The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 3, 1890 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1890
Page 7
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MOINESyALGQNA, 10^ A WEDK£8t)AY, BECEMBEE S, 1890, mjjjj^ffjtHSMfjjIjIf^fllSijjjilj^ Talking of patent medians, •you know the old prejudice, id the doctors—some of ™tfh afe between you and us, Ihey would like you to think that what's cured thousands won't dure you, You'd be lieve In patent medicines if they didn't profess to cure $&WtyDiking -^diid so* between the. experiments of doctors, and the experiments of patent medicines that are sold only because there's money in the "stuff," you lose faith in every, thing* And, you can't always tell the prescription that cures by what you read in the papers. So, perhaps, there's no better way to sell a remedy, than to tell the truth about it, and take the risk of its doing just what it professes to do. that's what the World's Dispensary Medical Association, of. Buffalo, N. Y., does with Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical • Discovery, Favorite, Prescription, : Pleasant Pellets, and r^r Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. If they don't do what their lakers say they'll do — yoy get your money back. SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The success of this Great Cough Cure is Without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can sue- cessfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the United States and Canada. If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for Jt will cure you. If your child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief is sure. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and fHi BObfbfi'S U8JQUIf¥» His from ttl« CAhnot Piraotiee. The Chitsfttfo Tflbufie puts the ques- tl6H; "Did you over notice that thefe is ft doctor whefetrer you go? The fact does not become so apparent until the doctor is wanted, and then he will appear, is it providential? Of is it that this disciple of /EsdulapiUs is oAlled tipon to answer for the sins of the father of the profession attd Is kent on the move like the mythical restless wandering Jew? Coming iu 6ft a crowded train from the West a few days ago. was a, woman in the reap coach. She became 111. tto one in the toach appeared to know what to do. The conductor was appealed to. He called the porter and told him to pass through every coach, if necessary, and as!c if there was a physician on board. The oorter obeyed, of course, but he met with no response until he reached the last ooaoh forward, the smoker. The very last man forward was a young doctor, just returning from his vacation. His home is in the old country, He had had no occasion to call before since he left home. 'It is strange, too,' said he to the writer afterward, 'for as a rule a doctor cannot hide himself. No matter where he is, he is subject to duty. I make no complaint of this; indeed no physician should. We agree to do this when we take up tho study of medicine. Hut do people ever think of itP Your merchant goes away to another part of the world to rest. A tradesman in Hong Kong finds him and undertakes to drive a trade. He says he is out for rest and has left his business at, home. The doctor can never say that. O/ a verity it can be said of him that in life he is in the midst of death. I reniembe" that soon after 1 had (hushed my course I made a balloon ascension with a young idiotic friend. As wo went up I thought that 1 was at least out of the call of duty. Do you .know, .that companion was taken sick a thousand feet above the surface of the earth, and 1 had to doctor him, as people call it, before we could come down.' " FftEAKS RA2(JfiS 4 nod twute.l \>i,,. 1'he finest grades of razors are So delicate that hot even the famous Damascus sword blades cah equal them in texture. It is not generally known that the grain of a" Swedish razor is so sensitive that its general direction is changed after a short service. When you buy a line razor the grain runs from tho upper end of the outer point in a diagonal direction toward the handle. Constant stropping will twist the steel until the grain aeems to be set straight up and down. Subsequent use wilt drag the grain outward from the edge, so that after steady uso for several months the fiber of the steel occupies a position exactly the reverse of that which it did on the day of purchase. The process also affects the temper of the blade, and when the grain sets from the lower outer point toward the back you have a ra/.or which cannot be kept in condition, even by the most conscientious barber. Hut here's another curious freak that will take place in the same tool. Leave the ra/.or alone for a month or two and when you take it up you will .find that the grain has assumed its firs: position. The operation can be repeated until tho steel is worn through to the back. fl.oo. If your Lungs are sore or Back lamc^ use Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. If you have a/ JLSVEHt AND HYPOPHOSPHITES OF KUITE AND SOn.i is jstrEUEJ OXT:E*.:EJ irou. la?. This preparation contains tlio stlmuin- ting pru|inrlles of tlio Ilupopliiwnhltri and HMO f/onvcnlnn Cud Liver Oil. Usi-d by physicians all the world over. It Is «« pnliilubla as itillk. Three times as rfflcn- clous ns plain Corl Liver Oil. A pwfy,-t Emulsion, biiltcr than nlloUiorsmniio. l-'or all forma otH'nntliiff Dlat'aaea, JBroiichltIn, CONSUMPTION, Scrofula, ""fi as a Flesh Producer ;:•--re Is nothing like SCOTT'S EMULSION. It Is sold by all Druggists. Lot no one by pratuso explanation or Impudent entreaty Induce you to accept a substitute. GRATEFUb-COMFORTINa. BREAKFAST. kllow ; le< >W of tlj* nature! Isw . , Pf»M»»» of digestion «nil nutr , and by a cArerul npplloatlou at tho flu» i*««of w«li.i,.ieotea OO«OB, Mr. Ep-,. hw° nroria?' 22LVSrt f ?* tUblM w " tt »"oUoaily fl»Tour.db.v •r»ge whloh may «»r» us m»ny a«*vr UootoM' tjiil thiti jr «iS!r J i? ll i B " >u ' "»• 0( '« ob "«««•• W dIB thatRoon«tl(uMo«m»y08 gr aually built upuut •H5J5ffJSl?Sf h S?, M11 " •»•" «*«<l«noy to dWiV 52!i» l 2? 50 f il f btto '"•'•<Jl9» *r« flouting «roun<J u. ready to attack: wherorar th«r« »« a noalc p. m «it. m * y S'? ap !. m ? ny * f » tal » D »" by keying our' bloo(1 . *00.'. «, lab«Ue-l tlm»; WIDE AWAKE CHOIRS, ..„„„.,„„ SOCIETIES and all MUSICAL ASSOCIATIONS will do well to eend For lists ana catalogues of our Chorus, Anthem or Glee Books, Church Mneic Books, Singing Class Books, Oratorios, Cantatas, Quartets, Chorale, Oitnvo Pieces, Ac., &c. Jehovtil le a lor tue U68v .wioi'fiwti * uutiB, t. Class Elements and Music. Emerson's JSusy Anthems, (80 eta., $7.80 dosO Gabriel's New uncl Seleiteil Anthems, ($], $« per doz.) Emerson's New Responses, M cts., or $6 doz.) Pow's Responses uncl Sentences, (80 cts., or $7,20 per cloji.) S.nntural, ($|, or $9 doz.) Palmer and Trowhridge. Are new and thoroughly good books. Curl /errhau't) Atlas. ($1, or $!< per doz.) *"— m's Concert SelectloiiH. ($(,$1/402.) Are excellent for Conventions. , „.; THI5 OIIII<DBEN'8 CUJtlSTfll.VS. Caught Hupping. (80cl6.,$8 per doz.) Lewis. •Muvy'BfciiocUliit;. (SO ctB., or $1.60 doz.) Slio gren -!.' ,-' , King >Vlnter. (20 i'U., $ per doz.) Xmusnttliu KeiTlilen. (i»ct8., Si. 80 doz.) . Christina* Gift. (15 cts., $1.80 per doz.) Kingdom of Mother Goose. (88 cts., 88.28 v JOB . & HE3ALY, Chicago, °f every kind, Men and Woiiien seekluu u Uusluuea change, $7g to S100 monthly benul lor "C'ojij'i'lglited Methods" and donb'u y«ur (trollln or Bofury. Blur pay for spar* hours ia iiome. Piirtioulam freu. Addi'e»» I'utEAsvw 1'uu. OHAeHte AOBNOV, 6 Cooper Union. Hew York. _ from the "Papiflq Journal." "4- grrcat Jnvewtlon has been made by Pr, Tutt pf ff ew VorU. o h iroilu ONE WAYTO STUAL DIAMONDS, A Trlclc Tlmt Admit* of the Thief Hub- mltllngr to He feanroliecl. It is natural that articles of great value are objects of temptation. We are prepared to understand that the common thief is constantly scheming to gain possession of precious stones and jewelry, but it is a matter of surprise to learn, through stories that come from across the ocean, of the tricks that are' indulged in there by the diamond trade—the legitimate, every-day dealers in precious stones. The peculiarity of this condition of things is that the sharp practice of dealers does not involve their reputation or standing, the thing being looked at as a matter of shrewdness, and rather admired as a clever piece of business. An anecdote is related to illustrate this: A dealer called upon a firm with whom he was in the habit of transacting- business and asked to see u lot of diamonds. After examining them for some time ho returned the paper, saying he would call again in reference to buying them. It was at once no- .ticed that a large stone 'vas missing. A hasty search was made, but no trace of the diamond being discovered, the dealer without more ado was accused of having taken the brilliant. He indignantly denied the charge, and submitted without hesitation to being searched. The stone was not found, and profuse apologies were offered for the false accusation. The following day the dealer appeared again, this time with a paper of diamonds to sell, but also with another object, in view which he took good care not to disclose. A careful observer might have noticed, that while the stones were being examined at tho light, he ran his lingers along the under surface of the portion of tho counter near which he sat, und picked off something that stuck to the wood. It was nothing more or less than tue diamond which had so mysteriously disappeared the day before, He had fastened it to the counter by means of a piece of wax 'with which he had provided himeeif, and on the occasion of his second visit secured his booty._ Mortar Uullg. There is no hod-currying in Japan, writes a, correspondent from Tokio. The natives have a methou of trans, porting mortar which makes it seem more like play than work—to an onlooker. Three men wore repair lag the rool of a one-story building the other day by resetting the heavy black tUes in mortar, The mortal 1 was mixed iu a pile on the street One man made this up into balls of about six pounds' weight; which he tossed up to a man who stood on a ladder midway between the roof and the ground. This man deftly caught the ball and tossed ifc up to the man who stood on the roof. This was playing ball to good purpose Exponent of fliyaloul Culture, Miss Helen Holoombe uoaios back rom Worcester, Mass.. covered with an and glory, saya u recent East- rn exchange. She has been giving essous in physical culture in the nat- ral history camp, and one day took a slass in swimming out t.o Lake Quinsigamond. After flowing the girlj about for a,n hour or more she pulled her stockings up and her blouse down, buckled her belt and garters a little tighter, took u reef iu tuo back of her hair, and iu she plunged, head first She struck out for the opposite shore and startled the whole community by swimming across the lake. She is the only woman and one of the few persons who have ev«r accomplished this feat. Miu.e Holwwbe js tht> duughtet Of Jtey. Th,eo4ore fl[p}oom,b.e of " J.SW- „ 1'otittoes us Pen Wipers. One of tho chief woes of the ready writer, be ho clerk or what not, con- sistain the fact that lie no sooner gets a pen in good working order than it. like thu •,'dear gazelle," comes to an untimely end by the corrosiu caused by the ink. Life is not long enough to use and mend quills, nor to apply with delicate firmness the pen wiper to a steel one. Hut some genius has now hit on a solution of the difficulty which has the merir of the most exuteme simplicity, in many o.i.ces. we are informed, a potato is .used instead ot a pen wiper. The juicy tuber holds the pen steady, removes at onoo all ink from the nib and prevents, or at least very greatly delays, the process of corrison and spares many a well-loved pen to a ripe old age. 'An Oregon Wonder. Blowout mountain, up in the Cascades above Breitenbush. Oregon, is unmistakably one of the wonders of the Cascades, consisting of about 800 acres of granite rock piled up ia every conceivable shape. From all indications it has been caused by an accumulation of gas below, which, bursting out, threw the rock into tha canyon forming a beautiful lake from twenty to thirty rods wide and half a mils l«/ng, in which abound myriads of trob>!;. BKECIIAM'S Pn.i.s_ciiro^Uillouo and Nervous Ills. Miss Mnry Gorrett has sent to the Feauody Institute, BnUiiimrc, a -superb oil painting- from the eollcfUon of her father. The pie- Inn.'. WHS intended by John W. Garrett for Hie IViihody. The suhject represents Christ l>ein»- carried to the seplutlulier. All the llgurcs arc life size and the piiintiuj' is seven or eight feet high. Never Neglect a Cold, Dr. Austin Flint says in the forum: "It IB probable,that a person with an Inherited tendency to consumption would never develop the disease if he could be protected agaiust infection with the tubercle bacillus. In the light of modern discoveries consumption can no longer be regarded as an incur, able disease." It is no exaggeration to say that Kemp's Balsam, when taken in time, has saved many from consumption. At all druggists; 60c.__and $1. Sample bottle free. During her husband's life Mrs. Henry, Ward Beecher had charge of his correspondence. She opened all the mail, answered hundreds of letters of which the Plymouth pastor knew nothing, and averaged in all 1,000 letters a week. ^^^ A Pleasing: Sense Of health and strength enowed and of ease and comfort follows the use of Syrup of Figs, as it acts in harmony with nature to effectually cleanse the system when ccstive or bilious. For sale in 50e. and $1.00 bottles by all leading druggists. Tho statue of Joan D'Arc, which was unveiled in Philadelphia on Saturday by the French citizens of that city, depicts her in ifull armor, astride a prancing horse also in ^rmor, and carrying iu one hand the ori- liamme. the istifig ia clothing ifam Bobbin!' Klfctfic Soap U used, 1* tmmty Urn* the ioap bill. It Is no new experiment, but fau been iold tot 24 *eatt. To-di? Just M puM It 1ft 1868. Try ft. Tour grocef hia it of will of. : aef it. j ffau Weltt Eacher, of 2uHchj has Jo»t do^ mated $250,000 to the Swiss confederation for ' the establishment of * free institution of plastic aft. • .THOUSANDS of mothers blest the name of Dr. John Bull fof Inventing his celebrated Dr. Bull's Wof in Destf oyef s. Children tease for them and they never fall to do good. Mmo. de Latouf, the well-known writer, defends the use of tobacco by hof sex, alleging that if It is good fof men It cannot be hurtful ».o women. lU'sl, easiest to use and cheapest. Plso's Itemedy for Cjalnrrh. By druggists. 60c. James Simon, who favors the taxing of cclilmtes In France, believes that only the IIK.II should be taxed, because, as ho ingeniously puts it, the women do not remain single of their own free will. FOR BRONCHIAL, ASTHMATIC AND PULMONARY COMPLAINTS, "Srown't Bronchial Troches" have remarkable cttratlva properties. Sold only in bout. One black walnut tree which scaled 4000 feet, was sold In Grand Rapids, Mich., last week for $1,000. The lumber is a very rar« (rain, known as blister walnut. The best cough medicine IB Plso's Cure for Consumption. Sold everywhere. 25c. Mrs. Humphry Ward, author of "Robert Elsmere," Is busily at work finishing the txiuk which is to appear about Christmas. Us motto will be the aspirations of a work- Ingman nfter culture. Mrs. Ward is said to have gniiicd some hints from the life of Robert Chambers. Bewan of Ointment* for Catarrh That Contain Mercury, as mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and completely derange the whole system when entering It thi augh the mucous surfaces. Such anFclos should never be used except on prescriptions from reputable, physicians, as the damage they will do Is ten .fold to the good you can possibly durlvii f'.-om them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, matiuruc- turod by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0.,> contains no mercury,Ind is taken internally, and acts directly upon the bK oil and mucous surfaces of tho system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure bo sure you get tlio genuine. It is taken Internally, and made In Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. JSFSold by p_ruggisi.-«, price 7fir. per bottle. A queer story about one of her iirUanie majesty's ships U sent to the editor of Truth from the far catt. Tlie vessel In which the writer was passing up Carimalla Straits WHS chased by a British gunboat, whose com. inander wanted to know "where he was" and 'the name of the Islands then in sight." •^•"•"•••. •••••••i^a.i^^a*^^.. The Companion Calendar For iSoti Monday for Health, Tueaday for Wealth, Wednesday the Bent Day of All | Thursday for Losses, Friday for Crosses, Saturday No Lt:ci: at AH, Sunday the Dfty tlmt Is Blest With.Heavenly Peace and Reit, men lack wisdom." Wori-yl Hurry! Flurry I are all avoided by the uso Oi SAPOLIO! for quick work is not hurried work. Miss Louise Lawson, the sculptor, of Albany, N. Y., has more orders on hand than she can execute in live years, the most important being a commission from tho Albany board of public works for a public fountain. THE musical public need not complain of lie scarcity of line pianos, at low prices,i vhile 1 have and do now furnish the match-j i;s» Decker Bros., Steck, Ilardman, Vose V: bons, and the favorite Everett pianos and irgans at extremely low prices and easy terms.. Edmund Grani, sole agent for the Northwest, 207 and 209 Grand Avenue Mil- ivaujicc, Wis. Baron Rothschild says the nerve cure at Waersliopeu is the best in the world. The republican member of the next house whoi proposes to plead for "the rights of the minority" is advised by the Washington' Ptm to proceed to Waershopen at once and 'Into training. This Beautiful and Unique Cnlemlnr and Announcement Is called "THE BOOK OF DAYS." It has Fourteen Pages finely printed in Colors, the deilgn being •elected from nearly Two Thousand received In the Prize Competition. It le considered the moit novel and attractive Calendar of the year. Mailed on receipt of ten oenti. Offer to New Subscribers. niTm hl " . Cnlen , llnr ylll bo sent to cnr.h New Subncrlbor who WILli CUT OUT nnd ipnil u« Oil. ailvoMl»eme»t, with for a roar', •nbierlption. TUo Youth'. Companion will be mailed from the time tlmt tho Bubiorlp Ion It received to January, 1801, FREE, andifor a full year from that date. No other weekly paper givei to largt a variety of entertaining reading at to tow apriet, Double Holiday Numbers-Illustrated Weekly Supplements. THE YOUTH'8 COMPANION, Boston, Mass. 48 Send Check, foit-offloe Order or Registered Letter, PAINLESS. PILLS EFFECTUAL." WV WORTH A GUINEA A BOX.~*@ For BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDERS S ^ CH Sick Eeaclache, Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, Constipation, Disordered Liver, etc., ACTING LIKE MAGIC on the vital organs, strengthening the muscular system, and arousing with the rosebud of health The Whole Physical Energy of the Human Frame. Beecham's Pills, taken as directed, will quickly REbfORE FEMALES to Minplete health, • •.SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. Price, 25 cents per Box. Prepared only by THOS, BEECHAM, St. Helens, Lancashire, England. .B. F. jlLlKN t:tt,. fn1« Agt-nta fnr United States, 36ti <K 3<i7 Canal 8'. Jforle, uilto (if I/our ilntfij/ixiilncnnot ktvp them'' -•-"• " ~ • - — — receipt of prien-rtiu I *»«•"*»•» ««•«*. ,Neto CQLDMEAD BLY RELIEVES INSTANTLY. jjUtUTHERS. 50 Warren St., Now York. PrlcoC! letter out ofj-he world. Hi&n oufofttuT PETERSON'S "" MAGAZSN NOW BEGINNING ITS SO T H YEAR OF PUBLICATION, 18 UNDOUBTEDLY THE BEST LADY'S MAGfl- ZINE PUBLISHED. a <x B ™^ aasBanaa ^^ « ||for house-clean ing- Ibis a solid ". c&ke of scouring soap-Try ih ^ Cleanliness Is always fashionable and the use of or the neglect to use SAPOLIO marks a wide difference in the social scale. The best classes are always the most scrupulous in matters of cleanliness— ^-' U ^st r 1 ^.es use SAPOLIO. i I« a complaint which affects nearly everybody, more or less. It originates In a cold, or succession of colds, combined with Impure blood. DIangroeable flow from the nose, tickling In the throat, offensive breath, pain over and between tho eyes, ringing und bursting nolsei In the can, are the more common symptoms. Catarrh is cured by Hood's Sarsaparllla, which strikes directly at Its cause by removing all impurities from the blood, building up the diseased tissues and giving healthy tone to the whole system, N. B. If yon bar* decided to buy Hood's Sur«»- pariUa do not b» indnotd to takt any other. Hood's . Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. $1) »U tor |B. Prepared paly Uy (). 1. HOOD 4 00., Low, " 'I IOO Doses One Dollar - HAVE NOT lJJ3|3NENTlTi,EJ>"Aadresl tor forms for Application nnd full Information wwr, w, mrjiLuy, COM1HI8SJONEK OP PENSIONS, Attorney at Law, Washington, p, o, (Mention toil paper.) Its stories are from sonn> of America's most popular authors. Its mi*eellan<ii>it.i artlclc/i, profusely illustrated, are- alu'«t/s entei-tuinino and instructive, .Its fiixhloH. -iinva and lllutitm- tlon.i urn fresh and CHinplnti; combining beauty, utility, ami economy. Its full-slxe ilrrss-patterns fti- abla eo«rii woman to out and fit her own dresies. Its numerous designs for needlework, fancy-H<nrlt, etc , are novel, handsome, and useful. Its household department and table recipes are invaluable to every housekeeper. Its long-continued prosperity tests its uiorth, -fj?x^ IT FOJt jL&&j[t Terms,- $9.00 per year, with largo reductions to f!lnbs, and elegant premiums to those i<-hi> lift up Clubs. A sample cop]/,it'ltfi full to Club-raisers. Address, PETERSON'S MAGAZINE, Mention tiii* paper. Philadelphia, Pn. I' Best Cough Medicine. Recommended by Physicians. Cures whore all else fails. Pleasant and agreeable to the taste. Children take it without objection. By druggists. FAT FOLKS REDUCED -VASELINE- VOH A ONB-I»OX,l4AK Jtir/L, sent ui by mill we will dellTor, free of all charges, to any person in the United State*, all of the following articles, oars- full)- packed; One two-ounce bottle of Pure Vaseline, . One two-ounce bottle of Vaseline Pomade, On* jar of Vaseline Colit Creum, '. . . . One Ouke of Vaseline Camphor Ice, - One Oake of Vaseline Soap, unscented, . One Oake of Vaseline 8oai>, exquisitely ncented.28 " One two-oaac» bottle of White Vaseline, . . 34 " 10 ots. U " u " 10 " 10 " fl.W Or for pottagt itamps any single article at the artct named. On no account be persuaded to accept from vour aruffow any Vaseline or preparation there"»™ «nj«» labelled with our name, becuuae you will Inly receive an imitation which hat mile or $ . Co., «4 »t»te St.. M. Y. "I write to Inform you of the <mo- EH8 of your treatment. 1 am reduced tUeiuoet Important la perma. •ive eater or fail . . 7 _._uH Urn «»ty... J..«« llOnt. Sluw U1DVUJUWU1UU I.IOUVU1VUV* • erevy thlugi whether It contained sugar, 8 but have .not increased a pound, thus our remedies remove the cause of Ob - JdramendVoor'tkiirnVft Specialist for O I&AB IiBABipf Barnard & " "' " " BILAS LEAO, of Barnard & Lens Mfg.Oo., Mol PATIENTS TREATPP BY M no murvlng. no Inconvenience. Imrmlees am effects, Strictly confidential. For circulars i nouiale address with Co, in atampe, MAI K. , tuj.epo and no baq wWI.B. MI*.Awn.? uyuuueuv*ui« JK ui olroular0 and tosti* nouiale address with 60, in gtampe, PR. 0. W, F. eNYPER 843 9TAT6 ST., OHIOAQ* PISTOLS 75« fttvp for fOVVELLtCLEMtST. PlEclBIUti, (ihV.. r, P r ' Snzder « Eidnn Balsam euros Euuresli «£iv»«i. fw UWW1 JH., VIHVJWV. .... *SMJS WHSXtK. ft •*•» 6f jw ROJBERJJ&JHjEF Jones' iBoffi'Ton Wagon Scale YOUR BOY WANTS Our IUmtr»t«4 OATALOODIB of Scroll 8»wii Jloslgot, Magio I>nn> teriiH. 8k«t«*> Boxing QloveH, •te. 49~Send stump for oiir No. 300 Catalogue. THE JOHN WILKINSON CO,, 269 & 271 State St., Chicago. III. ' EMORY Mind wandering cured. Books Ieune4 In "one reading. TwtlraQnlals f rom all P»rU of tUeiriobe. , Prospectus PO»» . Ate. J llrleht YQauv n«H or *»«if» In uacHiCvuiilr. _ W« * *)«., 6v. Lows, M9, If ^You Vtfant to Slriow J.Ml,m.v^«gTTmr(»4Uinnt the human system ,!'' !'.}'!' ''V!(K-Tr~J"r"* ) " A «'«<'. dlnaiao I Jlto^,. [Bav>tocur_ ,,..- r .^.. •fpv in aarrtage and ..„ ^-.' Pootor's Droll Jokes, prot en cents for Dew l*ugh-Cure Lvv» - n , w , .. SENSE AND NONSENSE** BIU, !'{;» 00., ia> «,. t 8M>i ».. Ktw ^^ ,. , N. T" We have sold Etc Of ft many years, and l» h*. <* '*""' P.«,DYOHE400-. Inrk^St.OQ, PATENTS f ATKIOK Q'FABRELI., Att'y ut toy tn veil tort , How to Oh, twin w t>at- PATENTS! to laatruoMoni Inveutors. Writs »t for lianu-book of inform*- & CO., WoshlnBton, l>, C", Tlie disabilit he low ^ TWW *^&r Wt '**mr *m *m «pr -.- ^-. - r -, ty bill IB a law. Boldiers dlsalile4 »(BO» , *• 'nff. itltled. Dapendoat widows wud pweftti , *• P', ,,.it whose BOOS ated from effooU of arinj* v , ,j (•v>j>vT«tv<noluded. Jfyou wleUyourclaimspeedlB-.j, i,< St? s»^^j«rffirirf^*^ I'ejislpas, WwWngtofl, | WANTED SSr wr ^P s T* 1 ^wnfij? Kw&p$m&^- u 't U'

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