The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 10, 1890 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1890
Page 8
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* r * ^ - * '*"{ " r s** 1 !? <* , i -**'• M01NE81 AMONA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DEC. 10, 1890. --/- , ' ARfilVAL AND fiEPARTURE W TftAlNS. etttCAOO, IlltWAtJKElil & ST. PAKJL. *st— Passenger east— .8:09amNo. 3 IO:Sflam " Nfc. 4... 9:SOpni FK>i«ht- Sontli- s...Site pin Bitnore pass.l8:80pin . 8t Pftfll ft.... .9 !»6 a rn D6S Molten 1 t 7:85 p to Aim CITY, Orrln Catidns Is building a fine new batti on his farm. The tf PKtift Drts MOINES and State Begister $2 a year. ' Wesley is going to incorporate, At least that is the talk. _ There will bo n mooting of W, C. T. \u. Friday afternoon at 8 o'clock. John Edwards has his livery barn in ofdor, and is a good Algonian already. The Wesley band is to give a biff dunce in Grove's hall Christmas, Dec. . C. P. Dorland adds to his letter, "I Uko your position on the McKinloy Next Sunday evening the Baptist Castor will tell, " How self-denial works evil." ' The lumber has bpon bought for G. Li. Minkler's new house, and the foundation is in. WnvCloary has been putting new sills under his building, and making other repairs. b S. D. Patterson is home from his service as cook for the railway camp west of Cedar Ra,pids. 25 and 81, I860, and January 1, 1801, making going coupons good only on day of sale and return coupons good until January 6,1890. Some of our correspondents send their news items so that they get here on Wednesday, too late for Insertion. It would greatly convenience us if they could get their copy in on Monday, Jas, Taylor's store is filled with a handsome assortment of holiday goods, and his trade corresponds. Be sure and notice his announcements in these columns. He has something new each Week, A meeting of the school board was held last week to accept the resignation of G. R. Woodworth. In his place B, F. Reed was appointed to act until the spring election when the vacancy will be filled. The pews and windows for the Episcopal chapel were Ordered Saturday, A Grand Kapids, Mich., firm furnish the former, and a Chicago house the latter. It will be a month at least before they arrive. Capt. Dodge would like to hear from the cOunty on heavy colts. He has one which on the day after he was Wght months old weighed even 000 pounds. If anyone can beat that record let him produce the figures. have gone beyofid hi*- inattttcilofts and be guilty of impdalttofi. Let the public try him and pronounce its verdict of guilty of not guilty." The winter term of the normal school begins Tuesday, Dec, 30, Ihe day before the new year'. Prof. Dodge has assur- ances'of a big attendance, and everything points to it successful term. He spends his vacation with his son ib Minnesota, but will be back in time to open school. The normal is in the hands of efficient instructors, and Its success is assured if it receives the support it is entitled to. This has bfeen a prosperous year in northern Iowa, and the school should have a full attendance. The action of the Congregational church Wednesday evening on Rev. Davidson's resignation was as had been anticipated, The church by unanimous vote decided to not accept it, but to retain his services another year. At the morning service Rev, Davidson thanked the church for its expression of good will, and informed them that he had notified the Iowa Falls society that he could hot accept their offer. The outcome all around is very satisfactory. The second annual convention of the GREAT SLAUGHTER • An important meeting of the county farmers' alliance Is called for January 8 at the court house. The rush for Carter's cheap clothing stock still increases. Ho has bargains ; las long as they last. The dancing canvas mentioned last , week has been ordered, and will be in aown in the near future. Drs. Morse & Pride are having their Office room refitted,. and are getting •well settled in Algona. S. Reed, Albert Reed, and Frank Harvey started for Bedford Monday. They all go as witnesses in the Foster trial. If no change is taken and no postponement secured, B. F.- Reed will go this week to assist. Rev. Butler and the Butler brothers arc making ready to occupy the Hutchins house as soon as Mr. Hutchins starts west. They will make their home in Algona during the winter, and are fortunate in securing so good a place. j.**o oi^ujju ciuiiutvL uuiivenwon 01 line Algona district Epworth League met at Webster City yesterday, andr 1 " session tonight. "" We have just opened, in the old postofftce room, a large stock of Clothing and ~~o. Field is now general agent of tho Whitney Organ company. Ho supervises tho work of local agents. The UPPER DES MOINES has done more job work tho past week than in previous wook of its history. >, Saturday saw crowded streets in town all day. Business has never been so ,good in Algona as this fall. Marriage licences have been issued to Edwin Caster and Abbio E. Fox, and G. .. ( Piko and Esther O. Smith. Win. Pock is planning to move to Burt, where ho will open a hotel. Ho will make a popular landlord. Ike Sweigard was beaten for clerk in gancook county by 47 votes. Ho ran highest on the independent ticket. Haswell Ramsey is practicing court reporting this term, Ho goes to Seattle soon to work for Hughes & Hastings, who havo moved there from Snon- cer. ' Rov, Davidson will preach a series of morning sermons on ''The Church, the Birthplace and Conservator of Manhood." The little daughter of M. B. Dalton, who has boon very sick, is getting bettor slowly. Her throat had to bo lanced last week, The littlo flurry about contagious diseases has about subsided, and tho schools are again full. There has boon no serious sickness. The tendency in market prices everywhere is down, although no big changes have occurred the past week. In Algona wheat is worth 70@74c; oats, 36c; barley, 40@48c: corn, 860; flax, $1.05; hogs, $3.10@3.16; hay, $4.00@4.60; eggs, luC* Burt is ambitous for more school facilities than the district affords, and now has a select school in charge of Prof. Reynolds of Ottumwa. The school is held over Mrs. McDonald's store at present and has 20 pupils. The public school is not large enough to accommodate the children. yesterday, and closes its .._--- -~— O ht. The Tribune says: "J. H.Rhea, D. D., of Marshalltown, Revs. F. H. Sanderson, W. D. Phifer, C. F. Kirk, S. Callen, and other noted speakers will be present to assist in the work." At a meeting of the local league Saturday Bev. Whitfleld and J. C. Blackford were appointed delegates to attend the meeting. Miss Cora Henderson finally attended. It is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than it is for a law breaker to escape Kossuth county justice. As an illustration of this truth the return of Chas. Stewart, who ran the restaurant near the Tennant house, is an illustration. He decamped about the time the lost grand jury sat. But he is back again, thanks to Sheriff Stevens' watchful eye. He was caught down in Delaware county near Hopkinton where he was chopping wood. Ho was not anxious to see his Algona friends, but was persuaded to return, and will now account for the beer he sold contrary to law. W. S. Dorland sends copies of Llano and Galyeston papers, which indicate that he is now in the center of a healthy and vigorous boom. Our old citizen is secretary of a railway company, which is actively at work, besides being cashier of the leading bank, and we judge is helping make things lively. There is a little joke connected with the oyster supper at Irvington lost wook. Tho oyster committee thought it was so stormy that no one would turn out, and so provided no oysters. A pretty good gathering arrived and had to put up with lunch. Tho supper is postponed till some other evening. Now is the time when every snido scheme, every peddler, every swindle, every quack doctor, and everything that lives by getting people's money without giving value will infest northern Iowa. The presence of money here, and the hard times elsewhere will bring thorn like buzzards to a carcass. H. H. McChane, who has been down attending his duties on the grand jurv decided that the Republican was dear at 75 cents a year and went in and paid up for six months and stopped. He got his receipt for 35 cents and showed it to several skeptical people. When he wanted his bill it was figured out at a 75 cent rate without a murmur. Dr. Baker, who got elected clerk in Humboldt by seven majority, was attending court Monday, and receiving congratulations. We learn that B. F. Smith lias been Tiaving another bad sick spoil at his .home in Ramsay. Ho is troubled with neuralgia of the stomach. The "olde folke's" concert was repeated last evening to a good audiouce. Many now and entertaining features were adclod to the programme. Durnnt Bros, come before our readers this wook to announce their holiday goods. The lowest price is their motto, and fcheir store is full of fine goods. E. N. Weaver is building a now school house at Buffalo Forks. Charlie Wln- kio with seven teams hauled tho lum- . 1>er from tho Paul yard a weolc ago. The stand pipe Is nearly ono-half up. it Is •noticed that since the pounding' began at 7 o'clock in tho morning Al- The " Y" caso does not coino at this term. It was submitted to Judge Thomas last term and will be argued before him in vacation, perhaps this week at Spencer. A. C. Parker is the state's attorney in the case, and he has been very seriously ill for somo time. It is reported that he will be able to attend tho case soon, however. The not work of button hooks in the window of F. S. Stough's boot and shoe store is completed, and anyone buying $1 worth or over of shoes has n guess on the number of hooks. . The prize is » pair of flno shoos. Providing two per- bons guess tho right number, tho one guessing-it first is entitled to the prize. Tho hooks will bo counted New Year's We are informed that a company known as the Mabie Purchasing association arecanvassingthecounty selling cloths. It seems almost unnecessary to warn tho people against these peddlers, many have been taken in by. them before. But one of our merchants sent to Chicago to get the standing of this firm, and here is the report from a very reliable source: "The Mobie Purchasing association started March 15 lost with $1,800 capital, of which $1,300 was borrowed." Tho men in It may be honest enough, but it is needless to state that there is no foundation or financial responsibility behind such a firm. No one will get a good bargain by trading- with them. They get big- gor profits than local dealers, and they aro sure to beat their customers. Sudden Deaths, • Heart disease Is by far the most frequent cause ol sudden death, which in three out of four cases is unexpected. The symptoms are not generally understood. These are: A hublt of lying on the right side, short breath, pain or distress In side, buck, or sJjoulder, irregular pulse, asthma, weak and hungry spells, wind In stomach, swelling of ankles or dropsy, oppression, dry cough and smothering. Dr. Miles' Illustrated book on heart disease, free at F. W. Dlngley's, who sells and guarantees Dr. Miles' unequaled New Heart Cure, and his Restorative Nervine, which cures nervousness, headache, sleeplessness, effects of drinking, etc. It contains no opiates. 8 Startling Facts. Tlie American people are rapldfy becoming a race of nervous wrecks' and the following suggests the best remedy: Alphonzo HempHIng of Butler, fa., swears that when his son was speechless from St. Vltus dance Dr. Miles' great Restorative Nervine cured him. Mrs. J. R. Miller of Valparaiso, and J. D. Taylor of Losansport, Ind., each gained twenty pounds from taking It, Mrs. H. A. dardner of Vistula, Ind.. was cured of 40 to BO convulsions a day, and much headache, dizziness, backache, and nervous prostration by one bottle. Trial bottles, and flue book of marvelous cures, free at F. W. Dlngley's, who recommends and guarantees this unequaled remedy. S Taken in a real estate deal from one of the largest manufactures in the west. We own the Clothing- cheaper than any other firm in Iowa, and it must be sold in the next sixty days REGARDLESS OF COST! The goods are all new ; have been manufactured in the. last thirty days. Remember, we recognize no competi tioninthis sale. The stock must be sold for what it will bring. , 1 • . • '. i Don't forget the place, the old postoffice room in the Galbraith block, Algona. . &> oo. ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, .... $00,000. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. /v™ cann °P malie Loa ns on Improved Lands " flam one to ten yean time, and give the borrower thevmmleaeof „««*«/, the whole loan or any .--, . _ „-.„„.,. ^i. v*»vj AAIUJ. ii AH t: J"V1 i has more early risers than usual. All subscribers who owo us will please notice our request for a settlement before Jan. 1. All unpaid subscriptions will bo collected unless settled by that -, tlmo, Prof, McCollum of tho normal faculty has boon under the weather for a week past, Ho was prevented from taking part in the school exercises Friday evening, J Revival meetings aro being hold in the A. B. Frink school house in Union Kev. Faus, the Methodist preacher of jurt, is holding them, and much inter- vat is reported. It it said that tho Sioux City doctors who came into the county a couple of weeks ago got $2,800 in good notes for what they are going to do in tho future, lo cure tho sick, Company F is planning for a grand military bull to bo givon Doc. 28, at the court house. Invitations will bo issued in due season, and tho boys will celebrate in fine stylo. In a late letter Jay McCall writes that he met Dave Clapp in Puoblo. He adds that our old citizen was dead drunk, so it is evident ho lias not improved much einco ho left Algona. Mr. Henley is tho man who has at last caught a fox asleep. Ho found him huddled up over east of town, and shot aim with a shot gun. Ho secured a flno fox tail for his trouble. . The Demorest medal contest for declamation will bo hold at the Congregational church, Friday evening, Deo. 19. There are thirteen contestants and a flno programme is promised. For the Christmas and New Year holidays the Milwaukee road will sell excursion tickets at fare and one-third for the round trip to points within a " ' " ""I miles. Will sell Deo, 24 Through our news agency we can save our subscribers a big discount on all papers or periodicals published in the United States or in foreign countries. We can send the State Register tho Des Moines Capital or tho Des Moines News with tho UPPER DES MOINES at the rate of $2 for both papers. Other Iowa weeklies at cheap rates, The letter in this issue from C. P. Dorland is in his usual entertaining style, and gives our readers a bright view of a famous spot. There is lots of philosophy in his closing sentence About all there is to be said of anything in life, is that if you like it it is what you like. That at least is true of climate and soil, and a man might us well like one place as another. John G. Smith has received a letter from Iowa's champion, C. W. Budd thanking him for his gift to the Highland gun club, and announcing his election as an honorary member. Mr. Budd also wants a 100 pigeon match arranged here with Mr. Smith, if the birds can H ha ^K,, . Ho is soon toshoot a big match with Elliott, and will come hero and shoot with Mr, Smith first. If the birds can bo had Algona will witness a fine contest. Lou Sessions is making arrangements to put in a marble yard tho last of Feb- urary or llrst of March. He has worked up a good trade in tombstones, and will now secure a cutter and fill his own orders hero at Algona. His success in getting orders insures a good local business, and the yard will bo a big addition to the town. As he asks no bonus of any kind he should receive the encouragement of all our citizens. Tho Bancroft Register has an extended correspondence to determine whether E. F. Clarke has been more inquisitive than he should be. It saerns that as census enumerator he asked questions of the old soldiers thev thought ho ought not to, and P. M. Barslou sent to the pension department to find out whether he had authority. The pension department seems to be against friend Clarke, and the census department seems to back him up, and the Register judicially says: »'M r Clavke is naturally inquisitive and may Tanners, Take Notice. The balance of our stock of husking gloves will be sold cheap. Gloves worth $1 reduced to S5c. . Butter crackers So per Ib. by the box. Bbl. fresh wheaten grits just arrived at the Cash Store. Above bargains found at TOWNSEND & LANQDON'S. OILCLOTH binding at J. W. Robin- son's.-36t2 IF you havo not seen, why not see Bowyer's lino silverware before buying your Christmas presents. 37t2 PRICES at the "Bazar of Fancy" are away down. Call and see. RUBBER weather strip at J, W. Rob- inson's.-8Gt2 Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INGHAM, President, J. B. JONES, vice President, LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier. Direetors-W.H.Ingham, Jno. G. Smith, J. B, Jones, T. Chrlsohllles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. th..? 1 , 11 " p l aa of nmklnga loan will enable the theilnterest on the amount paid. «--"-----•• John Grove. First Moil Ml OP ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, • - $5O,OOO Special Attention Paid to Collections. DIRECTORS, mr ACall ' Dl H> Hu'chlns, J. C. Black - (ieo - Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, West of Thorlngton House. Z. GROVE, Manage I want to say to the people who burn Coal that I am now in the market . supply of loth Hard anS^< • at current rates. Quality the best Come and see me. Catarrh IS a blood disease. Until tno poison is * expelled from the system, there can be no cure for this loathsome and dangerous malady. Therefore, the only effective treatment is a thorough course of Ayer's Sarsaparilla—the best of all blood purifiers. The sooner you begin the better ; delay is dangerous. " I was troubled with catarrh for over two years. I tried various remedies, and was treated by a number of physicians, but received no benefit until I began to take Ayer's Sarsaparilla. A few bottlos of this medicine cured mo of this troublesome complaint anil completely restored my health."—Jesse M. Boggs, Hulmau's Mills, N. C. "When Ayer's Sarsaparilla was ret;, oiumenilod to mo for catarrh, I was inclined to doubt Us efficacy. Having tried so many remedies, with littlo benefit, I had no fiifui that anything would cure me. I buriune emaciated from loss of appetite anil impaired digestion. I had nearly lost the sense of smell, and my system was badly deranged. I was about discouraged, when a friend urged me to try Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and IB- ferrod mo to persons whom It had cured of fiiiarrh. After taking half a dozen bottles of this medicine, I am convinced that tho only sure way of treating this obstinate disease is through the blood." —Charles H. Maloney, J13 Kiver St., Lcwell, Mass. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, , OFFICERS. AMBBOBSA.OAIi, D. H. HDTOHms, President. Vice President. J. 0. BLAOKTOHD. Cashier, mtiS'J^ 81 ^ 80 , 11 lmn< i to loan at reasonable rates to parties who can furnish first class security. F. C. WlLLSON MY i PHILPS. WARKEB'8 OlD 8TAHD. WtST OF COUBT HOUSE. . 7,^7 ..,„ LOUIS LESSINC Manufacturer and dealer In all kinds of BANCROFT, IOWA. H. M, Richmond, Pres. R. R, Richmond, V. P. A. B. Richmond, Cashier, Transacts a general banking business. Collec- f th^rfnWS 1 tM °ney transferred to all ports of the United States and Europe at low rates. Tickets to and from the old country for sate, Tax»^ ld /?, r « bot , hre ?^ e 9 t8Un(1 non-residents. Abstract of title furnished on the same day applied R. M. RICHMOND, EEAL ESTATE DEALER, Loan and Insurance Ag't ana Notary PtiMio, 60,000 acres of prairie lands and Improved farms 0re Vlllaee Pwpe for sale or rent FURNITURE, Picture Frames, tersfor the best Sewing Machines and Organs, COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa, R, M. Richmond, proprietor. First class house. Satisfaction guarantee! Special attention given the traveling public. D »" JU "" "* The New Meat Market, BENNETT & ANDERSON, G BEAT FRENCH BEJJEDY.-Dr. Le Duo's periodical pills from Paris, Franco act only upon the generative organs In females, ana positively cure suppression of the menses (from whatever cause) and all periodical troubles peeullar to women. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstruation, or nwgey refunded. •. Should notbeusedduring P I esnaney. The large proportion of the Ills to ^ }S? ^ a(Me l w«> sul&ot Is the direct result of a disordered ana Irregular menstruation. Ask any druggist for them. American Pill Co tapencw, la. L. A. Sheetz, supply agent, Also- na, la. H, Bosworth & Sou, Milwaukee: Boot Stevenson & Co., Chicago, wholesale agents. lday. Come aid see u™ ' Dr. d. 0. Ayer & QQ,, Lowell, Mass. frlw f 1; eli bottles, $5. WortU {$ » Sot««- TO ON RAIUKUP borrow money on railroad AUCTIONEER. D. A, HAGGARD, " , Taylor, over^nnls Bros. EMORY Hind «itmria*i«« MHU,* n A .t,_f •• • . > I

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