The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 10, 1890 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1890
Page 7
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Weif lill Write it „ sees it Till .everybody is sick of iiiig it Till everybody knows it withdut seeing Iti. that Dr, Sage's Catarrh R< edy eures the worst cases of catarrh in the head. THECTPESDE8MOlNES. AtGONA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 10.1890. IHISTORK OF COM ISLAND, The f nrkisli forces THed'lti Vain to Ovei-coiiie Its Rocky Fortifications. | The Rule of Venice Ovei 1 the. Corifotcs Lasted Nearly Six Hundred Ihucydides. Years, * ts —.,. Ihils tire' arB perchance brought} ittrft't *hl«t neif it to the clevef voyager, the beautiful w <> otter One Hundred Dollars Sewafd fct maid, the garrulous old king guided bv r" 3 ' l ' nso of Catarrh that cannot bo cured by SMSS JUS •Sffi£Ag t SKfii K«™>^ T '"«?' ?• fe.5°K^ wi «9 ">»"•"»«' ««< <»*«' <ta« r ffi?ffii!tt? M *!ar™'i,i perfectly honorable in rtll business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West & Trims, Wholesale Druggists, Tote- Waldlng, kinnaii & Marvin. Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucus surfaces of tho system. Price 7uc. per bot- tie. Sold by all Druggists. A. tew Experiences Uclntc.l nt the Club by j Dlners-Ont. * ',' Th ,? , funni e st bachelor dinner I ever par- 1 took ot," said a well-known club man the other evening to a Washington Star man, •I ate last week with a married frined of the World's Dispensary Medical Association of Buffalo, N, Y Sj offers to pay $500 to , any one suffering from chronic ( Ptot . Ru t UB B. catarrh m the head whom' they cannot cure, Now if the conditions were Facts in Regard to Corfu, Which Ante* date the Christian Era 700 Years. In New York pendent.] If Corfu had no classical history would still be historically interesting. been spared tharcuJsewhlch°rested&o -„..., positive cure you might,hesitate. Here are reputable men, with years of honorable dealing; thousands of dollars and a great name back of them and they say "We can cure you because we've cured thousands like you — if we can't we'll you $500 for the that there's one whom can't cure." They believe in themselves. . Isn't it worth a trial? Isn't ' an y tr i a l preferable to catarrh? SHILOlPS" CONSUMPTION CURE. * The succeC of this Great Cough Cure fa without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a tesUhat no other cure can sue- cessfuljy stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the United States and Canada. If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use ii, for fit.will cure you. If your child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief is sure. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price lo cts., 50 cts. and $1.00. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, Bje_ShjlohV Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. ot a. goutmand, spread himself for the occasion, as 1 could plainly see. The repast lurmshed was evidently of unusual elaborateness, and it Went furly well until the salad came on. I could hot eat any of that after the first mouthful, which ! managed with difficulty to swallow. Observing (hat 1 refrained from the dish inv entertainer said: '"I am afraid you d«,n't find this first- vain in two memorable sieges against its I ""'Ah," rock forts. The high degree of culture finished wur nTirTA?. ared ^^f \ es t°* G^ece °i: the salad, 'Avas afraid thai it pmnrtL « 2 e ?. 8 ' 1S P i. artly , due to , thls , £lx ' not P ro Y° satisfactory. You see emption. Bub there have been stimulat- was no o ive oil in the house and 1 aVin^ S± en Nn , fromvwlthOUfc - aor'M notl ? in * b "tt«on n h2?d Z thetuVpose ! zantiuin, .Naples, Ven.ce and England used castor o I for the dressing ^ fe wS T y rl er B* lhe ru '7u f Ven , ice ' 'i' 1 ? 6 did not W™ at all embarrassed at i vnl,,»f -1 ,V orfi * es , ? ave themrolvos making this statement, but what broke voluntarily as they had formerly done to him up entirely for the moment was ill ffiTI J?± d J e * SSL ^ J^ 0 ? 9 I a <*™ «4«rt «* aTuTk ofTrdin! -.., alligator Is one of thoso aninals which, like Hie parrot and tortoise, live for ftQ indefinite term. It is never full grown a less than twenty years, and may grow afte that. It Is not known how long It may live out It commonly attains the ago of 100 years , Special Sate. . For the benefit of ttiose who expect to purchase a piano In the near future, 1 wisl to annouuce that all persons who buy early will save a large percentage. I have no agents nor solicitors, and therefore can make It an object and will sell tho fines! line of Instruments at greater reduced prices than any house In tho Northwest. Catalogues free. Correspondence solicited. Terms to suit everybody. EDMUND GUAM, 207 and 200 Grand Ave., Milwaukee. There are about 75,000 persons In prison, In the United States. There arc, at least, as many more persons out of prison who belong to tho criminal class, making IfiO.OOO criminals, orjHie for every 400 inhabitants. s*^ 1 ^^^^^^^^^^*^^ EftS OF -THE To convince everybody, before subscribing, of the hiehf r Beautifully Illustrated joffi 1IICf*rirlfs\*irt.*.-.~3,l. * * , quality and interest of our its new form, we will send to any address ee YV , interruption of the Anjou episode. This was mild and beneBcent. It was the ary grocer's cheese ..... Ask Your Frlenilg About It. Your distressing cough can be cured. ,. , h"1 W , te. a "'S *''»'?• Bnl.nm within the Wo , form as characteristic city. , ~fi . e .*rT"i,'', l "' cccc -. . i I""! iew years lias cured so nianv coit'-iis •Why!' he exclaimed, addressing the K 11 ! 1 cods , ln lllla community. JUrenmrk! jrvant, 'where is the Roquefort that i or- i ? ms beon won entirely by Us trenu- dered sent home to day?' , V 1 ! n , Ask 80mc Mend who Ims used it -;i3egorra,sir,' responded the hand.( f^ M^o' Sf S^noSf'^ ff j{!ve° l,n 1*0*1» \\r\t 1 1 no Kr\n „...! Ait j 11 . — - *. < w* fists. loninn islands. The successive lord high commissioners, ot whom Gladstone was oue, and whose monuments profusely -, to be thrown,,,, sent back to the grocer for this, ' and fresh. 1 " _ ~ T ~-..~ i-«.>v>iu 'UV*»U11J^14 l,(3 UL Ul UolJI V 1 tjl deck the esplanade, represented here tho of a repasUhat 1 majesty of England. Ths English built other clay ' the present fine system of roads—paid for, of course, in Ionian money. A kindly of currier pljreous Is to be cs- „ ; --.-wuon/nii7.lbar and Lnl<e Nyas. "Speaking of dining out remind, n,a \«A$™' ^ ^^ wlU b ° thlr ^ n rpnnat. tl, n f I „„:„..„., .._ mch ^ j ^ — — ^ -•' « uiwiLii WLIU vcrv excellent restaurant here : ' "" " particularly on the ^.?,1. v . e .. tt ^.r.. ccnts b .uy!ng a union .with the kingdom of if flio fnnf' flinl- *.l,n l?«. l!™l. _.- itants „ Greece. But the fact'tbaT the'Erfjish on their departure blew up the principal fortification of the harbor on the island Vido and carried away all the guns from the other forts loft a sting. The dismantled fort was* paid for in Ionian money, but the exigencies of European politics demanded the dismantling. Austria had as much to say about that as England. But sweeping away the name of Corfu, which arose in the Middle Ages, and transferring ourselves back of all this foreign occupation, and centuries of semi-barbarism, let us introduce ourselves to the T - --- Kerkyra, of Thucydides. Passing southward, a half-mile or so from the esplanade of the present city, one comes : along an isthmus between two old harbors to an elevated peninsula, on which now stands the king's villa in a beautiful garden. Here one is overpowered by historic .of Dobbins' Soap, l Ii """« """> cviuoiiuyjguniC in It but that estimable vegetable was so artistically infused that instead of communicnt- ing an actual.taste of garlic its imply con- The ^?!?5 TEN ^ EN ? S f ot> a tr!al "ubBcriptlon, and xve willX J you three numbers, including our CHRTSTIUAQ \x,iiX*£v I «! ^ | send you three numbe^inciud^ | with an artiste cover; nlso, our Calendar Announcemen? for' 1 ^ SiiSgi, with a painting-" The Minuet "-by J. G. L. Sris fj r " , These three numbers contain the following reading-matter 1 :^ (I) Mrs. Amelia E. Bafr'C new serial, "The Beads of.Tosmcr." Mrs. Darr is the author of that most successful serial, "Friend Olivia,"just completed in The Century; but hereafter Mrs. Darr will write exclusively for The New York Letter. (2) Hon. George Bancroft's description of " The , yt, Battlc cf Lakc Eric >" beautifully illustrated t |,(3) Margaret E&eland's tat story "4(4) James Russelfl ILoweSfl's poem, «M y urooil .... written expressly for The Ledger, beautifully illustrated H by Wilson dc Meza, and issued SOUVENIR SUPPLEMENT. (A Mrs. Dr. Julia MoImeS Smith starts a series* cf articles giving very valuable information to voting mothers. >{§ 1(6) Robert Grant's entertaining society novel " Mrs '1 ' •®> lesaua ivldes ^y number a>,kpd that the chief be summoned, and demanded ot him how he was able to use trnrlic W1 fh such marvelous delicacy and effectiveness. He replied: i I/ 1 ? 6 w ?- y l cl ? ifc ia to chew "P a ama" bulb ot garlic and when the dish is behu stirred 1 bathe it very gently upon the mix ture. ihat gives the suggestion of flavor which you speak of, sir.' " lag rapidity. E>JVJOY® Both the method and-results wneii fsyrup of Figs ia taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and nets gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, ijiver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures hahitunl constipation. Syrup of Pigs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, ito many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most' popular remedy known. : Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c tend $1 hotels by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one " I . —; —v -« v W\,M. pis tr ci CM UJ iiioCUiiU associations. Here lay Lie proud Greek 1 coloay established by Corinth in 734B. U. a colony that first set the example of filial ingratitude, and, feeling itself stronger than the mother cily, joined battle with her find defeated her in the first great ™. vn b # tl0 of Greeks against Greeks in boo B. C. From tbii rising ground tbe pye dimly discerns in the distance, near the mainland opposite the southern end of the island, the Sybota island*, where .the later great naval batile between mother city anc colony in the presence of an Athenian fleet, gave the occasion for the areacltul Peloponnesian war. Prom this inner harbor, now abandoned and still, nearly silted up and yearly submitting to the encroachment of vines upon its 'Dord- allmnce with Kerkyra, the key to the voyage to Sicily, that lured the Athenians to | that ruin. Little of this Kerkyra remains above pound. Perhaps much may yet be found below the ground. Within a year or so excavations by Carapanos have J«.id bare a great quantity of terra-cottas. Perhaps it was a terra-ootta manufactory that he dis- | covered. The ruins of an old Doric temple he on the surface of the ground near a sprint' in an olive grove on the side of the peninsula looking toward (he mainland. Iho situation, 100 feet above the strait, among the olives and near-tho ancient fountain, makes one feel that he could have joined in doing honor to the dryads' and naiads with the throng that used to meet here. One of the antiquarians of Corfu has lately advanced the view that these remains are those not of a temple, but of a bath. Blessed bathers! The Child's Need of Sympathy. . The child demands sympathy, compan ipiiship love. Here also the instinct o the higher quadrupeds show in a touch go way the same demand. The do"' s desire even more pressing than the desire for iood, and otten displacing it, is to be with his master. If his master is within-doors the dog wishes to lie at.his feet; if he goet to another room, the dog must go also, and establish himself there; if he go 3s forth to walk or ride, the four footed friend bounds along in bliss, overjoyed to traverse miles ot country which he would never visit alone. _ An occasional friendly word contents him; but with companionship he can do nothing. Strange that we recognize this instinct in the animal, and often ignore it in the child! Every child needs companionship; to have someone to whom every httle joy may be imparted. Some or the most conscientious and devoted parents who have ever lived have been those who never kissed their children, and the same habit of repression still shows itselt in some households in regard to all communications with the youn». A wo man of genius, not now living, once told m tnat sue did not know how to tell time b the clock until she was eight.en. because her lather had underlakeen to explain it to her when she was twelve, and she ™ afraid to Jet him know that she failed to comprehend him. Yet she said he never in uis life spoke to her one har.-h word DESERVING OF CONFIDENCE.-There is no article which so richly deserves the entire conlldoiico of tlio community as BllOTra'S BnONOIIIAL TUOCIIBS. TllOSO BUf. ferinir from Asthmatic and Bronchiul Dis- should U Robert Grant's Harold Stagg." Harriet of tho Sandwich Islnnd- -.- .- „...,„„.,„ or the Mcxltun hairless doir Ills said to taste like spring rliiclcen andTs considered a great dainty." These dogs are market 11 ° UUmbel ' s aud Aliened for tho "DON'T hang to my skirts and cry so," said mamma to her peevish and pale-look ing iltle girl. Ah! 1 mother, If vou won d give it Dr. Bull's Worm Destroyers •" -•"' contentedly ' (7) I ^^ *•• «MAOy IV«c8m*ICi CftH = - -u- George Frederic Par SOnS contribute short stories. i(8) James Parton, m. W. Hazelfcineand Olivet " Great i ,•—-! 2,"° ot Ule wealthiest for its i>omi- laiou In Germany, that there were 35 287 self-supporting adults who were corniuir au auuual income of less than 8310 a °c"r fc No opium in Piso's Cure for Consumption. ,urus where other remedies fail. 25c. late novelty is an invalid's chnir pro- cd by electricity. The battery will drive - lfc was not his taste for gardens on substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAl, _IOUISVIUE. KY. 155 king of (he spot of •.— -p""« w UDI unc iiiir.^n wora. It wps simply the attitude of cold repression that froze her. After his death she wrote t>me, His heart was pure—and terrible- 1 think there was not another like it on 6n.rtn, On this point I fear that she was mistaken, l "i. Hw fc TT h . e r ? ce ot ' such P'^ents survives. -I. W, Higginson, in Harper's Bazar IT HAS A Nt y. , - - „ „„ ^. ,, wi».v* vt j LV/ \,VLiJ^JUUtilJ \Vltll uiy subjects to take the business of ruling off my hands and let me keep my Corfu home. It is no wonder that Elizabeth, j the empress of Austria, seeks relief from ,„,. i ui i •., ,, 0 tJ ier S Jjg Tutt's Pills Jm'ntoSSfb*^* 1 ^ eb .mtated, whethw MALARIAL REGIONS. wni flna TH(.t' 8 puig «»** ws* storativo ovvf Qffewd the sijffe Eft Jft JDK, i I — »v*j uwk*kU J ner troubles in her villa on the I of the inner harbor. But long before the time of Thucydides the natives of this island stoutly main- l tamed their descent from the oar-loving Pheeacians of Homer. Their land was bohena, tbe home of Alkinoos. This belief, in which they took so much pride, really made them great as a naval power; and he who would to-day take away the charm of Homeric tradition from this land, which has been made by it into holy ground, would work it a greater injury than one who should despoil it of its olive trees. Of course, our enjoyment of Homer does not depend on localizing his story. And yet the story of the Odyssey having been localized here from gray antiquity, one like, while here, to a believer, to read the Hdyssey as if there had been nobody to bring up any objection to its geography, or to reason about its geography at"all—to read it, in short, with Corfiote eyes and Corfiote fancy. Does not the very ship which Poseidon Interesting Story of u Hell Taken From a Submerged Ship. When you visit the rooms of the Natural history society on Boylston street get the custodian to point out to you a ship's _ bel ! YM 1 fa upon ono of the shelves, Boston Saturday Evening Gazette. 'II lias a history attached to it. . 'iut the year 1856 or 1857 a firm in this ciiytent out an expediton under the charge it Air. Whipple the noted submarine diver of the day, fully equipped with armor and divers, to explore the banks of tha Gultot Mexico for submerged articles of value, The »«-««j-*-— - • • li'^foj - m i" «""•"•«•"» "jp, me vessel loaded withkentlenge chains and anchors. Amnno 1 tno mavnr n«(.lJ.,, J' *__ - , ~ " v«r*. i »-*.j wu«£S TT4UAUII X V/aCXUUll urned into stone, because it conveyed i Ulysses home against his will, still stand <f!*3* ' *"«»ww«io IIAU uij>.,a.N liUBlNliBb. i mvsse '^SS^"'^^^^^ 'atlheniouthoc-its old inner'harbor? J amp i ujaraopiTsi BiGUEMANDffi x^oii »na nassecl " ~ ' *HnH>rlairiWH1'a< Tf ADVWOni TT^..-.-L".',*""'?" 4 **»»»"« .HH*^. . «.«V.*A. ^^^4-Ani jj^ur iJjctnitistUQ l Ji B WinterieAGEm'S' HARVEST. Hoiiastworke BOHMBB.OO., 8jj MECHANIC BTHEET., MEWAHK, M. J PENSIO ..The dlMWUty V"! Us tbo ff«rareeiilltk'a. ptipvuiii wowsim pur«»t| BPVf, depemlwit W|IMO BOII» dlud from offcoti pf army Mrjlce,ftrolncl«(jea. |f you wlsb ypur claim siwcdily . " •"••"•-—' Bqliilcra dlBfttloa sine* viilwwj uiia p«ront» STEREOPTICONS ,,„, ""ift. 00 ' MAGIC LANTERNS, ^—I the bridge over tho Potamo, where, according to Gregorius, Ulysses was cast ashore and tumbled out of the stream that had received him to sink exhausted in his long sleep under the double tree. I can almost go further here than J am asked to go. Mefhinks that under yonder tree, which looks as if it wight count almost any number of centuries, the sturdy swimmer fell asleep and awoke so sweetly. It does wot matter that another pltjce near the entrant of the old Harbor has come to honor in the mouths of the Dative, 9 a.8 the spot of tbe meefingr between Ulysses and Nausikaa. Our moftd adapts itself kindly to either locality. Somewhere hereabouts we w)Jl Jet the ttweet s<wy ijgve » local blbitetjgn.. 1st |a»oy for j&e hour told. expedition- returned in due a successful trip, the vessel ......kentlenge chains and anchors. Among the many crafts discovered and explored was a British frigate. From I his was taken the ship's bell, stamped with the broad arrow; also, from the hull, several sheets of copper stamped with the initials ot the dockyard in which the frigate was coppered, and also the year of its application. A statement of these facts, with a sheet ot the copper, was sent lo the late George Summer, who was then in London. He placed them before his friend the Earl ot Clarendon, who was then connected with the British admiralty. On examining the records of the dockyards, it was ascertained tba two frigates were coppered the year of the stamp, and were sent on their way to join he fleet about to attack New Orleans at the time of its successful defense by General Jackson. They were A jelled " j. — ..«fcri» kfcWI J II II I *.1| J YU ovc.r an ordinary road for uiuo Lours at lie rate of six inilos an liour. A $2.50 Paper for $1.78. TIIB YOUTH'S COMPANION Driven so mllc]l lor tie small amount Mint H.costs U is no vender that It is taken already in nearly lull a Million Families. With its llnu taper, and beautiful illustrations, its Weekly .Ins rated Supplements, aud Us DouMu Holiday Numbers, it seems as If tlio publlsli- crs could not do enough to please. By sending $1.75 now you may obtain it free to January, and for a full year from that date to January, 1893. Address TIIE YOUTH'S COMPANION, Boston, Mass. From a comparison of tlje registers of measurements made for army purposes, it appears that American soldiers are, on the Whole, as well developed as thoso who Ull tne rauks of European armies. BEEOHAM'S Piu-s cure Sick-Headache. A distinguished Bostonlan lias been pay. ng an election bot by playing a cornet on the Back Bay streets and collecting what peuuies he could for the performance. Bronchitis Is cured by frequent small doses of Piso's Cure for Consumption. An old cathedral is still standing about seven miles from Tucson, where it was erected by the first missionaries over three aud a ialf years ago. 'Ihrimcl Disease. Silk thread is soaked in acetate of! lead to increase its weight, and por- eons who pass it throuq-h the rnoulh in threading neodlss, then bite it off with the teeth, have suffered from lead poisoning. THE NEW YORK LEDGER, gRotot Bonner's Sons, Publishers, 49 William SI., H. Y. City. f •« VI j —„„.„. un^ouu. i nnv wer« Bo1 ^ by all druggists. »ljeUforJ>5. never heard of after leaving their moor- ^ °-*• HOOJJ * 00 -Lowe", Mass. lHf?S. Onfl nf fliftco VITQO *Un .*?.-:-l_j._ i- IfoTaT^ocar Disease Beo»a«» o«tarrh affects your head, It la not therefore B local disease. II It did not exist In your blood, « could not manifest itself in your noie. The blood now JB your braJu is, before you finieh reading thli article, back in your heart again an<> toon dlitrlbuted to your liver, stomach, kidneys, aud po on. Whatever impurities the blood does not eorry *way, oauie what we call diseases. Therefore when yon have catarrh of the head, a snufl or other in- hilant can at most give only temporary relief. The only way to effect a cure is to attack the disease lo the blood, by taking a constitutional remedy like Hood's Sartaparilla, which eliminates all impnrltiei •nd thus permanently cures catarrh. The itxceM ot Hood's 88r»»par<Ha M R remedy for catarrh i* Touched for by many people it has cured. Hood's Sarsaparilla Prepared only E POSITIVE CURE BLgjMlUTHgHS. 53 Warren St.. Woiv York. Price so cts n«MVi > «> nimio Coldin the Jiead it has no equal. Warren, Pa, DIAMOND BRAND CHIOHESTER'S ENQUSH, RED CROSS 10.OOO Testimonies. Hume Paper. «:..-.'.».V!I«!_!! fr _''»fl Bold by all Loool l>i-UKBl»t«. YOUR ings. One of these was the frigate'dis- covered by Mr. Whipple, In thisacoiden, tal way was communicated to the trovern- inc nt and friends of the officer,, anS cr-w intelligence ot the fate of the ship Per- linna Q. ao/viiiri wVi* nn | n _i« r ., Dollar the ""•"—"'O—"••'•' •"• ••**** *MW 1/i V"O Oil hap? a second Whipple may discover resting place of theTJnited States sloop of war Albany, which disappeared in the same waters, carrying to the botton, among other noble souls, 1i eq t. John Quincy Aciams, grandson of the president of that name, who, if h? had lived ten years longer,, would have added luster to his patnoHo name and family. A wore ^ comnlished and gallant officer than Lirufc Adaim never trod the quarter deck. The bell u overhung with a massjye canopy of coral, wkch, y cow8i4ere4 of great ecienjj, & ™&&&tow*8 the growtfe9l wral ovuaber of yeftfB, WANTS Our Hlustr»t«a CATALOGUE! of Scroll 8»\rt, Uesign*. M»trio l»n- teruo, Skate*, Boxing Glovo«, etc, *»-Sei»d Btauip fljr our No. gpo OatAlugue, THE JOHN WILKINSON CO,, 269 * 871 StiU St.. Chicago. III. ' .. Address for forms for implication and f ull Informallon WM. W, UUHJiSY, JLATE COBI.MDSS10NBH Off 1'ENSIONS, Attprney At Law, W««hliU(fon, ». C. (Mention tUU gaper.) W!DEAWAKrCHOrR"8, v CHOKOU8 SOOIKTIIS9 and all MDSIOAT ASSOCJATJOMS vvJIl do well to sand for%& iiiiil ciitnloitinjs of our Ohonis, Anthem or Glee Hooks, Clmrch Music Hooks, SlnglngCltiBs Hooka Oratorios. Cantatas, QuattflU, Choi'als, «"••••-' &c. ' , Jehoyuh's Praise. (SI, or 80 doz.) Emerson Is a lar K e, llrut class Olmrcfi JIuslo book, ful Tuis Solid Gold Friendsbtp Rin t for only 70 eta, mailed to any IvcM upon receipt or uric*. Will" 1 HI91MI-*Wn PATENTS! Are new ana thoroughly good books. Carl Zerrlutu'B Atlas- (SI, or fil» per doz.) fcnieriiwn'u C'aiivert Solectlous, (jl, ^'/do*) Are excellent for Conventions. »OH TH15 CHII,D«E)S'S CU1U8TM48. CuHKlit Nniiiilug, (8'J ol»., Ji3 |)or do*.) Lewis. Blury's stocklug, (!» cU., or gl.SO do^.) ••• • Jlnifle Hel}». (80 cts., S3 nor doz.) J Kiiitf AVIwter. (SU ct»., ffil.iBii pw Ubz')' Xiims »t tlie Ke*-cl»lo<s. (i» cU., $1.80 («u (15 pts., $1.80 per 4oz.) BlliBd»i» of Motltcr Goose. (25 cte., ANT BOOI? JuiiBB ron «?TAU- LYQN &> HBALY, QUVm DIYSOIf COMFANY, PATBIOK O-yABRKLL. Atfy «t Law/Wa'.'?"""*

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