The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1890 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1890
Page 8
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ftfiftlVAL ANi) DEPARTURE Of TRAINS, KtfJttCAGO, ftttttAUKKE A ST. . East-Pass.- 6:02 a in No. 2 ....... 10:80 a rn o.4.., ..... 0:50pm t- Frelght- * ft ....... *:l|ftrnNo.fl." ...... 11:05 pm TtW UPPEK DBS MOINES: ALGQMA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY. 'nun. 17, 189 o. joint off efttirely, and ftuddy has gone to McGregor to lay off until the wound heals. r s, •*•* ••"' " *** *»Wt J -x, , , , , , & ;»iu |/ jfi 11:06 pmNo. 10 12:35a in CfliCAOO A ttORTifWESTERif. _ South— S :30 p rn -.• 1JT AND ABOtTT THE OlTY, Wesley votes oh incorporating, Jan, Baptist church Thurs- S. W. McKee, who is putting in tho w creamery at Lotts Creek, is on with his head carpenter, Stadtmueller, and work begins at once* The cream' ery building will be 28*66 feet, and the very latestJtnproyoments are to be put, I was » filled" with in throughout. The foundation was' laid last week, by Kensett, by Haihbletonian 10," the colts came from Oregon, 111., and are the best stock there is bred. Mr. Waite s ^«f?, a yeattnore his colt will be on exhibition, Wesley will be a big stock center soon. The Republican has repeated for three weeks that the UPPER DES MOINES 6 , «^«** JJI/V'I. f *>V Ul , flay at o p. m, M. B.Dal ton's little girl is now on >• the road to recovery, '• John BoiHngor and Kate Brass Were licensed to wed last week. „ Ttyi grange store has some Japanese •hovelties. Bead their ad. ; tthtf county farmers alliance holds its Annual meeting Jan. 8 in Algona. Rev. Davidson's sermon on Sunday Will bo on tho "Gospel of Work." Miss Besfiio Quick has nearly recovered from tin attack of lung fever. — „*„„ democratic misrepresentations" of the McKinley „_ . | D V] oefore election, and in its last issue Warren Baldwin came over frotn ndd sthatwe cannot deny the charge be""" Igona again. ° au se we "cannot go back on the back —---•-,«—.««>» »uoio»uu doing well, i ie801 5 n e UPPER DBS MOINKS." Now In talking of sugar beets he says one 8im P, 3 ' to f seein £ that sheet confess to man there raised 2,000 bushels this year ?£ 0 Vl 6t> flat lie, we Will open our flies to for fodder. He has a cutter attached -'"' to his windmill to chop them up, and considers them cheaper and better feed than corn. Frank Harrison has a premium corn crop even for this year. Ho gets 60 bushels to the acre, and sells it at 40 cents a bushel for meal. He raised 60 or 00 acres, and put the work on to have it right. He believes loss land and NEXT WEEK . more til ago brings better returns, the result seems to bear him out. and A 1 big display of books at remarkably low prices in made at Durant Bros. • T, A. Butter/laid takes L. C. Smith's place as postmaster at Buffalo Forks. - Tpwnsend & Langdon advertise this „ week to close out their stock of felt boots cheap. i-> Our Burt correspondent gives a necktie sociable us ono of the holiday attrac- l tions thoro. It is reported that Geo. Slmpkins has » rented his farm to three Germans, who i Will move into tho county. One of tho Brunei- Bros, now occupies the Perry Wilkins house, as Perry and i family are in Minneapolis. ; s ' Our now recorder wont to Ohio last ;- iWeektomako a visit before settling ' down to the duties of his office. Carter's cut clothing sale attracts the •crowds. While tho stock lasts thoro are'big bargains for the people. The city council mot last night and paid Mr. .T. R Hawloy $1,800 on tho waterworks. Nothing else was done. A. Seastrom'snow building on State street will soon bo built. The lumber 1 has been hauled from the John Paul yard. Tho framo is up for G. L. Minkler's new houso and will soon bo enclosed. He is building a ilnor building than ho aid before. Mrs. John Connors of LuVorne is still very low. Mr. Connors says sho has sinking spells, but thus far has been able to rally. Preparations are already begun for a big dance Now Year's night. Invitations will be out soon, and it will bo tho dance of the bolidaj's. Word comes from Dr. Shore that he and Mrs. Shore will sail for London car y m January. They have spent the past three months in New York, and he will now finish his studios in the best schools in Europe. Many friends will wish them » pleasant trip, and him success in hs work. They will be gone six months or more. A now feature of tho normal school course for next term is tho work in physical culture. Prof. Ohmsted will give instructions in calisthenics, and also in voice culture suited to the use of teachers in their schools. Physical culture training has become very popular of late, and those fitting for teachers will appreclato tho opportunity to take this course. While hoisting tho iron sheets-for tho standpipe last Thursday ono was pulled too far and broke loose, coming down Bomo fifty feet. No one was hurt but the iron was ruined, and another piece had to bo ordered. Tho new one cost $36 at the factory and ' ovor $30 express. As the broken piece is worth out little here, tho accident was rather expensive. The marriage of Oscar Naudain and Sarah Harvey last Wednesday is tho nnpjiflinn nf Knm.t*. ~ .. •» ., IVr VI \ . ' " " lu °P en ournies to . the Republican editor and any witness he hmy select, and if he can find a single instance where we have quoted | from a democratic speaker, democratic —oer or other democratic authority, l "?edthequotation in criticism of - j McKinley or any other bill proposed or passed by the repnblicans in the last sef ion of c ongreg Q Will give him $25. Wo invite the readers of the Republican to watch it back down again just as it did about its 75 cent subscribers, and the tariff supplements Senator | Chubb helped it to pay for. FEBSOffAL MOVEMENTS. Edmonds is in Dos Moines on a Now is your golden opportunity to get Mrs. John Grovo is at Anamosa visiting relatives. Miss Rose Smith visited her brother, Hugh, at Goldfield last week. u " el ' Mrs. F.H. Vesper went to Marshalltown Friday to visit friends there W v Hays otth $ Republican went nnint i y erno . n ttnd other southern points last week on a visit. T Adda Dotty is here from Hamp- Bim-o, 111., for the winter on a visit to her sister, Mrs. M. Stephens. tw h °M^ ram °l 8b ^?, R0 P° rt er notes that 'Mrs. J. J. Wilson of Algona is visiting in town with her son, Harry." Geo. Johnson is down from Minneapolis on a business trip, and visiting his ft'innrla TTn 0 ,,,,« <-!;„<. i, lv _i "•""""& "J" lumber trade is YOUR OWN PRICE! Tho military boys have regular target practice in the armory. The government makes u light cartridge for tho purpose, and they get 35 feet range. M. Richardson has taken hold of tho toundry in earnest and now 1ms five men at work in it. Ho says lio is gointr to give Algona a first class institution. The grand army post, woman's relief corns, and sons of veterans moot to• night for a big campflre at memorial hall. It will be a pleasant and sociable occasion. Pettibone's butter rooms have been moved tho past week to the newly fitted Basement of Geodors' store. Ho 1ms now a larger and more convenient place of business. • The now dancing canvas has arrived and will be displayed as soon as tho boys can got a date that is not already o occasion of hearty congratulations. Mr. Naudain is tho younger brother of the well known Naudain boys and Miss Harvey is a daughter of our old and well known early settler, C. I. Harvev Many good wishes go with them, In — uch *m? UPPEB D ES MOINES heartily j° lns - They make their homo in the Henry Walston house. Wm. Dodds was a pleasant caller Monday and in talking of this countv says it suits him, He came here to bo- gin farming with but little capital and pretty well in debt, and this month he clears everything on his quarter section, and has his improvements and stock besides. He believes that it pavs to farm well, and says when ho brings a load to town, ho always hauls a load of tYifi m iufi l-iit*>)i- ...I,. __ i . tii^Vn "T"" ^family are back from their Omaha visit. They met many friends there, and Mrs. Keith thinks Omaha is a big and booming city. D. A. Buell and family leave today. They spend four weeks at Ottawa, III S^feeo^Glenwood, Florida, for brother lives CARTER'S week. clothing sale closes this THE » Bazar of Fancy" will close out at cost for the next ten days. IF you havo not seen, why not seel Bowyer's line silverware before buying your Christmas presents. 37t2 After next week. See Carter & Co. 's marvelous bargains before you buy. _,_ _ u ....*j i»«j iui.ffi*vo I1UI manure back when ho can. for Tho Holidays The Chicago & Northwestern Railway company will soil excursion tickets at favorable rates. For full information The marriage of Jas. Armstrong and J'?? ai : dln & 1>a -tes, dates of sale, limits of Dora Sharpo occured at the bride'sThome w ?u ' c " app ty to agents Chicago & Sunday. The German pastor at Burt Nol ' thweste rn Railway company.-32 performed tho ceremony. Only the ' ' ~ relatives were present. The proom is a son of Dr. Armstrong of Irvington, and tho bride a daughter of Stephen Sharpe. Many friends of both parties &, co. OLD POSTOFFIOE ROOM. ANOTHER 100 of those splendid cloth oouncl books just received at the "Ba| zar of Fancy." Your choice 25 cents. _ Thirteen doclaimors compete Friday evening at tho Congregational church tor a line wlvor jjiedul presented by tho Demorests. Admission, 20 and 10 cents. All are invited. Many have been in tho past week to pay their back subscriptions, but many are still delinquent. All back indebt- , edness should be paid by Jan. 1. There » is no excuse for not paying up this year. k r. Th <° A dvanco lnlln of tho Alcimar ., Comic Opera company will bo in town i I tomorrow to znako dates for an entor- Xtainment. They have-a lino list of ;- V>aei-ftB and will give a good entertain- Dr. Baker, the now cleric in Hum„ ooldt county, has boon in Algonaduring I s , spurt assisting' Mr. Bruuson, and got- f iting acquainted with his new duties f r ,HO has lightened Mr. Brunson's labors fc materially. D , l ' > 9 il , llUeld lmd !l Poculiar cuso last week, being paralysis of Imlf tho face ofi^ child of Mr. McDonald near Burt, caused by being accidentally struck by the olbow of a playmate. Nothing sori- ous resulted, The oyster supper that was to have been given at tho Iryingtou church a £eek ago is now announced for Christmas night. This time thoro will bo no postponement ou account of weather, end all are iiivitod to attend. • .7 »**w««p \JL UUUJ.1 IJIH tl(3 will learn of this satisfactory occurrence with pleasure, and wish the newlv wedded pair as much happiness as thev can desire. J A couple of flourishing debating societies exist wesb of town in the Jones ancl lioals school houses. Meetings are held Friday and Tuesday nights, and livo questions of the day are discussed Uur reporter says big crowds attend and great interest is manifested, and that the debates show good information on public matters. These lycoums are a splendid thing, especially now when tho various now political movements are bringing new financial and social theories to tho front. With our county news we clip mi item from the Bancroft Register about anew county scat. Tho Register says meetings will bo held to got a second one at •Bancroft or else move from Algona to to Burt. In this connection it has been suggested that a move should be made to get a new railroad across the north end of tho county, and put it either at Lodyard or by Judge Cook's larm. Iho whole matter can be profitably let alone, as tho farmers probably have expense enough in supporting one court house and sot of officials. But if a second ono is desired this plan of putting it at a railway crossing' in the north end will bo discussed. Chas. Stewart, who was brought back from Delaware county by Sheriff Stephens to moot an indictment by tho grand }ury, agreed -to plead guilty before a Host Dnnce of tho Season. , The big, old-fashioned, everybody's dance of the holidays comes Thursdav night next, Dec. 25, and good music oyster supper, and a general good time is the programme. It is the only dance with refreshments, and the young peo- pie from all the country round are manning to come in. Remember this dance is Christmas night, Dec. 25, and that this is the best dance that will be I given in Algona this winter. Notice. All parties knowing themselves indebted to J. H. Queal & Co. will please call and settle either by cash or note on or before Jan, 1, 1891, or same will be left with our attorney for collection. W. W. WHEELER, Agent. THE "Bazar of Fancy" has an elegant lino of gifts suitable for Sunday school teachers. ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, .... »5o,ooo. Incorporated under general laws ot Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and do mesflo exchange bought and sold. Collection made promptly and a general banking buslnes transacted. Passage tickets to or from the countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INGHAM, President, J. B. JONES, vice President, LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier. i, Jno, Take Notice. We will close out the balance of our stock of felt boots at 00 cents and SI If you need buy now. TOWNSEND & LANGDON. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. o.™ ul ?, u £ no Q<i 6 i s hereby given that the undersigned has this day been appointed and commissioned by the district court or Kossuth county, in the state of Iowa, executor of the estate of Josephine Krieger deceased; and all persons having claims against said estate are hereby notified to file them with the clerk of said court, clearly stated and dulv sworn to and within legal lime, prepwator?tD thel? be' ing allowed or proved; and all persons owlmr said estate are requested to make immediate Grove, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. West of Thorlngton House. A FEW more boxes of 5c the cash store. crackers at from A. F. Dailoy received a letter J. R_. Hawloy, the water works man, •stating that ho had shipped a slug down -vo his numerous friends. Ho has a bit* surveying party up in northern Minno- aota, and shot it while out with them. A, K. Kennedy was a caller from Wesloy yesterday. Ho recalls that it was just a year ago now that they began the now drug store thoro, and got it done before cold weather. This winter is a little colder, but not much? , Christinas will be a festival season for the danoors. Tho court house is to be filled next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ovouliige. The military company's annual ball opens the festivities Tuesday and a big dttiico is expected. Santa Glaus is advertised to appear ftt the Methodist church Wednesday evening, Dec. 24, in the "old fashioned' 1 X. ftJ I' «t?\ 08e who Wttllt to know how that will be can find out by attending J. here will be exercises, and plentv of amusement, and all are invited. Thos. Ruddy, a Milwaukee brakemau got flts little finger caught in tho Pump,ers while coupling cars last Pri- dft y v &lid httd it out off. Ore. Morse Pride amputated the stub taking the t J . *=• . . £"_»».«. ft wnw^- UO*UIU id justice of tlio poaco and pay tho ilno of WO ami costs. The least fine under tho indictment was $300, and this he could not pay, and would board out at tho &,? ° x l?? nso - Tho officers decided --«w<> dollars and costs was better than ijloO for board out, and dismissed the indictment and Justice Clarke lined him tho J50. This course we believe al will commend. Tho punishment is fully as olloctive, and tho results more uosmtblo to tho county. Messrs Blackford and Parsons are homo from attending tho state granjro meeting, and tho former in talking of it says that it was a big gathering. He wiys that the report that anything delimto had boon arranged between tho alliance and grange as to supply houses is orromous. This was discussed but that was all. Speaking further of tho purposes of tho grange lie says they are fully stated in the resolutions. They are not in sympathy with tho government ware house scheme of the alliance, and ask only in all matters that thoro be no discrimination between in- Boarding, Go to Mrs. S. D, Hamilton's for board with homo privileges. Town boarders particularly invited,-38t8 37t3 BERNARD KRIEGER, Executor. 4i* / r J sa y to the people who burn r™i that I am now in the market with a supply of loth Hard and Joft C™ at current rates. Quality the lest Come and see me. for f HIRAM C. WHEELER, Odeboldt, Sac county, Iowa, will sell a first class Percheron or Shire stallion for $1 000 on two or three years' time. He has the largest importation of draft horses made to America this season. XMAS trees all si/os at tho "Bazar of Fancy." NEW Buckwheat Flour Syrup at the Cash Store. and Maple QOURT HOUSE HALL. WEDNESDAY EV'NG, DEC. 84. GRAND BALL, a or ihe ceiebratod is cordially in Spectators, 25c. of Cedar Bapid ^Tickets to dance, $1. ... „ „„ J4W mo^ zmuwwiMl t*utWO< clividuals and corporations. The resolutions given elsewhere are well worthy the study of the people who interest themselves in public questions. ».,i?' E - Wilite of Wesloy was a pleasant caller Saturday. In speaking of the two-year-old colt he has lately bought he showed us a Rockford paper giving an account of a full brother purchased in that city. The paper said the parties buying him "returned with a beauty of brought to this county. Witness is tho name of the colt. «? i s comin? three years old and is a pretty bay. ft has a The (jreatcst Strike. Among the grout strikes that of Dr, Miles In discovering his New lieart Cure has proved itself to be one of the most Important, The demand for It has become ustoiilslilug. Already tSe treatment of heurt disease Is being revolutionized, and many unexpected cures effected. It soon relieves shor? breutfi, fluttering, uuins in side, arm shouldar weak and hungry spells, oppression? 'swelfli B of ankles, smothering and heart dropsy. Dr MUes' book on Heart and Nervous diseases free Th« 1 " ot Restorative S its first stn;;o.s, c.-m bo successfully checked l>y 11m prompt iiso of Ayer'a Cherry 1'octon.l. Jivuu in the later porloils ot tliut, (lio cough j s wonaurlully relievoil by this uioiUchiii. "I IKIVO nspcl.Aypv's Cliprry Ppotoral with tho limit elfm-D in my prautkro. Ilns woiulerliil prcpiinuiou onco snvu<l my lilo, 1 had u constant <-ou»'h ui ' swiiats, ^^•ns greatly reiliu-cd m llt'sh Olid giv.Ml l:j, by ,,,y ])!!y:;i,.|,i:,. OllU boltlo uiid ;i 1-nir or tin) 1'trtnril cured urn."—A. ,). .';;,ison, ;,i. J>., i,;i,idioton, Will lio Ulvon Away. !, ,. It was sired by Whitney byMauibrino Russell; dam by Kelpie .. ..• +t\ t u^vuii rt»VHJ. Our enterprising druggist, S, W Dlmrlar carries u tine stock of drugsf nerlumerffla articles, brushes, sponges. eto., P j8 ,S}?nK awaf a lurge number ot trial bolt es ot Dr? Meg* cele oura 1,"wwaHve Nervine. He guaruntees it to cure li. .uluolie. dizziness, uervoua Droatratlon »l«ep»M f "ess, the ill effec s ot splrlfe, tobacc coffee, etc. Druggists say it Is the greatest sel? Uu'j over knew, und Is universally satllfaltofy He ulsp guttruntees Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure in pltatlo/}, puln in side, fmotlierlnfi 1 eto vfnn'hnnir on Nervous and Heurt diseases tree. 4 * V..-.M3 n;; 0 j. w.s Nuvcn-ly ill. .1.10 dot-tors Kind ,1 wua in c-oii.-.i-.inption. and that i liny could do uoihinj,'for 1110 lint ivdvisisd !i!..;, fid a ], is t resni-t, ti) try .A.yc.r's Cii-.-rry I'dcionil. Ai'i^r tiildng this ini-diciiio tw!) fir tln-.. 0 nuniihs I wiisciivcd, tniil my ! «nli!i i- ( ;muin3i'oo(l to tliu j.rc: out Uuy "—Jmucs Oiirchurd, Durum, Conn, ' , , Q . ou\ oral ,\ earn ii!. 1 ;.), on ft pnftsfigohome from Culil'orula, by wun-r, I contracted so sov.u'o a cold tliut for KOIIIO (Jays I was conllnuil to my KIIUI'-MIDIM, and a physician on board ccm.sidcrud my life in danger. HuppuniiiK to havo a bottle or Ayer's Cherry 1'outorul, I used it irouly, and my InnftH were soon restored to u hoalthy condition. Since then, I Jiavinn variably recommended this prep. arttUou."-J. B. Chandler, Junction, V^ flyer's GlieriyPectoral, Pr. WILLSON. BAY S PHttPS. SSS*™™*™ OF COURTHOUSE. '. t^T^ OF ALGONA, IOWA, Capital, - - $5O,OOO Special Attention Paid to Collections, (from whateVer r L 8 ,"PJ? re Jfsfon of th . on the some awappited R. M. RICHMOND, IUAX, BST4TE DBALiE, loan owl Insurance Ag't amU Notary fuUio HOUSE, nond.pHmrtetar, L X • r fc:i«fe HH^^SHn <. ' '"" wwOTiwMwtwp^ii^jis; * WWW " \ *^®S^f- 4 r 1 - l r \ 1 ffl^K JJfelJrtMul JLT^JfijTiir-i t £a± _U^- J^Ja, •• i *5 ' t . * ' ''- ' J-jVte&tS ^ * ( • v '•'••'-•••--• »&S&'^'^^K^»K Tin T^ w*t xj. A. Sheet?. an«,;T:l** u "III Co.. lv>4. 1 • v *> ^4*w*4wt;r. ja. T, A ai. j.' ^"iWJcan T>ni « w "

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