The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1890
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1866, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DEO, 17, 1890/ YOL, 38, :e Store. Just received from Sin Quong Co, a consignment of THE NEWS OF THE WEEK, Also fine China and Glassware, Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, etc., etc., etc. LAIRD'S FURNITURE STORE. J. R. LAIRD, Proprietor. FAST MAIL LINE With electric lighted and steam heated vestltmled trains between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Minneapolis. TRANS-CONTINENTAL ROUTE with electric lighted and steam heated rtstlbulod trains between Chicago and Council Bluffs, Omaha, or St. Paul and the Pacific coast. GREAT NATIONAL ROUTE between Chicago, Kansas City, and St. Joseph, Mo. 5700 MILES OP ROAD reaching all principal points in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, South and North Dakota. For maps, time tables, rates of passage and freight, etc., apply to the nearest station agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, or to any railway agent anywhere in the world. A. V. H. CARPENTER, General Passenger and Ticket Agent. ROSWELL MILLER, General Manager. CX3 jdP* Undertajptfg and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention.. Prices are reasonable. (g?~For information in reference to lands and towns owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company, write to H. G. Haugen, land commissioner, Chicago, 111. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. •^^ ~»^-N. ^^V^^^^^N^^^, GEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bauk, Algona, la. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Over Kossuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. Successor^ J, J. Wilson. Office and Yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, - IOWA. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Kossuth Co. bank. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Frank Bros. A joint rate of $1.60 per ton has been made on slack coal from Iowa central points, near Oskaloosa via Gilford and Elmore to Mankato, Minn., where it will be utilized by manfacturers. Iowa cheap coal is one of the wonderful re* sources of the state and it reputation overcomes distance and freight charges. This coal goes through Algona, and should be cheap for local nmnufactu r- ers. Marshall county has produced two pigs whose sides are not more than three inches long, but whoso hams and shoulders are of proper size. The tali grows from the middle of the back. The breed will be especially valuable as producing the least per cent, of side meat, and the tail, when properly curled, will save the expense of string to hang the ham up by to be smoked. Secretary of State Frank D. Jackson was surprised at his home last week by the assemblage of his entire office force consisting of Messrs. Byrkit, Landers, Patrick, Carper, Both eft, Davis. Byden, Johnson and Miss Fox, besides the entire corps of their Indies, including Miss Carper. A handsomely bound dictionary was presented to Mr. Jackson as an expression of their regards and high esteem for the gentleman under whom they had held positions for six years. Deputy Secretary Byrkit made a fitting presentation speech to which Mr. Jackson feelingly responded. A. WHITE, Agent. Handles the best of all descriptions of S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrischilles' store. B. F. REED, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over the postofflce, Algona, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State St., one door east of Cordingley. Residence, McGregor st., east of the public school building. H. C. McCOY, M. D., SICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice., . Which includes everything that can possible needed for the constructio^tfianything from a picket fence to the v$$iiy finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your bills, and we will prove that this is not merely idle talk. LOANS. At 6, 7, 7*^, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years' time, with .privilege of partial payments before due. Interest* can be paid at my office. Save money by calling on me before you ^apply for a loan. X- MORSE & PRIDE, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. Office east of Rttherford house, Algona, Iowa. G. T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SUR&EON. Next door to J. G. Smith's store, Algona, la. J. E. HILL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Wesley, Iowa. Day and night calls attended to with promtness. T. J. FELLING, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Consultation in English and German. Office and residence over H. Goetsch's store, Whittemore, Iowa. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. —In the District Court. To all whom It may concern—Take notice: That there was filed in the office of the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, on the 10th day of December, 1800, an Instrument in writing bearing date the 15th day of September, 1800, and purporting to be the last will and testament of John Andorfer, late of said county, deceased, was produced and publicly read, and that the second day of the next term of said court, to be holden on the second day of March, 1801, WITVKIIE Dealer's in TIItT'W '.A.I5I3, Milk Cans, Churns, Riverside Stoves, Stoves and Ranges " Quick Meal" Gasoline Stoves. Agents for the NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust. Call and get prices! we can do you good. Yours, etc., WINKIE BROS. 01 niarua, J.DUI, at the court house in Algona, aforesaid, has been flxed for proving said will; and at 10 o'clock a. m, of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear in said court and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last will and testament of said deceased. Dated, Algona, Iowa, Deo. 10,1890. A. A. BRUNSON, 38t3 Clerk of the District Court Election is Over! So is High Prices for Stoves! I have a full line of Cooks and Heaters, among which is The Celebrated Round Oak! Standing at the head of the soft coal burners, I shall meet aU competition, selling at bottom prices. TO LOAN on Fail Property, At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest at our office. If yo^ want a loan, call on us, We can save you money, JONES & SMITH. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a special execution to me directed by the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county. Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements etc., of Martha E. Burtis, Gaylord C. Burtis Geo. W. Hanna, Aultniau, Miller & Co., and Famous Manufacturing Co., defendants, in fa-, vor of Kossuth County Bank, plaintiff, I will offer at public sale, to the highest and best bidder for cash, at the door of the court house in the town of Algona, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on the 17th day of January, 1891, between the hours of 0 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m. on said day, all of said defendants' right, title, and interest in and to the following described real estate, situated in Kossuth county, Iowa to-wit: The southwest quarter of Section No. 36, in Township No. 05, north of Range No. 28 west of the 5th P. M. Sale to commence at 1 o'clock p. m. Witness my hand this 17th day of December, 1890, M. STEPHENS, 38 Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. Some time ago the Dueber Watch Case Manufacturing company of Canton, O., offered a number of premiums to children. The task set before competitors was to form the largest number of words out of the letters composing the three words, "Dueber Hampden Watches." There were several thousand competitors, scattered throughout the United States. Six premiums were offered, and the strangest thing of all is that five of them are taken by Iowa children, as follows: First, Edith Goncher, Correctionville, Iowa, 11,054 words, $300; second, Mildred Hoag, Strawberry Point, Iowa, 10,672 words, $100; third, Bert Webster Baker, Sioux City, Iowa, 10,060 words, $50; fourth, Florence West, Des Moines, 10;000 words, $25; fifth, James Nelson, Detroit, Mich., 9,746 words, $15; sixth, Blanche Damour, Clinton, Iowa, 0,737 words, $10. Gov. Boies has accepted an invitation to attend the blowout by the reform club of New York, December 23. The National Guard association of Iowa, composed of about 100 commissioned officers in the national guard of the state, will hold its second yearly meeting in Des Moines, Wednesday, Jan. 14, 1891. Papers upon the subjects of interest to national guardsmen will be read by officers of the guard and discussed by them and regular army officers who will be present. The association was organized one year ago and has already made rapid steps toward a strong organization that will help the interests of the guard in every respect. Swan Gustafson, a young Swede who has been shoveling gravel at $1.10 a day in the Illinois Central gravel pit near Cherokee, has been, by one turn of fortune's wheel, transferred into a million- are. Swan's mother lives in Sweden, and a few days ago he received a letter from her, telling him of the death of a relative in Pennsylvania. This relative was a cousin of Swan's mother. She is the nearest living relative. This man left Sweden some 20 or 30 years ago, and Mrs. Gustafson had not heard anything of him until she heard of his death. The information received by young Gustafson is that the rich relative has left an estate valued at $8,000,000. There are six of the Gustafsons, and the property is to be divided equally among them. The lucky young man immediately left for Philadelphia to look after his legacy. by a gelding, 2:10 by a pacing mare, and 2:13 by a trotting team. And it may be added that with the exception of the 2:1H by Guy and the 2:12i by Margaret S, all the performances are the best on record in their classes. Judge Cheney of Fort Dodge has a watch which was carried by his great grandfather, who was successful in preventing the destruction of Washington's army at Brandywine during the revolution. It is to bo presented by Mr. Cheney to the museum of revolutionary relics at Washington, which are owned by the government, and is to be forwarded in a few days. The watch, because of its ancient make and historical associations, will undoubtedly bo a relic of great interest nnd value in the museum. _________ Samuel Hayes of Grundy Center has been appointed by the board of regents resident professor of the law department of the state university. He Is a graduate of the literary department of Michigan university. For some years after he graduated ho was principal of the Galena high school. Last week at Hampton, his fellow townsmen gave Capt. Luke a banquet, and congratulated him on his election as railway commissioner. The captain responded with a few appropriate remarks, and a pleasant evening was on- joyed. The Iowa delegation in congress is urging the appointment of Representative Gear to the place on the inter-state commerce commission, which will soon Eagle Grove, where he bought a ticket for Minneapolis. The authorities had no definite description of the man, but all agents along the line were notified to watch for the baggage check he secured at Eagle Grove. Waukon presented the check at Elmore and was promptly arrested. be made vacant by the expiration of Mr. Schoemaker's commission. Senator Allison was among those who were at the white house in the interest of Gov. Gear. A number of the Nebraska delegation were there also, and presented the name of Land Commissioner Groff. _______ J. C. Baker of Palo Alto county was a member of the comm ittee to examine the agricultural college. The committee went and found many officials of the institution far more shiftless than some of the poor farmers of Iowa. They found that the buildings did not show ordinary care; that the expenses were from $1,200 to $1,500 over the. income; that the inventory of stock, implements, etc., on the farm, which about three years ago footed up $17,000, now footed up only $7,000; and that the institution was being run at an annual loss. Among the many things shown was a $300 cow standing on a stable floor so bad that if a hired man on an ordinary farm had put her in such a place he would have been discharged on sight. In short, the students were being taught, on a, large scale, that farming does not pay, and that it makes no difference how animals—even the choicest—are Icept. The trial of Gritinell, the Milwaukee engineer who shot a man named Collins for criminal intimacy with his wife, resulted in a verdict of acquittal at Elkader. Grinnell is a well known engineer on this line, and is known in Algona. A robber in Dubuque county made the wife of a business man give him $1,250 last Wednesday. Anyone who will keep that amount of money in a house deserves no sympathy. HOW TO SEOTJBE GOOD BEADING. What tho Magazines 1'roruiso for 1801—lloducod Subscription llntcs Socurod-Clicap Weekly 1'npers. The time is at hand when everyone is looking to secure his reading matter for tho coming year. Below wo give the prospectuses of the loading magazines, and each promises a better and more entertaining selection than ever before. There is no finer holiday present than a year's subscription to any of them, and no finer ornament or more entertaining visitor will bo found in any home. Through our news agency we can save our subscribers u good percent, on any of them, and can secure any periodical published at home or in foreign countries. Among the weekly papers thab are generally taken are the Register, Homestead, State Leader, Sioux City Journal, Des Moines Capital, Council Bluffs Nonpareil, Keokuk Gate City, Cedar Rapids Republican, Des Moines News and others. Wo can get them all at reduced prices. Outside the state are The Inter Ocean, Journal, New York Tribune, Chicago Times or Herald and Toledo Blade, all of which are very cheap. Any paper or magazine published can be secured at this office at a reduction of from five to seventy-five cents on its regular price. # # * The success of Scribner's Magazine is established, and its prospectus promises besides its usually fine illustrations, articles by Sir Edwin Arnold on Japan, articles on India by Prof. James Bryce, a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, a series of articles on the great streets of the world to bo magniflciently illustrated, articles on ocean steamships, late explorations of Dr. Carl Lumholte in Mexico, illustrated articles on the sea shore by Prof. Shaler, and a series of articles on Australia. Scribner's stands in the front rank for its work, and is the cheapest of the magazines. With the UPPER DES MOINES, $4.15. * * * SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a special execution to me directed by the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements, etc., of Charles W. Waldo, Maggie Waldo, and the Minneapolis Equitable Investment Co., defendants, in favor of W. W. Flester, plaintiff, I will offer at public sale to the highest and best bidder for cash, at the door of the court house, in the town of Algona, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on the 17th day of January, 18U1, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m. on said day, all of said defendants' right, title, and interest in and to the following described real estate, situated in Kossuth county, Iowa, to-wit: Lots 7 aud 8 in Block No. C9, as shown by the recorded plat of the town of Algona, in Koseuth county, Iowa. Sale to commence at 1 o'clock p. in. A well known railroad official, who enjoys telling a good story, related in the Occidental club at Cedar Rapids that he recently met a Dakota sufferer and his family, observing that tied behind the covered wagon 'was a thin, cadaverous calf, evidently in the last stages of tuberculosis or something else equally beyond cure, asked the ex-Iowan why he had brought that calf all the way from Dakota. "The fact is," was the response, tl that there calf represents a good deal, and I can't afford to lot her go." "What did you give for her?" asked the railroad man. The tourist grimly smiled and said: "You see I offered a neighbor of mine 80 acres of land for this calf— but the durned cuss couldn't read, an' so I took advantage of him. and deeded him 160 acres!" The kite'Shaped track at Independence, Iowa, is now credited with 2:16i W. H. Parker of Boston proposes to locate a boot and shoe factory in Carroll if the citizen gives him a bonus of $10,000 and a building lot. For this he will agree to construct immediately a factory which will be in operation inside of 90 days, and will operate it for five years or more. The pay roll will be at least $50,000 annualy, and 100 hands and upwards will be in constant employment. A committee of citizens is now rustling for the bonus, and the Herald thinks the amount will be raised. Miss Emma GoodWin, a former attendant at the hospital for the insane at Independence, but late of the Mt. Pleasant hospital, has been adjudged insane and returned to the asylum at that place. It is said that the daily scenes to which she was subjected worked on her mind until she became a raving maniac. The same ward over which she was so many years overseer now holds her sor its victim. 38 by a two-year-ol4, 2:08J 2;J3Jr by a fpvu-yeaj-*g}4 by a pacing The Gate City reports a law suit against a man who boat the nickel-in- the-slot machine. He bored a hole in tho edge of a coin and suspended it by a thread. He dropped the nickel in the slot, as directed by the machine, and drew out a cigar, and then drew out the nickel, dropped it in the slot again and received another cigar. He repeated this proceeding until the supply of cigars in the bowels of the machine was exhausted. Then he put the nickel in his pocket and was going away with the cigars when a meddling policeman, attracted by the amused crowd of spectators, It-rested him. Two Storm Lake girls were burned to death last week in a college at Akron, Ohio. Several others from other states failed to escape. A vicious assault was made on a Mrs. Dohl in Webster county last week, Saturday an arrest was made in our neighboring town of Elmore. The report is that the arresttjd, man, Waukon, is a former Lehigh man, who boarded with Mrs. Dohl lastpprjng, and was in L,ehigh on the evening The Atlantic Monthly is the standard literary magazine of the United States. It promises for 1891 an unequalled list of attractions. Frank R. Stockton begins a serial with tho year. The new English genius, Rudyard Kippling, contributes stories, Oliver Wendell Holmes is still a regular contributor, and both Lowell and Whittier will have poems. Some unpublished letters by Charles and Mary Lamb, a narrative of adventure in Japan, American biography, historical articles by John Fiske and Francis Parkman, and the current monthly criticism of books, promise all the student can desire. With the UPPER DES MOINES, $4.90. # * # Tho Century Magazine will surpass its former high standard of excellence. It is running a fast press day and night in order tp print the first installment of the delayed " Talleyrand Memoirs" in the January number. This same magazine was the first to print, before its appearance in France, the life and literary remains of the great French artist Joan Francois Millet, and now the Century is to bring to light, before they appear in any other country, the long-hidden memoirs of the most famous of French diplomatists. This first article will be proceeded by what is said to be a brilliant pen-portrait of Tallymnd, by Minister Whitelaw Reid, who has made the selections from the most in« toresting chapters of the first volume. The January Century will contain a sketch of the author's strange and lonely childhood, an account of his entry into Parisian society, his estimate of La Fayette, some account of the beginning of the French revolution, a striking passage concerning the Duke of Orleans; an account of Talleyrand's residence in England and America, and of a most interesting conversation between Talleyrand and Hamilton on the subject of free trade and protection. With the UPPER -DBS MOINES, $5,15. For young people St. Nicholas is the magazine of all. Mary Mapes Dodge has gained <t great reputation as an editor for the young and the stories and illustrations of St. Nicholas equal anything in the larger magazines. The prospectus for 1891 gives promises of features of annual interest, arid no fanv ily of young people should be without this delightful magazine. With the UPPER DES MOINES, $4.20. # * * The Harpers' publications, North American Review, Forum, and numerous other great American magazines are all greatly improved and now excel anything published in Europe. Re* duced prices on all can be had 'at this office, Take Notice, The balance of our stock of huekj: t lavee will be sold cheap. Glpvesw< I reduced to 85o. Butter crackers 5o per lb,, l?y Bbl. fresh wheaten grits' jusj at the Cash Store. Above bargains fo\md at I J I V? 'J t *i

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