The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 31, 1890 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, December 31, 1890
Page 2
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"V.. V. f J t*' fr 'tV*/' ~= THE UPPER DE8 MO1NE8. AtGOMA. tOWA. WBPOTMP AY. DECEMBER 31,1890. IOWA. Tba official list of the next house of representatives as toade up by the clerk contains the names of 285 democrats and 97 "scattering," including republicans THE LATEST TEtECRAMS, and farmers alliance men, latter number eight. of whoui the THE American doctors who have been la Berlin investigating tho action of Dr. Koch's lymph agree that it is a success in the first stages of phthisis. If this shall prove true in general practice, medical science has made a tremendous stride. A VBNEIIABLE survivor of tho 25th con< gross, which was in session as early ns 1887, has been found in Judge Richard P. Marvin of Jamestown, N. Y. John Quincy Adams, James K. Polk and Millard Fillmore wore his colleagues in the house, It is thought that Judge Marvin is the sole survivor not only of thnt con gress but of the New York assembly of 1886, of tho New York constitutional convention of 1845, and tho supreme court justices chosen in 1847. tSTBRIJftP. TEN natural gas wells are in successful operation at Lamvillo, III. GOOB results are said to have been obtained from the experinents - with Kdch's lymph in New York hospitals. THE Connecticut Dairyman's Association Will ask the legislature to pas.« a law requiring that all oleomargarine shall be colored pink. A LK MAUS, Iowa, minister has refused Jo take part in the funeral of a member of his congregation who died from the effects Of whisky. tins steamer Lahn brought £480,000 in gold to New York Saturday. Mons than 8,000 families are camped near the Cherokee strip waiting to move into the new territory when opened. PENNSYLVANIA coal miners to the num ber of 16,000 will strike unless an ittcreas of pay bo granted. f HE New York Staatz-Zeitung has been i nnn° a fivntlicate of capitalists for 1,000,000. MH. MIGUELS, an old settler of Belgium was found dead in the woods, aged 75. JOHN W_. YOUNO, son of Brigham oung, denies tho report that the Mormons will emigrate to Mexico. fiSWfiSft±'"* 1 *»A FKAKFDI OOtt TRAGEDY still, continues to take , an active part in the campaign. Saturday he delivered an address mmi the hotel at Kilkinhy. He was very positive m his assertions that slate and lime were the substances thrown at hhn the other day. He declared that he would allow no combination however powerful to ctrive him from his duty to Ireland. He ridiculed McCarthy as a leader who did not have two ounces of steel • in his whole body. t BpNAttft DONNELLY, the millionaire Kansas City, has bewi Astonishing success haa attended the efforts of Dr. Laiinelongue, an eminent specialist of Paris, to give intelligence to a little idiot girl. Though four years old, ' the child could neither walk nor stand, and never smiled nor took notice of anything. Tho doctors concluded that the abnormal narrowness of tho head obstructed tho growth of tho brain, and in May last he made an incision in the centre of the skull and cut a piece of bone from tho left side. Tho result was marvelous. Within loss than a month the child could walk, and sho has become quite bright— playing, smiling, and taking notice of everything around her. SLOWLY IMPROVING. Sensational dispatches inspired by financial ghouls whose interests are best sub- served by demoralized markets, have lately been all too common. There is really 'nothing alarming in the present financial situation. There are failures, of course, but, as has been pointed out, there has not been a time in years when the financial embarrassments were of a less startling : nature. With very few exceptions the concerns that are forced to suspend are found to have assets far above their liabil ities, but the recent changes in financial affairs have placed them where their assets are not immediately available, and so to avoid tho possibility of being crowded to the wall many institutions have made voluntary assignment. In other words, business methods that were perfectly safe and sound three months ago, avo now insufficient. Credit was good enough then; but the financial.flurry made bankers conservative auiittioy wan ted cash instead. The uhange was .in the right direction but it was too sudden. Bankers who were willing to let Tom, Dick .and Harry have any amount of uionoj for any kind of wild speculations wont to tlw other extreme and were very grudging of necessary accommodations for legitimate business for awhile. That has pretty well passed. Confidence is being restored, and while tho effects of the shake-up' are still being felt and will be felt for some time, tho financial situation, so far as all legitimate business is concerned,' is steadily, if: slowly, improving, t civil engineer of declared insane. _ OKLAHOMA'S first legislature has adjourned. It has passed a complete code of laws, a composition of the Dakota, Indiana, Nebraska and Illinois statutes, GEN. B, P, BUTLEH, who is seventy- tliree years old, announces that ho ban retired from criminal practice. DUB. E. S. SHUHLEY and Heneoge Gibbs of the University of Michigan think they have discovered in chloride of gold a cure for incipient consumption, and they reject Prof. Koch's bacillus theory. GEN. TREI, who has just been elected a tneniber of the federal council of Switzerland, was formerly a private in an Illinois regiment and spent many months in Libby prison. tenrjntt ANU THE Ettriek creamery at Whicfcall was burned. Loss 84,000. A SEVEUE earthquake shock was felt at Knoxville, Tenn., Tuesday. MANY passengers were badly hurt in a wreck on the Western New York & Pennsylvania road near Watsonville, Pa. TUB town of Barberton : 0., was almost destroyed by a tornado, many persons being injured. _ Two MEN were kill and ten others injured by a dynamite explosion near Wheeling, W VH. TWELVE girls broke through the ice on Lake Selinter, Holstein, and were drowned. BY the collapse of a wall at the stock yards m Chicago, on Monday, Michael Barry and an unknown man were inslant- TiiE postmaster at Marion was removed for being short in his accounts. Miss IDA LAYCOCR, a school-teacher at Longmont, Col., was fatally stabbed by a pupi) whom she was trying to discipline. J. D. CAHTEU, the man who killed "Rube Burrows, the notorious Alabama outlaw, received Saturday $1,000 reward from the Southern Express company at Birmingham. Carter is crippled for life by u wound received from his victim. THUEB men and one woman- were killed in a fight among Htins hear Johnstown, i fit AN attempt to cause a collision between two passnnger express trains near Ballston Spa, N. Y., by opening a switch was frustrated by one of the trains being late. JOHN WATSON, confidential man of the Meriden sliver-plate _ company at Meri- A Miij'det' Committed oil Board the Steamer Eiiu'opia ty M tttsatte Matt* of hito. on the Some JRemfnJsceftces of the Bloody Deed as fold by a Fellow Passenger, The Man Subsequently Arraigned for Trial but Released on the GU-oUnd of Insanity, _ aen, Conn., is short in his accounts and bas disappeeard. JOHN TUHLINQTON, a murderer tinner sentence of death, escaped from jail at Boonville, Mo., stole the sheriff's hsrse, and fled. JAMES HEIUIMAN, of Peorb, while un- ^ r J „.. _^ W**.!' J ,, tIl,| O Mil dertaking to show a funeral party how to nil a chicken, broko the neck of Patrick Lyons, aged 60. THIIEE men haVelbeen arrested for Idling a 17-year-old telegraph operator at Fmdlay, 0., in order to get §200 which he had. AT Aulander, N. C., Kinch Freeman, a I Anent the Anchor Line steamer EthT opia, about whose safety fears were entertained until she arrived at Troy Island, Ireland, Dsc. 3d, a well known Chicago journalist said: "I crossed the Atlantic from New York to Glasgow in the Ethiopia in Sep., 1883, and she was an old boat then. In fact, I Was told that on her arrival in Clyde she was to have the machinery and boilers taken out of her and to be enlirely refitted. She is a medium-sized vessel, but broad in the beam and proportion to her length, and, I should judge, a good sea-boat. On this passage, however, the sea was like a mill-pond the whole way across, so there was no opportunity of seeing how she would behave herself in dirty weatker. The trip was'marked by one tragic incident which I shall never forget, We left New York at 5 o'clock on a to Lis home in Scotland to get rid The juty found him 'not guilty ground of insanity,' and made the custom* ary order that he be confined in a criminal lanatid asylum 'during her majesty s pleasure,' which, of course, means for lifg. Such is my recollection of the Ethiopia."— Chicago Herald. Tills MONKEY AtfD JjKtKYKAtti). One taste at Wlilftlty Wn» All Poor Jack' , Would Take. Mr. Pollard states that in his drinking roguish young lady and can |*etend to\ lame when she is commanded to do so>.f Most horses require a keeper to lock 1 , stable door, but Lady Hope needs ho BBfc „ attendant. She can perform that daw herself with the greatest ease, and if SM took iUato her head could bar herself from all intruders. Besides being ft tme*- nominal trickster Lady Hope has scholarly accomplishments which commend her* to admiration. With a piece of chalk be* tween her snow-white teeth she traces the letters of her natne OK a blackboard held by her owner, from whom she took lessons in chirogfaphy, The animal's autograph is in demand everywhere. She has alsb learned the terpsichorean art, ^ and when she hears her master whistle a jig she will dance in most approved and graceful Fashion. Lady Hope is not a military days he was the companion of a man in Atundel county, Maryland, who had a monkey that he valued at a thousand dollars. We always took him out on our .- , ... „- ..,..,., •—• chestnut parties. He shook off all our horse, but she can fire a pistol with the ac- chestnuts for us and where he could not curacy of any of the national guardsman, She has a wonderful knowledge of Colors andean choose from a number that aw called for by her master. In selecting the colors the articles are never arranged twice alike. This is regarded by some horsemen as one of the most wonderful of Saturday morning and reached the Clyde eleven days later, so that you can see she was not a fast boat. It was at the end of the_ season, and there were only nine cabin passengers, including the four which composed my own family, so we had plenty of room to move about in. There were something like ninety steerage and intermediate passengers. The captain's npi/rn wlm m,,'^ a ™7Tn~"'Tjr""'"T, < •"' I n , ame was Campbell, and the chief mate, negro who murdered.Dr.. Adkin an d his also a Scotchman, named "'" " mother, was hanged in his cell by a ' ' Wednesday night. A NUJtiiEii of Des Moines justices and constables have been hrlictedfor using the prohibitory law as a means to black- , Wilson. The m ° b ***"»<* * e l«*ond and third officers I have f orgo tten, but they as well as the first mate held master's certificates, am each one was qualified to navigate tlie ship. There were five boats, enough to mail saloonkeepers. I provide room for all then onboard^ bul far DK. F. 0. VINCENT went to theresidence trom sufficient) had the ship been full ot of his wife, from whom he was separated P asse , n gers. We had boat drill once dur- for a time, and shot her three times kill- ln , g . th ? vo . va ir e > and everything was run ing her instantly. When taken to jail si "P' sna P e ""'d Bristol fashion,' as the Vincent fell unconscious and it is suppos- iailor8 Bav - The crew were, with scarcely Orl f.litif. Im t/is\tr n n*r> n » l« •!_ _•_ .r: • i I £LD fiYflfiriiVlnil. rrnm f-MaarrnTir r\f 13nl£nnJ. that he took poison to commit suicide. ££ e * c( ;P tlo n, from Glasgow or Belfast. The cause of the tragedy is unknown ine Et hiopia was not a crack ship by any means, but she was a comfortable one, and as my wife was unacoustomed to the sea and the children very young, I had no desire to cross in a 'greyhound' for the sake of saving forty-eight hours. OFBtntTOlf. -; Eugene Jfleld Chats Entertainingly on Hie Subject of the Great Oriental Traveler. Chicago News. The late Sir Richard Burton once had a . "We were well out beyond Sandy Hook by breakfast time. On the Sunday after- famous quarrel with the custodians of the noon mv , w ^t e camp on the quarterdeck Bodleian Library, There were in that li- * or tfle first brary certain Arabic manuscripts which steamer-chair on Burton wnnfed to make use of, and he' w " en * retl »'ned a ly killed and a number of others were badly injured. ST. BEIINAHD'S Roman Catholic church, on Fourteenth street, between Eight and Ninth avenues, New York, was destroyed by fire Monday morning. _LULU SrKtGMYEn and May Stoves, two girls burned at the Buchtel college fire at Akron, 0,, died Sunday. JOHN ROWLAND, of Dodgeville, was made insane by injuries suffered on beint thrown from his buggy. TWENTY buildings were burned Ascalia, Mich,, on the 23d. The fire „ Walbridge, Ohio, destroyed three dwell- asked permission to borrow them. The custodians answered that under no circumstances whatever would the manuscripts I left her seated in a the raised deck, and few minutes later she shake them off he • would go out to the very end of the limb and knock them off with his foot. One day we stopped at a tavern and drank freely. About half a glass of whiskey was left and Jack took the glass and drank it all. Soon he was merry, skipped, hopped and danced and set us all n a roar of laughter. Jack was drunk. We all agreed, six of us, that we would come to the tavern next day and get Jack drunk again and have sport all day. I called at iny friend's home next morning and went out for Jack. Instead of being as usual on his box he was not to be seen. We looked inside and he was crouched up in a heap. "Come out here," said his master. Jack came out on three legs; his fore paw was placed on the side of his head. Jack had the headache. I knew what was the matler with him. He felt just as I had felt many a morning. Jack was sick and couldn't go, so we waited three days. We then went, and while drinking a glass was provided for Jack. But where was he? Skulking behind the chairs. "Come here, Jack, and drink," said his 'master, holding out a glass to him. Jack retreated, and in a moment was on top of the house. His master went out to call him down but he would not come. He got a cowhide and shook it at him. Jack sat on the ridgepole and refused to obey. His master got a guu and pointed it at him. A monkey is much afraid of a gun. Jack slipped over the backside of the house. His mastor then got two guns, and had one pointed on each side of the house, when the monkey, seeing his bad predicament, at once whipped up the chimney and got down in one of the flues, holding on by his fore paws. The master her accomplishments. The animal received all her training at Mr. McGrogen's hands. _Tho commands are communicated in a quiet tone of voice, utterly devoid of harshness, and the steed apparently understands perfectly e.lmost all that is said to her and never hesitates to do her tricks when requested by her master. Lady Hope is a pretty little bay mare, five years old, of excellent disposition. • She is well-built and clean-limbed and without a sign of imperfection from her nose to the tip of her long tail. She wai sired by Young Pullerton, 2.18>^, and is of a mare with few superiors, as a roadster, by Stranger. The wonderful young J mare has the points of a trotter and ought/ to make her mark in the sulky. ODD SAVINGS. Don't Get Funny. •• . There's mnodesty of mien always pleasant to be seen, No matter who tho wearer, youth or mnltj; There's Hie air ot charming grace, there's the open, honest fnce Against which naught In reason can be said. Such deportment merits praise in thes days, And I'll toll you money; So let your speech breezy, So avoid the sin of hyperbole and Don't. • Get Funny. these hlfalutin' true It can't be bought for be easy, mnyhap o trifle P oin ted oat to me'a man on the lower wno > 8u e sa id' had been creating a c '"*turbance. It appeared that he was a MON15TAIIY VAHAH1KS OF TI1I5 The cheap-money idea, and the childlike faith in the ability of congress to suspend, or modify the laws of finance, and bring to prsi prosperity by putting our currency, greatly inflated, upon a silver basis, ore the essential features of tho _fsnnirrs r ""iilliance platform adopted at " Ocala, Monday, Dec. "th. About all the financial vagaries of the time are indorsed, and their enactment into law demanded. The sub-treasury scheme of loaning government money upou farm products at 2 per cent., the Stanford land mortgage - scheme and free silver coinage, with a large inflation of currency, 'wore the measures formally commended. There was a saving element of conservatism in tho convention which unavailing!) tried to make effective protest against these extreme demands. The idea that there could bo any other way to wealth for the farmers than through the circulation of plenty of cheap money was indignantly rejected. The first thing these farmers will do after they get control of congress, as they expect to do in 1892, after they have voted themselves plenty nf money, will be to forbid under heavy penalties nil trading in futures; and then they propose to prohibit alien ownership of lands. Tho railroads will lose all lands they do not actually occupy, and will bo put under strict governmental supervision, aud, if that is not sufficient, will be purchased or confiscated, and owned or ouutroled by the government. Then the taxation problem will be attacked. The tariff will be revised so that one industry will not bo built up at the expense of another, and all duties on the accessaries of life will be removed. Incomes will bo taxed, according to a graded scale, and tho national and state revenues limited "to the necessary 'expenses' of the government." These re ngs, a grocery and four barns, entailinj? a oss of S«,000. JISKMMIAU WOODUUFF, ft well-known resident of Derby, Conn., was strangled to leath by a piece of orange lodging in 1m throat. He leaves an cdtato valued at $100,000. MAIJV, the 10-year-old daughter of Mrs. Laura Bcchtel of Lin ton, hid., was sent to the houso of a neighbor on an errand Doc. 19th. On her return home she drop- ptd dead iujjbe door-yard. .CUM JSAT10NAJU CAT i, has secured tho appointment ot A. .1. Steel, as postmaster at Farring- toi], Jeftorson county, vicnM. L. Wptr. resigned. THE president on Tuesday sent to the senate the following nominations: War— Colonel Charles Sutherland, Surgeon, to bo surgeon general, with the rank of bngudioi general, vice J. H. Baxter, deceased. ^ ( Tius United States supreme court on the 28 rendered an important decision in a Mormon polygamy case, holding that a wiis is not a competent witness against the husband where polygamy is the crime charged. be suffered to go outof the building. Bur- steera &o passenger who had come further ton thereupon set to work to air his aft " ian the sni l 3 ' avvs allowed, and had grievance, and in the course of his vnri- been ordered forwarcl by the chief officer, ous open letters to the press, ho insinuated M ^' wite WKS alarmed at the wild appear- that there was not a man in the university ance ancl tne craz y uiutterings of the man. who could decipher the manuscript in and expressed the hopeithat he was not a question; he complained therefore, that cabin passenger, a subject on which 1 was the custodians of the Bodleian were pursu- not able to reassure her. On the Monday ing a dog in-tbe-manger policy. i«ir.M-. «u~v,f o „'«!„„!, T ..-n.... • The London Times made a "strong effort to secure the services of Burton on its staff fiiir T)tt«J-.t« if,,-, ^-1. .-.-I J.J • 1 _ i » . * night about 9 o'clock I was sitting in a game of whist with the doctor and two . . „ -------- ...... „., .,,, o..,^, , passengers in the smoking room on deck but Burton laughed the idea to scorn; his wllen a wild-eyed woman, the Scotch political opinions did not coincide with s tewardess, rushed in crying: ''Doctor thoseof the Times, and he was nl together ..... ' ....... ' top independent of character to suffer him- CAliJLJfi marks about tho tariff are exactly in Hue with the verdict of the fanners rendered ftt Uje polls in November, aud they confirm the assertion that the McKinley bill 4$ the business i» the agricultural states. PETITIONS against the re-admission of Jesuits are being circulated in Germany, A HKVOUJTIONAHY movement in Peru has been put down at the cost of forty lives. ' SEVEN men were drowned at Halifax, N. S., by the collapse of a coal whaii. THE czarowitz, who is making a tour of the world, has arrived in Boipbey. TUB crown prince and princess of Greece will spend the Christmas holidays at the English court, EWTOM LA BUUYEUE, of Paris is on trial tor having aided in the escape of Piullowski, who killed General Seliver- skott. THE railroad strike in Scotland is spreading. Nearly 7,000 men are now ullo, and traffic is almost suspended. ONE hundred lives are reported to have been lost by the bursting of a canal at Cordova, Argentine Kepublic, PAUNKI.UTE and auti-Parnellite meetings were held in front of every church in Kilkenny immediately after the masses bumlay in spite of the opposition and re- monstrances of the priests. LA LANTEUNE has discovered that one of the jurymen who tried Eyraud is bankrupt and infers that this fact may iuvali- daf'j the verdict. Alus. NEI.UK PEAUCEY was hanged at ijonclon, Eng., for the murder of Mrs Hogg and tho hitter's infant child on October 24 last. * . _ . . _ --.,,.. ...^i^i. ,,„ uuinj A nx ill- sell to be enslaved, even under promise of a princely salary. The Times never forgave Burton for his independence in this matte!-. Even its obituary notice of him had it it a deal of cowardly venom. Somo years ago a facetious newsnape correspondent ventured to inquire whethe Lady Burton had ever read her husband' translation of the "Arabian Nights." Th implication was that if sho had she mustb exceedingly well informed upon certaii matters of which the fair sex general I v or proud to know verry little. To this b'it o iiuestionable humor. Lady Bnrton made prompt and specific answer. She said tha she had not read the work in question anc ;hat she did not wish to read it, as her bus- hand had expressed his preference that she should not. The feeling that Burton was most slmb- uly treated by the British government is low finding vent in expressions of bitter- less. The talk of tho ingratitude of republics is hushed before the example of a monarchy that ennobles and pensions imbecile bastards, and at tho same time blindly and wantonly neglects out of its sturdiest intellects and most diligent servants. When Burton was sent off to the Consulate of. Fernando Po, which is called "the foreign-office grave," he said, with a commingling of bitterness and pride"They want me to die, but I shall not do so!" Burton's favorite beverage come quick, Mag-innis has i>een stabbed We and by was green tea; he never drank anything else while he was traveling. He was an authority on the subject of African fevers, having had years of experience with those malignant nin'adics. His infallible remedy was to administer a bottle of port wine and then sleep off the pffpots. A lady called at one of our banks and presented a check which she wished cashed. _ As she was a perfect stranger to the paying teller, ho said, very politely; "Madam, you will have to bring someone to introduce you before we can cash this check." Drawing herself up quite haughtily, she said, freezingly: "But, I do not wish to know you, sir!" by one of the steerage passengers." all ran hastily forward in the dark a „, the mainmast we found the chief mate holding by the throat the murderer, nhom he had just grappled with as he was going ovar the side. At tho foot of the fore companion was a group of frightened occupants of the steerage, and among them lay the first steward, groaning in agony. A rapid examination disclosed a knife cut nearly ten inches long, which had ripped open the abdomen, and, as the doctor discovered at once, had severed tho lower intestine. A passengoc who had had .some experience in accident cases in a Massachusetts cotton mill assisted me to administer chloroform to tho wounded man, the doctor did what he could to replace the intestines and sew up the wound. The poor steward begged .piteously to ba put out of his misery, and, although an enormous quantity of the antesthetic was used, it was impossible to get him thoroughly under its influence. "Captain Campbell, kneeling by the side of the poor fellow, asked him who had stabbed him, and he identified the man, who had in the meantime been handcuffed ;o a post in the cabin, It seemed that lew minutes before the murderer asked tfaginnis for a light for his pipe and was given one. At 9 o'clock, the hour at which steerage passengers were expected to retire, the steward laid his hand on the nan's shoulder and said: "Now. uiy lad, t is timo to go below." Without a word ;he man drew a clasp-knife and struck at was beaten. The man kept that monkey twelve years but could never persuade him to taste another drop of whisky. The beast had more sense than a man. ELEVATOR. An American Thought He Was Going to Come Down Standing on His Head. 'London may not be provided with elevators on anything like the scale that .New York is," said a man recently who s Pi?\u va( i ati ?M abroad ' "but I'saw a litt there, tho like of which I do not believe exists in this country. I entered an omce building in London, which was not far from the bank of England to see a friend who was on the top floor. In the corridor I saw a number of boxes following one another up one shaft and down .another. They were attached to an endless chain, and were large enough to hold several persons. "I looked at the machine in some doubt when suddenly a man stepped out of one of the boxes, or cars, which was coming down. Ihe car, which was going at what seemed to me a rather rapid rate of speed, it did not stop, the man jumping oft it while It was in motion. Pretty soon I saw other men jumping- w and out ot the car, which was as tar apart on the endless chain as the distance from floor to floor. ' ± - *---* '••••*• ... limbs It a first hesitated about risking my and life on the contrivance, but hnally stopped into an ascending car just v " jf "" Q ;| - u "" - - a level with the this than I be- before its bottom was on floor. ''No sooner had I done When conversing with a friend, let yoiir language To impress him with the fact that yon are sane ; . Avoid all eccentricity, all verbal Infelicity— •; Such linguistic jim-jams give a pain . * Don't rise to the emphatic; do not bloviate dramatic, Nor mix for one a verbal pench and honeyV Bach word of easy d/ction is live oil on -heated friction, ".'.'.'<••• But above all else use common sense and '. Don't ' •'. Get •:-.•• •• Funny. Trying times— At the tailor's. ..',.."' ' We suppose a woman may be said to be jur-tive m her way when she 'tries to pass off plush for sealskin. Snooper— "Let us take a Wagner sleeper, my dear." Mrs. Snooper— "0, Wagner's too noisy for me. Let us take a Pullman." >? ai -' "I am always gett ting stuck," said the type. "Nevertheless I have a very good impression of you, " answered the paper. e when "I have already wakened you several times, but perhaps you have not heard me. gan to get afraid that 1 might be crushed to death between the car and the floor or ceiling when I tried to step off. Of a sudden it struck me that if Idid not get oft' at the top floor I would be carried to the roof, and then be stood on my head in the car as it turned over. I was in perfect tever ot anxiety, and could hardly screw UD my courage to the point of alighting but I amagined to do this when the top floor wa« reached. ^ I found that it was much fl nmW urn. ' Teacher— "Where do we obtain coal, Freddy? Freddy—"From the coal-beds, ma'am, leacher—"Right! Now, Jimmy, whei do we obtain feathers ?" Jimmy — "From the feather-bed ma am. Something for the New Year, The world renowned success of Jtostatter' Stomach Biitera, aud their continued pjpularit for over a third of a century as a stomachic, i scarcely more wonderful than the welcome tuu gieeti the annual appearance of Hosteller's Alma m « di ««l treatise Is published fo., unde nnft MILAN is to be allowed £3Q.- 000 a year by the Servian regency. He has decided to establish himself in Pads, and has bought a house there in the Avenue du Bofs de Boulogne. THE man who lately refused to aid a British policeman struggling with ot roughs has beta fined £2Q. ~" ttiulf n*., I ,,"*"*•'/I * *HOVU|Ki*. ITU.* UllUC mnd.°R n '.'""nodtet* supervision, employing t» fiSftiftJSMLftiS""??*-. ?** «<•« W-U'MB about 11 months iifthe year onYWi wo'rVauif U K rffl £ £ g» g" &»*> """"-">""' !!9»9, j oanoeaai Refer to a copy ot It lot valu»i K»*ge». n. The steward fell, crying out as he , and his assailant threw his knife into the sea and attempted to follow himself, but was pounced upon by the chief mate, Maginnis died twenty hours after he had been stabbed, and in the afternoon the ship slowed up for an instant in midocean. A scupper was opened in the side of the ship, a^asty command was given and a rude pine box, bearing the remains, was cast overboard. Holes had been bored in the box to sink it, but, so far as I could see, it danced away on the edges of the wave until lost in our woke. There was no religious service or ceremony of any kind, and 1 could not help but contrast the affair with what I had read of the solemnity of a burial at sea. "The murderer was confined on deck in a little cubby, sometimes used ac a hospital. I had several conversations with him and satisfied myself that he was insane. He professed that he thought he was goinj, to be robbed, but it was found he had only fifty cents in his possession. He was the same man of whom my wife had express ed her fear. We took up a collection for t.he family of the murdered man and realized pretty well considering how few we numbered. On the Tuesday we sailed into Lough Foyle. A boat cauie alongside and hailed the ship. • 'It contained the wife of the murdered steward, who had obtained i passage in one of the anchor line ships From Glascow and had come to meet her :iusband, I never witnessed a more dis-. Dressing scene than when the news was communicated to her. "The foots were telegraphed from Lough ;oyle, and when we arrived in the Clyde . , , ,, T , --- ----- was much to get out than I had supposed, and when I finished my call I boldly rode down on the machine. "I afterward learned that a man who did no get out of an ascending car at the top floor would be in no danger of being turned upside down at the top of the shaft, because the car always maintains its upright position. This is due to the tact that only the roof of the car is fastened to the cable, so the car always remains bottom downward by its own weight. A lift like this may be economical, as it does away with the need of men to run it but I myself much prefer the safe 'American machine. MA1VE, ES, TES INFLAMMATIONS AND'ALL- OF ILLS BERST. bur Glascow policevaen came on board toofc th« prisoner in custody. 1 learned afterward that he r»a.i, arraigned for tiuly Hope's Great Accomplishments mid Winning Personality. New York World. Trained horses are not alone found under the circus tents. There are aninZ outside of the canvas canopies that would make many ring-tricksters go into immediate retirement if they were once made ac- auamted with their accomplishments One such, animal is o*ned in Paterson tmd occasion* a private matinee in its box stall in Straight street The owner or this remarkably intelligent quadruped is James McGrogen, he tikes as much pride in his hantfswne pel* „ Bonner does with Maud S, or any of h s other renowned animals. McGrogen's horse is called Ladv Horm and is known to, almost every horseman 0 note in this vicinity and'is frequently visited by lovers of horseflesh M New i? r T and ° ther P^ts of the country Usually Lady Hopo greets visitors to her well- kept stall with a smile that would do credit to a bashful maiden. It is d ° ly believtid that a horse is not c laughing, but the fallacy of this L tl . known to all Lady Hope's visitors Groeen has the animal thoroughly SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. _.The success of this Great Co.** r»~ CAIN ONE POUND A Day, . —•„• Alter a difficult feat she is always requested to "laugh once " ana^lie glossy-coated pet comes u more,' Lady Hope can untie a handkerchief that has been tightly knotted to her legs or tail, and blindfolded can find hidden objects with the instinct that seems la s larly her own. To stand on her ' operate a pump-handle, rin'g a diwer > an organ is a < r per to ftCCQmpl o EMULSION

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