The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 31, 1890 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1890
Page 8
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r- /*:;r?/ THE DES MOINESJ AMONA, IOWA, WmttjgTOA% PHO. ARRIVAL AND DIPAftfUftt 0F TRAINS, tffttCAGO, HH.WAtJKEE A ST. PAtJfc. m !3 NO. n 7:16 am No. 8 !-..-_,.NO. 13 11:415 ft mNo. 14...... 2:30pm No. 6 8:17pmNo. 10 12:lSam CHICAGO A NOBTHWESTEM. North— South— Eltnot-e pftBS.. 3 :B6 p in Elmof e pass IS :30 p in St. Paul frt...O:Bri a m DesMolneoft 7:3o p m IN AflD ABOtfTTgE OlTt. A Sappy New Year to nil. Head the Cash Store's new advertisement this week, A boy arrived at H. L. Bowman's home on Sunday. • Fenton is getting its co-operative creamery organized. The normal school opened yesterday With a big enrollment. ' Sunday evening Rev. Davidson will preach a New Year's sermon. It is reported that Ben. Smith will move to Bancroft in the spring. Miss Julia Burnard was a speaker at the state teachers' mooting. She teaches at Grinnol. Wm. Sterzback and O. D. Ranks have been running a hay press at Rodman, and making money. Misses Htittio Stephens and Nannie Hill have gone to Fenton to take schools for the winter. Mathow Dulziel of Lotts Creek has just completed R now cattle barn, 80x60 feet, witn 20-foot posts. The Butler family have taken possession of the Hutchins' house and Mr. Julian has taken tho farm. Dr. Pride scalded his hand last week though not seriously. Ho is reticent about telling how it happened. The installation exercises of the Sons of Veterans will come Tuesday night, Jan. 0. A full attendance is desired. sporting live-bird event of the contest to- Smith and C. The biggest year will be the morrow between John G. W. Budd. ' Sixty-eight numbers were sold at the dance Christmas night, and everybody had an enjoyable time. It was a big success. THE UPPER DES MOINES has added eome new fonts of job type to its outfit the past week, and now has tho very latest styles. Marriage licenses have been issued to Cyrus Eiseman and Ida Fox, Jacob Ries and Louisa Klepper, Geo. D. Peck and Maud Means. The markets remain unchanged, hogs being worth $3; wheat, 70@73c; oats, 32@34c; flax, 95c; corn, 33@35c; hay, $8.60; eggs, 19c. Geo. Buskirk writes from Missouri that even if ho can plow the year round down there, he wants the UPPER DES MOINES just the same. The Episcopalians expect to bo in their new church by Feb. 1st. When completed a fine organ will be put in, the gift of Geo. E. Clarke. The Irvington people say their oysters were there Christmas night, and that ' tho supper was tho best social gathering they have had yet. Our Cresco correspondent tolls of the lyceum doings in tho Jones' school house. These lycoums are a good thing. Every district should have one. Bancroft is to have a medal declamatory contest. If all the towns would get up one tho county could soon have a gold medal contest all by itself. The Methodists will observe the week of prayer, and invite all others to join them, The Epworth league will meet Sunday evenings during the time. The Woman's Relief corps will meet at the Grand Army hall on Thui'sday evening of this week. A full attendance is desired. Election of officers. The W. C. T. TJ. ladies are arranging for another silver medal contest. They meet Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock, and ttll members are invited to bo present. C. L. Lund has bought the quarter section opposite his big farm east of town, of H. F. Watson. This makes a big addition to an already magnificent farm. The Lew and Lottie Waters Dramatic company come Friday and Saturday evenings, and have tho best newspaper endorsements. Popular prices of admission, « I . Austin Creed will remain with Mr. \ <6mith in the recorder's office and assist him 1 in getting tho run of the work, Our old recorder has not f yet decided what he will do. The skating on the river has boon as good as ever seen in Algona, and a merry crowd has been on tho ice during the holidays, There is no healthier or more pleasant sport. A big land sale, and one which speaks of the demand for Kossuth soil, is that of Jackson Scott of Fenton to a now comer named Kesson, Scott's quarter section farm sold for §3,875. J, B. Jones has received word that Wm. Campbell has sold his Prairie J awn farm to a Des Moiues man named j owne, Nothing is said as to what disposition will now bo made of it. W. H, Ingham ploughed his garden last year Christmas day. It looks now as though tho now year could bo celebrated in tho Bttino manner. This winter is better spjar than last. The water works are about done. Mr. Stephens will do nothing to the well this winter, but the standpipe will be filled, the water supply being equal to that. That will give lire protection. B. A. Myers will present a handsome pulpit to the new Episcopalian chapel in memory of his wife, who was an active member of tho church. It is a gift that will be appreciated by tho church, Dr. Garfleld had his innings again this week, the Now York Tribune having another editorial on aged athletes in which it refers again to his bicycle record. The mayor is now entitled to tfte floor, The " Whip, t Coats" band of Cedar Rapids failed to 'materialize, and dancers got a rest Christmas eve. Between the njilitary and Alex. Dorweiler, tho Cedar Rapids gentlemen got their coats thoroughly dusted. The Milwaukee company is curtail- ing expenses, and has cut the wages of some of its employees here $5 a month. They are fiow paid the saine as the mett on the Northwestern. Agent Hedrick gets his old salary. E. B. Butler is reviving his acquaintance with the printing, trades, and has assisted in the WPEB DES MolNES office this week. Wilbur Quick Was badly poisoned while skating last Week and is laid up with swelled hands. Its a "Happy New Year" to County Attorney Joslyn, and Recorder Smith, and Clerk Brunson. With Supervisors Peters and Lovell it is a little different, There is a suspicion that the supervisor's lot is hot one to occasion much joy. A Christmas raffle took place In Elckenrodt's cigar factory in which the boy Carl, in Helse's barber shop, won the horse put up by Charley Winkle. Some others got cigars, etc. Carl can now raffle with Matt, Holzbauer for his cart, and one or the other will have a rig. Big Christmas trees ut tho home of Geo. E. Clarke and the Baptist church, Santa Claus in a new-styled cutter at the Methodist church, and n candy and popcorn social at the Congregational church delighted the Algona Sunday school scholars. A morry crowd gathered at each place. The Republican gets mad at THE UPPER DES MOINES from one to two columns a week. But it hasn't got mad enough yet to point out those "democratic misrepresentations" or to acknowledge tho receipt of Senator "ihubb's money for the supplements it talked so much about. Tho new 45 bore rifles which Company F gdt for being the second company in tho Sixth Regiment arrived last week, and are a fine addition to the 3onapany's equipment. They are tho latest and best gun made for army use, and with them Company F can stand still higher in rank. We publish this week a valuable article on draft horses to which our atten- ;ion was called by Hugh Black. Mr. Black is one of the county's best breeders, and his recommendation will secure an attentive reading by all farmers who are interested in stock. The article is worthy of careful study. Clerk Brunson says marriage certificates are 60 cents cheaper in Kossuth ;han in any other county, and than the .aw provides. He is going to celebrate ihe new year by raising the price on she theory that people don't appreciate what they get too cheaply. A few can be had by early comers at the old rate. The friends of E. Laage, who sailed 'or Denmark some weeks ago, are feeling a little anxious to hear from him. Very severe storms are reported to have swept tho Danish coast, and a great many vessels have been wrecked. C. Byson was in Monday and says a letter ought to have been here before this if lie got through all right. A. L. Seeley recalled a curious incident yesterday in speaking of the notice in the account of 'Squire Hanna's life of the founding of Waterloo. John H. Brooks was one of the three men who laid out the towns!to, and Mr. Seeley, then a tailor in Cedar Rapids, made the suit of clothes for him he wore when he went up to do the platting. At the Grand Army meeting Wednesday Capt. Bailey was elected commander; A. A. Brunson, S. V.; and E. Tellier, J. V. J. W. Bartlett was for the fourth time elected quarter-master and also representative to the state encampment which meets at Dubuque. E. Teller was chosen as alternate; Jas. Orr, O. D.; L. Foster, O. G.; G, H. Lamson, chaplain; and Dr. Barr, surgeon. Dr. Garfield received a telegram yesterday morning signed "Citizens" announcing that a man named Trolson was to be buried, and that death was caused by " criminal negligence." The doctor, as coronor, took the morning freight and visited Bancroft to investigate tho case. As our Bancroft correspondent gives it Trolson died by getting drunk and falling from his wagon. Charlie Winkle's heavy dray wagon is advertising Algona. When the big aonuments were put in the cemetery :iere last summer it was just what was wanted, and last week ft was sent to Humboldt to do ten days' work for the same company. There was no wagon ihere heavy enough to carry the stones, ind Charlie gets $4,50 a day to send his down. His brother drove down Thursday and will assist in the work. The wagon is a Bradley & Nicoulin wagon, and very heavy. Presiding Elder Black went to Eagle rove last Thursday and performed the wedding ceremony which made Senator Wm, C. Smith and Miss Dora Fisher one. Senator Smith represented the Eagle Grove district in the last legisla- iure, and was a very warm and earnest supporter of the normal school, and his nany Algona friends will join in many nearly congratulations, The bride is o daughter of a prominent farmer and is described as a very estimable lady. Only the relatives attended tho cefe- mony. Just about asGooders' brass lamp fell Friday evening, a like lamp fell in Boaranmn's poultry rooms and set tho feathers in a blaze. The door was opened and tho wind for a minute threatened to got the creamery block on fire. But toathers arc not good fuel and the fire was soon out. The falling of two of these lamps of the same kind should lead to an investigation of tho fastenings. They cannot be as secure as they should be to insure safety to users. A fire Friday evening would have been a terrible calamity. All those who attended the Foster murder trial tire home. B. F, Reed says the case occupied eight days and that the excitement was intense. The room was crowded each day, and all tho lawyers from the neighboring counties hoard it. Foster had evidence to prove an alibi, and every inch of ground was contested. Judge Henry, who presided, said it was tho most important trial ever held in that part of the state, Mr. Rood says all tho points in the trial were well guarded, and that a new trial is not likely to be granted by the su- premo court. Tho Courier last week made complimentary mention of Geo. E. Clarke for taking Mrs. Schichtl's divorce case without a fee. The same credit should have been given S. S. Sessions, who begun the suit. Mr. Sessions filed the opening papers and did other work with the full understanding that Mrs. Sohichtl should be at no expense. An attorney's fee was hwafflcd ai Mr, Schichtl's expense during the case, but neither of Mrs. Schichtl's lawyers expected or received anything frotfc her, aftd their willingness to act Under those circumstances is highly creditable. J, T. Davis was a. pleasant caller from Fenton Monday. He is 77 this winter and as he says, all tnings considered* is hale and hearty. He has seen many lands and had many experiences, been till over the isthmus of Panama when hundreds died every day, marched nearly to Alaska, fought Indians, and seen life In many phases. The thing he most dislikes he says ia n grumbler. They are all over the world, and no matter how much they have they tire never satisfied. Mr. Davis Is a philosopher. What comes ho accepts, and what he can't help he endures, Earl Stephens and GleU. Brunson started to Independence'Monday with a stranger whose name seemed to be C. A. Whitney, though he called himself Gould, He was found by a farmer near LuVerno and kept in doors over night, when the constable and Messrs Miller and Lovoll brought him to Algona. He was clearly crazy but not dangerous, though it took four men to handle him. As near as could bo determined from totters in his pocket he came from Illinois, and had been roaming about over tho country. The county will be out nothing for sending htm to the asylum, as tho state pays the expenses in such cases. Tho outcome of* J. O. Reaver's visit to Knoxvlllo is his half ownership in tho Knoxvillo Express, tho leading paper of that section. Not many hero Tvnow that Mr. Reaver is an expert printer, jut THE UPPER DES MOINES office, laving had occasion to need his services several times, appreciates his ability. He will leave Algona today with his family and take immediate charge of iho business management of the paper. While in Algona he has made many 'rieuds who will regret to see him and Lils estimable family leare. But all will wish him abundant success, which .s insured. He is a thorough business man and thoroughly up in newspaper work. Tho normal school board held a meet- Monday evening and made a contract with Prof., McCollum for the coming terms of school. Prof. Dodge's absence in account of his sou's health, made it important to have the school in the [mnds of local managers, and so Prof. McCollum is made the official head. Prof. Ohmsted takes his regular work in the school, and everything will now go on without tho break Prof. Dodge's necessary absence at one time threatened. As the present term will be much better attended than the previous one, it was essential that theJnstructors on hand, which the new arrangement insures. All will regret that Prof. Dodge's plans were broken into, aut all will be pleased to learn that the school is not affected thereby. Another narrow escape from a big ire came Friday evening. While the ,vind was blowing a gale from the northwest, the big lamp in John Goeders' window fell on a pile of carpeting etc., and in a minute everything was ablaze. Prompt action got the lamp out of the door and the fire smothered before great damage was done. But the big plate glass was broken and the whole force of the wind let in a moment after the flames were out. Had the glass broken before, nothing could have saved a full quarter of the town, for the wind would in a lew moments have had not only the oeders' building but the whole block in flames. Mr. Metzgar deserves great credit for his prompt action in pitching the lamp out. No idea is had of why she lamp fell. It had hung from morning, and had been lighted an hour. The wind in swinging it must have loosened the fastenings. Supt, Carey is interested in securing county uniformity of school books, and liopes to bring the matter before the people in the near future. The disadvantages of having different books in each township are many and obvious, while the objections to county uniformity are few. The attorney general has decided that the law does not require a bond from the presidents of school boards in case county uniformity is adopted, and all that is required is that a majority of school directors sign a petition to the county board which then submits the whole matter to a vote at the March election. With county uniformity teachers always instruct from books they are familiar with, people moving from one place to another do not lose their books, etc. etc. The question is one that should be agitated, :ind at least districts should be slow to buy new books until tho matter is decided, TOPICS OF THE TIME. How to Break Up a Severe Gold. Tho Virginia City, Mont,, Madisoiiian says; Wheu we find a medicine we know to possess ;enuiiie merit we consider it a duty, and we take pleasure in telling the public what it is. Such a medicine we found Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, last winter, when la grippe was prevailing. We are satisfied that we warded off several attacks that were threaten ing by the use of this syrup, and we have since relieved, in a few hours, severe colds, and in the course of two or three days entirely broken them up by its use, as have several of our friends to whom we have recommended it. It is all that it is represented to be by the manu taoturers. If you have a cough and want to stop It, Chamberlain's Cough Remedy will do the work. Sold by F. W. Dingley. Croup Has Lost Its Terrors. Mr. John H. Cullom, editor of the Garland, Texas, News, writes as follows: "I wish to add my testimonial to the efficacy of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for croup. That dread monster has lost its terrors for us since we be gan using tho Remedy. It never falls to give speedy relief in the worst cases of croup, and wo always keep a bot Uo in tho house aud re commend its use to our friends whose little ones are so liable to be attacked with croup during the winter months." Sold in Algona by F. W. Plugloy. _ The Holidays The Chicago & Northwestern Rail way co.'.iimuy will sell excursion tickets at fa vo ruble rates, For full information regarding rates, dates of sale, limits of tickets, etc., apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern Railway company. -82 Spavin Lluimeiit Removes all hard, soft, or calloused lumps or blemishes from horses, blood spavin, curbs, splints, sweeuey, ring bone, stifles, sprains, all swollen throats, etc. Save $50 by use of one bottle ; warranted. The most wonderful blemish cure ever Unowu. " Sold by pr. Sheetz. Itch cured in so minutes by Wolford's Sard- ta,ry Lotion. Sold by pr. Shoots. THIS WEEK IS THE LAST! ^ *•'. «-fi^ ! Now is your golden opportunity to get YOUR OWN PRICE! Tlis Stock of After this week. See Carter &'Co.'s marvelous bargains before you buy, OLD POSTOFFIOE BOOM. • PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. Lou. Thorson is down from Spirit Lake for a visit. Miss Tromenhausor of St. Paul is visiting her uncle, J. R. Jones. Mr. Thomas is up from Humboldt visiting his sister, Mrs. E. Tellier. Mr. and Mrs. Grant Whitney of Burt visited with Mrs. Fred. Fuller yesterday. Supt. Carey and Prof. Dixson are in Des Moines attending the state educational meeting. Mrs. Harry Wilson came over from Emmetsburg last week for a visit with Algona relatives. Mrs. John Carmichael and Miss Emma Bradshaw of Omaha are visiting their yister, Mrs. Dr. Ban*. (;J Miss Ada Owen of Warsaw, N. Y., is visiting the family of M. C. Bailey, and will remain a couple of weeks. Mrs. W. L. Clarke of Marshalltown, well known in Algona as Kittle Hawkins, came up last week for a visit. L. C. Smith, our new recorder, was as far east as Cleveland, Ohio. He says times are very quiet in that section. Geo. C. Call went to Sioux City to visit his brother, and incidentally to hear Stanley, who spoke there Saturday evening. R. J. Hunt has been in Chicago for a couple of weeks visiting his relatives there. He has not yet rented his farm, but will before spring. Geo. Slade and wife go to Eagle Grove to spend New Year's with relatives. They will be gone a few days and have a pleasant time. Among Algona's holiday visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Patch of 'Lake Park, Iowa, who were guests of Landlord and Mrs. Tennant, parents of Mrs. Patch. John Goeders visited St. Paul last week. He was up there when the lamp fell in his store, and luckily escaped the fright which that incident occasioned, Mr. and Mrs. Babcock were up from Humboldt to eat Christmas dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Garfleld. Mrs. Babcock will be well remembered as Aggie Garfleld. Mrs, H. A, Clock and baby returned Saturday after a month's visit at Hampton and Des Moines, She enjoyed a pleasant visit, and her friends welcome her home, S. B. Shadle, of the meat market, went to Clinton last week to visit his father, He is himself a grandfather, but his father is a hale and hearty old man yet, A sister of Mrs. Dixson is spending the holidays in Algona. The professor thought of taking his family to Des Moines, but instead had the Des Moines friend come to Algona, A. D. Clarke is home from the north. He says St. Paul and Minneapolis are quiet, but Duluth is headquarters lor the wildest speculation yet known iu the west. Duluth is to be a big city, and its residents are wild. A FEW thrifty, good style Ppland China boar pigs still on hand and for sale at $6, J. B. Jones. DOU YOU WANT THE Best Legal Blanks? Most surely you do If you have need for any at all. Then remember that yon can find them at the Upper Des Moines Office. WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best in use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, Grass Leases, Notes, etc,, For sale in any quantity desired. Blanks not in stock will be made to order at short notice and correct prices, Save Your Hair B Y a timely use of Ayor's Hair Vigor. Tliia preparation lias no equal as a dressing. It keeps the scalp clean, cool, and healthy, and preserves tho color, fullness, and beauty of the hair. "I was rapidly becoming bald and cray ; but after using two or three bottles of Ayor's Hair Vigor my hair grow thick and glossy and tlio original color was restored."— Molvin Alurich, Canaan Centre, N. H. " Some time ago I lost all my hair in consequence of measles. After due waiting, no new growth appeared. I then used Ayer's Hair Vigor awl my hair grew and Strong:. It lias apparently come to stay. The Vigor is evidently a great aid to nature." — J. B. Williams, Floresrille, Texas. "I have used Ayw's Hair Vigor for the past four or (lv« years and find it a most uatisfactory dressing for the hair. It ia all I could desire, being harmless, causing the hair to retain Its natural color, and requiring but a small quantity to render the hair easy to »rrange."-- Mrs. M. A. Bailey, 0 Charles street, Havovhill, Mass. " I have been using Ayer'a Hair Vigor for several years, and believe that Jt has caused my hair to retain its natural color. "^-Mrs. H. J. King, Dealer in Pry Goods, &c., Bishopville, Md. Ayer's Hair Vigor, w Pr, 4. P. Ayfr * <?o,, South Sidt of Broadway Whittemore, - Iowa. Goods, NOTIONS, md Oaps, Boots and Shoes, Boys' ana Men's Ready-Made GROCERIES, Crockery & Glassware, CONFECTIONERY, Wood and Willow ware. Produce taken in exchange for goods. HENRY MUNCH. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL. Kossuth- county' on the 10th day of December, 1800, an instrument in writtaB bearing date the 15th day fofTSeptom- ber, 1800, and purporting, to be the lasVwill and testament of John 'Andorf er. late of said county, deceased, was produced and pubUolv read, and that the second day of the next term ° U ° be ococ a. m, of the day -above mnn tioned all persons interestedI areT hereby Sf«" fled and required to appea^n said'court and show cause, if any they have" why saw Ssta? ment should not be probated and allowed^ ceased! the Ia8t WW * na test ^nt of said de Pated, Algona, Iowa, Pec. 10,1800. o Rt o „, A. A. BRUNSON, 38t3 Clerk of the Pistrict Court. M. DD'S GERM EKADICATOR" viva tively cures all diseases-tocause it kiiiH K IDD'S tivelyvuioo mi uiseases—because it iritiu AUOTIONEiR, p* A. HAGGARD, WllJcry «<Bce with ft

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