The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 31, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1890
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T ESTABLISHED 1866, ALGQKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, BEG. 31, 1890. VOL, XXV--NO. 40, .The Grange Store. Just received from Sin Quong Co, a consignment of n i IT n n n § Also fine Ghina and Glassware, Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, etc., etc., etc. LAIRD'S FURNITURE STORE, J. R. LAIRD, Proprietor. FAST MAIfj LINE With electric lighted and steam heated vestibuled trains between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Minneapolis. TRANS-CONTINENTAL ROUTE with electric lighted and steam heated vestibuled tralnsT>etween Chicago and Council Bluffs, Omaha, or St. Paul and the Pacific coast. GREAT NATIONAL ROUTE between Chicago, Kansas City, and St. Joseph, Mo. 5700 MILES OF ROAD reaching all principal points in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, South and North Dakota. For maps, time tables, rates of passage and freight, etc., apply to the nearest station agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, or to any rail way agent anywhere in the world. 10,000 [Turkeys Wanted. A. V, H. CARPENTER, information in reference to lands an ,i t( £ vnB owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Hallway company, write to H. G. Haugen, land commissioner, Chicago, 111. Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention.. Prices are reasonable. Successor to J, J, Wilson, Office and Yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALG-ONA, - IOWA, ALEX. WHITE, Agent. * Handles the best of all descriptions of DOMING MATERIAL ./ Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of anything from a picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chanoe to figure your bills, and we will prove that this is not merely idle tails. FARM LOANS. THE CHICAGO AND NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAY Affords unrivaled facilities for transit between the most important cities and towns in Illinois. Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The train service is carefully adjusted to meet the requirements of through and local travel, and includes FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS of dining cars, sleeping cars, and day coaches, running solid between Chicago and ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS, COUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA, AND DENVER. Pullman and Wagner Sleepers Chicago to San Francisco, Chicago to Portland, Oregon, without change. Do not sell or contract your Turkeys to parties traveling through the country until you have seen us and obtained our prices. BOMDMIN BROS. 10,000 COLONIST SLEEPERS Chicago to Portland, Ore., and San Francisco. Free Reclining Chair Cars from Chicago to Denver, via Council B. and Omaha. For time of trains, tickets, and all information, apply to station agents of the Chicago & Northwestern railway, or to tho generalpas- senger agent at Chicago. F W. A. THRALL, «r T, -J? 6 .? 6 . 1 * 1 Passenger and Ticket Agent. W. P. NEWMAN, " J. M. WHITMAN, NORTHERN IOWA Normal School, ALGONA, IOWA. THE NEWS OF THE WEEK. The police arrested the Messiah down iti Red Cloud's camp last week When they pulled the white blanket off they found an intelligent but harmless crank, A. B. Hopkins by name, from Nashua, Iowa. He claimed he was there in the in interest of tho police, and that he had come because the Indians misinterpreted his message. He wanted to go to the Bad Lands, but Agent Royer changed the address to Chadron, starting him under an escort of police. Some of the Indians were indignant over his arrest, while others laughed and said he was a crazy fool. None of the chiefs take any stock in him,,, and Red Cloud walked up to him and said: "You go home. You are no son of God." The Messiah claims that he will go to the Bad Lands. One hundred of the friendless have left on their peace missions. They took three wagon loads of rations. Another report says: " Albert C. Hopkins, tho pretended Indian Messiah, is in the city en route from Pine Ridge to Brule. He was conducted off tho Pine Ridge reservation by order of Agent Royer, who thought he would make more disturbance than he would do good. His scheme as announced heretofore, is to impersonate the Messiah and get the Indians to accept him, and then in his capacity as savior command peace. Hopkins laid his plan before Gen. Miles at Chicago a few days ago, but the general would take no stock in his schemes. Hopkins talks rational enough on all other subjects. He leayes for Chamberlain in the morning." lis & St. Louis road, and who for the past year has been assistant to President Allen Manvel of the Atchison system, has just been elected third vice president of that company, Mr. Springer is regarded as one of the shrewdest lawyers in the west, and is also a thorough Irafflc man. A contest for the three largest oars of corn raised in Iowa came off at t)es Molnes last week and tho prizes were won ns follows: First largest ear» weight 21 ounces, M. A. Wilson, St. Clair, Iowa; second largest ear, weight 20i ounces, W. A. Eberman, Indianola, Iowa; third largest ear, weight 20 ounces, R. M. Wroe, Earlham, Iowa. There was a large number of contestants for the prize from all over the state, and the above are the names of those that wore succossfel. In a few days Spencer will have made quite a departure from her present style of street lights. A company of stockholders has boon organized, and are now putting up tho wires for electric lights, and by the 15th of January will be in operation. At each crossing on Main street will be an arc light, and also on the principal streets will be furnished electric wires to accommodate private residences. Third Vice-pros. Gen'l Manager. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. OEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bauk, Algona, la. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Kossuth Co. bank. Theplacefor thorough drill in all common branches. The place to prepare for teaching. The place to prepare for college. The place to pursue advanced studies in Mathematics, Science and Language. The place for practical work in Commercial Branches. The place to study Music, Instrumental and Vocal. Winter Term begins Dec. 30,1890. P. D. DODGE, A. M., Principal. H. B. M'COLLUM, A. B., Associate Principal. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Frank Bros. At 6, 7, 71^, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years' time, with privilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office. Save money by calling on me before you apply for a loan, J". "W. Dealers in S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrischilles' store. B. F. REED, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over the postofflce, Algona, Iowa. ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, .... $ap,000. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business to or torn the old S'f^ 8 countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INGHAM, President, J. B. JONES, Vice President, LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier. Dlrectors-W. H. Ingham, Jno. G. Smith, J. B, Jones, T. Chrischllles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. L..K, GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office, State st,, one door east of Cordinglev. Residence, McGregor st., east of the public school building. TJ.KJ' "W '&JSKB, Milk Cans, Churns, Riverside Stoves, Stoves and Ranges " Quick Meal 11 Gasoline Stoves. Agents for the NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust. Call nnd get prices! we can do you good. Yours, etc.,' WINKIE 3ROS. So is High Prices for Stoves! I have a full line of Cooks and Heaters, among which is The Celebrated Round Oak! " at the head of the soft Goal burners, I shall meet, all competition, selling at bottom prices. H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice. First National Bat OF ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - 850,000 Special Attention Paid to Collections, MORSE & PRIDE, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, Office east of Rttherford house, Algona, Iowa. O. T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Next door to J. G. Smith's store, Algona, la. J. E. HILL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Wesley, Iowa. Day and night calls attended to with promtuess. , DIRECTORS. .^SMfASSLR' ^Hutohins, J - °- Btaok 7m. K. Ferguson. Deo. Last week Monday night at eight o'clock Dan Brenan was arrested for drunkenness and lodged in jail at Emmetsburg. Tuesday morning: Mrs. H. H. Jacobs, wife of the sheriff, went in to give him his breakfast, when she discovered the room and cells filled with smoke. She called for help and tho man walked out into tho hallway. His bedding he had in some way set on fire and there being no air, it gradually burnt up with no blaze. After breakfast Mrs. Jacobs went in and discovered the bedding in the other cell all' burnt and still no blaze. The man was given a cup of coffee, drank it and soon rose to his feet and said, "I have heart trouble send for a doctor." Dr. Powers was called in but the man only lived a few minutes. The Emmetsburg writer who reports the case says: "He must have had matches in his pocket, as there was no light in the jail, and the cell door was not locked, so he could have walked into the large room if he had been sober enough. No blame is attached to the officers, but it is strange that two or three saloon keepers can sell the whisky that causes so many deaths, and openly defy the law that would have to be obeyed if temperance people would take a stand against such an outrage. Down with the saloon! Six deaths from whisky since Jan, 1, 1890, in this town alone," Charles City has won the location of the new German English college which is to be moved from Galena to some point in the west in the spring. The real estate owners and business men of Charles City have pledged $30,000 to the board of trustees of the college in order to get them to locate there. Representatives of that city had visited Galeny and ascertained from the business men of that place that the college contributed at least $10,000 a year to the volume of business in that city. Storm Lake also made an effort to secure the location of the college, and offered $25,000 in cash and 10 acres of land valued at $5,000, but their proposition was not considered with favor, as they only have one railroad there. Rev. F. S. Buenger of LeMars has created a'storm of comment by refusing to read the burial service or iri any way take part in the funeral over tho body of Volga Eldges, a member of the congregation, who died from the effects of whisky. Mr. Buenger has been vigorously advocating total abstinence, and says that he took the course to more emphatically impress upon his people his abhorrence of strong drink and those who use it. The Iowa State Horticultural society will meet in annual session in the horticultural rooms of the capitol, • Dea Moines, Tuesday, Wednesday, .and Thursday, Jan. 20, 21, and 22, 1891. Programme and premium list will be sent to all applicants. All members of the state and district societies will receive them as soon as published. It ,is expected that the usual reduced railroad and hotel rates will be secured. A good attendance is expected, and the liberal premium list will bring out a, good display of fruits and flowers. The second attempt to wreck the west-bound Milwaukee passenger train was perpetrated-Friday night. As No. 1 was about half way between Rudd and Floyd Crossing, running at about thirty miles an hour, the engine plunged into a large pile of ties and stones piled upon the track. The engine was mashed, but no further damage was done. This is the train west through Algona in the morning. Monday while Big Foot's band of Indians was being disarmed they suddenly drew hidden .rifles and opened fire on the soldiers at short range. A large number were killed, and in the fight which ensued nearly all the Indians were killed. There were bul; 120 Indians and they fought with knives, tomahawks and clubs in their desperation. Last night's papers report a big fire raging in the heart of London. A big fire is also reported at Burlington, this , state. OFFICERS. AMBIIOSK A.CALL, D. H. HDTOHIKS, President. Vice President, J. C. gLAOKFOBD, Cashier. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties who can furnish first class security. T. J. FELLING, M, D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Consultation in English and German. Office and residence over H. Goetsch's store, Whittemore, Iowa. TO LOAN on r , T . At lowest rates and optional payments, Interest payable at our office. If you want a Joan; pall on us, can save you nwy, J0NES * SMITH. J)B, L, A. SHEETZ, Dealer in PBITGS AICP . d, of pines, and pure liquors lor me P086S only. looks and s( TO ON BAILJR04P LANP9. money on BANCROFT, IOWA, B. M. Richmond, Pres, R. R. Richmond, V. P. A. B. Richmond, Cashier. Traasacts a general banking business. Collec- ffhWJ?!? 01 ^/ .Money transferred to all ports m'i'&W*' 1 ., 1 ? 1 *' 68 and Europe at low rates, Tickets to and from the old country for sale. Taxes paid for both residents and non-residents. Abstract of title furnished on the same day applied R, M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEALER, Loan ana Insurance Ag't an$ Notary fume, 60,000 acres of prairie lands and Improved farms VU1 »B« Property for sale or rent! n COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa, R. M. Richmond, prop class house. SattslwttoB^^t tendon given the traveling public." w There was a pretty bad smash-up on the Burlington railroad last Saturday evening about five miles east of Spirit Lake. A drove of cattle was being driven over a crossing near Qeo, R. Feet's farm as the Worthington mixed train approached. Owing to a curve the cattle were not discovered by the engineer until the train was close at hand. To stop the train was impossible, so Engineer Post gave her full head and tried to clear the track. One' of the animals passed under the wheels. The engine and one box car stayed in the channel, while two freights, the baggage car, a«d passenger coach were derailed and rolled down an embankment, a distance of perhaps ten feet. No one was seriously hurt. The Greene county farmers who offered a reward of $300 for the capture of Boswell, the cattle thief, now refuse to pay it, claiming the offer was good for only 90 days. The waiter is likely to go into the courts, Ww, Jngle of Clay county, aged 01 years, husked gQO bushels of corn this season, • James J}, Springer, a forjner resident of Fort Podge, ft n4 wfeo wfts Rt pnetjme tbejr W ra]go,l}oitor of (fee A Humboldt boy thought Friday ' wonld be a good day for a bonfire. The fire was a success, but by diligence on ' the part of the people it was stopped ) three feet short of the Methodist i. church. Rev. E. Emory of that church, aged 83, started to run to the fire. He soon stumbled and fell. He managed to return to the house and stagger into a chair. He died two hours later from ruptured blood-vessel of the baain. Keep tlie IFeet Warm, Men's Germam socks per pair ..... $ 65 Boy's German socks per pair ...... 60 Men's automatic buckle arctics, . . , 1 00- Men's felt boots from 90p to ....... 1 00 Boy's felt bootsfor ......... , ...... 90 We sell boots, shoes, rubbers, gloves, and mittens in proportion. TOWNSEND & LANGDQN, , BUCK-WHEAT flour So per pound at at mill. Stacy's office Stacy. -86 or Jones & The New Discovery, may yourself be"one"oT wonderful thing abont It Is that when once given a trial Dr. King's New Discovery ever after holds a place In the house. If you hare never used It and should be afflicted with a cough, cojd.orwiy throat, lung, or chest trouble, secure u bottle at once and gfve u a fair trial. It Isguaranteed[every time or money refunded. Trial bottles free ajj,' A. Sheetz' drug store. *•»£**• The First S.tep, Perhaps you are run down, can't eat, can't sleep, can't think, caij't do aoythlogto ywr' eatta- faction, and yo« wonder what alls you. w» oHlllllsl hftnrl *t.n .»«__f..~ —«... -.I- JiTilJ* *.?15_ _ S~T *ir«m*i *i«^» #->*vv*»*y 4->*«*vti? jy«* WAM remedy tor restortoe jrp«r nervoy normal, healthy wMWIpn,. Surpr ow the use of th s«reat nejvelo4 Ive. Yow BPpe to returns. gpgC stpred, and The liver and kldne •I/I P ! tftj $

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