The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1890 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1890
Page 3
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THE tlPPER DES M01NES, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESD AY, DECEMBER l_7, JWO. FREE. . 8? S««M»1 Arrangement with bEMOKEST'B FAJIILY MAOA- {SINE, th« Grs«tBe6 of all M/^;iu zihou, *« lire enabled to make every on* of 'onr Ini'.y readers a Imndsomo present. Out out this Hi Ip And inoidse It (ivlih A two-cent stnmp fo* rotnrn iioBtiige, and yonf name and nd- dr&HR) to W. Jennings Demot-ont, 16 Knot 14th St., New York, nnd von will receive by retnt'n mnil n full-size pattern, Illustrated nnd fully tlewrljitd, of tliln Jacket (world \ 25r). It cim bo made as a perfectly L (iliiiu jacket, or as HhiNtratpiI. Cross oulwitli pencil the sirs flnKii-od, Must, , 88, of 10, hiellts. Whili* Dcmorost's la not li Fashion ___ p-lrte, ntdity stiptroBe It to bo bennusn Its Fashion Popart- mint, like hit It" rt!i«r Dcimrtlnonta, is so pnrfcct. Yoiilftally |8t ft doten Mnuiumcs In one, fevor> month, for % I per, year. SHILQH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The success of this Great Cough Cure ii without a pa.'allel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home m the United States and Canada. If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for It will cure you. If your child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief b sure. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE,,Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and $1.00. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, Shiloh'g Porous Plaster, Price »5 cU. _ ONLY 5O CENTS Bent with yonr order M a Roar, nnlee of good faith is al 1 wo require, the balance ($6X0) you con pay at the express office after you have examined the watch,and ore convinced of Its worth. The picture that we ehow here glresa good view of the watch that wo send We have them in hundreds of different styles of engraving. The cases are made of two Tjeavy plates ot ISk. ajollU trolQ . over composition metal, and lO^iurrnntRd 111 nv. pry rcsppcr. It is hunting cute,(item wind and Bum set, It has BOlKl IJOAV CUP, crown and thumb pieces, all accnrutcly mude, fitted and « ar- ranted The move* uicnt Is tile line Elirln BtylCirlchlyJettelrd quick train, 1.800 beatsperhour. Ex. pnnsiou balanco, patent pinion, pat. tnt escapement, full R latc.^!^!!'!!!!? nloheil. accurately repulatcd ind adjusted and wnr- runted to keen corroct tlnii-. A Biiarantcelssent with each watch, good for ten years. Tho reprolar 'Ctall price of tills watch !B25.OO, but wo (lore to secure an agent, in _ /cry town throughout tho , United States, and therefore make the s|i»fl»l pplae of SKI.OO. If you send money &^ffii^8^^™«'&r the watch before paying forit, you can send us«o Ms. agency will tyll yoj 3. It See. .... , our saloarooi leet watch ' ion havo a friend in the city" havo him nil I all r y oomaud se-l KIRTUAND BROS. & CO- :h for you. I 62 Fulton.Street N. V. 3 NUMBERS OP 'mi HOUSEKEEPER, A16 to 24 page journal published In the interest of the WOMEN Of AMERICA, FREE WILL BE SENT Xosother -with onr 1800-1 PREMIUM LIST, to anyone Bending: four cents for postage. BUCKEYE PUB. CO,, 13 N. Fourth St., MINXEAPOLiIS, MINN. DOZEN ' 1.00O Dozen nalra Ladles flue Fall and Winter Hosiery given absolutely fl-co to introduce 1IOMK GUEST. They are heavy, wartn, well made, rashlonahle.snllil colon. atrlpefl, checks, all the popular eliades cardlnuli navy blue. «eul brown, black Mate, tan, In fact style uiul colon to suit all tastea. Don't pay JI5 to 75cta. for a pair of Fall aud winter hose when you can get a doten for nothing. The old reliable HOME GUEST, of New York, li a coinpleUi family paper, richly Illustrated, containing serial and s'uort stories, romances, sketches, wit. btunor, fashion, household hints, stories for children *c., Ac. Positively the entire lot (l.OHO aoz«n) to be given uwuy during the next 60 toys. Wenlsosem! the 1IO1UK Clll>T •Ir months free to 1.000 persona who will answer tbls advertisement and send lu the address of 20 newspaper readers from different families. To tbo club raiser of the list of SO subscribers wa send 1 dozen pain of these beautiful and useful articles. We are determlued to lead the race in premiums, hence this liberal Inducement, It Is • colossal offer and will not appear again. If you want dozen fashionable, tine hosiery •end 16ctn. In silver or atan^M, to help pay- postage, packing, Ac., and names of 90 newspaper readers, and yon will receive caper 8 «Mnthfc Adiross, HOME GD£ST. 10 Nuoauu Street, New York. Our Illustrated CATALOGUE of Scroll S»w», Designs, Magic Li\n- teniH, Skate', Boxing Olorus, «to, 49-Send stamp for our No. £00 Catalogue.. THE JOHN WILKINSON CO,, 1 289 & 271 State St., •"-' '" _ _ N EW PENSION LAW. THOUSANDS NCAV ISNTITLliU WHO . . HA .VjfNOTliliilfiMKNTrriJCI). Address for fGriiiH/nr npulicatlon and full Infornnulon WM. W, DUDLEY, 1ATJB COMAflUSIONKK OF I'JSNSIONS, Attoniuy nt Law, Washington, 1>. O, _ (Mnutiou this puper.) _ ADVICE TO THE AGED. Infirmities, such UN sluggisH towels, wtttU hiUn«>ys ami torpid livev. Tutt's Pills have a Biiecifio effect on these organs, stimulating the bowels, given natural disrlmrg- «js, and imparts vigor to the whole system, For a Disordered Try BEECHAM'S PILLS, 25cts. a Box a PATENTS lllVClllUl"* Guiati, or HowtoOU- tuin «i vnt- «>ut,s|ut ftei O'FABBBLI.. Att'y tit L»w, Wa»h., p. a . «H8 t« lnT»«}tor«. Write *t o««» lor Uotta-book of Ujfow*. ^_ _ tlpn. f. ». (HtALLU t 00., Washington, I). 0, PATENTS!: MAM1AGE IK ALL AN HlStORV OF BRlbALS. fold tn ft tliiirtnlnff I,OSHOM<I— A Novel incut Irmufirufiikeil from Snviifre Series of Object Social Entnrtnln- In Boston— W *»<!* Times Till Notr TJtfYING A WIFE Itf BAJVYLOX chieftain singles out tho fairest, and pursues her. There is an oxofting chase (during which the barbarians show that Mr. Flockton's hints regarding artistic stage effects have not found their suvaffo mind? wholly nnrnspon- sive.) Finally the luckless maid is captured, hocuroly bound, and carried away to the craggy fastness of tho chieftain. A few eras, or ages, or administrations roll away—In the way ihat all eras and ages and administrations have. Tho barbarian has discovered that a certain dull yellow metal is scarcer than other metals, and that there are plenty "of brown, lustorloss pebbles to throw at tho birds. Also he lias discovered that trading yellow metal and shiny stones for his bride is a much easier way than chasing her over uneven mountain passes. • The next tableau, therefore, represents "Tho Marriage Market of Babylon." It Is modeled after Edward' Long's famous picture. A picture of AT A KOMAN WEDDINO. eastern splendor, wltl, gorgeous scenery, brilliant costumes, and groups of beautiful women clad In soft, rich oriental vestures. The robed auctioneer loans over the stand soliciting bids for tho maiden on tho block, whom the nogro attendant has just unveiled. The assayor Is examining tho jewels which are bointr bid for her. The nlnrk sits roat'. / to record tho sales, nnd everywhere, in esthetic robf's and poses, are those; entrancing Babylonian maidens. Next, "'!'!• e Koman Wnddlns," tho groom sits upon a couch at the right; at tho loft, scat-id upon a similar conch Is t.'io brldo. Between ohcm a Roman youth, beiiring a (laming torch impersonates tho god of love. The brldo Invites the groom to coins to her. Ho gives her tno key of Um house. They join hands and simultaneously touch TIIH JKWI81I WHUIHNli. fire and walor, and the coromony Is dono. The dancing and festivities which fol- Jow are left to tho Imagination. Likewise the tact chat the Romans invented that Inducor of Indigestion, tho wedding cake. In tiie next scene four m«n dressed In flowing Jewish robes uphold a heavy scarlet canopy. Bride and groom, accompanied by friends, enter from opposite shins. Tho brldo is loci around, the grooi.i tnroo times. IJe then loads her around tho canopy onco. Tho Rabbi ftpears uiul envelops them in the itallth, signifying that they are nut longer two, bi>l one. They drink the consecrated Wine, and tho cup Is brpken by th,e groom. Next comes a Russian bridal, takep from Makowstti's paifitltig. "Tho Wfcd* ding Feast," Thfen the Dutch ceremony, with ft pretty- Wedding dance, ftnd a s«eno filjed In by jolly, moon-facod beer burahers and their buxom dames. The Japanese tableau was one of the most successful. The walls of the dwelling are huhK with rich Japahwad The coming fad, the thing In the soclety-ciiteftutiimeufc that shall eclipse the ancleht tabloaus and relegate ordinary amateur theatricals to the back number (He for this winter, was farily launched at tfie llollis street theater, Boston, the other afternoon. The Massachusetts Woman-Suffrage association did it, and such well-known BostDiiians us Mrs. Mary A. Llvermoro and C. P. Fioukton, late of tho Boston museum, are implicated. The ijerforinanee consists of ten el'abo- rate tutistic tableatis, pantomimos, pictures, as you choose, representing the modes of marrying ' In different aces, from the rudo nnd expeditious practice of tho savaKes to the ornate and expensive ceremony which united Henry M. Stanley and his bride, and it was as brilliant and pleasing as splendid music, flno scenery, rich costumes, beautiful women, and tho most comely male material tlioy have in Boston could make It. Scene lirst represents the savage "Marriage by Capture." Up goes tho curtain. Three pretty Boston girls, clad In savage but taste- , ful garments, trimmed with straw, I shells, and ferns, are grouped around ; their mountain caniD-lii'o, Suddenly a ' Stalwart barbarian (chosen from the i athletic club) comes dashing down tho I rockv pass upon a spirited stood. The maidens (loo In dismay, but the ruthless THE BUSSIAN IHilDK AND OIIOOM. embroidery. A table In the center bears a dwarf cedar nnd tho wedding presents. Beside them edible seaweed and cuttlefish are placotl to remind the couple that they must bo frugal. First tho two "butterflies" come In to soo that the preparations aro complete. They glance about the stage, retire, and bring In the bride. She Is sealed at the right. Her friends como In and mal<o the intricate Japanese salaam with what success they can. The butterflies then bring in tho groom, and fill the double vase with solci, which tho brido and groom drink in turn, and the ceremony is complete. No, I) was the comedy: A rowdy Gretna Green marriage, with tho Irate parents In pursuit, and such incidents as the comic genius of tho organizers could suggest. • Last camo a representation of the Stanley coromonv—but everybody Inter- nsiod In such matters knows all about that. All in all it was a most unique and charming entertainment, and nobody was once mean enough to repeat the remark ot the late Mr. Emerson: "Is not tho marriage an open question, when It Is at leered from tho beginning- of tho world that, such as are in the institution wish to get out, and such as are out wish to got in?" An Antarctic ICxpoilltlon. Next year will see an expedition started for the antarctic region under tho Australian governments and Mr. Plcksou, tho well-known Swedish promoter of polar enterprises. Professor Nordenskjold will either command the expedition or will be active in preparing a programme of tho vyoric it will try to accomplish. A half century has elapsed without any attempt to complete tho work of Sir James lloss, who discovered a groat antarctic continent from whence arose two volcanoes equal to yEtna or Mont Blanc. No human be- ii'g has ever passed a winter within tho antarctic zone, and we habn yet to learn whether any land animals exist there. It is understood tho coming expedition will try to find a secure harbor where thoy may spend at least one winter. HER TELLING MESSAGE. How a Woinim Gets Money \Vliou She Goes Ibout It in n liusinosi Way. A day or two ago a woman entered a London telegraph oflice and said to tho receiver of messages that she desired to telegraph hnr husband, who was in the country, for money. He pointed her to the counter supplied with blanks and told her the rate for a dozen words. She struggled away for a quarter of an hour and then handed In tho following: "Won't you please send mo £5 by next post?" "I don't know whether that will do or not," as she felt for her money. "If you wure to receive such a telegram from your wife would vou forward the money?" "Well—well, I might," ho replied, in doubtful tones. "Js'ow, you wait, I don't like the telegram at all, because 1 tried to keep It within twelve words. I'll write another." She lore it up, walked over to the counter, and in three minutes handed in a now one reading: "Am out of food and fuel and want £5 as soon as you can get it hove. If vou can't spare it I'll pawn tho parlor carpet." "That would bri • % th" -onoy from mo," >-uid the rucolv .* us' lie road the linos and marked the numb'jr of words. "Then it will from him. Send it quick." I'onnltlL'S of lleing; a J'<>|iulur Uoi-o. Gen. Sherman is reported as saying that thore is danger oj his (rotting weary o.f the "merry-go-round" in Now York. Every day his mail is heavy witli invitations to banquet)-, celebrations, public meetings, balls, chU'Jren's festivals, private conferences, military musters, reform conventions, base ball gaums, inaugural services, philanthropic assemblies, Hag presentations, college or school openings, social purilus, play houses, memorial reunions, church dedications and other tilings of many kinds. Ho spends most of his time and all Ills strength in accepting or declining invitations that aro brought to him by postmen, telegraph boys, private messengers, old friends and now acquaintances. He does not work ou the eight-hour system; ho has not the Saturday half-holiday, and ho cannot got proper rest on the Sabbath. He is tho horo of every platform on which he stands, of oyerv gathering at which ho appears and at every feast or festival at which ho Is among the company. Ho has often shown within recent times that lie Is very tired.and that his spirits cannot bo raised even by ilattery (Jon. Sherman, who Is now a septuagenarian, is likely to have a hard time during tho coining winter. AVhnt They We»r, The majority of literary ladles seem of affect Veitalu colors for their gowns. Mrs. Ella Dletz Clytner is generally in brown, Mrs. Mary Bryan in pink or black, Mrs. Hodgson Burnett often wears crimson, Miss Gilder, brown or gray, Mrs. Louise Chandler Moulton, a light gray, and Mrs. Rose Hawthorne Latbrop, black velvet. Probably they study what is s.iHablo to their special stylo, for they always look becomingly dressed. ttoi* tfl Olt-e StettlcJne to A New York gentleman has a very > valuable angola cat, and so fine a specimen of her kind Hint (Oie is famous in a large circle of fashionable folk. She is not rugged in health, yet shs cannot be pursitaded to take physic. It has been put in her milk, it lias been mixed with her meat, it has even Iwon rudely and violently rubbed in her month, but never has she been deluded or forced into swallowing any of it- Last week a green Irish girl appeared among the household servants. She heard about the failure to treat the cat. "Sure, " said she, "give me the medicine and] some lard and I'll warrant she'll be atinff all I give her." She mixed the powder and the grease and smeared it on the cat's sides. Pussy at once licked both sides clean and swallowed all the physic. CT'Fiutli," saidjthe servant girl, "everybody in Ireland does know how to give medicine to a cat." , i>eafnes8 Can't l>b~Ciirccl by local applications, ns they can lint reach the diseased portion of the car. Thc.ri! is only one way to cure Denfnuss, uiul llml is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucus lining of the Eustnchinn Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed Deafness is tho ro-, suit, and unless the inflammation can be, taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, heating will bo destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten nrc caused by caw tarrh, which is nothing but an inilupied' condition of the mucus surfaces, Wo will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by Catarrh) that wo can not cure, by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. by Druggists, 75c. There were some noted men in Senator Evart's class (1837) at Yale, among whom were Samuel J. Tllaon, Edward Plerrepont,( the late Chief Justice Waito and Professor Benjamin Stlllman. _ Bold It to the tight. The man -who tells you confidentially Just what will cure your cold is prescribing Kemp's Balsam this year. In tho preparation of this remarkable medicine for coughs and colds no expense is spared to combine ouly the best and purest ingredients. Hold a bottle of Kemp's Balsam to the light and look through it; notice the bright, clear look; then compare with other remedies. Large bottles Me. and $1. Sample bottles free at all druggists'. __ A man in Fort \\aync, Ind., was detected a few days ngo stealing a pair of shoes. In twenty miuutes he had been committed for grand jury action, and in forty-five minules Fie liad begun serving a sentence in jail. This paper has a money value of twenty- five cents. Tell your wife to look in another column and find the order entitling her to a beautiful jacket pattern tree. "Children, to-day we arc going to lmv«' flsh for dinner, and if you will try to In- very good you shall pound me on lliu Inu-l; if I get a bone in my tlinnit." Washing powders are strong alkalies, and ruin clothes. The purest soap obtainable !,»/ the best nnd cheapest. Dobbins' Electric^ Soap has been acknowledged for !M years to, be the purest qf all. Try it right away. As a rule man's a fool; when it's hot lie: 'wants it cool; when it's cool he wants it hot;, always wanting what is not. USE BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES for Coughs, Colds and all other Throat Troubles.— "Pre-eminently the best."— lieu. Henry Ward, Jieccltcr. _ When a man boasts that lie does not care what the world thinks, even that statement Is a bid for public attention. PAUBNTS don't mean to be unkind to their children, but they are when they fail to occasionally give them Dr. Bull's Worm Destroyers. __ ! Ex-King Jfilan, of Servia, is going to descend upon London in search of a wife early in the now year. Perhaps he may continue his journey to America. _ Tourists, Whether on pleasure bent or business, should take on every trip a bottle of Syrup o£ Figs, as it acts most pleasantly and effectively on tho kidneys, liver and boivels, preventing fevers, headaches and other forms o£ sickness. For sale in TjOe. and $1.00 bottles by all leading druggists. "So you didn't take Jones' house V" "No; ho wauled $200 a month and we split on that." "I see — you were rent asunder." FOH the largest cut in price of first-class pianos see my local notice in this paper the week previous. Edmund Gram, 207 and 209 Grand Avenue, Milwaukee, Wls. i If the world tried one-half as hard to be good as it does to seem good, sinners would be as rare as saints now are. 1 BEEcnAH'ePiLLS «ct like magic on a Weak Stomach Teddy Goodwin, six years old, of Camelia, Ga., is a little hero. The gown of his two- year-old sister caught fire, and, with commendable presence of mind, he tore off bis jacket and smothered the flames. WILLIAM CLARK, president of the Sheboygan (Wis.) electric light and power company, wits robbed of gilO',000 by Milwaukee 'highwaymen Wednesday ricrht. Two Giants Oil tho one hnud—Scrofula, the ancient dieoQue, known tUe world over, giniwing nt tho vUule of orory nation, existing in the blood of neiirly every /ain- ily—descending to us from our fathers or acquired by our wrong liabits tind indulgences — powerful, obstinate, almost impregnable, On the other himd—Hood's SaraaparUhi, the modern medicine, the great enemy of impure blood, flocoinpliahing the most wonderful cures of Bore-fain. eultrlieum, *to. ( —tho conqueror of disease, economical, reliable, sure. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists, f 1; all for $5. Prepared only by 0,1. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mans. IOO Doses One Dollar The Oldest Medicine in tjie World it probably DB. ISAAC THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED EYE-WATER. This article is a carefully prepared phyeiciuu'a prescription, and has been iu constant use for nearly a oontury. There are few dUeuaes to which mankind •ro subject more distresuiiig than sore eyea, and none, nerhapa, for which more remedies huve boeu triocl without success. For all external Inflammation 9f the eyes It is an infallible remedy. If the directions aro followed it will never fail. We particularly . invite the attention of physicians to its merits. For •ale by all druggists. JOHN L. THO * 00., TBOY, N. Y. Established 1797. N L. THOMPSON, SONS "Down With Hig* Prices," JHIS SEWING MACHINE Ton Buggies, JSB.OO Harness >7.W Koad Carte.... 10.00 Wagons,80.00 S6.00 Family or Store Scale, 1.00 A 240-lb. Farmers' Scale.... 8.00 4000 lt>. Bay or Stock Scale.. .40.00 Forge and Kit of Tools 20.00 1000 other Articles at Hall Prlco. OHIOAOO BOALE 00. Ohloagd, JU <nn r *• MOKTH n Hrleht Young; ra«u or tihh* I«owr:l forill.rtilleulucacl"C'omily. tfUJ y. W. Xll-G^KH t» CO., HT. LOPIB, J4o, " • to »100 ft month and lddre»| Wii. Tiie people at the \VorkVs Dispensary of I'uliV.o, N. V., have a stock-taking lime once a year and vvhal: do you think ihcy do ? Count the number of bottles that've been returned by the meh and women \vho say that Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery or! Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription didn't do what they said it would do. • And how many do you think they have to count. One in ten ? Not om in five hundred f Here are two remedies— one the Golden Medical Discovery, for regulating and invigorating the liver and purifying the blood; the other, the hope of weakly womanhood, and they've been sold for years, sold by the million bottles ; sold under a positive guarantee^ and not one in. five hundred can say: " It was not the medicine for me I" And—is there any reason why you should be the one ? And—supposing you arc what do you lose ? Absolutely twitting ! ROCHESTER EXTENSION WITH EMBOSSED ROCHESTER FOUNT Tho I'lntio Extension (or floor-stcml) Lnmp IB now Hie popular lump. .Saoli alnmiinrtilovcryiiiiictitothcfiimliih- Hnn.v lirintlpomoparlor. Whero tere ifi n niniio or an crffim otic of tlirsa hnnmiuinc Inmifl Is nlniost a necessity i II Is certainly u very nec- £nl luxury. Thin lump we Imvo made especially to meet all requirements. j ; j s nil [>llil In n*i. t with liran itltrffinnh Something no other niniuitai'tiirer attempted to furnish in n lamp of this iirlcc. Tiie fount IB the genuine Itnehenter Fount, richly embossed : it Is equnllj' rs orna- "•irtitnl, i.ul the i < I: rnetf r. i utmi the richrFt r.ii'i inosfc os'.ly lami'B. Thn Ininp is r> feet li^h frntn tlonr to burner, v.'hett cxunrtpd: nnil cim he h v.- t red to 3 feet. H inches from tlotir. Wo Fc'iicl with the l> i; r> i» larjrn Fl/n irinhrolln, uili.-ilingo eluule, with hniHO skeleton Bhndc-holder ntid two rlilm- niu-B. In ordering, plence nute ilor of nlmilis <leslrcd—red, ornngo, yellow or pink. To give full particulars how to obtain this lamp FREE takes too much space for an advertisement. We therefore "have arranged with Godey's Lady's Book of Philadelphia to publish full Information in their December and January numbers, either one of which will be sent on receipt of 16 CTS. sent to GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, Philadelphia. Pa. SALESMEN WANTED, UHIAIj Oil TliAVKbINO, ' To »ol) nowvnrioUesof IIAlt»y NUHSEUY STOCK. 4HOOII IM.Y weekly. MTIHADV 1»O!41TIOH with nunory of known renimnnlhlUty. Lively work. OI-H our 11 WIDI) I't'.ll illONTJI. lieferenoea r*. qniroil. Apply quluk to L L. MAY & CO., NURSERYMEN, ST. 1'AUL, MINN. The Christmas Number OF THE NEW YORK LEDGER will have a cover beautifully printed in colors containing on i.s front titlo-pngo tho original of tho engraving hero Illustrated. It will nluo contain twenty pages of illustrations and reading matter contributed' bytho groat writers of tho clay, and unexcelled in qimlity by Jitliat of any publication in. the United States. This number will TWeeYVeeUs numbers sent in response, to our offer of Those throe numbers will contain a larger number of illustrations and BO per cent, nioro reading matter thnn tlmt coiitnlncil )n any of t.'io miga- zincs, therefore our offer embraces botli ij'.iantlty and quality. Tho 3 numbers for 10 ct». contain: (1) Mrs. Amelia JS. Jlarr'x new surlui, " Thn Bends of Tasmcr." Mrs. Burr IB t !:n author of that most successful serial, "Friend Oilvin," just completed in The Century; but hoienfter Mrs. Dorr will write t-ACiuslyely (or The New York Ledger. . . ( (8) Hon. Gcarga Jlannrnft'H dcFcrlpticiu uf "The Battle of Luke Erie,' 1 1/uuutlfullj- Illustrated. (3) Margaret T)clnnd'a latest i.tor;, "To' What End f" x. (t) JamesItusitell T.owM't> poem," 7,'y ~\: ook,"' written expressly for The Ledqcr, b<>aiu!fuliy illustrated by Wilson do Mc-za, anil i.-sued: as a FOUR-PAGE SOUVENIR SUPPLEMENT. (8) Sirs. ])i: Julia TInlmes SmtCi. r-.'arts a series of articles giving very valuable information to young mothers. , (C) Jtobnrt Omul's brillhnit society novel, "Mrs. Harold Ktugg." (7) Harriet Prescott fipnffanl, Clarion Itarliind, Marquise jMitait, JUViurice Thompson, and Gcoryv Vrnlniia J'ar. sonn contribute short storlc'8. (*) James fartnu, HI, W, Htis'-nino and 'Oliver Dyer (author of "Groat .Swnmjra") contribute articles of intercut. f- In addition to tho above, SPARKLP7O EDITORIALS, Illustrated Poums, HKLKN MAISSUALI. NORTH'S chatty column, and a variety of delightful reading of interest to all member.! of tho household. The foregoing is a sample of the matter which goes to make up the most perfect N'ntio:u.l family Journal ever oflcreil to the American jvop'o. Send 10 cents for these three nnmbu-d and judge for yourself, or send only S'J fui- p. year's subscription to THE NEW YORK Robert Burner's Sons, Publishers, 40 William Street, N..Y, ' lioaul 1MB NEW AMERICAN Stem Wind & Stem Set, ONLY $1.00. llit) Low American in Handsome Shell I"»nerii Hunting Case, a correct lllus-. nieu UOBUOW in this tutvurtiuo- \ i emly uud by placlUB a very N „ v, e Itavo secured the ejcciuaiTe . v L ) United UUiti-s imd Cuimda. wlrnlor nud alom Better £11 adjustment. undiBtlttud Hitli A'jit Bii-m winuiiier arrougcmeot >n no otuer. It la huntiun ease, UI'iillyeiiKravi'ilof tiie new style utiern, au tiliown in out. plated wltu nilroiMilil on gollil yellow metal (some' lulled uluniiuiuin), and lii appoar- -. _JiiiilarlouBold«-ntclt. Theory*, tal la doublo lUU'l; pollihed I'rciich cluiffl, i and all tlio eua wheel*, pinions and bear' nro perfectly made by Uie moat ovud und expensive iiiucbtnci-y, and part is carefully Btled by nKilled worlrniej). DaehonBjscarefullyujspecEe^ i regululvd and tested before leaving the factory, and fully warranted by ui iof ,' nvoyeorsit'useduith'i'eutiouubiocaro. StiBoial Offer ,T W °. wl ", eci "' *"• BWV'VArtJ, ViiOA New American Stem i TVTnderand Stein Settfi-. with a licit ml. nil b-olil |)ijilc-il obiilu iiiitf ebni-ui, 1 all paeked in an elegant satin lined caWt on reeeipc of only Igl.OO bill, money order, jx^stat'o slumps or pobtalnoto, provided tneptiixai receiving; it will faiuuully iirnmise to send us us niuny oiilei's from locality as possiblo. On p New Pati of \V«telies, reprcbeiitlng 006 ot icstliututo bo found iu any Cat- vlllbo stub\vitli eaeh order. We je pood agent in every town W agency for the sal<* of our reliable , which we illustrate in Un r Cui- i at prices f roui](2.00 t^pwiXrd. we I iilnir tho U watch aloe ONPKuni tun by mall iv111 be ill! • Ul8gntl»flodcnsto-ner.. Hciv . . . id thorn to all parts of the United S mail and express. SF.NU S».OO AT OK and we will forward theKevvAuiert- ' BabooQls & Co,, i^' »w t,,N, TEA SETS GIVEN AWAY. l.UQO Lovely Ueooratca (M piece) T« BeTu l.'lvt'U absolutely free to introduce QMP Couulrj Ho'uo luneweuUbCi'lberfc. I BetcoaufuB 00 plecus of ricWy d , wore. Each piece is rlcbly deftorati on, la t*slot ul leaf ftu" " —'- stapes are modern ant try II»IM» stands to- vJt&eQMn*?, «w»p itSMJ 'ylf^SJ?^* r^/

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