The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 7, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1891
Page 7
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THE OTPEtt 13E8 MOINB8, ALGOJNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7,1891. f SB Ontcorne of an Attempt ftt Robbery In & bottntry Village. Sew York Son. "Aboutthe most unpleasant experience I evef had," said a ret red burglar, "was in a small village in the western patt of the state. 1 looked a-ouiid the town in the afternoon t ahd located a house that seemed promising, and about 2:15 the very next morning went in through the back door. The lower part of the house teas nicely furnished, but 1 didn't want atty bric-a-brac, and I went right up stairs and turned into the tirst chamber I caiuo to. There was a very dim light burning in the room, but it wasn't light enough to see by, and I turned on my glim. The light just happened to strike the head of the bed, and woke up a man, He sat up and said as cool as could be, 'Well, what is it?" and 1 told him I wanted whatever dust he might have there, and t wanted it soon. 1 had met cool men before, and I wasn't going to stand any bluff. "He got out of bed and started for a bureau in the corner pli the room. I kept the light on him all the time. He was a well-built young fellow, not more tlirin twentj'-four. Ho had a manly sort of look nbout him, and I was almost ashamed to rob him. When he moved up towurd the bureau 1 moved up, too, so as nob to give him a chance l .o open a window and holler or get any other drop on ran whtro I couldn't reach him. He had got about one more step to make to reach the bureau, and he was moving along as quiet a? a man could, when, qnickcr'n lightning. he made a jump and butted me square oil my feet before 1 knew what he was doing. My lamp fell one way and my jimmy the other, and the next second befell on mo so heavy that I thought he would grind me through the floor. « "1 had a gun with me, but I didn't even have a chance to get hold of it. He grab bed both my wrists when he fell, and then somehow he managed to hold both of them with one hand, and with the other grab bed me by the neck, and he just simply dragged me out and threw me downstair**. I could hear myself banging 'all the way down and I. expected to be all broke up when I got there, but I wasn't. I was bruised, but all right. When I got up on my feet I looked up to the head of the stairs, where the man was. His face had a serious kind of look on it, but'when he saw I wasn't much hurt he smiled and said: "Will you kindly close the door when you go out?" " 'I will,' said I, for I wasn't going to be outdone in politeness; 'but,' says I, 'will you kindly tell me whare you got all THE FARM AND HOUSEHOLD, TUB OUESf. FARIttSGUAM. There Is n gentle stranger drawing nlgU to every . dwelling; We cannot hear His foot steps fall so softly on tne tnow; And yet as He comes nearer, And Ills smile shines out. the clearer, "Tis no more the face of stranger, but a frlenc whom well wo know. He came at first nn infant, and His rest was In (he mangef; For the inn was full of pilgrims on that wondrous Christinas night; But He stayed lor love and duty, Audio fllltlie world witli beauty, Bringing perfect joy for sorrow, turning darkness into light. How he loved the hearts He sought for Is not told by hells or enrols, But In pure pathetic pictures of tho garden and the cross; . Yet He came to bring na pleasures, And to make us neb with treasures, And He did not shrink from . orrow, or poverty, or loss. Once it pnorupil that He was leaving, but He said as He was passing, . • Lo, 1 nrn witli you uhvay! And wo know Ho comes today Willi His hand? full ot Llttln clilldn'ii still, cnros And dispensing gifts of bounty unto all about His way. Very near Ho is to soma who have longed for His that business. " 'Oh,' says he, 'you mean the muscle business. Why, 1 am the half back of the Wyanoke college football team.' "Thatmade me mad, and says I: 'Then why in t) inder don't you hang out a sign and let pi ople know who you are?' "That ,.<eemed to make him mad, and he stopped smiling and started for the stairs, and 1 just went out and closed the door after me." JOHN JONRS, of Carroll ton, 111., who retired from the office of G.een county on Dec. 1, is reported to bo 84,000 short in his accounts. YOTJR MONEY, Oil YOUR LIFE ! This question is a "pert" 0110, but we mean it. Will .you a:icrilice a i'ow paltry dollars, and save your life? or will you allow your blood to become tainted, and your system rim-clown, until, linully, you are laid away in the grave? Better la in time, and "liokl up" your hands for Dr. Pierce'a Golden Muilicul Discovery, a guaranteed remedy for all scrofulous and other blood-taints, from whatever cause arising. It cures all Skin and Scalp Diseases, Ulcers, Sores, Swellings and kindred ailments. It is powerfully tonic as well as alterative, or blood-cleansing, in its effects, lu.'iice it strengthens the system and restores vitality, thereby dispelling all those languid, "tired feelings" experienced by the debilitated. Especially has it manifested its potency in curing Tetter, Salt-rheum, Eczema, Erysipelas, Boils, Carbuncles, Sore Eyes, Goitre, or Thick Neck, and Enlarged Glands. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Makers, No. 603 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. And they seem to hold communion with tho Master whom they lovii. Yon cim see thrlr^lail eye* glisten, As to Ills ilenr volcb they listen, Ami the earthly homes nro brightened with tho joy of heavon above. That He turns to sonic willi yearning and they do notcaiulo know Him; Tho 1 their hearts are faint with sorrow and their eyes with tears are dim ; Ho wonl'l chase awny tholr sadness, Till they eiiupout fur very gladness, But they will not Iptllliu hear them, they can flnd no room for Him. O, the Lord ii very 'patient, very tender and forgiving: Let us give Him reverent welcome, let us worship Mini In song) Lot us loll again the story OC His birth and life an i glory, And pray that all the weary world may know His rest oru long. SHILOIl'S CURE. The succet/ of this Great Cough Cure ii without a parallel in the history of medicine, All druggists are authorized to sell it OH a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous exjjense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home |n the United Stales and Canada. If you have * Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for It will cure you. If your child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief is sure. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOIl'S CURE, Price 10 cts., 50 cis. and fi.oo. If your Lungs are sore or fiack lame, «ae Shiloh'8 Porous Plaster, Price ZJ cts. 1'onlM-H, AtvoiilH, VVoiiiienV"uViyii,~cr?( 1 /^ iclieiv, 10,1)110 Ili-juu wuut llW.Omi iiorsuus puriuiiiiuiitly lo liami out uuiiera lit 10UO. 1'iirlii'ulurs for u 2 cont IlKIIALlI, 1)OX 'J-I7H, I'lllld . I'll. L Bedi-wdl6ta'<!5iiouudap«i ' tuouth by Uiumleaa huiuel I luiuudles. No tjtarvinnfi no ' iniouvouieiHO. OouQdcut. IB!. Bead 60. fpr plrouluri tohUuionliilu. Addcew . 0- W. P. HNVDEB, S43 State St., Ohlougq, III. yatutf thiti yaper you write. BILL Btumj,), Au FATFOLKS ' ! 110 f?™"" * oot ' lug The faet roller fur cold or pers|>li||iK (out On alo ever>\>liuio^ or aout freo on receipt of $11 eta. SmnpU) DuoKi.iKU fruo At etiuoi, gr ui«ll»d f»r » dime. lUinutttea l'»wi)bl«t (•'coo. TUB t'lSUJNtf CO., WOUtW UWQ, K.t The old method ol: training a pet Jamb at the house and then turning it into the flock is still practiced by some flock- masters. It is well known that sheep will follow a leader, and il the petted lamb has be2ii taught to come at a call or peculiar Bound, the whole flock will be governed by following the particuliar one that has been trained. Milk given warm in the morning is an excellent invigorator for laying hens. It may also bo given at any time, and the skim-milk will answer well. All the soft food of laying hens can be mixed with mil 1 in preference to water, and with advantage, as milk is a nitrogenous substance, and assists in providing the elements that compose the whites of eggs.— People and Patroit. Franklin's "a penny saved is two earned" is truer in nothing tnan in saving the almost universal waste about the farm, Go through the Fairbanks's scale-works and they point to you • the littie piles of uietiil dust on the floor<nnd tell you that the saving- of this dust represents about all the margin of profit. How many farmers allow a greater waste than this to run through an augurbole in the stable floor rather than gather and use absorbents. Is it any wonder that farming does not pay, or that farms are abandoned?—-A. J. Elliot, Franklin'Co., Vt. Iu many portions of the wesj, the use of linseed oil for stock is seldom practiced, owing to the abundarce of grain, while in the east linseed meal or oil cake ifi one of the chief articles o* food allowed stock. Whether grain be plentiful or not, the use of linseed meal will_ prove beneficial. It abounds largely in nitrogenous matter, and also exerts a dietary effect that more than compensates for its cost. Hog cholera is prevailing in many sections. To prevent it give the hogs a variety of food. Hogs that are in-bred or that are fed on grain exclusively are more subject to it than others. Cut up clover an ineh in length, scald it and mix bran with it in the morning mess. Give cooked turnips, carrots or other roots. Should the hogs become sick add a teaspoonful of liquid carbolic acid to a pail of water, and give no other water to drink. Keep the pen scrupulously clean, and saturate the ground once a week with a mixture made of one pound of copperas, four gallons of watnr arid onu gill of sulphuric acid.—People & Patriot. J.ico. Amui'ican Poultry Yard. Uncanny subject isn't itV But it needs to be spoken of. Poultry breeders need to be constantly reminded of it. Many a breeder has a flock of lousy fowls and doesn't even suspect it. All at once he learns the fact, and then matters which before were mysterious to him become clear as daylight. Why those feathers were missing, why tho hens ceased to lay, why disease seems so unconquerable, why the fowls, though well fed, were poor and weak—all these things become clear when bo knows that lice aro plentiful. No use now of giving directions for preventing their appearance. Volumes on cleanliness, on oiled roosts, on insect powders in the nests and dust baths aro of little value. What is needed is to know how to get rid of the vermin. Clean up, remove the filth, sweep down the cobwebs, wash the windows, I'mLmnko the house clean lo the aye, whitewash tho wall, fill cranks and crevices with limo, iii- ject kerosene into the roost supports, oil the roosts themselves. These are necessary steps. But something more is needed, Fumigate, fumigntu, fumigate, drive out all the fowls, closo the windows and doors, shut up tho entrances and the exits, »nd then, provided with a tin pan, a pack- ago of sulphur, a newspaper, a kerosene can and a bunch'of mutches, enter the house, sot the pun in the middle of tho floor, and if it is a wooden door, in a tub of water to prevent any danger from lire. In the bottom of the pan placoa newsuapor crumbled up, poar on it enough kerosene to Kiihmito the paper. (Jpon the paper pour a couple of pounds of sulphur, then fcirike a match, touch with its blaze the jiiiper saturated with kerosene mid stay in the bouse if you think best, but our advico is to get out quickly and leave the home closed for several hours. 'When you open it and &ir it out for the fowls there will not be a live louse in the house, and the germs of disease which hiive been lurking about will have perished. Them take the fowls tiioiufelves, hold each fowl by the legs, head down, and work througli the plumage insect powder; put insect powder into the nests to which the hens resort, and udd it to the dust hath freely. Repeat this operation at intervals of three or four days for a period of one or two weeks, and if the'above directions are followed and the usual precautionary and preventive measures used, you will bft troubled -with no more lice .The fowls will show a .decided gain i flesh and appearance, their combs wil take on the rosy hue of health, a gloss wi come tipoti their pluniage, and the inter mitetnfc laying will become more regula and constant. The trouble and espensi to which you have been at will bs quick!, and rapidly repaid, and the fowls wine you were Keeping _at a loss, and whicl were a source of discomfort to you, wi, become profitable and afford you a health ful pleasure by their cheery ways anc handsome appearance, It is not often that the poetic inspira tion seizes a child before he or she learn to write, but one case occurred in this citj yesterday, when an eight year old bo. mounted his Pegasus. After looking ou of the window for a long time in silenc he observed: , "Mother, I want to com pose a poem; write this down for me The mother did so, and here it is; Tho lire gleams throu' the pnne, The loaves of the castor oil tree bond clown, The day la growing dark Tho night is growing" cold. The loaves arc chattering— Tho ewpctKiim balls nre fjolne round and ronnil— Like people diuicln;; nt n wedding. "The sky in n gruy lead," Tlio church Is still and cold. (You don't eiisjinct il to ho hot.) The I roes bend low. The wind moves Iho leaves— Tim birds have all gone south. I dimly guess from blessings known, o greater out of: sight.—Whittier. A man, like a watch, is to bo valued foi his manner of going.—William Penn. People glorify all sorts of bravery except, clio bravery they might show ou be half of their nearest neighbors.—George Eliot. _ He who given pleasure meets with it kindness is tho bond of friendship, anil the hook of love; he who sows not, reaps not,—Basile. Economical Living. One of the subjects talked and written ibout a good deal at the present ti.ue I low to live cheaply. Prices for all the at staples ot,life are high. Rents are enormous. Fashions are cxacling. Wants multiply while resources diminish. How o make strap and buckle meet is the problem which presses on hundreds oi .lousekeeper.s. It.isjwhat is done to keep up tppearauces that destroys the equilibrium jetwcen outgo and income, and makes ife a drudgery and vexation. How to ive cheaply is a question easy enough to answer if one will be.content" with cheap iving. Substitute comfort for show. ?ut convenience inl the place of fashion. Study simplicity. Ref'u.-e to be beguiled into a style of living .above what is required by your position in society and is ustified by your resources. Set fashion ot simplicity, neatness, produce and inexpensiveness, which others will be glad ;o follow, and thank you for introducing. Teach yourself to do without a thousand and one pretty and showy things which wealthy people purchase, a<)d pride yourself with being just as happy without them as your rich neighbors are with them. Put so much dignity, sincerity, kindness, virtue and love into yoar simple and inexpensive home that its' members will never miss the costly fripperies and showy adornments, and be happier in the cosy and comfortable apartments than most o£ their wi a fiy neighbors are in their splendid establishments. It does not follow that in order to live cheaply one must ,i.-emeanly. The-bust comforts of life are not costly. Taste, refinement, good cheer, wit, and even elegance, are not expensive. There is no trouble about young people marrying with no outfit but love and health and an honest purpose, provid ed they will practice the thrift and prudence to which their grandparents .owed all their success, and make their thought and lovo supply what they lack in the means of display. Those who begin life at the top of the ladder generally tumble off. while those who begin at, tho foot acquire steadiness, coi7r;i»o.and strength of arms and will as they rise.—Anon. Til e New Jutt ce of the Supreme Court. Henry B. Brown of Ditroit^Mich., who is to succeed the late Justice Miller on the United States supreme bench, will need an introduction to tho American people. What is known about him, however, is favorable to his standing and capacity. We assume-that this is Judge Henry Billings Brown, who was born at Lea .Rrrlc- shiiecor.nt.y, Massachusetts, March 2,1836, and tvas graduated at Ynle in 1850—that famous class -\yhich gave us Depew and so many other brilliant imnes. Young Brown studied law, settled in Michigan, and after practicing for a few years was appointed Jassistnnt United States district attorney, an office which he held from 1803 until 18G8. In the 'latter jear lawyer Brown WHS made circuit judge of Wayne county, and in 1875 ho was appointed United States distiict judge. This position he has filled with credit, and is much esteemed in Michigan both as a lawyer tine' innn. In his sympathies and culture Judge Brown is more cosmopolitan than the bare facts of his career might tirguo. He has made repeated visits to Europe and hiiB been an extensive and intelligent traveler. In the line of professional work his "Admiralty Reports," published in Js'ew York in 1875, will be recalled by lawyers. It is certainly in Judge Brown's favor that he is of Massachusetts birth, but, ho does not tippcar to have been iwpt'ciiilly identified with Lee. He did not come to Iho front when that Berkshire town colftbrajed her centennial in 1877, for the names of both speakers and guests are preserved in tte memorial volume issued lit (hut time. Perhnps he is related to tho late lawyer L. I). Brown of that town. Probably Justice Field, who was raised in Stocltbridf-e, would be able to tell.— Springfield (Mass.) Repiibjican. Till! ClIKAPISH AVAY. The JMiiu Uesorvod 1'uulhliimiiit Hut tlio Blatter "\Viis Left to Providence. '•There's a man up my way," said a residejit of Cliamplain street to a patrolman, " theawfulest, wickedest man in all Michigan, and who ought to be: arrest ed." "What has ho done?" queried tho officer. '. 'Stood in front of my house and called me all the bad names you can think of." "Then make complaint in the recorder's court." - "But lie says he'll lick me if I do." "Then hnvo him arrested for assault und buttnry." "JJut I'll Imvo to go into court." "Yes." "And waste considerable time." "Yes, but you want him punished, don't "V-c-*. of course, but 1 think I'll let Providence take care of him. The wicked can't live out half their days, you know, and he's about 40 now. Maybe this winter will fetch him." ' ' Bpeolai For the benefit of those who expect to purchase a piano In the neftr futriro, I wish to announce that all persons who buy early will save a large percentage. I have no agents nor Solicitors, and therefore can make it an Object and Will sell the finest lino of instruments at greater reduced prices than any house in the Northwest. Catalogues free. Correspondence solicited. Terms to suit eyerybody. EDMUND Ohmi, 207 and 209 Grand Ave., Milwaukee. Among Stanley's hearer* In Toronto was John Livingstone, brother of Dr, Livingstone, In seeking for whom the explorer began his African career. BEECHAM'B PII.LH cure Bilious and Nervous Ills. John G. Whittier will spend his 83d birthday at Oak Knoll, Danvcrs, Mass., but he says his strength is hardly equal to the fatigue and excitement of a general reception. A'o opium In Piso's Cure for Consumption. Cures whore other rcmedies'fall. KM. Count von Moltke attribute! his attainment of old age to "Ooi''s mercy and mod- eralinn In air things." He especially advises that no one ever i pcnd a whole day indoors, not even if the ds, be rainy, lironrhllls is cur.^2 ">v frequent- small dose* of I'lso's Cure Tor Consumption. Again the Chinese are threatening tlie Christians, and it does not appear, cither, Unit the latter are leaving their reservations or indulging in any ghost dances. HOW'H Tills 1 We oiler One Hundred Dollars Kewnrd for uny case of Cnlarrli that cannot be cured by taking Hull's Catarrh (Jure. V. J. CHKNEV & CO., Props., Toledo, O. We, tliu undersigned, have known F. J. honey for the last 15 years, and believe him [lerfeclly honorable in all business Irtintuic- lions, and Iliinnehilly able to carry out any :>l>ligalions made by their linn. West, it Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Wiildlng, Klnnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0. Hull's Oalarrb Cure is liiken Internally, g directly upon the blood and mucus it'es «l ! Ihu sy&tum. Tuslliiumi.'ilK stint i'cu. Price 7f>e. per bottle. Sold by all Jruggisls. Mrs. Humphry AVurd's new novel will be published early in tliu new year. The best gift, for young ponplo. TUB JIIUISTMAS WIDE AWAKE, i()0 lllus. pages. Untied lo any address with holiday number, liibylund, on receipt of 20c. and this adv. ). LoTuuop & Co., Boston. A Brooklyn man lias sliot the biggest vlaine moose yel recorded. Thu animal vc-iglied 1,100 pounds, the antlers alonu vcighiug 10;3._ QUICK work without loss or waste is so- lured by SAPOL10. The only exception to he saying, "Quick and well don't agree." Prof. Koch has been made tin honorary itizcn of Berlin. He is the fourth man to Unit distinction. His colleagues are J rince Bismarck, Count Moltke and lonry Seliliemann. and Dr. WOUM niedicino! The very name puts a bad taste in a child's mouth, unless her nother has been kind and given her iJr. Hull's Worm Destroyers. Those little cnn- lies tnSle good. believed to bo ciumed by rioiyonous miasuiB arls- HR from low, mnrshylinul, or from deuaying vego- ilble matter, and which, brenthod into the lungs, Dntornncl poison Ilia blood. It n henltliy oomlltion I tho blood IH maintained by InkingHnod'H Siirsnpn- rilln, one is much less liublo lo iiialiiriii, und Hood's Una cured ninny sovero ciwos of thin dia- roHsinjj nireotion ovon in tlie advanced Hinges whon lie terrible chills and fovur [irovnllcil. Try it. And if you decide to Inko Hood's Snrsapiirilla do not be induced to buy uny subatituto. Hood's Sarsaparilla 3o]<l by «?l fh'u£ffisf,H. $1; six for $/i. Prajwrod only by C. I. MOOD & CO., Lowell, Mans. IOO Doses One Dollar OI«:J3> Both the method and results when 3yruj> of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts rently yet promptly on the Kidneys, _iiver and Bowels, cleanses the sys- «m effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and ac- septahle to the stomach, prompt in ts action and truly beneficial in its jffects, prepared only from the most icalthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it tho most jopular remedy known. ' 'yrup of Figs is for sale in 50o »nd $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who nay not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA f/G SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. LOUISVILLE, KY. __ jVFlV YORK. N.V, EN THE DEAFNESS IB CAUSED or SCARLET FEVER,COLDS. MEASLES, CATARRH, 40. DYTHE USE OFTHi: INVISIBLE (SOUND DISC .wbiuh la guarantcfd Ui help a larger /Mir cent, of ouicd limit nil similar <Ji>- vlaud uutubiutid. Tlivsaiiiv tu the Kurt a qlustt entirety the cyca PutiHlvtilylu- ilblo. Worn mouth* without rciiiuvnl 3, WALKS, Urldtfcpoit* C'uu? mis * - *-~ LI>?ft" uv <uflk4i«.i»tt 1^.1.1 o OIIJUlltKN. ' TUousamis of yoiinif iiit-n uml women In thlt i RoiiMtiT owo thoir lives, tuoi' 'hcaltli uu thulr happjneas fe lUdirii'H Fowl, thuir diUly diet ii PATENTS PATBIOK O'FABUELL, Atfy »t L»t Wa'n' PATENTS m !'• «^ it l*at- «l>t,«»ut tttt '" *u., D. a -i.traotioa, VUKK (• r»utpr».j Wfitf at ooe» j. 9. 9UU4 »"00.. . g, Tht; new cnptnin of Amhcrst college's font bnll (cfttn is a colored, W. II. Lewis, from Portsmouth, Vn. AN EXTENDED POPULARITY. BROWN'S : BKONCIIIAL TIIOCIIKS haw for many years been tlic most popular article in UPC for relieving Coughs niul Throal troubles. General Francis A. Walker will contribute to the Forum during the coining ycnr a porios of nrtieles dealing with (he results of the census. _ _ _ If every woman in Illis land knew for herself the nclu.'il quality of Dobbins' Kleetric Soap, nit otlirr washing soup could be. sold. Millions (In use. it, but other millions have never tried it. Have ijmit Ask your grocer for it. _ __ _ ____ Two nieces of Silting Bull live in Wa?h- ingtoii. One is the wife' of a mnlntlo bnrber nnined (icorgi: Leonard. She speaks willi iinieb agilatton about the outrages on her people. A lii'iil Itiil.qitm is Kemp's Itnlsntn. The dictionary snys: "A lialsatn is a (hick, pure, aromatic snlistanci; flowing from trees." Kemp'fi Unit-am I'nr the Throat and Lungs is the only cough incdicinu Hint is a real balsam. Many thin, watery cough roin- I'dles'nro called balsams, lint such are not. Look through a holtlo of Kemp's Balsum and nnllce what a pure, thick prepnralion il is. ]f you cough, use. Kemp's Balsam. At all druggists'. Largo bottles 00 cents and $1. The Kmpress Kugenle is reported to be a'! heavy loser by the recent depreciation of Aine.rican securities, as she bad invested very largely In them. YOU NEED NOT FEAR that ppopln will know your liulr In clyml If you lino that perfect imitation of imlnro, Tutt's Hair Dye No OMO run detect it. It Imparts n jrlow»y color nnil fri'sli Urn to tho hair. Easily applied. l>rlcc,«l. Office, 3Dl'ark Place, Cheap imitations should be avoided. They never cure and are often dangerous, S. S. S. WILL CURE. There (3 only one o. Oi Ot Take no other. My daughter had a case of chronic Eczema, which for over five years had baffled the skill of the best physicians. As she was daily growing 1 worse, I quit all other treatment and commenced using- 8. B. S. Before finishing tho second bottle tho scaly incrustations had nearly disappeared. using- S. S. 8. until she was entirely cured. I waited before reporting the case to see if tho cure was permanent. Being satisfied that she is freed from the an* noying disease for all time to come, I send you this. V. VAUGHN, Sandy Bottom, Vo. 1 continued BOOKS ON BLOOD AND SKIN DISEASES FREE. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO .j>_Atlanta. Ca. IN STAN WbY MKOTH15R8. 00 Wnrron St.. Now York. Best Cough Medicine. Recommended by Physicians. Cures where all else fails. Pleasant and agreeable to the taste. Children take it without objection. By druggists. CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH, RED CROSS THE ORIGINAL AND GEMUIIJE . Drug'HsL lor (:tticlip»lf.r'a j^n hn\(M sfhloii with htuo rililmti. TuUe mi ID piisieboiml |IH\TH, pink wmi- 4o. in SIIUIIIH r»r purti'iiUnr*, rvsiimoiiiiil KMKIO T,j,[lnimi!a]s, .Vumii rtiw-r. Sol, I l,v till I,o, ill DriiinrlKl*. Tljo only Safe, 8urr, nml rcUiililo Pill for sale. tjllitti DtawuHtl tirantl in Itcri ntnl Gold inclttlllo oilier klml. llr.JusK tiitltstltuttona and Imttatfans. -purs, nr« duiifreruiiH fomitcrfcltH. At Druggists, or send nb u, Qinl "KclTct' lor LnUle*," in tetter, liy return Afull* CHICHESTER CHEMICAL CO. , ill ,lcll«mi 8<j imre, I'lllLADKLl'lIlA, I'A. C NlUailiAL liiMS. Silent gif/ti jiltase for « day. O\fle of Music jileaac alwayl Send for Lists. Large Assortment o< Xmas Carols. I Choice Song Collections. feoNB CLASSICS. Vol. 1, - - BO eonfjB. SUNU CLASSICS. Vol. 2, - - 89 " BONO CLASSICS. Low Volcea, 47 " CUOIDK HAOKEII SIII.OB, - - 84 " C'noicK SAOKKD hui>js. Low Voices, 40 " CLASSIC, BARITONE AND BASS, 83 " CLASSIC TENOII SONOS, - - 86 " GOOD OLD SONGS WK USED TO SINO, 115 " RHYMKS AND TUNES. Sweet Music. 11. P. Osgooci, - 108 " Choice Pi u no Gnllectlonfl. PIAKO CLASSICS. Vol. 1, - 4'-1 placet. I'IANO CLASSICS. Vol. ii, - 31 " CLASSIC PIANIST, - • * 42 " KAUIIATII DAY JIusic, - • 38 " I'OI'IILAIl IUKCK CllI.).EOT'N k (i8 " I'oi'in.Aii I'IANCI COI.I.KCT'N, (il! '" CLASSIC Koi'ii-llAND COLL., 19 " Oi'EiuTic I'IANO COLLECT'N, 19 operas. CUnrclilirsHlUTIinAY HOOK of KMINENT Co«- rosuits. A liuiulsoine mid usetui gift, $1.85. Any Hook mulled, post-paid, for retail price. LYON & HBALY, Chicago. OLIVER DITSON COMPANY, Boston We v>ho and fthtp icootin to be B l for on doliyiiry. d .ump for o.ta-J IB. //a«M r*>dt dtftfl. Vil DILITEBI. LUUCBU MUTD. CC., 1M K. 8th SU nai*4a.Mi Our IUii»tr»t«cl CATALOGUE oft Scroll 8nvr«, l)eni);ni<. Alatfio Lau- teriix. MkMte-, Itoxlnj Glt>vw-, «t«k. *a-Send Mtamp for our JKo. «0*< OAtHl()|fU4*. \ THE JOHN WILKINSON CO., _ _ _ 368 a> 27J SUte St.. Chicago. HI. SALESMEN" WANTED; J,0(J.\I- OU THAVKMNG, * / To Bull IIBW viiri«Ue8of UAUDY NnilSEKY STOOK./ 1>AV weukly. ST««AI»V vaHlVMHf' 1 " . with iiur»ory of kniiwn n'»;<oiiHlWIUy, LivoJ/ work-"' rn oiirn WI4>!> t'l-'.il illUM'H'Il. iloferBnom quired. A|)),lj' ijulck lo L. L. , NURSERYMEH, PAUL, MINN. ___ ".i'. Suydflr'i Kidnap lliih<nui euros Kimruali per by ,I'<»It A ON'H-nOM.AlC III!,I, sent na by mall fvvii will deliver, fruu of all cluir^ait, to uny puraou iu tlio Utiitud KtateH, all of the following urticloa, oar»- I fully puokud : Ojio two-ounce bottle of Pure Vaeellns, . . 10 oU t)nc Uvp.ouiico bottlo of V'uuuline Pouimlo, . ]Q " Ono ]nr of Vn^Bfiliu Colii Creulu. ----- 15 " OntM'iikuof Viihbliim (Iinnphor Ice, - - • • 10 " Ono Culie of Vubulino 8011(1, immiujitcjii, - . 10 " One C.'ukuof Vunellne BOJIII, uxtitiiisiteiyHceutud^ " Ouu t\yo-ounce bulllu of U'hltu Vluxiiine, - - 25 " $1.10 Or .for postage Humps any single article at the prtci named. On no account be pernumleit tu accept from lititir itriifffftxt any Vaseline or prepiirutlou there- fi'Mn uiilena /aliened uMh our name, lit/uauHf you will certainly receive an imitation which hat little or HO value, CliHsubroiigh Mfg. Co.,. *4 State St., N. Y. A new iiiuthod or compouiulliiK Tor. SURE CURE for PILES, SALT RHEUft! nuil nil skin J>l«eu»fa. fii'iul 3 2u-iiliiinps for lYt'e Kmn- pit* v/llh Hook Tf*J Sold by nil DrimifliiU and l)i TAlt Ol» CO , f «3 Kuadulph St., Mileage. Frlco SOt- M'iueoiibiu llnifglbta supplied br (ilUlOKMK Itll'l'TUN CO., Mll,viVuKe«, Wi». mail. For tale by all drnitgliiti or nl ulUuei ;Fojr uircniarH luifl l«iHiimo/ilalj addnis^, witli vtnnjUB, L)r. (J. W. P. KNfUKn, ma SliiluHt., Ohlcugo. Ask your druggist to order it for ;you, tlaiitlon tliia ;iapnr whan writing to u-lvurtlniiri. A ;;» t ,ra ,vi .* ^ J'li/itititii* .\iHiiini•tiiufillr., O i i- I'liiii'ifliuiti reiipf. It 1 . wlvo u Tri'il J^iiolvaira I'llKii. Hold by Drui-glstt. Kent hy nuitl, nnKl.pniil. fol .!, 2001 Kidge Al» nuu, I'hlladulphlii. The (Jtumi^ledlcine in tfie World, is probably In H Mlndv indering oared. Books lfl»— in one r*»im«, Tnitimonialt front i putt of 111* cloto. Proepuotu* rut*, nat on ippUoatioa (a SW XOth Alt. N«w 1 _____ ___ _ _ I Late Priuolpal Ex Aminer U. B. Pousioa BuTuuvi a vru lu wur- i5uUliuli<!iJ.tUi^oliUiu3i t The disability bill la a law. Soldlurs dlaablod nine* tbe wararoentltlt'd. Duueinl/ut widowauud paruntt l\o\1 doponduut wlioao ions diud from fflw-ts of urm| •Qrvice araincludud. If you witih yuurcluim »udtuoce«i<fullyprus- IffiBiC •cut»d. »ddre../ jHmk t»te Oommliialpmr ot Pcualom. Wjuhln^lpn, -cil. Write fur rain- 8 1 * J.AUDKUUAC'U Cl Nawjirk. N. J. f preserit>oTind full' in 1 (ip.-30 Big (J US tllU ,jij specific fortljRcorlttiucuvi of tlila dlscuD. . II. IN'jKAM AW,M. D. Awsti.'1-duui, N. V \Ve have nld Bis G <<*. wany yeurs. und It list — given the best o< aatlu notloa. P. It. BYC'HEA f'O., POWEttft«l,E3(EJT, J8O MulnH|r«t OUulnuotl MclNTOSH : . Batterj A Oplloal Of, CHICAGO, 'I.L. F •ir<r..u.»M « .in7.-«4'.i. Waahlntftpn, R, 0- :•?;"! PATENT, TENSION, CLAIM AND LAND ATTonssjiE:','.'a« . H. L>. Monny. l() yann f.lombor of C'OHKVSSi, *-'-''-U-' A. A. t'l-iirman, -«* J'OHI-H Ass't U. 8. Att|j-Q«n, • .™v;--*y-^' W E W'"' P E H S i O¥"L A'wISP- Til01IS \NI)S NtMV '*•'---- UAVJiNOTHKISNJil. „,. lor foimu for njiplicatiou «ud full 1 W M« Wi coMiynt,s>ioNr!i op IbisSoll^ Cold,

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