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The Evansville Journal from Evansville, Indiana • 8

Evansville, Indiana
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VALUABLE PRESENTS 1 1 GROCERS We are still making the effortof onr life trying tokeepthe neatest giY eery In the city and we will not feerSAtlsfled until' you come In and aee i l- i-i i world They have produced nomolU ns Rke $20000000 In-tflifty la eighteen years nnd are said to lie good for twou ty years more' Expert tiintth obtained an option from Ilaggtu and 'other owners In tiih mine Tlic figures Invoiced are from live to ten mlHIons The RcfchwMIds have their eyes on various other mining property runXway 1 1 r-t- 4 Sold and Biker Mine Owner in a I ft the City 41inough the Balem coal miiiM by a pony of Juffly young folks and a tfiapetou L' Calhoun came In from Chicago yesterday Miss Ella Perkins of Henderson Is In the city toklay Miss Johnson has returned from Washington Mrs is visiting well Mr and Mrs! John Deacon are ser-ioindy ill at thelr reldeiKel 502 Main i A Williams of Owensboro itlng her sister Mrs Brld- GOSSIP of -the Improvements have iMd-vW'e'irUCularlyVwlsh- you to see thu'V 7' computing scales that weigh In dollars and cents as well as pounds -and ounces4 They are a-mechanleal wonder" -'v- -77 -will have a nice lot of fresh Vegetables to show yon-tonlay Cauliflower Fresh Tomatoes New Beets Fresh (Strawberries Southern Had-' ies itc etc 7- RIHva silvaniin In annss (mawIcaA mmsA saan malrA A atianao In uitf The advance In market mnBt makea change In retail Two Trophies to Give to McKinley -V (' j- 1 Walking Cane with Gold -Y Head and a Taper Weight sugar soon as 'well iJ i- ulnted Sugar may look very cheap In a day or so Eggs at 10c per denen should increase the consumption af-tlieu)woudt rfuI- 7' jy Fresh Eggs only 10c per dozen 'i' Ji I ITorwj lJecoraea Frightened and vmY Gets Frisky Y7 A runaway on the comer of First And Main Streets annul amem minutes before 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon came near proving a very serious matter for Mrs Brennecke living at HOT "Florence Avenue it was the buggy collided with the gas post In front of the First National Bonk and threw Airs (Brennecke out upon the sidewalk She the Western Union sum-troiuHl iii John Iloiiglilaad of Sew Albany Jnii is In the city en route told tome Vrm vpw Mexlca where hs liolds large Yr Hie1 and sHveif mine Mif SON -1 STS li VLLADB OF ANTIQUE DANCES Before the town had lost 1U wits-Or erajvd Hie Imurery from ke ipuxi When money anibe were merely clt -And erne wee ortap and clear a prone Ere Chloe anil Rre)hon came to -For vote dene end clanrettm The world rrjwrd to point Its tne la glgnea gavottes a ad minuet The solemn fiddlers touch their kite Tlia twinkling clavichord o'erflows With contrapuntal qulrla and hits And then with meant are and reiioae Through figures grave and royal show With noble airs and plmurttM id kn I They nwe to rhytnw iiemui la gigue gavwt and imam Few wedldngs however were ever so attractive and irapreiwlive The church decorations were entirely Ml GRAND Friday -March 12th 7'- Enfigeuiciit of tk diiiingulilird iictm 14 I- ROLaND rek And khown company anlfttd by miss Isadora liusrr In hi lilcit meet Tho Wrong Mr Wright An inginal corned by Geo II 101 iSm PriMi jc jBc aiip Seat on 111 le tu-iaf fans anil awoil ancqnea and mittn! That wan the better part yon chime You care not how them gnmeeiHUA chit AYaltn polka and nctUlm-he aumc Or boar a kind of dnae In time nnd Mie dnnee Yon ulrcd your faahloii' to the Hum-In glguca gamttee and lnlmict ENVOI Mnvc of the many twinkling lnwe teach your lieta The chnnn that ahiaoa the grace that glow In glvup garottn and inlnnetM -W Ilcnli 0 0 0 The marriage of Silas Mildred 1 Rock and Mr Qua TNisbct was solemnised In Uraca Presbyterian ebureh at 0 o'clock last evening Tim occaslou attracted the attention of the social world to an unusual extent and the nuditorl- lxua w09 fllled interested friends y0Uag coapie The arrangements were not for an ostentatious ceremony inh'-'-i ats In a gold jliui being the Consolidated Kansas Vt UFlv Smelting and Reflninfl Mr iiimfighlond has wfch him 4iwo very presents for nwridcrit McKinley wukii are prodJfltis of bis mines One is i -olid i liver walking cane anode Ju yiiaspui shapo and with a soMd gold 'ijivjl' The Oriicr la a paper-weight the ikrlv of which Is solid silver and also cViYm Bhbpod Tlie top is made of fi11 ond iu 'ho of rouml tviii The paper-weteht is about three It-liM high and two In dhunoter Both (h7urtides ore hcaiMfully hnlshed "iir ifougldand has a story connected 'vwJh' each of them The eight aides jn cane he tays represent eight In the presidency (or MaJ Md the eight sides on the pa- 'Vcp-welgUt represent rtgUt nwo years of that for the tocumhency of 7 BcpuMtcua iMrty lie says that j'-'lKMh of them togothcr suean slxtceu to ririLg or slxtceu years of repirtiBean rxlfh lo neno of tho SUvcr party I fi: conmany which Mr lloughland titientsS capMOMzcd at $1000000 1 of about 00 years and has a family is oonsldcrod one of the best In thu His borne Is at 1G10 East Louisiana It has in fact been sought after jby llic fhmous -ItoUischOdsof New York vilr lIoughTsind discovered the nvine hlixi- WM carried over to office and Dr John Owen was who rendered asslstniicc No liOncs were broken however and the lady was soon put on- a ir and sent home nrnlltlin I In the Diamond coal mine at 4 clock yesterday- evening James Delgman a miner almost met bis death As it was he was powder burnt almost over bis entire penon and his left arm was broken In two places lie was taken In Jobann's ambulance to St Mary's hospital where the physicians believed him not dangerously hurt 1 The powder bum and tbe shock received by Delgman frightened his companions and the report was by them spread that tlie man would die Dslgman is a man lie and htewlfe have Influential feto tlvpp Jn the Cadogani who are'-very vlose to the prInast of "Yalcs From the princess to the prince la but a stop nnd It Is that a visit of the hopes of Mrs Martin and will cornel about 1 If this meeting should be brought about by tho Earl of Craven anil tho Cadogans It would secure for tho Mrs Martin as the mother of a countess a splendid position In the blue imok of Ijondon1 Mr npd Mrs Bradley Martin am winding up tliclr New York career with a series of dinners of great magnificence Tliclr son Bradley Martin Jr wih remain at Cambridge until he finishes his examinations wben lie will Join his parents on the other aide Tim Misses IIoHman will entertain on next Ariuvday afternoon from 2 to In honor of Mfes Lantner of Pittsburgh who ls'Whc guest of (Miss Straub Miss Clara Frorikti will entertain the CiLrrio Club of which alio Is a member on Thursday evening do Mr John Vlehocntertalncd his young friends Friday evening at a delightful at bis home on ashing-ton Avenue The young people enjeyed the evening to tbe umost and some of the candy was so white and crisp as to liare done credit a professional ert Vlehe John Vlche Lionel Wolfe o-o The Misses Ilellman will entertain friends nt cards Saturday afternoon In Honor of Mias Lantner of Pittsburgh Pa at their home on Third Avenue 0 Mr and Mrs John Nolan entertained their euchre dub Monday evening at their home on Washington Avenue At the eucUre game Mr Charles Wise won the first prize a half dozAn handkerchiefs and Mias Grace Gorman whop Joyed In the hostess place won the second a handsome vase A dellghtful aupper was served after tlie game 0 0 0 Miss Grace Wright will entertain ter sewing society Friday afternoon at her home on Third Street The meeting has been especially arranged on this Ste in honor of Miss Lautner who ives next week for her home in Pitts- fi i' Adrian Smith of 307 Oak street 1 tf11 entertain friends to-night iu honor ier nhietcneth birthday 000 -A delightful dance was given by Clc-tns Burgess at Ills home on Maryland street In -honor of his twentieth birthday Those present were: Mr anil Mrafl Burgess Mr and Mr lllhierbrant Mlsnes Lulu ami Iydia Kuhlmau Nora Strode Maggie Zetor IJzzie Brinkmeier Eva McDonald Katie Buschman Laura Melton Mamie Akers Ida Melon Tilile Helnleln Lizzie and Hattie Mathis Teno Kopp Mau-die Smith Lizzie Dugan Blanche Ivey Florence Burgess and Bertha Hook 1 pi nil otbsm were not so sue-1 results that are obtained liy reg- aroiuid tlie altar Palms and fcmJ rerShcSs were ular nnd exercl-ws will be were arranged fij as to form a bank rRLrfsnmef were aew 1 tjearl i0Vln Hut began at the edge of the rostrnm during the evening Tlvose present and gently sloped back until it reached JJero: Misses Maud Venneman Elolst the railing of the organ loft The only Venneman Helen Venneman LetUc white flowera were the lilies which here Hankins Elsie Hebercr Margaret and there extended: from the greenery Tlie wedldng morcla from Loire ngrki Hawkins Roy toewentlul 0ear Os-ivas begun by Mrs Milto at 0 Bentorg WcU Irviu Ossenberg nob- Tlie following program has been prepared: Indian Hub couirol and grace" By tlie senior and advanced class (Graeco Roman) "Mm-culur strength Messrs and the bride on tbe arm of her fatlier nnd preceded by the maid of houors Mira Anna Rock entered the auditorium The party was preceded town the ahdo by thp ustore Mr Nlube-t The II II will consoll- nccMUpanled by biff brother Mr Frank date train No (I now scheduled to leave Nisbet came from the rostrum entrance Evansville at 12:48 a with train No nnd Joined his bride before before tlie poscof -NotwHbsttandBng he fart of 2 now scheduled to leave Evansville at altar ids itlng an Irnmcnse silver producer 70 fl ra and will leave EL II Tlie ceremony was condncted by the toibavery enthiislafftlcrcipulilican and depot at 720 dally ltcv Marquis pastor of the i wy' be thanks God itbat the eilver Train No (I now scheduled to leave chnrch with the assistance" of llcv Miiv was not victorious In tflie recent Evansville at 12K18 will be wm1- 1 Darby former pastor of tlie Cumbctr (Pinion (He la 79 years of age but Is xolhlatcd with train No 4 scheduled to laud rresbrterkm church It was the tvJrnirlwUy well preserved He la very leave Evansville at 7:13 and will usual ritual service of tho Presbyterian lisilH aborft newspaper notoriety and '-leave TTI deiwt at 7:13 I cliureh Including the giving of the ring lie bos been fortunate thns far In dally I token At the conclusion the bridal yell keeping itlie name of Hs mine out of Trains will run via to wra thrown back end tlie organ struck print to any large exftedt Gray ville Big Four to Vincennes and up wedding march as the £7 I I I a 1 i 7 I' iv Mi1 lloughland wffl go to Ms home! In New Albany to remain with Ms fam- $ytvr a olicrt time to take a much "ineciivto attend tteNTslMlock nl The Misses Torrence will return in a ew Gays from Mobile Ala and the Mardl Gras celebration The report: of a party ait Mrs GiU ham's ou Adams -Avenue on Friday evciAng fast was a mistake Hie friends of Mrs A1 Vogel of fttringtown 11111 will be pi Mined to hum that fim Is laiivortng raphlly at (lie ftvnfrnrltnn and holies to 1m nKe to re-tnm home In another -wee PHYSICAL CULTURE iii- Young: Mon (Jive nil Exhih tion To night The first gymnasium exhHiltlnn of the Reason will be given to-atglit by the Young Men's Christian Association In their lull at 8 The exercises will lie artldnted In by the members of the different" classes Tbe object of tho exhibition Is mainly to Illustrate tlie kind of training and work done in the gymnasium to promote health strength and control over the tody nnd the prac- Chas Gelsler Wm Dnnlum Ruck control and By the 'seniors -and advanced class (Foil) "Self possession grace Messrs Dmll Frltsch and Otto Puder Indian Club control and Miss Martha Davlilson (2d round) "Strength and Messrs Chas Gelss-ler and Wm Dunham' Parallel muscular control and physical By the class (3d round) end Messrs Chas Gois frier and Wm Dunham Indian Club Mr Otto ruder Horizontal muscular control physical Judgment Class judgment self control muscular Class The Theatres ROLAND (REED Tlw upposiraree of limit prime favmv Bolniid Reed nt tlie Grand Is aOwayis a "pleasaut event In the theoitr ideal yehr! Mr Reed lia growii stead- 'jy IKnmlflr taVor and today stands' flim mil Haft are Mid at Old Point Comfort! Mr Reed Itas surroundei himself with tan exceedingly clever company which includes tlvalt charming actress Mkw Isadora Rush wbo has a deUghJhful role seeing to be tlie finest piece of play writing KLiat hwi been turned out in years The story is told natnrally and fih great foe wWle the comedy 'vrkl1 prodomSnsttes Is 4if ta character riibra Kn and does not in any way conflict wiflh the story T1m characters are all ritrong types and are portrayed ly a clever Colt of artfoto te Ten on Brand scale and time nor exjiense has been lu In rtaglng the play rats no won sole til 7 DRh agent of ormwood a 8Tgragatlon of monkey actors Is here attraction IA" a suite Of FOfiTYlS on A SeCOIKl llOOrOI JOUmal- WourS bllildine1 Pinost TS OfflCO FOOXX1S 1X1 tllO City 'Pont renSOnahlo All "OXAU sxil I 1 1 iiMiV'-d rest offcer which -he will pro- diate stations" Returning train will mil 10 Washington to presedt Preol lrave Hazleton nt 8:09 Passon-'-di1 it McKdrflcy with the trophies In per-1 gers will he handled subject to delay ajid eifdain to Wm tiie story of why -stK'y' were duped in octagon fashion mrh RE MAINS IMr 1 (ougbkind was formerly an exten- ttoick dealer In Southern Indiana 'jbiit-arrled away nearly all tho pro- Taken To New York for Final Sei-fotfitng In the classes In which lie on- at tlie Trl-Sttate Fair in this city fiiAhe first fair several yuan ago 7-1 aays he will tdl President liqlyy that In four years from now 'when Ue enters upon bis second term A COOK 4 1 NIGHT WITH SPORTS Member of the Evansville Athletic Club Dag Entertain Friends Last Night at 1 Their Club Dooms Ptinclimg Club winging Wrestling nnd Several Inter-esling Bpnning Matches The Evansville Athletic Club gave an Interesting exhibition last night a( tlielr club rooms on East Louisiana street and a large audience of "business men and others Interested In sporting matters were present The first 'number on the program was by Prof Murray with his bug punching in which he gave a 'clever exhibition and was loudly applauded The second was John Gephardt" of the Athletic Club and- John Daudlstil of the Evansville Athletic A Club Frank Gilbert acted ns tlmekeop- referee er and Foraytbe as Botl1 allowed a great deal of acleace and It was a very lively setto It was decided a draw Next was Otis Lewis with his club swinging which he executed with great skill Prof Murray' and Julius Drawlein were to be nexf' but owing to the accl- dent to the 2ath(-in-law tldn of whlclk la made in another column Drawlein was absent and Andy Bern was substituted in his place but as ha nas no equal to ilnrray the non: proved of very little Interest Jake Kberhardt and Williams ncyt entered tbe ring for 'a wrestling match for the tost 2 out of 3 in which WlJloins proved himself the totter: man Tlio first fall was In twelve mirintca anil the second In eight minutes i The feature of the evening was Wm Torsettle out in eight rofinds Ed Js-a member oftbe an the totter tbe Daudlstil This was a very Interesting rind lively setto In which some clever 7 ril neconda were Gus Schafer and ier and were Murray and DaudlstU This was a very Interesting rind lively setter In which someclevir was done by both boys The decl-i WM awardwl t0 Towettle byb E( falling to put him out in right ronnds This ended the evening! program and! the audience departed M'ell pleased with the evening's entertainment DISMISSED Were the Habeas Corpus Froceed- ings in Dehalf of Isyaga nrzpTias JBAN la a candidate ft Mayor anbject to the derision of the people marfl-tf FOR COUNdHMAN-AT-lAROE DR 'N JKROMiH announces him elf as a candidate fon-icouudlmau-at large subject to tla? decision of tlie re pubflran city convetition to to held on Thursday evening Up to pate to fogy Keep up with the times Patronizes Laundry that uses modern niethoda i now ail the rage Society men professional men busmen men laboring men and many other demand "Domnstic The slick celluloid finish la no longer fsablonsble sod should ha discarded Your foods will last longer by the dull finish Remember we esn give you Domestic "Finish sod High Gloss is desired I 1 IL beyond until further notice Local train will leave Evansville dally at 7:13 in for IlaxuKoa and interme vice in Old rivmonth Chnrcli Stamford Conn March A almplo service of ecrlpture and prayer was held this afternoon over the remains of the Concention was the secession by tho rncltte' coast members of the order and on the suggestion of Commander Root it wa temporarily laid on the table and nn luvitatlon was sent to the accedere to reronslder their 'action Tlie report of Hoverelgn rhysidau (A Rodgers which was read showing a total of 30- IKK) cxamlnatiouK and 1JKI7 rejections In Missouri -there were 33 deaths due to over dose of morphine The auxiliary at their session do ddwl not to separate into departments EX-BEXATOR His Itoitli Results From the Ain lHitntion of Us "pMlM thkatui Sunday NiuhtWrch 14 I Tlie tittle Wreak nf SuiihIiIiic SLDU AY OK D' And her clever company In the big hit' DA1ISY 7' THE MISSOTJRXQmii New and original topical eong and pu'Vty dancee In fact ererythlug np to dfm1 r-'ira Wanted Oentiemen Well connectedyof high social standing to represent New York Financial ITum In the City Salary and Reference requeated Addresa r- 'i WANTED Large farnlahcd room for man aikl wife most be reMonoble and cratmiw le cwfted Address If Ef rare thU of- ce -t marii- nuMloru hMwof 5 to 6 eVuu on nr near a brick street and above Multi 1 by Dr Bim- rnarim jonmaL riv'-'- Mrtwft A As rusk or goumt hoitM work Apply at 1018 Main Mtrvet nuull-lt -i i To btly fbreaih a modern cot-'7' tace with or tt rooms ylve location onre-- 1 -I Sly KVlilenco No a WinliL fagi on avenue fmmetiiate pomra'im tv right party Nil IL Kilveriboru waiO-if A small Iihu-k' (rniur fotimbk'ituliiy nmrnlny FJmler ran grt InnmnaLon 1 tlu olllce by paying fur this nil martML rto no 613 Fulton Are brick tore0 -7 No mi Loulnlana' St frame eritaae i jiu Ka 917 Oak 8t rnma oottafte Sy S'lilf nS ei3 ltroAreb No mi Louldana' St frame cttae 1 7 No ata FrenkiIn St No aor Franklin St' frame dw'iiiog iP No 0 HeMelharii Are frame cottas Will consider vacant lots -or enefaied property in proposal! of exchange IRA vu'tbr No 406 By oa more trevt 'Of 5t L''ViS 524 MAIN STREET We are here to do bntlne Call aoi iei us before purchasing elsewhere Chas PAINJER Graining Glazing nnd Kalsoini-v ing a Specialty NO- 12A LOCUST srqvf-r WALL PAPER TO THE LADIES We are now located In iur-mewunre 'f 'V I i-t i I Messrs Carl Hoffman John Knhlmnn Chas Jnrgensmeier Henry tort Cletus Burgess Bert Racer BroiadiHWKt with fflie tWe of The Burgess Dave McDonald George Mil- Wrong Mr Tlie play tells ler Joe Burgess and John Rnschmeler on Interesting and highly amusing story nnd gives Mr Reed splendid opportunl- ties hi a novel role It Is said to to A most delightful birthday surprise tihe tost duracter till popular actor party was given Tuesday afternoon In rer fne scenes of tlie play Chas Elchel Hilderbrandt Will Bauers Artie Eck- pne-emlueut os eccrtriilc comedy roles To-morrow evening he Mlui fill his engagement at mQTf uHffly apoiltrayer of legBUoKtie To-morrow 1K flil 8ila engagement at ihp lhe Ito the first thne comedy from oiejpen of Mr George 1 a Mrs Beecher's most Intimate friends were preset After the service the remains were retrieved to the railroad station and placed aboard train for New York Upon Its arrival three they will to removed to Brooklyn where in Plymouth church over which Mr Beecher ho long presided the remains will lie -v (w in state until 2 Thursday after- York date of Jan 29 ehows noon when Rev Lyman AWbott will per- ritgger demand among spcculaton for fann tlie last rites Avrstfao mines anil tbe relative Value of Ihfi Mtter: lAciitor party had been victorious lie a poHcy that is not perma- iicawy benefirial to ibis country cnnndt fa vrruiancutly beneficial to bis luter- He Ts'tlite guest here of Mr John OjnjMand the river man following special telegram bear- Jim YrirV rls-fn nf Tran Oft ihAimt honor of Mrs Wm Elchel at her home No 10 East Florida street by a number of lier friends After the ladles lmd a social chit-chat the hostess invited her guests to the dining room where an elegant spread was served Those present were Mrs Forsters Mrs l-v 4fs 'Country Afironriics dose to $30 1 xriy two years ago the Ex- Oampany of tonrton which 1 the firm of teh Rothschilds and newly married couple lead the way from the altar- i The immediate relatives took cai- rlages at once for the residence of Mr Ed Nlslict on Chandler avenue where a wedding shipper was served It tod been the Intention of Mr and Mrs Nt- tot to go immediately to the train for Chicago but because of the wreck it was neecasary to await the midnight I train Tbe bridal tour will include Chicago Cleveland nnd probably New York Thdr home will to at the St: George hotel after they return Beth bride and groom belong to the prominent families' of tha city The bride Is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Rosser 8 Rode and bolds ai enviable place la the social life of Evansville Mr Nisbet la connected with the firm of Mackey NMbet A Co and shown excellent qualities both in business and society He Is a son of the late Nisbet A large number of beautiful and valuable presents were received by tbe young couple At Jhe reremony the bride wore on exquisite gown of white organdy over white taffeta with rare laee trimmings The veil was clasped with a spray of orange blossoms For flowers (die ear-lied white carnations Her ornaments were pearls nnd diamonds Miss Anna Ilock maid of honor and younger sister cf the bride wns costumed in a delicately tinted rose-pink organdy She carried a beautiful sptay of pink carnations 1 The usheti were Mr Robert Nisbet Mi Chester Itagon Mr Ferd Ragou ficeompnnlcd bore by Lamb also of Gnton Tbe ceremony was perform- by Foole it seems that the Pnrpnta of the lirlde objected to tho 8he left lier home last week os- tetelWy to visit relatives in Bebree rather linpenwl to to at Kprlngflohl Tenn on business and the sweetheart sf this a good time to have the Jnoj They took the north-bound train yesterday morning for Evansville and had tlielr fond hopes ooo A WfiHltlntaon siecial says: Mr! nnd Mrs Bradley ilartlu with tjielr usual retinue of servants and lnountalu of trunks will sail for England March 11 aud will not return for many months That they go to conquer 1 beyond all question Having m-t nil England talk- ing over the mnnglfieeiiee of their cent lull here it Is thought they will have little illfflcully in compU-tiug the oonqnest of Ixnidon the citadel on which Mrs Bradley Martin has set longing eye After a short stay In the British cap- V- i New York March Judge Addison Brown of the United States district court bfii dismissed the writ of habeas corpus and certiorari sworn out by I lawyer Cwdert on behalf of rtillip SADIE RAYMOND Isyaga Turkish consnl-gpueral at Bos-Our tbernt re-goers M-ill be dcilgbitod to ton wbo was arrested to this cty a leorn thut Manager Groves of the Teo few weeks ago charged with has secured one of tlie best at- bng over $109000 tiUctions on the road for fluky night Lawyer Ooudsrt'a cotfteaitBon was that dancing Mjere the features of tlie even- nMjt refer to Sadie itiwnnni ami tbe state authorities -bod no Jurisdiction Ing Light refreshments were served fig) clever crauuany nrewenttag that Bn the case of represpritative of a for-ata late hour Those resent from How- jjrtfitest of ojU dramutic comedies elgn governmenit nnd that if the pris the Missouri Sadie Ray-' omr waa guilty of any offence he could Mr and Uh Hinea Mr and Mrs jnoni hi too well known to need any be tried only to federal courts canmeutfrom na But the pltay which Is a new one htas been pronounced by every cue mIio lws had tine pleasure of CANDIDATE NOTICE Relirmann Mrs Walters Mr Felkers ATm TTnlont Urns Jdwua IFm VsmwI Logan Misses Emma Rainey Cora Wade Messrs Stncer Carter 8 Farker Ed- Cotton Herbert Kolthin nnd those that Is really new to the stage She will doubtfe surprise her many ad- -mj-of her cbann-Ine toilata WlUl UrF IQlinttlOg Mr Boswell Torino Mr Robert Knhn and Mr Walker Bonntag All tte een-llemcn Including the groom and post man ore boutonleres of white carnations Among the out of town guests' were Mr nnd Mrs Karecor Nashville Mrs McEwen of Earllngtou Mr II Ilcricman Mndlsanvllle and Mrs Grammor of Cleveland 0 0 A romantic marriage was solemnized fit 11:30 yesterday morning in fifl At $18000 That was subsequent WOODMEN OF THE ORLD the parlors fo the Hotel Vendome Mr ly and the Exploration Company RL Ixmls March lO-The principal -T Rtetonaon of Oriton Ky and secured the famous subject of dlsruHglon at ddlb- Nellie Irwin of Lemou Ky were ''lAbijcpjMtt mine for lllie um of $34JkXl- of tbe Woodmen of the World contracting parties nnd they were 1 'Jirilft I Slrtteh WlHlA hfilM L- ii Mhinig Comnany for $7300000 TiiWptois of blood Tbe wtjtiij same time secured nn oiriikm for Kto0 but nnulfle to talk Smith wUIe here Ml PahwoII rtWim If DAhoarii Vnkn of Evansville were Mrs Starks Mrs Jarvis Mrs Schmaltz Mr and Mrs Thomas and Mrs Cur- VeiHeiSrk wTt ISiISa nl i Thni KnSf 1 Bd' BclIlnger nnd Tho Leonard 0 0 Arrangements' for the Rock-Nistot wedding at Grace church lost evening contemplated a Joint ceremony by Rev Marqul and Rev Darby-- The latter waa detained by the washout li the north and telegraphed bis Inability to to prespnt Fortunately by circuitous route Mr aiby reached the city by I thc Straight line train at 6:53 Miss I i Miss Ada ltngon who wns on the wreck-! ert E- A II train had hurried homo! fmm City to be present at wreMIng and arrived on the same thiln By a rapid ride she and "ed the chnrch one min-- -uto oYdock tiro latter In time to SInwiulij ns the bridal party approached tho altar MIks Ksgou got tl)0 flmrvh Just In time to wltnosa 1 i aVno lookvl ht'tlw llomefftake Mlrylng Oominny's la tlie Black tIRls district Da- b'riii The lrameffinke as pertops the rtWA'st In the country if not In the 1 Awarded ijighefit World's MV" CREAM iV" 1 ine Tininh iiimi 7 fmin tle i ffccts of tWe amputation of a log I iOUGEIt DURAND Detroit Mich March A' i it-.

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