The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 3, 1890 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1890
Page 8
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ARRIVAL AND DEPASTURE Of tflAINS, , , jynyjjju^i^^jg^ OStCAOO, MlfiWAtKEK & S*. l:45ptn iSssttTC^sSfcrn No. 4 9:50pm gef littl THE UPPBH DE8 MOIM38! ALGONA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY, man. 3, im . iff!. M.. iisiiMp'ffl * — I South— p « fls ' • i : & * m P«°f e pass, la:80 p m ft 8!65am|De8MoliiOH ft 1 'M p in Iff AND ABOttt ?2B Boardman SI-OB. Want your poultry, Fetitori is to organize its co-operative Creamery iioxt Weok, . i-f, — r — a ot holldevj , «' is ready for inspection. C. H, Blossom has moved to bis new £?S e t andl8 Bfittteff settled for tho winter 1 , dec,itlrch, owner of the liathawav .««. h... h,,m „ ..... hoU80 - th ™7 fc •*-* w« u » UK) U fTlll^L I farm, has built a new few weeks, W. F. Carter won the piano in the raffle lust week, and his clothing stock goes cheaper than ever. Wo shall have the pleasure noxt week of Btyhifr our renders a diserlptlon of Oklahoma by C. P. Dorlnnd. Tho Milwaukee road has a new time ?Kr* ?, ho £ h i in 8«» M-e «otod in our time table, but tiro unimportant. The closing exercises of the normal school come Friday night at the Congregational church. Everyone should attend, Geo. B. Van Saun held instructive meetings at the Masonic halt Saturday and. yesterday. Ho is state lecturer for the ordor, A big shooting tournament was hold Thanksgiving day, the weather bointr warm and pleasant. Some good scores were made. A heavy snow fall Monday nigbt makes December seem more like itself. Everybody recognizes our old winter i month now, ' °; ^ , F , OSS wns llt Cloui ' Luke last week taking orders for clothing. Ho holds a good trade over there, and makes regular visits. I .._, and that Lirermore is n lite e city. Teh patriotic yoling men have-thrown Ih and will get n dancing cuhvas for the court hoilse floof. It tfill arrive in time for holiday festivities, and the amount of vitality it will save cannot be computed, It costs in the neighborhood of $60. The Bancroft ftegistet reports & case where Chas. Beale Was fined $25 ahd costs for pumping water on a girl In that city. He claimed someone else turned his hand, hut 'Squire Davis judicially decided that he was the gull" ty man, and mulcted him accordingly. The county gained a good, new settler Saturday In M> D. Court!, who has gone onto thei Jas. West farm between Algona and Whittemoro. Ho bought the place some months ago. He comes with eight horses, and other stock in proportion, and will open up n big farm. D. Bice has been making some eood improvements this fall. A barn 112 feet long is most important, though his water works are finely arranged. Ho was lucky in getting a good well, and now by a system of floating valves he lias carried the water to tanks In all his yards. He has a very convenient arrangement for stock. An invitation was sent in behalf of Algona to tho mooting of tho Iowa stock brooders now in session at Oskaloosa, «? hold their noxt session here. Mr. Kllnofelter of Mason City said he would urge our claim, and as tho meeting lias boon in the south this year, it is not unlikely Algona will get it. It is tho most important farm gathering in the state. Tho Chicago market is unsettled with hogs very low. Yesterday's Herald reports the receipts at 226,000 for the week. Tho October and November receipts this year are 336,478 over those of last year. Hore the price this morning is $3.10. Flax is up a little in Algona, $1.08@1.10; oats stand at 38c; Mr. and MM. iMus Walston sbeht Sunday in Algona. p A. D. Clarke went to Sf. Paul last Thursday on a business trip, S. 8. Sessions wetit last night to attend the Stock Breeders association meeting at Oskaloosa. The Reporter says: Atriie Peugnet cafteover from Algofia Thursday to eat turkey with Emtnetsburg friends. j^ffi' Stiles' taany Algona friends shook hands With hita last week. His shadow is no less than when he left Al* gona, so he has evidently enjoyed life. Mrs, Geo. Adams and children were down from Minneapolis to spend Thanksgiving at the old home, and take turkey at the hospitable table of the John's hotel. P. B. Grose was a pleaoant caller last Friday. Ho has opened a barber shop in Llvermore, and is getting a good trade, He is the one wlio went tfcere and not B. F., who is still at Bancroft. L. L. Klinefelter of Mason City was an Algona visitor last week. Ho is running a farm monthly at his city, and while here visited the Wudsworth & Blrcher horse barns. GREAT SLAUGHTER 0 - - 7 - r -.» wx « ;A . 4 . W f WLWVO OUUUU. nil OOUi corn, 80@40c; loose hay, $4@4.50; eggs, I8c. T. Earley came to Yankton, but was compelled to hurry back, ncd did not come to Algona. Ho left his father improving from his hurt. Jas. Taylor is having a big trade this fall, and is carrying a big lino of bargains. His advertisement this week .Will attract our readers. Bod. Jain got some French sugar boot seed by mistake a few years ago, promises to loll our readers of his perienco with it noxt week. B. M. Gardner ranks with tho county's successful hog raisers. He has this fall 180 averaging 300 pounds, and corn enough to get thorn to market. W. W. Wheeler is sick or not sick. Some of tho doctors say ho is and some say he Is not. In tho meantime he attends the lumber office as usual. A puzzle for the ladies is up in Stough's window. Tho one who guess 68 nearest the number of shod button ers hung up, gets a pair ot $5 shoos. Another now farm is opened near town. L. C. Murphy has purchased the quarter section north of tho poor farm and is building a house and barn this fall. Tho Baptist church is taking to itself a new roof, Tho old shingles which Uncle Jim. Henderson put on twenty odd years ago have outlived their usefulness. Next Sunday morning the Baptist pastor will speak on "Faith, that rejects the resurrection of Christ, unable The railway commissioners write that a case is now in the supremo court in which they have ordered passenger trains in tho place of accomodation trains, and that until that, is decided their authority is In dispute. It would bo useless to make such an order in our case until they have tho decision of the court. Then tho merits of the service rendered here will bo passed on. Thos. Hunna was down to Maquo- guota last week and returned with afull blood Bod Polled bull. Tho animal is coming four years old, and weighed after his trip 1,070 pounds. Ho cost Mr Hanna over $200, and is a fine addition to the county's stock. These Bed Polled cattle succeed in breeding calves with- and out horns, and Mr. Hanna says after he ex-1 witnessed two dehorning operations he decided he had rather breed the horns off than saw them off. A fine horticultural farm will be opened next season on the Mann farm The young ladies who graduated at Ames this fall, intend to put in some ten acres to small fruits, vegetables, and apples, and carry on their operations in a scientific manner. This enterprise is commendable not only ™ TJ A° Estheryillo Democrat says: Mrs. W. C. Avers left yesterday for Algona to spend Thanksgiving with her parents, W. C.wllf follow her Saturday, and they will return homo Monday. | M '« S '™ *?' T °wnsend has gone to -Igin, 111., for a visit, and from there win go to Greenfield, Ind., and be gone probably a month. She will visit a number of relatives and enjoy a ploas- n nt trip. r The State Begister, speaking of a JJesMoines woman suffrage meeting last week, says: Mrs. Lizzie B. Reed of Algona, a former president of the state society, was introduced and made a few pleasant remarks, Mr. and Mrs. John Bristol drove up from Bradgato Sunday and visited in We have just opened, in the old postoffice room, a large stock of Clothing and — • B J * > CO O . Rice and Mrs. Inghain, and a daughter of Simeon Osborne, who has sold New York apples in Algona. Alex Younio was over from West Bend Saturday beginning a suit to sew^n" 1 ^ 1 . 1111 ? nenr him ' He 8 ays West Bend is booming, 60 new buildings having gone up this year. He also cUscussod the Emmetsburg packine- house, and is not so hopeful for that as some. f^ 0 R °f. istel> has the following notice of Miss Minnie Kirkup, Algona's one time music teacher: Miss Kirkup, who closes her studio the 23d of December to leaye for New York, will hold a reception and sale evory afternoon for one week, beginning Wednesday, Dec. 3 Water colors and pastels at verv low prices. Trestle Block, corner Sixth and Locust. ^7, ' 7r 11 7 , " uu omv oe- troubles com cause It adds a new industry to the coun- consequence ty, but also because tho vounjr ladies nna 8DBC| » 1|S \\ 11 *tn J'1-.A i i_j. _ i i - r .." *^w A Fatal Mistake. Physicians make no more fatnl mistake than when they inform patients that nervous h«rS troubles come from the stomach and are of llttln con.<K>nii«nrui nr Ti-mnMi., Vi,V._ .,'4 4 re . °i i ut _ le Taken in a real estate deal from one of the largest manufactures in the west. We own the Clothing cheaper than any other firm in Iowa, and it must be sold in the next sixty days REGARDLESS OF COST! The goods are all new; have been manufactured in the last thirty days. Remember, we recognize no competi tionin this sale. The stock must be sold for what it will bring. Don't forget the place, the old postoffice room in the Galbraith block, Algona. to save," in the evening cret Path. " on "Tho Se- y have the pluck to undertake it. There can be no doubt that it will meet with deserved success. Tho old folks' concert last evening- was well attended in view of the weather, and a most enjoyable evening spent ny all. The costumes and the old sono-s were both perfect, and loud applause greeted every feature of the programme. Mrs. fatacy directed the exercises, and lifty took part. Time does not permit an extended notice of tho programme, but it was good throughout, and everv- one who heard it will look with pleasurable anticipations to somo future olde folkos" entoL-talninent. .».. uu ^ UUU w. , . nna special st. has proved the contrary n his new Sir W nKv?»Th Se '" whlch may be had free aij). w. nniKley's who euarantees ana ronnW, me/if « Dr. fines' unequal™ New Heart cSre" which has the largest sale of any heart remedy m the world. It cures nervous and organic heart ^» e »w. short breath, fluttering, pain o ? tendef- ness n the side, arm or shoulller; Irregular pulse '• is Restorative ""'"""'"ve Our now recorder, L. C. Smith, 1ms moved into his now homo and arrived luckily just nhoud of tho snow. He has •,- a pleustuit pltico, and his family is a welcome addition. store. niS^hv 11 ™ 1 ""^ A ™ el f, a note worthy | dSncVms:»nd'h article by Dougal Wallace on sheep " " raising in Kossuth. All our readers enow that Mr. Wallace has made this his specialty, and when he says it pavs they know that it is a profitable in- IIDIM 111 uio Biae, arm or siioukler, fulntliig, smothering, dropsy, etc. ftervlue cures headache, flts, etc. How to Succeed. uf! h . ls I? t!le ? rettt PZ oblera ot IIfe wliloh few sat- 1. PA or "l V i 80lvu ' . s ?', ne f " u because of poor health, others want of luck, but the majority from dellolent grit-want of nerve. They are nervous rresoliite, changeable, easily get the blue? and " til ce spirits down to keep the spirits up," thus wastins mcney, time, opportunity and nerve force There Is nothing like the Restorative Nervine, discovered by the great specialist, Dr. MUes. to cure all nervous diseases, as headache, the blues, nerv- , e, , - ous prostration, sleeplessness, neuralgia, St. Vltus ance, Ills, and hysteria. Trial bottfes testlmonluls free llt *• Cloths and Trimmings, This plan of making a loan • thejnterest on ihe amount paid. , , . s Trial bottfes and fine Dlngley's drug - V -----.. ».*. vu tv 40 n, (Jl-UUUUJlU II] austry for tho county. The assessor' HAVE you seen the new patterns of i skates at J. W. Bobinson's.-36t2 A full stock of cloths and trimmings always on hand. fUnhAnnna nan K« K«.r~i.i "_'° uu hand, aschea' where. ••*••** aijga aiWttjO be bought any- AH work done" promptly and Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call street, Algona, Iowa. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. A big oyster supper night as an opening. Supoenas wore received yesterday! for the witnesses in tho Foster murder trial to begin at Bedford next week It is confidentially expected that a socond conviction will bo secured. It is reported that M. Biohardson lias i ICoop tlio Foot Warm. •— "J " N^ul.ulm DUljlVQ JJCI IJClll . , , Men's automatic buckle arctics.. 1 00 Men's felt boots from $1.15 to 125 Boy's folt boots for i 00 Wo noil boots, shoes, rubbers, gloves, mittens in proportion. TOWNSEND & LANGDON. Tho now churoh in completed at Irv-1 returns shoVa hu"go""n«mb7r 'oTStooD nn^ iL ™,V „»„T X ^ 01!lla8lla ?, thoc , wol ' lc ' ownodhoi-o. Wo should bo glad to I Men's Germain socks per pair ' S 65 W^?^. pn ^^ ln 4^, n ff $1 '?00 Publish tho testimony of every owner in Boy's German socks p^patr '.!!! 50 was given last | tho county as to his success, Send in * ij ' ' ' statements of receipts and expenses. Sheep raising is best for the soil of any land of stock, and if Mr. Wallace's experience in general, every stock man should havo sheep. Many friends of Miss Loggott will It is reported that M. Biohardson has I [i° ilcl S ith Iu/to11 ' est tho following note in I _,, . * " bought the foundry of Will Spencer T° S ? ux City Journal: Miss Mary The bala and will run it hereafter. Ho will hi- T ff/°"'. P^r of tho Unitarian church f]°ves will fuse a little more life int.n i.ho m,, „.,.;"_ °* Beatrice, Nob., and a former resident I Deduced of Iowa, spoko at Unity church yesterday, both morning and evening. The u U fMJ 00 V, of ,, her mol ' ni »g sermon was, The Bellgion of tho Future," and of the evening, "Tho Ministry of Jesus." 1 no audiences wore large and all who had tho privilege of listening to this talon tod young lady were impressed with the eminent fitness for tho noble nio work she 1ms chosen. West of Thorlngton House. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION OF THE nmmigo- fuse a little more life into tho ment, and push tho business. » The insurance company refuses to SQttlo the W. E, MoMumiy loss. No reason is given, but thoy decline to pay. They will change their mind before they got done with tho matter. Win. Lookridge of Nevada was a heavy purchaser of real ostato last week. Ho secured a full section in Buffalo township for $0,000 cash. It is said lie will open a big farm noxt spring. Algona is to gain a now man in tho person of John Edwards of Bancroft He is trading for tho old Grovo barn !' nd Lacy 'silvery outfit, and will come .'own and be liveryman. Ho has i-anted his barn at Bancroft. John L. Zumsteg was a pleasant caller Monday. He is ono of the lucky flax raisera this year, and reports tho boss single stalk. It had nine branches, and 840 bowls. Ho says tho main stalk was us largo as his linger. The tax sale oiuno Monday, and was the smallest yet hold in the county. Nearly every piece advertised was paid off, and only a fow stragglers woro sold out, This prompt payment of taxes speaks for our present prosperity Farmers, Take Notice. The balance of our stock of husking 3 sold cheap. Gloves worth i to Sac. Butter crackers 5o per Ib. by the box. Notice is hereby given that the above-namort company has organized and commenced f&oina business under the name and style of "The T.nt.tHnronb-rV^nnown+l,.,. /-, _..••-«_ * ±a ° | at tho Gush Store. Above bargains found at TOWNSEND & LANGDON'S. .**» uu *.- UU.VVJU, j.»!ossuth county _ The general nature of the business to be transacted is to collect and manufacture into SSSSJS* SS**!«?? »".* belling Uto sub MV,ii r u i A— ' . . s "" ouu *' "inter ana cneose the mile belonKim Bbl, U-osh wheaten grits just arrived «cr bers to its capital stock, and fo the Cash Store. and manufacture milk, cream, and otner dalrv « to « 4 urouueiB, ana TO sen the same, and to do all nes" B a% n u e cc e e S sT' y make the aforos aW bus" X he *™°"?£° f ,"i^lft 1 s te ok authorized current rates. Come and see me. Tho readers of the Republican who looked to soo it prove that wo did hot pay for our tariff supplements or deny that Senator Chubb contributed out of own pocket to nay for half of those it circulated, looked in vain. Tho Be- pubhcan confesses that it liod and has not tho manhood to apologize. This record added to its falsehood about taking subscribers at 76 cents a year bus convinced everyone of its utter untrust- worthmess, and it will find that there aro many newspaper faults tho people will put up with before thoy will deliberate dishonesty. S. W. McKee, agent of a Chicago creamery supply house, 1ms tho con' Mi Sheriff Stephens is planning to get a digging machine hero and sink tho city well lower The council were to moot t Saturday but failed, but will prob extend his time. In the meantime wo?ic continues on the stand pipe. A fire near Burt last Friday destroyed a barn belonging to Chas. Falk, aud in it a team of horses, a fat ox, hay machinery, etc. Mr. Fulk is a heavy loser, and has no idea of how the fire started. He suspects that it was sot by someone. Walter Ward got the contract to paint the new hotel at Livermore, and bus been there some weeks at work. «.e ww home Sunday, and says that tho build,ing gpujpures with hotels in big- V -I'-i' ..WMUV.^ AiHO \>U\J UlUl tract for putting a new co-operative establishment in Lotts Creek township ihe outllt will cost over $3,000, and will bo located near Frank Pompo's farm. i lie olllcors of the company aro: Au»pause, president; P, L. Ring, 80 orS- tary; Aug. Boottke, treasurer. Thoro are 00 stock holders having $8,000 stock, and they expect to have thoir factory in operation by Jan. 1 next. Mr. Mo- Kee will put in an iron building for them, and one of the 'best creamery outfits in the state. This is the second of these institutions in the county, and Fonton has one under way. Foil deformity braces call and see the doctor at the Tennaut house, or address 409 Pourth 8treet ' Robin- Coughing TS Nature's effort to expel foreign sub* stances from the bronchial passages. Frequently, this causes inflammation and the noocl ot an anodyne. No other expectorant or anodyne is equal to Ayor's CJierry Pectoral. It assists Nature in ejecting the mucus, allays irritation, induces repose, and is the most popular of all cough cures. "Of tho many preparations before the public for tho euro of colds, coughs, bronchitis, and kindred diseases, tEero is noiii), within tho range of my experience, so reliable as Ayur's Cherry Pec- toval. li-or .yearn I was subject to colds, followed by tm-rible coughs. About four years ago, when so afflicted, I was ad- yisud to try Ayor's Cherry Pectoral an I to lay ull oMuir remedies aside. Id 1 so, and within a week was well of my cold and cough. Sinco then I have always kopt this preparation in the house, ninl fi-, comparatively secure. 1 — Mrs. i,. i,. i.rowu, Denmark, Miss. «-i!i A i fm £ y( ; al ; s as °, 1 took a severe cold ?ii,i« nrfl ",' tml Ill ,>' lun K3- I had a tor- rible couch, and passed night after night without sleep. The doctors gavo nip up. I tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral m,, i '.'w 6 i v , 8l i, ni y J un fi 3 ' induced sloop, and afforded the rest necessary for the recovery of my strength. By the con- Ayer's Cherry Peeteral, Mass. B Af,.,v,i Jr. ' .^ "' J -" l of which Is paid up, and the WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE f.f.JI . Also it class .The time of commencement of this cornora tion was Dec. 2,1800, and it sha l oonFi?iue twenty years, unless sooner dissolved by the stockholders representing three fourths of the stock voting for such dissolution.. The affairs of this corporation are to be conducted by a board of flve directors, who shall be elected by and from among the stockhold ers at Ihe annual meeting, which meeting will be on the flrst Saturday in January in each year, and the officers of this corporation shall be a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secrefary, and such other officers as the board ML' S, 1uec ^fS'A nt lS?,?^n be elected tit «,fu"n I ^?" C 11 anloui >t o* indebtedness to which J)£fl'5S5 p « 1 }H, 01> °.'J? sul) ject itself is not to exceed two-thirds of its paid-up capital stock, be A01 L P ^teT,^L t ^^ ckh ° Ill «'« * to I ""-iSK""** "' om corporate debts. Witness our hands this 1st day of December, fi. I). 1600. AUGUST BBTTOHKH, AUUUS3P KllAUSB, F. L. BANNEY, incorporators of said Corporation. &^$SgS^$Wi and n< ?' incurable Pr, <}, Q, Ayer & op., ' (Never sent any^vhere^on recei a » so- known to f «>•-• >*v* ** £^?*> ovwuo J**4t >lpt of price. This is the ---„ „ —,„_ ^.^.«. w , all others are dangerous n?i™Sf 'T ' A^o 1 ^ 81 *? euarantees to cure any ailment. L. A. Sheets, M. p. TO ON RAILROAD LANPS. Clinton Morrison, Manufauturer and Dealer in Lumber, Lath, AND SHINGLES. Cor, Thirteenth Ave. S, and4!h SI,, Minneapolis, Minn, WRITE FOR PRICES Whlttemore, NOTIONS, and a r »»ss±.a£SifS e j adie BpettperTlft. j,, A. Sb.e4tz, supply zgeW ga, la. H, Bosworth & Son, Milwaukee • H Stev^son * QQ., ouw? ^SSSm %S n. A C| 888W ,, ' ^^snh^^.-rr- * WA ««^ M ,.. ji,..ii(.yej

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