The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 31, 1890 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1890
Page 5
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BUS MOINJEgj ALGONA* IOWA, WEDNESDAY, EEC, 31, 1890, MWS OF ME COtJKTY Dec. sa.^-Mftiloo therd! Fifty teams on Bancroft's streets last Saturday aiSo'ctock. ¥he dance at the Austin house Christinas evening Was a success. Mrs. J. A, Winkel drew the $50 dressing case at Anderson & Taylor's drug store. *Ehere is a movement on foot to have some trotting and running races here next spring aft it is supposed of course Algona won't have any. Rev. Cummins gave a very interesting Christmas sermon last Sunday night on the subject "The Clue to Every Mystery," Which was appreciated by the audience, lie went to Humboidt today to assist Pastor Schutz in revival meetings. Chas. Wilson, who has been very sick with a lung trouble is improving slowly. . Work on F. R. Anderson's house is progressing finely. Campbell i& Reynolds bought the G. V. Davis building which has been fitted up for a hardware store. Tile consideration was $1,500 including the repairs. The building where the hardware was before will be moved and a brick building put up by the State Bank of Bancroft. When you want to see a booming town look toward the north pole ye Algonians. Nearly all the school ma'ams of northern Kossuth seem to be gathered here for their Christmas vacation. The Baptist Sunday school will give a free supper to the scholars and parents of the school this Wednesday evening. C. Wi Parker of Algona is visiting here -With his son-in-law, S. P. Hartshorn. The Good Templars lodge has made arrangements to have a Demorest medal con- ;f 'test here in a few weeks. Success. Father Kelley of the Catholic church held services here yesterday, and a large congregation was present. It is not yet known for certain whether he will live here or not. H. N. Renfrew is expected back from his Illinois visit this week. The Phoenix house is having a big run at present. There was a Christmas tree at the Greenwood school house on Christmas night. Revival meetings hive begun at the M. B. church. Katie Byrne is spending the holidays with friends at Blue Earth City, Minn. Ed. Caulkins, the efficient salesman at Roberts' lumber yards, goes to Minneapolis next week. A. Sundstrom, our photographer, is re- 'ceiving some flattering compliments for "fine work done at his studio. Night before last a man named Trolson, who lives about eight miles northwest of here, got a little too much liquor on board and on the way home fell off of the wagon and received injuries that resulted in death yesterday. BANCROFT, Dec. 80.—A. Trolson, who lives north of Bancroft about eight miles, was going home Saturday night from a neighbor's house, riding in the buggy with , A. G. Johnson and C. A. Peterson. He was more or less intoxicated at the time, and the horses got to running. At a short turn in the road the buggy was upset and all were, thrown out on the. frozen ground, and - Trofson's skull was broken in two places. He lingered unconscious until 9 o'clock Sunday evening when death ended his sufferings. The funeral was held Monday hero, Rev Ward officiating. The Masonic banquet on Monday evening was a swell affair, and all who were fortunate enough to have an invitation pronounce it the affair of the season. Protracted services are being held this week by the Methodists and the : meetings are well attended. . • The Christmas tree at the M. E. church was a decided success, and many handsome presents were given out. Wesley Sunday school was re-Organized last Sunday. John Atkinson was elected superintendent; 0. Robinson, assistant superintendent: if. S. Gallagher, Secretary; Mrs. Heal find Miss Milla Shaw, organist and chbtfatoj?. Wesley grain market: Wheat, 65@r8c; oats, 80@83c;'com, 80@86c; fla*, S0@92c; hay, £3.25; hogs, $3; chickens, 5c; turkeys, So; eggs, 20c; butter, Wo; potatoes, 60e. Seneca, SESEOA, Dec. 29.—The Christmas tree and festival at school house No. 8 was very fully attended, and highly enjoyed. J. B. Carr was master of ceremonies assisted by Santa Claus and several young misses. Mr. and Mrs. John Barfoot and brother, Miss Gazelle Alcorn, Annie Richmond, Mary Scully, and others gave excellent vocal and instrumental music. Mr. Carr and and Miss Hattie Ormiston read appropriate selections, and two dialogues In which characters were sustained by Misses Bessie Barfoot, Ploy Alcorn, Dora Fish, Ella Dutton, Eunice Dutton, Mina Dundas, Mattie Gideon, Mabel and Margie Carr, and Masters John Richmond, Sam Ormiston, and Roy Alcorn gave much pleasure to the audience. The tree was loaded with gifts and all present seemed to be remembered. Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Goodspeed were made proud and happy by the advent of a little daughter on the 24th, She is a very promising young lady and came just in time to have her stocking ready for Santa Claus. The meeting of the farmers' alliance on Saturday was fully attended and tho question of a co-operative creamery for Seneca was fully discussed. The meeting was very interesting and profitable. Io*trft*s Champion, C. W. Blidrt, to Shoot In Algeria frew Year*8 l»ay A Cftttlttff AirAi^-Trottefs Will Go This Afternoon, Arrangements are how perfected for one of the tbost interesting sporting events that has occurred in northern Iowa. C. W. Budd, Iowa's champion trap shooter, will coins in on this afternoon's train, and tomorrow at the shooting grounds he and John. G. Smith will contest in a 100-bifd match. The live pigeons have been secured, and Mr. Smith has just received his •uns from the shops, where they have een undergoing repairs, and ho will ive Mr. Btidd a lively competition. ludd is one of the best men with the gun now living, and Mr. Smith is ranked among the experts wherever shooting contests are held. Algona will have some fine sport tomorrow. IiUVcrne. LUVKKNE, Dec. 26.—The dance at Patterson's hall last Thursday night was well attended and a good time was the result. There was a lunatic brought to town Thursday by Henry Stokes and Ed. Mahoney, and turned over to the proper authorities, and they took him to Algona for trial. Jas. Reed of Irvington took the train for Bedford, Iowa, where the trial of the crimi nal who killed his brother some two years ago was in progress last week. Albert Miller is home for the winter from Cedar Palls. Wm. Mason was on crutches for a few days from the effects of a horse stepping on his foot. Jas. J. Clark's sister is here staying with him and helping him in the printing office. Eugene Crosswait has gone home to spend the holidays. Prank Hill is in Dysart, Iowa, spending the holidays with his folks and relatives. The Christmas trees both at the Evangelical church, and the one at Leander Barton's were well loaded with presents, and all enjoyed a happy Christmas. W. B. Persons went to Dysart to spend Christmas with his family. There was a full fledged Georgia minstrel show at Patterson's hall on Christmas evening, and a good house and good time was the result. Marsh Stephens was on our streets on Christmas.evening. Mrs. D. Park is at Traer spending the holidays. Prank Graw is home for a couple of weeks stay. Caning tho Captain. At the special meeting of Company F last evening at the armory the members took occasion to cane Capt. Cooke. C. B. Matson performed the operation, and in a very satisfactory manner presented a, very handsome gold-headed cane, properly engraved. Capt. Cooke was taken wholly by surprise, but responded in a pleasant speech, commenting upon the good record the company has made. The cane is a very handsome one, and the gift was a token of the esteem in which the captain's hard work for the company is held. Lieut. Reaver, being about to leave company, was called on and made a pleasant farewell speech. The company spent tho evening in social amusement, and begin the new year in good spirits. Trotting Kaco Today. Wesley is rapidly getting to the front as a fast-horse town. A sample of her speed will be given at tho fair grounds this afternoon at 3 o'clock, Messrs. Cory and Gray having arranged a trotting race for $50. The money is up, and a hot race is insured. KOSSTJTH'S POULTET OUTPUT. Cresco, 26.—December is pleasant Swea. •SWEA, Deo. 25.—The weather is very fair, the snow is all gone and the ground is bare. It has been some time since I "Wrote last, but for a truth there is nothing worth writing about. There will be a basket sociable next Friday evening in the Baptist church. All are •invited. The money is to be used to build a "parsonage for a new minister, The supper last week came off in a pleasing manner, Quite a number were present, and a good time was reported, The income was ?I28. The Lutherans had a Christmas treo ciable at A. Clemenson's last night. Our Baptist friends are expecting a new minister soon. Mr. and Mrs, Habberg and family, Mi 1 , and Mrs. O, Johnson and family, Mr. and Mrs, Blomester and family, Mr. and Mrs, Pearson and family, Mr. and Mrs. L. A, Anderson and family, and Mr. and Mrs, B, A, Anderson and family were the guests of Mr, and Mrs. J. A, Erickson Christmas day and a Merry Christmas, was reported by all. \VesleVv WESLEY, Deo. 80,—Christmas has come and gone and has left many pleasant memories to us all. There was an oyster supper given by the members of Success lodge, No. 184,1. O. O. F., last Saturday evening. All who were present claimed to have'enjoyed themselves well. Mrs, F. Ash fell last Sunday and dislocated her shoulder. - Dr. Hill was called down and soon left her feeling comfortable. Geo. Hill of Hay warden was here visiting his parents for the past few days. His father, J. V. Hill, is not expected to live. He has been suffering with rheumatism for some time, and in addition to that dropsy has set in. Our merchants are having a large holiday trade. The Medicine King Catarrh Cure company gave an entertainment at Grove's hall two evenings of this week- Saturday is the day we vote corporation Oj?np corporation. F. Hume has gone to Guttenberg to buy h}e winter etook of lumber. Mrs, Liana Hopkins Is spending her vacation at home, She is teaching up iu German township. f Mr. and Mrs, L. G, Potter are the happy of 8 girl b» b y. 411 »re dojng welj. »eet- CBESCO, Dec. as May. I. C. Southard was in Cresco Monday on a hay deal. S. C. Platt spent Friday and Saturday with friends here. Dr. Potter is making a new bob-sled. It will certainly be an open winter. The first number of the paper run by tho Jones' lyceum will be issued Friday evening. Come out and see what they have to say about you. We understand that one of our young men was lost Sunday evening. That's nothing; a young man not many miles from hero lost (?) his girl at the dance at Whittemore, and she came near having to walk homo. We understand that some of the fellows who went to Algona to raise a disturbance at the dance got done up in good shape. Good enough, " there is no fool like an old fool." The sooner these fellows learn to stay at home and mind their own business the better, Ijedyardi LEDYAUD, Deo. 20.—Our burg still keeps growing. We are to have another store, a blacksmith shop and agricultural implement house in tho spring. A. B. Dunlup is off to Des Moines on business. Fred. Johnson has gone to Boono to see his best girl. Our new postmaster, J. F, Randall has gone to Ashland, Wis,, to prove up on a claim, Casper Steil of Emmetsburg is here assisting his brother, Henry, who had a hand mashed in a hay press. Joe. and Fred. Jonks spent their Christmas in Algona. Pen ton. FENTON, Deo. 29.—To all who extended their sympathy and kindness in my late great affliction, the sickness and death of my wife, I extend my heartfelt thanks, and may the Lord reward them. T. M. OLAKK. A Larger Number of Fowls Packed, in 189O Tlxan in Any Previous Year—What Is Being Done. About the busiest places in Algona for the past month have been tho packing rooms of Boardman Bros, and Wallace & Reed. . The amount of poultry handled far exceeds that of last year, and is greater than in any previous year. At Boardman Bros, from 20 to 33 men have had steady work picking alone, and 10 others have been employed in packing, etc. They are freezing in their refrigerator here, and now have over four car loads stowed away in the ice room. As high as 1,500 turkeys have been put up in one day, and the total up to Saturday was 8,000 turkeys and 12,000 chickens. They estimate this as two-thirds the total that will be brought in. Boardman Bros, buy from Eagle Grove to Blue Earth City, and from Emmetsburg to Clear Lake. They expect this season to pack seven car loads. Wallace & Reed buy from Goldfleld to the state line on the Northwestern and have from 12 to 18 pickers at work steadily. They have packed 80,000 pounds which is in store in Chicago. They have packed twice as much as last year, and estimate the poultry business at that ratio. Picking poultry is an art as well as packing it, and it is well worth a trip to the rooms to see how it is done. One man at Boardman's earned $2.75 in eight hours while a number of the town boys are getting $1.50 a day. It is a short time after the turkey's feet are slipped in the loop, his bill weighed, and his throat cut, till ho is ready for the box. Saturday Boardmans had 3,600 chickens in one yard together, and nearly as many turkeys and ducks. They feed them before they kill them. One would think that all the hens and roosters of the county had gathered for a celebration to see 3,600 together. The big season is now passed, but for several weeks the pickers will have all they can do. Height of Cruelty. Nervous women seldom receive the sympathy they deserve. While often the pictures of health, they are constantly ailing. To withhold sympathy from these unfortunates Is the height of cruelty. They have a weak heart, causing shortness of breath, fluttering, pain In the side, weak and hungry spells, and finally swelling of ankles. the gulf coast, Texas, Sot Springs of Arkansas, and Excelsior Springs of Missouri now on sale by agents of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul rail*May. Apply for rates and other infoi"- mat.on to the nearest agent, or address Geo. H. Heafford, general passenger agent, Chicago, Ill.-89t6 Jfnlsanco* In Great 6tti««. Not the least among: the various of' fenses that meet the eye, and seldom with any palliating incidentsj are tho signs of all kinds that disfigure most of the buildings in the business districts. A plain signboard, giving the name of the company or individual proprietor and the nature of the business, is unobjectionable, however large, if set up against the wall, over the entrance or at the threshhold. The largest concerns in the city have, however, abandoned even these, and are content to use a small metal plate for their names. But the popular idea in signs seems to run to as great a display as possible, and in its indulgence taste and safety are sacrificed. What can be more hideous than those g^'eat rerial wire structures that project from the tops of buildings or are hung across the streets? They are dangerous, too, as experience has shown. Then there are those dazzling monstrosities which, in colored glass, call the attention of the passerby to the game of billiards and other pastimes. Some of the porticos which project over tho whole sidewalk are utilized for similar purposes. Exaggerated hats, bonnets, clocks, mortars, saws and other symbols of the merchandise for sale within the stores flaunt before the gaze at every turn. Most of these are illegal, as the law allows but three feet nearest the building for tho display of signs and merchandise, and this is availed inhnany trades for the profit it will bring, not only to themselves, but in some cases by compensation from fruit venders or other small trades not connected with the regular occupations.—America. yy ^ss ^^v. '^ And buy goods Cheap at T« E CASH STORE. After more than two years of successful business on this plan we are more than ever convinced that it is the only true way to do business. We quote prices on a few articles : 18 pounds choice New Orleans Sugar for 20 pounds good Butter Crackers (i box) for 12 pounds Dried Grapes (Cal.) (i box) for 4 pounds Brown or Green Coftee for A Good Tubular Lantern, only - $1.00 i.oo i.oo i.oo •35 e are agents for Rock Salt for Stock. If we can fit you with a pair of Shoes or Boots, we sell them cheap. Come and see us. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON. will Valuable Sand Lots. Accident in making what afterward turn out to be good investments is always a favorite theme for discussion. An instance was cited' where a young man went to Tacoma on a flying visit in the early days of the place, when the principal part of the town was its name. He was there only a few hours, but in that time was induced to buy several lots for almost nothing. Those lots made a fortune for him BO suddenly that he could hardly realize that it could be possible. Mark Sheldon, the wealthy real estate owner of San Francisco, made his fortune out of a bad debt. He had grown rich and poor in several ventures, and when hard pressed once tried to collect all the money that was due him. One debtor was unable to give him a cent, but compromised his debt by handing over to Mr. Sheldon some sand lots in what is now Market street, San Francisco. Sand lots were not very valuable in those days, and Mr. Sheldon found no opportunity to dispose of his until he saw that he might make a pretty sum of them. So he held on to them, and there is no more valuable real estate in the Golden Gate city today than Mark Sheldon's Market street propertv.—New York Tribune. We can now make Loans on Improved Lands from one to ten years time, and give the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even $100 at any date when interest falls due. This is Iowa money and no second _., . . . mortgage or coupons taken. tha u,t«r» p ot a j?n°ih? a ™ BB f Io ?ft wl M enab l e ll >e borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the.Interest on ihe amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address • HOXIE & REAVER, Algona, Iowa. M. Z. Grove. John Grove. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. West of Thorlngton House. M. Z. GROVE, Manager. • I want to say to the people who 'burn Coal I that I am now in the market with a full J supply of loth Hard and Soft Coal, for sale at current rates. Quality the best. Come and see me. F. C. WILLSON. M p. pun po WAGON AND PLOW WORK, IXlillillO, GENERAL REPAIRING. We want the people to know that we are prepai do repairing of all kinds, horse shoeing, and al wagon maker and painter, and we guarantee si WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF C their plows In first class shape.. Also lot blacksmlthlng. Have a flli-Bt class , iu everything wo turn out. - ALGONA, IOWA. slon, choking, smothering, and dropsy. New Heart Cure is Just the thing for them. Farmers, Take Notice. The balance of our stock of husking gloves will be sold cheap. Gloves worth $1 reduced to 85c, Butter crackers 5c per Ib. by the box. Bbl. fresh wheaten grits just arrived at the Cash Store. Above bargains found at TOWNSEND & LANGDON'S. oppres Dr. Miles' - - . --------- — ra — ~-iem. For their nervousness, headache, weakness, etc., his Restorative Nervine is unequnled. Fine treatise on Heart and Nervous Diseases and marvelous testimonials free. Sold arid guaranteed by F. W. Dingier, o * A Mystery Explained. The papers contain frequent notices of rich, pretty, add educated girls eloping with negroes, {ramps. and coachmen. The well-known specialist, Dr. Franklin Miles, says all such girls tire more or less hysterical, nervous, impulsive, unbalanced; usually subject to headache, neuralgia, sleeplessness, Immoderate crying or laughing These show u weak nervous system for which there Is no remedy equal to Restorative Nervine. Trial bottles and a fine book, containing many marvelous cures, free at F. W, Dlngley's, who also sells and guarantees Dr. Miles' celebrated New Heart Cure, the finest of heart tonics. Cures fluttering, short breath, ete. 6 * CHOICE buckwheat flour on hand. J, Wil8on.-34t8 J. Notice. All parties knowing themselves in^ debted to J. H. Queal <fc Co. will please call and settle either by cash or note on, or, before Jan. 1,1891, or Same will be with our attorney far collection. W. W. WHEBUBB, Agent. Nerve and, lilvor Pills Act on a new principle- regulating the liver, stomach, and bowels through the nerves. ' A new discovery. Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure biliousness- bad taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Dn- equaled for men, women, and children. Smallest, mildest, surest! Fifty doses 25 cents. Samples free at F. W. Dlngley's drug store. Take Notjpe. We will close out the balance of our stock of felt boots at 90 cents and $1. If you need buy now. TOWNSEND & LANGDON. A FEW more boxes of 60 crackers at the cash store. PARTIES wishing to buy or rent the farm or town property of Mrs. H. E. Hyde (removed to California) can do so by calling on B. J. Hunt. -89 Do not pay 8c per package for soda when you can buy STRICTLY PURE for 60 per package at Townsend & Lang? don's. If Men's Muscles Were Ulto June Bug's. A gentleman residing on the west side noticed a very large June bug flying around his piazza and proceeded to capture it. He placed the captive under a heavy glass tumbler which rested on a newspaper, expecting to examine the insect a little later in the evening when he had leisure. On returning to the table where he had placed the bug, some half hour later, he found that it had moved the tumbler nearly a foot by placing its head against the side of the glass and pushing it along. In order to be certain that flie glass had been moved by the captive, he carefully marked its position on the newspaper with a pencil, and at the expiration of another quarter of an hour found it had been moved nearly five inches. As the tumbler weighed at least fifty times as much as tho bug, the ease with which it was moved around on the paper was a source of considerable astonishment. The June bug was less than an inch in length, and was restored to'liberty in view of the exhibition it had given of its strength. The story is vouched for by several witnesses, who were called in to see the insect as it was pushing the glass along. —Rochester Union, well satisfied I am paying the highest market price for corn, on my farm a mile east of Algona.-83 O. L. LUND? &* Winter pscarsjQBs to Warmer Climes. Excursion tickets to Mexico, California, Georgia, Jfopth Carolina, The Rotiotta Stone, The "Rosetta Stone," a famous tian curiosity now in tho British Museum, was discovered in the year 1799 by M. Boussard, a French explorer, near Ilosetta, a seaport of lower Egypt. It is of black basalt, about forty inches long and thirty inches wide, with three engraved inscriptions upon its surface. The first of these is in Greek, the second a conglomeration of hieroglyphics, the third in enchorial -writing, a system used by the Egyptians iu recording eypj-y day matters. After years of laborious re^ search the savants of Europe ascert^ia- ed that the three inscriptions were three versions of n, decree in honor of Pt9lemy Epiphones by the priests of 'Egypt, because he had remitted their taxes. Thij wonderful relic dates about two cenfr uries before the beginning of the Christian era.—St, Louis Republic, BEST LAUNDRYSOAP igijje v/orid and (use It in aJI my Wkahiji^ &nd c 'j^Dt'oNlv^y • -^ ' N.K.FAIRBANK&CO. KEE ,'i Cloths and Trimmings, J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors A full stock of cloths and trimmings always on hand, as cheap as can be bought anywhere. All work done promptly and Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call street, Algona, Iowa, LOUIS Manufacturer and dealer In all kinds of The New Meat Market. BENNETT & ANDEBSON, Proprietors of the new market on Tliorlngton street, keep everything In fresh and salt meat. Fresh fish every Friday. Come and see us. •j<i FURNITURE, Picture Frames, Looking Glasses, Chromos, and all kinds Readymade Cofflis- Hearse for public use. Headquar- Sewing Machines Und Organs. ",$. >t r\ HEAT FBENCH UEMKDY.-Dr. Le Duo's VJT periodical pills from PaWs, France, act only upon the generative orgfcns In females, and positively cure suppression of the menses (from whatever cause) and all periodical troubles peeuliar to women. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstruation, or money refunded. Should not be used durlug pregnancy. The large proportion ol the ills to which ladles are subject is the direct result of a disordered and Irregular menstruation. Ask any druggist for them. American Pin Oo., bpencer, la- L. A. Sheebs, supply agent, Also- ga, la. H. Bosworth * Son, l&fiwauW; Roty. Stevensoa & Co., Chicago, wholesale agents. AT SEVEN PERCENT, i A ithe KoMUth. County Bapk. Apply jftt once. Buytftem Real Estate Agent, Algona, Iowa. Lands bought and sold on commission, special attention given to care and sale of nal estate la Kossutb and adjoining counties roruon-realdents. Agept for the German Insurance company, ofFreeport, |U. Passage ttcketsto and from the oiacountTrtes sola at lowest rates F. M, BRONSON, It Jms permanentyl you Jjave premq

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