The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 24, 1890 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1890
Page 9
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"• . ~ ! _* i. -. ) Hf W _i _ ^ * B _ ' ^•"' ,«TV*-,', THE UPPER DBS MOINE8, ALGOfrA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 24.1890. stfB .ts AfclVfi. to Op*n ft Gr.t**. „. tRB, D«c. 15.— The tfife of August Eliason, a boi.rding-hous6 k«eper, died Vtid&f in child-birth. She *a« trtified Sunday afternoon. Th« Women of the Scahdinataa church became wildly *Scited over th« idea that the woman was hot dead) and about midnight Sunday aignt the husband, seteral neighbors afid •a doctor went to the cemetery and dug Up the body. Some of them believed she Wusetill alive then, but the doctor pronounced her dead ami she 1 waft reburisd. llelitlts in n l)farr. YORK, Dec. IS.—The third game •of the chess contest results in a draw, It wiii quits late in th* fait of 18— at I dropped ond evening inta th6 Clifton,.Niagara Falls, on the Canada, iid« of the river. The hous« had been closed, technically, for some time, but still any chance traveller that happened to puss that way was sure to NOT fAUdMf IN SCHOOL. SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. . The succeC of this Great Cough Cure ti • Without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the United Stales and Canada. If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for ik will cure you. If your child has the Croup, •or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief Is sure. If you dread that insidious disease •Consumption, use it. ,Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and -$l,oo. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, •use Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. ioth the method and results when .»Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasunt and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Pigs* is tlft only remedy; of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and ae- jjeptabje to the stomach, prompt in ""fe action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only- from the most healthy and agreeable substances, ita many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the moat popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c tod $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any. reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will pro- pure it 'promptly for any one who 'wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. LOUISVILLE, KY. NEW YORK. H.Y. I prencrioe and fnll^ w dorse Big <J an the ^jlv Bpgoific for the certain cui'» of this dlseiue, O.JI.INORAITAJM.M. I), Amsterdam. N. S Wo have 'nlrt Tile G '« many • yt-tra «t.<j it HM iven the be:-, o< s,»l-ia action. D. 11. BYOH124CO.. Ohicai. f ij, ill .nW- flnld h- Unir;;***! meat With a hearty reception and ample accommodation, for the 4 proprietors wore as kindly and unbane as evetv When I entered the barroom Jt found one ] erson in it besides the clerk. He was a powerful man of about 80 years of age, and was dressed in heavy gray homespun. He was seated, BtnoklnG', by the side of the gteat furnace that heated the apartment, and was conversing with the cleric on some subjoct of interest, /or while I was yet in the hall i heard their voices quite distinctly. My appearance did not interrupt their conversation, for turn-- ing 1 a quick g'lance upon me, the stranger continued: "Well, $30,000 is a handsome penny, but my opinion is thtit this Miss Allies that you say tho defective is so sweet on may just know 119 much about tho money as anybody. Jt would bo a nice little sum fo.i; herself and her intended to setup hoiiijakeep- ing on, and, although you say this Anderson is an upright and honorable follow, ho may, after all, have a finger in the pie." Anderson, who was said to be a fine, handsome, sandy-haired fellow, set to work at once upou the trail of Halford, in the hope of rescuing the fair fame of the woman he loved from the cloud that had fallen on it. Before tho conversation was resumed, a bell rang, when the clerk summoned u waiter, merely observing to him, "Number So-and-so, the sick gentleman's room." Before the waiter had time to disappear, however, i.lni stranger'' arose hastily and stef/p'LM out into the hall. When left alone the clerk and I exchanged glances. "if that's not Halford," he whispered from behind his desk, "It is very like the description we have had of him." "Indeed!" I returned. "Why not secure him, then?" "I am not sure," he rejoined, "and you know it would be an awkward thing to make a mistake," "Who is the sick gentleman?" I asked, "and what is- the matter with him?" ••He oame in this evening," was the reply; "but we know nothing more of him, for he instantly was shown to bis room, and seemed very ill." Scarcely had he uttered the last word when we heard loud cries and scutt:ing overhead, in an instant we flew up the stairs, when what was our surprise to lind the stranger dressed in the waiter's jacket and apron " and the sick man struggling- i n tl p (l j,. o f , handculfs before him. • "I have caught him. gentlemen, and just taken £6,000 out of hi.s pocket," observed thu stranger, as hu coolly removed his false black hair and mustache and disclosed the sandy crop uud whiskers of Anderson, tlie •>tective, "I know where he'd-maico for, :1 ha continued, "and hud my doubts of who tliis sick man was. When he mistook mo for the waiter, however, whom i prevailed upon to lend me his jackal and apron, and ask' eel tne whether people who wanted to cross were kept long; waiting at the ferry, 1 knew my man, and had him handcuffed in a jiffy." it was even so. The money was recovered, and tho cloud removed from the fair fame of Miss Miles. The next morning Anderson and his prisoner were on their way to the scene of the robbery bright and early, and a week afterward we saw tlie marriage of •Miss Miles and her companion in tho Capers. torn* Thing* th* Jfc>fe«f»Mt* Should b« tYnlned to Do. . The following Jiet of question*, in the 1 line developing the perceptive faculties, hard been compiled by Louise Stockton: When you go to your room at night can you walk directly to the matchbox and put your hand on it? When you turn out your light and leave your room do you have to fumble for the door, or can you go straight across the room and take hold of the knobP Can you. at night, walk among' tho trees without running into them, or keep the garden path as directly as you would were it daylight? If you wish to estimate the size of anvthing do you know enough of 'feet and inches to make a fair guess by simply looking at itP Can you guess the height of a hat by sight? Can you calculate tho weight of a book, a box of matches, a bat, a ball, a glass of water, a letter, by holding it in your hand? If you hear street cars, where thero is a double track, can you tell by the sound which way they are coming? If you are near a river, can you locate a steamboat by sound? Can you use your hnowlodge of music in analyzing the progressions of a steam whistle? Can you tell on which tone it stops? With your eyes shut, can you tell what kind of a ilower is put to your nose? Can you tell from the bark of a tree the points of the compass? Can you, by listening, tell what kind of a vehicle is coming, and how many horses are attached to it? Do you know the difference in sound made by four and by eight horn's? Can you match colors without samples; carry colors and shades in your . memory? • I By the touch only, can you tell j which material is cotton, which is j ti it Ott*n a of woollen? Can you from a bunch of different colored zephyrs pick out a : Aiding black strand, keeping your eyes shut? i locking Can you, by the taste only, tell what kind of meat you are eating? Can you decide what flavor has been used in a glass of soda water?' Does a rose petal taste like that of a violet? Do hard water and soft water taste alike? In short, do you use your senses? Do you train your ooservation, and then remember what you observe? 'LAYING FOR" GRIZZLY. Itovptntlon s fcs of ft certain sense, according to ia Hearth and Home, path is a fremonatranea from the vital energies, InUndad as a warning, when the lawi Of our being, the physical laws, are Violated, preparing the way for disease and suffering. If improper foot is taken, too much, that'which is itt- diffestiblc, takftn improperly, too fast, or at improper times, a pain it the stomach, or* dizziness, may be regarded as a revelation, suggesting a change of habits, or the propriety, the necessily for treatment, that the penalty ma.-be removed. If an injury is sustained, an accident occurs, the pain is not only a warning, but an evidence that there is sufficient vitality remaining to aid in the recovery, the absence of pain under such circumstances being good evidence tfozit paralysis has occurred, the hopelessness of the case bs'ing denoted by the inability of tho vital powers to sound the pain-alarm and to arouse sufficient onoivjr to institute the nec- eosury means of recuperation and re- aovery. This ia designated as a coalition in which tho system is "be- iow pain," wki)o that in which there s no disease ar derangement of any Jind, or when all of nature's laws liave been regarded—if such cases ex- st—may be 'above puin." Pain, therefore, whether intended as aa alarm, or resulting from vigorous ef- 'orts of tho recuperative, vita) powers, may bo regarded as a blessing 1 , indicating that recovery is possible. It serves as a merciful stimulus or an invitation to the victim to co-operate with nature in her curative efforts, nature ordinarily as the internal physician—rarely receiving duo credit, while another may receive more than the circumstances may justify, iience, it is the part of wisdom to search for and remove tlifi causes of such pains, thus bringing their important mission to an end, with no occasion to grapple with dangers, rather than to use opiates to hush these needed alarms, the physical conscience, so up the vital powers that they are unable to aid in curative efforts, orippling nature in every possible manner. Best, eosieit to tis* tnd chMpelt. Piw Remedy for Cftttrrh. By druggists. SOo. "Those reAdt-toade clothe* of your* teem t« bristle with indignation." f'Te*. they ire etger for the fr»»." _ SpecUl 8*1«. For th« benefit of those who expect to purchase ft piano in the near future, I wish to announce th»t all persons who buy enrly will save a large percentage. T Imve no ig'iMils nor solicitors, and therefore enu tiinlfu it nn object *nd will Sell the finest lino of instruments at greater reduced pnoi>n Hum any bouse in the Northwest. t'liiiilogtius free. Correspondence colleltcd. Terms to suit everybody. EDMUND OIUM, Stanley's hearer* in Toronto was •lolm Livingstone, brother of Dr. Living. stono, in si-ukiiig for whom the explorer be•;'an his African cnrcer. _ There is more Catarrh in this section of tlie country than nil other diseases put to- gelher, and until the last f<iw years was supposed to bu incurable. For a great many years doctors |ironounccd it a local disease. and proscribed local remedies, and by con. staiilly fiiilhi.'.'; to cure with local treatment,, pronounced ii incurable. Science lias proven catarrh t,u lu' a coiistilutioiml disease, and therefore, rciuures constitutional treatment,. Hall's CalniTli Cure, nmiinfncLiircd by F. ,), Cliuiiey it Co., Toledo, Ohio, i.s Hie only con- stitutioiiiil cure on the miirUel. It is taken lUcninlly In doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts upon the blood and mucous Mil-faces of llie system. They offer one hundred dollars for any case it fails to cure. Send for circulars and tosti- inonials. Address, K .1. ClfENEY it CO., Toledo, 0. d by DniggJBiB. 7pc. The people of Georgia have been visited .)y a cyclone. Let them not murmur. They ^un't expect watermelons and 'possums the whole year round. COUGHS AND COLDS. Those who aro ufficrliig from Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, :tc., should try Bnowu's BIIONOHIAL TUOCHBS. tiutd only in bortx. Professor Koch is a blue-eyed man of only nedltim heig'lit. lie talks slowly with a sp, dresses neatly, and is one of the qulet-l st and most modcstrof physicians, lie has o sense of fear, and when in India Invcsll- •aling the cholera he bent over the corpses 11 the dissecting room without a thought of ontagion. Save PRECOCIOUS CHILDREN. Led Jlrulii's Prcdlefotioii tne Younj* Pigs to HlH Fliinl Overthrow. Joseph Brent and his brother shot a very large grizzly bear on their farm, some live miles from Okanogan Mis- ' AN Tho dlaubillty billi»al«w. Boldieni diiablod nine. the war are entitled. Dependent widowi and pareuti now dependent whom ions died from effects of army service lire Included. If you wish yourolalm «peadilf and lucctKifully jiroi- " • OWL. Utrnngo P»iitiv»l)> Cured with Vegatabla flemsdl* toa»»na cu««. C by th Bfcn cured rntay thoi •tonotuiood homiest' V«t dow ' uioea riopeieBi by the beet phyuiai j*> •ymjrt.,imi ntujdlr <H»»pp«<tr, l«»at two-tuirO» o! »11 «ympfbnt4 w 0 £.*y. >?* "t t»rtmonl»l» of i -,. -. in f«t touii) ire r«mov«" 1 ' cum, "lendwi torimeHH^ffiSd Yreob7ui!! * ' ou ""^twmufm&dp CHICAGO, MAGIC LANTERNS. Tkin S«1U m Friendship Ki> 4 for only 75 cU, m«ll«d t« »»y F KKKJ»AN A UOWBV, Witht S N ^iffWt D. Mous D. M. D. Mousy, ... A. gto«m» a . » M»mb»r of Cou B rea«, 8. Att'».Q B u. fc FATFOLK8 »l- end ?e. forolrottlun Kedup»d 15 to ?B rwn*| p»r suoaUi bjr b>r«fe«i horb»l r«inedi»(. No rtarvlnn, uo OMNIVERQUS Responsible for a Title More 'limn 11 Klsh Story. James MoFudden of Ben Springs, Cal., -once captured a beautiful specimen of a show owl which measured •lj leet from tip to tip of wing. He Bold him to a jeweler, who exhibited him in hia show window. Everything went wall until one day the jeweler missed a tray of watches. A thorough search failed to reveal where the missing watches were. White the jeweler was excitedly hunting for the timepieces he heard a inuflied ticking. Putting hia ear to the breast of the owl the ticking was distinctly heard. In his aiiger the jeweler decapitated the bird, and on opening its stomach discovered thlr- tuoirg'old und silver watches. tiix of the watches were in an ex. 'celleut slate of preservation, while se.ven of the number were^^^rious stages of assimilation. On opening the gimtrd a fourteenth watch was found. Tlie sides of the wivton hud been digested, but the hands and face still remained intact. The hands indicated 11:45. This was the identi. mil time when Mr. MoFmlden cap- lured the owi. sion, the other night, says the Van-' jacket, saying: couver World. It seems bruin had mira, to present to you my7riend~ Mr. firm t.l» " 'Ph .1 1! 11-1 A i.. ,1 -. ... . i Thoy Ape Their Eldors In l)re»», Conversation mid Perhaps in Wlokoilnega, It would be ludicrous, were it not BO painfuli to see how old are the children of to-day. While walking the other day I was dumb-sfruck in this wise, says a writer in the New York Ledger. Two little boys in round jackets approached a daintily dressed little girl of seven. One, touching his cap to her with Chestor- fleldian grace, drew forward the blushing owner of tho other round 'Allow me,' -Miss Al- nd save Die fflrls — from tliolr iiitonso nutterlng* rota scrofula mid other foul humors in the blood y giving them Hood's Sursapnrlllu. Thoninnd* of lironti are unnpeaknbly hiippy und IhouenndB of children enjoy good heiiHh becuune of what thin gteat blood purifier hut cloho for them. It thoroughly erndicates all truce of torofuln, salt rheum, ate., imii vtUHrti tind <>nrlche> the blood. "Scrofula bunehei in ray neck dltappeared when I took Hood's SnnaparllU." A. B. KZLLKT, Farkei- burg, W. Vo. Hood's Sarsaparilla 8tld by all druggliti. $1; sti for $5. Prepare! only by O. I. HOO1) i CO., Lowell, Masdl IPO Poses One Dollar Copyright, 1630. Help yourself ii you're a suffering woman, with tho medicine that's been prepared especially to help you—Dr. Pierce** Favorite Prescription. It will do it where others fail. For all the diseases peculiar to tho sex—dragging- dowri pains, displacements, and other weaknesses, it's a positive remedy* It means a now life, and a longer one, for every delicate woman. In every case for which it'a recommended, it gives satisfaction. It'a guaranteed to do so, or the money is refunded. It improves digestion, invigorates the system, enriches the blood, dispels aches and pains, produces refreshing sleep, dispels melancholy and nervousness, and builds up botk flesh and strength. It is a legiti-. mate ^medicine —not a beverage. Contains no alcohol to inebriate; no syrup or sugar to sour or ferment m the stomach and cause distress. As peculiar in its marvelous, remedial results as in its composition. Therefore, don't be put off with some worthless compound easily, but dishonestly, recommended to bo "just as good." P CHRISTlASlUSICIirGIFTS. p I / Silent nifta nlease for a day. I V./ Gtfta of Music please a/way/ V/ Send for Lists. Largo Assortment of Xmas Carols. been in the habit of visiting the hog pen, and before he could be found out 110 less than twenty large hogs and from .forty to fifty smull ones had dis- . appeared. This aroused the owners and they loaded up the Winchesters and took shelter on tho roof of the. heg pen just after sundown, and .there they sat in perfect silence .till J.i : 3i), Smith." The little lady recognized Mr. Smith after the most approved adult fashion, and 1 went on my way, ••a saddor out a wiser" 'woman. Before I had timo to recover from this I heard ;i boy of six ask. a little girl of ten: "Mary, what do you think of tho menP" Mary, bridling with edifying indignation, answered: "Haven't .EASY IP Uttaa BKPOHB OOMPINBMBMT,. ~* BOOK TO "MoTttStt8"»i:» BK.»l>in£LI> ItECMLATOK Co., »r Choice Song; Collection*. Sowa CLASSIC!. Vol. I, - - 60 s»Bgs. BOKO CLASHICB. Vol. 2, - - 89 " SONH CLASSICS. Low Voices, 47 " CHOICE SACKED SOLOS, - - 84 " Cuoicic SACKED SOLOS. Low Voices, ..... 40 " CLASSIC, BAIUTONB AND BASS, S3 « CLASSIC TENOR SONOS, - - 86 " GOOD OLD SONGS \V« USED TO SINO, ..... 115 " RHYMES AND TUNIS. Sweet Munlc. M. P. Ongood, - 108 " Cholcn 1'lano Collections. PIANO CLASSICS. Tol. L - 44 pieces. PIANO CLASSICS. Yol. 2, - 81 " CLASSIC PIANIST, - ... 43 « SABBATH DAY Mosio, - - 88 " PoruLAuWANOE COLLEOT'W, 06 " PoPDLAn PIANO COLLEOT'N, 86 " CLASSIC FOUR-HAND COLL., 19 . " OFWU.TIO PIANO COLMSCT'N, 19 oporai. ChurchHl'i BIRTHDAY BOOK of EMIKBNT Con- posuts. A buudiome aud usetul gift, $1.35. An* Book mailtd, pott-paid, for rttall prM. LYON & HEALY, Chicago. OIIVEE DITSOZf DOMPANY, Boston. young mm and womrn In thli country owo their lives, the? ltl; an' their ba|iplnew (i ae'a Food, thulr dully diet ft, niK'y HIM! Olilldniiud having ..,.. - L|M '" I'idgc's Food. 3S<enli)uu WOOX.SMVII £ CO., l>nbner, ilawT midnight, when his bearship made hia I told you repeatedly sir never to appearance, so sly and noiseless that ask me that question?" Judging from fti\V * 1- " 1 '~ ~ ' "~ enable the dyspeptic to cat whatever he \vi8hcK. TJiey cauffe tlie food to assimilate and nourish the body, give appetite, and DEVELOP FLESH. * Office, 39 & 41 Park Place, New York! he came within some few yards before they noticed him, when 'they both lired. One bail pierced his heart and the other his body, and for a few seconds there was an earthquake and a fearful noise in the vicinity ot that monster almost equal to Barnum's hungry, howling menagerie. Next morning early the boys set out in pursuit and found bruin dead some eighty yards from the pen, and when taken home and weighed he turned the scales at 516 pounds. present symptoms, kites, hoops, dolls will be in small request in a few years. Male babies in the cradle will then emoke cigars ana female babies will cry for a little husband instead of a lump of sugar. H Mindv indfrlnnoarnd. Boolia Itiim igln one rwwiinit. VertimonMa tnaa . of the Klabe. Proniieott'i I'OI . sent on &nplleatloa to Proi AJUical*. HI SMb At.. K»» TarS MurryluB the Donil. A writer in the North China Daily News records a case in his own experience in which a Chinese girl, recently deceased, was married to a dead boy in another village. »Il not unfrequently happens," he explains, that the son in the family dies be. fore he is married, and that it is desirable to adopt a grandson. The family cast about for some young girl who has also died recently, and a proposition is made for.tho union . oJ the two corpses in the bonds of matrimony! If it is accepted, there is a combination of a wedding and a funeral, in the process of which the deceased bride is taken by a large number of bearers to the cemetery of the other family and laid beside 'her husband." In tho case to which tha writer especially refers the real motive of the post-mot^fl^-r-ffjrg^^ifln was a desire to have ii£^^^Mwa,l at tha expense of anotJfpPram.Uy. V:~\ A fT'^Tp'^TVTFinf'X 'WYMHW* r* A I H I\J I VJ P"" 1 ^ ov ^~ ~^~ ' - ; - '• r "W^^S ^w* ' ifP" ^Sf Milt tutnt fcju ', 'Tiie Value of B*eroUe. Jn order to secure a long life and a e'i'6vn ola age, somebody has said, ana no one will dispute, bodily vigor should be sustained by regular, systematic exflrcise, avoiding all sudden strain and prolonged exertion as much, us possible. jKspucially is this true of i-unriing, liftiuff, clinAblng. etc. And labor, while desirable in moderation, shoulc. never be prolonged till luces exhaustion. A N«iprp,B.lii(jr is etated pro Tlie Klohast Single Woman | n l»u<r«|o, Miss Elizabeth Gates ia the richest unmarried woman in Buffalo. Miss Gates by good business management has added very considerably to the $1,000,000 left to her by her father, at one time president of the Western New York & Pennsylvania railroad, The late Mr. Gates was not what could be called a church-goer. Indeed, it is related that the only time he waa in church he came quite late, and not finding at once the familiar bonnets of his family to direct him to their pew, ho approached an usher and said in a whisper: "Where ia that infernal pew, anyhowP" With t tbare la a negro OB the wept coast o( Africa ia the unppoaowacetvble The yir^t Womnu JouriiulUt lu The Pall Mall Ganette has the first woman attached as a general journal- itst to a London paper in the person, of Miss 1'Yodorichs, German by e-v traction and birth. She is 'a good linguist and invariable on foroiga service, bhe wab the spooiul coV> respondent for tho paper at liorUq tho tuno of 1'vince pelj(?natlon, an^ has pnly FOR A BMOBDBKKP UTBB try BuEcnAa'g FILM Kalakana'i komlng to this kounlrv nn kaused tb« Icurious kouiecttire that he UK,.. to tell his kingdom. 1'Jiis is not korrect. lie kontemplato* nothing of_the kind. • Pure soap is white. Brown soaps arc ndul teraled with rosin. Perfume is only put ii to hide tlie presence oC puMd fat. Dobbins Kleetrie Soap is pure, white und unsi-ented llus been sowjlnee'JSGjj. Try it now. Tobacconists suy tliat smoking ia becom ing more general than ever, but tobuceo chewing is on the decline. The fact seems to be that tobucco calinot hold its owi against cigarettes and chewing-gum. MAMMA, your little rlrl grows more palo •and pale each day. It needs L>r. Bull's Worm Destroyer. Get her some before it 1 too late. Up lii the CiUsJdll Mountains, within a few >ur»' ride' of New York, bears ai •bo us plentiful and .as.tierc.e as eve have been some very wild hours on WaU street, also, lor two or three weeks past. Never Nejrlact n Cold. Dr. Awstin Flint g«;i-j in tho Feirum: "It is probable that a person-with an inherited tendency to consumption would never develop Ihu disease if he could be proteclixl itjjiiiiiNt infection with the tubcivle ItuelKuti. In Ihcs light of modern diieovtries eoiisump- lion can no longer be regarded as an incur- nlile disease." Tt U uo exaggeration to say I hat Kcmp'u Balsam, when l*Ven in time, lias Bayed many from coimuupuou. At all druggists; Due. aud $1. Sample bottle free. Some wag recently started the story that Mrs. Stanley is about to write a book en- llllod "How I Found Stanley," <w«'d »he is receiving letters from peopla who think it is true. _ The best cough medicine is Piso's Cure for C'oiibiiminion. Sold everywhere. &5c. Kisses are like a* actress' diamonds. The of loner they're stolen lh« butter their owners are pleased. A physician who has made a study of tho use and abuses of pejwin has arrived at tho following conclusions, which coin- old* with ourowiij that in the course of convalesence of certain a/cutc disefiaes wfawe digewtion is weak, pepsin may be of temporary use in improving the assimilar tion of food, that it may be occasionally resorted to in cases of acute indigestion from indiscreet over-eating, but that when used for the cure of chronic indigestion Wd dyspepsia it is a su&te #nd a deJmio», gmiig a transient feeling of comfort without, however, increasingr the di- I tiye power of the stomach,—Pr. ' ' Monthly. ." THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE, only Safe, Sure, nnd rcUallt Pill for Sold by uli Local i>rugci[l«U. Best Cough Medicine. Bccommendod by Physiomns. Cures wnero all else fails. Pleasant and agreeable to the taste, Children take it without objection. By druggists. - : -VASELINE- FOR A O*E-l>Or,r,AK Klr.T. e»nt ui br K we will delivor, tt»» ot nil cMrffM, (o any ponon In tlw UnHud Stitte., all pt th. falU fully jwekei] : • ny wlug artlgl.i, o»t»- B ' 18 ot*. Ou« two-ounce bottl* ef Pan Vtwllni, - - o One two-oiuico bottle of Yiiitlin* 1'oBitd*, - It" One jar of Vaselino Cold Onaun ...... 15" Oan diktat Viimliuv Oatuphor Ico ..... Jfl « One Cuko of Vuanlino fioaij, umctntsi. - . 10 " One Cake of Vaseline Bonn, «jtquii>itgl jr io«nt*d,2i " One two-ouuo bottle of Wjill* ViiMJIii*, - 25 Of,for twsltif/e stfimpi any itnglt art/cleat Hie prlet vain«l. (in nn account lie permwileii to accent iff in •MI- nr".(/{/i«l any yaiellne or preparation 'tlitfe- run iiuirxH iH&Mtt utlt/i our name, bcaiute you, lattl ?«/«"" '"''"' "" l ' w<( "" < " 1 wAicA A«« little or n* Hfgr. Co., 24 State St., N, T. All kJada thuiiir UIRB vUewbvrt. BUore ,vou k«7, «ood itwnp In ^_ 11»» M.i. iff!: «ti«l«n»M, Ohio. Ivr. Knjilor'u KJduey ouree JSnureai^ .... , ••- per pMokoee by mil. for snle by all <lruKBl«m or ut nfciao. i'oi Iroulurs unil H'stiiuouials uddren, nith Btumna. l>r. l. \V. F. SNVDKU, 1W3 Stato St., Ohiciieo. Ask your iniggiBt to order it for you, Mention tlil» p»i>ov yhvn wrltiuj-1» ni»rti»tir». A neir m«(h«t of nomrouadl A neir m«(h«t of nomr SHRE CURE for PilES SALESMEN WANTED, iMUA.1* Oil THA.V 1CMNG, * To eoll naw rarUtlen of HAEDV NaiJBKHV 8TOOK. r;<>01> 1'A.V miekly. MT8AUV >>O!41TltiK with iiumcry of known rtmnonnlbilltr. Lively worfcr eft ouru tflOO VH1U MOWrJII. 80/er»mji r*, quired, Apply quick to L. L MAY & CO., NURSERYMEN, ST. PAll.ii, "<*•'•" A little American bpy, who hns e, German governess, committed to memory, at her re.juest, a German evening prefer. When he wont vo bed at night he folded hi$ tauos the 5 TON WAGON SCALE, S^ , BiMbaDt9B, {1,1, EW THOUSANUS NOW KKIITMSD HAVKN<)T({KI01VKN'ri-ri.l5J>. Address Wformtt fri'-wiillcttlfoii niut full iufoniiulloii WM, W, DUPI.EY, v HI. I.uw, WusiilniftuH, J>, 0, (Mention thl» ii

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