The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 3, 1890 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, December 3, 1890
Page 2
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THE UPPER DfiS M01NE8. AMONA. 1QWA. WEDNESDAY 1990. ;.?...^i ir-^S ALQONA, IOWA. IAIEST Efc?. Dft. Atrstifr Scott has been smoke- president of Rutgers college, panics. KtNG WiLLtAM lit., of Holland, at 6 o clock on the morning of the his explorations the darker Africa s^ LrStelS^*** ***** "* ""* tone. i . . . . « man with (he well-filled house can bid defiance to money wore we know about Stanley and I a splinter penetrating his cheek, lockjaw resulted, causing death. the watt houaeof the Pleasant ftidge Park Distillery company Evansville col- i , ii l at "*? M ° nd *tf under the weight of 12,530 elected I barrels of whiskey. LoWaa Meter was BE CORED! fatally crushed. Tfi» other day a Parisian and his wife beat to death the lover of their daughter. They were acquitted in court, but immediately afterward were attacked by a mob which intended to lynch them. Fortunately they were rescued. The affair suggests the thought that Judge Lynch is losing bis distinctive western character and is penetrating in affecte European circles. An interesting (jusstion for debating societies this winter might be divided in two parts. Resolved, that his. ~ ,.. honor, Judge Lynch, is becoming civilized, » eroU8 'y »" afc Boston. Ind., district, and a general shut-down is feared. is being made to T. Stewart by the ANOTHER attempt break the will of A. Irish relatives. COL. J. R. BAKER, a wealthy stock broker of Philadelphia, has disappeared mysteriously. HEIRS at law of Wm. B. Ogden, of New York, who left an estate ot $4,000,000, will contest his will. of the hmale e«ployes"had""na«ow escapes. THE eight persons >ho Were overcome y nH° . ttt m «*'> Tuesday morning fire at 378 and 380 State street, Chicago, have almost recovered. A MINER was buried beneath several tons of ore at the Taylor's Forks, Wis, mine Tuesday. He was taken out dead. He leaves a wife and family. THE Cheboygan Lumber Company's An Eitanded Article Describing tbe Operation: of the itttcb Heralded Itemed?. Consttmpttoa Can Certainly be cared la Its Barljr stages if *tiy Treated. and the negroes to burn the town. i arms and threaten BENJAMIJT P. SIHLLARAR ("Mrs,. Part- t f*t-s%Vt " M iUn l~ t.u. __—.._ • I _ ^ * 4 and other property to the value of 8200,COO were destroyed. UNKNOWN parties set fire to a barn own Some Interesting Experiments Made b> Dr, Koch With Very Satis* factory Results. or, Resolved, that barbarism in France is increasing. L Witn the yung Alphonso sickly, and quite likely not to live to attain his jority, the republicans of Spain feel encouraged in the hope of the emancipation of their country from monarchial rule. ThVgovernment by regency, which will last for many years, is a practical illustration of the uselessness of the king, and will be an everyday exemplification to the people of the perfect practicability of running the affairs of the country without a royal family. There are strong republican leaders in Spain who will not be slow to take advantage of this situation, and Alptanso, oven if he should live to grow up, is not at all sure of ever coming to the throne of his father. IN England there is a great deal of excitement over the revelations concerning the Emin Pasha relief expedition, Many newspapers join in condemning thn London relief committee that projected and had charge of the enterprise, and from several quarters comes demands for an investigation of the committee for hauing tried to conceal the information that is now coming to light. We do not see exactly where the right to institute such an investigation can rest, for the committee is !_.,.„,,, ., T "".;• -".H-»—•-- unn.nuwn ptirues setnre to abarr SSSlA atBoZr 8 Wnter ' " dltf " $>^r Schwartz, of Prosp^t Hil aerousiy ill at Boston. Wis., and it was destroyed, together with MARIA L. PBRRY, who for twenty years 200 bushels of grain. The loss is $1500 lived with Lucy A. Lobdell us man and without insurance. wife, died FriJay at Boston. FIRE deshoyed «200,000 worth of lum K,*. IOBIN, national vice commander ber at Sheboygan belonging to the Shebov "f the grand arm> of the republic, died at gan lumber company. boston, Saturday of Bright's disease. THE North Pacific hotel and the buildings of the Oregon Pottery Co., Portland, were destroyed by fire Thursday morning. The loss is $150,000. It is fully insured. United States", died SatardkyTt New^ork" MOROAN received a shock of 1,000 volts of electricity and was nol killed. POSTMASTER GENERAL WANAMAKER is reported to have mortgaged his Washington for 850,000." EVANGELIST MOODY talked to an audience of 3,000 people in the Chicago Avenue church Sunday night. He will remain some days. . GEN. Bussv, assistant secretary of the interior, has decided that a soldier who was dishonorably discharged cannot receive a pension. JOHN G. E. MCELROY, professor of rhetoric and the English language at the university of Pennsylvania, died luesday morning of consumption. JUDGE KILLAM, of Winnipeg, has dei at responsible only to itself and its subscribers and to public opinion. At the same time it will be generally considered that the committee was amply justified, from consideration of both public and private interests, in withholding from general circulation the dreadful facts in its possession. Nor will any good purpose be now served by following the matter further. Thn truth is out in its entirety. Both sides to , cided that the Catholic public schools in Manitoba must be abolwhed, and an appeal will be taken to thn privy council of breat Britain. THOMAS H. ALLEN & Co., of Memphis, lenn., one of the oldest and most extensive cotton commission firms in the south, made an assignment Tuesday. The assets and liabilities are as yet unknown, but it is claimed creditoi swill eventually be paid dollar for dollar. MRS. CESMER KNECHT, of Chicago, has mysteriously disappeared from the home ot her relatives at Freeport, 111., and it is feared that she has drowned herself, as some of her clothes have been found on the river bank. A GANG of men engaued in digging a watorpipe trench near" the third ward scnool, at Racine, found two human skele- CRIME. DIEQO POLISANO was assassinated JSew York, supposably by Manas. WILLIAM HUFFMAN, a twelve-year-0'd boy, is in jail at Ottumwa, charged with shooting another boy. CHARLES COMSTOCK, business manager of the Midland Mercantile Company, of Jtansas City, committed suicide when he earned that a shortage of $8,000 had been found in his books. FORGER ALBERT H.' SMITH, of New York city, who swindled his partners and wrecked the firm, has been found guiltv of forgery in the first degree. ETHEL TOWNE, charged with swindling Chicago firms, has been indicted by the gr.mcl jury at Terre Haute, Ind. WILLIAM CLARKE, president of the electris light company, was robbed in Milwaukee of $19,500 in cash. CHARLES K. HAMMOND, of Cleveland andal notoriety, is under ... charged with stealing a sealskin sacque and a gold watch and The article by Prof. Koch, the great German physician, in last week's number of the German Medical Weekly is entitled' "Further communications on the cure of tuberculosis and experiment* which Dt Libbertz and Staff Surgeon Prunl performed relating thereto under Prof. Koch's direction. In this article Prof. Koch says he is yet indisposed to indicate the source from which the curative matter is derived. Neither is he ready to explain the method of preparation. The reason he gives is that the experimental work has not yet been brought to completion. He states, however, that the curative lymph itself can now be obtained from Dr. Libbertz whose address is No. 28 Luenberger Strasse, Berlin, center* the surface also becomes red. Tfi* fMctidS produced in the org«i*, SSWeially the longs, when the «frah*« Snbstafice is injected, is not, ot coarse, open to observation apart from tte ia~ creased expectoration and cough. i»jli the experiments after the first injV*«\i», all '£ any the tuberculous process exist* in the body, the appearauc« already deserted supervene. Absolutely no ttcepm-n Tfraai noted whenever a dose amounting idd of an? dpinidfi Ift *11&|||L of the remedy. I« al' 4 SS Prof. Koch emphasises tlrt> ^f s «|| ihe B&tment. Only in ihcipiMt <*«« *** the disease he Delate* h» ca« femedj and fatly develop its efficacy. HOUSEHOLD HlNfl The lymph is described us consisting of a brownish transparent liquid. It is so weparedas to be proof agaiust detenora tion. When, however, it is diluted with water to the necessary degree for use, the matter is liable to decay. It is necessary herefore, that the attenuations should be lerfectly sterilized by heat and preserved n wadding covering or prepared with olution of phenol 50 percentage strong . When taken into the stomach, the curative matter proves to have no effect. It must be applied sub-cutaneously by means ot a val veless syringe. The kind of syrintre recommended by Prof. Koch is one furnished with a small, hollow rubber ball This syringe approved itself to him during his bacteriological experiments. Its merit is that it can be easily and surely rinsed with absolute alcohol and kept in a perfectly anhcephc condition. In thousands of cases 100th part of a cubic; centimeter of thw substance had been applied. One may assert with confidence, therefore, lhat the remedy may be considered as indoceable to diagnosis, anti, in doubtful cases, incipient phthisis can positively be diagnosed by its Own even if positive information of the nature of the disease cannot be obtained by the discovery of bacilli, or of elastic fibres in the sputum, or by a physician examination. Tuberculous affections of the glands latent, tuberculous of the bone?, skin tuberculous, etc.. can by the Use of this fluid be easily and certainly iiagnosed. Moreover, in cases of lung or joint tuberculosis which have apparently passed off, it will be possible, by the use of .he new substance, to ascertain with cer- aintj whether the morbid process is really and absolutelj ended. Prof. Koch expresses the belief that his remedy WILL CERTAINLY PROVE A CURE for incipient phthisis. Whether, however the cure will be final and definite, has not, he says, been clearly proved. Further experiments and continued use of the remedy will be necessary to determine the question. The curative properties of the new remedy Prof. Koch declares, are of still greater importance for diagnosis. What the fluid kills is not the tubercular bacillus, but the arrest at Seattle chain. near ton Tuesday morninp. men run into an old It is .• upposed the - o ^ ,, .—-•- cemetery, established the controversy have been heard, and the r etr , e ln 184 °- The skeletons were per- case is closed. An investigation could' CCt ' y P reserved ' only go ignin over the familiar field, without being able to settle more than has been FOREIGN, aettled already Discussion of the subject AN English syndicate will invest $10- oughtto be dropped, so that the world 000,000 in phosphate lands in South Caromay turn its attention to more agreeable | "' THE British ship Subbourne sunk in a lasion off Dungeness. Eleven of the - -— berrnan crew ' ' ex-chancellor are reported as being at BY an explosion in a colliery near loggerheads. The venerable ex chun™!!™. I Balton on the 26th eight miners lost their lives. A HUNGARIAN not took place near Bessemer Wednesday night in which! two nr f),. participants were probably fatallv 'd. IKS and John Coyle, who forged two notes on Timothy Ferris hsre last week STlfl flnnnnnrlnrl i« .,.«!_; i_v _• of the injure JAMES he says, where it has been cutaneous injections, not a resulted. used for sub- single abcess tubercular tissues. This fact indicates the well defined limits which the etficacv of the remedy will be able to reach. In other words, it can only influence living tubercu- lous tissue. It has no effect whatever upon dead tissue, such an decayed gaseous matter necrotic bones, and the like. More than this, it produces no effect upon tissues which have already been killed bv the ap- and succeeded in iiaking their have been arrested at St. Louis. escape, Q 1 1 P , RYOR ' an ex-policeman, is arrested for alleged complicity in the mysterious murder of Mead, the Waupaca (Wis.) bonk- er, in Ioo2. JOHN McNAB, a prominent hotel proprietor and horseman, of Scranton. Pa has been arrested for a shocking- criminal tl K*Jfl 11 If. tl-rv/MI n n A.-. _ * I Trr. , assault upon was lodged i child. a young girl. Whim IIP the J ' ail here he we P fc like a A GANG of would-be lynchers undertook! When the curative matter is applied to a patient the usual course is to inject it under the skin of the back, between the shoulder blade and in proximity to the joins. The experiments show that human beings are MUCH MORE SUSCEPTIBLE to the effect of the substance than ar guinea pigs, which have been largely use in the courseof the investigations. Two cubic centimeters of the fluid applied to a guinea pig produced little if any, appar ent effect. Twenty-five hundrethsofa cubic affected was centimeter, however, intensely a henlthy, full grown man who subjected to experiment. Prof Koch experimented with the fluid upon his own body and describes the effect. He injected twenty-five hundreths of a cubic centimeter of the fluid under the skin oi his upper arm. Three or four hours after this injection was made he experienced a contraction of the limbs and a marked feeling of lassitude. At the same time he felt a desire to cough together with diffi- as being at The venerable ex chancellor desires to publish his book, and the , oung emperor, unlike the sage who exclaimed "Oh, that mine enemy should write , l EA , v y S»les prevail in the south and l ^ land - M(lnv veBsels we seek- tohls I i 1 • — "*™ • J **v«-»w*o UIJUC1 CUUlV. ' ••'-'•«••• «^Q4.i v^ \AJ Vi'JUJ o take a murderer out of the Hantingtoncu'ty of breathing. The'se symptoms in -"^ rove them away after wounding two of The shivering lasted for nearly an hour the leaders. j and was accompanied with nauseau and EX-POLICEMAN "««»*•""-- L... suicide at Chicago. com- Domestic trouble, duel caused the act. rg has been A LONDON Catholic priest who spoke against Parnell was assaulted by his con- Spurgeon, sturdy individualist, and [does not take ^kindly to being bossed and berated by bis 'youthful prince. It is said that, failing to secure the empdror's imprimatur, and owing to the harsh things that the book contains concerning the noble leaders of England, the book cannot be published in Europe, and must be sent to America, where it will first see the light. As in the Stanley-Barttelot scandal, tuere may be some meaning in this ruction. K should not be forgotten, however, that both Bis-1 division of rfilbenny. morck and William possess the German '? 11K po\ico on Tuesday secretly examin- of thriftiness ' ' ' gregation after moss. who is suffering from an gout, is improving. A DISPATCH from Buenos Ayres ..«-tucn-Ai-un uum ouenos Ayres says iuesday forenoon gold wasfcunofficially nnnfer] at 20 percent, premium. HENNESSEY bos been selected to succeed to the late Edward Marum as member of parliament for the northern The temperature of his 10 u Centigrade. After a period of U hours the symptoms began to abate, the temperature of .the body declined, and on the following day resumed its normal degree. The heaviness of the limbs and the feeling of lasitude, however, continued for some days, during which time the point on his arm where the injection was made continued to be painful and remain red. The experiment thus far conducted showed that the lowest limit of effectiv« strength of the fluid in a healthy human body is one-hundredth of a cubic centimeter. When this amount is applied to a healthy human subject it produces little or no reaction. The same result follows when the fluid of the strength is applied to a diseased person who is suffering from other than the tuberculosis affections, but Vn,.i, • n" r" •""" TT"""-."""" U1 l> '•'" I ln P ers °ns affected with tuberculosis the IWK in the Jung electrocution case upon same quantity produces a strong KPneral the same grounds hud down in the Kemrn- j and local reaction. The general reaction plication of the remedy. It is possible that such dead tissue may still contain living tuberculous baccilli. These may then be either expelled with the necrotic tissue, or it may be that under special circumstances they may invade adjacent living tissues. It follows, therefore, that tuberculous tissue that is still living must first bs made :o decay. When this has been accomplished every effort must be made to remove the lead matter by surgery. In cases where this method is impossible and secretion can only slowly proceed by the self-help of the organism, the living tissue must, at the same time be, protected by continual applications of the remedy so as to guard against the reirnmigra 1 tion of the parasites. Ihe fact that the remedy causes decay only of tuberculous tissues, affectbg living tissues, explains why the curative fluid may be applied in rapid increased doses After the patient has been under treat- captured bv the Indians",'who 8 p'ut ropes around.thoir necks and led them off the reservation. STANLEY KENDHICK, a negro, was ar- sted at Pepria for the murder of A. J. bt-illjvell at Hannibal. Mo., Dec. 29, 1888, . Kgjjjjj.jgk was ' j lirdc j crime. ment for a period of three weeks a dose of of the fluid of 500 times the strength of the original dose can be applied, for at the beginning, when a large quantity of the living tuberculous tissue exists, a smaller quantity of the remedy suffices to produce a strong reaction, but each succeeding in jestion causes the disappearance of a certain quantity of tissue capable of reaction. It naturally follows, therefore, that increased doses are necessarv to obtain the same degree of reaction. A*s soon as patients treated with increased doses experience as little reaction as non-tubercu- ous people, it may be assumed that all jubercnlous tissue open to reaction is dead. Whether tins conclusion is correct, time will show. For the present, however, rtof. Koch is convinced that this conclu- lon is a sure one. In all cases of IUDUS so far treated the amount of fluid injected has been, in the hrst instance, one-hundredth part of a cubic centimeter. Time ha-i been allotted fM cleaned w!th paper »lil4hfn«feei tor than when cleaned with flanflsl. The juice of raw ohlofis applied to jje stings of Insects wilt iestrof the poison. Ceillhits that have been Ittoked b? ft kerosene lamp should be washed off with soda-water, A Rfftbite Iron kettle niftj be made bright by bolllntra siflall quantity it borax in .u Notliiii,- is better than turpehtihd for the banWiment of carpet worms, bunV 10- moths nnd insects. Some broad-makers claim that salt ot meal Is better than soap for washing hands. Dried peas or beans are much improved by belaj? soaked the night before they are Cooked and this ptocess will enable them to >gct done In a far less time. For iyy poisoning, boll wood ashes enough to make a strong lye; wash the poisoned parts In this: let It remain on a few minutes, ana wash off In luke warm water; when dry annolnt with vaseline, Repeat this process us the poison develops itself; one or two applications will effect a cure. The average cook will not be con* vinced that'af ter water onc.e bolls It Is impossible to make It hotter, or that any article can cook in water that Is not rapidly bubbling; hence many a 1 of meat Is surved In a tough, stringy condition that might have been ' made tender by slowly simmering. Deep frying Is loudly Inveighed against by those who have not the inclination to discover that less fat Is absorbed by pieces of lish - plunged In deep fat. than those which) lire turned from side to side In a limited quantity, and that the intense heat uf the fat cooks It more thoroughly thin is possible by any other method. Those who have used green wood understand how wasteful its moisture is of the heat obtained. Wet coal Is just us objectionable, except for tho fact that the heat it gives In burning is so much that the waste is not noticed. The wood-shed or coal-bin should, therefore, be not only covered, but protected, so that it may not be wet by saow drifted upon it. Turnips are generally considered a coarse vegetable, but they may be delicately prepared. Boil them in plain water, then mash them, run them through st colander, and season them with salt, butter, and cream; or they may be cut Into little blocks, boiled in water, which Is drained off when they are done, and served wltii'a dressing of white sauce. '- Stewed fruit is far nicer cooked slowly In cold water than when put on in boll- ing water and cooked rapidly. Wash the fruit through several waters, as each successive washing makes It of a lighter and prettier color. A stick of cinnamon boiled with dried prunes improves their liavor, but peaches need no addition. Only wash them carefully and repeatedly, cook them slowly, add a '— spoons of white popper, and they nearly as nice as peach pro- few will be serves. CHARACTER IN EARS. Inhu man beings ol a low or debased mental standard tho ears are large and flabby, as In cretins and idiots. When there is no . for one reaction to take its full a I After a period of from one to two weeks second injection of the same amount has been made, this TREATMENT HAS CONTINUED ,, — •-- lobe and ihe ear widens toward tho top it indicates course. | ning, selliahuess and a position. u WASHINGTON. THE supreme court on Monday affirmed i —". ^ .uuciumc uie clecision pt the supivme court of Now in persons affected with -trait of thriftiness in a large decree A I t?-n y £ ung womun who is believed to 'be war of words or a more pronounced rupt- pcenSifefriaUrPari^ 111 " 0 ' 1 '* ^ these august personages! MR. GLADSTONH «iv a H, n f. M, p arno || . . „„„„-.- „. , UD Keue[ . M reacuon T' • refuses to interfere to prevent consists of an attack of fever, which usual- t'Ciirinn I iir l-mn.n,. m :n. _i_; • ., ure between inese august personages would add materially to the market value of the publication, and it is not to be disputed that the ex-chancellor is aware of this fact. He could afford to pay liberally for any obstruction which the young emperor might be induced to place in the way of the publication of his book and find it more than a royal investment. THE wizard of Menlo prove the truthfulness of Park hopes to the prediction that the inventions of the past are inferior to those that the future encompasses. He says he believes it possible to generate electricity from coal without the aid of any motive power. He has progressed so far as to generate electricity in this way, but not in sufficient quantities to be of much value. It is said that a pound of coal contains enough latent energy to carry itself around the globe. At present fully 85 per cent, of this energy is wasted in the process of conversion into heat and power. Mr. Edison's scheme, if it were to be proved practicable, would undoubtedly revolutionize the industrial world. It would juiake electricity the only motor power in feommon use and the saving of fuel would be enormous. The enthusiastic inventor says that he hopes to see the great American liners driven across the ocean by the power generated from a few baskets of coal where now thousands of tons are consumed. But though the public may be warranted in looking askance at any proposition that squints at relief from the grimy seal man, jt must take a retrospective glance and note the uuiazing achievements ot Mr. Edison as materialized in the telephone, phonograph and other marvelous births of his wonderful genius. MR. GLADSTONE says that Mr must retire but the latter refuses to do so, and the unionists are pleased over the prospect of disruption in the liberal ranks. THE British steamship Uppingham from Cardiff for Port Said, which went ashore at Hartland, is breaking up. Her nussing boat has been found with one survivor in it. The other four were lost. RUSSIA has established a government factory with a capacity to produce 250,000 pools of sulphuric acid per year. The acid is for the use in military operations, particularly m the manufacture of smokeless w execution. THE supremo court of the United States on Monday decided that the United States has jurisdiction over the Island of Navassa. rioters under sentence of death must - ( ™— — • »«•-»•• w*. i^it^ji, wiiiutl tlfeUd.1* ly begins with shivering; the temperature of the body rises to over 39, and, in some instances, even to 41 degrees centigrade. At the same time pains in the limbs are noticeable. The patient coughs, experiences much irritabieness and nausea In spine cases there is noticed . — four injections became scarcer and presented a smooth surface. Each one of these cases had suffered for many years, and had been treated by other methods without beneficial result Persons suffering with tuberculosis of the lymphatic glands, bones or joints have been treated with precision with the same success. There has been rapid healing in the milder cases and cases of recent development of the disease, while in severe cases the improvement, while slow, has been steady. Patients with profound tu i berculosis of the lungs have proved far more susceptible to the remedy than thosl fi" 0 ^^^^.^^-.'^. affec" strong will, a bull-dug' tenacity" of Purpose, aiida8aturul,,o ff di,poS, 0fn Kars where the Ironed down, indicate In "em is Uat, as if Is characteristic of and coid temper. When thu top of moan uuu HI men Intelligence slight icteric on exanima re powder. IHE British steamer Llaudaff City, Captain Fit, for Bristol, passed Browhead JNov. 16. She had on board the crew of the bark Charger, Captain Brown, for Belfast from Dalhousie, Ocfc 16. The Lharger had been abandoned. ^ B. M. WARNER & Co., the sewing-ma- ciime manufactures, with headquarters at Hamilton, Ontario, have called a meeting of their creditors. Their liabilities are estimated at $200,000. DISPATCHES from Elberfeld say that the N upper river has risen and five persons, were drowned. Great damage i,done in the vicinity of Barmen. At Bo stock and other points the timber yardb and other streets are sumberged. A Prlnon Bill of Fare. The ration for the earlier months consisted of about four ounces ot meat unu a section of corn bread four inches square by three inches thick. Ihe wead, of unbolted meal, was baked very hard to the depth of one- half inch, while the centre was raw. The bread would often be as full flies as a plum pudding is of fruit. As a large portion of our number drew rations after darn the ingre. dients were not wasted. During the later months yams, rice I _ _ or peaso were issued in lieu'of meat, changes' which eamSlntoeM cases show- and meal of grits instead of bread. H in a surprising manner this specifically to receive these, anti-tuberculous effect of the remedy. Within a few hours after an injection of the fluid has been made under the skin of the back, the lupus sores begin to swell and redden. During the fever which the patient experiences as already described, ;_ fit . * Oaundice like) coloring, _ iuj(l tc . sembhtg measles, on the neck. The symptoms just described begin to manifest themselves four or five hours after the injection of the curative substance The patient is much affected by the attack ii- duced by the fluid, and, after it is over, PEELS COMPARATIVELY WELL. even better in fact, than before the injection. Ihe second, or local action produc- «? y - e ln J e ction of the fluid in a patient suffdring from tuberculosis can best be £wfi.1' ve i n F^rfons.whose suberculous af- "" --->-'- - instance, in the lupus. 7-, ,.- ^ ojici;- I in " tu l j °l U1U Consumptives have in almost everv tho "Wow oud of cose manifested a strong imnrnvAA lon f n i I chanicuiristlc of ,> i,,,,.. freatly reduced doses. AV all therefore beginning should •w is rounded fc^ t ^^°i»"dfh par? FTom yearns nft ur tin, be loved. this small dose one can advance'to such When the ears are it quantities as.the patient can easily bear «"» to i» »«<« ««• wUnm' ", i*" U In the experiments rhafc ha™ hJL „_' lusiiiu-tx „..„ ..",:V: Uuut al ""u that "luaud pines to . experiments that have been lus »"«' are palm , B -n y rs in lhelr owners vauUy ,, . T lu received acutaneous injection of one one- ro S*'"*.and a guno 4l 'sa u^ ", ue ' ™ t., 8 FIRES AND CASUALTIES, i ^ f ^ I1NNn>KO alderman and his wife are , t, ol r' 1{ sheep-herders were killed by a hail-storm m Lincoln county, New Mexico. IK u fire at Charlotteville, Ya., Edwin THE tug Alert of San Francisco at Catalinu and a We hud no and the steaming rice was shovelled from the wagon box into blankets; or a man would take off his trousers, knot one of the legs, and thus receive the portion of his mess. The same method was used, in the Oistribution o! tho yauis and pease, except sometimes the reueptaole was a piece of underclothing, j i j * . •«**« UO.YC UCCll COD- ducted consumptives have accordingly firsf received a cutaneous injection of onpnno thousandth part ot a cubic centimentTl *««•«!ve'sT ---••' •»"««W«QU *Uh Then, when the temperature increased the Whey the sma.ii „ , , same dose was applied daily until the fur- "'« elu, gate «*! iu " dln<JS ""'or to ther occurred. Thereupon the /i~-I.-I cation nV n , .T.. uv ' u u u « uortaln I.'HI doubled, two one-thousandth par bic centimeter being injected until again no reaction occurred. This method was continued with almost an increase of one one-thousandth partof a cubic centimenter or at most two one- thousands up to one one-hundredth dose was c of a cure «*"«•> to f wwUerous nu tua judgment ' THE unreala ullUo "f an and tt " »"»orou l d °fe«Uve In "> «"« way thu swelling and reddening of the sores increase until finally the lupus tissue assumes, in places, a dark brown tint and a necrotic condition. After the subsidence The Child of An Evil Parent. JUlvollo •»)•« in ShakeB P ««r«'» Comedy oi 1 welfth Nlglu, "Some ate boru gr e»t, jome achieve , and some have grealn.a, thriut npon 80 U 13 with nervouonesa. thorn. • . Some are born nervous, some achieve nervouenw* by their il/eoltsisHMJ ?i a S* °l h >'P° cl J. onPdri( f» 0 « l nd 1 chro 1 !fic SWXWffi.^^ of the elomach In &*.t r^A i »_j .5 .TT™I.'•'p'w ach -XT -i \ I\eil was drowned. vessels are named William DAVID STILEB, an old resident of Trei, i ih», ; m*.,, eviln'. For ti» "^ fo , o<1 ' •&** k r d 'fi«» l j ou . IIo6t8tt«r'« Suuj. &SS&S3SS&? . of the fever the swelling of the lupus sore gradually decreases and possibly disappears within two or three days. Meanwhile however, the lupus centers have becom covered with an incrustation, formed b exhuding serum which dries up as i reaches the air. These incrusations forn into scales which fall off after two or thre weeks. In some instances ths effect just ioscrib od is produced after a single incision o (he curative matter, when a red scar is left. The changes are absolutely limit ea in extent to such portions of the skin as are clearly recognized as In tuber- colosis of the lympathic glands, bone ar- :iculatious, etc., tho local reactions are ess striking, but are still clearly percep- ii We to the eve and touch. In these cases here is swelling of the parts affected and more pain than the lunus patient suffer, while in the parts adjacent to the diseased are increased tions. They become gradually liV"^ m the most favorable CUM, will ultimatelv wholly disappear. I n the eases exDeri mented upon under the direction of fcof" Koch the expectoration usually assumed a mucous character The numbefof Tacil expelled usually decreases only when th expectorations begin to assume the mucou form The bacilli|then disappear enti£" for a time, but on them in people in all "'" no plots t 0 to six weeks when they may be as healed. Conmmptives with large cavi ties m thewlunra will probably only in perience benefit from the V* remedy n ex exceptional.cases, though most caw shot temporary improvement. Prof Koch 1 predates the mechanical and in'discrimfn." ate aphcation of the remed. He * '( »ro no plots tn ho i J +"ere ima*,i naP tic£ tnat are ec^," • "i™ ^ to those that can K'^L "»»«.*•«»» all of with society, " drawn from the actual our men and "Here o? plent bold swains;' you' aeroines a-plenty- von ,. Pie whose career has bel'n £rj n TVr-» knoff * and «ad peo ' «»e

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