The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 10, 1890 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1890
Page 6
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„ ft -" f^ttv President Harrison Bis- National '• " TOE UPPER DE8 M01NE8. ALOONA. UK A WEPKMPAY. ttttni« ..." ^ '"' '''"^%W '* His Annual Oommunioa tion to Congress Urges the Passage of the Lodge Election Bill tot Says the McKinley Tariff Law Must Be i Fair Trial, l bf en letelted po*ew f«*dlfy edit- to »t>l*>lt the date 16 the >eiitfnrl.t*, tobedenlg. resident of the Swiss R#pnblto, ! i«fon the joint Im ration bf ihs govern. l »? 8 ^"i^ ?«"«••. Great Brllftln, aud * • fts "It 0 * 011 Persons well cj«nHfled foi 1 6 oto them, by 6? any „ , 9«lthtiaa)iinfrlnufl. to bo exeor continued to be the ftnd 6f «"rrespr,ndencn. Foreign Eolations in a Satisfactory Oonditiofl, Sinte of the Nntlon's Discussed—.Reciprocity lu. dorscd. J'OHKJTdN Are Frlonilly. jf- by , ftn y *'?H-d:si otfik people tout ft . -— dy may b« sought and aibned in a system Oi quasi smuggling. ft, tooViavfgel bee»tl§8,the 14* th* cuia __ or belief of fcny" thing, - - •- * . only Bute thfnfi, «o to deal •hlth the Of ptfth as thit (hose! whoi b*Me*B to be rightful it lawful. t - «ftgo In rclntiju to thd patantlng of lands to jettlerAupobtliepttbHfi /omMtt fia? bfflfli c*S Med out in the ftdministratio-n of th < us- cm ntrfr iiiKl -iwa VlnoT. intoi-eflt, Imnin-wr u.oi S°"«""'l>l<j«oti«ith*« now, nor »i.t*o li'psJn) ?n,,?»'' ta VI i betl i :flt I0 both '^''""s. 'I lio imo i ot '.'V two oomiirJcB 1 y rail, * njaHntf oftnsttint Bfowtb. li 1 ",' es , atul th ° BB m . l , th ° '""'"'lOy Of tMlllo niltl 11 " th(M " n ' "' »«"«" tr> frr«h nrnu n( ' J110 imi'oniill.o o; tru> 8J ' Bcm toexetllonjl Dccronsln T. •«».«, i - r , t . 0 t iho Secretary of War exhibits *?I"?'«ff™ l ''y'«>8 results affaifmd during the jcar by wise and nnon(i>n tatious tmthods. Tho £?» *?i.i"W^i desertions from the army (an evil jor which both Congress aud ttin department • long boon fleokiiiK a remedy) has been ro- i? past year 24 per cent, and for k^ „«. v.-r *— —<=« August and September, during l?»V.v • Purpose has, been to perfect the 'avorablo offsets of the act of, JLI? Si honest Settlers with Such prom] ,,,,-- ".-, 33 perotnl. as compared with ' J *, value of the entry might not bo tliJ>Bamotaonihsofl883. • (lowed tip by the expenses and extoftfc J he_results attained bv a reorganization nn-1 I SL i ? h ,5SlV>' subjected the claimant. .The thti. 'that these evil Incl- time Unfavorably Uin thti oonntfy, can long with' Pftfe. and Wholesome Influ- iperatlng to give to our people " in all branches of legitimate _, ,. -,--„'• .The apprehension that our ^SLSSfe?. 6 ^ onc^bejnbjeeted to fan- ftmt attention. to I desire to , - ca»t if t . 'i'3 r ?° ftlmofit /"TOflfllblo loforo- ' 8U ° uld b0 ,; '"«> n UnU iu tho projects ??'• I «colniiioiicl ilia OIty Ol Muxico '- fl '•' ll " e " with Spuln. ~iir"r, •""•""" I'uariiotnt of our rslntlmit uSr^a:'^r,!^^,£ in a !' " '"""""I'llBl'oil In tbo direction "" "> ncooBsary to the ttdjudlca- 0 " "* 1 ™ 8 - Ontfiesolhdftyo/Jtms Clooil Coast Defenses, rotX n °t'ha" - b0 -? C ^ mmend *«°*?s °t the Peo- Into operation as rapidly as practicable, une , increased clerical force provided wai fojeoted new calls bad come In,' and assigned to work, and a cohsldeiable part field Was recalled and added to the "working force of the office. The examination and ad- of claims -have, by reason of methods, been more rapid than economy to the Go.v- ._jre Is much hardship .justice to the soldiers. The anticipated .tare, while very large, will not, it is be- be in excess or the estimates made be- the most serious ohar- the Lute Taf I* Ai-t» 'arltf act has only partially gone some of its important provisions '- take effect at dotes ye'' '• , A . than Sixty days, its pettna- FaTgely -?-^ up ?- ta *^ e > and ^ lo - 88 stm ous Tai act, of themarkeTs" was" wholly .apart from t j,.,- The enlargement of our our* «««.!• .ii -j- sl lve r . B111 undoubtedly gave an upward tendency to traae and had a marked ef- '--* on prices; but this hntnral and desired ef, or tne silver legislation wasbvmanver. toneously attributed fo the Tariff acE. . recommendations JtortMnW1 in to the ishcrl, if made to encourage ..»,,..« steam communication ports aud the ports may most our WTO, anil speray HIM. rlltlon of forego trale. con jury and iu the nationsi of Cen - a two of eSpeqtatfdtt • rawed trade tbat will j-oiir prompt action upon t Water for Arid Regltmit Tbo subject of the coiieenation ft Jstrlontlon of the water «nM>ly of thj loiishns lidd much attention from i bin Jin u not ii» yot been put upon a pi; and - a isfactory basis. The urgency of tbe >«$> ance. I'lans have been prnclicallv acTeod ,' «"'d I bBre can be no good reason for dllay. ho exepiilion of them; while the defonso- , lato of , our 8 rPlvt """•J'orts Ini-nlsheB an ur. mi , , • geut reason for wise expedition. This fo, limn tbo wont.., whiVh w¥f bo"iaTd"MO™'c^VrTfr ttr!ff tha usuiil course, will exhibit In ,i»?£<i (i «"•'"« abolition. ' "~ "'""" " "" w IV ' ii f , tll , e 8tttte9 ' , ?V r '," tt!ly l!e8l(!nated t .nilltla. that has b«h qitendod to generally and most e "Natloiml Ounrd, and our own, whiah claimed him as a oiteen Our Consular jugs of tho Into oommlBMon wore nMi, ?, n "''''I' 0( im l'«rllall.y niitl a htoii of justice, and «,i iiioMeiit wfilufi was It betuecu mae*. '°*? the euactment of the law. This liberal gen- SPi '»» should suggest a more careful scrutiny °L b " ls ./2 r . s ? oclal «»<*. both as to the caseg n e J' he ',* i8d 97 norJuBtice in the rayed by the Slates. a HE NATIONAL I,A\VS. Satisfactorily AilmlnlBtoroil. leaped unfavorable «ritidnui. i speak of thei .j'S 0 ." 1 ' booausn tho credit of w oilue, but Is shared by the hoailB' 'SSSSPSfr wll , h tBe 8 Ct body 'SttSS^ S '~to»ali thesub^ct; S exponditiiro. atlon aud '° evorv Jtom ' ast BI - 8Bi011 the as *^U<.4. -----."*•--""» *«.*«*, wuuu. urj LU uuo CaB6B aUowed granted and as to tho amount Useless 1'ubllo Itnlldlnir Hills, At the last Session I had occar Ion to return With my objections several bills making provisions for tho oi-Pctlon of public bnildlng-i for ™ 1 " »•«••« "-lit tho expendlture.i - 'V ii' \. 8U PP, Da 8. mat in an of its rates and th« 'ere. iu my opinion, gireally in excess of any •;& 0 » n8e .&-?° cl »" ° f 1'Bislationis more . .—-- -•— ~.M«« v. . B>o4»iijuu JD more i le to, abuse, or to degeneraw into an ur public treasury, i ' " In this ated «r^r "Fts _ — , ,m-.m^ ~-fj.m. *T O* . » - — ;•-•-••"*'( w» w uuft^UUlfvLIU 1ULO HQ UD- tfflttO^fl I VIWJ->MI .14. M f —' seemly scramble about the public trcasurv I S<£f' aI ,P , pel ty , of our SS 1 *^^"'* 1 "®*! 1 ;-^ 111 " reference to the *HB IJBPAUTMKMl OF AGKICUI.TIJKB. SSS, &. N ?l embsr ..!!. 8r( tneut violators UBPAItTMKMT OF AGKICUI.TintB. Fanners 1'rosporlng. , JSl'S!**,^ '5a!!?SKt"ff »'. Agriculture de. as to the terms 1 will be corrected by augnrii s as to its re. -.-, -,-- uiaiket r ports, the i, internal trade bolancps and th uperity of our people. Already w hrar from • abroad and from that the pro Importations im Justified. The import . 'f~\~i — --"" *ork for the first ihrei weeks of November were nearly 8 percent greater thau for the same period in 1889 and 21 Ber cent, greater thau In Bamc period of 1888 yS^^^^^SSTSl^ guilt /. j-" »•"• 'Uf^vo COUU60 tion of violations of the offeusee against United number ot convict! r them upoa " have a States offloers. very i It is Umf tt. efforts' of the UepartmeS ^h^SS tote Hgentiy aud zealously devoted to the pro" motioni of tie interests Intrusted to its care. veiIient ln i« ~/s~r "i ' oonta in Octobor, ISbO, to 81.00* !?_SP. tob _ e /.. 18B °!._?°rn from 81 cents to 50? Foroigrn CHfoUtn.% of the Bill. 0Th8orf V ol8mB °' the bui tha * have come to rreZon^ 1 "' 11 ?? U ^ oeB nm 7 wo11 be rejected g anoy i lt the88 orltfcs really believe of tJ& 0ptJ ? n b ^ u f <"» free-tradepolloyi of tariff rates h most i ^?^^ff^^^ H^S^nVo^ora -.TH^-OT S«Ss3iS^.M^ 83&&i3£. ^-m^KteK^^ ^«""i~' '-,—-—•• *"/*i *^"vb to 43 o^nls, and bar* ley from ps cents to 78 cents. Meats showed a IS*?*?™ 1 ? 1 but ," ot 80 J , ai «8 ".»ii-creaso. Thfex. i^ 0 ,!"..^. 8 1 JP^."'. 18 . a ";' fo«ls shows a ilue in such ex- co.urse in all 1^^^-^ K%££ the was more cattle last April marks a most in- onlycouinicndthc^i^t'tolp^rtegtlon".' The Couiilry8OTnB, ;o0 8-.We<joii>tB and IS* pemJItiiros. .ou^r.ire^.oiif ^ ovOTn ». ert *««» I have iue this the preceding ' vear ;•• '•• ! i" Bl( Jil l>?" nd8 ' on d the total increase - —j —- •—*. M. AAVU-UAIUUD UUJ1UV, revenue wou^dia f^il^ £££^~ ? s^^'^«^«- 8 ffi gsaar-fe a?® asssrisss,- people in a rare exhibition of ' • all p^z^nr^'^'^Srf ^ ^"«"^*ssu i wffi?-fi» ^ ^" m " - '^-co.erean ffl^**^*^^^ s alement of . tho purpose api>JU»i,ion or a familiar equity iurisdiiflm,' ^-™^£ b » vor^ large number " ' - - a AJlUinill Q /»nti rnu.f JAI 1 1 A «w«tA inou^U, "• «"•• *•"« "**JUHO Ul UU nieutlhtloiillSS ?»«•-/ b(1 .fftorouewiuyrocom- Jgiug imputations loouiloa mni-n l< 'n i bo , 8 ° llul ended as to them abToacl ha loqunoamoiofuil aiui «« n ™t,^™ inqui j ^ tlal .." Forolgn Mutters. our oltlzoiiB in China RTothoils Gioally Improved. The, report of the Post mas' er General agaiuHt SU..HJ0.18:! 'Iho Antl.Loltory Act. S lie Seal Question. .'•ploiulUI New Vossuls. The o-nRi ruction • « i . lietwoon tho t *)uchliig tho fur Boal quoatioii ;«e* in not vot adjured as will «ori'oapoudujico whi Cuu«re B «. brought/ally into operation. The™ {» U n^? nadeJ ';!I lato to thuir neoeaaities. mere IB no disponUii-n. among any of our people to promote T,-«I-«.H— ?._,_•?... ui >y and dairy proO: P. 8 ,.* 0 ,, Promote prohibitory legislation" Our &•*"?•«*>• .. -TUs ffi^f««?_?*»J*?«.no«.to tie hurt of others SW-w'^o^vS^sr ^u^^u ff ?^^^t» ^.JJL 8 ] 1 ?! 1 8a 7 e . °«f working people fronrtha 'esses whloli scant work and . t - — c ^^"»-^ ? ^'o^'ff^.^^S£ haTe* ha «. 1 3Sd ba ff Cbslrf SSiS?™" 8 ° f ° U ° rmou8 valao to olb « «^* as uio giyeii to oases iuvolviiiD f.h« « 0 tf4«,,'l ninnn • - - or has been they have contagious repprte.1. This of Working People. Prom the time of my induction into office thu hv 1. ™ "t 8 R ° T ^ y p °Y er nnd influence g'iveu by law to the Executive Department for tlin development of larger markets for our prod! ^_..?' ," R ? tfl( t 1 *''^7 ou ^ farm pro/1 ueta. Iiin II/>OM iu alford ILB per- """•euarauty lor the wbolBsSmU ,o « T of ou ! au y, foreign market except th a rwo Soi? «ywhe?e aivln^o ^'^ "{""""PMon Mil SS"? 1 « ul «{» n1 * working^omentoTtV^os ace it 11? food product, and its non- ' J Uttu arppald tlrfow hero -better abstrautlv bet^-..A.- 111 ? 0 . 8 .. " quite clearly reveal the real per relaliyely to tho cost of the nn™u.,,,:i« n „» Boot Sugar Interests. The information given by tho Progress and proipoots of thu g^MttW^B^S*" success. Tho area over «bloh tho <•«» be succeBsrully cultivated is ver\ eased tarolga that .euessibla „, <~v Government for the equal nit, at fair rates, of the hoirsstead settlors who MU eventuallv take up lh«so lands. The UnltM Elates should not, ft my opinion, undertake tht construe.ion of datris or canals, but should limit its work to-such surveys and observation! as will determine the water supply, boW surface and subterranean, tho areas capable of irrifation, and the use. location of, and storago capacity of reservoirs. This done, the use of the water and of the reservott sites might be granted to the respective State! or Territories, or to individuals or associations, upon the condition that the necessary work! should be constructed nnd tbe water furnished at, fair rates, without discrimination, . tbe rates to be subject to supervision by the Legislatures or by boards of water oom« mlssionera duly constituted. The essential thing to be secured Is the common and equal use at fair rate* of tbe accumulated water supply. It were almost better that these land! should remain arid than tbat those who occupy them should become the slaves of 'unresttained monopolies, controlling the essential element of land values and crop results. Bettor Election Laws. If any intelligent and loyal company ot American citizens were required to catalogue )he essential human conditions of life, I do not doubt that with absolute unanimity It would begin with "free and honest elections.' And it is gratifying to know tbat generally here is a growing and non-partisau demand or better election lawa. But against this sign f hopo and progress must bo set the depressing and undeniable fact tbat election laws aiI3 methods are sometimes cunningly contrived to secure, minority control, while violence oon> pletes the shortcomings of fraud. Pass the Election Law. In my last annual message I suggested that the development of the existing law providing a Federal supervision of Congressional ele> tlons offered an effective method of veformlM these abuses. The need of such a law has manifested itself in many parts of tho country, and its wholesome restraints ai.d penal, tlea will bo useful in all. Tho constitution, ahty of such legislation ha? beon afflrmeS by the Supreme Court. Its probu ;lt, effect. Iveness is evidenced by tho cliirncter of theop:i.-Blt:on that Is made to It. r, fcaa been do- -u as If U ware n u nw , -^a Federal po-.^> ana atf -mvasron or the right! of the Hates. Nothing could be further fiom 'rath. Congress has already fixed thi Tf i, iol . tlh , 0 election of members of Congress, it Uao declared that votes for members ol igress must be by written or printed ballots! ins provided for the appointment by the Cto! ouit ouuris lu certain oases, and U uo " ' ion of a certain number of citoets. . supervisors, and made itlhelrdutrto superviM tuo roElslraiiou of voters conducted by thj to challenge porsous offertafl— i to personally iuupect and BcrnS elections aud remain people. Th- Ilooiprooity IT , In many of the products of wood'and iron andinmeiitB aud breadstufla. WH h,i™^,i™?' The Ueorelary of pro that the tho tariff law tot concurs lu the siiporvisioii provided by ...v i™iu jaw IOT rugoro/ domoatio in-oiluotion eSl, iro! transferrcd to th « JJopurtmwic of ig?° far'«?T a ^, r< ? atlQe i to tbe ° IvJ1 f 01 " 7 ' 08 baa, BO fm^L 1 ,^" .f u j; n : be .! n «xecuted by those h'av- .__ bt'eadatuffa, wo liava nrivnn ' tagcs that only need better foclliUog oMnfcar" course and transportation — - - U01 '- 0 ' lnte 'large foreign markets, of the ' '" to sooro /or them - The ro The eamo law change' for the nor.'s of certain ee aduilBB.on product*. Tho th with, av. classified 'lity, " " ersorwhat is known as the What is given the ous for an to our right o( 'eolijrocal aud doea 'ther pow- TI1E TA11IFJ- AND ITS EFFECTS. reciting to ~&~™^^^&*™fg ]riis^s^o^^% ( ^^5 the llevisec: by both ih in whether we if^r. WB new BlllbR Of t.llfo Id H^ I.»**„.. ™tn i._ '.i ' ll> T UU .™- I ,.*,. "* U1 * on certai«-.c<,muioaities"wl,,o the ousting donoto An nwiu-il in favor of tho Unltc.d Ftates In I natter of tlio diiiin of Mr. Van UoUk, i™ agiii *aytl wat.reuderud on Iho 'Jth of Deoi-lnl tlm'fiiir",T«"—P""M "•.""• agixjemont touohia riSo! Ul eaS? U ha. K^ l ^- Ut » u "' to " any oliiiiifjo in ' . —-•!!• to obsorvo olusoi !',,, 8 't','!', u ,"" f'-w^, '»"' 11 ~—,, v «..t» H u jt, , JJU ttJM'UIJtlli ItiirClttll ILMi/ n a a r V e°Bu lt10 l 1 ,i' 1 : Ul ' )tl "!"' y WlU 1>0 lu « ^ n>" ,uot a result »hloh ii IB coulli antly Loliovuil WOM t22 r ^S ry JM8 ° bL ' 1101118 'U-oiiTbo commer™'! lUvi Hnyli, tho terms of iiayuient worn iinf observed A unw ayreoment us to t , 0 Umeof nn, ,. r~V pl'l'rovod and i s now in Other just claims of clitens of tiii fetates lor rqdi-eBS of wronyB tufferert "S?A" r 7.,.°! ) . ort l8 -b»'»8 i 11 a 1 1 r J "•&•-• tujfJUA t'tiiiistj, i xi ID Liifl rn i suits of this locution will bo iho (luickmilni." and enlargement of our mauufaiTtuH s In ms g ! trios, Ur EOl - au I better markets f.rourbreaa i stutTs and pi-oylBlons both at ho,i-e .mi abroad more oonstaut omployiiiBiit and bitotr ' for our working jieopl --•• oo^moi-ce^vbiehworein tho ?'V l8 lati-r method, 1 any class, bow6ver U iiowB 1 rf, > fi 6l ' U n.? ;:08 ' or ' e(l rs of ±ei l °'A" ballodbo, 'iSit Ii lef r?* « tto ambush of the m «.|.lf I, bo free ' r °m flclal oiTecfs upon ^ _ oontemplation of Congre'sV hiue" partially manifested themselves. as .yet but atlal,^ of the d u ,,artm,,Vr, "Sro'ffler^illS and instructive. Tho in u r. 3 o or uicilev In circulation during thn iilneker - P5 Ihu I uucl j oil lior ouit bonds to acoit of ss 4ii 020 - About Ciroiilitiloii, Tha efforts of the Kooretary to iucroaioth money i,, ci* 1'ortiif uoso IiioJilont, In the Bummer of ItS'J an Inoidont occurred ---- ——........ «. v . **,v«jj »ju, uii a ci Wl, resiiltiiia iu iho reduction of i interest of i The < ustoms • oi-vice. -ome Stat)i*IIo.i. The general tnvds throughout th,, country during'.„ shown a mai-l to ,i Improveinuub S&^-^ n K{ y ^ur l ,avo,b l ,t „ wp among - g^ ( «?'f- UU It 1 is ^'^^ Vo,,7.».,.,',";.r,r I*""""*",",""" ""ucondary batterv Know that the lust ^s^sit.rr.^ss^,: 11 ^" 1 to ^ u&'M^r^ri — volume of bnaiu; as transacted nioutbs of thu JHUC 183;i show, aH coin o ., i **i 6 sama moiitiia of 1883 aninoroiLi hatistHftoiy JSwults Ati n l, lei | whole county of about 8 i per' COB T • - • Juor-aso outKido ^ho city of Now "York" ti^ir.i—*-•"«•** w-noflts. ^»,SS'^S«=;2 r-li,«,eai tr that some fiscal year very giatifying shows Tha years awaited the concurrence of i '""'"' oh modifications of o i AUU ntn/i aut-4 1 ruiT „ " J v " v*ui IJUt IU the ffi ai tioles. Tha Executive is not ron u the I 0 " 1 A" .?° n -l e ° t «.«> . as. to what L to e ^ S" 81 ".?. 118 ..«».' being eon.iuotod acoepr j «d.^his^^ 08 complete: ciel'iv'ery Jl has "baalf n tlm nrt,iM*..*.. n *..'",. yeen een the countries trow which wa , coffee, tea and hides ha ««rv»Hon- ITO ;iOO til about 40,l)Ui),uou. Increase in Exports. •l.osu-00-n-ir^' fe b ^rCimM, 0 ^"' 1 een bubmlttuU to Oonere.-.s ir r u oatIon ^^^rtt^tK^S uu« uuuuunbiuu, a proolamutiou 1,1 iiil.r* t oompletos tho transaction, aa d in tho inni^r 01 our owu people have free sugar. tea^cS'and hides. Looking . The JndicatlouB thus far given are vsrv v, ful of eariy and favorable aotion '-"'^ h • whir'- • pro; by equal from B U y ofh fatallj'iinpeauheO — —— x*•"*'*'" »**s jutdr, au(l ^"n^iS-^T^lfisa b: countries ,.,, — ---—^MM ,Li UKI luuiturai a good ^Jr^ t &&AlSS' of uloctureu goods. COfllINQ ute.'i'l,,,;:^;^,^, 1 . 11 .^ 1 , 111 "!'!'! vali _ wako . ... . ports or entry. «swi&8rK^7 B £Ffi.S Tho obi } ffi%*,'i ld ' wl y ln B lho "ow-liu Ss$££. "K.'ssrs ",«s!! L S with aatfBftvction. Iu Utali. and iufluonco of tho ,-,-,- Utah arc obaervut A^. 1 ;?- 081 '' l^ter of Wilfo Work (hut Jtcmains to lip p ono . In addition to the important bills tlmf'i J'anlu. JataUyr^Wn'^ i&WM •fiolo? ?tT &^£?^^ffi$£$ <JeB?e8 Se oK«f/", (J i i' 1fluon<: «« h '"-o been in some Blderatlou o( these, and of the will require not of tie session Mil, those louo st. The i.roiier vu«. or nu apportionment annual apiiropriation yuly : tliiit no woijc. lost, but ahull sap'tss-aS?

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