The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 24, 1890 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1890
Page 5
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WRPBS AL00&A, IOWA, t>EC« 24, 1890. •ffiWSOP TIE COUNTY Writes and Seat Affaifs Par ticulatly, Records & Sad Death—All Pahs fiig kossuth Make a Splendid Showing of News. Dec. 22.—Since we last Wrote 3roti Hebron has not forgotten to grow in Jioptilartty as of old. A. R. Beach, John HauRe and William Baker have located in section 82, a Mr. Loathouse has located it section 29, while Wayne Stlllman and Geo, Singsley also of Blue Earth City have bought land in sections 24 and 2S. Ole Quain has also made a purchase in section 28, we understand. These are but a few of the changes lately taking place in laud ownership during the last summer. Fred. Barkley on 81 has built a new house this fall, while Peter Kawloy on the same sec- .tion has made improvements on his. Wm. Goodrich returned last Friday from a five days visit at Algona, We judge William must combine business and pleasure when he goes to the capital city, for he goes too often and looks too thoroughly contented •on his return to have made solely a business trip, but we will not criticise your motives leading you Algonaward too severely this time. T. 'Sailor was in Hebron last week land looking, John Underdahl was in Blue Earth City Saturday attending a law suit of his own. Gus. Wittuhn is finally well located in Hebron with a bran now house and barn. Considerable newspaper sensation is developing over a division of Kossuth county. W.e^are not going to enter into their lingual <; |listio arena'" " Hebron jr lot .iher than to state that |us over tho outcome i If we were doomed to 1 to go 12 or 15 miles rflevelop a soured sys- Jftanything that called T for any change. 1>^\don't you see, wo Hebronites have one btfjihe best of markets •just on our northern line in the young vigorous and prosperous village of Elmore. "* Elmore is cei-tainly a good market town and its business men ^vre doing a fair thin by all farmers. Our Iowa towns on tl south have to admit that we can beat on prices for farm produce. Their business men have just been admitting it in their last newspaper edition. Elmore's railroad facilities bring about this result to some extent. It is not an unusual occurrence to see 75 teams blocked in around tho elevators, waiting to unload, while the two elevators are taking it in as fast as it can be unloaded. The new flouring mill is a late addition to Elmore which is of great value to Hebron as well as to all adjacent territory. This mill is operated by the Elmore Exchange Mill company, constructed and operated under the supervision of George Dustin an old and successful mill operator. The building and every article of machinery is perfectly new and all of tho most modern - and approved construction. This new and successful enterprise has been in operation but about three weeks but Is giving the best of satisfaction, and is already having a good patronage. In as much as it is the only enterprise of its kind between Blue Earth City on the north and Algona on the south, it must gain trade for a considerable distance in all directions, and already demonstrates its usefulness both to tho town and surrounding country. Hebron is all right yet you see for a good town without tho county seat of northern Kossuth located in its bordei's, Seneca. SENECA, Dec. 22.—Rev. W. L. Wolfe of Algona held services in school house No. 8 Sunday evening. His discourse was an earnest and effective presentation of tho duty of decision in religious character, from the text, "How long halt ye between two opinions?" The attendance was not as large as it would have been had sufficient notice been given. Wm. Ormiston has been taking corn to erville where he reports the price paid 40 cents. W. Alcorn has built an extensive to house his machinery, ite elaborate preparations are being to entertain Santa Claus on his ised visit to school house No. 8 on itmas .eve, B next regular meeting of the farmers' co will be held at the Center school on Saturday at 10 a. m. The desir- tv of establishing a co-operative cream- /'Jeneca will bo discussed, The '(111 be an open one, a large gathering of sports- ils Kassel's last Friday, and many .d other fowls were distributed to .tea of fortune. A big time is the those who attended. Wesley. BY, Deo. S3.— The oyster supper ,giv- tie ladies of Wesley last Wednesday [ great success, netting them over $10. When is winter going to begin? Our county surveyor is here finding some Of the lost corners for some of our people. .Chas. Brown of Britt was in town Monday settling up the flax deal of J. C. Young of Cedar Rapids. He informed us that he bad 40 sacks of flax stolen from him Friday night. He left it out in the field near Stilson siding, where they were threshing, intending to haul it to market in the morning, but it seems someone saved him the trouble, Mr. and Mrs, A. M. Tuttle started for Chicago Monday to visit friends. Mrs. T. expects to remaiu there till after the h'oji- days, and visit the balance of the winter with friends in 'eastern Iowa, while Mr. Tuttle takes a trip to California. Considerable poultry is coming to market these days. Lawson & Oleson Bros, are buying, and K F. Baeoa is also taking a hand in the buainess. Some of pur G. A, R. boys were down to Algona last week attending the camp fire. The entertainment given by our schools last Friday evening was a grand success. The apRQQU'opm was packed to its utmost capacity. The pupils performed their parts well. It Is very evident thjjt our teachers ftre workers aud are giving us, g little the best school we ever have h$d, There -^Ul' be a tWo weeks Wdation, which ho doubt our teachers peatiy need. Our warehouses will be closed on (Jhrist- maS day. The boys are going to have one day out. They say Geo. Frink la lanking himself up for the Christmas ball at Algona. He noW Sleeps in his office, and has informed his host where he boards that he Will hot be around to his meals any more till after Christmas. All the nourishment he is taking how is a small handful of flax seed, just something, he says, to keep his digestive organs in good condition, so he can do justice to the roast turkey at the supper on Christmas night. We are called upon this week to record the sad news of the death of Arthur C. Church, which occurred Wednesday morning, Dec. 17, Very few of our town people knew that he was dangerously sick until a few days before his death; and when it was learned that he was dead it created ho little surprise. He Was stricken with scarlet fever some time ago, as were the rest of the family, also. The board of health quarantined the house. All seemed to be doing well but Arthur. He took typhoid fever and had to succumb to it. He was a young man 19 years, old. He leaves a widowed mother and a sister to mourn his loss. This is a sad affliction on Mrs. Church, as ho was her only earthly hope; and the hardest part of it was that on account of scarlet fever in tho family only a few of their many f rirnds were allowed to go in to comfort them; but, notwithstanding this, they have tho heartfelt sympathy of the people of Wesley, and all stood ready to go and lend a helping hand and give a word of comfort to them if they had been allowed, Ben. Hopkins has gone to Emmetsburg as night operator. We wish him success. IiUVorne. Dec. 22.—H. S. Benedict and wife attended tho bean supper at Renwick on Friday evening. The M. E. church will have a Christmas dinner at the church. Everybody come. Earnest Raymond is home from Spirit -ake to spend the holidays with his folks and friends here. Marsh Stephens was on our streets Saturday. D. Ram' --bought and shipped over 2,600 ,,ltry Thursday morning. How high. States revenue collector was *town Thursday on business. Jesse Stoddard went to Renwick Friday. School closed Friday until after the holidays. Dave Haggard was in town Friday. John Dovine's new hay press has proved to be a complete failure, and he has thrown it aside. Chas. Chapman and Grant Paul have bought the Bonkaskey hay press and will run it hereafter. There will be a Christmas tree at the Evangelical church. All are invited to be there. G. W. and R. W. Hanna returned from Waterloo the first of the week where they nave been to see their father who was sick. He died and was buried on Sunday. Sam Drake was on our streets Wednesday, us fat and plump as ever. John Stevenson and wife of Chicago were out to attend Mrs. John Conners 1 burial. M. S. Hill of LaPorte City, Iowa, who has been visiting the past month with his daughter, Mrs. H. L. Simmons, returned home Wednesday. Mrs. John Conners was buried in Algona cemetery Wednesday, and a large concourse of people and friends followed the remains to their last resting place. There was a silver wedding at John Thake's last Wednesday evening, and a goodly number of presents were given, and a good time had by all who were there. W. B. Person's mother, who has been here visiting with friends for the past two weeks, has returned to Dysart. E. Pearson of Cedar Rapids was in town on Monday last. Mrs. Robert Hughes, who has been sick for the past four weeks, is worse again. John Miers has been quite sick for the past few days, Times are pretty quiet these fine winter days. D. W. Rammis packing a "great many hogs now days for summer use. OOSfESf, Eight Contestants Declaim for a Silver Medal—Miss Mnudo Cotvafl thb WintteSr* A good audience was out Friday even - ing to hear the declamatory contest for the Demorest silver medal, and enjoyed one of the best 'entertainments ever given in Algona. there were eight contestants, and between three it was difficult for the judges to decide, but Miss Maude Cowan won the honors and the badge. Tbe declaiming-was the best ever given in an exhibition in town, and proved that Demorest in his contests is doing a good work. The judges were Rev. Bowen, Prof. McCollum, and Miss Hough, all competent, and all unacquainted with the performers, whose names were not mentioned in the pro- gramme. They marked each speaker on five points, voice^ articulation, gesture, memory, and general effect. Out of a possible 150, Miss Cowan received 144, and when the medal was given by Mrs. Bailey, the decision was applauded by the audience. The contestants were Clarabel and Alma Ramsey, Luella and Grace Sifert, Maude Cowan, Lucy Clock, Bertha Hancock, and Robt. Davenport. As these Demorest contests are being held over the country, and as a gold medal contest may be had, the rules and regulations governing them will be of interest: When no less than eight young persons, -- -"' shall recite, call and settle either by cash of note oti or before Jan. 1, 1891, or same will be left with onr attorney for collection. W. W. WHEELER, Agent. Tnko Notice. We will close out the balance of our stock of felt boots at 80 cents and $1. If you need buy now. & LANGDON. A FEW more boxes of 6c crackers at the cash store, NEW Buckwheat Flour and Maple Syrup at the Cash Store. y for the f urley PARTIES wishing to buy or rent the farm or town property; of Mrs. H. E. Hyde (removed to California) cun do so by calling on R. J. Hunt.-89 between the ages of 12 and 21, before an audience, selections taken from either of the two volumes of "From Contest to Conquest," the one adjudged to have made the best recitation will be awarded a silver medal in a satin-lined case. When not less than eight of tho silver medals are secured by as many contestants, the winners will be entitled to compete for a gold medal. When eight or more have won gold medals they may compete for a grand gold medal. When eight or more have won a grand gold medal, the holders may compete for a handsome gold' medal studded with diamonds. On these terms, the medals will be presented by W. Jennings Demorest, free of expense. No one having obtained a silver or gold medal will be allowed to compete again for tho same kind of medal. Two trials will be allowed to each speaker for the silver medal, but only one trial for either of the gold medals or the diamond medal. No one can receive the higher prize until the lower ones are secured. In every contest a new piece must be recited. After the silver medal is won, age will not be a bar to further competition. Not less than eight will be permitted to speak for any of the medals. Contests in any church or hall must bo held not less than 80 days apart. The recitations are to be taken exclusive ly from the books prepared for this purpose, which may be purchased at this office, and of state superintendents, at 10 cents each, post free. The contests are designed to be educational on the prohibition question, and it is especially requested that the prose matter contained in the books be given the preference for the competitions. Information can be had of Miss C. F. Woodbury, 10 East 14th street, New York City. BOSWELL CAPTURED. Do not pay 8c per package for soda when you can buy STRICTLY PURE for 5c per package at Townsend & Langdon's. : One by One tho Idols Arc Falling! The papers have been full of paragraphs about Edward Grubb, "the Bristol Centenarian," who is described as having died at the age of 109. Grubb was not a centenarian, for, according to his own account, he was living at Kingsland, where he was born, when the battle of Waterloo was fought, and yet he went to settle in London "three or four years before he was 20." It is clear, therefore, that, as only seventy-five years have passed since Waterloo, Grubb cannot have been more than 90 when he died. A still more conclusive proof is afforded by the tombstone over his father's •grave in the churchyard at Kingsland, which records that he died in 1808, at the age of 84; so that if Grubb was a centenarian he was born when his father was 10 years old, and if he was 109 he must have been born when his father was 7 years oldl It would be just as well if the papers, instead of eagerly swallowing every napdach story that is brought to them, were to take the sagacious advice which President Routh gave to Dean Burgon: "Always verify your references."—London Truth. Between now and Jan. i, 1891, any size Platter (j, G, Mekin's ironstone china) will be sold at a 20 per cent, discount at the CASH STORE* We also have a large assortment of Lamps and Chamber Sets. Call and get our prices before you buy. BfesTWe are paying 19 cents for Eggs. Note our prices on a few items All kinds of $c Yeast for 03 Axle Grease per box 06 Gloss Starch per pound 05 Soda per pkg 05 Lewis Lye per box id Clothes Pins per doz. oi Attention! All those owing me will please bear in mind that I must have my accounts settled by the 1st of January, 88t2 G, M. HOWARD.' Keep the Foot Warm. Men's Germum socks per pair ..... § 65 Boy's German socks per pair ...... 50 Men's automatic buckle arctics, ... 1 00 Men's felt boots from 90c to ....... 1 00 Boy's felt boots for ................ 90 We sell boots, shoes, rubbers, gloves, and mittens in proportion, TOWNSEND & LANGDON, BUCK- WHEAT flour 3o per pound at Stacy's office or at mill. Jones & Staoy,-36 ___ ___ Corn, I am paying the highest market price for corn, on my farm a mile east of Algona, -83 C. L. LUND, A Wonder Worker, Mr, Frank Huffman, u young man of Burlington, Ohio, states that be bad been under the care or two prominent physicians ttnd used their treatment until he was not able to get around. They pronounced his case consumption and incurable. He was persuaded to try Pr, King's New Discovery for Consumption, Congbs and Colds, and lit that time was not able to walk across the street without resting. He found, before he had used half of a dollar bottle, that he was much better; be continued to use It and Is today enjoying good health. If you have any throat, lung, or chest trouble, try it. we at I*. A. ng, uarantee satisfaction. heetz', Trial bottle free 6 Electric Bitters. This remedy is becoming 90 well known and so popular as to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song oi praise. A purer medicine does not exist, and It Is guaranteed to do, all that is claimed. Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of tue liver and kidneys, will remove pimples, bolls, salt rheum, and other attectlqns caused by Impure Wood. Will drive malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure all malarial fevers. For cure of head- aobej««Miistlpatlon, and indigestion try Electric Bitters; entire satisfaction guaranteed or money refnnded. Price, 60o and fl a bottle, aft. A. Sheet?' drug store. 6 The Emmet County Cattle Thief Taken at Council Bluffs.—A Record, of Ills Big Cattle Steal. The following report comes from Council Bluffs about Boswell, whose big cattle steal was the talk some months ago: A fellow arrested here yesterday under the name of Fred Adams proves to be Henry Boswell, a man who has been wanted very badly at Jefferson, Greene county, and several adjoining counties for wholesale cattle theft. Last sm-ing Boswell entered into a contract with several stockmen and farmers in Greene county to herd their stock during the summer at a certain price per head. -He was quite well known and soon secured a large herd. His success induced him to extend his field, and by means of letters of introduction from the Greene county farmers, he was enabled to obtain stock from stock raisers in Guthrie, Boone, Carroll and Calhoun counties, and he soon had a herd of 1,300 under bis charge. He took them to Emmet county and grazed them on leased lands, and at one time had them in Minnesota. In the last days of July he made arrangements to send the whole herd into Chicago and sell them, and was prevented only by the inability of the railroad agent at Emmetsburg to furnish sufficient cars at one time to carry them. Thirty-one cars, containing 680 head, were loaded at Emmetsburg and taken to Chicago by Boswell and sold for $8,048. One thousand dollars of the amount was paid down by the commission man who bought the stock at thellnion stock yards and the rest was deposited in the bank subject to Boswell's order, Before he could draw this the theft was discovered and he was arrested, but his interests were looked after by a shrewd lawyer and he was released from jail on a writ of habeas corpus, before the owners of the cattle could appear to prosecute him, and he left the city with his $1,000, He has since been a fugutive from justice, and eluded the officers until arrested hero on suspicion. He has been living in this city and Missouri Valley since leaving Chicago, His home is near Jefferson, where his family resided. He was taken to Jefferson tonight by Sheriff Black. "HJt Mo Too." A certain genial old Bostonian, who is a gentleman of leisure, likes nothing better than to watch the sports of children and contrive pleasant surprises for them. At one time, while loitering near the border of the pond in the public garden, which is not far from his residence, Mr. B observed several small boys on the curbstone, in stooping postures, paddling the water with their hands. The temptation to tap the back of one of these bending urchins was great, and Mr. B did tap one briskly. The boy straightened up like a flash, looked around, and called out: "What did you strike me for, sir?" "So that you might rise and take this piece of money, my lad," said the old man, handing him a dime. The boy, entirely appeased, grinned broadly. And instantly all the other boys flocked up to Mr. B , each one shouting at the top of his voice: "Say, mister, hit me, will yer, mister?" —Boston Transcript. Good Sense. It will preserve us from censoriousness; will lead us to distinguish circumstances; keep us from looking after visionary perfection, and make us see things in their proper light. It will lead us to study dispositions, peculiarities, accommodations; to weigh consequences; to determine what to observe and what to pass by; when to be immovable and when to yield. It will produce good manners, keep us from taking freedoms and handling things roughly; will never agitate claims of superiority, but teach us to submit ourselves one to another. Good sense will lead persons to regard tfeeir own duties rather than to recommend those of others.—New York Ledger. Genuine Generosity. First Beggar—Why didn't you tackle that lady? She might have given you something. Second Beggar—1 let her go because I understand my business better than you do. I never ask a woman for anything when she is alone; but when two women are together you can get money from both, because each one is afraid the other will think her stingy if she refuses. This profession has to be studied like any other if you expect to make it a success.—London Tit-Bits. Remember We are Agents for Rock Salt, we can fit you with a pair of Shoes or Boots, we will sell them cheap. Come and see us. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON. We can now malte Loans on Improved Lands; from one to ten years time, and give the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even $100 at any date when interest falls due. This is Iowa money and no second' mortgage or coupons taken. This plan of making a lonri will enable tho borrower to reduce his mortgage nt any time and save-, tneilnterest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Cull on or address HOXIE & REAVER,, Algona, Iowa. M. Z. Crove. John Crove. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. West of Thorlngton House. M. Z. GROVE, Manager. I want to say to the people who burn Coal that I am now in the market with a full supply of both Hard and Soft Coal, for sal& at current rates. Quality the best. Come and see me. F. C. WILL SO NT. M J. PUTT DO WAGON AND PLOW WORK, (X inilll U, GENERAL REPAIRING. We want the people to know that wo are prepared to put their plows in llrst class shape. Also do repairing of all kinds, horse shoeing, and all classes of blacksmithing. Have a fllrst class wagon maker and painter, and we guarantee satisfaction in everything we turn out. WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE, - ALGONA, IOWA. Young- I could Pttokjen's Arulca Salve. The best salvo in the world for outs, bruises, res, utors, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, cWI- ulus, chapped tends, cpjns, and all skfu eruptions, and positively cures piles, or HP pay U re- ujred. It »s guar fi 1 S 1 JWJS? r?* , st, .rfeot 85 cents uer ho*. v r-ormers, Take Notice. The balance of our stock "of husking :loves will be sold cheap. Gloves worth 1 reduced to 85o. Butter crackers 5o per Ib. by the box. Bbl, fresh wheaten grits just arrived at the Cash Store. Above bargains found at TOWNSEND & LANGDON'S, Millinery »na Holiday Goods, We have a new stock of vases, handkerchiefs, jewelry, dolls, and notions. 88t2 E. REEVE & Co, FRESH oysters at Ladendorf'g in bulk. Also full line of confectionery, fine cigars, tobaccos, etc.-30ml THE $2,50 watch in Bowyer's is just the thing for a boy. Will keep good time, and answer every purpose. A Tender Hearted Girl, Old Million—My dear Miss thing, if you'd only marry me die happy. Miss Youngthing—Why, Mr, Million, if you were dying I'd marry you in a minute,—New York Weekly, CHOICE buckwheat flour on hand, J. Wilson.-34t8 J. Notice, All parties knowing themselves }n» debted to J. H. Quea.1« Co, will please The Secret of Success. F. W. Dlngley, druggist, believes that the secret of success is perseverance. Therefore he persists In keeping a fine line of perfumeries, toilet artl- oes, cosmetics, drugs, and chemicals. He especially Invites all persons who have palpitation, short breath, weak or hungiy spells, pain In the side or shoulder, oppression, night mare, dry cough, smothering, dropsy, or heart disease to try Dr. Miles' unequaled New Heait Cure before It Is too lute, It has the largest sale of any similar remedy. Fine book of testimonials tree. Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine is unsurpassed for sleeplessness, headache, Ills, etc., and U contains no opiates. 5 * A Husband's Mistake, Husbands too often permit their wives, and parents their chllUreii, to suffer from headache, dizziness, neuralgia, sleeplessness, (Its, nervousness, when by the use of Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine such serious results could easily be prevented. Druggists every where say It gives universal satisfaction ana lias an Immense sale. Woodworth & Co. ot Fort Wayne, Ind.: Snow & Co. of Syracuse, N. Y.; J. 0 Wolf, Hllisdale, Mich., and hundreds or others say "it Is the greatest seller they ever knew." It contains no opiates. Trial bottles and line book on Nervous Diseases free at F. W. Dingley's drug store. 6 * Miles' Nerve and 14ver Pills Act on anew principle-regulating the liver, stomach, ana bowels through the nerves. A new discovery DP. Miles' Pills speedily ogre blliouaness- bad taste, torpid liver, piles, constlpaMgp. Vn- equoled for men, vromeu, and children" Smallest, mildest, surest! Fifty Hosea 25 cents, Pies free at F. W. plngleyWug etw^ Cloths and Trimmings. J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant TaiSors A full stock of cloths and trimmings always on hand, as cheap as can be bought anywhere. All work done promptly and Satisfaction Guaranteed, Call street, Algona, Iowa, The New Meat Market, BENNETT & ANDEBSON, Proprietors of the new market on Thorlneton street, keep everything in fresli and salt meat. Fresh fish every Friday. Come and ses us. Q, Real Estate Agent, Algona, Iowa. Lands bought and sold on commission. Special attention given to care and sale of wai estate In Kossutn and adjoining counties for non-residents. Agent for (he German Inaur- afloe company, of Frewprt, HI. Passage tickets to th , , . andf rom the 914 countries sold at lowest rates. F, M. BRONSON, LQUBS LESSINC, Manufacturer and dealer in all kinds of ITURE, Picture Frames, Looking Glasses, Chromos, and all kinds Ready, made Collins. Hearse for public use. Hwquar! Sewing Machines and Organs.

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