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The Evansville Journal from Evansville, Indiana • Page 1

The Evansville Journal from Evansville, Indiana • Page 1

Evansville, Indiana
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i I Kk is vV i ar 3 TWO CENTS EVANSVILLE INDIANA SATURDAY EVENING JULY 19 1902 TWOC COMBIN CADOGAN DROPS REINS OF CONTROL IN IRELAND TELEPHONE FRANCHISE WILL BE REVOKED German Sin pgf Societies Ui Board of Public works wiii Take Devonshire Decides to Remain MOTHER Jones is Against Big Strike Idol of the Miners Has Changed Her Mind Regarding General Addressed Convention To-day in the New British Cabinet Action This Afternoon and Will Ask Council to Back It Up Monday Evening Liederkranz and Mae uc'jhor Take Action at a Mee Last Night and Form a Nev HARMONY BETWEEN THE COUNCIL AND ADMINISTRATION IS WARMLY RECEIVED BY THE 800 DELEGATES JUSTICE WILLIAM FRANCKEj IS CHOSEN PRESIDENT Previous Action of Council on the Subject Indicates Its Willingness to Aid Municipal Telephone Plan Miners Agree to the Plan Outlined by President Mitchell in His Speech and Will Support Strikers Other German Societies 1 Yet Ready to Enter the yanfa-tion But Are Expected Into It in the Near Fut CONVENTION HALL INDIANAPOLIS INI) July When the convention met this morning it was evident that all probability or a strike had utterly vanished The anthracite men who have favored a strike were practically unanimous in declaring that it would have been unwise to order a general strike The Chances are that the convention will finish its work to-day and it will be ended by the adoption of the recommendations of President Mitchell with the exception of amendments in the manner of bringing the assessments upon the members of the union EARL CADOGAN Lord Lieutenancy May Be Offered to DuKe of Marl borough Gossip of Interest Regard ing the Curzons DUKE OP DEVONSHIRE In His Position of President of the Council the DuKe Will Still Be Government Leader in House of Lords LONDON July The Duke of Devonshire president of the council the Marquis of Lansdowne secretary of foreign affairs Jos Chamberlain colonial secretary the Earl of Selborne first lord of the admiralty and the Marquis of Londonderry postmaster general have consented to retain their present portfolios in the new cabinet Lord George Hamilton secretary of state for India Ritchie home secretary and St John Brodriek secretary of state for war will remain i the cabinet but their portfolios may he changed George Wyndham will remain chief secretary for Ireland but with a seat in the cabinet 1 ter of fact there is no appointment which could be offered him except the foreign office whidh would be a promotion from the viceroyalty of Indio There is no indication that Lord Lansdowne has any intention of retiring Under no circumstances however would the Duke of Marlborough be given sudh an important post as India though he might possibly succeed Earl Cadogan as lord lieutenant of Ireland All suggestions made in regard to appointments are still of a highly tentative character LONDON July Earl Cadogan to-day resigned the lord lieutenancy of Ireland meeting of the cabinet gave fresh impetus to the reconstruction reports The most interesting of these for America is the suggestion that the Duke of Marlborough will succeed Lord Curzon of Kedlaston as viceroy of India but there is not the least possibility of any such appointment It appears very doubtful if Lord Curzon will come home before the expiration of his term of office As a mat i vojGer last maul a U'l fra- singing i lOftnin- Ta rc- sollia- i dieted nft uni-i jp )b of was ago! meeting ltd not tM the dtliey flj enter i effort da lion ci 1 to be ing so ne and ivel work nay do uJ year lugil were It Id MMHUC rjlmugb II MNUTO-- (1 issue aelet-a ft ain Ut ttd SO i wn font: 4 until ivctt place lotne idatloi The consolidation of the man singing societies the I and the Maennerchor was night at a meeting held at Hall About fifty members ent and all were in favor of idation The other Genu societies of the city the Maennerehoir and the Con fused to form a part of the ted society at this time It I that they will hereafter joi ted society and tnus coiupb ject had in view when the i first brought up a year or The members present at last night of the other societ express themselves as aver idea of consolidation but were not ready at this tim the consolidated society to get them into the united i will bo kept up and is expc successful after a time The object in uniting the eietles is to give a strong enable the society to do bt than the individual societic The matter was first brougb ago and a number of meet held with that object it seemed at first that it wot cessful but the plan finally and was dropped Recently vived and pushed to a sucec-last night regarding the tw mentioned Officers and a leader chosen last night for the cq ciety Prof Haas win the leader of the Maenner chosen as the leader of tt ciety He will hold the po Oct 1 when an election will and he will either be re-elecl one else chosen The other officers of the chosen were as follows: William Franc Vice Paul Son Recording Ed Corresponding ler Financial Lou1 Treasurer Michael Webe Librarians Hans Lolise man Hess Colorbearers Carl Marti Rlechman The united society will after in Hall It wll as the Liederkranz-Maemn take no stock in the report that members of the city council intend to light the administration on the pro-jwsed action regarding the termination of the franchise of the Cumberland Telephone Company in this said Mayor Covert this morning in an interview is on record as to what is to be done in the premises arid 1 have no reason to believe that any of the members intend to go track on their recorded votes Should any do so they would he fighting themselves and not the administration This franchise matter is a business proposition in which all citizens are interested I have every reason to believe council will keep its pledge to the At the meeting of the Board of Public Works this after-noon it is understood a resolution will be passed Jo the effect that the rights and privileges of the Cumberland Company under their franchise be rescinded and revoked and that a copy of the resolution so passed by the board will be certified to the council at its meeting on Monday night next with recommendation that ordinance be passed determining and revoking the franchise of the Cumberland Company The reason assigned for this action on the part of the board is that the franchise of the company 1ms expired in the opinion of the board under section seven of the ordinance granting them the franchise which was passed July 18 1887 and which provides that the ordinance "shall not be impaired nor revoked by the city before the expiration of fifteen years providing the said company continue to give service according to the stiputations herein This action on the part of the Board of Public Works will be in pursuance of a resolution passed by tire board on January 3 1002 in which it expressed Intention to revoke the franchise of the Cumberland Company at the expiration of the fifteen years of its franchise and caused that resolution to be certified to the council with the recommendation that council pass a similar resolution and that the Cumberland Company be notified of such action taken by the board and by the council At the meeting of the city council on the following Monday evening Jan 0 the resolution was introduced and unanimously adopted on motion of Councilman McCutchan in which council concurred in the action so taken by the Board of Public Works and the resolution expressed the intention to revoke the franchise of the Cumberland Company at the expiration of the fifteen years and a notice of the action of the board and council was certified to and served upon the officers representing the Cumberland Company in this city It is understood that the Cumberland Company will be given a reasonable time in whicji to remove the poles and wires from the streets and alleys of the city DUEL WITH PITCHFORKS One Lad Killed by Another in a Fight in Illinois Wheat Field LEADS WHITES IN PERCENTAGE Young Colored Man Heads List of Eligibles at Civil Service Examination PAINE IS CONFIDENT Republican Leader of the House Says the Party Will Win in the Fall COMPLICATIONS STILL ARISING Constable Morris Takes Possession of Rig in Charge of Andrew Williams Last Night CARMI ILL July While working at a thrasher east of this city yesterday afternoon Elzie Durbin and Cal Varney aged fourteen and eighteen years engaged in a duel using pitchforks as their weapons Durbin the younger was getting the beet of the fight when Varney ran backward a few steps and thrust the tine of his fork straight toward his opponent's head When separated (t was found that jugular vein had been pierced Death soon followed In the excitement Varney made his escape and is yet at large ueage i ifzflrld 'll Knew- iesslar 1 Her- uf here known ir WASHINGTON July Sereno Payne of New York chairman of the House way and means committee and leader of the House says there is not remotest cause to fear that the Republicans will lose the next believes the people are favorably disposed to the Republicans and their policies and that the Democrats will do well to hold their bwn lie adds: far as New York is concerned I am of the opinion that the Rpubliean strength in the next House will be increased by our winning several of the city districts now represented by He feels certain also of Gov re-election Representative Norton of Ohio thinks the Democrats will win the Dayton Columbus district now represented by Republicans and says there is a fighting chance for defeating Gen Grosvenor ACCIDENTS IN A COAL MINE MOTHER JONES At the opening of the convention this morning Jones was given the floor made an address which was enthusiastically applauded by the delegates She declared that coming to Indianapolis she had favored -a general strike but sirtee coming to the convention she had reached t'he opinion that the conclusion reached by the delegates to avo'd such a movement was the wisest course She urged the delegates to oppose at ittie congressional elections this fall every man who was favorable to by President Mitchell called tor the report of the special committee The committee was not ready to report and a number of addresses were made by delegates A motion made by Delegate Ryan of Illinois that the convention endorse the meeting of employers and employes to be held in Minneapolis September 22 for the purpose of discussing the practicability of an universal eight-hour working day At 10:45 the convention took a re-eess of thirty minutes to await the report of the special committee LO LIN IS Complications are still arising as a result of the arrest and trial of Andrew Williams the fish peddler on the charge of defrauding the old colored woman Rachel Anderson out of her horse It will be remembered that the court gave her a judgment for forty dollars damages two days ago and that Williams made his boast yesterday that he had sold the horse and had the money in his pocket Constable Morris of Justice court kept up his search for property in the hands of Williams and last night about 8 o'clock was successful lie found Williams as the Little Market in the lower part of the city with an old horse and a spring wagon in his possession The officer at once proceeded to levy on the rig Williams declared that the horse and wagon were not his and that the officer had no right to take it but this did not daunt the constable He took possession of the outfit and still has it in ids possession To-day father appeared at Justice office and claimed that the wagon is ins Another man appeared and claimed the harness and Mrs Williams wife of Andrew Williams put in a claim on the old horse father filed an action in court for the recovery of the wagon and the matter of the ownership of different parts of the rig will be fully investigated by the court before any of them are given up The officials believe that it is only a ruse to provent justice being done to the old colored woman The fact that a colored man of this city Mr Ernst Clark has been appointed to the position of a substitute mail carrier in the local postothee delivery system shows that the government and the local postotflee officials are giving the colored people an equal show with the whites in the matter of the distribution of offices The appointment of Mr Clark has just been made by the Postoffice Department at Washington on the recommendation of Postmaster Parvin and lie has assumed the duties of his position Never before has the opportunity presented itself in this manner for the recognition of the negro All these appointments are made through civil service regulations all applicants having to pnss an examination and must stand high in their percentage in order to be recognized when it comes to making appointments The two highest persons on the eligible list are certified to the appointing officer and lie then makes a choice of the one to be named All that the local postmaster can do is to recommend he cannot appoint Mr Clark stood high on the list of applicants and as a result he was named to a position If there were other colored persons high up on the eligible list appointments would come to them just the same It is not a matter In which the local officials have the determining influence but is governed by the civil service regulations As an evidence that the negro is taking rank with his white brother may be mentioned the fact that at the recent civil service examination in this city on June 11 for civil service positions out of fifteen applicants who successfully passed the examination a colored man of tills city stahcls the highest in percentage Ills name is Albert Cooper of 1217 Canal Street He is very likely to receive an appointment whenever any vacancy occurs in the position to which he is an William Cox is Killed and Three Other Men Injured To Prove Citizenship a Big Scheme Behind PICTURE CAUSES TROUBLE SUBMERGED COLF CROUNDS Portrait of Leads to Further Finals at Glen View May Be Delayed by Rain (BULLETIN) INDIANAPOLIS IND July miners adopted recommendations witli a few modifications DROUGHT KILLS MISSISSIPPI CROPS SAN FRANCISCO July Jow a Chinaman who In dl fused a pass here by the renu in this city is in a pi tion He is desirous of tr 1 to China hut lias no certif istration as lie claims 1 1 born The bureau refus' that he is a native thougl ill detained him for deportatlo to have a chance to show I he is a citizen Jow bad i rested and charged with deuce in tills country He before Conimissioi for a hearing but the conn dered him dismissed fr Heacoek declares that if 1 hearing on such a charge thousands of Chinese their examp prove their citizenship- A fore him was not the pro procedure As to how Jo1 tricate himself from bis position the commissioner felTonaIaw! FATHER WILL NOT RELENT Special to the Evansville Journal-News PETERSBURG INI) July There were three accidents in the mines about Winslow mis week one of which resulted fatally Wednesday morning while at work in the Winslow Gas Coal Company's mines a large piece of slate fell on Charles Fettin-ger breaking his left leg in two places The broken leg was set and the patient is getting along nicely On Thursday morning slate fell on William Cox a miner in mine No 3 at Ayrshire He was so badly injured that lie died Friday Before iiis death his left arm was amputated He was about 45 years old and was a former resident of Winslow Rufus Brewster was hurt Tuesday at the Winslow Gas Coal Company He tried to hop an outgoing train He was caught between the car and the rib and was rolled over several times sustaining serious injuries about the body Medical aid wa's summoned and he is getting along nieoly Elmer ICeliams was dangerously hurt in the Wooley mines at this place yesterday He is eager and worked at the bottom of the shaft The cage was on its downward run' when he thoughtlessly -stepped into the way With a thud it crushed him to the bottom of the shaft breaking his nose and jawbone besides sustaining wounds on the bend and other injuries Six teeth were also knocked out He is in a very eriticnl condition but it is thought he will recover He was removed to his home shortly after the accident occurred EDITOR IN JAIL In Twenty Counties Corn and ot-ton Are Utterly Ruined VINCENNES IND July George Thorne and Nellie Morgan highly respected young people of this city eloped to Olney 111 where they were married parents opposed the match ahd When they returned to receive the parental forgiveness were told to go Tlibr father has carded the local papers saying that his son married without his consent or approval and against the advice of his parents and that he shall receive po recognition from him GLENVIEW GOLF COURSE ILL July 19 The finals in the amateur golf championship between Byers of Pittsburg nhd Louis Tames the Glenview boy were played to-day under conditions that could not have been much worse During the night the Skokie stream had continued to rise until the low-lying lands to the west and sbuthwest on which the last nine holes of the picturesque course are laid out were almost entirely submerged A large body of workmen weer busy early tills morning working on the first nine holes of the course draining off the casual water on the greens and putting the course in as good condition ns possible but last heavy rain had so thoroughly soaked the already sodden ground tliat their efforts were of little avail Notwithstanding the unfavorable condition a fair sized gallery was present when play was called and followed the play closely Apologized to Court But Judge Was Obdurate PARES July The picture of the has caused further difficulties here and another suit is likely to be instituted The suit filed by Mine de Gast against Maltre Barboux for damages because he had displayed a copy of the picture In court declaring Mme de Cast the original was dismissed because of a technical in the pleadings During the henring of the case Mme de Gast was allowed to address the court Turning to Maltre Barboux she asked him if he retracted his assertion and as lie made no reply she continued: "He keeps silent because be I am a widow Coward! The scene caused much excitement After the parties to the suit loft the palais de justice Prince de Sagan who had accompanied Mme de Gast to court meeting Maltre Barboux on ihe street struck him saying: are an insulter of at the same time handing his card to Maltre Barboux who replied: well you shall hear from Maltre Barboux is quoted as saying subsequently: shall not fight Prince lie Sagan but shall prosecute him for The picture which is the cause of all the trouble represents the nude figure of a woman whose face is covered With a black mask CALL HIM CHARLEY Workman Cut About viand Right Hand Sev Jti Fountain County Appreciates Senator County Convention LOSS OF LIFE IS LARCE AT GUAYAQUIL li ri ai fell be bodv m- rec eivfil not Pick MT VERNON INP- Adolph McCreary while Ford stnv cm a saw He was cut and had his right hand nearly bled to death befoi medioal attention He ed recover KICKED TO DEATH BY A HORSE JACKSON MISS July Twenty counties in Mississippi are suffering from the effects of a disastrous drought and in over one-half of this number the corn crop has been utterly ruined while cotton has been damaged from HO to 75 per cent In Tallahatchie County the destruction of crops is practically complete and forest tires are raging The drought area in the Titdta is spreading and the latest reports received state that in counties where the prospects were excellent two weeks ago there has been great deterioration DROWNED WHILE FISHING JACKSON MISS July Miss Lbtta Miller of Holland Midi was drowned in Pearl River while fishing With a party of friends She was visiting the family of her sister Mrs Frank Vogel The remains will be taken to Muskegon for interment CHARGED WITH ROBBERY WASHINGTON IND July iq John Moore aged nineteen has been arrested oh gi id Jury indictments charging him Ii assisting in the rob- i fiery of two res Moore reads i 1 cheap novels i wears cowboy hut VICTORIA July William McAdams lias been committed to jail for nine months and ordered to give security for his gooj behavior for twelve months for contempt of court in printing an article in whten be charged that a trial had been postponed through the plaintiff having influence with the court and that the court was corrupt He also made references in the article to the personal character of a judge of the Supremo Court of British Columbia He apologized to the court but despite this the sentence was pronounced ACTRESS WILL GET SHARE OF MILLIONAIRES MONEY NEW YORK July After weeks of fighting at Long Branch the heirs of Henry Bennett of Pittsburg Pa who died recently at Fnrmlngdale have decided to allow the will to be admitted to probate This is a victory for an actress who is the Inrg esl i eflolarj under the wili The estate is variously estimated to he worth from 100000 to $8000000 Number of Victims of Great Fire Not Ascertained RECOGNIZING '-A WASHINGTON IND July 10-Wbile in the act of passing behind a horse drinking from a trough Ernest Bennett aged eighteen was kicked In the abdomen and died within half an hour TYPHOON IN CHINA CLAIMS MANY VICTIMS LIGHTNING KILLS THREE VEEDERRBURG IND July Senator Fairbanks addressed the Fountain County Republicans' mass convention for nn (hour yesterday afternoon Congressman Landis also spoke The convention resolutions after praising both Indiana senators and spenklng of Senator Fatrbanks ns one "whose talents and dignified bear-ing have given Indiana a world-wide declare of the senior senator that favor and fame has not in tb I sf changed his rep i tions and is still enshrined In our I hearts as Fulrbauks the hr vapidly muionfl ate 8qtiietsJ that up has been WASHINGTON July government of Cuba Is 1 established in tlhe famil A cablegram received at partment to-day from 1 our minister at Havana i to date the republic of Cl formally ivengjtbod by States Great: Britain Switzerland Haytl Np: Ulca and Guatemala NEW YORK July A large loss of life is reported In the great fire hfere cables the Guayaquil Ecuador correspondent of the Herald The number of victims has not been ascertained The homeless arc being cared for as quickly as possible by government offl- RALEIGH July A bolt of lightning killed Joe James and two girls sisters Jane and Sylvia Sims at Kerry A storm came up and these and two otliern wool undo rest bouse The boll destroyed the I cm- Tire two not killed were in-j vil 1 HONG KONG July A typhoon of unusual css caused laid i arable damage here and in this vicinity It is estimated that there have been twenty fatal tie a taken (o ailv ehtls Action is bein ale distress.

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