiorii Mr. Smith received a letter Monday from C. W. Budd stating that he will without fail arrive tonight to shoot tomorrow. Immeadiately on his coming, Mr. Grimm will bo notified at Clear Lake, and a three handed match will the not shows that the supervisors appreciate the responsibility attaching to the county work. Tho clerk's office is one of tho most Important and should be paid on a par with the other county work. A sound piece of advice is given by our Harrison township contributor this week. We hope it will be followed by all who have an interest in discussion of farm matters, THE UPPEK DBS MOINES invites its readers to furnish their own experience and also selected ever. This contest will be between three of the best shots in Iowa nnd will be the most interesting ever held in northern Iowa. The Grlmm-Smlth SUoot. Somo disappointment was felt Saturday over the failure of C. W. Budd to be present for the shooting match with John G. Smith, but this was not serious, as Charlie Grimm was over from Clear Lake and took Budd's place and articles which they believe peculiarly made a champion score. Tho dav was suited to tho country's needs. «!„.,=„«* .1 r. .. „ y . all joined to make able. the evening enjoy- All o/ tho LuVertio boys, who were put off tho train at the political rally when Dr. Lacy was hurt, have sued tho Northwestern company. Dr. Lacy cot $400 on his suit. Tho Burnell business agency is called to moot this evening at memorial hall to consider a new plan of insurance which is being proposed by the business men of tho state. Willie Connors, an invalid brother of 'Mrs. Prank McCall, who came west for his health, died Monday. Mrs. McCall took tho remains to Whitewater, Wis., where they will be buried. Gen. Vea/,y of Vermont, eominander- in-chiof. will attend tho G. A. R. encampment of tho Iowa department at Dubuque next April. Gon. Veany is a relative of J. W. Robinson. Wo acknowledge tho receipt of a big boom paper from Spokane Falls sont by Comstook & Annis. The Spokane Fulls country's needs. Our readers are indebted to Prof. Dixson for the very full and concise report of the state teachers' meeting we give this week. What occupies many columns in tho daily papers he gives very completely in brief space, and yet in an intelligible and interesting manner. All teachers and all others interested in educational discussion will enjoy his report. The county printing matter came up yesterday and the newspaper lists handed in wore 760 for the UPPER DES MoiNiss, 847 for tho Republican, and 864 for tho Courier. The UPPER DES MOINES challenged the Republican list as a whole for fraud. The board made the Courier an offi ial paper and will decide between the UPPER DES MOINES and the Republican this afternoon. Tho following officers of Algona :asant though a little cold, and a pod crowd was tit the grounds. The ui »'l ew o wo , 11 ' and the 8 P° rt began with Mr. Smith at the score, S. S. sions acting as umpire, and W. Ward as trap puller. "" >ho birds came trnm any . . traps and tho birds Ses- E five Review gives a good showing for our old timo citizen's now homo. The old 22-year-old trotting mare Fred. Cory brought over from Wesley last Wednesday was too much for the colts. She beat everything she went against, and took all tho purses. Fred Engler and Mary Colo wore married at Whittomoro Saturday evening. A largo party was out and tho occasion was enjoyed by all. Rev. Thresher performed tho ceremony. 'Squiro Clarke performed his last official duty Monday by marrying Ernest A. Dixon and Emma E. Musson of Bancroft. This pleasant ceremony was a fitting close to his service as justice. Some Portland items como loo lato for insertion. We note a social to bo held Jan. 15, at Mr. Fox's. Molasses candy and pop-corn and other refreshments to bo given by tho mito society. Dr. Garllold found no cause for official action in connection with the death of Trulson last wuok north of Bancroft. The charge was that aftor ho foil out a doctor, was not summoned quickly enough. Enjoyable entertainments wore given Friday und Saturday evenings by tho Waters family. Tho youngest was grange were installed last Saturday by W. L. Bourne, W. M. of Ponton grange: M. Do. L. Parsons. W. M.; L. Witham, O.; Miss L. Bamsey.L.; Mrs. A. Holnmn, Chap.; Mrs. A. J. Jones, Secty.; H. Schenck, T.; A. Zahlton,S. M. J. Jones, A. S.; W. Parsons,;G. K.- Mrs. M. Do. L. Parsons, C.; Miss Viola Jones, P.; Miss Hattio Parsons, P.; Miss Rachel Parsons, L. A. Si •. There is more than a chance that our national guards will got to go to the seat of tho Indian troubles. The Sioux City Journal reports: "Capt. Humphrey of Company H, Third regiment of National euard. said yester- nothing ° ne of the five unknown to the shooter. Mr. Smith went to his sixth bird without a miss, while Grimm missed his first. Mr. Smith missed again on his llth and again on his 17th, while Grimm went to his 22d without another miss. On 25 birds Smith was one behind. He missed, however, his 37th, and then both the 41st and 42d, leaving °J m 44 out of 50. Grimm missed only his 27th, leaving him victor with 47. The shooting was excellent, Grimm's score being exceptionally good. Mr. bmith was worried considerably by the trouble of getting the traps down and everything ready, aud was not up to his best condition. The score shows too that he got a large per cent, of the outllying birds, and consequently hard shots. J Of several persons who hate beeii equally exposed to chilly weathet one takesi a fatal cold, while the bthei* are wholly auaffectetl When Scarlet feve* | Of diphtheria eateW a family it is a tare thing tot all the members to be attacked. The great majority escaped la grippe during its late prevalence. And the same is ttna of epidemics of eVeiy kind and degree. This difference is mainly doe to differ ence lit personal susceptibility, inherited of acquired. Disease invades the body at points Where its life forces are weakened. Such a lowering of the vital resistance may date back for generations. This is one reason for the astounding mortality of infants, so immensely beyond that in the young of some of the lower animals. Many persons who start with small power of resistance carry it through life. Their only hope is con-: stant care and freedom from exposure. But of those who reach adult age the greater part may be supposed to have inherited an average measure of physical soundness. Whence their susceptibility to disease? It comes from physical transgression, either positive or negative. Sleep, for instance, is a fundamental condition of high health. Nothing can make up for a deficiency of it. Lack of food does not begin to equal lack of sleep in its power to depress vitality, and so to render tho system liable to any prevailing disease. Still insufficiency of food is a great depressant, and may exist where it is least expected, for the food must be such as to supply tho daily waste of all the tissues—brain, nerve, bone, muscle and fat—besides furnishing heat forming fuel. Many a person who sits at a luxurious table is not half fed.—Youth's Companion. Some Reasons Why. To o«f pstrotis and friends \vho have stuck by Us atid said words of encouragement in favor of our new system, " The Cash Plaft, of doing business which we began to work oh over two years ago, we wish to take tin's opportunity to thank you, one and all, for thes& kindnesses shown, and wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. Week after week as this paper comes to youf homes, please compare our Price Current^ which you will find in this space, with the prices you have been paying in other places, and see if it will not be to your advantage to trade with us. We make no enemies by disputed accounts> We make no poor accounts^ we take our discounts} therefore we can afford to sell as cheap or cheaper than the cheapest. Call and see us. Respectfully yours, TOWNSEND & LANGKDOtt, We can now make Loans on Improved Lands from one to ten years time t and give the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even $100 at any date when inter* est falls due. This is Iowa money and no second mortgage or coupons taken. tho ^i?«t n j? n0 , f h?2^ n8atlon1n i'' l « enttb l e the borrower to reduce his mortgage atony time and save cue Interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at onoe on perfect title. Call on or address IT. HOXIE, - Algona,, Iowa. M. Z. Grove. John Grove. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. West of Thorlngton House. M. Z. GROVE, Manager. I want to say to the people who burn Coal that I am now in the market with a full supply of both Hard and tip ft Coal, for sale at current rates. Quality the best. Come and see me. F. C. WILLSON. ~*f — — (*M. Mj J *.£) J.iJ.J.1 U, ICj the Iowa National guard, sak day that as yet he had heard fl* • 1 <• -"-— uw^wt «. A4Vf U"4.i4t; ollioial of tho ordering out of any part of tho Iowa guards, but he said in case orders did como the members of the company are prepared to go to the front on very short notice. C. B. Hutchins last week as administrator of the Carlon estate sold the old homo farm adjoining Irvington to a couple of young men from Grundy county. The farm consists of 320 acres, and is one of the best pieces of land in the county, with good buildings, etc. The price was $20, which is remarkably cheap. Tho new men will be on in the spring, and will make improvements and run a big farm. A sort of family re-union was held at Minneapolis holiday week in honor of uncle James Henderson and Mrs. Henderson. Mrs. Morris Chapin, Eobert and Ihomas went.up, and with Mrs. V H. Stough and Mrs. Chas. Waldo made up a major part of the • family. They spent a week in the twin cities and enjoyed a pleasant timo. They report tho old folks well and all the old Algo- nians its the best of spirits. Somo More Bogus NO\VB. The Mason City bogus news mill ground out another fake Monday. The Minneapolis Tribune says: "A specia to tho Tribune from Mason City, Iowa says the Sixth regiment, Iowa National guards, has been ordered to be in readiness to march to the frontier for service against the Indians." Capt. Cooke in speaking of this says there is nothing ot it, and that when any orders are given for the Sixth regiment to turn out the company will hear of it. It is not impossible that the boys will be called on. But it is very improbable, ana there is no occasion for any excitement. I alone a full show, and tho company as a \ whole was good in its specialties. vvent.toBritt. They y ! A couple of land deals wore made .'» Saturday, by,..which.. Reter Froilingor g-ets forty acres ofThco Chrischilles for .^tiitfOO, and John Schollin gets tho quar- | fi ter section belonging to ti sister of tho , ; <\ McDonald boys at $20 an aero. -•5 i Kossuth county has fourteen students 1 c ,ftway attending college, if AVO count , them all. Thorp arc four at the Minnesota State University, six at the Iowa State University, one at Grinnoll, two at Mt. Vornon, und ono at St. Mary's. Peter Kriethe was in Saturday. He says the Burt creamery is all right and ' is now getting 10,000 pounds of milk Mondays and 8,000 pounds tho other days in tho week. Ho had not hoard anything of a grist mill being- started. B. B. Warren received a handsome new year's present from the Black Hills it: the shape of a pair of mounted ant- 1 >ra of the black tail door. They are t .iely polished and a handsome orna- j lent, as well as a curious souvenir of tae "wild west." The county farmers' alliance mot in I lie court house Saturday and transacted the regular business, and elected officers. It was a big mooting. • Wo regret that tho secretary has sont in no report of tho procedings. and that we cannot give the olHcors. Tho Morning Sun-Herald cornea out with one of tho handsomest holiday editions. The work is in charge of Grant Hawkins, who deserves groat credit for its beauty. Grant's many Algona friends will be pleased to loam that ho ia making such a success at his work. The spacious house of Mr. and Mrs. A. D, Clarke was opened Saturday evening to a largo party of young people, who were most hospitably entertained with music, games, etc. Tho party was given by Miss Edith to the --'-"*-- - college students homo for vaca- Rev. Davidson Recalled. The annual meeting of the Congregational church was held Monday afternoon. By a unanimous vote Rev. Davidson was called as pastor for another year, and he accepted in a brief speech outlining some of the work he hopes to accomplish. Mr. Moffatt was chosen treasurer, and D. D. Townsend cleric. A fine compliment was paid Deacon Zahlten in his election as honorary deacon for life. On account of ago both he and Deacon Hudson asked to be relieved of the active work of the office, and two junior deacons will be chosen. The Dominie Didn't Sing It. There is a big Baptist church, colored, out in the northwestern part of the city. A man standing at the intersection of Vermont avenue and T street might hit it with a stone -without overexerting himself. The pastor of that church is a good deal of a vocalist, and nothing pleases his congregation more than his excellent renditions of gospel hymns. There was a meeting in that church one evening, and everything was moving along very pleasantly when the pastor said: "Now, we are going to take up a collection, and if the amount donated is satisfactorily large I will sing for you— sing anything you ask for." The congregation then shelled out its contribution. It must have been "satisfactorily large," for the pastor stepped to the front and said: "I'll sing now. What shall it be? Express your preferences." Annie Rooney," said somebody in one of the rear seats, and the preacher's wrath -was momentarily shrouded in a burst of laughter. I'll 'Annie Rooney' you," shouted the offended shepherd, but the joker had de- mrted with sensible alacrity.—Wash- ngtonStar. M fc PHITP<! (I 1 Ulill 0, WORK, GENERAL REPAIRING. WARNER'S OLD STAND. WEST. OF COURT HOUSE. Also class ALGONA IOWA. fi am, laden Our readers will remember some timo ago an item reporting that the plans of our school house had been requested by the school board of Colorado Springs, Col. Mr. Clarke has just received the plans back, and also a letter which says 1>nn.T. V.lmV' \UO Itn M f\ f\r\4-r\fl >.rii-1.n..l. ^.1 ;_ -i .—_«,„ „ »vswvui. if 11J.V/J.J. OlUVa that they were adopted without change. Iho people liked both the outside and insido appearance. Incidentally we should noto that our photograph was returned, but Mr. Clarke has sent that back cast to another school board. Poot Campbell has been addressed by a Chicago firm who are getting out <i volume from tho living writers, and who want his photograph, a sketch of ins hfo, and some characteristic selections. As we can learn of no other poet in this section who has received a like communication, it seems that Poot Campbell wears tho honors. He says 110 has no likeness by which he would care to bo known to posterity, but has confidoiico in the ability of onr Algona artists. Ho will send his poem on Iowa," read at the county fair somo years ago, if ho sends any, but ho says no suggestion is made of compensation, and he cannot afford to furnish light to tho world free, tion. The Courier wants to know when tho pri?es for guesses on population offered by us not long ago will be paid. Just as sopn as wo get tho returns from vigotv Near. The numbers of ajid females are not yet reported FEESQffAI, MOVEMENTS. J. W. Bartlett is at Manson on business. S. Benjamin went to Minneapolis last week to visit Frank, 0 M. Doxsoo went to Dos Moines yesterday on business. W. B. Qutti-ton wont to Pooahontas Monday to attend court. Earl Tonnant and Earl Stephens wont to Minneapolis for a visit a week .Mayor Peterson of Esthervllle was ovc •"*£ Odd Follo «' 8 Monday B. J. AVilson, G. B. Woodwork's old studen ts have B0hools ttnd tlle are over. re- Prof. Sabin, Bancroft's late principal of schools la a freshman at Iowa Citv Mark Sands is also thereat thounivers- ivy. It is reported that L. F, Robinson has opened a laud office in Des Moines, and is again engaging inactive nosSi For a County Pair. The call of the secretary for the agricultural society meeting appears this week. The meeting is to come Saturday, and in tho words of formal ceremony, "let everyone be present and say his say, and forever after hold his peace." Every farmer of tho county should attend this meeting and use his influence in shaping- the affairs of the society. It should be a big gathering. In any event anyone who does not attend should never object to what is done. Let there be a big turn out from all quarters of the county. JUDGE LEWIS' BEMINISOENOEg. Early Times In the Courts of STortli- \vestern lo-vvn, In a letter to the Sioux City Journal, Judge Lewis recalls his work as district attorney in this section, Speaking of the district he says: "The year 1871 came and I assumed the duties of district attorney in 22 counties in northwest Iowa, Kossuth being the most northeasterly, and Shelby the most southeasterly. Prom these the district stretched to tho Missouri river on the west, and north to tho Minnesota line. In the early days of 1871 I began a trip over the district. Only four counties— Cherokee, Woodbury, Monona, and Crawford could then be reached by cars. All other county seat towns were reached by private conveyance." Among other county seats which he visited he mentions Algona, and says of us and our neighbors: "Spirit Lake in Dickinson county was tho home of more real characters than any other in the northwest. Here there was but little litigation. Many got reckless; somo got drunk, and about everybody went hshing. Emmet and Palo Alto counties had but little litigation, but their prairies were covered with thousands of sandhill cranes. At Algona, the pretty county seat 01 Kossuth, we usually found work to do. At Humboldt, Calhoun, bao, Ida, and Buena Vista we made regular calls." One amusing incident in- Plymouth county is worthy of selection from the many m his entertaining letter: "It was after the courts were being held at LoMars that one day a jury was called A SnuiiU Thief's Disgust. A traveling salesman for a New York ewelry house left two sample cases in a ail way coach Monday on the way from OSWCRO to Syracuse, while he went forward to smoke. When he returned the cases were gone. A trainman reported that a passenger heavily loaded with baggage left at Phenix. The salesman took the first train there, and with police aid found the man in bed at a hotel and recovered the cases intact. The thief had opened one case, and finding it contained only a large Bible concluded he had robbed a book agent and disgustedly went to bed without examining the other case, in which were $525 in cash and $700 worth of jewelry.—Philadelphia Ledger. The Eight Rev. Dr. Stanton, Anglican bishop of northern Queensland, Australia, is a particularly muscular Christian. During the strike he helped non-union men to load a sugar ship, hands being scarce, while earlier in his episcopate he horrified one sheepfold of his scattered flock by walking from tho wharf to the hotel, carrying one end of his trunk while a black woman cf »rie'' the other. across sweet SOAP, cargo iLAUS Made only by _ i CHICAGO. A5K YOUR GROCER FOR IT Store! DOU YOU WANT Best Leg Blob? Most Bureryypu do If you have need for any at all. Then remember that yon can find them at the A Safe Investment. Is one which Is guaranteed, to bring you satlsfac- tory results, or In ease of failure a return of purchase price. On this plan you can buy from our advertised druggist a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. It Is guaranteed to bring relief In every case, when used for any affection of the throat, lungs, or chest, such as Consumption. Inflammation of Lungs, Bronchitis, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Croup, etc., etc. It Is pleasant and agreeable to take, perfectly safe, and can always bo depended upon. Trial bottles free at Dr. Sheetz' drug store. 1 Merit Wins. We desire to say to our citizens that for years we have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Buoklen's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters, and nave never handled remedies that sell as well or that give such universal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every time, and we stand ready to refund the purchase price If satisfactory results do not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity on their merits. Sold by Dr, Sheetz, druggist, Algona. 1 Bncklcu's Arnica Salve, The best salve In the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chilblains, chapped hands, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay is re- imlred. It is guaranteed to give perfect sutlsfae- t'o". or money refunded. Price 25 oents per box. Sold by Dr. Sheetz, druggist, Algona. Upper Dss Moines Office, WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best In use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, Grass Leases, Notes, etc. South Side of Broadway Whlttemore, „ , owa> Goods NOTIONS, Hats Boots and Shoes, Boys' ana Men's Rendy-jiaae O L O I FURNISHED- AT SEVEN PER CENT. INTEREST A Uhs KossuMi County Bank. Apply at once. gHORT-FORM MORTGAGES- The best for chattel work. Aiwa Upper Des Moines to try a party charged with keeping a nuisance by the sale of intoxicating liquors. tive. The evidence of guilt was posi- The jury was properly instructed and were out but a moment when they ' u ^ with * verdict of acquittal, r dinner tho same jury was called 0 '^? "^ case and the attorney interposed a challenge to all pn the ground that they were not T ,EGAL BLANKS— -M Buy them at the Upper Des Mojnea office aad get the most approved forms. EMORY WUtE, A* Bout ?*<$• Crockery & Glassware, CONFECTIONERY, Wood and Willow ware. Produce taken in exchange for goods. HENRY MUNCH. Manufacturer and dealer in all kinds of FURNITURE, Picture Frames, Lookln, made Sewing Machines and Organs, j/>h*-." j....?- .A. . .t. f

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